Weekend Threat: Jays @ Astros


“He’s beautiful, man, but you can’t tuck them pants in them boots.” - John Gibbons.


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  1. Let’s see Gose strike out on 2 pitches to cap off this disaster.

  2. Well… that sucks… let’s get back at it tomorrow.

  3. Lookin’ a lot more like chumps than champs tonight.
    Need a big effort from the kid tomorrow.
    Seems like he’s the one we count on to be our stopper.

  4. At least the M’s are beating the oriloles

  5. Am I the only one who thinks rehab starts are stupid?

    Yes, I get that they won’t be at their best…..but surely a rusty EE, for example, is still going to be better then whatever alternative we have.

    • We need Lind and EE back as soon as is possible. Let them get their timing back in the Bigs.

      • When your alternatives are playing like shit, which they weren’t before the past two games, I guess you have a point

        • That’s this team though. World beaters to losing 2/3 to Houston. Frustrating

        • Yes, but that’s because a lot of them are average to below average players. Those kinds of players tend to play like shit a lot. They can still obviously go on hot streaks, which is seemed like they all did en masse recently.

          It’s unlikely that will continue.

          • You’re not wrong. Not by a long shot.

          • It’s true, these kind of players usually have to be put in the best situations for them (I.e. Platooned)… But a hitter without his timing is lost. By the look of it Lawrie will be back very soon. They don’t need a week usually, but a few games to get them in the swing of things without all the pressure on is a good thing IMO

    • Funny how we went from “give the boys as much time as they need, we’re fine” to “get the fuck healthy yesterday” in 2 days. Not disagreeing, just think it’s funny.

  6. Phfft. Just one of those nights – we’ll get one back tomorrow with Stroman on the mound and go into the Baltimore series on a positive note.

    Not the end of the world – get the stinker outta the way and move forward, just like they did after the 14-1 loss to the Red Fux.

  7. Good news

    Pompey back in the lineup for NH and had 2 hits and a steal

    Lawrie with 2 hits in Dunedin, shit Gillespie had a couple hits and an RBI too

    • I wonder that if Pompey doesn’t get moved in the offseason he plays regularish around mid season next year

  8. Got tickets for the Tigers series next weekend.
    Looks like Sanchez/Scherzer/Price for the Tigers.
    Not sure for the Jays ’cause of the off day.

  9. Stromans a goddamned, muthafuckin beauty.

  10. He loves the game and shows it.

    And he wore his boots outside his jeans which is a ballsy move if he doesn’t want to mess with muthafuckin Texas. Evidently he does, so he’s an official beauty in my books.

    And, he pitches like he owns like Dave steib, so he refreshing.

  11. Also the Baltimore fucks are really passing me off right now. Their weakness was supposed to be pitching but it is fucking rock solid since the break. Not so sure about pixie dust at this point. They are gonna be hard to beat.

  12. Seriously, how fucked would the jays be if stroman wasn’t as good as he’s been since mid may?

    • Who cares? How good would the Jay’s be if they didn’t have key players injured or they all got killed in a shit storm?

      • Tru that
        Just appreciating how fucking awesome he’s been

        Do the jays need to add a pen arm? Only janssen is the reliable guy

        • I think they do because Morrow might be that guy but I think not. Not in a potential playoff run coming off an injury like that. I see Morrow as a lights out closer one day though but I do believe closer by committee will be the new MLB way

  13. Anyways it is guaranteed win day tomorrow and if not be very concerned after all we are insecure Jay’s fans.

  14. More bad news as tyler gonzales 2012 supp pick released due to shittiness

  15. Tomorrow Gibby can get Kawasake’s bat back in at third.

  16. Found this interesting factoid over at an orioles forum.

    The orioles July era of 2.96 is the lowest for the Oriole’s since 1981… fuck off!!

  17. [Troll idiocy].

    • Blue Gays and now Blue Jokes?
      Love it.
      I yelled “Let’s go Blue gays, let’s go!” at the last game I went to and it actually got laughs from those around me. At the time, we were on the verge of winning.

    • You mean like how the O’s lost the first two games of a four game series to the Astros in May? LOL! Shit happens! LOL!

    • Lol. Lol! Lol? Lol, lol.

