Another week, another Griff Bag? Aka Richard Griffin’s latest mail bag from over at the Toronto Star? Well, yes and no. Actually I’ve fallen behind on my… er… bags, so this is the one I should have posted last week. As for the one that Griff posted on Friday… we’ll figure that out sooner or later.

If there’s a question you’d like me to answer, unless it’s about fucking Ricky Romero and J.P. Arencibia, submit it to Griffin here, and maybe he’ll select it for a future mail bag. Fingers crossed!

Q-Richard Stoeten,

With the trade deadline approaching, what would the trade value of Colby Rasmus be at this point? Reason I ask this is that he is a free agent at the end of the season and he might not net a single asset if he walks. If the Jays are not going to sign him why not net some assets? In saying that if they haven’t extended Melky Cabrera at this stage, who is the table setter and is a key piece in the top four of the lineup, wouldn’t you want to have your key pieces signed through your competitive years?

If the Jays are in a salary flux and can’t keep your key pieces why would they let them walk without maximizing their return?

Scott Cochrane, Niagara on the Lake

If he’s one of their “key pieces” in their “competitive years,” uh… in what fucking universe should they be trading him? He hasn’t played particularly well this season, but it’s not like they don’t need him. And it’s not like they should expect him to be as poor as he’s been so far from here out, either. In which case, he may still put himself into a position where he’ll net the club an asset if he ends up leaving.

That’s always going to be dicey, because lately you certainly get the sense that the Jays would be careful making him a qualifying offer if they were afraid he was going to take it and add $15-million to their 2015 payroll — and with the way he’s played this year he’s certainly a candidate to end up in QO limbo, if he somehow pulls it out of the fire enough to be given an offer — but the alternative is what? Trade him for peanuts at a low ebb of his value just to say you got something for him, and not even give him the chance to give your team a massive boost in the second half if he plays anywhere close to his potential?

If this was a go-nowhere year, sure, maybe that’s a reasonable angle — though I’d still think hard about holding on and hoping to squeeze a high pick next year out of the situation (or trying to bring him back on a discount if he declines the QO and finds the market soft) — but in a year where they’re expecting to be in the thick of it in late September and hopefully beyond? It’s crazy.

You keep Rasmus, without question.



Q-Hi Richard! Stoeten!

I’ve got maybe a thought or two on the Jays this year.

First off, I’m a diehard fan. I have been since I was in kindergarten. Tom & Jerry used to be my lullabies and in almost every picture of me from my childhood I have some iteration of a Jays hat on.

I do have to say, as disappointing as the last eight or so weeks have been, I don’t remember the last time so many people cared about baseball in Toronto. Not even in the fun year of 2006 with all the splashy signings of A.J. Burnett, B.J. Ryan and the acquisitions of Lyle Overbay and Troy Glaus were the Jays this popular. It’s been a hell of a ride so far and I hope it continues.

Despite the recent woes, I think it’s been very interesting to see how well the starters have been doing. By all accounts, if you had said that at the beginning of the year that Dickey would be below .500, Buerhle would lose five in row, Morrow would hit the 60 day DL AND the Jays would STILL be within striking distance at the All-Star break not a soul would have believed you. I give credit where credit is due and Hutch, Stroman and (much more shockingly) Happ have been nothing less than spectacular in keeping the Jays afloat. Good on them. I’m glad all the talk of needing a frontline starter has gone by the wayside. I will say that the bandwagoners (wagoneers?) need to give it a rest. They are the ones that are here today and gone tomorrow. I’m done with all the fantasy type trades (Sanchez, Stroman and Anthopolous’ left arm for Price/Samardjza/Cy freaking Young). Why would they in their right minds decimate the only good thing coming in the not too distant future to sell some extra tickets now? What guarantee do they have that that would even work? Come on bandwagoners, you’ll have to do better than that.

What this teams needs is to get healthy and get back to basics. Play some small ball, hit a few long bombs and throw some strikes. Play the game day to day and forget about the last at bat or the last pitch. Just go out there and do what it is you do, which is how you earned your place in the league in the first place. This is a talented team that is not believing in itself right now. When they are on, oh boy are they on. They’re not all that far off right now, either. A few hits here and there and we’re talking about a 4-6 or 5-5 road trip instead of the skid they’re on.

