Gibbons, come on, man, you can’t leave the desk like that!

Welp. Let’s try this again.

Games like this are what we’re all emotionally involved in this for, so let’s enjoy the piss out of it. And let’s maybe enjoy a win, goddamn it!


Brett Lawrie, as you see, is not in tonight’s lineup for the Jays. Mike Wilner tweets that the MRI results are not in yet, and that John Gibbons says he’s hoping it’s not something that will land Lawrie on the DL, but that he’s been wrong before.

Megan Robinson adds that Lawrie says he feels a bit better today than he did last night.

In better news, John Lott tweets that Adam Lind will begin his rehab assignment tomorrow with the GCL Jays. John Gibbons says he hopes the number of rehab games Lind will need is “not many.”

Wilner notes, however, that David Price goes on Sunday against the Jays (note: yeesh), so there might be more sense bringing him back in Seattle next week if he’s not going to be ready for Friday. Could help off the bench, though…

Lastly, if you’re not on the Twitter machine, you may have missed some outstanding news today, which is that our dear friend Drew has joined FanGraphs. Congrats to him and to FanGraphs. Outstandingness all around.

As for some of the changes that have taken place at theScore, and other places like Sports On Earth, I obviously can’t really say anything, but if you’re interested, Parkes gave some food for thought on this week’s Canadaland podcast. I should note, though, I completely disagree with some of what Parkes says at the end about the value of sportswriting. I think that when it’s done well it’s a terrific way to introduce big and interesting and important ideas, and to have a conversation about them with a lot of people who wouldn’t necessarily encounter or be receptive to them otherwise. That probably sounds a bit snobbish, and there’s all sorts more to it than that, obviously, but as one example, the way that so many have been exposed to new ways of thinking about gender issues, LGBT equality issues, etc. through the prism of sports? That’s pretty powerful stuff, to me. Even in terms of articulating arguments for critical thinking, raising sociological questions or critiques of unquestioned power structures or ones about the nature of human behaviour — maybe I’m just kidding myself, but I think that has value. Even if the outcomes of the games are trivial, I don’t think the conversation is entirely trivial. That said, while, as you might expect, I’m not particularly thrilled that that kind of writing appears to be losing ground as a commodity to the Upworthy- and Buzzfeed-ification of content, I entirely agree with Parkes when he says he completely understands what’s happening from a business perspective too. Art and commerce, have they ever been at odds before?

Hey, and while we’re all here and addressing people who may have missed stuff on Twitter, I might as well mention that earlier this week the CBC made a dumb list of the “best” Canadian songs, so I wrote mean things about music you like.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Baltimore

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
1B Danny Valencia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
2B Ryan Goins (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Baltimore Orioles

RF Nick Markakis (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
CF Adam Jones (R)
LF Nelson Cruz (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
LF David Lough (L)
2B Ryan Flaherty (L)
C Nick Hundley (R)

LHP Bruce Chen (Actually it’s more likely country troubadour Wei-Yin Chennings)

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  1. A very visibly mouthed “FUCK!” when he left the mound.

  2. Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

  3. Ball Game.

  4. Sit down Machado, you bat-throwing mf punk!

  5. Drew wore the big boy pants tonight.

  6. Joey double decker.

    Hutch Clutch

    Melky Swelky

  7. That game was a WHIP buster

  8. Is it true you can’t swear in the BBB comments section?

  9. Great win. Need another tomorrow.

  10. Nice thing about tonight was even if Lind was back he wouldn’t have been in the lineup. Still glad he’ll be back soon.

    EE by 8/15 would be nice, but perhaps I ask too much.

  11. Big win tonight.
    Got a few folks in off the ledge.
    Now, lets make that the first game
    of a nice, little win streak.

  12. Nice win by the jays and hutch!
    I wonder if Norris gets a shot as a September callup.

  13. I just read Stoeten’s take on the CBC list of Canadian songs. I don’t necessarily agree with all of his choices, but it was breathtaking to behold.


  14. Bean, we’re all pulling for your shoulder.

    • Oh I have far worse issues than my shoulder. But thanks!

      Perhaps me flashing my goodies around somehow brought the Blue Jays some luck + a big win tonight. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow to keep the streak alive.