      • Maybe he’s just misspelling “loll” because he’s angrily proclaiming how lazy he is and that he’s just lazing around.
        Either that or he’s actually a 10 year old girl who uses internet acronyms in all seriousness.

    • Hey the virgin from Baltimore who lives in his mom’s basement is back! Welcome!

  18. We could use a little replacement maple boner. I am thinking Justin Morneau, of course.

  19. Bluebirdbanter has a strict comment section I think

  20. Fuck the d bags http://deadsp.in/fxlMSZn

  21. I’ll be driving to Calgary and miss most of this game, my bold prediction:

    Stroman – 11 K’s 5h 1er 7ip

    Jays win 6-1, Melky goes deep.

    Drink a few for me.

  22. Holy good fuck: nooo!

  23. For fuck sake

  24. Stroman’s Buehrlin’.

  25. > huge sigh of relief <

    Carry on, Jose.

  26. Ryan “natural hitter” gojns

  27. RG XVII!

  28. The bottom of this lineup is pathetic

  29. Ole Tuck and Babby are smashed again. I kinda like it.

    • Just switched over from the Houston feed. Getting day drunk in Houston!

      • Excellent. I’m working on a nice Pinot Noir myself.

        • Miles: “I don’t know, I don’t know. Um, it’s a hard grape to grow, as you know. Right? It’s uh, it’s thin-skinned, temperamental, ripens early. It’s, you know, it’s not a survivor like Cabernet, which can just grow anywhere and uh, thrive even when it’s neglected. No, Pinot needs constant care and attention. You know? And in fact it can only grow in these really specific, little, tucked away corners of the world. And, and only the most patient and nurturing of growers can do it, really. Only somebody who really takes the time to understand Pinot’s potential can then coax it into its fullest expression. Then, I mean, oh its flavors, they’re just the most haunting and brilliant and thrilling and subtle and… ancient on the planet.”

          • Yep, that’s just what I was thinkin’! And it tastes good, too.
            Awesome work, Spuds.

          • Fantastic movie.

          • Miles:” A little citrus. Maybe some strawberry. Mmm. Passion fruit, mmm, and, oh, there’s just like the faintest soupçon of like, uh, asparagus, and, there’s a, just a flutter of, like a, like a nutty Edam cheese.”

  30. Oh fuck off.

  31. Holy fuck. That is inexcusable

  32. I feel like it was only two days ago that we were making fun of the A’s for losing a series to the Astros.

  33. Well there goes the no-no.

  34. If we had the Rays batting lineup, it should of been 4 – 0 on sacrifice plays only.

  35. Kinda breaks my heart to see Marisnick in Astros orange.

  36. Fuck.
    Another turning point.
    I’m starting to fucking hate turning points.
    Go Stro!

  37. Tabby says “no problem.”
    Bases loaded, 3-2 count.
    “No problem.”

  38. What the fuck already?

  39. Now we get to see Stro operate. I think he’ll be swell from the 4th on out.

  40. I don’t care if we lose 12-1 this game, I still won’t blame the pitching. Bases loaded and 0 or 1 outs, then 0 runs in the first 3 innings for these 3 last games. FUCK THIS OFFENCE!!!!

  41. Would like to see Stoets post more about the ‘whispered’ stuff. Ie: Colby being habitually late. If he doesn’t post this stuff, he’s acting like traditional media.

  42. Losing three out of four to the Astros would be extremely pathetic

  43. I really wonder with the offensive struggles they rush the injured guys back

    • They would rush them back even if they weren’t struggling because they’re better players

  44. I’d like to take a brief moment to rant about the TD commercial with the Chet Atkins guitar. WTF? They’re playing a Guess Who tune in a commercial about Chet Atkins? P me O.

  45. You know what else is BS? I looked for the tennis match an hour ago, a half hour ago, and just now. I never thought to check SN360.

  46. Maybe get the kid out before this gets out of hand…

  47. Jesus, Stroman gone already? 3+ innings?

  48. Man I realize the jays have zero average depth outside the current rotation

  49. Say it ain’t Stro-oo-whoa–oo-whoa…

  50. Man this rotation could be awful down the stretch unless they add someone before August ends which they should

  51. Haha fuckin Houston, they play the Sad Hulk piano music when they chase the opposing pitcher.

  52. So much for Buerlin’…startin to Dickeyin’ now…

  53. Man, you know you’re having an off day when the 3 hitters you face who are batting under .200 go 4-6.

  54. C’mon Redmond!

  55. Just bad baseball. These guys should be ashamed of themselves and I goddamned well hope they are.

    • I’m sure they’ll be drying their tears with hundred dollar bills. Shit happens with below replacement level players.

