What a game last night, and what a performance from Drew Hutchison. Let’s do something like that again, shall we?

Um… minus the hangover, perhaps.


John Lott tweets that Alex Anthopoulos says Edwin Encarnacion was running hard today, and is much better.

Shi Davidi adds that AA left open the door for Edwin to return in time for next week’s series in Seattle. That’ll play.

And… yeah, that’s all I’ve got.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Detroit

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
1B Juan Francisco (L)
3B Danny Valencia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
LF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Baltimore Orioles

RF Nick Markakis (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
CF Adam Jones (R)
DH Delmon Young (R)
LF Nelson Cruz (R)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
C Caleb Joseph (R)
2B Jonathan Schoop (R)

RHP Miguel Gonzalez

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  1. C’mon Franny

  2. This strike zone. Holy fuck.

  3. Finally found the clip on The League where they all think Andre looks like a penis. So fitting.


  4. The Tigers are possibly already in town. Should I play Mata Hari in order to cause their ultimate downfall? I’m willing to take one for the team.

  5. Happ hazard!

  6. Please please please don’t waste this start by Happ you fuckers!

  7. Minus the homerun, Happ has basically spun a gem

  8. Where’s Tommy Hunter when we need him?

  9. Miller is absolutely filthy.

  10. Miller against 3 lefties is like only having 8 innings to score.

  11. Penis Head came poised.
    He peppered the mitt.
    He barfed out a load.

    Let’s not leave him hanging.

  12. Miller crushes lefties. How’s bout sending Goins back down and bringing up Pillar? Could be fucking useful in situations like these. Gibby needs to fucking bury the hatchet with him.

    • Goins needs to go back to AAA. The bat is beyond useless.

      When Dinner is your cleanup hitter, you can’t accommodate his bat.

      • Agreed 100% and I’m not saying that Pillar is the next coming of Christ but fuck, he could replace a Cletus or Gose when going against a fucking Lefty terminator for fuck sakes. Make room on the bench send Goins back to where he belongs and bring back Pillar.

  13. Too….many….dick…jokes.

    One more and I’ll explode…

  14. Watching a Goins at bat is like watching a… Goins at bat.

  15. That little clip of Beurhle gnawing on what looked like jerky did not surprise me even the slightest

  16. Every year the jays brass has some fascination with a no talent hack that they think will just perform at the big league level despite all evidence to the contrary .

    Few years ago it was Jo Jo Reyes

    Then it was Sam “best stuff in the organization ” dyson.

    This year it’s Ryan goins

  17. Throw him out!

  18. And cue Buck…

  19. He went.

    Beat it Showalter

  20. We’re throwing gems lately.

    We need to fucking win this game.

  21. Cannot spoil this gem.

  22. A standing ovation for JA Happ.

  23. Where’d all the assholes come from? Is TSN broken?

  24. So if we get the lead, do you let Happ finish or pull him?

  25. That’s a hell of a start, Happ. Tip your hat, folks. This from a guy who had a lot of haters on here.

    When Happ is at the back of your rotation, you have bigger problems to solve. Like Goins. Can they use the DH for Goins and let the pitcher hit? /sarcasm>

  26. Happ deserves better tonight.

  27. 125 pitches for Happ. That’s a vet that wants it. Gotta get this one.

  28. “O’DayO’DayO’Day “

  29. Bean, we’re all counting on you to distract those Tigers this weekend. Don’t let us down!

  30. Oday will implode

  31. Walkoff for Jose against O’Day would be priceless.

  32. Fuck that was pretty scary. I find it scarier when an athlete jumps up immediately but is obviously not all there then one who just crumples to the ground.

  33. One run is pathetic for the offense

  34. Nice abs from reyes and reimold…noy

  35. Let’s just hope Melky doesn’t land on the DL. Outside of Buatista and Reyes, they kinda look like a quality International League team at the moment. But hey! The pitching’s been good!

  36. Goddamn it

  37. You’ve got to give the ol tip of the cap to Happ tonight.

    Seriously, just the tip…….only for a second, I swear.

  38. Seriously. How do you NOT try to do too much at the plate if you’re Bautista right now. If he doesn’t hit it out, they probably lose.

  39. Great AB from Jose. Expected him to get rung up though…

  40. I won’t lie, my heart stopped for a second. That might have been a “star call” IMO.

    Especially with such a big zone tonight.

  41. Meh. Maybe we get lucky still.

  42. So many negative thoughts. So much anger.

  43. Zach Britton in the 9th..with lefties up..Valencia our only hope

  44. Not looking good for the 9th

    The lefty posse coming up with Britton coming in.