      • You mentioned that they were independent thinkers.
        Could you possibly see your way to getting ‘the girls’ to twirl in opposite directions?
        Thanks in advance.

    • What the hell did I miss?

      Did I miss out on some Beanbags?

  15. Win tomorrow

  16. rumours Lawrie out for 6 weeks…lol wow

  17. Jays talk caller comparing Pete rose to Lawrie

  18. This jays talk caller just went stream of consciousness for five straight minutes without giving wilner a word

    • That guy calls all the time. That’s the guy who makes words up. I believe he kept using the word chitter chatter the other night. He never really has an idea of what he’s going to say and just rambles about the game. God bless wilner for putting up with the people that call his show.

  19. Speaking as a regular reader of Drunk Jays Fans and a fan of your writing, I find it rather funny, Andrew, that you’d be the exact thing you deride – negative shit stain Jays “fans” – when you critique music. To say that Coax Me is a great tune (agreed, I’m a huge I-own-everything-they’ve-ever-done fan) and then to say The Band’s TNTDODD is “terrible” is like saying “Muni’s awesome! Jose sucks!”

    • Stoeten has done us the favour of segregating that blog from this one. How ’bout you guys do the same?

  20. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that The Last Waltz didn’t have the same effect on Stoeten that it did on some of us.

    • Luckily, TNTTDODD did affect many deeply, and together with other gems by The Band, ushered in the whole Americana/Roots Music genre.
      You don’t have to be a fan, of course, but then again, you don’t have to be an ass either.

      • I actually hated them for a very long time but they somehow wore me down over the years and I can’t get enough. Now those are some tunes to enjoy a drink or 4 to.

      • Plus 1 million, Potatoes. Fuck Stoeten and his tin fucking ears! Must have gotten some beard in there.

      • Well played Mr Potatoes.

        I had heard about The Band for years, but for whatever reason never dove in.

        Then I caught some footage of them in Festival Express. Good stuff.

        After that I grabbed Big Pink. It only took one listen.

        The same thing happened with The Last Waltz. A gem.

        The world is richer because of them.

  21. Holy crap, I was wrong. Who would have think that Hutch throws a one hitter gem through 8 2/3rds? Could anyone have predicted that? Especially after how Hutch usually pitches, at home?


  22. Norris promoted to AAA. Cheap innings or are the Jays decided to suck innings out of every pitcher before their arm falls off?

  23. I PVR’ed the game so I may be late on the scoop!

  24. How do we get Kawasaki to change his at bat music to an edited version of out for a rip?


    • Kawasaki doesn’t go out for a rip, he goes out for a peel, cuz monkeys never cramp!!!!!!

  25. Apparently Hutch made a lil tweek to his mechanics in his last bullpen to get on top of the ball. Hopefully he can repeat it. I didn’t think getting on top was that hard, my wife does it all the time…she loves it.

  26. O’s GM on why they lost last night:

    “Heck, it’s part of it, especially when you play on this stuff here they call some form of grass,” Showalter said.

    • He wasn’t complaining about the “form of grass” the first night of the series

    • Stuff some of it down his fucking throat. He’ll like it again next time they win.

      • Interesting how he thought that the grass played a part when the only hit his team had cleared the fence. Doesn’t matter how the “grass” behaves if you don’t hit anything on said grass.

    • I’m pretty sure it was that form of grass that gave them a comfortable lead the other night when it took a funny bounce past Valencia at third.

    • Was it the GM or Showalter?

  27. I sure enjoyed that one. Love all the swinging strikes

  28. There’s the Orioles we all know and love. Welcome back guys!

  29. The Jays have acquired Hunter Carnevale. Looking at his stats the reason for this move must have been based purely on his name.

  30. How in fuck do the Tigers employ – year after year – the most expensive guys on the planet and not win? They’d better get some BP help quick if they want to even sniff the playoffs.

  31. If his name was Cunter Harnevale we would have something to work with.

  32. Adrian Beltre now and forever

  33. Lawrie to the 15 day DL (oblique)

  34. Thinking it’s time for Lawrie to get off the p90x ab ripper bullshit – don’t worry bro you’re still look good with your shirt off B

  35. Lawrie for beltre let’s go

  36. Ugh. Any chance Chase Headley is still available?

    • Or Martin Prado?

      Is it too early to start drinking?

