The Red Sox have been the talk of baseball today, but not in the good way like you want. Jon Lester may be on the move — John Lackey, too! — but nothing has happened yet, with the exception of the Sox ace being on the bench tonight in favour of Brandon Workman. He’ll face Mark Buehrle as the Jays look to sweep this series at Fenway, and maybe gain a little bit of ground in the AL East race on the day before the non-waiver trade deadline.

There should be the opportunity to do so sooner or later, but the damn Baltimores keep playing well. Can it possibly last as the get set to host the Angels for two and the Mariners for three, then head to Washington for one, a big three-game set here (playoff atmosphere, plz!), then home to face the Cardinals and Yankees. I mean… for fuck sakes, they can’t keep swimming so strongly through all that, can they? While we finish of the Red Sox, head to Houston, then host those O’s and the Tigers before heading to Seattle for some pseudo home games (playoff atmosphere, plz!)?

I don’t know, but it sounds fun. Especially if Buehrle buehrles and the Jays get done this weekend what we know they should be able to do.



Nah. Check the previous post.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 8:10 PM ET @ Houston

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Jose Bautista (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
DH Juan Francisco (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
RF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Boston Red Sox

CF Brock Holt (L)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
LF Daniel Nava (S)
RF Shane Victorino (R)
SS Stephen Drew (L)
3B Xander Bogaerts (R)
C David Ross (R)

RHP Brandon Workman

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  1. They should have fed Dinner between innings to give him three more feet of pop…

    Like a Mogwai after midnight or something…

  2. Urg, did Johnson hurt himself on that grounder?

  3. Damn Baltimore

  4. Dusty coming in… Could still be a nail biter.

  5. I wonder if there’s any chance the sux make Koji available? Sure would look good in a Jays unifrom.

  6. I was sure when Buck just said `the Oreeoils have been linked to Chaaan Lester’, he said theyve been linked to a child molester

  7. Remember when McGowan was a starter? And then he got replaced by Stroman? Fuck that was some stressful games, back in April.

  8. Every Reyes throw was solid tonight. Good sign. Burhle can’t buy a win for 6 weeks but keeps a 3.15ERA . Mark will be on a roll now.

  9. I was just thinking to myself that on Friday the Jays will be playing meaningful baseball in August. Far out brother’s and sister’s!!

  10. Is this a save situation for McGowan, or does he need to blow the lead a bit?

  11. MLB Trade Rumors won’t load for me. Weeeird.

  12. Nice pitch Dusty!

  13. Sweep, sweep, sweep.

    The boat/bus is cruising.

    Get out the violin, watching Rome burn.

  15. Series sweep? I can live with that

  16. And again, suck it, Farrell, you fat fuckface.

  17. The O’s ability to squeak out wins in infuriating.

  18. The O’s can fuck off already

  19. Love Navarro. Great post game

  20. Yanking on each other’s…beards…

    Quite the line delivery Zaun…quite the delivery…

  21. I really hope this LOL’O's winning streak is just a harbinger of a gigantic losing streak about to happen. But the truth is I think they’re a really good team who are just starting to put it together. Te O’s and the Rays scared me the most this last off season.

    • The O’s are doing well, despite the fact that Chris Davis has had a bad year, and despite the fact that their pitching has been average. They’re a good, but flawed, team. So are the Blue Jays. It’s going to be a battle.

  22. Manalive, have you seen the schedule in September?

    6 vs Tampa
    6 vs Baltimore
    4 vs Seattle
    3 vs Yankees

    • Got tickets to see each of the ALE teams, including 2 of the last 3 against the LOLs.

    • ,we’re going to see some fantastic baseball coming up

    • Manalive…there’s…a man alive down here! Seriously, that is the perfect schedule, the Jays get to play the teams that will likely be closest to them. A true reflection of the Jays abilities…if win, they deserve to make the playoffs…if they lose, they don’t.

  23. Let’s go Rangers. Come on!

    • JPA took a lead-off walk to start the 8th. Up is down, left is right, dogs and cats living together…

  24. http://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/mlb/jays-not-looking-for-a-short-term-fix/

    While he neglects that AA and the Jays haven’t really been in this position before, you’d think he’s in the ballpark here

    • Anyone else get weird vibes about that column? Maybe I’m wearing my tinfoil hat too tight or have just had too much beer tonight, but it feels kind of forced to me.