I’ll be keeping faith in this team until the bitter end, whether or not I’ve got rose-tinted glasses on.

I’m having fun. Should have given you a soapbox warning first.

Love the work Griff. Keep it coming!

My Ref Nut




Q-Hi Richard Stoeten

Does this years Jays season bring back memories of the 1989 Expos? Aug. 2 the Expos were cruising at 19 games over .500 with a 63-44 record. Mark Langston for Randy Johnson was looking like a brilliant trade at the time. Then they imploded and went on to lose 11 of 14 games and eventually ended the season with an even record of 81-81. As a fan, 1989 has to remain one of the most frustrating seasons in Expos history. This season with the Jays is giving me that feeling of deja-vu.



How insufferably negative of you, Todd. They might as well just give up now, I guess, eh?



Q-Hi Richard Stoeten

While trying to find the all-star game on my MLB app last night on my iPod, I instead stumbled upon a cache of classic games, and ended up watching Game 6 of the ‘93 world series instead.

Despite being 21 years ago, it was riveting. Despite knowing exactly what was going to happen most of the way (how could I have forgotten about Lenny Dykstra’s monster homer off Stewart in the 7th?) I was nervous with anticipation as the 9th began.

One thing struck me. These 93 Jays were so much more focused and intense than our current band of chest pumping, complicated-high-fiving underachievers. Granted, game 6 of the world series isn’t exactly the same as game three of a 10-day road swing through California and the North-West, but one got the impression, after watching the way Devon White seemed to celebrate with his entire being after every ball he took, or the way he sprinted to first on a walk, or the way way Joe Carter stared THROUGH the left field fence, or the way Olerud looked downright angry as he rounded second for a stand-up double, that this was the way they played ALL YEAR.

They were only about winning. Not about haircuts or sculpted goatees or ten minute homerun celebrations. You want a home run celebration? Watch Carter rounding the bags, jumping for joy, pumping the air with his fists.

I think the 2014 Jays could learn a lot from watching that game, over and over and over again.

Paul Lessard, Montreal

Holy shit, what a giant steaming load.

The mind sees what it wants to see sometimes — often with hilarious results — and apparently, Paul, you see a bunch of young kids trampling all over your precious fucking lawn. Save those blades, Paul. When they go, you go. Change be damned. Maybe go watch some of last year’s WBC before it’s too late and you’re in a fucking box.



Q-Richard Stoeten,

With Alfonso Soriano now on the free agent market and the Jays in need of a RH bat that can hit Lefties, why wouldn’t the Jays take a flier on him? He has a Hispanic background, which would fit nicely into the locker room, he can play multiple positions, LF, RF, 3B, which would fit the mold of what Gibbons likes lineup flexibility. I know that he has been having a down year and his body might not like the beating it will take on the field turf, and he could be signed for the league minimum (the Jays wouldn’t need to pass around a hat), if he is willing to make the move north, why wouldn’t AA take a chance on him? He could do no worse then the other waiver wire claims he has made throughout the season.

Scott Cochrane, Niagara on the Lake

Wouldn’t have been the worst idea to see what they had, I guess, and so this question maybe made more sense when you submitted it (though, to be fair, Soriano has been awful this year, wouldn’t necessarily have been amenable to playing on the turf, wouldn’t necessarily have been amenable to another potential DFA down the line, and hasn’t exactly been snapped up by anyone else just yet), but with guys getting closer to health, I really think it’s mostly that they have better options.

I’ll take both Tolleson and Reimold over him at this point, I think. And certainly Valencia, too. Yeah, I know he was pretty terrific last year, and I wouldn’t be opposed to trying to catch some lightning in a bottle here, but it’s a pretty small thing, and — again — he needs to be willing, too.



Q-Hi Richard Stoeten,

Long time reader but first time writer. I have a statement followed by a question. It always amazes me that even though the Jays sit 4 games out of the division lead and 2.5 games out of a wild card spot at the All-Star break, many fans seem to have one foot over the edge of the cliff yet again. Since the “glory days” of the early 90’s, a bona fide pennant race – even this early in the season – has been scarce. Oftentimes the team has been much farther out of it by now. The Jays are still in the race, and have an excellent chance of playing meaningful late-season baseball.

Baseball, more so than any other team sport, requires that the long view be taken of the season. It’s where you end up after 162 games, and the inevitable peaks and valleys are just part of the journey. People should stop for a moment and enjoy the ride.