    • Nah, who would want a guy who had a poor half season even tho he plays elite defense and has been a perrenial all star the last 3 or 4 years? Besides, what kind of numbers do you think he’d put up switching to AL East parks?

      No, I’d def rather keep Juan Francisco. Even tho the Padres were going to pay all of Headleys contract. Because it’s not like we have a ridiculously cheap owner and thus should jump all over deals that bring in great players for no money.

      Take a look at this article. We don’t have a need for a player like that on this team. Come on now

      • And since I’m obviously being incredibly sarcastic, let me just drop the charade and say not getting Headley was a mistake in retrospect. It was a clear mistake the day it happened. He fit so perfectly on the team, both positionally and offensively with his RHB, and all he cost was a career journeyman we got for nothing.

        Given the fact that SD was gonna pay for all of it, can’t pin this one o Rogers. AA missed the ball on this one

        • I’m not as big of a fan of Headley as you are, Rob, but at the time I thought he was a terrific lottery ticket with no long term commitment…hell, no real cost in either money or in prospects, and a real chance that he plays better in a hitters park. His hitting has been fine since he went to the Yankees, and my Yankee buddies tell me he’s playing great D.

          Certainly the “he’s injury prone” argument doesn’t seem that valid today.

          • I wouldn’t say I’m a huge Headley fan, it’s just for me, he’s a symbol of botched management. To my thinking, he’s clearly the superior player that fills several big holes on both sides of the ball, and he cost nothing in terms of finances.

            I can’t blame AA for Rogers cheapness. BUT if your operating under the payroll parameters that we seem to be, you need to place a premium on cash neutral deals that improve the big club (at least if your in your first pennant race in 2 decades you do).

            In this specific example, you could have gotten an all star for essentially spare parts. And to say “we’ll Francisco was having a better season” is entirely beside the point. Headley is by far the superior player. Forget the numbers in a tiny 70 game sample. As GM you need to fill your roster with the best baseball players and give your team the best chance to win.

            To me, it was the extremely rare opportunity to add
            A really good player for essentially nothing. And when your dealing with Rogers as your owner, you need to be able to jump on those deals. If you don’t, you have to wear it.

            • We keep having this conversation over and over again, and I feel like you consistently ignore everything people say about all players involved and reply with “Headley is a huge upgrade!”

              That’s not much of an argument. I agree that Headley is likely a small upgrade over what they have now purely because of his defense. But they would be giving up three years of control for two months. There’s plenty of reason not to do that move.

              And if your concern is that the sample is too small (it’s not) then you should consider that over the last two years Headley has 969 PA’s with a wRC+ of 104. But I guess we have to consider his massive outlier of a 2012 season, right?

              • He’s more then a small upgrade. He’s a significant one.

                And context matters. 3 months of Headley in a pennant race is better then 3 years of Francisco. Who knows when we’look be in a pennant race again? Can’t look gift horses in the mouth, just ask Washington.

                Francisco is spare parts. Guys like him can be picked off the pile amy time. Headley is a legit elite player, when you look at the whole package (offense and defense).

                And normally I wouldn’t keep bringing it up but back when the trade happened, Dear Leader not only disagreed with me, but basically said I was a complete moron for even thinking it. So yeah, as Headley proves more and more that AA fucked up by letting him go, I’m gonna keep bringing it up. Petty sure, but is what is. I have to something to make up for my tiny penis.

                • Headley was traded July 22. Since that date, he’s put up a .744 OPS in 62 PA’s. In that same time frame Juan Francisco and Danny Valencia have a combined .781 OPS in 60 PA’s. I’m sure Headley has made up for the offensive difference with his defense, but how have you been proven right?

                  • OPS is a bit flawed because it weighs OBP and SLY equally when OBP is more important.

                    Al so, very importantly, Headley is a full time player while JF is a platoon player, only being used in favorable situations. What do you think go’s numbers would be if he played every day? (Hint: not good)

                    And you have to look at defense too. As a quick and dirt tool that enxompasses both and takes into account park factors (because another pretty important factor is Petco vs. RC) just look at WAR. Headley, despite having a horrible season, has put up 1.8 WAR. JF, despite having the best season (by far) of his career) has put up 1.3. In fact, his entire career WAR is 1.7. So Headley, in the worst season of his career, has ALREADY put up more WAR then JF’s entire CAREER. Say what you will about the I’m precision of WAR, but even if you allow a huge margin for error in those numbers, Headley over JF is more then just a “small upgrade”. He’s a huge one.