  56. So are we gonna see Tolleson pitch today?

  57. Agree with zaunie. First time that’s happened in a while

  58. Anyone else frustrated to the point of thinking maybe I better find something else to invest emotions in for the summer?

    It’s just so natural that they would shit the bed this weekend. Can’t even pretend this is suprising.

  59. I’m sure he had already proposed to her earlier this week and this was sort of a joke.

  60. Marisnick is only 23?

  61. Well this is fucking depressing.

  62. anyone think aa might make a waiver move?

    • Very unlikely.

      The vast majority of waiver moves are salary motivated. Think back to all the big ones. It’s usually at least one team trying to shed salary. The most recent blockbuster was an example of that, when Boston sent a bunch of salary to LA.

      Can’t see AA making a move to take on salary. I know he’s said there’s money there, but really, are we really believing AA regarding anything to do with salary/payroll anymore? If the money isn’t there in July don’t see why it would be there in August.

      Which is why it’s so frustrating. AA thinks we can just cruise to August because “the picture will be clearer” and it’ll be easier to make a deal. The elephant in the room of course is that 2 or 3 weeks from now, we might be completely out of the race. To just assume that waiting a few weeks is pretty arrogantly assuming that this team is even going to be in the race at that time.

      • RobA, stop saying dumb things, please.

        • The majority of things you have called “dumb” in the past few weeks that I’ve said have turned out to be correct.

          Or are you still of the opinion that Headley has no place here because he’s “hurt and having a terrible year”?

          • Ouch.

          • @ RobA If I had to guess (which is all anyone is doing despite all our posturing to look smarter than a GM) I would say AA didn’t get Chase because of the turf and the increased chance of aggravating his back injury. Not because he isn’t any good. Why else would they have been scouting him as much as they were.

          • Headley has had exactly one good game for the Yankees, I don’t feel like they missed much there yet.

        • Yeah, RobA. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself banned. Like Garfoose was. For no apparent reason!

    • I suspect he’ll try, but his moves will be so reasonable for salary and terms, that the moves will never pass heuvos.

  63. I’ve always wanted to go to Texas. I would have included Houston in that trip because I have a cousin there and because it’s fucking Houston but between the giant dude in the fuschia/peach/salmon tank top and the two ladies behind homeplate in matching shirts, I’m not so sure anymore.

    • I suspect Texan’s sense of sartorial splendour would be the least of your worries.

      • As long as I keep my face clean shaven, I should be fine.
        Unless it’s Austin, where a beard and a neck tattoo of a sailboat could keep me there forever.


  65. Thought I heard Sanchez has 30 innings to burn in the majors.

    Sad to see he’s using them here.

  66. So for all the ppl who said Jose should shut up and stop “whining” about being vocal about their disappointment, this is kind of why he was disappointed. Yes, it made it look like he didn’t really believe this team was a playoff team, because the fact is, it very well might not be. Bautista k ow that a lot of our success was because of serious over performance by players who wernt that good and he’s sick of giving Rogers and AA a free pass to keep saying the same bullshit and having us believe it.

    The upcoming series vs Baltimore is huge.

    Regardless of the outcome, things are going to look very different. If we take 2 of 3 or sweep, the season as a whole will be looking pretty positive still. If we lose 2 of 3 or get swept, things are going to feel awfully shitty.

    • Jays still have 12 games vs Balt left right?

    • Teams usually need overperformance by those types of guys to put a good season together. No team stays perfectly healthy throughout the season.

      I do think there is a lot, maybe too much being asked for from these guys. They spoiled us with some of the recent play, but they really just have to tread water through the injuries.

      That said, I am concerned about the pitching, as much as the offense has been shitting the bed the last couple games. The offense will get healthy (and still go through some bad streaks, probably) but this is the best the Jays have pitching wise

      • True pitching is prob the biggest issue. It’s entirely unreasonable to expect all of these things to happen:

        1) Hutch will be able to pitch effectively deep into the season after missing 1.5 seasons to T

        2) Stroman will continue to be am ace without the league making adjustments to him

        3) Health for all the starters

        But that’s exactly what not getting a pitcher means AA is expecting.

