What a game last night, and what a performance from Drew Hutchison. Let’s do something like that again, shall we?

Um… minus the hangover, perhaps.


John Lott tweets that Alex Anthopoulos says Edwin Encarnacion was running hard today, and is much better.

Shi Davidi adds that AA left open the door for Edwin to return in time for next week’s series in Seattle. That’ll play.

And… yeah, that’s all I’ve got.

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Detroit

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
1B Juan Francisco (L)
3B Danny Valencia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
LF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Baltimore Orioles

RF Nick Markakis (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
CF Adam Jones (R)
DH Delmon Young (R)
LF Nelson Cruz (R)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
C Caleb Joseph (R)
2B Jonathan Schoop (R)

RHP Miguel Gonzalez

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  1. @MartyYork: Despite inane ramblings of ass-kissing, media homers who’ll ultimately lose their jobs in Tor, #Jays lose again. #O’s+Yanks better. #toldya

    • Professional troll hard at work. What a joke.

      • He’s such a troll
        Though AA sitting on his hands this while past year has been awful

        • Yeah… Whether it’s AA being gun shy or Rogers telling him that they’re not giving him any more money to work with, it’s frustrating. That said, the idea that Hutchison, Stroman and Sanchez could all start next year in the rotation, with Norris maybe getting a shot mid-season makes me feel a little better about the fact that he’s held onto the team’s top prospects.

          • Pitching hasn’t really been a problem this season. What does next year’s offense look like, quite possibly without Melky?

            • agreed, after the current bats that are in the majors, there’s not alot of looming stars in the minors that arent’ pitchers.

    • Why are we still posting Marty York’s shit BelowAverage?

  2. It must be a gut punch to see your once in a century hopes going up in flames.

    I wouldn’t normally rub it in on the fans of another team, even one as bad as the one y’all cheer for, if it hadn’t been for the Chump that runs this blog and his stupid comments about the O’s a couple years back. Since then the O’s are something like 45-3 against the Blue Jokes. See, ya can’t make stupid comments about another team like this Assclown blogger did, and not expect to look like a Chump when your team gets its ass kicked all the time.

    So if the Chump doesn’t go acting like an asshole, maybe I won’t be bothering you fans no more. But if the Chump does, then I’lll just have to keep visiting this Assclown’s blog.

  3. Games started this season giving up 2 or less ER in which the Jays lost:

    Buehrle: 3
    Happ: 2

    Buehrle had another in which he gave up 3ER and they lost.

    Total runs scored by the Jays in those games:

    Beuhrle’s starts: 0, 3, 0 (they scored 1 in the game he gave up 3ER)
    Happ’s starts: 1, 1

    • See? It’s the damn pitching! If they’d held ‘em to zero runs, the Jays might be atop the division!

    • To add to this, here are the stats for the other starters:

      Number of games giving up 2ER or less that the Jays lost:

      Dickey: 4 (he also gave up 3ER twice in games they lost)
      Hutch: 2 (3ER = twice)
      Stroman: 3 (3ER = once)

      Jays runs scored in those games:

      Dickey: 6, 2, 1, 0 (3, 2 in the others)
      Hutch: 1, 4 (3, 2)
      Stroman: 1, 3, 0 (2)

      • Okay, so what? The Jays starters have pitched what, 14 games this year where they gave up 2 ER and lost? Out of 114 games? Considering that most of those starters average about 5 innings per start, I don’t see that ratio as being particularly noteworthy. If anything, it is noteworthy how few times these starters can get through 5 innings without shutting a team down.

        • Or. The team/bullpen can’t take care of good starts.

          14 losses where your starter gives up 2ER or less and 20 losses where they give up 3ER or less?

          Just staggering to me, that’s all. They play well enough to win games they likely shouldn’t and vice versa. Regardless, this is not an insignificant number of losses.

  4. I think we all need to give JA Happ a big ol pat on the back. Don’t think there’s a fifth starter out there who has been as dependable as he’s been all season.

    Don’t kill me for this, but how much of a sweetener has he become should the Jays look to dump salary this offseason?

