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The non-waiver trade deadline hits Thursday, and there is all kinds of chatter, big and small, out there regarding the Blue Jays and everyone else, so let’s check out what’s going on over at the invaluable, fantastic, and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors and see what we’re hearing as the hot stove gets close to its boiling point… 

A large, awesome Jays-specific piece will require several paragraphs here to cover:

- Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun writes that the Jays could have had Chase Headley, with San Diego paying the freight, if they’d traded Juan Francisco and two “not big-time prospects.” It may seem bizarre to some that the Jays wouldn’t do this, especially those whose minds are broken by strikeouts, as though they’re some sin infinitely worse than any old other out (they’re not, though yes, they’re worse), but I can see it. First, it depends on who the prospects are. Second, as MLBTR points out, even with the recent struggles, Francisco is having a much better season than Headley so far. Third, Francisco doesn’t come with injury concerns that would only be exacerbated by playing on the Rogers Centre turf. Fourth, if the performance from Headley wasn’t there, you’d maybe wonder just how easily he’d take being held out of the lineup, especially as a free-agent-to-be trying to rebuild some value as he heads towards a payday. Francisco, I don’t think, would pose an issue in this regard — though to be fair, I certainly can’t say the same about Headley with any knowledge either, I’d just maybe have wondered.

- A piece from Shi Davidi at Sportsnet tells us that the Jays are being scouted beyond just “the usual suspects,” as he notes that the Phillies took a short trip down the road to Dunedin to look at a rehab start from Sean Nolin, while the Rangers have had scouts in Vancouver, looking in particular at Franklin Barreto, Miguel Castro, and Jairo Labourt. It could just be due diligence, or these clubs having a look at these guys just so they know better what they may want to ask for in the future. But I don’t know… though we heard last week from Jim Salisbury of that the Jays (as well as the Yankees) are cool to the idea of A.J. Burnett, that could be a thing — though he’s certainly not the only intriguing body on their roster. And the Rangers have some pieces that could move too, including Alex Rios, who the Jays are rumoured to be interested in – though Ken Rosenthal tweeted yesterday that their interest was fleeting.

- Kenny Ken Ken also tweets that free-agent-to-be Asdrubal Cabrera is “an option” for the Jays, which… is he? He’s been worth nearly a win-and-a-half this year, but thanks mostly to the fact that he plays shortstop, which he’d be moved off of if he came over to the Jays, moving back to second base, where he played a bunch from 2007 to 2009. He doesn’t play great defence (according to the metrics) at short, and has a .303 on-base over his last 970 plate appearances. And his platoon splits aren’t terribly pronounced, either. Against right-handed pitching, where he’s hit best, over that span the switch hitter slashed .249/.315/.407. At this point I’d take Munenori Kawasaki and his .295/.351/.352 line against right-handers, thanks. And I’d certainly take Steve Tolleson and his 174 wRC+ against lefties. Second base hasn’t even really been that big a problem for this team, frankly.

Another player that doesn’t seem like an upgrade on what the Jays have (specifically Nolan Reimold), is the Padres’ Chris Denorfia. The right-hander has a 87 wRC+ against left-handed pitching. Uh… pass. Huge pass. Not even a second thought. Like, WTF?

The Red Sox’ John Lester could be on the move, but don’t get your hopes up on him landing here. He could sure be a difference-maker, though. So could David Price, who some — like Jon Morosi — think is very much still on the block, despite the Rays’ recent surge that has taken them to 7.5 games back in the AL East. The thing is, it’s still a long shot for the Rays to make any playoff noise, and they might not be able to do better for Price in the off-season, where he’ll help a club for just one run, than they can right now — especially considering his salary next year will be so clearly out of the Rays’ capabilities that they may lose a bit of leverage simply on the fact that it’s so clear they can’t keep him. Unless, of course, they can.

Nick Cafardo suggests that the Red Sox might be interested in long-rumoured Jays target Martin Prado. So… that’s probably bullshit.

ICYMI, the Jays D’d Esmil Rogers FA over the weekend, as they needed to clear a spot on the active roster for Nolan Reimold, who returned from injury.

