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It was before yesterday’s outstanding performance from Marcus Stroman and the Jays — and before today’s big trade of Deck McGuire to the A’s for cash (and Brad Mills’ clearing waivers and being sent to Buffalo) — but I think there’s still probably reason to pass along my appearance with Macko And Cauz (aka @MackoAndCauz) on TSN Radio 1050 here in Toronto.

So… uh… here it is.


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  1. Cash eh? Well, Rogers will be happy about this trade.

  2. We all know that McGuire will be lights out #2 starter for them next year right?

  3. I wonder what DrunkJays.com is? Too afraid to find out at work.

  4. Sounds like he’s a big frequenter of DrunkJays.com

  5. Wow Andrew……

    How you got from an eyelash away of publishing the “the AA is an an idiot ” article last year, to basically checking out as much as you could the last half of last year, to heaps of scorn towards the Jays in the off season and spring training to the voice of positivity and belief of the 2014 Toronto Blue Jays is quite simple amazing.

    This is not a veiled series of jabs….. I’m actually quite impressed. You just may be exceptionally good at this sports media thing after all.

    • I’ve never heard of you so you can’t be that famous.

      In any event, you sound like a real jerk.

      • Highlighting how an editorial stance has gone from one extreme to another in the course of one year and then complimenting the editor for achieving their current stance is not grounds for calling somebody a jerk.

        Please save calling me a jerk for when i’m actually acting like a jerk. I’m sure you won’t have to wait long….but this is not the time.

        • I may be reading to much into your wording, but the term “editorial stance” usual suggests that the publication has some kind of pre-determined idea about something that’s informing the articles. I don’t think that’s the case here. What I like about DJF is that I get the impression Stoeten essentially starts in neutral and takes in as much information as possible before giving an opinion rather than starting with an opinion and trying to back it up.

          • I don’t think DJF has reached the point of strategic ideological bias yet…. but who know what the future holds ;)

          • Also, perhaps you are forgetting that the word “stance” is malleable……

            Here a quick dictionary ref “the attitude of a person or organization toward something; a standpoint: the party is changing its stance on the draft.”

            So yeah, no deep meanings here….I’m just saying he generally looked at the state of the Jays one way before, and now looks at it in another way. He covered a lot of ground in one year.

            • You treat it as though he just went from “Rogers isn’t cheap” to “Nah, nevermind, they are cheap,” as if nothing happened over the course of the year to cause those opinions to change.

          • I actually liken Stoets to a bit of a politician. He doesn’t tell you much, aside from maybe when a guy is sent down, which is usually a lauded move. Case in point: Morrow being injury-prone is bogus (last season). Morrow being injury prone is a thing (this season).

            • It was dumb to call him injury prone then. It is less dumb now. Nothing to see here.

              • I’m ‘less dumb’! That’s like the highest commenter ranking on here.

                There is:

                1. Fucking idiot;
                2. Tit-fucker (see Kevin Stevens reference here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MNA0_n32Hc;
                3. Dumb;
                4. Less Dumb.


                Like report cards, I would like a ranking to be issued to the top 20 commenters at the conclusion of each season.



                • More evidence makes the argument more compelling. Even if it looks more correct now doesn’t mean it wasn’t dumb to think it was certainly true then. He made more starts from 2011 to 2013 than Clay Buchholz. Is Buchholz injury prone? Was he last year amidst another half-season on the shelf? Is he back to not being so now that he’s had 16 starts in 2014 without missing any? What if you reverse their years?

                  Thing is, when it’s used on a home player, it’s a stupid label used by people to run down a guy who hurts their little feelings by not being able to get on the field. Sometimes shit just happens. But yes, after another lost Morrow season, it’s less dumb to call him that now than it was last year.

        • No famous. Your problem is you can’t separate Andrew, AA, the team on the field, off season moves, roster moves and trade deadline moves. These are all quite separate. As a full time Jays blogger it would be not only boring but extremely weird if Andrew felt the exact same about all these topics and didn’t ever change his views.

          • I’m not criticizing the chancing of his views. In fact, personally I support it. If not, writers often become stubborn grumps like we often see in the with the mainstream guys….

            I’m actually impressed that Andrew was able nimbly get from one end of the spectrum to another. The fact that he covered so much ground in one year was worth pointing out.