    • Id say its more likely that Dickie or Brulele have become the sweetener and I’d guess Dickie over Brulehe as Brulele seems like better tam player and does not cost a catching roster spot being misused

      • You took three cracks — two unique — at “Beurhle” and got ‘em all wrong? You’re staring into a device connected to all information in human history!

    • He’s certainly making that $6 million option for next year into a pretty easy decision.

  5. New article by John Lott on Lawrie’s oblique outlook (see what I did there)…


    My favorite quote is one from AA, but if you didn’t know better you would think Pat Tabler said it:

    “You look at his body type, he’s wound tight,” he said. “There’s not a whole lot, if any, fat on him.”

  6. Dalton Pompey has quad tightness and seems pretty worried about it according to his twitter feed.

    But maybe he’s just a drama queen. His tweets seem kind of attention seeking…..like a girl who keeps saying how fat she is, trying to get someone to say “no dear, don’t be crazy, I’d kill to be thin like you”

  7. I can’t begin to guess at baseball training regimens but I have wondered for years if the problem re. the seeming raft of one or two particular injuries isn’t over-emphasis on (static) power drills and not nearly enough stretching and plyometrics / asst’d. dynamic impact exercise. More yoga, more fartleks, fewer squats.

    • I don’t think you need to do fewer squats. If done with proper form, can’t see how it would do anything but help.

      That said, I think teamwide mandatory yoga would be a fantastic idea. I use to get minor strains all the time when lifting and the missus kept trying to get me to go to yoga, but I was an idiot and felt it wasnt “manly” enough (this was when I was younger and cared about such nonsense).

      Anyways, now we go together, have been for a few years now, and I haven’t had even a whiff of those previous injuries. There are serious physical benefits to yoga, and I would have to imagine it would cut down on strains and pulls significantly.

      Sounds like something Joe Maddon will do, and then when the Rays cut down on injuries, the rest of the MLB catches up. I doubt there’s any other manager forward thinking enough to implement it. It would only take 30-45 minutes pregame. It’s certainly doable. It could even be a team building exercise, who knows?

      • Yeah, maybe I didn’t quite hit the nail on the head: teams would be better served devoting more of the non-baseball drills time to plyometrics and yoga — not fewer squats, per se; nor did I mean to hammer a particular exercise as culprit (squats, in this case). Flexibility and impact absorption are far more critical to injury avoidance than strength / muscle mass.

        Like I said at the outset, too, I’m not sure baseball hasn’t already figured this out.

  8. Good “Grantland” piece on playoff pitching here:


    • Good piece

    • Kind of makes you laugh at the people who applauded AA’s decision to stand pat because “hey, we’re in the WC position”.

      These are GM’s that get it. You are never “good enough”.

      • you’re kind of an asshat for saying things like that.

        do you really think that AA thinks this team is good enough? do you really think that he didnt want to improve this team?

        get a grip on reality.

        • @ DC took the words right out of my mouth.

        • Of course he “wanted” to improve the team. But since when do we give bonus points for “wanting” somethibg? This isn’t timbits hockey. He’s a high powered executive. You either perform, and you get held accountable.

          THAT’S reality, friend. Not the incessant excuse making that we’ve all be doing for AA for a while.

          I don’t care if he “wanted” to improve the team. I just care if he did. There were moves that could have been made that wouldn’t have cost Sanchez or Stroman. Masterson could have been gotten. Headley could have been gotten.

          The franchise is in the first pennant race in 2 decades. If you can’t moves in this position, then why are you even here?

          Just feels like we’ve been mediocre for so long that you guys are willing to keep giving AA excuses for mediocrity.

          I get that Rogers controls the budget. There were moves that wouldn’t have added a dollar in payroll.

  9. Marry York is a tool

  10. Davidi saying that Rasmussen down and Tolleson will be coming back of the paternity list

  11. Good piece on Jays prospect Richard Urena here. Dude has been quietly becoming one of the Jays better position playing prospects it seems.


  12. Esmil Rogers is starting for the Yankees today haha

  13. Interesting tidbit on Jaystalk.Caller complaining about Price and Lester.Wilner usually says maybe they were asking too much,saying nobody knows..
    This time he answered ( paraphrased) Would you give up Stroman,Sanchez and Lawrie for Price?Caller says No.Then Wilner adds the ask for Lester was Jose Bautista.
    The caller says “Do you know this for sure.”
    Wilner says “I know this for sure.”