      • Didn’t think to comment on it but yeah, I sense some weird vibes too

        It would have to be the right rental, thing is I feel even less hesitant to give up top 5-10 prospects for a rental. Just the whole “giving up this top prospect for two months of whoever” sounds eh to me. Fuck it. A reliever and whatever can be had starter wise could be very helpful

    • Its very disappointing but thats what you get when rogers is your owner. A short term rental makes perfect sense, why wouldnt they pursue it. They dont have to give up as much prospect capital. Again, it comes down to rogers not providing the $. The team is right in the hunt too.

      • Not really to defend Rogers, though I have a Fido plan that’s not too shabby, I think Rogers is totally paranoid to spend considering how fucked up of a job JP Riccardi blew it on AJ Burnett and BJ Ryan and seeing it go into the toilet. As the owner, you want to make sure every cent of the money you spent on a contract is on a player that will give it his all 100% barring from injury, but not shittiness. Also if I was Rogers, I want to confirm if an actual foundation and player/locker room leadership is fully established in the franchise. The Yanks are motherfucks as we know and buy everything, but they have had the leadership in the locker room since they drafted Jeter and properly built around him.

        • Once they okay’d the Marlins deal they committed to the “you have to spend money to make money” philosophy.

          Now that the team is seriously contending, despite the lack of spending this past offseason (although we see that a lot of the SP’s who were available aren’t lighting things up) and the whole Santana deferral thing, the probable fact that they would continue this refusal to take on money, when we also know the expensive deals are the outliers on AA’s resume, sure makes Rogers look like they are being cheap bastards who are not committed to winning.

          The fact is they are an enemy in the fans’ eyes and they won’t do anything to change that, most likely.

        • I don’t think the tight rein in spending has to do wih Ricciardi so much as it has to do with Guy Laurence taking over and his drive to maximize shareholder returns.

  25. Tonight: the chicks don’t dig small ball, but it pays the bills. Bro’s before Ho’s

  26. Tex-Mex with the Win!!! Though that fuck-tard Lewis got the win, it doesn’t matter, mark an L on the shit-stripes

  27. Wooo i love winning baseball games

  28. what really baffles me is when you see an under preforming rental in Masterson going for for squat and you see Hutch and Stroman possibly hitting inning limits in early to late September it baffles me the lack of move for a depth starter. maybe hutch and stroman don’t have limits as been said. especially since they have said morrow will work out of the pen when he returns.

    • Yeah especially since after the Headley thing AA said “we’ve changed our focus to starting pitching then”.

      OK thend, what’s the excuse now? Masterson would be fantastic depth and probably challange for playoff starts (assuming we get there). Forget innings limits for Hutch , he probably can’t pitch into September and October purely on performance reasons too. Hes looking like he’s really running out of gas (understandably so).

      What’s annoying is that just about every sign is pointing to being unable to take on literally ANY significant money. That’s not necessarily AA’s fault. But just say so then. Say yiur happy with the team going forward.

      Don’t piss down our back and tell us it’s raining.

      • I tend to agree with you (especially on Hutch hitting the wall vs just being limited), but will reserve my judgement until the cards fall later today.

        Also not out of the question to see an August deal of some sort when the AL Central teams determine they’re really out of it. (I make it no secret I want Shields).

        Now let’s bow our heads and give thanks we’re even getting to have a legitimate conversation about the word “playoffs” on July 31st.

  29. Aren’t we going to get 24 hour, CNN manhunt style wall to wall coverage of the mlb deadline on sportsnet today?
    Oh. I forgot I live in Toronto and they only give that to puck heads

  30. Rogers all in on Bills and NHL on Sportsnet = Jays no $$$ to upgrade or insurance.

  31. It’s Christmas morning everyone!

    I hope we all get a nice present. It’s not like we’re asking for the Millennium Falcon here.

  32. The other night’s game was the highest rated ever on RSN. Rogers, you can make money off this fucking team if you put just a little bit more in. Just imagine what you can charge advertisers for NHL-like ratings during the post-season! Cammonnnnnnnnn do it you won’t!

  33. One thing I really like about the moves to this point – the Jays went from having minimal depth to having some really nice depth. Reimold and Valencia fill gaps, we’ve got some nice infield platoons, Goins and Gose are playing their roles. It’s really nice to have to really think about who you’d want the Jays to send down when Lawrie, Lind and Encarnacion get healthy.

  34. so if you limit the Min Plate appearances to 175, the Jays have 5 of the top 20 in OPS in the AL.

    love arbitrary end point stats

  35. @Joelsherman1: Hear the #Bluejays are pursuing NO bats, not even 2b. Totally in on pitching

    • Where do you want them to upgrade offensively?
      I’m more than confident with the team they have when everyone comes back.
      Although I was dreaming about asdrubal Cabrera at 2nd. Then again, I keep reminding myself that if Goins can even hit. 250, his defense saves runs and I can live with that.