Lastly, back to the big Jays piece, where they tell us Shi Davidi tweets that the Jays had “multiple people” at the showcase for Rusney Castillo, the Cuban outfielder who some scouts feel could help a club as soon as this season. MLBTR’s piece on the Castillo showcase suggests he was pretty impressive: “While scouts offered slightly differing takes, as might be expected, the workout did little to dampen the growing hype surrounding Castillo. At the dish, Castillo showed surprising power and swung well against live pitching from Nate Carter (a D-II closer). His speed rated as anywhere from very good to outstanding and he showed an average big league arm from the outfield,” they explained, while also noting that he may command a contract as big as the $42-million Yasiel Puig got when he defected. Interesting, but expensive for what we currently think Rogers is willing to do regarding payroll. Oh, and there were 27 clubs also at the showcase taking a look. So… yeah.

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  1. Why does MLBTR even post Cafardo’s crap? He’s clearly lost his marbles

  2. I hope we sign Rusney Castillo, don’t think we will but I wish we could sign one of these Cuban guys again. They always seem to be underhyped. I guess Adieny didn’t turn out to well for us though

  3. Do we owe Romero for next year? In the offseason would anyone take Romero plus Buehrle for pure salary relief? I love Buehrle but I’m starting to get the impression we won’t sign anyone of any significance while at this payroll level.

    • Who do you replace him with?

      • Stroman, Dickey, Hutch, Happ, Sanchez would be your starting 5 with maybe competition from Nolin.

        You could also sign a mid-tier free agent pitcher for depth.

        • What’s a “mid-tier free agent pitcher”? And which of them actually want to be signed as depth pieces?

    • I would totally be okay with the Jays doing that but I can’t see other team taking on that much salary. Maybe the Dodgers but they seem to have some pretty okay pitchers.

      I think that they should look to trade Buehrle in the offseason regardless. He’s super reliable and a good pitcher but it’s obvious that this team needs salary relief to be able to make any other significant moves.

      • To trade Buehrle is going to take eating some of the money or giving up significant prospect capital. Nobody is pining for Buehrle despite how reliable he is. So if the Jays had to eat some of the salary and possibly still replace him with another mid rotation starter where is the savings?

        • I don’t think so. According to Fangraphs, next year is his last contract year and he’s due $14.5M. Unless he totally blows apart, he’s good for over 2 WAR ( he was 2.7 last year and is sitting at 2.2 right now for this year) which is in line with the $/WAR calculations that people have done. So basically, he’s getting paid right about where he should be.

          With only 1 year left on the deal, I don’t it would be hard to find a taker.

          Stoeten has a good point regarding salary relief though. Would they still be hamstrung regardless?

      • Depends on how the rest of this year goes. They add some playoff revenue and it might be a different story. If not, who knows if they’re even allowed to use whatever relief they can create for themselves?

        • This is a good point. If Rogers figures the Jays can operate on $20M less and get the same results why spend the money?

    • Buehrle costs too much on his own, you want to tie Romero to him? Crazy.

    • According To Cot’s, Buehrle is owed $20,000,000 next year. Romero is owed $7,750,000 in ’15 plus a $600,000 buyout for ’16. Essentially, your proposal would cost a team $28,350,000 for one season of Buehrle… Don’t see anyone looking to take that on.

  4. I think at this point the jays should be looking at bullpen help,
    lawrie edwin and lind coming back, adding to whats already there, they could be outstanding.

  5. I wouldn’t have done that Headley trade for Francisco straight up. He struggled pretty bad for what seemed like forever, but don’t look now, he’s got a .907 OPS over the past 4 weeks. And an .842 OPS overall. Power doesn’t grow on trees anymore, this guy should be on this team.

    • I was pushing this idea in the comments on the last post and the response seems to be “Headley has been doing it for years and Francisco is a fluke/sucks/hasn’t been doing it long enough.” The sample is now 250 PAs over which he’s hit like an All-Star. He’s much better than a lot of people are giving him credit for.

  6. I think you’re writing off Denorfia too easily. In addition to his ability to hit lefties (128 wRC+ career), he’s a great defender (late game defensive replacement for Melky?) and has played CF in the past (which could make him a platoon option for Colby). And obviously he’s cheap, which has become especially important these days. Even with Reimold on the roster, there may be a fit there.

  7. Utley or bust

    • Bust then because he is not coming. 10 and 5 and he is a west coast boy. Why would he go to Toronto? He has won a world series.

  8. Trade deadline has been fairly underwhelming so far.


  9. I have to say, I am really liking the way this team is put together. They were struggling mightily but I think with everyone coming back and barring further injuries this is a pretty good line up.

