The Jays look to take out their post-deadline frustrations — and yes, Casey Janssen, there are some — on the lowly Houston Astros, who are coming off a… um… shit, says here that they just won a series against the A’s. Well that’s weird.

Anyway, the Astros are 4-8 since the All-Star break, and the Jays aren’t exactly thrilled about what transpired today.

Via Gregor Chisholm’s North Of The Border, here’s some of what the closer had to say:

“Obviously, we value our prospects, we value our players, I’m sure the other teams do as well. Maybe they just value the player or the opportunity to get into the playoffs more. It takes something to get something and congratulations to those teams that got those guys.”

And more:

“We’ve heard ’92, 93 and I think we’re tired of hearing it. We want to put our stamp on Toronto and across baseball. For me in my eight years here, I’ve never been this close, never had such an opportunity to make it into the playoffs and I think that’s where this excitement level for this trade deadline was. It’s finally our time, it’s finally beating down the door and we wanted to come on the scene as strong as we can. Like I said, it didn’t happen, we just have to regroup and go about our business again.”


Anybody tell these guys that Martin Prado really isn’t very good? How about that trades can still be made in August?

Anywho, let’s beat these fuckers, eh?


Colby Rasmus, originally in the lineup, arrived at the ballpark late today — a recurring problem, according to reporters on the scene (and some whispers we’ve heard earlier in the year) — which apparently did not go over well with his manager. Anthony Gose gets the start in centre, and Nolan Reimold will DH.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 8:10 PM ET @ Houston

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
1B Juan Francisco (L)
3B Danny Valencia (R)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Houston Astros

2B Jose Altuve (R)
CF Robbie Grossman (S)
DH Chris Carter (R)
C Jason Castro (L)
LF Marc Krauss (L)
1B Jon Singleton (S)
3B Matt Dominguez (R)
RF L.J. Hoes (R)
SS Gregorio Petit (R)

RHP Jake Buchanan

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  1. Goins gets Hoes… this time.

  2. That guy has zero Hoes

  3. Goins robbed some hoes

  4. I really hope Sanchez grows a very thin, cede looking mustache for Movember.

  5. Sanchez is a beauty.

  6. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Goins should be an everyday player for the next week or two, just to see how his bat holds up.

  7. Goins for Mayor? He could probably save more money with that glove than Rob Ford

  8. Goins got Hoes… Against da stros

  9. Ron Hassey looked like a grown up Chunk from Goonies.

  10. Sanchez throws easy gas. Looks effortless.

  11. Hey Angels you guys gonna score a run soon…err???

  12. Crush it Rosebud!

  13. Rosey

  14. Rosewood

  15. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Nolan Reimer!!!

  17. Circuit!

  18. I fucking love it.


    • This guy can flat out hit.
      Use him as a platoon partner for Lind
      and a bat off the bench, but don’t
      even think of letting him play “D”
      on the Rogers Centre concrete/turf


  21. Save those calves, Reim.

  22. Moldyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  23. Rosewood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Optimus Reim!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. REIMOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Who needs Colby when you’ve got Moldy

  27. Wow who needed a big trade.

  28. Yessssssssss

  29. Fuck ya Nolan

  30. ReimTime !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. First pitch fastball blues!!

  32. I’m am officially a serious Nolan Reimold fan.

    I’m getting his fuckin jersieeeeeeeeeeeee

  33. So how many MLB players hit two HRs in the game in which they hit their first MLB HR?

  34. WHY DO I KEEP YELLING????????????????????

  35. Gee I wish AA had bothered to pick up useful players that help us win.

  36. Sometimes the scrap heap has gems in it.

  37. Reimhold with another HR!

    6-5 jays

  38. if only Reimold had been with us this whole season, he could have hit 324 homeruns!
    Also, I like the line of golf clapping

