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Now that is how you finish a ballgame.

Thanks, Brad!

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  1. That is almost too many walk-off celebration pranks for one man to handle

  2. Easy to forget they were down 5-0 in that game. Feels like so long ago.

  3. Jenkins deserves some major praise.

  4. I think that’s the first ever Gatorade bath that wasn’t a sneak up from behind…. Very fitting

  5. Big turning point tonight. What a fucking game!

  6. Oh and go fuck yourself afdg

  7. Is Lind back in Seattle?

  8. Cy Jenkins

  9. The truly shitty thing is Chad Jenkins will be down in Buffalo tomorrow. He was great

  10. Jose interview. Guy congratulates Jose for the grand slam walk off Homer. Amazing.

  11. Fuck yes Chad Jenkins for MVP

  12. After not doing it all year, second straight win while trailing after 8.

  13. Should be a great plane ride out west.

  14. Picked up this game on my way home in the 11th inning figuring it would be over any minute now. Couldn’t have been more wrong but I’m glad I was. So much fun to listen/watch.

  15. I think Jenkins should have been the one to get the hero treatment.

  16. What a crazy game! So fucking glad they pulled it out

  17. No way Gose is a better fielder than Rasmus. No fucking way.

  18. The good news is we didn’t use Dickey, so we won’t have to do any massive re-jigging of rotation.

  19. Clutch from Jenkins…clutch.

    Odd how Zaun and Campbell didn’t talk for basically 9 innings…must be a contract in place that they can only talk so often per game.

  20. So uh…this counts as two wins right?

  21. Isn’t Lind due back tomorrow

  22. Holy fuck
    @TBJStatsAndInfo: I’m reposting this: Melky Cabrera reached base 8 times. Just the 7th ever player to do so. (Rod Carew was the most recent in 1972) #BlueJays


    • 2012 Melky is back

    • Walked Twice (or thrice) to get to Bautista as well.

      Also, rare Gibby non-pullover today for wearing the reds, actually see in in regular uniform.

  23. Was in section 114 for this game and roasted my ass off. When it was 5-0, with Price pitching a 2 hitter into the 6th this looked like a rout. When our 2 Jose’s conspired to end the 7th on a DP and us still down 5-4 after having Alburquerque on the run, it didn’t look good.
    And then we tied it on a Reyes redemtion play.
    I had to be somwhere for 6 oclock to day so when I left the house this AM ,i told the wife I should be able to see the whole game, unless they do something stupid like play 18 innings. Fuk me!
    Had to leave in the 12th but still saw the end -Good for JB!
    He had hit the ball hard a couple of times with Dick to show for it. And Major kudos today for Jenkins who came of age and Rasmus who helped him out tremendously on defence.
    In the amazing trivia dept, for me personally, I have now attended the longest Blue Jay ,ever, by innings, although not to the very end, and the longest Expo game ever, in 1974, when they lost 8-7 in 18 to the CHC in the first game of a DH!
    2nd game ended at 33oam1

  24. who doubted the Jenk? not this guy

  25. Chad Jenkins had a WPA of .861 in this game.

    That’s incredible.

    • Currently looking through various sources, don’t have all the seasons yet, but have seen about half the seasons between 2000 and 2014 so far, and Jenkins’ .861 WPA is the highest by a pitcher since Burnett’s .904 in 2005. That would be in all of baseball, not just the Jays.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if I eventually found one that was higher, but I’m having a hard time finding a leaderboard.

  26. #signmelky

  27. Does someone like Goins get sent down for Santos or Delabar?

    Francisco won’t get optioned yet, but soon I imagine.

    • It can’t be Kawasaki, the force is strong with that one.

    • Franciscos played 12 games in Buff this year, so he’s already used an option for the year.

      Sending him down again won’t burn another one.

    • Juan deserves thanks for his help earlier in the season but the time has come. I actually think he has sucked long enough that he will pass through waivers. His play today left a ton to be desired. (My Mom always told me to be polite)

      • When you hit 16 HRs in half a season – particularly in this day and age – you will not make it unclaimed through waivers. Power plays, especially when you are not paying much for it.