Having said that, I wanted to find out your views on the likelihood that John Gibbons and/or Alex Anthopoulos return if the season ends in disappointment (not necessarily not making the playoffs…but if the team continues to fall further back). I remain a fan of Anthopolous. He has made many shrewd moves over the years and I believe that the roster he has put together (when healthy) is a strong one. I am slightly more lukewarm on Gibbons but acknowledge the uncertainty regarding exactly how much impact a manager has on wins/losses. How much rope do you believe Rogers has given them? It seems unlikely that AA would be allowed to hire a third manager. Hiring Gibbons was a ballsy move that no one expected and it felt as though AA was putting all of his chips in the middle of the table on this one. What do you think? Love the column!

Matthew, St. John’s, NL

I hope they’d still be around if this thing gets down to the very end before it goes tits up, or something like that, but if there’s a huge flameout before that maybe the equation changes. The common belief among those closer to the club than I am is that as long as Paul Beeston is there, Anthopoulos is safe. However, I’ve heard at least one whisper, completely unverifiable as it may have been, that Beeston is on his way out. So… there could be big changes. If Rogers truly wants to take payroll down to nothing and rebuild — and I wouldn’t put it past them — they’ll need a new GM do it with. The club’s play on the field over the next two months may or may not provide them with the opportunity. We shall see!

I don’t get the stuff about Gibbers, though. I could see AA getting the axe before he does. What exactly has he done wrong?



Q-Hey Richard Stoeten,

I write to you a frustrated Blue Jays fan. Even though we have one biased Sports Channel (And biased writers and radio talent) owned by the Blue Jays it absolutely surprises me that Rogers isn’t going through a similar backlash that the Teacher’s Pension Plan went through when they owned MLSE. I don’t see a difference. It is clear as day that AA doesn’t have a dime to spend ( Or the guts to make a move) and all that commitment that we Jays fans showed this year and last year through attendance, apparel and TV numbers is taken for granted. The Jays were in first place for the first time this late in the season in 20 years. Through injury and a string of losses we see additions of Nolan Reimold (Already on the DL) Brett Wallace (Dropped by the worst team in the league last year Houston Astros) and watch a team with one of the smallest payrolls in Baseball add TWO above grade pitchers.

I for one am tired of this farce. The Jays and ownership in this city have taken us for granted and now we are looking at another lost season where we had the opportunity to win the division with as little as 87 wins winning the east.

My question to you is this. Am I wrong here? Why isn’t there a backlash from the fans and finally… Please tell me this collapse will cost AA his job. He fears making a trade for proven talent as much as he fears his own shadow, 2012 was two years ago, he hasn’t make a significant move since! I don’t care if we win in Vancouver, Lansing, New Hampshire, Dunedin or wherever we store our young talent, I want to win in Toronto!


Marc Oliver, Frustrated Loyal Jays fan, Toronto

That you would suggest it’s possible that Anthopoulos doesn’t have the guts to make a move shows just how completely fucking unserious you are in your criticism. That you haven’t the foggiest fucking clue how to contextualize the minor additions he makes on the waiver wire shows it even more deeply. So does the fact that you say it’s “clear as day that AA doesn’t have a dime to spend,” when the reality is that while it sure feels like that’s the case, we simply don’t know.

The only farce here is your attitude, and the bizarre idea that Rogers gets a free pass in this town.



Q-Hi Richard Stoeten,

I like the MLB All Star Game, unlike hockey and football it still has a pretty competitive edge. It brought back memories of my first (and only) visit in 1985 to the old Metrodome. A pretty good AL side got taken to the cleaners by some really good pitching (Goose Gossage for one). I also had the pleasure of meeting a less than pleased Bobby Cox who was one of the coaches..

I also enjoy the HR Derby despite it’s detractors, and to be fair it doesn’t make rivetting television. But watching it live was great fun. It gives the fans a chance to get to get close to the players in a relaxed atmosphere. How do you rate it on entertainment value?

On a separate note what can be done to fix the replay fiasco (apart from scrapping it altogether)? It’s been a disaster for breaking up the game. Perhaps restricting reviews to home runs and home plate outs and restricting managers to just one or two challenges.