                    Call me crazy, but I’ll take the 30 y/o with 20.2 career WAR of 3 months in a pennant race then 3 years of a 27 y/o with 1.7 career WAR every day of the week, regardless of what the last 70 games have looked like. And to me it was just an obvious move

                    • Pls excuse typos, I have thumbs a professional hitchhiker would kill for

                    • The platoon issue is why I combined Francisco and Valencia, since they’re the platoon and have 60 PA’s combined compared to Headley’s 62.

                      If you have issues with OPS (which is fair) then let’s look at wRC+, which weights everything properly and I somehow just figured out how to select for specific timeframes.

                      Headley – 106
                      Francisco/Valencia – 114

                      So the difference is just as clear, and, as I mentioned before, it’s probably pretty close to equal when you factor in defense.

                      And I have no interest in what his entire career looks like because there’s a whole lot of data in there that no longer has any bearing on what he’s providing today and what he’s likely to provide over the next couple months.

                • OK, suppose you get Headley and Lawrie doesn’t get hurt again. This is the most likely scenario given the information they had at the time. Then what happens?

        • He’s got a HERNIATED DISC, how long you think that holds up on turf? Then when he gets hurt along with Lawrie, and Francisco is gone, I’m sure you’d go run and hide. Just because you thought it was a good idea back then doesn’t mean you’re right.

          • I’ve not beaten the drum as loudly as Rob, but I thought Headley would have been a good pickup. I don’t think it’s that crazy of an idea, especially given that he was traded for peanuts.

            Does he have caveats? Yeah. But then, so do most ballplayers, including a few on our roster. Like I said, I think he would have been a damn fine lottery ticket.

            • I would take the arguably better player at this point in Francisco, along with continuing to have that player past this year.

              • Better hitter, yeah.

                But Francisco is a pretty shitty fielder, and having someone to cover the ground Reyes can’t would be a big plus.

                Call me dubious that Francisco isn’t going to regress to what he’s been in the past. Always hopeful, but…

              • I’m going to say that opening day 2015 Juan Francisco won’t even be a Blue Jay. Players like him get dfa’d and picked up all the time.

                He’s not good.

              • Bang on.

          • No clue how long his back would hold up, but I’d say chances are really good it would be at least 3 months, which is all we really care about. I mean, it’s not like the field has literal landmines on it.

            This is a other discussion entirely but I’m not entirely convinced the “turf is horrible” thing is even proven beyond a doubt. Wouldn’t surprise me if the effect exists but I think it’s vastly overrated.

            Is there any actual studies done that shows this to he so? I know that’s the “narrative” but narrative is typically built on anecdotes and the like, and I think anecdotal evidence for this kind of thing isn’t all that accurate.

            • Everyone says they hate playing on turf. Something about how their knees creak a little louder after every series at Skydome. I’m willing to believe the unanimous opinion of major-leaguers over some half-assed baseball stats “study” full of unrecognised confounding factors.

          • Hopefully we still woulda got Vallencia?

  37. Ugh so many injury prone players on this team.

    • yeah because EE’s and Lind’s injuries are common?
      though lawrie is becoming very fragile

      • Morrow, larwrie, mcgowan, reimold, reyes, santos, jannsen. That enough for you?

        • Jannsen??

        • Yankees: Sabathia, Pineda, Tanaka, Teixeira, Phelps, Nova

          Baltimore: Wieters, Jiminez, Santana

          Tampa Bay: Moore, Myers, DeJesus, Hanigan, Beckham

          Detroit: Dirks, Hanrahan, Iglesias, Rondon

          Texas: Half their freakin’ roster

          It’s baseball. Players get injured.

          • Most of those guys you mentioned arent injury prone, just happen to be on DL this year. The jays guys are on the DL atleast once every year. Massive difference

            • The Yankee players definitely have been regular vistors to the DL over the past three seasons.

            • Excep for chronic injuries ( say a guy with a poor hip continuously going on the dl for hip related injuries) I don’t think anybody is “injury prone”.