  28. Lmao
    @RGriffinStar: “@fryman29: @RGriffinStar It’s good your respect doesnt help Jays win games cuz that’s the logical thing to do. #Jays” Lose the clubhouse?

  29. It seems every team now knows how to pitch to Juan…i just can’t see him hitting at all now…pixie dust has vanished

  30. Melky with 5 fucking walks

    Reimold with 5 K’s… The fuck do you call that? Lol

    Redmond’s ERA is now under 2

    Jenkins is at 2.48

    Jays pitching threw 15 consecutive shutout innings

    Among other fucking crazy stats from/after this game

  31. Dollarama will be selling Francisco jerseys by the weekend.

  32. Dollarama will be selling Francisco jerseys by the weekend.

  33. Norris threw 6 shutout innings with 10 K’s for Buffalo… This was a good day

  34. jenkins will get sent down, for bullpen help for the next few games. It happened to lincoln after that marathon game last year, and the dude never came back up

  35. That was fucking magical.

    I turned off this game in the first after driving to a birthday party with my daughter. Six hours later, this. Just… wow.

    Bautista really had a rough game at the plate even though he saved it with his glove a few times. The baseball gods did what they had to there in the 19th. For Reyes also.

  36. Holy fuck what a day!the lawn didn’t get mowed the shingle I had to replace never got replaced.ON the plus side the jays won,my son who has never had an interest inthe jays has watched the Last two days with me and is starting to get into it.Divorced and a single dad and loving it.

    • Nice, dude. Treasure that time with your son.

    • I was showing my daughter the replay and she was fascinated by the shaving cream pie and gatorade bath.

      • Actually, my wife nags me like crazy about baseball and actually watched the last inning with me. She looked like she was going to cry when they walked it off. She mentioned the other day that she was looking forward to football.
        I’m slowly breaking her down.
        Combining my two loves together (sports and family) couldn’t make me happier. Enjoy the time with your son.

        • Driving home from London today I turned the game off 2x. My wife who is quickly being converted told me i was a puss and put the game back on. We tied as we pulled in the driveway. Who knew we had a whole game still to go. enjoy the flight boys ! Plenty to do on the coast.

    • How do you know when a shingle need replacing? I mean, not the roof, but a single shingle?

  37. crazy thing is that Melky had 5 walks today and in 476 at bats this season he has 42 walks.

  38. Gose gets left behind.

  39. Mike Harrington @BNHarrington
    You might not remember, but this game ends in 9th with no replay. Gose out at 2nd on steal but call was reversed. #Bluejays #Tigers

  40. jose bautista tastes sooooo goood, can’t wait to blow him in the shower

  41. The @BlueJays option RYAN GOINS to @BuffaloBisons. A corresponding move will come tomorrow.

    • It’s gotta be either Santos or Delabar. Unless they’re thinking they need a long reliever just in case. Who that would be I do not know.

      • Isn’t Lind back up tomorrow?

        • I don’t know now, since the bullpen was depleted tonight

          • That’s a interesting point LRB. They may need Lind to be called up on Tuesday just to get one day of Rasmussen or maybe even Korecky?

            • I’d say you really need another reliever for the whole series.

              Could this be the end of Francisco, or will they wait until EE and Lind are both back?

              Tolleson, Kawasaki and Valencia can all play third.

  42. CHRIMBAS whatba game

  43. After the first pitch of this game I:
    Went for one more swim.
    Packed up the SUV.
    Cleaned up the cottage.
    Left Huntsville for Toronto.
    Got stuck in a traffic jam in Barrie.
    Stopped in Bradford so we could feed the baby/ grab coffee.
    Got home and emptied the car.
    Watched the game for a bit.
    Fed the baby dinner.
    Watched the game for a bit.
    Took the dog on his evening walk.
    Put the baby down to bed.
    Made dinner.
    Ate dinner.
    Cleaned up dinner.
    High five like maniacs after the Jays finally cashed a runner.

