Gibbons, come on, man, you can’t leave the desk like that!

Welp. Let’s try this again.

Games like this are what we’re all emotionally involved in this for, so let’s enjoy the piss out of it. And let’s maybe enjoy a win, goddamn it!


Brett Lawrie, as you see, is not in tonight’s lineup for the Jays. Mike Wilner tweets that the MRI results are not in yet, and that John Gibbons says he’s hoping it’s not something that will land Lawrie on the DL, but that he’s been wrong before.

Megan Robinson adds that Lawrie says he feels a bit better today than he did last night.

In better news, John Lott tweets that Adam Lind will begin his rehab assignment tomorrow with the GCL Jays. John Gibbons says he hopes the number of rehab games Lind will need is “not many.”

Wilner notes, however, that David Price goes on Sunday against the Jays (note: yeesh), so there might be more sense bringing him back in Seattle next week if he’s not going to be ready for Friday. Could help off the bench, though…

Lastly, if you’re not on the Twitter machine, you may have missed some outstanding news today, which is that our dear friend Drew has joined FanGraphs. Congrats to him and to FanGraphs. Outstandingness all around.

As for some of the changes that have taken place at theScore, and other places like Sports On Earth, I obviously can’t really say anything, but if you’re interested, Parkes gave some food for thought on this week’s Canadaland podcast. I should note, though, I completely disagree with some of what Parkes says at the end about the value of sportswriting. I think that when it’s done well it’s a terrific way to introduce big and interesting and important ideas, and to have a conversation about them with a lot of people who wouldn’t necessarily encounter or be receptive to them otherwise. That probably sounds a bit snobbish, and there’s all sorts more to it than that, obviously, but as one example, the way that so many have been exposed to new ways of thinking about gender issues, LGBT equality issues, etc. through the prism of sports? That’s pretty powerful stuff, to me. Even in terms of articulating arguments for critical thinking, raising sociological questions or critiques of unquestioned power structures or ones about the nature of human behaviour — maybe I’m just kidding myself, but I think that has value. Even if the outcomes of the games are trivial, I don’t think the conversation is entirely trivial. That said, while, as you might expect, I’m not particularly thrilled that that kind of writing appears to be losing ground as a commodity to the Upworthy- and Buzzfeed-ification of content, I entirely agree with Parkes when he says he completely understands what’s happening from a business perspective too. Art and commerce, have they ever been at odds before?

Hey, and while we’re all here and addressing people who may have missed stuff on Twitter, I might as well mention that earlier this week the CBC made a dumb list of the “best” Canadian songs, so I wrote mean things about music you like.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Baltimore

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
1B Danny Valencia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
2B Ryan Goins (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Baltimore Orioles

RF Nick Markakis (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
CF Adam Jones (R)
LF Nelson Cruz (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
LF David Lough (L)
2B Ryan Flaherty (L)
C Nick Hundley (R)

LHP Bruce Chen (Actually it’s more likely country troubadour Wei-Yin Chennings)

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  1. Baltimore is an asshole.

  2. Are the Os really 64-58?

    Also, that bottom of the lineup is worrysome vs. a lefty… but wtf is Bruce Chen doing being remotely good anyways…

  3. I’m starting to think that Lawrie is so injury prone that he will never be able to play an entire season. Whether it’s the turf, or whether he is wound up too tight, losing a guy like hime for 30 – 40 games a year is a killer

  4. Ugh that bottom 1/3 vs a lefty

    • I know. Lawrie’s injury and Tolleson’s paternity leave make that bottom third pretty frightening.

      Career vs. LHP:
      Rasmus .211/.286/.353
      Goins .209/.221/.269
      Kawasaki .184/.252/.204

      If someone put the over/under of the number of hits produced by these three guys tonight at 2.5, I’d be taking the under.