        Masterson would have been a great fit, and there’s no reason we couldn’t have topped his offer .

        • Yeah, Masterson’s hurt too though. Idk…. If no pitching is acquired at some point, I wouldn’t be surprised if this season busts. If they do pull it off without that though, they probably got extremely fucking lucky lol

          • Yeah they still have a shot, still the best shot in 20 years (which makes it all the more frustrating we didn’t improve at the deadline) so still going to be an exciting few weeks.

            I would tend to agree though that we really need to be “lucky” (I.e. have everything break out way)to win this division.

            One thing I’m unhappy about is the weakness in the ALE this year looks more like an aberation then a trend. Boston and Baltimore should be strong next year, especially if they get Lester. And NY can never really be counted out. We could very well be back to a typical brutal ALE

        • Too bad you can’t make trades in August, eh?

          • Come on.

            Don’t tell me yup actually believe that bullshit AA is feeding us?

            It’s pure crises management, designed to deflect the criticism.

            Take a look at waiver deals. They’re almost always salary dumping by one of the trams, very few pure baseball moves. And we know AA is not taking on salary. If you think that, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Alberta I wanna sell ya

            • You mean like Aaron Hill and John McDonald for Kelly Johnson?

              Even if you’re right that there are “very few” of those trades, uh… they happen. The system is there for them to happen. So let’s pretend that they’re not an option? Ridiculous nonsense from someone twisting to be a negative suckhole, or just doubling down on a load of garbage.

              And sorry, but the world is more complicated than posturing like you must either believe AA’s bullshit wholly or there is not one penny they can possibly add. So, again, please stop saying dumb things.

              • To be honest if the jays get aj Burnett and a bullpen arm in August I’m fine with their July non moves

          • I don’t know, Stoeten. I like to think that there’s an awesome August deal coming

        • OK. Here’s a couple more for you.
          1. Baltimore is 19-9 in the last month. Jays still just 3.5 back. If you think balt will keep up that pace, your tinfoil hat is on tighter than it should be.
          2. Jays are getting one really good player and 2 good players back within 2 weeks. Nobody else is gonna add that.
          3. Just because he didn’t get a pitcher aa doesn’t think all those things will happen. It means the asks for pitchers were gonna b from mlb roster which would have created one hole to fill another. One can imagine the rants from the tinfoil hat brigade that would’ve come from aa moving lawrie, Sanchez, etc.
          4. They’re a streaky team with holes in spots. Save for a couple teams in the last decade that makes them a lot like the vast majority of playoff teams.
          5. They’re in a fucking playoff spot right now. It is as, or even more, likely they’ll play well as it is that they’ll blow up. Either way at least watching baseball is interesting again

          • Baltimore is due for a regression holy shit their xfip is bad

          • In this 2 WC era you simply cannot GM for a WC spot. It’s a playoff spot in name only. There are only 6 real playoff spots.

            If AA thought “with this team, we can at least grab a WC, so no need to make a move” then that is a fail.

            And I just don’t buy that he couldn’t make a move. We saw the packages players went for. We don’t need Price. A deal could have been made if AA wanted t make one. If he truly couldn’t beat some of the returns we’ve seen, he has no business being GM

            • Except that all of that is an absurdity. What the fuck does “GM for a wild card spot” even mean? You’re basically saying that he could’ve made the team better but didn’t. Maybe he’s been bought off by the orioles and is tanking on purpose.

              • That’s pretty much exactly what I’m saying.

                He could’ve chose to make the team better. And didn’t. It’s simple, really.

                • But you realize that that is absolutely ridiculous, right? He could’ve made the team better but chose not to. Why in the sweet fuck would he do that?

          • good point about baltimore

    • I’d like to be optimistic about an August deal, but then this attempt to piss in fans’ ears and claim it’s raining back in May reminds me that the reality of things says otherwise: https://mobile.twitter.com/keithpelley/status/471842144282763264

    • +1.

      AA was fortunate that the team was on a hot streak during the waiver deadline.

