Here’s one that I guess actually makes sense, but still seems like a total long shot and quite possibly bullshit: according to Sean McAdam of CSN New England, of the many teams calling the Red Sox on Jon Lester, the Jays might be the one that’s most aggressive.

To wit:

St. Louis, Seattle, Baltimore and the Los Angeles Dodgers are widely thought to be in on Lester, but industry sources say the Red Sox also have received interest from another handful of clubs, led by Milwaukee, Atlanta, Oakland and Toronto.

Of those, a source indicated, Toronto has been the most aggressive in its interest.

With Lester a short-term rental — he’s eligible for free agency after the season — the Red Sox won’t be dissuaded from trading him within the division, although that willingness doesn’t extend to the rival New York Yankees.

Sometimes these things… I don’t know. I mean, how do you even judge who is being the most aggressive, right? Especially when the piece says that no specific proposals have been made yet. We know that the Jays aren’t going to acknowledge anything, but I have a hard time believing that anybody would need so badly to bluff interest in Lester in order to drive up the price. Maybe, though. Maybe one could even dream up some backwards logic that the Jays themselves have reason to make someone think they’re heavily interested. I don’t know.

If they’re serious, though, it’s interesting. Even if there is no obvious candidate to remove from the rotation, there is no team that couldn’t use an upgrade like Lester, so I’m sure our hypothetical Jays could make this work from an on-field standpoint.

But then there’s the money — Lester is owed $4.3-million for the rest of this season, at which point he becomes a free agent (and because he’s been (hypothetically) traded, doesn’t bring back a pick for his new club — and also the cost in terms of other “resources.”

McAdam writes that the Red Sox are looking to add at least one “elite” prospect in the package they receive for the rental, suggesting that they’re dreaming big on a guy like Oscar Tavares of the Cardinals or either Joc Pederson or Corey Seager of the Dodgers. The Jays would have a hard time competing with packages from those clubs headlined by names like that, but I can’t honestly imagine the cost being quite so steep. It will be steep, though, and you really have to wonder if the Jays will have the stomach to deal another blow to their farm system for a rental. Maybe that’s exactly why they’re supposedly being aggressive now? Knowing that once other teams get in they’re going to fade into the background?

I mean, a guy like this represents a great opportunity for the club, but intra-division trades remain tough. Especially when the Jays would, hypothetically, be exchanging several years of service on prospects for mere months of Lester. And it’s not a Jeff Kent/David Cone situation either, where they can soften the psychic blow with the knowledge the youngster they’re dealing is blocked by a Hall Of Famer anyway.

I really don’t know here. Did I mention that? I’ll believe this when I see it.

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  1. Someone scratch Wilner

  2. Lester deal will happen tonight or early tomorrow morning

  3. Colby’s old man just twitted that Lester is traded to the Pirates

  4. Retweeted by Gregor Chisholm
    Ian Browne ‏@IanMBrowne ·25 mins
    Farrell says in light of everything going on with Lester, it makes the most sense for Workman to start tomorrow.

    Retweeted by Gregor Chisholm
    Ian Browne ‏@IanMBrowne ·27 mins
    Workman to start tomorrow. Lester hasn’t been traded yet

  5. Tabata pulled from Pirates minor league team game vs Nolin and the Bisons earlier tonight.

    Nolin pitched a gem, for what it’s worth.

  6. JPA grand slam, Rangers now down 10-8.

  7. Holy crap, JPA hits a grand slam off Dellin Betances. Now 10-8 Yanks in bottom of 7th. Truly a wonder…

    • I was one of his biggest detractors, his hitting was bad but it was more his complete butchering of the position that had me in disdain. (plus the media stuff)

      But I can say with all honesty that I’m happy for JP. Forget that he’s killing the Yanks, I hope he carves out a career for himself.

  8. Oh my goodness… Remember JPA’s first game?
    This could be the defining game for JPA that gets him a long term contract from the Rangers.

  9. JPA is a fucking Yankee killer and I like it a lot

  10. O’s walk off on Machado HR vs young Rasmus

  11. Yankees got two more, 12-8 now. Giving up on that one. Everyone gets a game on Boston I guess, which doesn’t mean shit anymore really

  12. Orioles will run out of pixie dust eventually. They’re a hot team, but they’re not this good.

    • Deep games with no days off is nice

    • I hope you’re right, but they could also be having one of those “everything breaks right” kind of seasons. They certainly have a vicious lineup, and that’s without Wieters and with a slumping Davis.