Frank Taker, Prescott

I’m not a big All-Star Game guy these days (partly because as a media type it’s the one big chance to take a breather mid-season — y’know, unless it’s a World Cup year, in which case I mostly fuck around for a month), and certainly not the home run derby. But I loved it as a kid, and I get that kids and casual fans are who the event is mostly geared to anyway. It’s pretty cool to have all those stars in one place — though certainly not as cool as before interleague play began.

Shit, think of the 1991 All-Star Game that was here in Toronto (which, like a number of readers, I’m sure, I was at). The NL had eight future Hall Of Famers on the roster, most of whom we’d never have been able to see live — Gwynn, Sandberg, Dawson, Ozzie Smith, Glavine, Larkin, Biggio, and Eddie Murray. Sure, Murray played with the O’s all those years, but how fucking cool is that?

The AL, by the way, had nine future HOFers in that game — Henderson, Boggs, Ripken, Griffey, Alomar, Molitor, Fisk, Puckett and Eckersley, plus Jack Morris, Mark McGwire and Roger Clemens. And Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams were in the park and honoured on the 50th anniversary of their legendary 1941 seasons! And there were honorary captains Hank Aaron for the NL and Rod Carew for the AL, and managers Tony La Russa and Lou Piniella. Like… holy fuck! (FYI, you can watch some of the opening of the CBS telecast on YouTube: here, here, and here).

So yeah, I get it.

As for replay, I think it’s gotten better as the season has progressed. Maybe? But yeah, I’m not sure what to make of it all, to be honest, or where to go from here.



Comments (150)

  1. I can’t imagine any good reason why they would fire AA no matter what happens this year. He’s built so much value in the club over the short time he’s been here. When you get a young guy with that kind of talent you hold on to him. Look at Billy Beane and Theo Epstein, these guys know how to build teams.

    • “These guys know how to build teams”

      I wouldn’t say AA has earned the right to be mentioned in the same sentence as Billy Beane & Theo Epstein. We’re in his 5th year now, and competing for our first playoff berth.

      Billy Beane has taken the As to the playoffs SEVEN times since 2000, with a payroll (without immediately checking) lower than the Jays. Epstein’s Red Sox had a pretty great run too, and he’s currently presiding over one of the best minor league systems in HISTORY.

      • He had absolutely no intention of competing for a playoff berth until last year, though.

        • Can you elaborate please? Don’t get me wrong, I get “rebuild” but the only limiting factor to fielding a contending team is opportunity.
          Would one not assume that AA should/would have always been looking for the “trades that would immediately field a contending team? Other than dumping salary why would one trade for knowingly worse players?

      • AA was starting way further back. Oakland was already a playoff team when Beane took over. Boston was in 2nd place for the past 5 years when Epstein took over. Toronto had had 1 2nd place finish in the last 10 years when AA took over.

        • When Billy Beane took over, the A’s were coming off a 65-97 season and had been below .500 for five straight years.

          I think AA is a very good GM and I hope he’s around for a long time, but it’s not like these other guys fell into success.

          • You’re right, and I didn’t mean to imply that, only trying to show that AA has had a much more difficult task in a more competitive division and an era where almost every team has an analytics department.

  2. I think you have to have a rule, that if the manager enters the field, its either a challenge or a pitching change. non of this chat about the weather shit until I get the thumbs up

    • I like replay, and I like getting the call right, but the pony show while they watch their own replay is definitely garbage.
      you should have to challenge right away.

      • Agreed,

        Waiting for the sign from the dugout is not good….GIbbons must run out of things to say when he goes and stands by the ump while he waits….

        Go with your gut…

    • naw, the point is to get the call right.

      The whole idea of a challenge is dumb, just have an upstairs ump replay if something is close, SORTA like the nhl does..

  3. “What this teams needs is to get healthy and get back to basics. Play some small ball, hit a few long bombs and throw some strikes. Play the game day to day and forget about the last at bat or the last pitch. Just go out there and do what it is you do, which is how you earned your place in the league in the first place. This is a talented team that is not believing in itself right now. When they are on, oh boy are they on”

    an excellent job of smashing every baseball cliche possible into one paragraph. I literally literally laughed out loud reading that.

  4. I find myself reading only your answers as the questions are way too painful to get through

    • yeah, I couldn’t bear to do more than skim through the questions as well. painful.