      Our needs didn’t look as bad last week.

  67. Tabler: “You just want to bear down and get those guys.”

    Buck: “Folks, I wish you could have seen Pat’s face when he said that.”

    • Yes, I had another sip of Pinot just to savour the visual.

      • “It tastes like the back of a fucking L.A. school bus. Now they probably didn’t de-stem, hoping for some semblance of concentration, crushed it up with leaves and mice, and then wound up with this rancid tar and turpentine bullshit.”

  68. The Jays had better step it up when they play the Voldemort Orioles.

  69. Oh well. I too sometimes have a couple of bad days at work. Enjoy the day off, and let’s go get ‘em on Tuesday.

  70. Norris killed it today.

    6.2IP, 93/62, 5H (1 HR, 4 1B), 1ER, 1R, 1BB, 8K

  71. Disgraceful performance this weekend. I’m really surprised they couldn’t step it up today at least.

  72. I have tickets for Tuesday’s game. I hope Lawrie is activated by then.

  73. The offence needs reinforcements real soon, obviously. Luckily I watched most of what I saw of this shit in a drunken awakening from last night which, luckily, caused me to miss most of that mess.
    I am looking at a team that could not hit, at all, a spot starter named Bucahanan with an ERA of 5 ( we beat the BP), a waiver claim named mclouth or whatever the fuck his name was, a crappy pitcher in Oberholtzer and now losing and scoring only 1 run against a piss ass Feldman. 4 houston startes and we did not hit any of them. Truly a majestic inept performance. We even managed to lose the overall season series to these fucks 4-3.
    Anyway I had to get it off my chest, along with some other fuckin ugly shit being coughed off from having too much wine and beer without enough nutrition. There is still time , of course, but it is narrowing, and I hope this series does not become their waterloo if you will. I mean losing 3/4 to the Chisox was bad, but they at least have Sale and Quintana.
    I think Lawrie will come back Tuesday and the others soon after. But then, all 3 were on borad when we didin;t hit in June, but still I think we will be good if they get back SOON, especially EE-if he is anymore than a week away then……

  74. I wonder if Sale will be available later this month?? Hmmmm

    • Every team in MLB would put in a claim on Sale, meaning he could only be traded to the AL team with the worst record. Although the Jays are playing like that team right now, they’re not there yet, so no Sale.

    • That’s why a significant deal is unlikely.

      To be traded in August, the player has to go unclaimed by every other team in baseball. What good player that WASN’T seriously overpaid WOULDN’T get claimed?

      The only ones who make it through are guys with big, bloated contracts. Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Alex Rios etc.

      Really can’t see AA taking on that kind of salary.

      • So Sale out…Ryan Howard in?? Do it AA!!…jk of course

      • The player can be traded to the team that claimed him, but the priority order favours the originating league, and goes worst to first by current record.

        So if it’s an NL player, about 22 teams have to pass before the jays get a shot. For an AL guy, at least 7 or 8 do, including the Yankees. Hard to imagine the jays putting in a claim on anyone the Yankees passed on.

        • So by summarizing I have a better chance in winning the next Lotto Max than the jays having the chance to claim a player…and then that player finding a cure for their shitty arm disease?

        • Remember too, the players traded back need to ALSO have cleared waivers.

          All in all, a whole lot of things need to go right for a satisfactory waiver trade. If the money was truly there, the time to make a deal was before the deadline. And if there is no money there, then good luck improving the team if your not willing to at least take SOME on.

    • Not with this contract he won’t.
      14:$3.5M, 15:$6M, 16:$9.15M, 17:$12M,
      18:$12.5M club option ($1M buyout), 19:$13.5M club option ($1M buyout)

      • How did this get here?
        was to be in response to mikeysvette
        about the availability of Sale.

        • Ya I did see some previous salary numbers on Sale…i knew they were pretty low..it was pretty much a unrealistic question but I guy can dream can’t he…

  75. This series in a nut-shell: FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!! If they sweep the Os this week, then they would be back in the division hunt, BIG IF

  76. Seems as if Rasmus is gone after October

    So maybe Pompey plays ~80 games next year?

    • And with the salary increases last year,
      that $14m QO will be well past $15m,
      maybe even hit $16m.
      Doubt that Colby sees one of those.
      Would hope that Melky would.

