Melky Plays!


What’s that? Good injury news for the Blue Jays?

No, it won’t put more runs on the board last night, meaning the Jays still wasted an excellent performance from J.A. Happ, but what seemed like an extra-dispiriting loss is now just a little bit more… uh… spiriting: as you can see above, Melky Cabrera is back in the lineup tonight for the Jays.


In case you missed it, or were stunned into total amnesia by the fact that Anthony Gose went yard, Melky got himself an ugly welt on his elbow last night, after taking a pitch to it in his first at-bat of the game. He stayed in to run the bases, and as DH wasn’t needed again until the third, when Nolan Reimold took his place.

In the aftermath of the game the Jays were non-committal, as usual, about the injury, leading to a whole lot of consternation — though, given their track record of late, even their saying he’d be fine would have led to consternation, I’m sure. But it’s all in the past now: Melky is back in left field and hitting second in the lineup tonight as the Jays host Anibal Sanchez and the Tigers. They needed that.

Hey, but what was the worry about in the first place? This doesn’t look like it hurt much, did it?



Image via @SNBarryDavis.

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  1. I think Sanchez gets hammered and rattled today.

  2. I guess this is a minor complaint, but why wouldn’t Gibbons move Valencia down a few slots so he hits right in the middle of the four lefties?

    • Amen, brother.

    • If you’re going to complain about something, it should be over the fact that Francisco is being benched against a RHP, in favour of Kawasaki, Valencia, or Navarro.

      • Maybe they’ve found out that Juan’s magic pixie dust has worn off.

      • I would like to see juan out there over goins. move kawa to second

      • any RHP with a good breaking ball he sits against now it seems.

        • Seems like it, dc…and it makes you wonder why he’s on the roster if he’s of such limited use.

          I’m thinking we’ve seen the best of him, and he’ll just take up space going forward.

          • well he’s on the roster now because with out lind and EE the team is still missing some power.

            obviously moving forward he probably isn’t more than a bench piece when those guys come back.

            • Maybe even less. I’d give serious consideration for having him the odd man out.

            • It might be worthwhile keeping Francisco on the roster for the rest of the year. Rosters expand soon, I believe he’s out of options, and what’s the harm in trying to fix his batting over the winter? They’ve had some luck before with mediocre Dominican third basemen.

              • He has the fifth highest ops on the team and is making the league minimum salary. So what he can’t hit a curve ball he has still managed to produce. He even jacked a couple curves lately and has been taking done walks too. Really don’t understand the hate for this guy.

                Remember that Cerrano did hit a bomb off a curve ball to help win the pennant.

  3. Didn’t watch last night. Did Happ drill anyone in retaliation?

    • Nope.
      Nary a buzz.

    • Happ did hit Machado in the top of the inning, though. Wonder if Melky was hit in retaliation, and if the umps said anything to both teams to nip it in the bud?

      • I think it was absolutely in retaliation for that. He’s that kind of pitcher. Heard on Tim and side today that he leads the AL with 8 HBP. And 6 of those have cone the inning after an Oriole was HBP

        • geezus RobA, not to jump on the bandwagon of people bashing you, but so many things you say are so moronic, yet you say them with such conviction as if they were true.

          Machado was hit by a fucking 0-2 pitch on the foot, with a runner at second base. no one in their right minds would think that was intentional.

          • Ya. He’s a moron. 8 batters hit by that guy, 6 after an oriole was hit. No way it was retaliatory. Fuck off.

          • Yeah, you kind of look like a moron there dc.

            And frankly I could care less if mental midgets “bash me”

          • And learn to read a bit better dude. We’re not talking about if Happ s HBP was intentional. It clearly wasn’t.

            We’re talking about the O’s pitcher who hit Melky. That cleary WAS intentional.

          • And for the record, the only “moroniic” thing Ive said with any conviction is that AA clearly dropped the ball by refusing to trade francisco for Headley. And so far, that’s been proven right. If there’s anyone “moronic” in that debate, it’s the ppl who WOULDN’T have done that trade.

            But I’m not the name calliin type, so I digress.

            • So RobA you KNOW that there was a deal for Francisco for Headley straight up, without Stro or Sanchez as well. You KNOW that and have appeared confident to put it out here about 177 times in the last 10 days. If that isn’t More Off, well ….

      • umps said nothing to either team after both plunks

  4. Unrelated: Best (and worst) beer selections around baseball

    Spoiler: Blue Jays rank poorly.

    • Labatt Canadian?

      • Specifically, tied for worst with the Yankees. And at least the yankees have Goose Island, which is a pretty good craft-macro beer.

        Just a shame that there are no good craft breweries whatsoever in Ontario who could possibly be served. None whatsoever.

    • Not surprised.

      I don’t exactly have the most refined palate for beer myself, so It’s not a huge deal to me. I like Stella and Rolling Rock which are served which keeps me relatively satisfied.

      Yes, yes, feel free to boo and hiss about my awful taste.

  5. Melky rubs some dirt with a bit of spit on his elbow – and he’s good to go.
    How much you wanna bet that Stoeten loses his mind when he hijacks this week’s Ask Griffen column?? Man, there are some really stupid people out there – or Griffen only posts the really retarded questions.

  6. Cartons of Malk for all!!!

  7. And the bells were ringin’

  8. c’monnnnnnnnnn 3-3 over next 6 games…if they can do that, they should be fine with Eddy and Lind back.

  9. why is Valencia in the lineup?

  10. So doesn’t a rios trade make sense now that he cleared revocable waivers, is a free agent after the year is over, and it has been reported that the rangers will pay half of his salary for the rest of the year?
    Is giving up sean nolin too much for 7 + (hopefully more) weeks of rios?

    • I’d make that deal. Nolin is a decent piece, bit in all likelihood he won’t amount to much. That’s not a rip on Nolin, just an observance if how few prospects actually amount to anythibg.

      If Texas pays half his salary, then factoring in the $1 million buyout for next year, your prob looking at 2-3 million. That’s reasonable.

      • Yeah I wouldn’t give up more than sean nolin
        for a rental. If Texas wants more than nolin (in terms of a second as good or better prosepcf, look elshwhere

      • If they’re going to trade Nolin, then that will just add to the need to acquire a starter at some point if they can stay in this thing

        Hendriks and Nolin traded, Hutch inconsistent and Stro’s continued effectiveness uncertain, the starting pitcher depth for this year is bleak

        • “If they’re going to trade Nolin, then that will just add to the need to acquire a starter at some point if they can stay in this thing ” – this makes no sense. Nolin doesnt contribute at the MLB level, why would trading him mean we have to acquire another starter to stay in this thing? Do you know Sean Nolin is pitching in MiLB?

          • Plus Hendricks was awful in hi two starts aaa jay
            He had tons of warning track fly all outs that on start

          • He merely means that the starting pitching depth will be even further depleted.

            what if hutch or happ get hurt, outside of Redmond who else do you have that can fill in at the major league level?

            Sanchez is on a hard innings limit, Nolin is the next in line in terms of closest to taking the jump. Its really not that difficult to comprehend.

        • Who has 2 mlb ready starters in AAA?

  11. I don’t think Melky would be playing if he was plunked like that on the opposite side of the plate

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