The Jays are expecting over 30,000 fans for each game of this huge three-game set that begins tonight against Baltimore. Not Opening Day numbers, but for a mid-week early-August series against the O’s? That’s something. And yes, I said huge. It doesn’t have to be season-making-or-breaking — which, rationally, this one is not — for a series to be very, very important. As much as the Jays will have plenty of time — not to mention six more games with the Orioles after these three — to bounce back should the worst happen with respect to their playoff chances, this sure is a powerful opportunity for them to tighten up an already-tight divisional race, while continuing to push their lead in the hunt for the second Wild Card.

Obviously winning the AL East, and avoiding a play-in game in Anaheim or Oakland, is way preferable, and with all the games left against the Orioles, the Jays hold control their own destiny — and now there’s a word you’d like to have in your head at the end of this series, exiting the Rogers Centre Thursday night in the swell of a massive midweek crowd. The Jays just have to do their part. The fans too.

Why not?


John Lott tweets that John Gibbons says Brett Lawrie will play third base for now, but was non-committal about whether he’d stay there or continue shifting between his preferred spot and second base as he was before the injury.

Chris Toman adds that Gibbons says Jose Bautista will spend a little time at first base still, until Edwin Encarnacion is able to return.

Steve Delbar and Sergio Santos both pitched today for Buffalo, and @StivBators gives us the lines: no hits, no Ks, no walks, and two groundouts for Santos, two Ks, but two walks, and two groundouts in a couple of innings from Delabar. Could they be starting to find it? Because that would be sorta nails.

Megan Robinson tweets that Lawrie says there’s still some swelling in his finger, but that he’s good enough to play. He’ll use padding in his batting glove in the meantime, Mike Wilner adds.

More Biogenesis suspensions potentially coming? That’s fun. MLBTR has the details.

Jeff Sullivan tweets that the Orioles’ Nelson Cruz has been worth -0.5 WAR since the start of June. Chris Davis, Chris Toman reminds us, is hitting .195/.306/.380. So… yeah, that works.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Baltimore

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
1B Juan Francisco (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Baltimore Orioles

RF Nick Markakis (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
CF Adam Jones (R)
DH Delmon Young (R)
LF Nelson Cruz (R)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
C Caleb Joseph (R)
2B Jonathan Schoop (R)

RHP Bud Norris

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  1. Hey Umpy, stop with the BS strikes.

  2. Nice of them to let Bud’s dad ump for him.

  3. Gose is fucking horrible.

  4. Is this ump blind for real? that low and outside pitch is a ridiculous strike

  5. This crowd needs to make some fucking noise now

    Winfield needs to make another plea

  6. Filthy 3-2 pitch there.

  7. Was that a screwball? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh #DirtySanchez

  8. Sanchez makes my heart sing.

  9. I did not expect to tune in in the 4th and see Buehrle putting up Romero numbers. Total drag all those good Buehrle starts early in the season were wasted.

    Now pull it out Dirty Aaron!

  10. Been flipping back and forth so I can’t really figure out what’s wrong with Genie.
    I know high ranking stars can cry injury in order to drop out of these smaller tournaments, and that this his her hometown and where she trains so she had to play, but man, she is getting smoked.

    Btw, the crowd booing Valencia like that was shitty.

  11. Must say, Crush Davis packs one mean looking lip

  12. Trivia – who gave up Jose Canseco’s famous 5th deck home run at SkyDome in the 1989 ALCS?

  13. That was a lot of filth in one inning (strikeouts and homer included).

  14. Time for some angry bats.

  15. HR I can feel it. My ESPN is kicking in.

  16. Jose will knock this.

  17. That’s the last time I repeat “please don’t be a double play” over and over.

  18. Same scenario plagued jays in Houston. .

  19. That be shit. Jays are wasting opportunity but they have soft hands.

  20. Is it possible Baltimore’s pitching staff is actually good? Ubaldo being out was definitely addition by subtraction

  21. lol @ Buck stalling during the WWE promo. It’s like when the lawn mower starts losing it and you think you gotta put the choke back on it, but then it comes back.

  22. Does Big Frisco have options?

    • Believe he was out of options in 2012

      • Figured. Which means he’s probably with the team the remainder of the year.

        I like him fine as a bench bat, but not starting. Hurry back Kittenface.

  23. Now the fucking Yankees are making a surge.

    • It’s really weird. Watching the games you get to the end of them + you’re surprised that they won. Very odd. No pitching + sleepy offense. Dunno how this keeps happening.

