More like Collin McWHO, amiright???

Actually, the 27-year-old in his fourth organization is having something of a hell of a year for the Astros, with his velocity up, his strikeouts spiking, and his ERA, FIP, and xFIP all around 3.50. What the hell?

Meh. I don’t know. Jays have been going well lately, so… let’s shitcan him, eh J.A. Happster?


Hey! It’s Jake Marisnick!

Hey! It’s Colby Rasmus back in the Jays’ outfield!

Hey! Brett Lawrie is playing a rehab game in Dunedin, with Roberto Osuna back and making the start!

Chris King — aka @statsking — is tweeting some of the game, and the reports so far are good: Lawrie hit a single on a good 1-2 slider and walked in his next at-bat. Osuna had a great first inning — two Ks and a weak grounder — some trouble in the second and third, with what we’re told is a fastball at 96 “with late heavy life,” and that there was “lots to like about this outing.” Lawrie struck out “in his 3rd AB by a guy who’s K’d 43 in 77 innings,” though, so let’s maybe not rush him back too quickly. Unless…

Lawrie is playing second tonight, by the way. John Gibbons tells Barry Davis that he’ll alternate between there and third during the rehab stint.

According to a tweet from Shi Davidi, John Gibbons says he’s “got to believe it’s going to be at least a week” that Lawrie spends rehabbing, which, of course, nobody actually believes.

Another Davidi tweet tells us that Encarnacion and Lind seem as though they’ll begin their assignments early-to-mid next week. Lind is expected back before Encarnacion, by the way, according to a tweet from Gregor Chisholm.

Cole Gillespie (REMEMBER?) is apparently playing in this one, too.

From Dave Cameron at FanGraphs: “The Blue Jays, for instance, saw the Orioles acquire Andrew Miller to bolster their bullpen, while they themselves stood pat. People will talk about yesterday was a good day for the O’s in the division race, but in reality, a one-game change in the standings based on Toronto’s win and Baltimore’s loss is likely far more impactful than acquiring Andrew Miller. The Orioles, even while making a trade, had a bad day yesterday relative to the Blue Jays, who did nothing, because of what happened on the field.”

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:10 PM ET @ Houston; Sunday, 2:10 PM ET @ Houston

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
1B Danny Valencia (R)
3B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
2B Ryan Goins (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Houston Astros

2B Jose Altuve (R)
RF Robbie Grossman (S)
DH Chris Carter (R)
3B Matt Dominguez (R)
1B Jesus Guzman (R)
C Carlos Corporan (S)
CF Jake Marisnick (R)
RF L.J. Hoes (R)
SS Gregorio Petit (R)

RHP Collin McHugh


Awesome image still via @JAHappster.

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  1. Sigh.

  2. Meh one game
    Get em tomorrow

  3. I’m an idiot. I thought that was the 8th.

    Loup really did shit the bed there.

  4. Bless those ‘stros fans. They seem like they have good hearts (figuratively speaking, not referencing obesity rates)

  5. Now that that’s over, I’m going to go down some Pepto Bismol to settle my stomach after watching that Paul George injury video. Ugh.

  6. Someone please remind Gibbons how fucking useless Valencia is vs righties.

  7. Why wasn’t Juan pinching for valencia?

    • Happ pitched a great game, was at 105, and could have gone another inning. Shame to see that wasted. Fat Juan never used.

      • And when Happ gave up a run in the eighth, everyone would have been on gibby`s ass for not pulling him when he was over 100 pitches. You really can’t win as a manager in this city with this fanbase.

  8. So this guy Veras that came out of the pen for Houston?

    The Cubs signed him to be their closer in the offseason. They released him in June and Astros signed him to a minor league deal that week. Within 2 weeks he was back up and hasn’t looked back.

    Seems like a move AA usually makes.

  9. You win some, you lose some, sucks that Baltimore won, just win tomorrow.

  10. Here’s a lineup for tomorrow.

    SS Jose Reyes
    LF Melky Cabrera
    RF Jose Bautista
    3b Munenori Kawasaki
    2b Ryan Goins
    C Josh Thole
    1b Danny Valencia
    DH Steve Tolleson
    CF Anthony Gose

    And if Dickey is pitching well through 7, make sure to take him out in the 8th for Aaron Loup and Chad Jenkins.

    Fuck it.

  11. That game was fucking boring. And I was at the fucking game. Game was lost in the second when the jays were up 1-0 and had runners on 2nd and 3rd with nobody out, and didnt score. the astros were getting ready to check out of that one.

    the astros lineup is scary bad. littered with guy below the mendoza line or just above it. but if you score one fucking run, its not likely to end well for you even vs that trashy outfit.