            I sincerely was complimenting him.

      • Hey this is DJF, we are allowed to voice our opinions here, negative or positive. If you don’t like a little constructive criticism, go log into BBB, those guys are a real bunch of wankers.

    • Come the fuck on. My views have barely changed, if at all. None of those things is mutually exclusive.

      Especially not mutually exclusive are the facts that the team was deserving of scorn in the off-season and that there is still much to believe in at this stage in 2014. The team could be MUCH better off if Rogers had seen — or the front office had been able to make — the economic argument for pushing payroll just a little more over the winter, I think. Does that mean I shouldn’t be positive about what is on the field now and what it could still do? Don’t be insane. Nothing incongruous whatsoever about those two stances.

      The second half of last season was a drag, yes. And the “AA is an idiot” thing was more like “AA might be an idiot,” and as you’ve noticed it I didn’t publish it, exactly because I didn’t believe it, and certainly didn’t want to empower the clownshows who do. But if anything has changed, I’ve definitely been more careful of late to not give him as much of a pass on things like how badly they may have misunderstood Rogers’ willingness to tighten the purse strings. This was an issue that didn’t exist a year ago.

      • 1.Exclaim dismay at the thought to create momentum.

        2. Separate the issue into sub arguments diffusing impact.

        3. Concede thrust of argument, allowing the argument to be reframed in a sympathetic manor

        4. Use newly restructured argument as momentum for current view

        Like I said your getting good at this.

        I’m calling it now, you’ll be a guest instructor at Ryerson within 10 years.

  6. I guess my Deck McGuire jersey is now obsolete. When will I ever learn not to pay $250 for these things.

  7. Deck McGuire is not going to come back to haunt us.

    • Maybe he will, or maybe he won’t…. why waste any energy on either side of the issue…. so many other things to focus on these days.

      • Agree with that, I had just seen more of he will win the Cy young now or he will be a stud for years, when in all likely hood he doesn’t pitch in the MLB, if he does good for him. I just dont see it happening.

    • I’d love it if he came back to haunt us while wearing a sheet and making “boo” noises

      • Can we all agree that the “come back to haunt us” tag should be received for players that end up on division rivals?

        Michael Young was really good at baseball for a long time. While I’m sure he was part of many Jays loses over the years it’s not like he was a Yankee, Red Sock, are Ray who made us feel stupid 18 times a year as they rolled to the playoff consistently.

        To me Young was always like “Damn it, we could of had him”…… but only twice a year.

        Is this fair?I’m just not a fan of words/phases being misused.

    • The guy who needed parts of FOUR years in Double-A before he managed to get moved up to Triple-A and have his ass handed to him? Yeah, I’m thinking not.

  8. And we thought the Jays wouldn’t be active ahead of the trade deadline…

  9. MLBTR says the Jays are sniffing around Brandon Barnes.

    Question is…WHY? He’s not exactly a lefty masher.

    • It’s probably click bait. AA has stated repeatedly that unless the news story comes from a Canadian source, the rumour is most-likely BS.

      • Unless that’s what AA WANTS you to think…!

        Thing is, Brandon Barnes is hardly what I’d call a sexy, gotta read this article kind of rumour name…

      • Get a life. AA’s comments about rumours are total garbage, and MLBTR doesn’t just invent stuff, or pass along obviously invented stuff, for the purposes of clickbait (especially when the clickbait is about as unsexy as imaginable).

        • See, your entire comment was accurate and relevant. Why did you need to preface it with “get a life”?

          You’re like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde blogger. Up top, your irreverent, well spoken, and funny. Down in the comments, you’re just a bullying dick.

          I don’t know who you are anymore!

    • Need depth for staredown contests?

  10. Baseball’s Joe Pesci eh? That name suits you.

  11. It’s pretty cool that the richest owners in the MLB just sold a prospect to the brokest owners in the league because they’re out of money.

  12. Gotta say it before I log off for the weekend:


  13. Good ol ‘Upper’ Deck McGuire

  14. No disrespect meant to Andrew Stoeten, but it’s kind of weird that radio guys are asking for his expert advice. Wasn’t this site started as kind of a lark by fans of the game?

  15. Has nobody else mentioned the Joy Division video? The fuck?

    Hope to one day see a Blue Jay player come up to the ‘She’s Lost Control’

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