  13. What concerns me more is the Ray’s coming up hard in the rear view mirror.

  14. Lester for Alvarez and Tabata.

  15. Rangers down 12-11 in bottom of ninth with 2 outs and 2 on.

  16. wilner says orioles are horrible for 5 years. eventually he’ll be right

    • The Orioles had been horrible for the entire century, so the Orioles being above .500 is taking some getting used to.

  17. Silver linings from the other games:

    - NYY used four relievers, and they all got hit
    - Bal used six relievers
    - I got nuthin’ for TB…they’re the ones that scare me the most at this point
    - Vin Scully is back for a 66th season!!

  18. What’s this I have been hearing that Rasmus was saying his goodbyes in the dugout tonight?

  19. JPA with 7 rbi’s!! Whaaattt??

  20. RSox Andrew Miller would be nice pick up at deadline. Slot him as setup for Janssen. His backdoor to LHB is awesome. 2.40 era over 41.1 IP this year with 14.4 k/9!!, 2.8 bb/9 and 0.919 whip. Would be rental (FA 2015) unless Jays lock up extension with trade.
    Neal Cotts is another RP they could land – FA 2015 3.52 era over 46 IP, 9.8 k/9, 3.5 bb/9 and 1.391 whip.

    • I’d love it if the Jays picked up Miller. Chad Jenkins – don’t unpack!

    • Wasn’t it Millet who the Sox offered for John Farrell and AA said no and took that other guy (forget his name )

      Hard to crucify him for it as Miller was coming off T, but jeez.

  21. Pompey has not played the last two nights and Pentecost was not in the lineup last night
    Maybe they are in play

    • Can’t trade Pentecost yet. Rules require a year in system first. Pompey is hurt.

      • It’s definitely some time. Is it a whole year? That’s often why they are PTBNLs, but it’s my going to be Pentecost, I agree…

    • It would take a Lester, Hamels, or Price to move these core pieces of Jays farm. With Norris, Nolin, Stilson, Pompey, et al there’s definitely ammo for a big trade, but we’ve seen Jays go on hot streaks with current roster. I think AA will make a small RP deal and maybe insurance deal for Lind/EE, then see what happens.

  22. Also, Catchers can’t play everyday.

  23. I learned something today.

    I learned that John Gibbons refers to Juan Francisco as “Big Frisco”.

    I like it.

  24. You know, the more I think about it, I hope the Red Sox ask to much for Lester and he sticks with the club.

    No elite prospects back, and then Lester walks as a free agent after being jerked around by Boston management. I think this scenario hurts the Massholes more than any other, and that’s why I’m for it.

    • Seems likely he’ll resign so any return would be worthwhile. You have to think he’ll net a top prospect for the rental, but not much more.

      • I don’t think it’s a sure thing he’ll resign. The Sox have lowballed him and bungled contract negotiations for a guy who has been easily their best pitcher since Pedro retired. Now there’s all this trade talk. He could come back to Boston, but it’s just as likely that Lester gets his nose out of joint with how things have been handled.

        • I’d say it’s 90% sure he will NOT re-sign.

        • I agree that it’s not a done deal that he’ll return but not necessarily because of bungled negotiations, etc. It’ll be money. Someone is going to offer him a buttload of $$$$ and it may or may not be the Red Sox. The MLBPA will gently push him towards taking the best offer.

  25. Have you read Dirk’s latest article on team sexual debauchery yet?


    Some pretty disgusting yet completely unsurprising shit in there… But I know a ton of guys who played junior hockey who could echo this garbage. This is what sometimes happens when young men spend time together.

    Be warned, pretty graphic and offensive material….

    • Dirk’s article on Maddux was fantastic as well. He’s a great baseball writer.

      • Never read him, prob never will, but he better stick with writing because he sucked as a tv analyst/personality.

    • I’m sure a lot of that is true, but Dirk may be a biased source on this sort of thing, the guy was a virgin until he got married

    • That married teammate was a fucking rat. Ruining your teammate’s life and call it honesty. What a load of BS.

      • Maybe not being a piece of shit in the first place would have kept that player’s life together? Really not interested in getting into this on a baseball blog, but that’s a stupid comment

      • I know you’d say that. That’s fine.