    • So AA’s character issue player acquisitions can stop now? Only Tampa Bay is immune to them considering they took in Yunel

      • This isn’t a character issue. It’s a professional disagreement. Nothing wrong with it.

        And frankly, these aren’t little leaguers. The hitting coath can’t force a big leaguer to make major changes if the player doesn’t want too. How many coaches would have wanted to force Youk to change his stance, for example?

        Hitting coachery is far from an exact science and Seitzers changes could easily do more harm then good. If Rasmus isn’t comfortable with a proper change then he should absolutely refuse to do it. That’s not a character issue at all.

  77. I really don’t see how the Jay’s can make any substantial improvements with a waiver trade/signing. Can anyone give me an example just so I can get my panties out of a knot?

  78. Of course dep’t:
    Esmil Rogers throws 3 perfect innings for NYY. will get the win unless BOSOX rally in 9th- F me-we just gave him away with wonderful roster management

    • Unreal! Do you remember Shleprock from the old Flintstones? I wonder if he is in the FO of the Jay’s sometimes

    • +1.

      AA’s roster management has been difficult to comprehend this season. Letting Esmail go was dumb. He was a decent starter last year.

      • Ok

      • @oakville69: You might want to look at his stats and save yourself from looking dumb.

        • @King.

          I realize he hasn’t pitched as well this year, but why did AA bring him up for one game to be in the bullpen in July then DFA him?

          Wouldn’t he be better off in Buffalo as depth?

          • He didn’t pitch well last year either. He had a 4.77 ERA, his FIP was 4.73, his HR/FB was 15.8%, and he was worth only 0.5 WAR (if you’re into that sort of thing, which I’m not). Don’t know why AA brought him up for one game in July, though.

            • I agree that he’s not their best pitcher, but I thought that he could help out as an emergency spot starter this year.

              I wonder if AA will try to get AJ Burnett

  79. Burnett and/or bastardo could be interesting
    @Ken_Rosenthal: Source: #Phillies put their first set of players on revocable trade waivers Saturday – Burnett, Bastardo, Howard, Kendrick, R. Hernandez.

  80. See you all in a bit
    Man it’s a dead thread today

  81. Tidbit from MLBTR:

    Meanwhile, the Blue Jays continue to, as one executive said to Cafardo, “kick the tires on just about everything but never seem to do anything.”


    Here’s what I don’t understand at this time of year, maybe someone can help. In August: Team A puts a player on waivers and Team B claims that player. Teams A and B then try to come to an agreement on a trade. What happens if they can’t do so? Does Team A just pull the player off or can Team C then claim and try to trade?

    • Aren’t they all on “revocable” waivers? That’s what those Phillies palyers were on.

    • Team C has no shot at the trade. Team B being lower in the standings has completed a “waiver block” to the teams with a better record.


      • A team can put a player on revocable waivers only once. If they try to put that player on the waiver list for a second time they waiver becomes irrevocable.

        Unless it’s a full moon and the Yankee’s or Bosox are involved then different rules apply because they are the Evil Empire and the fucking Massholes.

      • Thanks RADAR, much obliged. I ain’t none too smart on all them rules.

        • You can think of it as in the root word “waive” which means in normal life, to give up willingly something you have a right to expect.

          The trade deadline is over and so no trade can occur within the rules. If every team in baseball is willing to “waive” their right to block any trades after the deadline, that player can then be traded.

          Basically, when a team puts a guy on waivers, they’re saying “I know trades aren’t allowed, but does anyone mind if I trade Player X?” And then they go around a hypothetical round table and each team answers yes or no. By claiming a player, that team is saying “actually, I do mind if you trade this guy because I want him” and then a trade is worked out.

          If a player “clears waivers” it just means that every team has said “nah, fill your boots” when asked if they mind if he’s traded. They’ve effectively “waived” their right to object to the trade.

          • @ RobA

            It’s not really a round table.
            The team with the worst record,starting in your own division, gets right to negotiate the trade.
            Teams will use this to block another team from getting a chance to trade for that player.

            • Oops, Own league not own division.

            • Yeah I know. In the hypothetical round table they go around and “ask” each one if they mind if they trade the player, starting with the worst record in the league and so on.