  39. Trades? Who needs trades?

    #ReimoldEra #ThisIsTeam

  40. Rosebud!!!!!

  41. Reims has hit the ball very hard evey time up! If only there was a way to keep him healthy!

  42. I wonder what it’s like over on the Orioles chat when they see Reimold hitting like this

  43. I know…… small sample size and all but Goins looks good at the plate

  44. very cute for gibby to pinch hit rasmus

  45. I just saw that Hoes is wearing #0

    Not sure if I would do that if I was him

  46. Part of me would like to Sanchez trot out there and slam the door.

  47. f yes for reimold, man can definitely swing it

    hope he can stay healthy

  48. Sweet game boys.


  50. Cmon Case

  51. Angry Casey at the bump….

  52. Twitchy looking like he’s back to normal.

  53. Finish him Sub ZERO

  54. Look out. Carter got pop.

  55. Nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. My nipple are sticking straight out at the tv

  57. 3 Stars:

    1. Reimold
    2. Dinner
    3. Joey (mulligan on the error)

  58. Mr janssen, a thank you

  59. Fuck yes, love it

  60. Wooooo WIN!

  61. Sanchez with the W

  62. Credit to Reimold and the BP for this one….0ER in 6 innings.

  63. Good game, gents.

  64. It’s infuriating that we’ll never be able to win again this year…

  65. Go Angels!

  66. Maybe it’s the Beers but I love you bastards.

  67. So glad we won that! Would have been a shame for Bautista to wear the horns for that late catching error. Brother needs to break in his new gamer gloves better before game time.

  68. Time to employ some witchcraft

    *casts hex on Baltimore*

  69. Required win, glad the team got it done…but using 5 pitchers and relying on the multi HR to squeak past the bottom feeding Astros shouldn’t be cause for ordering the Moet.

  70. *yet

  71. Shouldn’t we give Colby some credit for hitting the snooze button one last time? Without his tardiness, we don’t get those dingers.

  72. You know you’re a fucking homer when you like tje team more than the players do

  73. Whorioles rallying in the 12th

  74. So, has Giblygehtti Gobbler divulged officially why the Swamp Boy sat?

  75. Alright now how about the angels score a fucking run

  76. I wonder about the long term effects of today’s non moves.

    Do Casey’s & Bautista’s frustrations make them less likely to want to stay for 2015?

    If the Jay’s fall short in 2014, would AA try & trade Jose to a contender?

    I agree with Casey that the team has never been closer in the past 8 years, so what was Roger’s excuse this time?

  77. Some interesting analysis by Shi Davidi 7 Jeff Blair that the lack of jays prospects was the reason that AA could not get the trades done. No one wanted the Jays prospects.

    I assume they mean the prospects that are not on the 25 man roster.

    I am sure someone would have taken Stroman or Sanchez.

    It looks like the cupboard is bare

    • Yeah, I can buy that…. Seems like they used up their tokens last year with the Marlins and Mets.

    • I’m really getting tired of some of the rhetoric from the Sportsnet camp.
      Some objectivity would add to the credibility of their comments.
      It’s starting to stink a little.

  78. Orioles finally running out of pixie dust

  79. angels up.

  80. Pooholes!

  81. Fuck the naysayers

  82. We are good enough to win with the team we have and the talent coming back

    • No doubt, problem is what do they lose between now and then. Hutch has been shaky and Stroman hasn’t thrown as many innings as he’ll be expected to

  83. Street looks pretty deadly.

    Before they got Street I was thinking there might be mutual interest for Casey to close for them next year. How many years of control does he have?

  84. Street shut er down

  85. That’s right Baltimore. You dun got hexed.

  86. Didn’t use as many of the Oriole relievers as we would hope but Jays and O’s are evened up in the win column

  87. Flipping to a new Calendar month, things could get shakey, hope the guys push through and keep up the same pitching and timely hitting. Thank fuck the Halos took one in Camden!

  88. Why is RSN pimping Guardians of the Galaxy so much? Is it the WWE thing?

    • Off topic, I know. I’m just confused

    • Rogers just signed to be the exclusive carrier in Canada for the WWE for the next 10 years.
      And If Rogers can grab a cheap buck by whoring themslves out then bring on more.

    • Might give that movie a look, I mean you got a talking Raccoon with a FUCKING ROCKET LAUNCHER DAMMIT!!

      • Oh yeah. I’ve been pumped about it coming out forever because it’s such a quirky comic book. I just isn’t expect it to play a prominent role in my post-game show…

  89. Way to turn 5 minutes of Connected into a commercial for Guardians of the Galaxy.
    Stay classy Sportsnet.

    • They did it at the end of the 6:00 hour too by making a hamfisted connection between GotG and great defensive plays.

