Lind And Encarnacion Progressing


Brett Lawrie may finally be back in the Jays’ lineup tonight, but the club is obviously waiting on a pair of big bats to return in the forms of Adam Lind and Edwin Encarnacion. Today we learned at least one of them may be in the lineup by the weekend.

Holy yes!

Adam Lind, according to John Gibbons (via a tweet from Mike Wilner), will begin a rehab assignment in the next couple of days, and Chris Toman follows that Gibbons said it’s possible that Lind can return to the club by the weekend. That would be about four weeks from when we heard back on July 11th that he’d be into games in two-or-three weeks, so… not bad, really. Not bad at all.

Better still? The possibility of the club playing most of the final two months of the season with the Majors’ second-best hitter against right-handed pitching (minimum 150 plate appearances).

But the news isn’t quite as good on Edwin Encarnacion. It has already been a month now since he left a game in Oakland with an injury to his right quadriceps muscle, and while he was initially hopeful that he’d only be out a couple of weeks, a setback he had a week ago that forced him to shut it down has blurred the timeline on his return. So much so that there currently is still no timetable.

However, it’s not all bad news: Encarnacion is swinging a bat again, and Shi Davidi tweets that he’s going to run in the next few days.

OK, maybe that’s doesn’t sound terribly great, but if you’ll remember back to last week, in pieces like John Lott’s for the National Post on the setback, we were told it occurred because of the torque placed on the injured muscle when swinging a bat. So the fact that he’s doing it again now, um… that’s something. Right?

Man, that parrot must be getting awful feisty at this point. Needs a walk real damn bad.

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  1. Stoeten, do not know what it is worth, but I like the new format.

  2. From what I’ve read, you can’t assess how far a player has progressed from a leg muscle injury until that muscle gets put to a relatively rigorous test. And the last time they had EE test out the quad in that manner, he reaggravated it, perhaps pushing his potential return back even further.

    I’ll get excited when they actually say he is running at full speed with no discomfort. Until then, I’ll remain reserved. Or at least until Mark Buehrle throws a first strike to Dickface Markakis at 7:07pm.

  3. You’re damn right I need a walk.

  4. I’m doing a mid life career change to a fortune teller. I’m practising now.

    Wait…wait, i’m getting something. Greg Zaun is going to say something about “having to play inside themselves” and “playing the right way”

    But what does it mean? What does it mean?!

  5. good news

  6. Well considered journalism yet again. Just so you know, Mr. Stoeten, and for whatever it’s worth to your superiors (which is probably very little), you’ve become my primary source for Blue Jays related journalism, replacing the content I used to absorb from traditional newspapers. This is mostly because your writing is far more entertaining, but it is also incredibly informative.

    Best of luck with all the changes occuring in your industry.

    Pete Smith
    OCAD University

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