              Injuries for the most part are just things that happen. And by the law of probabilities are going to happen to some players more then others. It seems like it’s just confirmation bias at play. If you get randomly hurt more then once, ipso facto, your “injury prone”.

              • Have to say that anyone’s finger would break – and probably would be more likely to break – if some MLB pitcher’s FB smacked it against a bat like Lawrie’s. I don’t like that they haven’t taught him to turn his back on those pitches like he should. In fact he’s had a few fractures in his hands since ’09.
                As for the oblique , he seems to have something along those lines every year and sometimes a few times per year; Obliques, rib cage, low back tightness, abdomen strains.
                I’d say yes, he is injury prone.


  38. made of glass

  39. Brett Lawrie’s walk-up music has been changed…

    “Once I had a love and it was a gas
    Soon turned out had a heart of glass”

  40. Meh. Get Lind and EE back and I’m more than ok. Obviously far from ideal, but the most expendable of the 3.

  41. Guess the Red Bull-fueled dugout will have to wait another day.

    In the meantime Spirit Animal of the Pacific will have to lead the charge.

    Does the club have any sort of monitoring/game plan for players in terms of conditioning and rehab? 3 obliques in 3 seasons for CJ seems a bit much.

    • Yeah it should be a message for both AA and Lawrie. I agree that the sky hasn’t completely crashed but having said that, Lawrie went from APR – .200/.252/652 to JUN .262 /.333 /.779. So in addition to his great defence he was putting up some decent O there too.
      The other thing of course is that if you put anyone other than Lawrie at 3B there’s a hole where Lawrie actually covers a LOT of Reyes’ balls (or should I say Lawrie covers Reyes’ ass a LOT?).

      • And even in April while he wasn’t hitting all that well, he was driving in a decent number of runs.

  42. Love how Wilner added in the Jays are 19-19 without Lawrie bit, to basically suggest they are .500 relax, its not over, etc. That’s just trollbaiting the rabid fans.

    Jays are pretty blessed to have the production they do from all the infield scraps they put together this yr. They rolled the dice on guys like Kawa, Juan, Tolly, and new guys like Valencia and its paid off well. They have at least least had MLB avg infielding, much better than last yr.

    • That’s the way I see it and why I was a pretty vocal in my disappointment of the stand patedness of AA at the deadline.

      I feel we’ve rolled the dice with sub part players and, for the most part, the gamble has paid off. But that doesn’t mean you don’t replace those players with better players if you can on the mistaken assumption that “we’ll, we’ve made it this far with these cramps players, may as well keep going”.

      A good example was last year when Reyes got hurt and we had some bum at SS and our record was pretty good. Some mouth breathers suggested we don’t “upset the chemistry” and keep Reyes on the bench. Yes, we got lucky. That doesn’t mean you don’t improve when you can.

  43. It’s frustrating granted but this is all a bit much.
    Lawrie will be back sooner then than 4-6, And he’ll carry us in September.

    All good things to those who wait.

    Besides Tolly has been lights out anyway.

    Simmer the fuck down all you Lawrie haters.

    • I was excited for good defense, but there’s a solid chance our platoon will hit better.

      Now if we lose EE again, that’s devastating. We can’t replace that.

  44. Personally I would push for a pitcher/reliever combo – Benoit and Kennedy

    Jays have had so many double digit hit games in the last several weeks. They are still one of the best offensive clubs, even if it means stringing single after single KC Royals style. The offense is def up and down but its still elite IMO and thats without some of the big guns.

    But the Jays are still in the bottom 3rd in pitching. One extra bullpen arm would be great, McGowan looks like he’s spent (already doubled innings from last yr), Delabar and Santos were beyond horrific, the depth just isnt there this year. And while Happ has been as good as one could hope, no reason why you couldnt push him back into long man role along with Redmond and slot in a better pitcher

    • @Dildo (love that name!)

      I think I’ve got this right, but in Delabar’s last 4 outings since Jul 29, he’s gone:

      6IP, 3H, 1R, 0HR, 3BB, 6K

      As for Santos (4 outings):

      4IP, 1H, 0R, 0HR, 3BB, 3K

      Not crazy about the BBs but…Fingers crossed

  45. Jays fans are all like:

    “The future looks oblique.”