    Information on specific trades, with confirmation on the exact players involved, doesn’t usually get leaked out of the Jays camp.
    Unless maybe it’s on purpose?
    I’ve heard guesses but no specific confirmation.This is the first time.

    • I smell BS, Lester for Bats? Isnt that a ridiculously high asking price considering Bats high trade value?

      • Maybe

      • Not only that but Lester’s a 2 month rental.

        Some of this stuff isn’t adding up.
        Lots of spin

        • Jays r teh liarz, jays talk callers probably

        • Everything about this franchise has been spin for the past few years.

          • Like what, RobAsshat?

            • “the money is there if we need it”
              “playoffs 3 of the next 5 years”
              “There are no payroll parameters”

            • “We’re looking for position players”

              Headley gets traded

              “Now we’re focusing more on pitchers”

              Trade deadline passes

              “We think the best time to trade is in August. Lost of deals in August”

              If you don’t think there’s an inordinate amount of spin going on, your not paying attention.

          • Stop

          • Wow. You’re right. All spin no results. There are no prospects starting to come through the pipe line at all. Considering it seemed to be mostly pitching that was traded, and considering our pitching is much better than we thought it would be, who are these magical bats we should have traded for? And please don’t reply Chase Headly again….

            • that’s like saying “what is 2+ 2? …….And please don’t say 4 again” . You’re elimnating an answer to your question.

              Chase Headley is a perfect example of what your asking. He’s a guy that would have helped immensely on both sides of the ball and he would have cost us, literally, nothing.

              And yes, we don’t know what other deals AA could have made. Maybe he actually had nothing possible. Maybe he had all kinds and chose not too. we don’t know. But at some point, we need to stop using that fact (the fact that we don’t know) for cover for AA.

              We clearly needed upgrades this offseason. Didn’t happen. Clearly need upgrades this trade season. Didn’t happen. And yes, Rogers is cheap as fuck and shortsighted by not opening the purse strings..

              But we also need to look at facts: AA has been given a top 10 payroll. If we shit on Rogers for not spending more (and we rightly do) we also need to shit on AA for inefficient allocation of the resources he WAS given. There are tons of teams who have done a lot more with a lot less.

              • Then fire AA right now then?

                • ah, nice straw man argument.

                  Somehow, legitimate criticism of AA = “Fyre Anthropology!!!”

                  No, I don’t think they should fire him. The team is constructed as it’s constructed. We won’t be making any significant trades this month, so we live or die by these guys.

                  Do I think AA is the worst GM in baseball? no. But I also don’t think he’s an overly good one, and yeah, if the team fizzles this year, he should be gone this offseason.

                  5 years, 2 of them with a payroll of over $120 million is more then enough of fair chance.

                  BTW I was a huge AA supporter until this past offseason.

              • @ RobA

                Maybe he wouldn’t have spent all his budget IF he was told that no more money would be made available.
                It’s like building a house and having a budget of 200,000 with another 40,000 for upgrades when needed, only to be told that the 200 K is all your getting.If you knew that to begin with, you might only spend 180 K and leave 20 k in reserve.
                Remember that the Marlins trade started with the Jays inquirying about JJ. Reyes,Buehrle et al,were discussed after.The Jays coulda refused to accept the salary dump and traded for JJ only.But AA was told AFTER all the trades, that addtional funds would be made available.

      • It’s basically a “Fuck you, we’re not trading with you”.

        It’s like if the Angles inquired about Bautista and the Jays said “Mike Trout or no deal”.

        • that’s not what he said at all. He said he knew they wanted Sanchez for Miller. That makes a ton of sense too. What else would the Jays offer that would beat the Orioles offer?

          He suggested they’d want Bautista for Lester, didn’t say he knew for sure.

          • When he said Bautista for LEster, the guy was kind of stunned, and he said

            “you know that for sure?”

            And wilner said “I know it for sure”

            It’ll be on the podcast, should be posted online soon if it’s not already

    • A ridiculous trade demand like that is definitely a screw you we’re not helping yyou out to the jays.