              So if AA puts Player X on waivers, they go to team #15 in the AL and say “do you mind if we trade him?” And if he says no, they go to the next one.

              Not that the ACTUALLY go and ask them, of course, but that’s in essence what they’re doing.

        • No problem.
          Confession time. I looked at several sites to make sure I didn’t get a part of it wrong.
          It does get confusing.

    • No. Once a player is claimed, Team A has 3 options:

      1) work out a deal with Team B (keeping in mind that any players going back that are in the 40 man need to have cleared waivers)
      2) let Team B take the player for nothing. Team B is now on the hook for wh arty ever salary remains
      3) Pull the player back

      In all 3 scenarios, the player is no longer available for any Team C to take. If it is 3 though, and the player pulled back, he CAN be put on irrevocable waivers at that point. If he is claimed by any team on irrevocable waivers, that team gets him automatically, no trade or pulling back can be done.

      Because of this, while just about everyone is put on revocable waivers, very few players are put on irrevocable waivers. And the ones that are are usually there for a reason.

  82. MissionfromGod:

    I’m in Phoenix for some holidays and plan to fry my balls by the pool.

    But I also plan to go see the DBacks Royally fry the the asses off the Royals so we can keep the second wild card.

    Couple of tallboy toasts to Aaron muthafuckin Hill too..

    • On EVERY inside pitch thrown to a DBacks hitter I want you yelling at Kirk Gibson for payback.

      “Gibbyyyyyy, he’s chuckin at your boyssss Gibbyyyyyyy ! Paybackkkkkk Gibbyyyy”

      Also, give Kratz my best. Miss that lug.

  83. Thank God I was in California not to see the three Jays losses to Houston.

    This team will make it into the playoffs based on the fact that the rest of the AL East is shit and the Jays are lucky.

    The best I was expecting from the Jays until Lind/Lawrie/Edwin got back was .500 baseball. Honestly, despite playing the Red Sox, Yankees, Houstaon, and Texas, did you imagine that the bottom of the lineup in Gomes, Gose, Rasmus, Tolleson, Francisco, Thole, Johnson, Kawasaki would be able to sustain the team at .500 over those five series?

    My honest thought was that Baltimore would have a shit road trip (they didn’t) and the Jays would be able to hold off until the troops came back.

    They did better than that, going 11-6 since the break, but the real shitty news is that they have to play Detroit, Baltimore and Seattle without Lind and Edwin being even CLOSE to 100% or even back! I am expected at best a 3-6 in the next nine, and for the Jays to be chasing a couple of teams by the middle of next week for the final wild card.

    Hopefully, Lawrie will be back by Friday, Lind back by the time they head out to Seattle, and Edwin when they get to Chicago. Then this team will be in the best race we’ve seen out of the Jays since ’93.

    • AA said (among other things) that he didn’t want “a quick fix”.

      I don’t know about you guys, but “a quick fix” sounds pretty good to me right about now.

  84. Well the series starting tomorrow might answer a lot of questions. Good or bad.

    • Yep. Nothing is ever for sure, of course, and even if we get swept, it doesn’t mean the seasons over.

      that said, one way or another, the season is going to feel very different depending on how this series goes.

      • At the very least the Jays are playing a series in August that means something. Setting the bar low is something I have become used to and I hate it.

  85. So, what’s the deal with Edwin? Last I heard he had a minor setback and was going to be shut down for a few days, then start a rehab assignment. Haven’t heard anything since, and that was July 26th.

  86. The ship is sinking and it will soon be flooded in this shit storm.

  87. Tony Rasmus is beginning to alienate another organization.


    • I read this as just another page in the Rasmus vs LaRussa story.

    • Was he talking about the Jays there though? It seems like he was still blaming the Cardinals.

    • Kind of a douchey thing to say about his own kid. Talking about him like he’s useless damaged goods.

      And frankly, I’m sure every father who had a son that struggled in the Bigs thought “he should have been an all star except for X”

      Tony needs to just stfu

      • That said, there’s a kernal of truth in there probably. I bet if Brett Lawrie had come up in the Cards orginzation, Tony would have crushed him as well. Maybe he’d be a zombie walking around now.

  88. @Ken_Rosenthal: On waivers today: Rest of the relevant #Phillies: Byrd, Papelbon, Rollins, Utley, Hamels, Ruiz. They will clear (or not) on Wednesday.