  5. Troll gonna troll
    @SNBarryDavis: Good news regarding Adam Lind. He’ll begin rehab assignment in GCL. If all goes well, expect him back for Seattle next week. #bluejays

  6. Very happy for Fairservice. Now he can get ripped again. Seriously, great news.

  7. Off topic
    Why do people hate buzzfeed?

    • I think it is part of pattern of content provision in which things get over-simplified and presented in list fashion but still treated as if they are accurate portrayals of the way things actually are.

      It is a dumbing down of life (but not every notices or appreciates that fact)

    • Writers hate it: cheap, syndicated, list based content distributed inexpensively = attractive to penny watching content providers.

  8. Hmm
    @Ken_Rosenthal: Sources: Hamels claimed on revocable trade waivers by unidentified club. #Phillies have 48 hours to work out a trade or pull him back.

  9. Reimold/Navarro/Valencia/Rasmus/Kawasaki/Goins are our 4-9 hitters in a key game against the team we’re fighting with for a playoff spot.

    Even if you put Lawrie in there instead if Goins or Kawasaki, that’s still pretty horrific.

    • Ya, with the exception of Reimold (who has been great when in the line-up), what we have here is the same 4-9 that have kept this team in the mix for October baseball since July. Oh the horror.

    • I don’t mind Reimold, Navarro and Valencia against a LHP. That’s not horrible. Considering two of our starting RH batters are injured, I think this okay. The Rasmus, Goins, Kawasaki part is troubling.

  10. Totally agree with what you said about sportswriting. I have had some great conversations with my kids about big ideas because of sports. And my husband, who doesn’t much care about sports (world cup notwithstanding), follows some sportswriters on Twitter because the articles they link to are so well written. Keep up the great work.

  11. Well said on the sports-writing piece, Stoeten.

    It says something about the quality of this blog and the way arguments are laid out that this is my number one source for critical thinking. It combines the only sport I love with rational, well thought out arguments. I am proud to say it has reformed me from a TSN commenter to someone who enjoys baseball much more now that I’ve stopped struggling to define “clubhouse chemistry”.


  12. Against a Lefty is it really that bad?

    Their lineup isn’t exactly murderers row either.

    • Seriously, how is that team first in the division. Half of the batters are hitting below average and the SP is a patchwork of question marks.

      • Id be curious to see what their team avg is with RISP, a lot higher than the jays i’m sure..

  13. The Annihilatrix……fucking yes, man.

  14. I may be the only that cares but where does the podcast go from here?

  15. omg these awkward athlete commercials are just the best.

  16. I hope people weren’t hammering Valencia for that hop yesterday. He played some solid defence after that, and really it was just an unfortunate bounce at a bad time.

  17. 64-58 after ten game losing streak starts tonight

  18. Jamie Campbell said he was 47, and he was truthing! Man, he ages well

  19. How bout a good old fashioned slugfest tonite? 14-12 jays or smthng like that? Feel like its been a while, can’t remember the last one

  20. How the F can you rip the Band?

  21. Reyes dove for a ball, we’re winning this fucker.

  22. Good inning by the bulldog!

  23. LOL!!!

    Whoever said they want a laugher is sure to get their wish. Just like last night. MASN interviewed Manny after yesterday’s game and he said the O”s have a harder time playing the Keys than the Blue Jokes. LOL!!!

    Now you see why we LOL in OriLOLand.

    I’d rate your pitching LOL and your hitting LOL. And your ‘park’ is a pure Shitdome. LOL!!!

    Apparently the Blue Gays are getting new unis for the remainder of the year. With feathers and boas! LOL!!!!

    • The kid must be a shut in.

    • They play in Baltimore, one of the most dangerous cities on the earth with a sky high murder rate, shitty education systems with graduation rate of high schoolers less than Toronto.
      Plus Baltimore has the worst people too dickbag

    • You really should stop embarrassing yourself. The anti-gay stuff is really not cool. No wonder you’re a virgin. If I was your mom I’d have thrown u out of my basement long ago

  24. I approve of the last several minutes.

  25. Reimold and Valencia…cause that’s how winnin’ is done!

  26. Crush a fastball cleat!

  27. All your babips are belong to us

  28. SOLID SINGLE after SOLID SINGLE. All this grit/hustle inning is missing is a Sac Fly RBI.

    Let’s go do this!