    Another starter wouldn’t be a bad thing but it would have to be pretty significant upgrade because the way I see the starting 5 right now I am not sure who you would remove. Happ? He has looked descent. Dickey and Buerhle obviously are not going any where. Hutch and Stroman have looked good too.

    Bullpen help is the only thing I see coming and even then I wouldn’t bet on it.

    I honestly don’t see Alex making a big move but I do not think that is a problem either.

    • Yeah, if nothing gets done before the deadline, i doubt that anything significant can or will be done in August.

  10. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d identify a glaring “weakness” on this team.
    Yeah..maybe second/third base could use a consistent starter – but honestly, I don’t think the revolving door of Tolleson/Goins/Kawasaki/Francisco has hurt this team. They’ve not embarrassed themselves. When we ever get EE and Lawrie back – that should solidify the infield and bring some lefty-righty balance back to the batting order.
    I don’t think anyone’s particularly sucked in the bullpen, either. I couldn’t put my finger on a particular player and say “he’s GOTTA go!”.
    At what price do we upgrade – and percentage-wise, how big would the upgrade be from our current Scooby-squad in the infield? Do the Jays give up a young high-upside guy for someone who’s barely incrementally better than the incumbent?
    I wouldn’t want to trade the Jays’ little gems for just anyone…make it a Price or someone.

  11. Weird year for the trade deadline.

    No stand out SPs on the roster, but no terrible holes in the rotation either. A Price or Lester like ace would be an upgrade…. But cost a fortune. Cheaper arms likely don’t add value over who we already have and aren’t worth the marginal cost.

    2b has been a bit of a mess… But Stoeten is right. A regular 2b man better than a Tolleson/Kawa platoon would be pricey.

    CF has been rough this year, but a “clear” upgrade over Colby would cost a lot.

    I don’t know who our 6th starter is. A lower level prospect for a “Carlos Vilanueva” type might make sense. Maybe a bullpen piece or two. Other than that, what is there to do without ripping the farm apart?

  12. I think we just need a little depth. Nothing too flashy. Just one more swing man/spot starter type person and either an OF or IF that can OPS over .700 against lefties.

  13. Re: Headley, Griffin was on TSN 1050 today and the Headley trade, or lack there-of, came up. He mentioned that in conversations with AA, the topic of the turf and it’s negative consequences on players’ backs was a factor in deciding to not pursue a deal.

    I know that view of the turf in this forum is universally abhorred, however, for a GM to cite the deficiencies in his team’s playing facilities as a consideration in whether to make a move for a player, even one as unimpressive as Headley, has to be unprecedented, no? To me it’s a more serious indictment on upper management/ownership than not expanding payroll: to provide your current, highly paid workforce with an inferior playing surface is extremely inefficient. I realize that complexities with the Argos and, until recently, Bills certainly complicate matters. However, it seems even from a purely business perspective this issue could be easily debated…as it has and will continue to be.

    • It’s too bad we won’t be able to get a completely new stadium for like 20 years or longer because aside from the concrete, the whole building is a piece of garbage.

    • Yep, the turf would have been adressed long ago if not for some amateur/aaa football league nobody cares about

      • I know…as a WNYer the Bills have been an embarrassment for years.

      • Nightman for the win!

        As a big Argo fan I can say that the fanbase is also begging to get out of the Dome. The CFL is a league that works fine in a 25K stadium, but looks awful in a 50K one. The only issue is finding ownership that doesn’t piss off potential stadium partners, as has happened at Varsity, BMO, and will undoubtedly happen with York.

        I’d love it somehow to be fixed. Intimate stadium for my Argos, real grass for my Jays. Win win. Assuming Rogers doesn’t pooch the transfer to grass somehow.

        • Don’t worry…they probably will (probably in the form of cheaping out on the ideal grass seed/sod for the Dome environment).

  14. Denorfia is a career 128 wRC+ vs LHP….

  15. Juan Francisco has almost as much WAR (1.6) in 249 PAs this year as Asdrubal does (1.7) in last year and this year combined (970 PAs)!

  16. Justin Masterson – who the Indians are reportedly shopping – is really interesting to me. He’s having a bad year, mostly caused by a ton of walks. He’s never been a control artist, but this seems way out of his career norms. If it normalizes, he could be a very solid mid-rotation starter the rest of the year. He’s also had success in the bullpen, and he spent some time as a shut down reliever for Cleveland late last year, when he was coming off injury.