  36. Anyone love Caroline Cameron on sportsnet? I used to be all in on Tsn’s SportsCentre but more that her and Evanka are there, I’m a sportsnet guy. Not that I find Caroline super hot, it’s just that she’s witty, humorous and not bad to look at.

    • Count me as a fan too. I like sports anchors who look like they’re having fun. She brings more personality to a broadcast than all the TSN eye candy put together.

  37. So isn’t it possible that when one hears the Blue Jays connected to a player it could be as a piece of a three-way trade? AA is partial to three-ways (just saying), having pulled off the Colby trade and almost doing it again in the off-season with Santos.

  38. Which is precisely why I don’t incite her.

  39. Ken Rosenthal: Lester and Gomes to A’s for Cespedes.

    • Holy sheeeet.

      • Fuck me. A’s loading up big time. Gonna be a juggernaut.

        I hate Cespedes with the Massholes. He’s too good.

    • That’s insane! What kind of contract does cespedes have?

      That’s a huge rental cost for Lester.

    • Obviously this is me getting way ahead of myself, but it will really suck if he goes back to Boston, and they’ll have Cespedes to show for losing two months of Lester.

  40. What in the fuck is Billy Beane doing? Seriously…

  41. Horrible trade for the Massholes if it’s just Cespedes.

    I assume Billy Beane’s plan is to win every game 1-0 in 15 innings?

  42. Holy shit, Billy Beane.

    And Cespedes in Fenway is scary.

    • Not really. Dude can’t get on base.

      • Well, that’s the hope (for us). I think 10 more fly balls a year are going to be jacks for him, at minimum.

        His OBP was actually pretty good his first year. I hope the change of scenery doesn’t do him any wonders, but I think the Sox got a good player here.

        • On the bright side, he’ll be a free agent after 2015, according to Cot’s. Obviously there’s a good chance the Red Sox retain him beyond that, but he’s not going to come cheap if he works out for them. If they end up not contending next season, and lose him afterwards, it kind of seems like a bit of a wash to me. They’d probably end up with an extra 2016 draft pick for losing Cespedes instead of a 2015 draft pick for possibly losing Lester in that scenario.

  43. I commented yesterday Shark and Hammel haven’t been overwhelming since the trade (Hammel has been dogshit). Think Beane was worried he didn’t have enough come playoffs.

    Now Milone is really out of the picture.

  44. Time for AA to call the White sox about Chris Sale for Sanchez Norris and pompey

    • The Sox hang up on that shit so fast that the ringer might not even have gone off.

    • You’ll need to add Stroman and Lawrie to make the Sox do it.

      • I do lawrie

        • I mean I would give up lawrie..yes defensively he is great…offensively he is what he is

          • But giving up Sanchez, Norris, Pompey, Stroman, and Lawrie (and yes, I think that’s what it would take to even move the needle) is just ridiculous. I cringe at seeing Norris and Stroman in that deal, let alone the other three.

            • *Let alone with the other three added in.

            • I wouldn’t do it if stroman was included …just seems sale would be an AA type..young controllable ..and is an ace if he wanted to change the fortune of the jays

              • But the gains Sale contributes are immediately undone by the loss of current contributors and massive pieces of the next few years.

                • Outside of stroman who has current contributions that aren’t replaceable?

                  • You just worry that the Window is now and that players will get older and less effective over time..we have no position players that will be an impact in the next few years

                    • In addition: I’d rather be rich in young pitching. Bats can be bought (not Pujols/Cano bats, but good ones) but buying pitching is a fool’s errand.

                    • Wait what..young pitching sale is 25 under control until 2018..He is a proven ace…The others outside of Lawrie and stroman are prospects…they haven’t proved anything

                    • I agree. I think we all get too excited by prospect porn. The rate of prospects turning into real players is shockingly low. As mentioned in an earlier post, look at the Halladay trade. Look at the last 2 or so times Cliff Lee moved. None of those guys have become anything. I’d rather have Halladay or Lee. Nightengale was saying it on the Fan yesterday — look at SF. They turn prospects into game ready players, and they win World Series’.

                  • Stroman’s worth 2.1 WAR already, which you mentioned, but it’s easy to forget that if Lawrie could play 140 games a year he’d be worth 4.5-5 WAR, even with an average bat.