  24. Stoeten must be having the time of his life now that the wave has started.

  25. Isn’t Sanchez on an innings limit?

  26. Stand Pat at the deadline, they said.

    It’l be fun, they said.

  27. Babip’d to death tonight.

  28. Phat Juan distract the hitters by launching into a Haka dance.

  29. What the fuck ump?

  30. That last run is on Reyes. Hard slide but he had time, avoided it and gargled balls on the relay.

  31. That tag out at third made me reminisce fondly of Manny’s incident… and then I remembered that Delmon Young also has a bat throw on his resume (minor league ump was his victim)… imagine if Lawrie was the third baseman. Golden trifecta of equipment throwers.

    Still a game folks.

  32. This ship just got torpedoed.

  33. Tabby and Buck think that Juan is a colossal fucking threat. “Norris not shying away from the fastball” ….here comes the hook!

  34. and lawries injury illustrates why not adding infield depth at the deadline was short sighted

    You just can’t assume health with this guy

    • [Ridiculous]

    • Horseshit.

      There’s no GM in the game who is going to try and acquire additional position players in case your starting position players get hurt.

      Plus Brett was hit with 2 90mph pitches within a week, you can hardly blame him or accuse him of being brittle.

      • Brett will be ok. It’s going to take a while but the amount of raw talent will come through in the end and he’ll be among the best in MLB. In the meantime he’s learning.

      • Really ? Depth is only acquired to rest people ?

        Lawrie has been hurt plenty of times that had nothing to do with getting hit with a ball

        His style of play puts him at risk for recurrent injuries

        Or do I need to remind you of his dumpster dive into the Yankee stadium camera bay

        He’s been hurt multiple times each of the last three years..

        • I don’t think me and you will ever be on the same page.
          That dive into the camera bay is one of the reasons I love Lawrie.

          • That’s fine . You can love that aspect of his game

            But how can you not see the value in depth when you have a player who plays like that. ?

  35. Seriously, if Francisco just left his bat on his shoulder with two strikes, he wouldn’t strike out until pitchers adjusted again.

  36. [Nonsense]

  37. Don’t worry guys. No matter how deep into the season I’m always concerned about feelings. In fact, that’s really the only thing I am concerned about. FEELINGS.

  38. Delabar got the Bisons a win tonight.
    2 IP, 0 h, 0R, @BB, 2K

    BTW Wallace went 3/5 with A HR

  39. Don’t worry, Reimold is here.

  40. Did buck just say something about putting Jose on 2nd?

  41. Mannnnnnnn fuck off

  42. It’s amazing how many people come on here when they’re winning and are saying the ships back or they’re back on the wagon then a little bit of a blip and they’re jumping overboard like it’s the titanic tilted up at a 90 degree angle. And they call themselves fans

    • Yep.

    • It’s human nature.
      Same as any sports fan.Go read other teams blogs when they lose 4 in a row or win 6 in a row, you see the same.
      Over reaction sometimes but that’s what happens when you have emotions for the team you follow.

      • I’ve been around long enough to remember those pennant-winning teams of the Eighties and Nineties. They were never good enough, if ya know what I mean: KC, Detroit, much later Oakland would beat ‘em — sometimes quite badly. No Jays team could beat Milwaukee, it seemed. Fans would lose their minds. Baseball’s a peculiar game.

    • Four in a row .. Three vs a bad team

      What are we supposed to do ? Golden shower the team when they are playing like shit?

      What’s the point of a game thread if you don’t actually comment on what is going on in the game

      It’s no drawing broad conclusions from limited Data. It’s commenting on the game which , last I checked , was the purpose of a game thread

    • For some people watching the games + commenting here isn’t something they can always fit into their schedule. So what? I hate that some people think there are arbitrary rules out there to dictate what makes a FAN. As though it’s some elite club.

      • Pretty much agree. I don’t think its fair to denigrate fans like that. We all experience life and baseball through a different lens, if some people like to ‘live and die’ with every game or AB so be it.

        • I watch pretty much every game but even I can’t be held up to those standards. I make fun of the team or particular players all the time. I mostly kid because I love, but I don’t just automatically love players just because they play for a team I like. I’m a realistic fan, which clearly has no place in the world.

