There are about seven weeks left in the season, and according to a statement to reporters today from Alex Anthopoulos, Brett Lawrie could miss as many as six of them. And that’s assuming the prognosis includes time for a rehab assignment, which it almost certainly doesn’t.

In other words, it’s not impossible that we’ve seen the last of Brett Lawrie in a Blue Jays uniform this season.

That’s getting ahead of ourselves a bit, though. What the GM said, according to a tweet from Barry Davis, is that the left oblique strain that has landed the oft-injured infielder on the Disabled List yet again will require a recovery time of “three to six weeks.”

While I generally roll my eyes — or worse — at the tinfoil hat wearing individuals who want to see a conspiracy in everything the Jays say about their players’ injuries, here they’re giving us a timeline that admits it may be tough for Lawrie to get back in time to finish the season. It may not! He may end up close to the three week side of things, but I think fans can be forgiven if they’re skeptical.

Other Injury Updates

In the tweet about the injury timeline, Davis notes that Anthopoulos says this latest oblique injury for Lawrie is unrelated to the previous ones he’s had. Which… great? I guess?

Another tweet from Davis says that Edwin Encarnacion has been running and may start rehab games on the weekend (yay!), and that Adam Lind went 2-for-3 today in his rehab assignment, and is on track to return when the club goes to Seattle early next week.

Encarnacion will return at the end of next week “at the latest,” says Anthopoulos, according to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy.

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  1. MIss Lawrie, but a Francisco/Valencia platoon i can live with.

    It’ll be getting Lind and EE back that make us unstoppable

  2. Yup, give me Lind and EE back in the lineup – and that’ll be a big help.
    I would suggest that Lawrie take a seat and rest up someplace…but I’m scared that he’ll find something to break doing that.

    • Unrelated to previous a previous injury and a 3-6 week recovery time frame doesn’t exactly scream good news to me. I feel it’s either minute and they want to tread carefully, or he’s somehow managed some decent damage due to whatever

  3. As if we needed greater validation of the Valencia pickup.

    As a member of the Worst Case Scenario club, I expect to see Lawrie again in Spring Training.

    Although, here’s a question: IF the Jays make the playoffs, AND he’s healthy in time for them (but uses the entire 6 week timeframe), do you use a playoff roster spot on Lawrie?

    • maybe

    • Is that even a question? Of course he is on the playoff roster, if they make it, if he is healthy.

      • I ask because of this MLB rule:

        “If a player on a postseason roster gets injured during a playoff series and is replaced, he is also ineligible for the next round.”

        That’s all.

        • As long as you are in the organization by 11:59 pm on August 31st you are eligible to be on the playoff roster

          Example of this is Norris not being called up until mid September, he could be on the roster

  4. I assume by the end of next week the 2 players who go down for EE and Lind are Johnson and goins right?

  5. What is wrong with this dude? He’s 24 and in full three seasons, will likely end up averaging 100 games a year. I’m sure he’ll be unbreakable once he hits 30 though…

  6. Been waiting all day to read some analysis of Norris being promoted to AAA or a recap of yesterday’s win and the possible ramifications on Hutch’s arm, possible in Inge limit and/or future.

    But I guess this ditti will have to do.

    If you weren’t the best it wouldn’t hurt so much!

    • Norris is pretty good. Hutchison isn’t on an innings limit (as per AA). Poor substitute, I’m sure. But will that do?

      • Lol! Just wanted some analysis instead of ticker tape reporting. Stots better than that.

        I know hutch has no innings limit but everyone has been talking about how there should be or how he should be sent to the bullpen to preserve his arm and then he dominates like he did yesterday and nothing.

        No analysis. I guess I come here for that and felt a little sad when I saw something I could picked up from a dozen sources on twitter.

      • And does Norris really deserve a promo off of one dominate start?

        • He really only had two bad ones though. All pitchers have bad days on occasion. It happens. Other that that two start stretch, he’s been pretty nails. I think with pitchers, if you’ve got the stuff, and you can throw it over the plate with a moderate degree of consistency, then you can get guys out. At any level. Hitters is different, I think.

      • That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

  7. Nooooooo Ultimate Warrior!!!!!!

  8. Any bets on who’s back first? Lawrie or Morrow?

    or neither?

  9. I noticed you were also at the game last night Stotes. Knowing Gibby do you think his review request was done just to piss off the O’s after they had two in such a short span of time?

    Also how dynamite was Hutch last night, he was two mistakes away from a perfect game!

  10. I’m beginning to think it’s not so crazy that the guy from that Rogers commercial doesn’t recognize Lawrie when he meets him in the laundromat.

  11. Well, shit!

  12. Also in completely unrelated news, Kevin Durant just made the average individual hate their job that much more

    • meanwhile fangraphs signs drew for $10/hr.

      • I’ll honestly admit, if I was in his shoes, I would whore out the brand head to toe.

        Then go back to OKC and tell them to shed 3/4 of my salary on each of my remaining years of my contract. If a clothing company is willing to pay an individual that much, he almost doesn’t need any money from the team.

        • Then the audit turns up that OKC has been funneling money to Durrant through underarmour in lieu of a salary that counts against the cap.