    • Wilner is full of shit. The Bautista thing came about because people were trying to compare the package Oakland gave up with what the jays could offer and a bunch of people said the closest comparison for Cespedes is Bautista. Then Wilner spun it into an actual ask. When has this guy ever been right on anything to do with the team? He’s a joke.

      • I agree. I was listening, and it seemed to me like Wilner is just instinctually combattive with every caller and has to “win” every argument.

        When the caller said what he said, it seemed like Wilner was spitballing Bautista for Lester, but then when asked directly “you know this for sure” his position would have been weakened if he had said “no, but I think so” so he just chose to “win” the argument regardless of if it was true or not.

        I doubt Cherington would even suggest such a thing. What would be the point? It would be like saying “fuck you” when a “sorry, not interested in trading him in the division” would more than suffice.

        • exactly wilner must win at all costs, truth be damned

        • I’m no Wilner fan, but is would be hard to be combative with all the idiots that call into that show. But then again, its not like they don’t screen calls, so I guess that combative type show is what they are going for. Or there are very few intelligent people calling into the show

          • Wilner’s job on Jays Talk is to cull irrational, short-sighted morons from the herd in order to keep the team and the season in perspective. He does this very well. If you have anything remotely intelligent to say he’ll hear you out and often agree with you. He may not be right 100% of the time, but he’s fucking Einstein compared to many of his callers.

            • Wilner is a natural contrarian. That said his act has grown on me over the last few years.
              Like Jamie Campbell, he loves the Blue Jays and wants them to do well.

  14. Chase Headley wouldn’t even be an upgrade over Juan Francisco and Juan’s years before free agency could actually have some value even if you package him for something this winter. RobA sucks.

    • This dumping on RobA thing is super-clever. Keep up the good work, people.

    • Don’t be dense dude.

      Chase Headley has more WAR in this crappy season (1.8) then Juan Francisco has in his entire career (1.7) even though he’s having the best year of his career.

      The whole “hot hand” thing is more or less a myth. Baseball is just a random weighted number generator. And the more “weight” (i.e. talent) you can put on your next roll of the die the more likely you are to have the RNG spit out a positive number.

      You put the most talented player on your team. Headley is a star, an elite defender and plays fulll time. Francisco is a platoon player, shielded from all but the most favorable situations.

      And 3 years of Francisco? Who cares? He’s not a good baseball player. Guys like him can be picked off the scrapheap at anytime. I’d rather have 3 months of a star player during our first pennant race in 20 years then 3 years of a platoon bench player.

      • I love the intellectual dishonesty from the team pundits

        Since headley and Prado have been having somewhat down seasons , they suck

        Yet when they pass on a player having a big year … They say “look at his entire career..this is a lucky stretch”

        Anyone who thinks Prado wouldn’t be a massive upgrade over Kawasaki or goins is bring an ignorant contrarion dick face on purpose

        • its not that anyone thinks prado or headley wouldn’t be upgrades.

          its that the cost of acquisition, in this case mostly money, isn’t worth the marginal upgrade.

          • I’ve been skipping through this but has anyone mentione Headley’s disc problem vs the Rogers turf yet?
            Really shouldn’t be talking about the guy at all.

            Prado: different story.

            • Have you compared Prado’s numbers over the last 2 years with the money he’s making? If cash wasn’t an issue, why not, I guess, but it kind of is. I mean were not talking about 2012 Martin Prado here, or even the 2013 verson. We’re talking about a player making 4/40 on numbers that are maybe slightly better than league average, with lots of statistical evidence to prove that he’s on the decline and that time travel is impossible. That’s a whole lot of money to spend on meh. I mean, fair enough to yell cheap fuck Rogers, but I can’t fault Alex for not picking him up. Amen on Headley though. I’d be surprised if he’s even in the line-up on turf.

              • Agree somewhat. The thinking was that with all their injuries, they could use a half decent guy who can fill in at numerous spots. His production has fallen off somewhat, but he’s no where near terrible.

    • CH has a .333 OBP since coming to the ALE. Plus playing gold glove defense.

      You’re trying to say with a straight face that’s not an upgrade over JF? Who, despite being in the midst of his “miracle year” has a .303 OBP? Him of the career .301 OBP?