    Good thing they brought up a relief pitcher with a rested pen instead of a right handed bat

  45. So now we’re getting to see what the lineup looks like with Melky, EE or Lind. Yikes.

    Thank god for the hipster tonight.

  46. Janssen into the game. Let’s see if he can vulture one for Casey with Francisco, Valencia, Rasmus.

    • Britton is a lefty. Which of course doesn’t bode well for Big Frisco nor Chicken Dog.

  47. Refreshing to see a reliever come in and pound the zone with strikes…

  48. Whose the O’s closer?

  49. Just a thought – Gose hit a HR and Happ whiffs 12 and we lose? Isn’t that a sign of the apocalypse?

  50. think AA may have to call Texas for Rios and Beltre if that is even on the table

    oh wait…most likely can’t take on new salary

    • Agreed AA needs to get off his ass and make a move now or else the team will slide out of contention

  51. Who has a lefty closer. Really. C’mon. Stop it.

  52. This game would be 2-2 right now if it wasn’t for the turf rule double.

    • i don’t agree…Markakis let up on the ball and there is no way Valencia scores on a hard hit ball to right with Markakis’ arm

  53. Got a good feeling about this. We’re gonna get a run.

  54. Need the baseball Gods to smile on us right now.


  56. Pretty please guys

  57. lefty masher time?

  58. atleast he didn’t look out matched

  59. Time for Colby to run into one.

  60. Cleeeeetus!

  61. Pack your shit Goins. When Kawasaki pinch hits for you, it’s all over.

  62. I fucking hate you Baltimore.

  63. man Britton has nasty downward sink on his fastball

  64. Alright Cletus, make Tony proud.

  65. Division unlikely now. Just stay in contention for the WC boys.

  66. Fuck!!!

  67. PHRUCK!!

  68. Fuck

  69. Bah!

  70. I don’t get Joseph doing the stupid indicator thing before throwing down sign on every pitch with no one on base

  71. This fucking blew.

  72. Topes Lose

  73. AA please get help.

  74. Fucking fuck.

  75. Fucking garbage. Way to waste that fucking amazing game by JA. I could fucking puke.

  76. Fuck!
    I hope this recent string of games doesn’t sink their season

  77. I hope there is still bird shit on that pointless statue of Ted Rogers.

  78. Cletus enjoy free agency. That was a fucking pathetic AB.

    • Zero chance he’s re-signed, IMHO. Gose will be in CF next year. Let’s hope they keep Melky.

      • Pretty underwhelming season for Colby. Would be pretty hard to swallow a hefty long term deal for him at this point.

        • Colby seems only to have really good seasons when his BABIP is high.

        • Someone mentioned the other day that the Jays could get him on a cheap team friendly deal. I agree, but shit he needs to pickup his offence.

  79. Why wouldn’t the Yankees win

  80. A tough game to lose.
    An unfortunate loss to hang onto JA Happ.

    • That was my 1st thought. All I can think of is, those things even themselves out. At some point he (they) will luck into a few wins.

  81. Well shit. It’s always a bummer to come out on the wrong end of a 2 – 1 game, but baseball.

  82. Might have been a different outcome if they hadn’t fucking drilled Melky.

  83. So two great starts in a row by happ completely wasted

  84. Fuck Jamie Campbell

  85. Offense couldn’t get going tonight against an average starter, bottom line. Very disappointing. This team finds new ways to fuck up their season.

  86. Fuck !!

  87. I’m being a negative suckhole and I don’t give a fuck. Fucking pathetic. In every possibly fucking way. Cept Happ.

  88. The truth
    @GuzmansJhercurl: Good game. Jays played well. Not gonna win though with this roster. Ownership has screwed this team big time

  89. AA tried to keep going on pixie dust, and the inevitable happened. Regression.

    You can’t keep expecting sub par players to outperform their true talent levels indefinitely.

    • Hi Asshat! Thanks for the piercing insight.

    • I agree for once, regression was due
      No reinforcements from “sitting on his hands all year” gm

      • Throw me in the “agree” pile here.

        This is the year the AL East is weak. If they wanted to have a go at it, the time was a couple of weeks ago.

        The AAA guys filled in as best they could. But they are what they are.

    • They’ll be better when Edwin comes back.

  90. Fine series, the first game notwithstanding. Tip of the hat to Baltimore. Too bad the Jays are hurtin’ — maybe next time, they get ‘em but good.

  91. @thekidcanada: Jays now get Sanchez/Scherzer/Price next. Wheeee!