    • Agreed. I get the feeling that Griff has a certain number of column inches to fill. He’s figured out that if he chooses the longest, rambling questions that is less he has to write in order to fill that column.

    • Yep. Then I spend half my time trying to figure out what the question was.

  5. I’m not sure what MLB should do with replay. I think let each manager have 2-3 challenges where they can ask for a review of a play, similar to the NFL. Homeruns don’t count as a challenge; they are automatically reviewed if there is any doubt. The problem: what if the manager is out of challenges and the umpire makes a brutal call on the 27 out of the game and the guy still loses the perfect game? Can’t review everything as it slows the game down even more.

    MLB all-star game is still the best of the major professional sports.

    Go Jays!

    • So the MLB all star game is the best looking of the all the ugly chicks?

      • Yes. And all-star games aren’t getting scrapped in any league (showcase players, grow the game, revenue, blah blah) so may as well enjoy the one all-star game that actually looks and feels (pretty close to) like the real deal

    • Auto review for ninth inning and plays involving runs could work lol

  6. I love these morons who write in or the radio hosts in this city who bring up irrelevant examples like the 89 Expos or the early 90′s jays in discussing what moves should be made now or what is going to happen. Just because Pat Gillick made deadline moves or certain trades, it does not mean in 2014 the Jays should try replicating it in some bizarre logic. A team wins the world series every year and they have completely different profiles of moves that they made in the prior year leading up. And please people stop with the cone for kent trade already. Yea the Jays won, but it doesn’t mean it was a good trade. You are assuming the Jays wouldn’t have won without Cone when in all probability the odds wouldn’t have been significantly different without him.

    • they were actually talking ball on the radio in calgary this morning for the first time ever, and the hockey guy they have trying his hand at talking ball couldn’t’ understand why people were excited about stroman. His reasoning was because look what happened to Ricky Romero….wtf do those possibly have to do with each other

      • That keeps being said in the intelligent comment section of TSN. Romero had control issues from day one and for a few years figured it out for the most part and then, well everyone has seen what happened.

        Stroman for the most part hasn’t been plagued with control issues.

        • Ricky was also never as good as what Stroman is doing right now.

          • I think there’s likely a 10-11 game stretch of starts in 2011 where ricky looked just as dominate as Stroman does so far as a starter.

      • its bad in Ottawa too. The worst ever was when the NHL was in their lockout and the Radio guys here were forced to discuss basketball. It’s like they had never heard of this strange sport before. Truly the sports radio in Ottawa should just be called Hockey/CFL radio. at least we get 590 feeds for Bluejays and tim and sid now

  7. While I agree that maybe checking into Soriano would’ve been interesting, it wouldn’t have been because he “can play multiple positions” (including 3B!!!).

  8. Woah. Not only did stotes not read griffins answers, he didn’t read the writers questions! That first writer was talking about melky as a key piece. Not Rasmus. Duuuuuuude

    • He was also talking about key pieces in general, and it’s certainly implied that Rasmus is one of those. “Why would they let them walk,” he asks (italics mine). Clearly not just talking about one guy duuuuuuuuuude.

      • I really don’t think the question implied that Rasmus was a key piece. The questions are dumb enough without having to make assumptions. Totally agree with your view on the situation though, Rasmus looks so bad when he’s bad that people want to trade him for nothing.

        • He’s asking about trading Rasmus, and then at the end uses the plural to indicate that there are multiple “key pieces” who the club might let “walk without maximizing their return.” It’s pretty clear.

          • Agree. Seems to me the guy is asking about both, undervaluing Rasmus because he’s playing below his head and overvaluing a 300 batting average.

          • My read of the sentence led me to believe that he was only talking about Melky in that instance. Melky is one of the key pieces – the plural on “pieces” doesn’t mean that he was talking about more players than just Melky, but only that there are multiple key pieces, of which Melky is one. Rasmus is neither a table-setter nor in the top four of the lineup, so it seems to me that he’s obviously not being referred to.

            “…the table setter and is a key piece in the top four of the lineup…”

            Not that I can blame you for not reading the questions super carefully – they’re quite painful.

    • who gives a shit about the question anyway?

  9. I wish the Leafs played all year round so the D-bag, casual sports fans in this city could spend all year pretending they know something about hockey instead of spending the summer pretending they know something about baseball.