    To give a stealth trade candidate – that will probably earn ridicule – but what about Carlos Villanueva? He’s been effective as a reliever again for Chicago, and he can start in a pinch if the Jays need to give Hutchison a break. He’s basically another Todd Redmond, but, hey, the Jays could probably use that.

    • We don’t need Justin Masterson, we already have JA Happ. Seriously, go look up their career numbers…identical.

      If trading for SP, better be higher upside and better track record than Masterson, IMO.

  17. Justin Masterson, Justin Masterson, Justin Masterson….

  18. Reyes IMO could be moved if jays want salary relief with both potentially NYY (jeter retiring) and LAD (Hanley a FA at years end) needing shortstops

  19. When everyone is back, the roster looks like this:

    C – Navarro, Thole
    1B – Encarnacion, Francisco
    2B – Kawasaki, Tolleson
    SS – Reyes
    3B – Lawrie
    DH – Lind
    OF – Rasmus, Cabrera, Bautista, Reimold
    SP – Dickey, Stroman, Buerhle, Hutchison, Happ
    RP – Janssen, McGowan, Redmond, Sanchez, Loup, Cecil, Rasmussen

    That’s 25, and a pretty good 25. If they bring in a high-end reliever, they can always demote Sanchez or Rasmussen, and I’m assuming Gose will go down at some point when EE or Lawrie get back just because you can’t carry only 6 relievers and he has options (I don’t think Francisco or Reimold do). In September, you can call up Gose, Pillar, Santos, Delabar, Wagner, Jenkins and maybe Drabek and Nolin. Really, not a lot of need for help from outside the organization at this point. I suppose it depends on Lawrie and EE – will they be gone much longer? If so, you could do worse than bring in someone that plays both 1B and 3B and can hit lefties. But, that would be all that’s needed I think, other than a reliever. And, maybe Morrow gets back in time to be that guy?

    • The only knock on Reimold as a 4th OF is he can’t play CF. The fact that there is only one CF on that roster concerns me (probably more than it should)

      • Had the same thought, but after I typed out a long post about the Jays options, I realized: Edwin is probably going to be out until around the middle of August at this point, so even if they did need to send Gose down and have no real CF on the bench, they’d only have to worry about it for two weeks or so.

        Once September gets here the benches expand and Gose can come back.

    • Counting on your top-25 to be healthy is never a good idea. The issue all season has been the lack of depth behind the starters, not the actual starters.

      • I actually think the Jays have some decent depth, it’s just that the injuries on this team come so fast and furious that depth can only cover so many holes. Missing a third or more of your lineup is pretty fatal no matter who you got waiting in the wings.

    • That’s pretty much the lineup I would want to see, but my concern is that puts either Bautista or Melky in CF to get Reimold into the lineup against lefties, unless Rasmus plays every day and they platoon Reimold/Lind. The lineups would be outstanding against both righties and lefties, though.

    • I really like Bats at 3B the rest of the season, Lawrie at 2B. That way we get reimold in there, and the lineup looks like this:

      1. Reyes SS
      2. Lord Melkington LF
      3. Bats 3B
      4. EE 1B/DH
      5. Lind DH/1B
      6. Lawrie 2B
      7. Reimold RF
      8. Rasmus CF
      9.Dinner C

      (the order can be mixed nad matched of course)

      Yes, I know Bats doesn’t like 3B, and Lawrie preferes 3B. I think we all prefer Lawrie at 3B. But that’s getting the best bats in the game without sacrificing too much on D. And it keeps the Kawas and Tollesons out. Both of them are great bench guys, but if we can keep them out of starting roles, the team is better for it.

      and as for Bats, I’m sure he’d prefer to play 3B on a playoff team then RF on a non playoff team. He’d come on board if it makes the team better.

    • I like it, don’t know if we need Kawasaki if Lawrie will play 2nd when Francisco plays 3rd against righties.

      And if only Gose and Rasmus had reverse splits…

      Also agree on a reliever, maybe masterton can fill that long role? Rasmussen is not needed in my opinion.

    • I really like the idea of a Gose/Reimold platoon next year if they resign Melky – move Melky from LF to CF when Reimold plays and have Gose in CF against RHP

  20. Hopefully Lester gets traded before Wednesday. I could do without the Jays facing a tough leftie.

    Interesting that the Jays felt they needed to protect Rogers in the bullpen for a month at the start of the season and now they cut him a 2nd time like its no big deal. His numbers were decent in the minors.