  43. Tabby: “Big young man… and fill out…”

  44. Very disappointing performance tonight by the Jays. Hopefully, they will turn it around tomorroww

  45. Nice to see Goggles was just rusty the other night.

  46. They are also using Sanchez in too many games. . He’s not some rubber armed reliever

  47. Rally cap is on

  48. If the Yanks win tonight Wilner will spit out that they are still tied for the second wild card blah,blah,blah. Enough already. They need to make the playoffs and the division was win-able. Then again that goes to show you what a real GM and manager can do in Baltimore as opposed to what is going on in TO. I can’t wait to see what Alex The Tire Kicker will do after his Blue Jays stint is done.

    My cousin’s kid sin Baltimore now call the Jays the Blolue Jays. So the worm has turned.


  50. Jose shows now

  51. Jays gotta get within 1 here!

  52. This is the ball game right here

  53. dammit!!!

  54. What a friggin squander.

  55. Well that sucked about as much as it could possibly suck

  56. Horse shit

  57. At some point, we’re going to look back on this season and ask ourselves why the fuck Dioner Navarro got so many PAs hitting motherfucking cleanup.

  58. Just one year I want the Jays to be clutch, lucky, good whatever you want to call it.

  59. Also how did the O’s get 2 men on? Any sober jays fans left out there? help me out.

  60. Good night everyone. Tomorrow we gonna win.

  61. Seriously did Gibby just decide this game was over? Leaving McGowan out there is a white flag.

  62. I hate to say it, folks, but give credit where it’s due: the O’s are a good team.

    • I still think they’re shitty and are due for a nice 4-15 streak at some point

      • don’t think so Rogers…they are here to stay

      • That’s not gonna happen.

      • Leave it to Rogers Customer to have some form of hope, doubtful though.

        • Can not take anything away from them: They’re good. And I liked that they picked up Miller at the deadline. IMOH they’ve been very lucky with injuries with only Weiters (can’t really count Ubaldo) out for the season.

          • Having said that, there’s a whole bunch of their roster who’s contracts expire in 2014.
            These include: Jiminez, Davis, Cruz, Hardy, Weiters, Norris, Hunter, Matusz, Pierce, Young, Miller. There’re more but the point is, I get the sense that the O’s management has pegged this to be THEIR year to go for it. Insofar as that’s concerned, I’m not seeing it.

    • They play hard and make the most out of their talent. They showed me a lot tonight

    • Agreed, though the jays still had a good chance in this game, they just came up empty when it counted most. The O’s on the other hand took advantage of their opportunities.

    • But I still don’t understand HOW they are good. I’ve been studying them like Jane Goodall studies the chimps + I STILL DON’T GET IT.

      • Beanie you’ve been watching too much Jays baseball. They have a manager that built the Yankees dynasty, the Diamondbacks and the Texas Rangers. Their GM ran the playoff Red Sox in the 90s. The Jays have a manager who never managed a playoff team and a GM whose mentor was GM for 8 years and never took The Jays to a playoff spot once. The Jays need to find a Dombrowski type who has had success before as the next GM. Hopefully the new GM will hire a successful manager as well. Never wases like Antholopoulos and Gibbons are bad for this organization.They need to find a winning GM and manager like The Os did.

        • Rest assured that yes, I probably have been watching too much Blue Jays baseball. But I watch other teams as well. + I’m aware of all of this about the Orioles. It still seems when I watch their games that they aren’t great. But they win. It’s weird.

        • Problem is that this ownership group is too cheap to hire the right people to do the job.

        • Like pretty much all of your comments, Sunflower Seed, this is utter garbage.

          Hilarious anybody thinks this way, though. So I’ll give you that.

          • ASS(Andrew Stoeten Shithead) you’ve been watching too much shitty baseball for too long. The Os are a good team, better than The Jays that’s for sure. You can be delusional but there will be regime change after this year.. Hopefully they’ll get an experienced GM and manager who have actually competed before. In your world that doesn’t make sense because you haven’t seen this team even sniff the playoffs in 21 years. One more thing…add in your gay teddy bear look and it’s a complete disaster all around!

            • You don’t get the “[moron troll]” treatment because I’d like this final comment of yours to stick around as a testament to what a worthless piece of shit you are. Dumb and a homophobic asshole — not a combination that’s gonna fly here on DJF mountain, friend.

              While we’re here, to some of your ridiculous points: 1) Delusional? There absolutely might be huge turnover in the front office after this year, and it may well be warranted. 2) Pretending that a manager or a GM needs to have won before is literally the dumbest, especially in a city where Pat Gillick and Cito Gaston won a title. Hey, but Theo Epstein didn’t win titles with no experience, right? John Farrell didn’t do nothing here and then suddenly become a winner in Boston right? Tony La Russa? Joe Torre? They totally didn’t get fired as managers before they became great, right?