    What a crazy game.

  44. Brad Mills up for Goins

    Looking forward to his not being used and returning to Buffalo accordingly

    • Who else can pitch tomorrow if Hutch doesn’t go the distance?

      • I guess I’m not getting enough sleep… some guys other than Mills probably COULD pitch. But yeah Mills will be the freshest arm by far

        Fingers crossed for either a Hutch shutout or a big enough lead when Hutch leaves. I don’t want to imply that Mills is incapable of throwing a few shutout innings, because he’s not.

      • Steve Tolleson?

  45. Most impressive thing about the Norris start is he faced some big league hitters and big time prospects

    Will Meyers (struck out twice )

    Nick Franklin

    Mike mahtook (struck out once )

    Wilson betemit (once (

    Hak ju lee (twice)

  46. So did the jays use 22 guys today?? What’s the record?

  47. Schoenfield from ESPN calls it “the game of the year” in this article:

  48. What a game.

    All 3 games I’ve been to this year have been walk-offs. The slow march to post season relevance #mybodyisready

  49. I tell you what. Ol’ Cito’s been sitting back in his rocker watching his Toronto Blue Jays this year and it has been one real, real hell of a ride. But today – shit – I tell you what – now that’s a ball game. Reminds Cito of some the games he managed in the mid 90′s. Did I ever tell you kids about the time Cito managed not 1 but 2 teams to the World Series? Shit, those were the days.

    I dont know though. I called up Alex at the trade deadline, and I said – Alex, this Lawrie kid, what’s he ever done? He ever hit 20 HR or drive in 100 runs? Shit. Look here Alex, I said. You gotta go out convince Michael Young to come out of retirement. That’s what you gotta do. Now there’s a vet, that plays the game the right way, a leader on the field that can put this team on his back, and single handled get them into the playoffs on heart & grit alone. But does Alex listen to Ol’ Cito? Shit no! He keeps the kid around and what happens? He hurts himself on a plane ride? Michael Young never got hurt on no plane ride. Michael Young would sit in the back of the plane, winning hand after hand, taking a punk kid like Brett Lawrie’s money in cards cause that’s what a real vet does. Teaching those punk kids a lesson! I’d pencil Michael Young in for maybe 600 AB’s a season IF you want to get to the World Series.

    Next, I say now Alex – what has this Antoine Gose kid ever done in the bigs? Shit, has he ever hit 40 HR and drove in 100 runs? Hell no, Alex. Hell no. And you know who’s sitting out there, available to take Antoine’s spot. Future Hall of Famer Alfonso Soriano. Now here’s a guy that’s a professional hitter. Did I mention that one season he hit 46 home runs? You know how many big league HR’s Antoine Gose has in his career Alex? 4! Four! F! O! U! R! Shit! S! H! I! T!

    Why on God’s green earth would you ever give a single AB too a rook with 4 career HR’s when you could sign a vet like Soriano and pencil him in for 500 AB’s? I said that to Alex, and you know what I got in response? Silence. Shit, I damn near thought he had hung on me. Hung up on Ol’ Cito?!? Damn.

    I’ll tell you one thing though – that John Gibbons – now that mother’s got one big set of stones. I feel real bad for him though. I look at his roster and Ol Cito thinks – “where’s all the vets?”. One thing though, I don’t think he should be pulling a vet like Buehrle after 3.1 innings. That ain’t right. Ol’ Cito would let Mark pitch his 6 or seven innings no matter what. What’s funny though, I see this Todd Redmond cat come into that game & Ol’ Cito thinks “Yup, bring in the vet to give us some innings” – but then Cito hears that Todd Redmond has only been around for 3 years?!?! But look at him, he LOOKs like a vet. He looks like he should have been playing for 14 years with 12 different teams. So Ol’ Cito doesn’t know what to think of Todd Redmond. Ol’ Cito is real, real confused.

    Just don’t get me started on those punks Erin Sanchez & that Stroman kid. Ha ha, Michael Young would take ALL those punk kids money.

    And that’s why I’m a World Series winning manager.

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