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A right fucking thumping. That’ll play.

Not sure I care much for how Jose Reyes seems to be feeling a hard swing in his back or his ailing shoulder more than usual, or how he ended up coming out of the game — though he wasn’t the only one of the club’s stars to hit the showers early, he was definitely the first one (however, he stayed in the game after what appeared to be the initial tweak, and ended up swinging the bat again as well, so hopefully this is much ado about nothing). Other than that? Not a whole lot to complain about. Shit, I’m even at the point where if Ryan Goins wants to keep hitting, sure, let him keep hitting (uh… maybe not on 3-0 though). Feels like a thing a lot easier to sign off on when the club has already demonstrated they’ll have a short leash, as opposed to back in the spring, when the plan appeared to be to blow on some magic beans and hope a big league quality bat would sprout somewhere.


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    • Here’s my question on Melky – the Jays obviously have to build in a $14 million qualifying offer into next year’s budget, don’t they? So, offer him 3-5 years at $14 million per and see what happens. It’s probably looking more and more like Rasmus won’t be resigned unless it’s for cheap; Rasmus and Melky earn $15 million between them this season, so give that all to Melky if he’ll take it.

  1. melk me melky

  2. Deliver the contract to Melky!

  3. Now I wish I’d bought the “Got Melk?” t-shirt I saw in NYC a few years ago. ( Although why would I at the time?)

  4. Goins nailed that interview

    “I’m not playing for my job….I’m playing for my team”

  5. Dickey was awesome tonight

  6. Hey! Exact same score as last week, except the Jays won a kabillion to one this time.

  7. Realistically, would this team miss Reyes?

  8. 3/45 for Melky?

    And lmao Boston they are already turning on Farrell ball, wouldn’t be suprised if he’s fired mid next year

    • Gonna cost a lot more than that

    • Boston was a bad team that had a good year. Simple as that. Things broke right for them.

    • In a crazy twisted way that Boston Marathon Bombing tragedy (and it really was a horrific tragedy) seemed to [narrative, narrative] carry that team through two or three months of the season and then again through the playoffs.

    • I’m not as worried about the numbers (gasp!…Rogersthosecheapbastards…gasp) as I am wondering whether or not Melky wants to re-sign here at all. My big concern is the muthafuckin turf and his back. I would hope that $15-$16 mil/year for x years would do the trick, if he does want to stay.

      • He seems to like playing in Toronto. The Dominican’s (especially) and the Latinos are a tight group on this team. They’re always tweeting @ each other “familia” this and “hermano” that. This is a good thing. Lock him down for the ride.

        • I’m with you there Morgan, all other factors seem to be very positive towards Melky wanting to stay, but (besides an actual offer from the Jays, which they should have made by now) I wonder if the turf/his health is enough of an issue to overide all of the other positive factors.

  9. Rangers still holding on 4-2. That’ll also play…

  10. Rangers win 4-2. Jeter makes the last out.

  11. Wonder what Melky’s market would be with a qualifying offer attached to him.

    Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

    • I’m curious about what the market will be like for Melky too. Would any clubs totally pass on him because of the PED thing? Or are lots of teams going to be making him offers? I’ll be happy if he stays here, for the right term and price.

      • Giants would absolutely pass on him because of the PED thing.

        I’m guessing the Cards would as well.

        • You mean the tram that signed Peralta? Pretty sure they pass on home because their OF is full

          • If the cards sign melky this offseason I’ll drop $50 into your PayPal.

            The blowback they got for jhonny is a case of once bitten, twice shy.

  12. 5 years, 80MM. Get it done Anthopoulos!

  13. Maybe they should have planted the magic beans rather than blowing on them. Everyone knows that blowing on magic beans does nothing. You have to plant them.

  14. Love me some delicious…..Malk?

  15. Does Melky have any loyalty to the Jays for their commitment to him after the ban? Does he fancy sticking with his Dominican buddies? Am I clutching?

    • I asked a similar Q to Griff in an online chat, but about how he wasn’t productive last year for his health reasons. It was shot down, probably rightly so. It’s all business…

      However, if there is any non-monetary reason to stay in TO it would be the Dominican fraternity that seems to be getting along quite well.

      Seems like there

      • For sure that’s a thing. I’m guessing he has been on teams with only one other native speaker. Or none. The Jays not only have several but they are a bunch of our core.

    • I don’t think he owes the Jays anything for giving him a chance. He signed for WAY below market value for 2 years, that’s all he owes to the Jays FO, nothing more.

      I think he will stick around because of the Dominican clubhouse. Losing him over money would be terrible optics for Rogers in the eyes of even casual fans.

    • ha! nice find. funny to see my own comment in there

      • Top remark from the comments section from that Reyes might get traded to Toronto piece:

        “Where do you start with a post like this? How the fuck does Reyes fit in any possible way with our team? The deep thinkers are at it again, and everyone is offering up their expert opinion. Reyes doesn’t fit – period. I come here for insight and information, and today I get crap that would’t fly in the gossip columns of a tinsel-town rag.”

  16. I think Melky is a dirty, dirty cheater and any respectable team should avoid signing him.

  17. Unrelated to this, but was looking up Stroman’s stats as just a starter (ignoring his work as a reliever):

    2.25 ERA
    WHIP of 1
    8.25 K/9

    Yeah, that’ll play.