                    • Sure Lawrie could be that..but it’s been 3 seasons in the majors…He is an injury prone player. ..what u gain from sale u can get an avg player at 3rd

                    • I wouldn’t jump to Lawrie being injury prone. A broken hand and his leg looking like it should have snapped in half last year aren’t necessarily his fault.

        • That’s what she said.

  45. The Sox have an interesting rebuild timeline if they think Cespedes is a “controllable bat”.

    • Free agent after next year. He’ll probably hate it in Beantown.

      • BR says that, with only 2 years service time, he isn’t FA until after 2017. That’s still a hell of a fast turnaround.

        • From MLBTR regarding Cespedes’s contract: “he’s only under team control through the 2015 season due to a clause in his contract that allows him to forego arbitration and hit the free agent market after his initial four-year term”

          • That makes this even more confusing. If Sox owners think all 30+ yo players are overpaid, what are they doing trading for a guy who’s only under contract for their rebuild year and then is going to get overpaid?

  46. Lol seriously, who are you clowns that think you have the right to question what Billy fucking Beane is doing? I think he knows a little more about baseball than you.

    • Assuming every GM knows best isn’t half as fun as making baseless claims about things we know very little about without any consequence to our own lives though.

    • Forums must be very boring for you.

      • MLO wins

        • No, Billy Beane wins and unfortunately the Massholes do too. Awesometrade though, love seeing GM’s put their neck out there.

          • Oh, me too, Riggs. But there’s room to second guess. Which is part of the fun. I mean, I love Billy Beane, but he’s been GM there for 17 years and hasn’t won. Mind you, a .538 career record ain’t shabby.

            I mean, I love that AA stuck his neck out last season too, but that doesn’t mean, as paying fans, he’s immune from criticism. Time will tell if Beane made a couple of great moves or overplayed his hand.

            • I agree with that too, just don’t like seeing people saying Beane is a fool, etc. Question it, but don’t completely dismiss it lol that’s just ridiculous.

              • Yeah, agreed.

                If Beane has miscalculated (the old cliche of anything happening in a short series) then it’s gonna be a slow slide down for the A’s.

  47. Goddamn. The A’s pythag record has them at 71-36. Guess Billy figures they can stand to lose a bat in exchange for Lester.

  48. Holy shit, Oakland.

  49. I’m laughing at the thought of Johnny Gomes playing D in that massive left field in Oakland…

  50. They’d better win it all this year, because there are some lean years coming up in Oakland.

  51. So does that mean chavez is out of the rotation? shark, gray, kazmir, hammels, and lester

  52. Wow, Oakland. Cespedes in ALE sucks but at least it is after we played them 7.

  53. Wow WWE and rsn 10 year agreement..yet they are asking the players to pass around a hat to add a player

  54. FFS alex

  55. Didn’t end up in Baltimore and that’s all that matters to me at this point.

  56. This trade probably cements A’s as a serious WS contender.
    They might have lost a bit of offense,
    but they can now go toe to toe with any rotation in baseball.

    If I’m Alex, I’m holding on to Stroman, Sanchez, Norris,
    Hoffman, Pompey, Penticost and Nay. He might do
    something with the others, but those guys would not
    be going anywhere.

  57. From an entertainment aspect I’m glad that Cespedes is in Boston/AL East.

  58. Makes sense for both teams.

    Boston gets 2 years of Cespedes and a pick for 2 expiring contracts.

    Oakland is weaker in the lineup against righties, (not sure of Cespedes’ splits) and they lose him for the next 2 years.

    Having said that, Oakland now has a ridiculous front 4 in the rotation for playoff time and Gomes will equal Cespedes’ production against LHP. Oakland’s #4 starter is arguably as good as the #1 on three of the other four teams currently in the AL playoff spots. That’s crazy.

    • actually they get 1 useful year of Cespedes. He can hit 40 home runs from now to the end of this season and it wouldn’t mean a thing.

      • One? Thought he was under contract through 2016.

        My mistake.

        Still makes sense for Boston. A year to convince him to extend his contract and a high draft pick. Maybe two if he doesn’t re-sign and gets a QO. Just not as good as I thought.

  59. Lackey doesn’t cost more than nolin right?

    • and a little bit of our souls every time we have to cheer for that piece of crap.

      • If he were a Jay, I’d still be tempted to yell “Chicken and beer!” and “What kind of shitbag divorces his wife when she’s fighting cancer?” at him.

        • He’s very near the top of my list of least favourite players in the MLB.

          • He might be at the very top for me. He’s a strong contender in the shitbag sweepstakes.

            You might as well bring back Jose Canseco.

    • Yes he does.