  46. The O’s pythag record is out of whack, not nearly as much as the Yanks, but luck has been on their side. Regression should come. The real team I’d be concerned about is the Mariners, they have a studly pitching staff and they should be better than the record suggests.

    I think it’s imperative the Jays take the division, I think the 2 wild cards come out of the west

    • The O’s record is always out of whack with Pythag.

      The O’s fans even have an expression for it.
      “it’s not luck,it’s Buck.
      Pythag wins is, IMO, a poor predictor of future performance. It’s been shown more than once.

      • It’s interesting to look at BaseRuns on Fangraphs. While a Pythag record takes runs for/against to predict what a record should be, BaseRuns takes hit sequencing out of the equation to show how many runs for/against they should have and then gives a record based on that. The Jays are right where they should be based on both methods while the O’s have an extra four wins based on Pythag and and extra SIX based on BaseRuns. The Yankees are +5/+4. I’m not sure how it relates to projections for the rest of the season, but the Orioles have been extremely lucky this season.

        And no, it has nothing to do with Buck.

        • yea pythag isnt perfect but it works well enough to determine if a team is getting lucky or not

          O;s have second worst OBP in the AL . . . as we’ve seen with past Jays teams, you cant just homer your way into the playoffs

          • Sorry guys, respectfully disagree.
            Pythag wins and WAR wins calculations aren’t a predictor.
            SI tried to use BP as their source for their power rankings.It was so out of whack they dropped it like a hot potato.
            Teams on 13 game losing steaks were actually rising in the rankings based on their Pythag wins and preceived bad luck.

            • Team A scores two runs on a walk, a single and a double in the first inning and then gets no baserunners the rest of the games.

              Team B scores no runs on three walks, two doubles and seven singles spread out over the course of the game.

              That’s luck, and it’s something you simply can’t control for.

          • Somewhat, surprisingly, the O’s don’t have an elevated FB/HR rate.

            This might not be the perfect way of doing it but I took every hitter with 100+ PA’s (14 in all) and weighted the current and career FB/HR rates by the percentage of AB’s they have taken for the O’s this year (among players with 100+ PA).

            Current rates: 12.63%

            Career rates: 12.65%

            Pretty much bang on.

  47. I’m just gonna throw in here that IMO Hutch showed last night that with an extra days rest and a total of less than 6 innings pitched in his previous 2 starts he was lights out. (against a very good lineup no less)

    He is now around 130 innings for the season and unless he gets extra rest between starts, he probably won’t be that good. In fact, they should be more concerned about his elbow.

    • What we REAL need is an epic collapse from Baltimore coinciding with continued strong play in order to get a decent lead. Maybe go to a 6 man in order to have the guys fresh going towards the end of the season

  48. no roster move necessary when Tolleson gets back from paternity.

  49. Brett Lawrie placed on 15 day DL fyi .

  50. Hey, Brett – welcome ba…. Never mind.

  51. Gibby hinted that Lind might be back tomorrow, apparently

  52. No one tells a good story like KyleZ:


    will the author of this blog please get out of bed

    • Not that Stoeten needs other people to defend him, but what’s it to you what he does outside of this blog? It’s here, we can talk about the game, Lawrie’s injury, the return of Lind, etc etc.

    • I’m sure he’ll be here soon enough to hold your hand and wipe away your tears.

    • I like Stoetens writing (prob from more then I like Stoeten) but this blog is the comments section.

      Stoetens the Commodores. The comments are Lionel Ritchie.

  54. @GregBallochST: YES just said that Esmil Rogers may start tomorrow for the Yankees vs the Indians…oh dear.

  55. @SNBarryDavis: Lind went 2-3 today in 1st rehab game. On track for return in Seattle. EE has been running and may start rehab games on weekend. #bluejays

    Good news is that EE might be back in 7-10 days

    • I will happily welcome EE back for the last month and then playoffs. He will be well rested for October.

      • hopefully he rips of cover off every baseball he faces in retribution for his untimely injury.

        • I hope he comes back with a new look – thick, full beard and Mr. T mohawk. Thicker eyebrows. Tattoos everywhere. Piercings. Angry as shit, ready to fight anyone who makes eye contact. LETS FUCKING GO.

  56. Yankees have already won, 1-0 over Detroit.

    Fucking Greene outpitches Porcello, Stephen Drew with the only RBI.

  57. Useless faggot team

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