      • The cost of revealing a scumbag for the empowerment of the woman was too high a price to pay? Get out of here.

    • Just to add more food for thought.
      Another view of the same situation.


      • Hmm, seems like if a baseball writer called me up and asked “Where you part of this disgusting/illegal culture Dirk wrote about?” anyone would say no. Or pretend to not know it was going on. Or conveniently forget a coach’s speech. Seems fishy to me Radar…

        • I like the subtle jab at Heyhurst in the article though, where he points out that he felt so bad that he’s bringing this up now 11 years later. I think it’s important to get this kind of stuff out, but something about his work tends to bother me. I think it’s the changing names and waiting a decade to write this that gets me. Makes this entire thing seem like it’s about him, and it lets him exaggerate things because nobody is actually being named, and nobody is actually going to defend themselves then.

          • I do think it was important for the narrative to be told as well, or else I wouldn’t have tried to draw more attention to it. But I read it as though Hayhurst was the only nonparticipant and he threw everyone else under the bus and I didn’t think that was fair. I did ask the guys I talked to if they participated, but rather how many people didn’t.

        • It’s certainly a possibility especially when I look at it from a cynical eye.At the same time,Dirk makes it sound like it was everyone with the team.

          FWIW.and not lighten the seriousness-I’ve heard the same type of stories from musicians,university students,hockey players so it’s not a unique issue just with baseball.I don’t think that every player was involved, it says more about certain sections of society.

          • your last paragraph – ya that was my first thought as soon as i started dirk’s article…his stories definitely got worse as i read along, but this stuff certainly isn’t unique to baseball

          • Yeah. I was in a band and played football, and some people just look at other people as means to an end. There are meatheads everywhere.

            Dirk ain’t parting the Red Sea, but I think the more this kind of behavior gets outed, the less those kind of knuckle draggers look like “manly men being manly” and more like total assholes.

          • I’m at work and didn’t read the whole article, so I may correct myself later, but I’m of the opinion that as long as it’s between two consenting adults, anythibg goes. The big guy he talks about (Jimmy Keets) being, shall we say, promiscuous is not an issue as long as his sex partners don’t think the have a monogamous relationship. There’s nothing wrong with a guy sleeping with a lot of women and there’s nothing wrong with a girl sleeping with a lot of guys. As long as there is honesty, none of it is “dusgusting” or “shameful”. It may be a lifestyle you personally wouldn’t enjoy, but then again, that person probably wouldn’t enjoy living your lifestyle.


        • Contradicting Hayhurst’s smut peddling sounds fishy?

          Hayhurst isn’t that great of a writter, but he knows what sells (gets page views?)

          • @ braino

            After reading all of his books and interacting with him directly,I tend to agree.
            I’ll leave it at that.

            • i didn’t finish his last book…pulled the plug around halfway through

              • I lent it to some baseball minded people who had the same thoughts as you.( speaking of which, they haven’t given it back yet, happens to me all the time)

              • Only read the Bullpen Diaries, and I enjoyed it a lot, for what it’s worth.

                Thing is, I can’t think of too many writers that don’t pull the most interesting experiences from their own lives to make a compelling read. I mean, if you saw shit and did shit, if you’re a writer that’s grist for the mill. I can’t think of too many exceptions to that rule. It’s like getting on a carpenter for using wood.

                • It’s not like that at all, more like getting on a carpenter for running out of wood after his first project, which itself was just an collection of neat projects other carpenters had done.

                  • Don’t know about that. I mean, extreme example, but Hemingway wasn’t a bullfighter – doesn’t mean that he can’t write (and write something compelling) about bullfighting. Not to say Hayhurst is like Hemingway, but you get the drift.

                    That Dick Hayhurst was a sucky pitcher (who actually made the bigs, mind you, which is certainly more than most of his minor league teammates accomplished) doesn’t really enter into it.

                    • I dont get the drift

                    • I guess the point I’m trying to make is that Hayhurst has every right to write about the things he’s seen an experienced, because that’s what every writer does – good ones, terrible ones, great ones. It’s not putting together things “other carpenters have done” if he’s culling from his own life. Especially since he’s probably one of the only carpenters he played with in the minors that made it to the bigs – I think that gives him an interesting perspective. He’s not a star player, he’s a guy who was just barely good enough to make the majors. But he still did.