          Dun, Dun, DUN!

  13. I am more concerned about the recurring them of injuries to Lawrie. Is he wound up too tight? Not doing enough stretching? What’s the training staff doing to ensure that this guy doesn’t miss 50 – 75 games a year. He has star quality but it’s to no avail if he can’t play everyday

  14. Trade this piece of glass once and for all. It looks like milwaukee knew what they were dealing with after all just like larussa..

    • Wow let’s break down how dumb a statement you just made:

      a) Trade him when he is worth very little and injured

      b) Milwaukee can predict future injuries from falling in camera bays and from being hit in the hand by a pitch.

      c) Implying the assorted spare parts we used to get Rasmus was somehow a bad deal.

      • Trading Lawrie in the offseason has merit. He’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to be play 2B, and it doesn’t look like he will ever get the chance to play 3rd anymore. He’s still young, and has a few more years of contract control before his FA years. Lawrie could net something very useful.

      • a) why keep a player who you say is worth very little

        b) milwaukee knew he was unjury prone and uncoachable and would never be an elite player

        c) except we spend years pretending these backup players like JPA, rasmus and lawrie are somehow all stars and then we wonder why we never make the playoffs?

        • And your inside source for Lawrie being uncoachable within the Brewers org is who?

          And I’m pretty sure a majority of people on here, knew that JPA was bad and wanted him gone. There may have been some, including myself who thought he might be able to turn it around, but he didn’t. If you wanna talk about a player who appears to be uncoachable, than look no further than JPA,

    • You’re the best, afdg, the crème de la crème, the jewel in our crown.
      Peerless, matchless, nonpareil.

      Don’t ever change.

    • afdg does it once again

  15. When shaving one’s nuts, which one do you start with? Thanks for your suggestions in advance!

  16. Baseball prospectus says we had the worst trade deadline of any team. Not much margin for error the rest of the way.

    • One man’s opinion. We can’t determine who has the worst anything when there’s still 47 games to be played.

      • Lots of time for stuff to happen
        For example the royals who were 7 back a week ago are now 2.5 gm’s back

        • And the single win on July 31 along with Baltimore’s loss was worth far more than the cumulative result of the trades in terms of overall playoff odds. Really not a big deal.

    • I’d add that getting Valencia to platoon with Big Frisco was a good piece of business that isn’t factored into that list, especially with the latest DLing of Lawrie…

      • It was a good move, don’t get me wrong.

        But when you’re barely clinging on to the last WC spot and the only way you improve your team is by acquiring Danny Valencia, then you’ve made some mistakes.

        • How is it AA’s fault that Rogers won’t give him any more room to add salary, even though they’ve publicly stated that they would increase payroll if the team was winning.

          • There were moves that could have been done without adding payroll that would have improved the team.

            • Can you provide any specific examples of available trades that wouldn’t have increased salary while making the current team better and did not involve a piece like Stroman or Sanchez?

              • Don’t want to get too much into it, because we already did in the other thread. But Chase Headley would’ve cost us Juan Francisco.

                Juan Francisco of the career 1.7 WAR. Chase Headley of the career 22 WAR. He’s got 1.8 WAR in 2014 alone, despite it being the shittiest of his career.

                • Yeah, ’cause we totally knew Lawrie would get hurt on his first day back. Fuck off.

                  • Sorry, FO meant for RobA

                    • Well, that was a well measured and thoughtful response.

                      It really has nothing to do with Lawrie being injured. They could have dumped the bench player Francisco, gotten all star 3B Chase Headley, and had Lawrie play 2B the rest of the season.

                      In one fell swoop, we’ve dramatically improved our defense, and addressed the glaring need to have RHB against LHP.

                      Carry on with the whole swearing at people over the internet because they express a different opinion though. It’s working for you.

                    • All star Chase Headley? Headley is not an all-star this year, far from, and since he’s an FA in 3 months, it really doesn’t matter if he becomes one again in the future.

                      Hey RobA you know who else was an all-star? Alex Rios, twice!

                • And Juan Fran has 1.3…

                  No doubt Headley has been superior for his career. But this year it’s almost a wash.

          • And anyways, that’s what high powered executive positions are all about, all over the business worried. You just find a way. If you don’t, rightly or wrongly, you’re going to be held accountable for it.

    • And also, who are we kidding here? Fangraphs is meant for 35 year old men who live in their mom’s basements. Why would you possibly care what they think?

    • How on earth could your odds drop by 25% if you largely stand pat?

      Also, how were our odds superior to Baltimore’s despite trailing them by like 3 games or something in the standings on deadline day.

      Not sure I find that terribly credible.

      • The whole “odds” thing is pretty much a crapshoot.

        But why are so many people willing to keep giving AA and Rogers passes? It’s ok to love the team, cheer for the team, be a true fan, and STILL criticize the way it’s being run.

        It doesn’t make you disloyal.

        • I actually really like the vast majority of the moves AA has made, especially in his focus of drafting and amateur scouting. That said, I think we’d have been better off had we not made our “big push” last off-season. I’d rather have Marisnick, Alvarez, Hecheverria, Syndergaard, D’Arnaud and, like, 60 million in available payroll.

