Welp. It can only get better from here, right? I mean, I know Casey Janssen has been so terrific that he’s probably allowed to blow a save every once in a while at this point, I guess, but… man… fuck.

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  1. So frustrating..

  2. That hurt.

    I like our bullpen over theirs though…

  3. fuuuckin christ. Not sure I could’ve stomached Arash Madani exploiting Kawasaki for another viral interview though.

  4. Shit that’s rough. Go 9 innings and you don’t even get a CG.

  5. only the jays can make a tie feel like a loss

  6. These are the kind of games that scare me if Jays make playoffs. Pitching gets better as season goes on and especially in the playoffs, these kind of games become more routine and these kind of scenarios are the most important and the Jays just do not have the type of hitters in the bottom of the order to execute on those plays.

    I think this was the biggest gripe with not adding any depth at the deadline.

    • At the same time, the Jays have matched the Tigers’ pitching pretty evenly in these two games, if nt a little better, which is encouraging.

      • yea the pitching has been incredible, the starters have certainly justified AA’s decision to not add a starter (bullpen still needs help tho)

        but I think AA really banked on having Lind, EE and Lawrie back for the O’s/Tigers series when the depth of pushing Juan and Kawa to the end of the lineup would have made a win in that inning tenfold more possible

    • Seriously? You’re extrapolating from one game?

  7. Man, this ump. I dunno.

  8. Lead off walk is never good..

  9. 4 amazing starts by jays starters…just 1 win so far

  10. Don’t make me howl at the moon Loup.

  11. Let’s go Loup!

  12. Attaboy Reimold

  13. Nice running catch, LongNeck

  14. lol Francisco

  15. Ugh. You can’t just give them third base in this situation.

  16. Stoeten, how could you

  17. First time post, but had to consult the DJF members: Can someone explain to me why Gibbers let Thole hit last night and Pumpkin today with Reimold on the bench both times?

    Dinner moves to catcher, Reimold DH yesterday
    Jose to 1B, Reimold to LF today


    • Reimold was already pinch hit for. Only one on the bench was Tolleson. Who I might’ve used, despite the splits, given the situation.

    • Welcome aboard.
      Gibby was interviewed after the game and his response was

      He wanted a guy who would put the ball in play and he has a lot of faith in Thole in doing that.
      He wasn’t really worried about losing the DH,he just felt Thole had a better chance in that situation.

      Again, welcome to the comments section.
      PS. Don’t piss off Stoeten, he’s a cranky sonofabitch sometimes.

  18. jesus christ, when reyes looks up in that jays promo, i always think it’s the cryptkeeper

  19. Also, regarding Juan, it’s interesting to note how much better he is when he’s strictly DH’ing vs. 1b . . . he’s even better as a 3b then at 1b . . . both this yr and in his career

    I dont know if it’s mental preparedness thing or what, but he definitely has a far worse game at the plate when he’s playing 1b. He’s been pretty damn good as a DH and I think that’s the major issue with keeping him around longterm when you have a myriad of older players and both Lind and EE.

  20. Stoeten in the game to let the Jays win it. I feel confident.

  21. Stoeten pitches for the Tigers?

  22. Jesus fuck Joba’s fat. He even looks fat in a baseball uniform.

  23. lol, fuck off miggy

  24. Bunt? No?


  26. longneckkkkkkkkkkk


  28. #ReimoldEra #ThisIsTeam

  29. Ay! Big win! Huge win!

  30. Rosewood

  31. Woooooooooo!!!!! Suck it Detroit!!!


  33. Nolan Reimold.

  34. There we go, LongNeck!

  35. GOT ONE!

  36. One shall stand, one shall fall – Optimus Rheim out!

  37. How about the guys we GOT at the trade deadline that AA did not trade for, hey, hey, hey?

  38. they answered the bell….now win tomorrow

  39. Tolleson’s back?

  40. shit Reim wit dat 8 pack.

  41. The Mold comes through! And jeeze, what a 6-pack

  42. At least I saw the pie coming.


  44. Right back at ya, Tiggies. Our turn to steal one. So do far this series is the battle of the crap closers.

  45. Moldy!!!!!!

  46. Woah. Reimold’s abs. Was not expecting that.

    Also, it’s weird how the main immediate focus of celebration = removing another man’s clothing.

  47. That would scare the shit outta me – the sight of a celebratory Melky and Navarro bearing down on me at a dead run. I know they’re gonna hug me – but man, that’s a lot of meat coming at you – and they ain’t gonna be gentle.

  48. 4-1 this season. It was never in doubt.

  49. The RC turf bounce came through today

  50. Paul oneil gets a plaque? But but he never ran a media empire

  51. Dam that was fun.

    Can’t say we deserved that. Still can’t believe they didn’t leave Scherzer in the 9th. Especially the way he was chuckin in the 8th. Didn’t look like he wanted the ball to be taken from him.

  52. would someone shut Wilner’s mic off. The guy is fucking idiot

  53. More like Hungover Jays Fans am I right?!

  54. And Sunday’s game feels over and top first not even done yet.

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