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Didn’t even get to see Adam Dunn pitch in this one or nothing!

Still, though, Buehrle is right:

On to tomorrow!

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  1. Jays aren’t for real.

    94 and onward will continue no doubt

  2. Jays have to come back BIG the next two. Needs to happen.

  3. Adam Dunn pitching was the awesomest. Pretty sure he was trying to throw a knuckleball. And then he led off the next inning!

  4. Translation – only crackheads would think I’m a good pitcher

  5. On a lighter note, amongst all of this shitting of the bed, JPA hit his 7th fukin homer tonite and knocked in 4runs as he continues a late season charge to not be non tendered again. He’s actually been raking since he came back from the minors but the TExans have figured out he cannot play 1B or Catcher they are trying him at DH. Look out Fielder!

    BTW, whatever happened to commenter “JIM in OHIO” who used to keep me up to date with the inanities spoken by those doofuses employed by the Indians on the radio/ Miss the musings

  6. If Ryan Goins can get hits off of lefties, how come Lind or Francisco can’t?

  7. Buehrle saying that is stupid

    Good teams get swept all the time

    This happens in baseball

    Jays beating the Os three in a row would not have been that huge an upset

    • I think it’s a comment indicative of how the Jays roster feels after they did fuck all to address their problems before the trade deadline. Jose wasn’t just speaking for himself and the other Latinos in the room….

    • Buehrle’s comments are usually really negative: I remember him saying during their winning streak last year that they were just getting lucky, when he was pitching well this year that he was just getting lucky (no credit to Dinner’s game calling or perhaps better execution by him) and then he says this. I would rather if he said cliches than being so negative.

      Also, somebody should explain to him that the law of averages doesn’t mean he has to pitch worse than usual in the second half to make up for pitching better than usual in the first half.

      • you’re confusing ‘self-deprecating’ with ‘negative,’ at least in terms of his comments about his own performance. he basically said – during his winning streak – that he just throws what Dinner calls for, which is basically giving him (Dinner) ALL the credit for calling a good game.

  8. JFC
    @MartyYork: #Jays walloped 9-3. How lamentable is this Toronto team? Has lost 4 in a row + will finish 3rd in AL East. #buehrledone #homerismdoesntpay

  9. Can we confirm that AA has not addressed the team about the trade deadline? I am hearing reports no front office has spoken to the team and players are pissed

  10. I am sorely and utterly disappointed in the Jays. Holding down a wild card position in August. I knew they were going to suck this year before it even got started, and EVERYTHING they do justifies me pointing out that they do clearly suck.

    (Selective memory about last few weeks. Selective argument about current record. Selective argument about league offensive standings. blah blah blah)

    I’m going to go stop paying attention to them now, and let the rest of you losers keep watching. You won’t hear my bellyaching about them again. I am DONE with them. Because they are the sulkiest sucks that ever sucked.

  11. #1 – Sucks that Reyes gets on base 4 times and we leave what seemed like a million guys on base – only get 3 runs
    #2 – To watch such a frustrating game and being forced to listen to the garbage Oriole announcers the whole time. Direct TV here in New Jersey didn’t have the Blue Jay feed
    #3 – To see teams steal quality players during the trade deadline and outside of Valencia – the Jays stood pat when we are so close

    At least if I have to suffer through such a bad game – I want to at least hear our own bad announcers

    • Yeah…Buck and Tabby are assholes – but goddamn it….they’re OUR assholes!!!!
      Nobody talks about soft hands, veteran presents and playing the game the right way like OUR guys.

    • Actually the Orioles stranded even more baserunners than the Jays did.
      Feel better?
      … what? that doesn’t make you feel better?

      • technically you are correct, but only because hitting into a DP subtracts a runner left on base. I always thought that makes it sound better than it is. Isn’t it better to leave an extra guy stranded than to hit into more DP’s?

  12. The chaos of this club is amazing.

    We finally are in a position to make the post-season in 20 years.

    We do nothing at the trade deadline and one of our team leaders expresses disappointment with the club for standing pat – to the press.

    Not a great way to pull a team together for the final stretch of the season.

  13. Over the last four games, the Jays are playing at a pace that would see them go 0-162.

    Over the last 18 games since the All-Star break, the Jays are playing at a pace that would see them go 99-63.

    It’s extremely disappointing that they lost 3 of 4 to the Astros and the opener against Baltimore, but it still boggles my mind that people struggle so much to see beyond the most recent stretch of good/bad play.