    I mean holy fuck, even when this seasons team was in a full tailspin before the All-Star break we barely spent any time in 3rd place. What the fuck else do you want from a franchise that hasn’t sniffed the post season in over 20 years?!? It’s been an exciting season with spurts of greatness and spurts of frustration, plenty of offense and at times some really great pitching. We fall less than 5 games back after our worst slide of the season and so many people think it’s time to scrap the season. Save your negative, we’re bound to collapse attitude for your piss poor leafs.

    I’m so tired of the people who watch maybe a combined 7-10 games all season, see a headline in the paper that we’re not doing so well and then demand the team be dismantled from the top down.

  10. Was a troll in the other thread

  11. How the fuck could anyone want Gibbons gone? It bugs me everytime I see someone ragging on him (and people rag on him a lot in some corners). The guy is pure entertainment as far as I’m concerned.

    • and actually a really good manager, that can run a bullpen and platoons better than most, keeps the clubhouse light, and doesnt give much to the media. he is doing his job.

  12. Fuckkkkk the Orioles are getting Jon Lester. So I guess the Jays still have the 2nd wild card

  13. Lester to the Orioles, is the rumbling. Great pickup for them, but shit.

  14. Orioles closing in on deal for Lester, per MLBTR.

    Well, shit.

  15. Baltimore landing Lester really is worst case scenario for the jays.

    The team we’re chasing gets stronger as a division rival adds some high end prospects.

    • Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck……

    • Yup, I agree, as much as the Jays did not NEED another arm, this is not great news for Jays fans. Lets just hope this gives AA additional motivation to do something to meaningly strengthen the team in the next 24 hours or so.

      • i actually dont hope for that. I dont want a knee jerk reaction and we end up overpaying for a mid tier pitcher like kennedy or de la rosa.

        Obviously just because you add Lester doesn’t mean we should concede the division, but if you end up getting knocked out of game 163 as the second wild card and you are significantly weaker next year, that would be a shitfuck situation

        • I’m not saying he should add Hamels/Lee/Price. I am saying a solid peice, I’d even settle for a reliable bullpen arm to help with the loss of Delabar and Santos for however long it takes them to ‘fix’ themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I tend to like AA, but I get the impression he is having a staring match here waiting for the other team to blink. He does have a couple of pieces he could use in some combination that wouldn’t destroy the system. Nolin is close to mlb ready and generally considered to have a solid shot at a 4 to 5 type arm. I wouldn’t even be against trading Pompey as his stock may never be higher (and some scouts say they see him as a 4th outfielder type anyway). I wouldn’t even be adverse to trading Sanchez with some of the arms getting close behind him (Ie. Norris and Osuna who looks good so far after returning). Of the names that have been bandied about, I believe the only untouchables should be Stroman and Norris).

  16. Ken Rosenthal on twitter
    Hearing from multiple sources that Lester to #Orioles is not close. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen. But not happening yet.

    • Go Kenny Ken Ken!

      • The Boston reporter is the one who is saying things are in advanced discussions. Maybe he’s being used as a tool by the team to goose the other bidders.

        • A media plant for the Red Sox regime? Perish forbid!

          • I was thinking the same thing when the Jays/O’s/A’s/Bad News Bears/ Lester rumours began to swirl.
            I honestly think that Ben Cherington calls up up the media guys in his back pocket (especially Cafardo) and they do all the dirty work for him.
            See: Francona, Terry and Fuckface, Farrell.

  17. So if it all works out for the Sox, Lackey to the Marlins, Lester to the Os, Doubront to the Cubs, Peavy to the Giants.

    Shit that house came down fast.

  18. I wonder if that little rumour put a chill in the Jay’s front office.

    • I wondered this, but I can’t imagine AA being that reactionary. They had to have known a few dominoes were going to fall this week. Stay the course.

    • It’s really killing me that the Boston rebuild (that really started with the end of the Francona era and the Bobby V season) had a fucking World Series sandwiched in the middle of it.

  19. Obviously this Lester stuff will prompt the Jays to sell high on Sanchez, throw in a couple low-A guys, pay most of the contract and land Hamels.


    • give them goins and we’ll take Utley off their hands as well. Those soft hands yo

    • of everyone available, i’d say hamels is the prize.

      • i know control and all that.

        but david f. price is the prize.

        he would look amazing in our rotation and you have him for next years. You aren’t putting a fast one by the tampa front office though, you are going to pay and pay well.