  18. It’s becoming more and more obvious that Melky needs to be the one to stay and Rasmus will likely be the one to choose the open market. Well to me anyways. Get an extension in place now, not the end of the season but now. It seems like Gose is ready to step into the CF role next season. EXTEND MELKY!!!!

    Twas a grand evening tonight watching the Jays shit stomp what looks to be a Red Sox team that is confused, deflated and out of sync. The Boston fans looked about the same haha. They had no answer for the Jays and that tickles me all over. Buchholz getting tuned up again by the jays was also a happy evening.

    You have to love getting Valencia for two very expendable players, Hendriks being even more expendable than Kratz. But having a platoon at 3B with two hitters that hit their respective LH and RH pitchers well is great. Valencia can also play a little 2B if I am not mistaken so that could be a way to get him into the line up when he’s hot as well.

    Goins though,, how about the case he’s making for himself. Suddenly the Jays have some decisions to make rather than holes to fill.

  19. Just finished the Jays in 30.
    Ooooohhhh my was that sweet. I need a smoke after seeing that.

  20. Boston would be a great situation for Melky
    and they will be looking to re-tool quickly.

    O’s, White Sox, Tigers, Mariners, D-Backs, Reds
    and Yankees could all be interested in him.

    Somebody out there will offer him something
    on the order of 5/80 to take him to his age 35 season.

    And the way Rogers is acting, the QO (guessing about $16m this season)
    may well be more than management is allowed to spend.
    I’ll be shocked (and very pleasantly shocked)
    if Melky is a Blue Jay next year.

  21. Saw this on ESPN thought I’d share. “Melky Cabrera’s 3rd career multi-home run game was also the 3rd multi-home run game by a Blue Jay in 4 games at Fenway Park this season. That actually accounts for all of the multi-home runs games by ANY player at Fenway this season.”

  22. What happened to our “Grim ritual march to irrelevance”????

    • Oh god don’t bring this is up.. I gave AS a hard time over this article, but if you actually read it, it’s fucking bang on, even called the Stroman show!

      The title? He says it wasn’t his. The title is garbage. Ignore the title and actually read the article, and it’s remarkable accurate.

      • I’m mostly fucking around, so relax. But I will say that while I imagine he didn’t pick the title, the quote is lifted from his article….

  23. I’m gonna take a contrarian position on Melky.

    Don’t get me wrong, he’s having a great year and if we could be fairly confident that he’d play like this (or close to it) for the next 5 years, I’d be all about it. I just don’t see him as a guy whose going to age well. He’s not super athletic, and I can see him getting old and fat quickly. Combined with the turf here and I could see him breaking down early.

  24. With the crooked way melky runs, I don’t think he lasts long in left. His bat would work at first or DH so maybe you see how long he lasts in the outfield and give him Lind’s job eventually

  25. Ah Melky. Today helping us win games, tomorrow a 1st-round draft pick.

    Enjoy what we have.

  26. Goins has a job here on out. With his production, energy, attitude, and ability to play SS as insurance for Reyes and 2B he’s on the bench remainder of the year.

  27. Melky Cabrera is not worth 15 + million over 5 years. He does have a history and that will hurt him, not by a lot, but by a mill or two. He won’t keep up this pace but I think you get a guy who should hit at least .290 and he’s average defensively. Id give him 4 years 52 million, 13 million average or 5 years 65 million. If there’s a team willing to do 15 + million long term I probably let him walk…

  28. I’d love for TO to sign Melky to an extension right now, but I think we’d all agree that – from Melky’s perspective – at this point NOT going to free agency and seeing what the market will pay him would be pretty foolish.

    • The QO will have a huge effect, looking at others who have gotten it attached to them. Plus there might be some peer pressure to re-sign here. I think we could get him on 5/65. I also think AA might not even be able to do it.

  29. Except he loves the Dominican Blue Jays! I say Melky takes a deal with some player options, if the Jays allow that. I’m not worried about him aging, the guy knows how to hit, and I’ll take a slight drop in defense over a few years in LF.


    I love this as a calling card.
    It just says “Dear Boston…we were here. Payback’s a bitch. Not only did we repay the waxing you gave us…. we broke your windows as well. And we’re looking for your wives and daughters next”.

  31. A Valencia/Francisco platoon has a 148 wRC+ against opposite-handed pitching this year. A Kawasaki/Tolleson platoon has a 132 wRC+ against opposite-handed pitching this year.

    Yeah, that’ll work nicely as a place-holder until Lawrie gets back.

    I don’t even mind the idea of a Goins/Tolleson platoon at this point. Goins has a .880 OPS since getting called back up. The sample is really small, but he also had a respectable .767 OPS in his last 168 PAs in Buffalo. Maybe he’s not completely terrible? Maybe.

    • I just laugh when Buck says flatly “Goins in many circles is regarded as the best defensive 2B here since Alomar,” and Tabby says “durrr, if that’s what you say Buckles, then it must be true.” It’s like Aaron Hill never existed.

  32. So, I’m assuming someone goes back to make room for Valencia?
    I’d would be a kick in the ‘nad for Goins, after his best night ever.
    How about the situation with Reimold – is he the fourth outfielder…or is Gose?

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