  29. Gimme more RISP!!

  30. When buck asks pat if he would give a green light in a 3-0 count, have they EVER said no?

  31. Umpire pension fund bet on oriole victory tonight the the ump is calling outside, inside and low strikes for Chen!

  32. Come on Hutch!!

  33. Where has THAT change up been all year? If he can throw that filth, he’ll be fine

  34. Change of pace working tonight!!

  35. I’m surprised they left KanKon off the list.

    I was too caught up in Carrie Diaries and am happy to see the score. I could use some joy. So could this thread. It gets mired in negativity sometimes and becomes a chore to read.

    Darn it, Davis!

  36. Wow

  37. Nice frame job by dinner on that one!

  38. Mark Reynolds 2.0 strikes again

  39. Andrew, any word on what type of AstroTurf the jays are going with next year? I was looking at some of the pics on their site and the new turf designs actually look really nice.

  40. I haven’t checked anyone’s music lists including Stoetens but I have always hated Patio Lanterns. I cringe when it comes on the radio.

    • That song is audio death.

    • I cringe whenever Kim Mitchell is played. He’s even worse as a DJ.

    • The worst song. It does, however, bring the house down when he plays it live

    • Me too, man. It was brainwashed into Merrel sporting, 24 of Canadian drinking, would trade a three week paid vacation for a long weekend at the cottage type white people.

      • The Magna Carta.
        Brought to you by…white people.
        What’s wrong with honkies?
        I like my whites.

    • I heard this gem by a Canadian band yesterday, and it’s a crime against humanity they didn’t make the top 100 list just because they’re a Hardcore Punk band:

      Sabotage should have had a metal cover long ago.

      • Ya um…it’s a CBC list. As much as I like 94.1, I knew going into the list that Propaghandi wouldn’t be in it.

        • I’m also surprised Barenaked Ladies, Moxy Fruvous, or the Ghandarvas aren’t on the list
          I liked the two former two a lot when I was ten. Then again, I also liked The Doors back then and that’s very embarrassing.

      • The makers of lists like to throw some change-ups at us, perhaps in hopes of precipitating these very discussions.

        Hardcore punk/metal would be great for this purpose :D, although that’d probably also get you DFA’d to something not list making.

    • Cycle that tune a few times and whatever shit you heard earlier in the day will be forever purged.

  41. Love….dat….slide

  42. Get the cheque book out you cheap fucks.

  43. Typical Melky.

    Ball is 2 feet outside and he gaps it.

    It must be so frustrating as a pitcher.

    Sign him AA, for the love of all that’s holy.

  44. Sign Melky is the new Free Mumia.

    Tasteless, I know. Sorry.

  45. Rome Hun Bose Jautista!

  46. Oh Boy

  47. Sweet!

  48. Well that was pretty

  49. Double decker – upper tanker -2 run shot.

    That’s sexy right there.

  50. Does it hurt? Does it hurt Chen?

  51. Buehrle passed the BP baton off to Chen

    • Chen throws 94 mph cheese! That’s not bp even in the bigs!

      • Yeah ok, not the same velocity, but the real key to BP is no movement and high in the zone, over the heart of the plate…. He’s mastered that tonight

  52. Optimus Rheim!!

  53. #SignMelkyNow

    • Qualify him and sign him below market cause no team wants to give up the money and the prospects?

  54. Lets make it trend on twitter


  55. Reimold needs this to be his walk up music… Just switch Rollin with Nolan, and Rawhide with Reimold:

  56. Anyone know what the orioles payroll is at?

  57. Make it a quick inning hutch!

  58. MarkaKKKKKKKis.

  59. Rob Ford calling balls and strikes tonight

  60. I like this Hutch.

  61. Cruz has really fallen off a cliff! He was robo baseball player in the first half and now he looks broken! Broken by baseball!