      • Juan value is more his slg than his obp. his obp can stay at .300 if his slg stays above .500

        • He’s a terrible defender with no speed and a 40 percent k rate

          Slugging percentage isn’t as important as on base percentage

          He’s still living off the spoils of his ridiculous hot start

  15. Did anyone notice how the fuck matt thornton was claimed for nothing? Every AL team passed on him. This was a no brainer. makes cheap coin.

    • The Yankees signed him in the offseason .. What are you talking about

    • 4 million for a reliever? not exactly nothing, it was a nice pick up by the nats but lets not get carried away.

      • but when you consider the ask for what boston was asking then getting a power arm for Nothing is huge when you consider we have no delabar, santos and shitty cecil.

  16. Giants released Dan Uggla. I believe that means we can sign him for the league minimum.

    I don’t have much hope, but maybe try to catch lighting in a bottle? It’s a no risk move.

  17. Why are people so consumed with headly and his massive salary. Rios just cleared waivers, could have got him for nothing, only costs 5 mil, would have helped this team easily. move jose to third, fat juan to 1st. the only reason you can explain is that even 5mil is too much for tin cup AA.

  18. I’ll seriously take winning 2 out of the next 6

    Sanchez, price , scherzer, king Felix , iwakuma are five of the next 6 starters we face

    Even when kind and EE come back, it’s going to be a while for their timing to come back

    Just need to not get buried during this stretch

    • it all depends if Balt can regress a bit. I’m just hoping the jays are less than 5 games back by the start of Sept

  19. Lind’s broken toe seems to have gravitated to his back

    Mike Wilner ‏@Wilnerness590 ·11 mins
    Adam Lind’s back tightening up a bit means #Bluejays will keep an eye, but still expect to see him in Seattle Monday

  20. Mmm! Lind’s back is dee-licioius! Nomnomnom!

  21. And Beeston’s saying Jays payroll will increase in 2015.


    Says never been denied by Rogers for money.
    What was that Santana thing about?

    • He hasn’t been denied because he never asks. See how that logic works? Like that who’s on first what’s on second line.

    • honestly, the first person I want to see go is Beeston.

      He thinks its 1990 still. I want a president who has some balls, whos going to get shit done timely and put pressure on the ownership. Clearly Beestons not that guy, he’s too chummy.
      I like AA, I think he’s done a lot of good. but starting down the path of ‘going for it’ and then being cut off it a problem over his pay grade.

      Only thing is I doubt Rogers would put someone in place who is going to play rough

    • Perhaps they had a hard budget from Rogers which they’ve rubbed up against this year, however for the next fiscal year rogers agreed to allocate more dosh based on increased gate/advertising/TV revenue from the current year.

    • He says “I think we’ll be up next year”. Never says that Rogers authorized a payroll increase for 2015, just that Beeston thinks payroll will be up. I’ll believe it when I see it

    • The whole Santana thing can only be looked at objectively if you take Atlanta out of the picture, as they were, up until the final hour of negotiations. Santana was every bit a Blue Jay until the equivalent of a random lightning strike fucked it up. You don’t offer a player a truck load of money when they’ve already agreed to play for bag of it.

  22. i think not being in 1st place makes a big difference. Getting a guaranteed 2 playoff games, you’re looking at maybe 100,000 x $30 = 3 mil + tv ratings easily justifies a bump.

  23. Remember when AA saved Rogers 81 mil by trading Vernon Wells the second before he fell off a fucking cliff?

    • Lmao tony reagins trying to save his job with that trade

    • Remember when AA traded Mike Napoli for a 30 year old fat ass reliever who’s man claim to fame was throwing a chair at someone?

      • well he was a free agent oh i dunno 2 season ago so what does that matter now.

      • A crystal fucking ball was required to know that Napoli was going to have the year he had in Boston. Other than 2011, Napoli wasn’t exactly a super star. A decent catcher, sure, but when you’re already all in on a guy who had 4 hits, 2 home runs and 3 rbis in his debut adn highly touted as your backstop of the future, who cares? Hindsight is 20/20.

  24. I’m hiding behind the couch waiting for the news that Edwin’s rehab has hit a snag.

  25. I’m not really one for the hash tags but:


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