                      So basically, if he’s got salacious or “click worthy” stories, that just means he’s a) smart and b) has probably lived a more interesting life than most do.

                      Sorry if I’m not clear.

                      Haven’t read the second book though, so maybe the old joke “Writer wishes he hadn’t used all his emotional traumas in first novel” applies.

  26. Folks, I know this doesn’t help our playoffs aspirations this year, but think of what the rotation could look like within a couple years…

    Stroman, Sanchez, Norris, Hutchison, Nolin.

    An entirely homegrown rotation, ALL drafted under AA. No better endorsement, in my mind, for the franchise’s drafting and development that if that were to happen. And with three of them already in the bigs making contributions and Nolin very close, that’s essentially 4 out of 5.

    It rarely works out so neatly, but I’m not panicking if there’s no big acquisition.

    • My mistake; Ricciardi drafted Hutchison. But still!

    • Could get interesting for 2016-17 if one or two turn out.

      Hoffman,Osuna,Smoral,Reid-Foley and others.

      • True, the crazy thing is that the “second wave”, Hoffman, SRF etc could be as good or better.

        • Smoral’s been exciting to follow this year. He’s cut the walks down (they’re still high, but not ridiculous) and he has 41 Ks in 25.1 innings with a 2.29 FIP. The low levels of the Jays system really do seem loaded with high-end pitching prospects.

      • Matt Smoral is a name rarely mentioned. Still a couple years of development, but I hope he works out as mid-SP in Bigs. All those names will make up for missed signings and Deck McGuire.

    • Nolin is 24 already. Wow. He’s had some serious DL stints, but hopefully we can remain healthy, but in the meantime his stock has certainly dropped.

      This Taylor Cole kids is suddenly garnering attention by racking up K’s, he was always off-radar for a while (2 year Mormon mission), I wonder if we might see him in the future…


    • Totally with you, here.

      And I think we need to start thinking of Dickey and Buerhle as the bridge to the young talent, not the rotation lynchpins. Stroman is already the best we have, IMO – our most fearsome starter. If there is a wave of that to come reminiscent of Tampa Bay over the past decade, AA will have done his job and we should be commending him.

      I hope he’s around to see that happen – hoping for both of those things, actually!

      • Starting pitching is always a crapshoot, but AA’s done well to arm himself with more than most other teams have (in terms of high ceilings). It’s the lack of impact offensive talent in the high minors that will end up being problematic short-term, imo.

        • Yes, but by having all this home grown pitching talent, he can afford to sign free agent hitters if he needs to. I think AA is cognizant of the fact that free agent pitchers don’t want to come to Toronto because it’s a hitters park and in the AL East, but Toronto is a hitters paradise and don’t need nearly as much convincing.

          Once you switch to grass, that is. :(

          • Very nicely put, and also with much of the offensive core locked up for another two years (factoring in team options and assuming Melky re-signs) then the offence needs complementary pieces, which are easier to get on reasonable deals.

          • More like trade one or two high-profile pitchers for bats. Ricciardi draft logic was fill organizational needs. New AA regime switched to high risk/reward draftees. Now they are simply taking the best possible quality in their slot. If Jays can groom half of their top 20 prospects for MLB careers then assets can be acquired from other clubs as needed.

  27. Yanks looking at Brett Anderson per MLBTR. Watch them spin another injured low-price acquisition into gold, those fucks.

    • I think the Yankees bag of tricks may finally be coming to an end. They’re barely treading water at this point. Should get passed by Tampa within a week.

      If Sabathia is done for good, they seem a lock to sign Lackey in the offseason.

      • …and Lester, because why not, right?

      • Didn’t think Lackey was a free agent…you mean Lester?

        • *Lester.


          Lackey has one year left on his deal. Though it’s a funky situation. Apparently when he had to get TJ a few years back it enacted a clause in his contract that said the final year would only be worth $500K. Lackey is now saying he’ll retire rather than get paid that amount.

          • Makes sense on the Lackey front. He’ll be 36 next year, he’s made $108MM in his career. Why risk another injury when you can just walk away super-wealthy and spend time with family, indulge other interests, etc? That league minimum clause is only an effective thing if the player concerned isn’t 33-34 or older, especially if they’ve broken $50MM in earnings.