      Mid rotation numbers with a guaranteed league minimum contract for 2015?

      That’s like gold to AA if he’s as cash strapped as the interwebs say he is.

  60. is it ridiculous for the jays to switch to a semi-six man rotation for the rest of the year?
    then let injuries and performance determine who they go down the stretch with?

  61. holy fuck am i wrong or are shields, lester, scherzer, grienke all potentially free agents at the end of this year?

  62. CESPEDES?!

  63. Since Tommy milone is rotting in the minors and the A’s in win now…and accepting expiring contracts. .Rasmus for milone helps both teams

  64. Good trade for both… Oakland was souring on Cepedes – He was whining about being asked to play CF. Gomes will probably go to Oakland and look like an all-star for the rest of the season

  65. Hutch/sanchez/norris/Lawrie for sale and beckham

  66. What a shitty deal for cespedes! He misses the playoffs

  67. Here is John Henry’s philosophy for sticking to his notion that Lester is too old to invest in:

    One of the papers presented at the Sloan conference attempts to quantify how all this is affecting the game. In “Can’t Buy Much Love: Why Money Is Not Baseball’s Most Valuable Currency,” Martin Kleinbard arrives at a conclusion that mirrors Henry’s own thoughts about where the true value lies in baseball today. Kleinbard finds a weak correlation between payroll disparity and winning, arguing instead that “youth dominance”—a team’s reliance on younger, cheaper players not yet eligible for free agency—has become a much stronger predictor of success. “To me, the most important thing this study shows is that virtually all of the underpaid players are under 30 and virtually all the overpaid players are over 30,” says Henry. “Yet teams continue to extravagantly overpay for players above the age of 30.”

    Great article:

  68. Cotts seems like a guy aa might add
    @Ken_Rosenthal: Expect #Rangers to be active today. Exec said this morning they were aggressively trying to move Rios, Cotts.

  69. Thats a great deal for bos, getting cespedes for a rental. Guy could be a monster at fenway

    • They’ve only got him for one more year. Can they be competitive next year, or do they look to extend him?

  70. IMO, good trade for Oakland, but I still think they blow it in the playoffs

    • I kinda get the same sense. You gotta give Beane credit for having major stones, though.

      • Think of it, Oakland plays in the same division as Texas and Houston. Imagine if the Jays, O’s or Tigers were in that division.

  71. Twins get Tommy Milone.

  72. I’m mulling over Rasmus for MIlone, but I don’t know… Milone’s HR/9 could get dangerously high in Rogers Dome.

  73. John Henry was a steel drivin’ man.

  74. Milone to the Twins… could they be getting Willingham in return?

  75. This is quickly shaping into an all-or-nothing trade deadline for the Jays, at least regarding SP. I’m thinking either Cotts or Benoit for Nolin ends up happening shortly.

    • But shit, it makes me nervous knowing that we have to rely on Hutch (and Stroman, but not quite the same) for the rest of the season. He’s fading.

      • I get the feeling he’s getting tired, which would explain why every alternate start he’s kinda getting shelled.

        a 6 man rotation (maybe a bit later in the season) wmight do some good for both hutch and stroman.

        • Acquire a starter and Hutch goes to the BP, limit his innings and pitches effectively. When (if?) Morrow comes back, he pushes Redmond to AAA.

          One rotation acquisition makes things so much more secure.

  76. @Ken_Rosenthal: Sources: #Astros “very, very busy” with calls on Cosart. Have taken Keuchel off the market.
    Jays may get another break

  77. Dammit, I’ve got so much work to do today!!!

  78. Lmao oakland
    @Ken_Rosenthal: Deal between #Athletics and #Twins is straight up. Milone for Fuld.

  79. Wow and wasn’t fuld claimed off waivers…for mi lone. ..wow just wow

    • I can’t believe they couldn’t get more for Millone, even if he forced their hand a little bit by saying he wanted out.

  80. I will be surprised if the Jays make a move today. We have nothing really to offer and ownership is not looking to take more payroll. This is the team folks

  81. Milone seemed to be up for grabs to the lowest bidder and made perfect sense. This seems like AA asleep at the wheel, unless Beane is avoiding trading with the Jays because he figures they could be his ALDS opponent?

    • dude its Tommy milone, he of the inflated ERA and fip and xfip that would translate badly over to rogers centre.

      Basically he would turn into another happ.

  82. So Wilner tweeting no moves for the Jays. Lol this organization is a such a joke. I may be being reactionary but man how can they just sit back and watch everyone else get better? They have clear needs and are so close to having it all. FUCK.

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