  20. It’s really killing me that the Boston rebuild (that really started with the end of the Francona era and the Bobby V season) had a fucking World Series sandwiched in the middle of it.

  21. Gausman or Bundy are the names being thrown around. Yikes. I can only hope that Boston suffers a higher bust rate than average as a punishment for their bullshit luck-fueled World Series title.

  22. Bonafacio to the Orioles is a rumor I like better.

  23. I’m realistic (borderline pessimistic) I’d like to have Norris, Sanchez, Pompey at the end of the week still with the Jays.

    and I would like a shiny new setup man in the bullpen.

    • In his Fangraphs chat today, Dave Cameron seemed to think that a lottery-ticket prospect would be enough for a reliever on a non-contending team.


    • I don’t mean to be antagonistic here, but I really do not understand what the attachment is to Sanchez. I get that he is the one that the Jays held on to from the Lansing Three and all, but more and more talent evaluators are becoming increasingly negative on him, or at least he seems to be losing his lustre. Its not as if we do not have prospects coming behind him (Norris, Osuna – who by all accounts looks good after returning from TJ, and more who are close behind them). Maybe it is just me being pessimistic here, but the reports I have read on Sanchez having trouble with locating, and messing with his mechanics seems reminiscent of another Jays can’t miss prospect – Kyle Drabek. Now I am not advocating for trading Sanchez at all costs, but IF the right deal comes along and Sanchez is who the other team wants, should he really be untouchable?

      • Nobody’s untouchable in the right deal. If the Phillies want only Sanchez for Hamels, I’d do it in a minute.

        Obviously that’s not happening.

  24. The way some of the bats have picked up lately (Rasmus, Goins, Big Frisco), tonight’s lineup doesn’t look too bad.

  25. So with Heyman talking about this mystery team becoming involved with Lester, is there any chance that this is the work of a – dare I say – ninja???

    • Heyman is so full of shit his eyes are turning brown.

      Take everything he says with a grain of salt, and chalk it up to a blind squirrel finding a nut if he’s right.

      • It’s just funny to me. Besides, the ninja thing isn’t really true, as many of the DJF clan already know.

    • Bowden says the As are now in on Lester.

      I was looking at Hammel’s (got rocked by the Strohs today) and Shark’s stats today. Not all that stellar since they came over. Maybe not the sure thing Beane was anticipating.

      • That just seems crazy. Even if they have the prospect capital, would they really load up their rotation with another rental and spend so much of it in one season?

  26. Let’s hope not for Lester-to-O’s.

    Surprised the Sox moved Doubront to the Cubs. Seems like another move they’ll do well with, though, and Theo of course has history there.

    Farrell keeps running everyone out of town. I like it. Even though that’s not really true.

  27. On the Dodgers, does anyone think that their name gets thrown into every trade rumour for no other reason that they’re the biggest spenders? I wonder how much of that is geniune LA interest and how much is it other GM’s/agents throwing shit out there.

    • I think the agents and media like to use them because they are swimming in money, just as much as they like to use the Jays because they keep quiet.

      I’m surprised the Yanks don’t get used more in this same way, though Cashman does get out in front of the story a bit more.

  28. Which team improves more:

    Baltimore + Lester and Ubaldo


    Toronto + Encarnacion, Lind and Lawrie

    The question is obviously WHEN these guys come back and just how healthy they are, but… I think the Jays stand to improve more by doing nothing that Baltimore does by dealing away prospects.

    • My only fear is the arms of Hutch and Stroman come September/October.

      One more starter takes a lot of pressure off.

      I still want Shields. But I’d settle for Keuchel.

    • I think the rest of the season projections include Lind, lawrie and EE coming back at some point, so actually the orioles stand more to gain by adding lester.

      Don’t forget they have a 2.5 game lead on us, it makes it that much more harder to catch up.

      Anyone adding lester would have a huge bump in their playoof odds, it’s essentially adding Price but for half a season

    • I do agree with the sentiment that no one is getting a series of additions as valuable as Encarnacion, Lawrie and Lind. But coming back from injury takes some time, too.

      I would love another arm for the same reasons Lloyd mentions here. I don’t think Shields is available though. Even though the Royals dealt with us, I think they think of themselves as very much in the race.

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