    3/4 or this is a missed oportunity

  12. why do you morons keep coming out of the woodwork after every single loss to whine and complain about something. you do realize we are not going to sweep every single series right?

    • Amen. Aren’t we supposed to go on a 50 game winning streak? You people do realize this isn’t coed softball, right? Jays talk was especially bad tonight. Couldn’t agree more NS Jay.

  13. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2014/08/quick-hits-hahn-royals-luhnow-cotts.html

    I’m just gonna go ahead and assume it was the Jays and AA’s gonna pickup Chris Sale in August or the offseason. If I’m not mistaken he’s getting paid roughly what the Morrow option is for.

    • That’s a completely ridiculous article. It doesn’t account for the fact that you can’t play 14 guys on the field at the same time. The Yankees clearly have to take away players from their team when they add them. Why isn’t this accounted for? Most of the guys the Yankees brought in are bench guys. They can’t all play at once.
      Also ignoring the WAR of EE, Lind, Lawrie and Morrow is stupid.
      Tremendously dumb article. Good “statistical analysis” SN.

      • No offense red bull. Appreciate the share. Interesting for sure. Just not sure how legit it is.

      • Just read that one myself, ridiculously bad. First off, Stephen Drew’s WAR this year isn’t 1.1, that’s a typo or something. He’s 0.1 by FanGraphs, 0.2 by BR I think. Second, these teams, especially the Yanks,Maggie up players to get these guys. Solarte had accumulated about the same WAR as Headley (1.3 to 1.5) and Kelly Johnson (0.6 to Drew’s 0.1).

        Really, the Yanks added about 2 WAR at the deadline, spread across multiple positions/players. Assume they continue at the same pace for the remainder of the year and they added, as a team, about 1 win over replacement through September…

  14. Does Pompey get a September call up? He’s upped his OPS to .818 in New Hampshire after that awful start, including a 1.088 OPS in his last 10 games.
    Maybe the Jays just look for a stop gap next year? Chris Young and Anthony Gose platoon? Young’s traditionally hit lefties quite well.

  15. Interesting development in Buffalo

    Kendall Graveman gets the start tonight after pitching a combined 11-4 with a 1.81 ERA in 4 games in Lansing, 16 in Dunedin, and 1 in NH

    8th round pick last year


  16. When people moan and complain about Rogers not extending the budget why don’t they realize that AA has had a terrible time of managing the budget. Giving 17 million for morrow and Romero, come on? He isn’t a good gm. Business models of Rogers type don’t double down on failure like in 2013

    • When Romero was given his 5 year contract BACK IN 2010 (!!!) he had 14 wins. In 2011, he had 15 wins. At the time, his contract was seen as very team friendly – and we were lining up to stroke AA’s sac after that deal. We didn’t know he’d shit the bed in 2012…nobody did.
      So your comment is really fucking stupid.

    • Uhh, Romero posted a respectable 4.30 ERA in his rookie season in 2009, and signed the extension in 2010, having improved to 3.73 ERA. 2011 he had a 2.72 ERA.

      In that time frame he posted 8.7 fWAR and a FIP somewhere around 4. For a $6MM AAV, that’s a fucking steal. No one knew that Romero’s career was going to absolutely shit the bed the way it has.

      Brandon Morrow posted a 3.16 and 3.64 FIP in 2010 and 2011 before being extended, accumulating a 7 fWAR in that timeframe. For a $7MM AAV, that too was an absolute steal at the time.

      Baseball is a sport filled with volatile players. Player’s that remain consistent throughout their career are rare. But, for $6MM and $7MM AAV’s, those are fairly cheap gambles. They just didn’t work out.

      So, at the time the extensions were amazing. Anthopoulos has been fine with managing the budget. I mean, it’s not like he’s gone around throwing $120MM to Vernon Wells, amirite?

      • I just didn’t like the big marlins trade that got rid of any flexibility he had on the roster

        • You’re just TRYING to be the biggest asshole on the board today, right?
          You didn’t like getting Buehrle, Reyes, etc? What the hell has D’Arnaud done so far? Syndergaard isn’t knocking anyone dead yet.

        • That trade is a good portion of the reason why the Jays are in the second wild card, 2.5 games up on KC, and 2.5 games behind Baltimore.

          If you’re concerned about the fact the Jays did nothing at the trade deadline, keep in mind that the Jays will trade Goins, Gose and possibly Kawasaki for Lawrie, Encarnacion and Lind.