  21. My god Bleacher Report is terrible. They have the Orioles as the #2 ranked team in baseball:

    • O’s just went into Oakland, Anaheim and Seattle and left with a 6-4 record. They’re a good team, they can’t be taken as a fluke.

      • We can still hate them though, can’t we?

      • The Os are a good team. They have a great lineup and arguably the best manager in teh division. Yes the Sp is circumspect but Buck has them winning like he did 2 years ago so it’s no fluke.

        Yes Jays’ fans should hate them. The Jays need to get back into the playoffs and those damn Os are keeping them out of first. They have to do everything they can to best them on the field.

      • The O’s are not the #2 team in baseball. They might be in the top 10. There’s no way they can maintain this flukey fucking streak.

  22. Seeing a lot of “not a lot of quality pitchers available”. Perhaps i’m missing something, but Lackey, Price and Masterson (not to mention Shark) were all opening day starters for their respective teams, and are all on the block. Not to mention Wade Miley, Ian Kennedy, Papelbon, Uehara…

  23. Bottom 6 not exactly elite hitters tonight:



    • I’ve calling a discount at Bannerman’s tomorrow.

      Cletus is gonna feast on Ponyboy Curtis and the rest of the greasers.

      • So if Cletus and Muni are gone next year, what impossible to understand Blue Jay will feature in Bannerman’s ads?

        My vote would be for Gibby.

        • Reyes?

        • I haven’t heard the Muni Bannermans ad. I was taking some career courses in the Torotnot area for 2 months in Toronto last year, so I heard the Cletus ones all the time. Now back in the east coast, don’t have the Fan anymore.

          What’s the Muni one? It can’t be a discount if he hits “a dinger”. There’s a discount if he cramps up?

  24. Cole Hamels is officially available:

    Yeah I know he’s not coming here, but hey we can dream right?

    • Stroman/Sanchez, hutch, Pompey and barreto?

      Even that would probably be easily topped by another team.

  25. How’s this for a wacky scenario that could possibly see Lester come here.

    It’s pretty clear to me that the Red Sox want to extend Lester and Lester has flat out said he wants to stay in Boston. To that end, the only reason why he is on the block is that Boston is trying to get a little bit of something for nothing. They’re hoping to trade Lester and then resign him this offseason, getting both Lester AND whoever they get for him. And they can probably get a significant piece to help on the rebuild.

    The gamesmanship comes in because even though Lester says now he wants to stay in Boston (and I believe him) once you trade him, you’re opening yourself up to a pretty significant risk that he ends up really liking it once he’s there and extends there instead. Winng a WS or at least making a run in the playoffs would help this along. And it gets tricky because they need to be good enough to be in the hunt (or else why would they even want a 2 month rental) but bad enough so that he’s pretty confident they won’t actually make any serious noise in the playoffs. Bascially Cherington is thinking he needs to trade Lester to a team that he basically won’t want to resign in. And what team is more unappealing than Toronto (I’m somewhat kidding, but it’s got to be near the bottom for sure). And the whole “don’t trade within the division” is pretty much moot here because he’s a FA after the season and Boston is not worried about having to face him this year. In fact, maybe they think trading him in the division is better. Keep in close, in other words. I can’t imagine Lester extending with another team in the ALE.

    And before you say anything, no I don’t actually think this, just spitballing and having some fun with a pretty unlikely thing. There’s all kinds of dots connecteing in this scenario that you can’t just automatically connect.

    But if you wanted a possible scenario that we get Lester, there it is.

    • well,
      100% chance he gets a qualifying offer,
      so whoever they pick up better be worth a top draft pick

      • For sure. But I think they can get better then a comp pick, Lesters got a lot of value to a team making a run.

        And I also think that Boston fully expects him to be a Red Sox next year, so the QO is(in their mind) probably moot. Because if he ends the season on the team, even though they’ll offer him the QO and he’ll turn it down, he’s likely to extend in Boston, thus not giving them the draft pick.

    • I get your point – it’s depressing that I could see the Red Sox thinking “we could trade him to Toronto. No chance he would want to resign there.” And they’d be absolutely right.

    • I don’t see Lester coming to The Jays at all…but you never know. Hypothetically Beeston could call them in return(Lucchino is the point man for this) for giving them Farrell and their last World Series. .The Jays need a favor back in kind. I can’t imagine this happening at all then again I didn’t see the Farrell trade happening either.