  14. Some of you have disturbingly quick reactions to a single baseball game that happens every night for 6 months

  15. Oh no, Jays mail it in again and anyone who criticizes the team is a fool, or an alarmist. I love how people are satisfied with mediocrity.

    • *yawn*

    • No, I just don’t care THAT much, it’s 9am the next day and your team is still in a playoff spot and hey it’s a spot, get a fucking life, listening to you people is exhausting, i have to swim through a pile of your shit to have a decent conversation about baseball

    • Many people who criticize the team make perfectly valid points because, as with any team in baseball, there are plenty of valid criticisms to be had. Unfortunately, most people tend to stick with the lowest common denominator and complain about things like the team “mailing it in”.

      • you can’t really mail in a baseball game unless you’re too lazy to actually swing your bat. It’s tiring hearing stupid complaints when it’s almost the 2nd week of August and the team is in a playoff hunt for the first time in 20 years. ENJOY IT. Some of these people don’t deserve a winning team because they can’t emotionally handle it

        • I completely understand all the frustration people feel too, because I experience it during games like last night. I shout at the TV and shake my head and sometimes I even turn the TV off for a couple innings once in a while… but I still understand that the things that go wrong during a single game (or during a single stretch of games) don’t define a team on their own. You can get frustrated and fed up with the way things are going without drawing ridiculous conclusions from your emotions.

      • I imagine most fans don’t recognize this game as distinctly unlike most others. A hockey team, say, might overwhelm their opponent with tenacity / determination; a basketball team’s depth and sheer talent (nearly) always prevails; etc. Baseball is funny that way.

        • Maybe I’m mis-interpreting your statement. Are you saying baseball is like throwing dice?

    • Two things:

      i) It’s “Olver” not “Oliver” (honest mistake, but still…);
      ii) Olver is a fuckin’ weirdo or, perhaps, far worse (see “Just Like Mom”).


    • I think it’s important that you understand something…’s Fergie Olver, not Oliver.

  16. Not to beat a dead horse, either, but it’s worthwhile remembering the O’s a very good ball club. Flame away, kids, but ’tis true.


  17. #ThisIsTeam

    • Please explain #ThisIsTeam to an out of touch 35 year old? Not the hashtag part, I’m not THAT out of touch…

      • I think its quoting Kawasaki doing the #lovethisteam promo

        • It’s IMW’s baby – a tongue in cheek mangling of the attempt by Rogers to capture some hashtag “coolness.”

          It’s silly and has the bonus of being a dig at the mothership. I love it.


  18. I understand why the Jays didn’t make a move. I really do.

    But boy, do I wish that somehow, there was some starting pitching reinforcements on the horizon. I’m hoping Hutch snaps out of it tonight, but I’m bracing myself for 7 runs against.

    The fan in me, though, is predicting 9 runs for!

    • I think Hutch is done for the year. For me he’s showed them his best stuff and they’re taking a huge chance pushing him.

  19. Can we talk about how the Arizona Diamondbacks are, as an organization, a steaming pile trash?

    • Yes please.

      They went from a team that had a lot of interesting young players, to a team that made ridiculous personnel decisions for specious reasons, to a team of thugs that I absolutely hate.

      Gibson is a fucking cro-magnon. The McCutcheon stuff is disgusting, and they’ve been doing it all year for perceived “slights” (they cracked Tulo back in the pre-season – THE PRE-SEASON – as well).

      The organization seems more about point scoring than winning games. I loved how amped up their bench got when Ryan Braun was hit deliberately – only to see them shut the hell up when Lucroy followed it up with a grand slam that put the Brewers ahead to stay.

      The Diamonbacks and their “grit” can get stuffed. The basement is too good for them. If MLB had any stones, Gibson would be facing a suspension.

      • Though Gibson will be fired at the end of the year though

      • Now of course La Russa is defending them

        And pre-season? Sounds like football is creeping in lol

        • Sorry…working on my football pool and the brain is a little distracted.

          RED 90! RED 90!

        • LaRussa pisses me off too.

          So McGwire and his ilk aren’t welcome in the Hall Of Fame, but a manager who built a lot of his wins on the back of big time steroid abusers gets in through the front door.

          Never mind that a DUI – where you’re putting other people at risk – should be seen as a bigger black mark on the “integrity of the game” than using substances that weren’t banned by MLB at the time.