      Which are apparently called “guards”…even when they are catches on baseball or saves in hockey…or something…

    • At the end of the day do you really care one iota?

      Jays win
      Orioles Lose
      Life is good

  90. Was at the game tonight. Plan to attend friday and saturday as well.

    Five rows behind jays dugout.

    Cool stadium. The train in the outfield is sort of stupid. Its labeled the “ryan express” …..good old nolan from alvin texas. bit of a reach. then the train is towing oranges because..of course…its minute made park.

    by far the best thing about the park is the grassy knoll in dead cf.

    im staying at the four seasons, not sure if the jays are staying here or not.

    there was a mary J blige concert next door in the toyota center….

    what else?

  91. Great win today guys! I don’t expect this to be the easy series many think it should be for the Jays as the Stros were an out away from sweeping the A’s and they’ve got young guys who can swing the bat.

    I think Reimhold and Val were great low risk pickups (fuck Prado) and let’s hope Reimhold is also playing with a chip on his shoulder in contention with the O’s as the guy has been given a golden opp to prove himself and stay healthy.

    When you really look at everything, where we’re at with a third of our lineup coming back (no guarantees if there’s rust however) and the performances of both Stroman and Sanchez thus far, who the fuck were we really going to trade for and would it have worth it? The important thing is we get to the playoffs finally (for the franchise and fans) and we have a punchers chance after securing a spot with our healthy offense.

    Besides Miller for the pen…I don’t think there was a worthy trade out there based on where the team is realistically. I get the hate towards Rogers and lack of commitment but we have a good shot to take the division and a great shot at getting at least one postseason game and end the drought (would be great momentum for franchise and put Rogers into a corner a bit moving forward to keep the team playing at a higher level)

  92. Read the Jays article on deadline day inactivity. What strikes me is that the holes in the club that have been there since October 13 are still there. 2B, SP, RP. The ninja is taking his time. A hitting Goins, lights out Stroman and Sanchez are certainly helping, but not sure what AA has done.

    • You don’t have to argue about the pitching now, but as of late second base hasn’t been a problem. I’m not talking about just Goins, but Kawasaki and Tolleson who some of us may forget with Goins on another post-call up tear

    • Not sure if this link will get posted, but Nick Ashbourne had a good post at Blue Bird Banter the other day about the difference the performance of fill ins this year vs. last. The Reimolds, Redmonds and Tollesons have been worth about 4.5 WAR more than the players filling these roles last year.

      That’s not necessarily all on AA, but he deserves some credit for building organizational depth.

      • Noooooo…he didnt make da deals on deal day….he hates your babies and your sickly grandmother

      • I agree. i didn’t realy mean to crap on AA, but the perceived holes have been perceived holes for a year or more. Really, I’m just glad the Jays are in a playoff position and there will be games that matter in August and September.

        • The holes have been filled more than admirably this year for damn sure. In the case of starting pitching, it has been enough that the depth there is not necessarily a gaping hole, but a weakness that can and will be tested IMO (and will hopefully be addressed unless they get really fucking lucky)

          Agreed 100% on that last bit CCPD. I’m glad for all the dedicated fans that have been waiting for a season like this much much longer than I have

  93. I’ve been trying to stay away from this thread while I’m away but I have to say this: absent getting our hands on Lester or Price who would I’m sure have cost Sanchez and another couple of major prospects and who would have been with us just for this season, what would you want AA to do? We have three marquee players heading our way down the stretch already. And Sanchez and Stroman look like being a major part of the team. Doing something just to do something is a waste of time energy and money. I understand everyone’s pissed including the players, but please take a step back here. Our position has improved because Lester and Price are out of the division now. Price used to kill us. Well he gawn. Gillick stood pat season after season. Let’s hold off and see what happens in August.

    In other news, why in hell is this version of the Jays so damn streaky?

    • Look at who they played after the AS break.
      Let’em bank the wins until we get to some real competition.

  94. I love Ryan; I love Sandy (got his book), but my neighbour that used to write sports for thr Globe would agree with me that no one is better than Bob Gibson, the original angry black man

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