            • Based on how Lackey has bounced back from TJ I’m betting the Sox extend him one more year beyond next. If you remove Lester and Lackey from that rotation things get pretty ugly.

              • Sure, but how much do you have to offer Lackey to make it worth it? Even a qualifying offer type of extension makes that deal 2/15.5 isn, which might entice him to go to the Cardinals or Dodgers or somewhere, but not to stay with a losing team that’s facing a rebuild.

            • That’s douchey of him, why sign the contract in the first place if that vesting option exists.

              i heard he’s considering though, it definitely aint confirmed.

              • Red Sox should have predicted this: a league minimum option for a 36 year-old who’s already won 2 World Series rings and has made $100MM+ is possibly the worst motivation to stay in the game I can think of.

              • Not really douchey. Both parties knew what his options were should the vesting “option” get triggered.

      • I think you mean lester, lackey is set to make 500k next season

  28. Blair asked Dan Johnson a kinda lame question on his show which turned out to be incredibly informative. Question was (paraphrase): “You’ve played for Joe Madden, you’ve played for Gibby – tell me what the differences are between the two”.

    Johnson: “I see a lot more similarities.. the difference would be that Madden kinda lives on the edge, whatever he feels at the time is what he goes with. Whereas Gibby is more of a guy that makes decisions more rationally. They’re both very laid back and don’t panic.”

    Given the narrative surrounding Madden and his baseball brilliance (is it the glasses?) isn’t it interesting that the laid back, plain-talking cowboy is thought of as the more rational thinker.

    • What surprises me about that is that it’s evident to even a guy like Johnson, who’s been around only a couple weeks. Gibbons definitely knows what he’s doing. Good bullpen usage, smart platoons, the things that draw wins from the 50/50 type games, tip the balance.

    • You can always debate a managers decisions ( there’s more than one way to skin a cat)( no I don’t skin cats, it’s an old expression,lighten the fuck up) but I can’t fault Gibby’s tactical game.Farrell drove me nuts.

      • Exactly. Every once in a while I think about a situation where I might have played it a little differently but with Farrel that was AT LEAST once per game.


  29. Anyone want to figure how bad a hangover Stoeten has today?

    Bad news like that usually leads to epic brain pain the following morning.

    • My guess is that if a trade happens before 2 this afternoon and it concerns the Jays, we’ll have to continue using this thread to discuss it.

    • He was tweeting and commenting on DJF at 2:30 AM.Seemed okay.
      He was interviewed on the radio at 5:20 PM yesterday and was surprisingly coherent.

      • Then again he was pounding Xyience energy drinks late last night… That shit is worse than rat poison….

        Stoeten, if you are reading this, miracle hangover cure: Pedialyte. Pound a big bottle of that before you go to sleep and you’re golden.

      • He didn’t get fired yesterday, did he?
        I heard that a few from the score we’re let go. Praying he wasn’t one of them.

        • No. DJF continues and Stoeten is still employed. Parkes and Fairservice are not, sadly.

          • Ah..seriously?
            So that means no more getting blanked.
            Son of a bitch. Loved the pod casts. I’m really sorry guys. Loved your work. You will find something quickly and will land on your feet. I appreciate your work and wish you both the best of luck.

            • Yeah, sad news for sure. Stoeten explained yesterday that the click rate on podcasts is ludicrously low. The bosses see that Getting Blanked wasn’t generating clicks and they don’t have a financial reason to keep it going. Same thing with the DJF podcast. There are people who would pay for such content (if for no other reason than that Zaun is a fucking idiot) but there aren’t enough to make it worthwhile.

            • Reading touching well-wishes from someone with the handle “poon goblin” really gets my giggles going.

          • Maybe we’ll get some good guest posts from those two?

            • Would be surprised if we didn’t.
              Drew’s final post at GROF was exceptional.

            • In fact, maybe the three of them need to launch their own thing.

              We’ll Kickstarter it to give them the seed cash they need.

              • DJF is the King.
                As recently as Monday,Friedman and Sid, on 590, admitted to reading the “hardcore” BlueJays blogs, to gauge fan opinion.
                Griffin,Elliot,Lott, Wilner and others, admit to have occassionly read DJF specifically.
                I’m surprised but not surprised at the same time.
                I called into Wilner’s postgame last year and used RADAR as my handle.
                After the call was over,Wilner said he thought it was RADAR from DJF.
                I was shocked he’d have any idea who the fuck I was..