          C’mon man.

        • Let’s talk about that Marlins trade, shall we?

          Jays got:
          Jose Reyes: 2.1 fWAR (2013), 1.8fWAR (2014 so far)
          Mark Buehrle: 2.7 fWAR, 2.4 fWAR (though it should be noted he’s at 3.4 RA9-WAR this season, and is a pitcher who typically posts better RA9 numbers than fWAR numbers)
          Josh Johnson: 0.6 fWAR, released
          Josh Thole: -0.5 fWAR, 0.0 fWAR
          Emilio Bonifacio: -0.5 fWAR with Jays, 1.1 fWAR with Royals, 1.9 fWAR in 2014 not that it matters because we released him

          Marlins got:
          Yunel Escobar: 3.9 fWAR, 0.2 fWAR
          Adeiny Hechavarria: -1.9 fWAR, 0.2 fWAR
          Henderson Alvarez: 1.9 fWAR, 2.0 fWAR
          Jeff Mathis: -0.5 fWAR, 0.0 fWAR
          Jake Marisnick: -0.2 fWAR, -0.3 fWAR
          Justin Nicolino: fell off BA #100 after 2013 season, in AA this season as a 22-year old. Sickels ranked him at #150 for 2014; Sickels ranked him at #68 in 2012 when the trade happened
          Anthony DeSclafani: —, made MLB debut in 2014, so far has a 7.40 ERA in five starts.

          Net results for the Jays: +1.2 fWAR in 2013, +2.1 fWAR so far in 2014

          If you consider the fact that we probably don’t get Melky without this trade (2.2 fWAR this year), or that we probably don’t trade for Dickey (2.1 fWAR last year, 1.5 fWAR this year), then you have to conclude that we don’t contend this year without that trade, because the Jays overall fWAR as a team is 26.8, and the additions of 2012 are contributing a little over 20% of that.

          Yeah, the money sucks, but consider this: does Rogers even give Anthopoulos the money without that trade?

          I mean, yeah, you figure that the Jays probably could’ve bought more fWAR for the $29 million more dollars that Reyes and Buehrle make over Yunel Escobar. But then, is that really true? Free agency was pretty nuts the last couple of winters; value deals like Melky’s–again, who probably wouldn’t have signed with us without the trade–were hard to come by.

          The trade turned around the fanbase. People actually started watching the games and getting excited. Blue Jays revenues shot through the roof. I guess what I’m saying is, we’re not here without the Marlins trade.

          • How come you’re calling Thole part of the Marlins trade?

          • And Marlins have not seen those WAR from Escobar, FWIW, though you still have to evaluate the trade based on what you’ve lost.

            • Thing is that aa could’ve kept Escobar, Alvarez and not be stuck with the Reyes and Burhle albatross

              • Conjecture much?

              • MO22
                I don’t say this often.
                This isn’t an xbox game.
                The trade was considered so one sided in the Jays favor that it was held up by Selig so he could consult experts and appease the Marlin fans.

                • Nope
                  The bs excuse of getting an injured player back from a trade is bad excuse from the jays

                • Too many holes on next years team
                  Outfield for one

                • Wrong. That was done out of optics due to what the idiotic media was saying.
                  Baseball people were saying it was a good baseball trade for the Marlins in that they shed alot of salary and inflexibility for younger, cheaper talent.

                  Id personally rather have alvarez than buehrle on talent alone, let alone money.

                  with the prospect capital and money we would have retained had we not made this trade, we could have had price or lester.

                  AA didnt give up the assetts the year before for latos or gio.

                  and now he couldnt pull the trigger on lester / price due to people not wanting our prospects (in his own words if you read between the lines).

                  so he pulled the trigger the year between…a year in which he severely overpaid for Dickey. …he gave up more for dickey than teams did to acquire price or lester.

                  • I disagreed with the Dickey trade when it happened, because I thought Syndergaard was going to be a star. But if you’re going to argue AA paid more for Dickey than teams paid for Lester, it’s because you don’t understand the situation.

                    Everyone knew Dickey was open to an extension. The Jays weren’t paying for one year of Dickey, they were paying for 3-4 years of Dickey. Lester, meanwhile, is only giving two months to Oakland. And I will dare to say Oakland gave up more for Lester than the Jays gave up for Dickey. Cespedes? An actual star player entering his prime? For a two-month rental? Is Beane nuts?