  26. Excellent post as always. I get the feeling that if the club does make a move it will be something we haven’t heard about yet. AA likes to work deals under the radar. Too much info was getting out about prospective deals (Headley among others), which left me suspicious of their legitimacy. When you are holding the second wild card spot three days before the deadline, you can’t stand pat, you gotta do something. Doing nothing would be a PR nightmare.

    • I’d hope AA doesn’t manage the trade deadline based on PR, though.

    • I think we can safely put to rest the “if you hear about it, it’s not happening” thing regarding AA. That was just a narrative that was only true because of perception, and the perception isn’t even there anymore.

      No doubt AA likes to play things close to his vest, but theres all sorts of people involved i talks, and AA can only really control himself (and to a lesser extent, the people below him). He has zero say over the other side though. And it’s not like he’ll be working on a deal that helps the club, read about it in MLBTR and then say “well, word got out. cancel the deal” .

      An example is Rasmus, word was out about that for a while before it was confirmed.

    • And I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s most likely that he does do absolutely nothing.

      I believe the rumors that Rogers won’t let him take any money back, and that being the case, it’s unlikely to me that any useful piece is on the table.

  27. Stoeten, you do some great work, but this whole D’d FA thing has got to stop! I appreciate the acronym DFA’d doesn’t work well if you’re trying to read it as “designated for assignment”, but when i see DFA’d, I know what it means, so it works. I don’t read it out…kinda like when I see OMG, I don’t read it as Oh my god, but it means the same thing. Whereas using a broken acronym in a sentence (“D’d Esmil Rogers FA”) is probably one of the worst hack jobs of the english language that I’ve ever seen. Especially when FA stands for Free Agent in the world of baseball. If you don’t like the acronym, perhaps write it out in full rather than break it into parts. Just my two cents…

  28. Thinking back to a week or so again when AA said he was talking about someone whose name hadn’t been in the media. And how that team had put things on hold until this week.

    If that was someone on the cusp waiting to see how things play out, my thinking at the time was KC or Cleveland.

    I still think that’s possible and I wonder if it is Shields or Masterson (who is now being mentioned)? Maybe a Billy Butler throw-in with Shields (cuz he and Seitzer are BFFs)?

    • All I can think back to from last week is when AA was asked if he could take money back and he almost stepped on his own feet dancing around that one.

      He said “well, we can take players back. and players get paid, they don’t work for free, y’know”

      and then a day or so later I heard him in an interview where he was saying that “lots of deals are made in August, so even if we don’t make a move this month, there could be stuff open then”

      Which is all true, of course. It just sounded to me like he was preparing us to not make any big moves.

      • Could be. Though I wonder if there is anyone on the 25 man that could go.

        Maybe we need to put a hypothetical trade on Kickstarter and see if we can get the money.

        Shields has $4M left on his deal. I’m good for $25.

      • I don’t expect answers from any sports executive, but his non-answers really bug me for some reason.

      • Fucking Rogers. Beeston may have a thing against long-term deals, which… whatever. I’m over that. But this (apparent) bait and switch bullshit by Rogers over the last two years is pathetic.

        Give permission for team to spend money, knowing full well that built in to that payroll increase is an implied additional payroll increase as pieces obtained through said initial increase reach free agency and must be paid more to stick around and maintain competitiveness.

        Team flops, not because of talent deficiency, but because of the JPA curse.

        Fast forward through an offseason in which the Jays appear to dodge a couple bullets unintentionally on the FA market (Dinner’s been fine, glad there’s no Santana or Jimenez to bitch and moan about). At the deadline, the team is in contention because THIS team is the true indicator of the talent build-up from 2010-2013. And what does Rogers do?

        Nope. No money. Sorry.

        Shooting yourself in the goddamn foot by hamstringing one of your most valuable assets’ ability to generate cash (viz. winning sells). How in the blasted fuck does ownership explain this strategy, beyond “We changed our minds”?

  29. I really think we are underestimating the amount of players that have the jays on their NTC. I assume the turf is the main reason…so frustrating that a great city like T.O has a professional baseball team playing on fucking carpet…carpet ppl carpet! Like wtf…i know im beating a dead horse but man just think about going to watch the jays in a stadium like pittsburgh for example…so nails!

    • No doubt that’s an issue. I don’t think i’ts been an issue for any moves done (or not done) so far this season though.

    • Lots of players have the entire AL east included in their NTC’s.

      Guessing it has more to do with $$$ than playing on carpet.

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