    This could get ugly quick

  92. Good game – short of the final score.
    Well pitched for the most part – both teams couldn’t get much bat on the ball.
    Gotta tip your cap to Baltimore – they’re way better than anyone gives them credit.

  93. 5 back with 48 left to play and two-thirds of the infield to be manned by AAA platoon players? Yeah, the division is pretty much done now unless AA finally gets off his ass.

  94. I’m fucking embarrassed that not only did we lose but we had no response for a beanball in melky’s spine…it’s fucking embarrassing. Should change our name to the VanillaJays…this team has no balls…I’ve watched Jed lowrie lean over the plate as redsock and bat 400 nobody – gives a fuck…I’ve watched Yourgay Posada chirp the shit out of us – nobody gives a fuck …I’ve watched Gardner make asses of us…you know what? Fuck this

    • OK aside from the rest of your asshat post, the elbow is not located close to the back area. Please consult a basic anatomical chart of human beans. Thanks.

      • Human beans?! Ahhhhh!

      • Sorry I was actually at the game like I usually am and I’m bombed like I usually am – point remains…jays are vanilla

        • Agree Chone. There’ve been a few teams throw at JB in the past which no one – NOT ONE – person has taken exception to. There IS a time and place I know, but it seems they consistantly miss those. The payback for Melky has to come in the next series.

          • Even if the idea of “payback” wasn’t ridiculous [it is] – why on Earth would we “payback” the Tigers for something the Orioles did?

            This is why we have war.

            • I think he means payback the Orioles in the next series in which the Jays play the Orioles, which is not to far from now.

              I think plunking guys is ridiculous, for whatever stupid slight. But there is some bizarre logic to retaliating if you’re guy gets plunked first.

              It’s kind of like kicking the schoolyard bully in the nuts when he torments you. He’ll think twice about it next time.

              • Bro…..as far as I remember Melky was 3/3 with a BB last night. I don’t remember beyond that…..BANG

            • Noooooo Bean..the next series with the Orioles.
              ps I DO agree to an extent. But it’s baseball. If you let them throw at you.
              They’ll just keep doing it and even your own team will lose respect for you.
              part of the reason they threw at Melky was that they thought they could
              do it with impunity.

            • Vengeance!

    • You should cheer for the Diamondbacks.
      They’d fill yer boots!

      • I can barely recall the last fight we had. I think it was Posada and Jesse Carlson years back.

        • I remember that . Jesse got a gash on his forehead. I liked his attitude.

        • Remember this?

          “Edwin Encarnacion, who belted a mammoth solo homer in the fourth inning off Sergio Mitre, was plunked by the Yankees’ starter in his next at-bat in the sixth. All-Star second baseman Aaron Hill was drilled in the back by a Mark Melancon fastball in the top of the eighth.
          The lefthanded Carlson recorded one out in the bottom of the eighth before throwing a pitch a few feet behind Posada, who appeared to say “You don’t want to be doing that” before both benches emptied the first time, uneventfully.
          It was supposed to be a fastball in and I just yanked it,” Carlson said. “I’m not going to apologize. No need to.”


          “Reserve infielder John McDonald also was spotted by TV cameras landing a punch to the head of Joe Girardi in the middle of the scrum to the first-base side of home plate. “It definitely was not me,” McDonald said with a smile.”

  95. Holy fuck I am 2″ short of a good day according to the woman.

  96. Highlight of the game was when jerry exclaimed on the radio

    “He is high .. And he is hard “

  97. Thank god melkeys X-rays were negative . We know those are always accurate

  98. But holy shit – did you see the size of that goose-egg on Melky’s elbow? That basically formed in less than a minute.
    Damn, that’s gotta hurt.

  99. 5 games behind one team is doable.
    Teams have made up 10 or more games in Sept.
    The team ahead of you can stumble and/or you can get hot.

    But if they start falling behind the Skankees in the division
    or the Royals and Mariners in the WC, it gets a lot tougher.

    Multiple teams are not going to stumble for you
    and some them are going to win every night.
    Much tougher to make up ground.

    For positioning in the standings, this weekend looms very large.

  100. That was a tough series for the Jays (no shit sherlock); losing 2 of 3 is bad but just the way we couldn’t get a hit when we needed today was deflating. Lawrie’s back! Yay! Oh fuck! He’s gone again. Faaaack. Colby looks terrible; he needs to eat his fucking chicken dogs in the batting cage, not gazing at the skyline of TO. Sure will be interesting to see what happens with Colby this offseason. I hope he rakes in Aug & Sept and makes it hard for the Jays to not do a QO but he’s not looking good

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