  89. jays are 46-41 when edwin starts so don’t get your hopes up.

    the jays always play to lose

    • There’s 2 stupid seconds of your life you will never get back but I am sure there are many more.

      • That’s why I love making fun of the morons on this site because I know useless garbage like you will always respond.

        • Enjoy and hopefully one day you will be employed and figure out your gender issues. Say hi to your Mom for me.

          • His mom would have said “hi” back…but good manners dictate that one shouldn’t speak with one’s mouth full.

          • Baseball America about Pompey – Toolsy center fielder’s bat has caught up to rest of his tools in a breakout start in the Florida State League.
            And about Norris – Nice combo: lefty with three potential plus pitches (fastball, slider, change) and an average curve.

            And just for schadefreunde’s sake…Syndergaard – Las Vegas + elbow problems + banged up shoulder have slowed the progress of the Mets’ top prospect.

  90. Good news
    @LottOnBaseball: Brett Lawrie back in #Bluejays lineup Tues night.

  91. We got another kid on the hotsheet:

    13. Miguel Castro, rhp, Blue Jays

    bluejays Team: short-season Vancouver (Northwest)
    Age: 19
    Why He’s Here: 1-0, 0.82, 11 IP, 7 H, 1 R, 13 SO, 5 BB

    The Scoop: After giving up six runs in June 25 start, Castro has had seven consecutive starts where he’s gone at least five innings and given up no more than two runs. This week, the 6-foot-5 righty struck out 13 in 11 innings thanks to a three-pitch arsenal that includes a mid-90s sinking fastball, a changeup and a developing slider from his low three-quarters slot. Castro has been particularly effective against righties, holding them to a .196 average.

    The DP hoarding and international signings are starting to pay off.
    Badler called Barretto one of the best young hitters in ball and Urena is hitting .327/.371/.475 in Bluefield.

  92. Wow,,,, that series was a serious pile of dog shit. Turning point to not making the playoffs right there. Were gonna look back and say “dam that Houston series.”

  93. Listening to the Bisons game tonight and the announcer talked about Pillar being in the top 5, in the IL, in most offensive categories,including stolen bases.
    Wonder how long he’ll stay in Gibby’s doghouse?

    • #FreePillar

    • he’s been destroying AAA. Its ridiculous that gose is at the show infront of him

      • Although I agree that Pillar has earned another call-up, Gose is on the team because he offers more speed and better defense. He’s been worth 1.2 fWAR in 187 PA’s this year. That’s actually pretty damn good.

        • its not like pillar is slow and horrible in the field. I doubt the slight upgrades in speed and def that gose provides cover what seems to be a big difference with the bat

          • Also Korecky has to be the next bullpen callup

          • I feel like that’s underestimating Gose’s speed and defense, though.

            • In AAA Pillar has been at first base(singels + walks) 88 times in 84 games, he’s got 24 steals in 28 attempts

              In AAA Gose has been at first base 40 times in 38 games, he’s got 12 steals in 17 attempts

              doesn’t look like mush of a difference, biggest one being that gose gets caught more.

              in those same block of games, Pillar is batting 324/363/863 and Gose 303/313/616 that is huge difference in slugging

            • @ Philbert

              No argument that Gose’s defence is superior,hard to ignore Pillar’s offence though.

  94. Jays activate Lawrie from the DL?
    Back in the saddle tomorrow.

    (Sorry…seeing Stroman duded up like a New York cowboy…well, sometimes it gits a man feelin’ a mite jumpity.)

  95. Lmao
    @MartyYork: Ten years ago, u didn’t give Rogers Cup any attention but u do now because Rogers brainwashes u on all its media outlets. #Rogersownsu #Jays

    • I don’t give a rats ass about the Rogers Cup.

      Aha,I knew that tin foil hat would work.
      Rogers can’t get to me,fuckers.
      Stoeten was wrong.

  96. So are the Jays figured to be the favourites to sign Melky if they don’t lock him up before he hits free agency?

    He’s basically the only significant piece on this team other than Jansen to hit free agency. Not even feeling too terrible about 2015 to be honest.

  97. (breathes into paper bag)

    (takes a drink of beer)

    (breathes into paper bag)

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