  62. Even Buck wants to #signmelky

  63. Pretty sure Buck is vastly underestimating what Melky will cost if he hits FA.

    • I’m pretty sure most people are.

    • Does he become a Yankee?

      • This is his big payday. No way he won’t test the market. Yankees already have Ellsbury and Gardner on big contracts. Beltran is another story. I suppose they might be interested in Melky. I’m guessing Ichiro will be gone next year.

  64. Is that a group of TD employees sitting behind left field? Because if it is, they’re playing themselves.

  65. Hutch is chucking strikes, gotta give him that.

  66. Sometimes I wonder if the main difference between a pitcher’s good days and a pitcher’s bad days are the size of the ump’s strike zone.

    • That’s part of it. Watch Chen today, though. He’s clearly fucked, and there is no strike zone that will save him.

    • You’re not likely to change anyone’s views on Joni or Neil, et al, and if you’re looking for Stoeten, he’s presently viewing reruns of Frisky Dingo.

  67. Reimold is using the nWo Wolfpac theme. Amazing.

  68. Enough to drive a coach fucking insane.

    Entering the inning the pitcher has thrown 93 pitches. The perfect opportunity to knock him out of the game by being patient, possibly doing some damage in the process.

    Instead? A 6 fucking pitch inning? Are you fucking kidding me!?

    Come on guys, you’re better than that!

  69. It’s about time we get into their bullpen! Lefties and righties hitting over 300 against this guy! Ouch!

  70. Melky 3 two out hits…love it

  71. Bautista!!!

  72. Milk and hose night

  73. Bats the Destroyer

  74. Orioles announcer says he talked to Gibbons … said that Chen’s record + LHP vs Jays + Hutch’s struggles, this has got to be an O’s win …

    So no point in even playing game right?

    Baseball, folks

    In Houston Hutch was getting squeezed by the ump, but ball was moving well … opinion in here was suggesting skipping this start and Stroman starting the play in game.

  75. Man I like Good Hutch.

  76. Another classic Reyes throw. Hope somebody warned Valencia.

  77. So… why did Baltimore call in a lefty reliever to replace their lefty starter to face Toronto’s lineup? He’s not forcing Gibbons to go to his bench early at all.

  78. Philip Seymour Hoffman could have played Buck Showalter.

  79. He could have a freakin no hitter right now if it wasn’t for 1 mistake..

  80. Fuck you and your old man waddle, Buck.

  81. Can they not step through the frames of two videos side-by-side? Do they just not have the cameras synchronised?

  82. Fuck Buck.

  83. I think hutch likes the extra off day

  84. Hahahahaha too bad Buck wasted his challenge on the last play.

  85. For the sake of karma can we just quietly end this game now? No need to lay it on.
    Only sports get me to throw out all logic.

  86. He looked there.

    But they won’t overturn.

  87. Horsehit. Glove was still open

    • This is coinciding with my karma comment.

    • Isn’t it different for reviews? Ball just has to be in the glove I think.

    • It’s infuriating really. They really should have left the calls to the ump because Mr. Replay needs a kick in the testicles.

      • If they left it to the ump there would be no replays.
        Mr Replay occasionally disagrees and overturns.
        Baby steps.
        Improvement possible.

        • They have to improve it but as much as I miss the base tossing and the histrionics, I don’t miss that poor bastard (Galarraga) who got his perfect game stolen from him because the ump was asleep. …Not to mention the ump shows that used to go on all the time.

  88. Swore he was naked eye safe. Whatever happened to tie goes to the runner?

  89. I think tonight is all the evidence we need for Stoeten to stop attending Jays games.

  90. Holy fuck Hutch.

  91. Norris just tweeted that he got promoted to AAA.

    One more K Hutch

  92. Daaawwwwww.

  93. Dangit. So close, he was so close.

  94. First baserunner allowed all game.

  95. Drew muthafuckin Hutchison

  96. *Ovation

  97. The games not in danger, I’d have let Hutch finish.

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