              It’s almost like whether or not someone has done it before means sweet fuck all as to whether they can do it in the future. That’s not to say that experience doesn’t matter, but winning previously is not a prerequisite to winning currently is all. So looking at it the way you do is hilariously fucking wrong. But thanks for trying.

  63. Man even one bullpen arm (brad Ziegler for example) would be a big help with mcgowan’s instability and santos/Delabar shitting the bed

    • Times like these are made for FWIWs.

      Santos put up a clean 9 pitch inning today.

      Delabar put up 2 innings without a run. Granted he walked 2, but he also struck out 2.

      • I know that both lf them will probably be up in 3 1/2 weeks but an reliable pen arm would be nice

        • @Ted…beat ya to it ! (but didn’t post Santos’ results). Btw Delabar got the win and didn’t give up any hits

  64. And dusty wraps a nice bow on tonites turd

  65. Holy fuck has he not heard of SSS?
    @MartyYork: The real truth (don’t read if u r #Jays Junkies who don’t want the truth): Sanchez + Stroman will b nothing special, Hutchison below average

  66. fuck off miller

  67. Did Buck just call Ubaldo “Wow Loo”?

  68. What’s the proper fan protocol?
    Am I supposed to say “tsk tsk there’s always tommorow and there’s plenty of games left, not a great game game tonight but shucks it was great to watch”?
    Or am I allowed to be disappointed and say “drat, those darn BlueJays”?
    How about ” dirty rotten sonofabitch, those fuckers are about to lose another game and be 5 back.”?

  69. I don’t think that was a strike. Fuck Buck and Tabler and their Miller stroking.

  70. We were destroyed by the loss of Edwin . Simply destroyed

    Creates a viscous cycle where Francisco plays too much and a no power catcher hits clean up


  72. Just wanted to see how Ismael Rogers worked out for you. ?

  73. If you’re listening to this game on the radio, holy crap is Chris Robinson ever a poor announcer.

  74. Well, thank fuck my dentist could only see me at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow. Otherwise, I’d have paid money to see tonight’s fuckery.

    • I hope you’re getting high as balls. That’s the only way I’d turn up @ my dentist @ 7:30am. Or ever, really.

      • Nah. My dentist is great. I plan on paying money for tomorrow’s fuckery anyway.

        • My dentist is also great. That’s why I’m drugged so I don’t act up. It’s a very good system.

          • I have too much on my plate to get high. I’ll be a drunk asshole tomorrow at the game, though.

            • Oh good. So you’re the reason I don’t go to games?

              + that’s why nitrous is awesome. It only impairs you while you wear the mask. You can drive home/operate heavy machinery/etc. about 15 seconds after the gas stops.

              • Nah. I’m just exaggerating about being drunk and an asshole. The latter is my usual disposition.

              • Why can’t you buy it at stores then? Seriously, why? My dad used to work maintenance at a hospital and said they had nitrous stored there. He coulda probably just walked home with a can one night. Would have been a fun night I’m sure.

  75. did i hear that correct..Juan for Hedley and AA said no? wtf…u know he said no cuz he wasn’t allowed to take on salary

  76. Well that was pretty much stinkaroo. A mild buzz from an innocuous Sauvignon blanc and a few coronas and we’ll get ‘em tomorrow, Skipper.
    I’m really quite fond of the boat.

  77. A lot of comments tonight sound like people are losing hope.
    But baseball is a funny game.

    Team can look like crap for half a dozen games
    and then turn right around and win 10 of 12.

    I’ll admit that the situation does not look great.
    But remember what Yogi said, “It ain’t over ’till its over.”
    And it ain’t over yet.

    • Toronto will probably take this division in the ugliest way possible. That’s my prediction even though the pessimist in me really, really, really wants to just let loose and shit all over the team.

    • You mean like how they looked great until game two in Houston? It’ll totally turn around. It ebbs and flows. Doesn’t mean they might not fail to turn around quickly enough and ultimately piss away too many games, but I completely agree, it’ll come back, and the falling sky stuff people do after every wrong turn is just so beyond over the top in terms of utter lack of perspective sometimes. Especially this year! How many times have they been alternately fucked and terrible/nailing and looking good?? It’s exhausting.

      • The chicken littles just like to throw shit on a wall and hope it sticks so they can claim they were right all along. I know I’ll say something dumb if I let emotions run wild anyway, e.g. my comments on that crappy first game of the season.

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