                • That’s awesome. I seriously think it’s time for these 3 to think about their own brand. I really think they could make a go of it.

                  Am I crazy?

                  • I’m only familiar with Parkes and Fairservice through DJF, but I know that Stoeten for sure has a very loyal readership because he provides advanced analysis, fire breathing prose and a very generous amount of leash to people in the comment section. The rip-roaring arguments that go on definitely hooked me when I first started reading.

                  • Don’t forget Scott Lewis, that guy is awesome.

                • Wilner reads here the most of all of them if I had to guess.

                • You have had some pretty good scraps with Stoeten.

                • LOL…cool!

                • It’s through Wilner’s blog from a couple of years ago that I found out about DJF. He directed his readers to DJF on one of his posts to get some insightful information on the Jays and the game of baseball. I have been a follower of DJF ever since and enjoy it!

          • Well fuck. Hope Drew gets a job doing the same stuff real quick.

  30. I didn’t read the above comments yesterday so this could have already been mentioned but did anyone see Zaun do the worm on the sportsnet newscast after the game last night?
    Freaking comedy gold and embarrassing at the same time. It’s something to look for if you didn’t see it. At least the guy can laugh at himself and have a good time. Not many in the media world like that.

  31. Rays down early. It’s time for them to start losing again.

    • forgot they were playing now, thanks for the heads up

    • Price seems to be laboring today.

    • I hope they did just well enough to skunk their chances at really replenishing their system at the trade deadline. Anything that hurts the Rays long term makes me happy.

      • Agreed. They won’t make the playoffs with him, and they seem against trading him now, so offseason it is. Diminishes his value a little.

  32. If the playoffs started today the Jays would face the Angels in the wild card playoff. Who is our starter? Dickey? Stromen?

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  35. Hey guys. Did you hear?? i am retiring this season.

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  38. MLBTR’s now saying the Yankees are interested in Benoit. Like fuck, they are. He’d look better in blue and white.

    • Heyman says Orioles looking at Keuchel. That guy is for real, remember the game he pitched against the Jays early in the season?


      • I’m not too worried about the Os. No willingness to trade any of their pitching prospects, but not a single starter with more than 10 starts with an FIP under 4.00. Keuchel won’t save them when they have to play us in September.

        • I think they are definitely due to cool off. But you never know, they do have a dangerous offense.

          With that being said, Baltimore in their last 36 games are 24-12, the Jays are 17-19. That should even back out in August and/or September.

      • That would be a great pickup…but the Stros would want one of their top young pitchers in return, wouldn’t they?

        • Probably, but if I’m Baltimore that’s not the end of the world. Keuchel is a good young major league pitcher under control for another few years. I doubt any of their prospects would turn out to be any better, if not flame out altogether.

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  40. How sad is your life if you come on a site just to post inane garbage?

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  44. Well, well, well… Cards get Masterson. Dodgers must be laughing quietly to themselves now.

  45. Looks like Masterson is going to the Cards… Damn.


    Ramsey was not in the MLB top 100 – http://cardinalsfarm.com/2014/07/28/st-louis-cardinals-thoughts-on-mlbs-mid-season-top-20-prospect-list/

    But they’ve got prospects for miles. If the Indians wanted an OF I am sure their sights were set on Pompey.

    • Yeah, Pompey seems like the only comparable piece in the Jays org. And he’s still a long way off in terms of ETA to the majors (I think)

    • It seems the Astros (3 available pitchers) and Royals (Shields) both need bats. Outside of Pompey (and including the current roster) what could the Jays have to offer?

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  49. Fun fact: from the 2012 draft’s 1st round, Marcus Stroman trails Michael Wacha in WAR, 2.9 to 2.1, but in only 60% of the games (keeping in mind Stroman made some relief appearances in which he was mediocre) and now with Wacha on the DL, Stroman seems like the best bet to be first from that draft class to reach 3 WAR. A little over 2 years ago he was a draftee. Crazy…

  50. [Loser shit].

  51. O’s get Lester?

    • Now MLB Trade Rumors says deal for Lester with O’s is not close yet. Things are definitely heating up. Stay thirsty my friends.

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