          • The article on ESPN where I found that bit made sure to mention that he was known for telling his pitchers to retaliate… so his “unpopular opinion” is not exactly credible

  20. Dear God,

    When the latest round of ROID users is announced – please don’t have EE, Joey Bats Reyes or any of the young arms on the list. My head won’t take any more pounding against the wall.

    Thank you,
    Long Time Suffering, But Always Loyal Blue Jay Fan

  21. So… for anyone who wanted the Jays to add Prado, let’s all consider that he has now cleared waivers.

    • Not unusual, though. A lot of guys clear waivers, especially guys with contracts that are considered weighty.

      I mean, Brett Gardner and Josh Beckett cleared waivers too. Doesn’t say anything about them as ballplayers.

      • Of course, but that’s essentially the point. I’m not saying he’s a horrible player, but his contract is weighty enough that no one is willing to take him from the Yankees for free. According to at least 29 teams in the league, he has negative value because of the contract.

        • Well, he can’t be had for for free…for several millions more than free! I know what you mean, though.

          It does highlight a major area of disappointment for Jays fans – there are useful players available that could mean an extra win or two in the standings (which might be crucial this year) that could be had for nothing other than cash. Rogers is the richest owner in baseball, and would surely see revenue increase if the Jays play meaningful baseball into late September. Yet those useful pieces go to other teams while the Jays stand pat.

          I mean, if it turns out Lawrie is gone for an extended period of time (or, say, someone else goes down) how useful would Prado have been?

          • That’s the thing that annoys me is that we keep seeing attendance climb when they are playing well and playing meaningful baseball but Rogers won’t do anything to ensure that continues to happen. It’s like they just expect this new level of interest (and increasing interest) in the team to continue regardless of how this season plays out or how the Jays play next year.

            Reminds me of Homer expecting pumpkin prices to keep rising right through to January.

  22. Would have been nice for the jays to put in a claim on Matt Thornton. Pretty good lefty out of the pen and a reasonable contract. Not sure yet what the Nationals paid, but the fact that the jays wouldn’t even bother putting in a claim makes it pretty obvious that there’s no money.

  23. I get where Buerhle’s head is at right after the game, but you just can’t have that. I’m sure I’ll catch flack for this comment, but seriously, you can’t have your 22 million dollar pitcher, the supposed veteran ace of the staff, coming out and saying that he didn’t think his team could sweep a division rival.

    • Meh, it’s really not that big a deal IMO. Most teams don’t sweep a series. Pretty much just stating the obvious.

      • Well, if you gave each team a 50% chance of winning a game, then there’d be a 1/4 chance that one of the two teams would sweep the other in a 3-game series, so it’s not really an uncommon occurrence.

        I don’t have a huge issue with Buehrle’s comment, but I can see why people might be slightly disappointed after all the other negative stuff from the players over the last week. It’s bound to drive an annoying media narrative about whether the players are quitting on management.

      • I think there’s a big difference between saying that sweeps are unlikely, and saying that if anyone thought the Jays would sweep then they’re smocking crack.

        He should have just gone with the time tested “We knew it would be a battle in this series. They are a good team and we’ll have to play better to beat them.”

    • Buehrle is probably echoing the team sentiment – frustration. I’d be frustrated too if the Jays dropped three to the Astros in games that weren’t even close.

      The team needs to be shaken and stirred again.

  24. I just watched the Simpsons episode about sabermetrics. It’s relevant. I wonder if they coach little league like that these days.

    • A play at the plate aaaaaaand he’s safe! It’s a triumph of number crunching over the human spirit and it’s about time!”

  25. The Blue Jays are sliding that’s for sure. But what did you expect?

    A mediocre lineup without two of its biggest guns in Edwin and Lind, with the bottom of the lineup overperforming to get wins.

    A less-than-mediocre starting rotation and mediocre bullpen.

    An average team hitting at best without Edwin and Lind. Lind might be back in Seattle, Edwin, two weeks from now. Too little, too late.

    This team wins games based on slugging and hitting, not on starting pitching or its bullpen. Anthopoulos clearly made that statement when he did nothing to add to his rotation or his bullpen.

    Hutch is nearly finished for the season and needs to be replaced. Stromann might be coming close to hitting a wall too despite there being no “innings limit”. Jays will probably need to overpay for a SP in August or promote Jenkins/Redmond in meaningless baseball in two weeks.

    Jays getting into the wild card to end the season will be luck. They’re there now, but their game needs to improve, today.

    Detroit and Seattle will be relentless.

    I hope I’m wrong.

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