  17. It’s frustrating. Yes the turf this and turf that. But Alomar and those guys played on turf and were not hurt like this. Plus today’s turf is supposed to be superior. And all this bullshit of pitch counts is annoying. It’s obviously not working because guys are blowing out their arms more than ever. What if these fuckin guys had to play hockey ?

    • A Dominican hockey league would be awesome. Great goal celebrations.

      • Seriously eh. Lol it just seems whenever they have a chance to compete…they’re all fuckin hurt. If I’m not mistaken…it happened last time Gibbons was manager when he had Doc and those guys. Not his fault I’m sure…but it always seems to be something

        • Furthermore…Lawrie is not Dominican. Lol. Love his intensity but WTF. He’s always hurt.

    • I asked this in the other thread but never checked for a response.

      Is there any actual studies done on the injury rate on the new gen turf? Do we even know for sure that it’s significantly higher?

      I know that’s the narrative. Just wondering if there’s any numbers that bear it out.

  18. Would Lawrie be able to play wrapped in bubble wrap? That could work, right ?

    • Although I’ve critical of Reyes at times…it’s my understanding that he’s playing hurt. So props to him.

      • Until he blows out his shoulder completly and then we would roast him on a stick…you know we would..

  19. Lawrie may not be able to get rehab games as the minor league teams finish by September (if this takes that long). Unless there’s a team in the playoffs

  20. Two big factors in muscle strains are too much caffeine and too much phosphorus. Red Bull is high in both. This is his third Oblique strain injury…at what point do the Jays do something about his consumption? Not solely blaming red bull on his injuries but regardless they should be getting his ass off of it.

    • I’ve also heard that the more dimed one is, the more susceptible they are to injury.

      In Brett’s case, his “dimed” status is at or near the “fully” mark, so maybe it was inevitable.

      • Guarantee you Lawrie wakes up every morning, checks himself out in mirror, panics he isn’t as ripped as he was the day before and commences core exercises until his obliques explode

  21. Nice time for jays to pick him up or not

  22. This injury makes no sense to me.

  23. Maybe I’ll start shaving on my left nut first.

  24. Hey, Just read your list of CBC’s 100 Best Songs. It is like if I wrote a baseball article. Good intentions and all, but pretty hilarious. Who rips on Wolf Parade?

    • Said it before, said it again…Stoeten needs to shave because the beard is obviously blocking the effective passage of sounds into his ears.

  25. Red Bull gives you dings

    Lame, but best I could think of during trying times

  26. It amazes me that Lawrie missed over a month, comes back, and gets injured again after contributing one at-bat.

    Remember that time we could have traded Lawrie for Pineda? Even with Lawrie’s injury history, Pineda is still 4.6 fWAR behind.

    (Yes, I know Pineda was injured. That’s kinda the point.)

  27. With Happ on the hill, it makes sense to shave my left ball first.

  28. Too bad. He was batting 1.000 since coming back from his hand injury

  29. Roba saying dumb stuff again colour be shocked

  30. Rips just cleared waivers. Perhaps the Jays should look in to acquiring him and moving Bautista to third. Gives them a better lineup IMO.

  31. Lawrie and Morrow are difference makers when they are on the field.
    But neither can stay on the field long enough to make a difference.
    Its too bad ’cause each guy has a whole lot of talent.

  32. What’s up with Kottaras?

    He’s putting up a .740 ops in his career but hasn’t been able to stick as even a backup catcher?

    Is he ridiculously bad defensively? A known “problem in the clubhouse”?

    Seems like OK numbers for a backup

  33. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ game thread ~~~~~~~~~~~

  34. Lawrie is on glue. The fact that management, the coaching staff, or his teammates haven’t put the hammer down on his Red Bull ingestion…fucking blows my mind. He goddamn tweets about Red Bull!! Can’t be healthy. Probably on weekend MDMA binges too. Get rid of the glow sticks you sad fuck of a loser!!!

    • It’s certified by NSF, and is probably the least harmful (I know that doesn’t sound appealing) out of all energy drinks. That fact he also drinks Biosteel, (which is that pink stuff they’re chugging in those little Dasani water bottles and also NSF approved) probably doesn’t help, as it’s a pre-workout supplement – which are usually high in caffeine content.

  35. Lawrie is his own worse enemy… got so jiffy dicked up over a single he almost misses the bag and hurts his back? Jeezus this season has been a whirlwind…

  36. Does it take an extreme optimist to conclude that Lawrie is simply getting a career’s worth of injuries out in his first 3 years. His Ripken streak will begin in late Sept.

  37. Brett Lawrie probably injured himself doing those lame Sportsnet commercials too. The guy is made of glass. Tough guy/fierce competitor persona with no substance to it.

  38. hes too tightly muscled needs to do yoga for flex (like Lebron) and lift less. AA choked by not getting Headley for Francisco. He already has Dan Johnson for 1b, Headley is an everyday player. Bad judgement and luck to count on Lawrie. better to have Headley and run Tolleson and Kawa/goins out there until Lawrie came back.

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