                    Price, meanwhile, didn’t cost as much as Dickey. But again, Detroit’s only getting 8 months of Price. If Detroit was getting 3-4 years of Price, I’d wager Detroit would have had to pay a lot more.

                    Dickey cost that much because he was coming with a lot more control. You might think Dickey is overpaid right now, but let’s not forget that at the time Dickey’s extension was considered a huge discount. No one signs a Cy Young winner to an extension that pays him less annually than Ervin Santana or Ubaldo Jiminez got.

                • Agreed. Do you really want a General Manager who makes terrible moves that work out, or a GM who makes good moves that don’t work out?

                  Because terrible moves are terrible for a reason, and good moves are good for a reason. Someone who gets lucky for a while with terrible moves working out is eventually gonna have those terrible moves fail on him, and someone who gets unlucky for a while with good moves is eventually going to have those moves work out.

                  Take AA for example. The Marlins trade was brilliant. It didn’t work out last year. If we were judging by results, we’d have said it was terrible and AA should be fired. But it remained the fact that it was a good move, and continuing to make good moves eventually works out. And so it did, with this year’s team in contention.

          • Jose and Edwin will never have more value than they will at the end of this year

    • At the time,AA was being heralded as an innovator concerning contract negotiation.Specifically the Lind and Hill contracts.Given the terms of even the Romero and Morrow contracts, he hasn’t hamstrung the Team.
      Also,he was told that more cash was available when needed.That offer was recinded.If he knew or anybody knew that the budget would be static then perhaps different decisions would have been made.

  17. Anyone know a good place to watch the game in calgary?

  18. Don’t know if I’m reading too much into this but Is Rogers,Jays,AA doing damage control?
    Hour one of PTS from Friday,6 minute mark,Clown #2(Sid) goes on a rant about Elliot and Jason Stark ( ESPN) basically saying that the reports about AA not being able to take on salary are, according to everyone in the building at Rogers,”garbage” and somebody is lying.
    Is it the sources or Elliot and Stark, or SN and Rogers staff?
    It sounds,to me, like he’s implying that Elliot,Stark and their sources are lying.
    This even though AA had to pass the hat just to make an offer to Santana.
    Makes me wonder if this is one of the reasons they missed out on Fister.
    Will they have enough to resign Melky or spend for replacements?
    Dunno, maybe I’m reading too much into this or is it a sign of things to come..


    • Jays have payroll parameters and aa is afraid to use that word

      • It’s called a budget – and every team has one.
        If you bothered to listen to AA’s interview on PTS, he said he had Rogers’ OK to acquire salary at the deadline…but all the deals were for players on the team’s 25 man MLB roster.

        Seriously, are you just trolling for reaction? Are you getting a tiny little woody in your Spiderman PJ’s every time someone answers your air-headed posts?

        • Not every team has a budget (dodgers,Yankees) and bob Elliot reported that jays can’t add money in any trade which would go against your point of Rogers giving the green light for the jays to acquire salary

        • @ fastball
          Asking for an opinion, counterpoint, viewpoint on whether there is a effort to spin things in a different direction by slagging reports from independant sources.
          I take it by your reaction that you think others are lying.

          Sorry the comment went over your head and it needed to be explained to you.
          My bad,I gave you credit for having a brain.
          BTW They’re Ninja Turtles not Spiderman.
          You seem cranky today, did somebody spank your pee-pee?

  19. Is Saturday’s game our first against a LH starter since we assembled our full out platoon? ‘Cause man do we have an all out leftie masher lineup for tnight!

  20. Fuck me. It’s BA enough that I have to cheer for the Massholes, but I can’t even enjoy their fucking incompetence at holding a lead this inning.

    God damned fucking Boston…

  21. Interesting column on the Royals at the trade deadline. It made me think of the debate surrounding the Jays inactivity as well, but the Jays are obviously a better team than KC:


    • KC only 2.5 behind the Jays for the 2nd Wild Card
      entering play today, half game ahead of M’s and
      a game ahead of Yankees…..I’d call the Jays the
      better team, but I’m not so sure its “obvious.”

      • Fair points s_t_w. I think I meant that this is who KC is (epically awful offence, great bullpen) whereas we aren’t full strength yet. However, I concede I might have overvalued the Jays in my post.

  22. Ha!

  23. Ha!

    “The Houston Astros, who could lose at least 100 games for a fourth consecutive season, announced Friday they are raising ticket prices for 2015. They’ve even mailed literature to season-ticket holders with specifics. The cover boy for that brochure, which you can see above, is right-hander Jarred Cosart — whom the team traded a day earlier in a deadline deal.”

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