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I’m writing this at 3 AM, which — amazingly — is not all that much farther from the end of this afternoon’s game than the end of it was to the start of the game.

What an incredible game and an incredible series. We’ll all have heart attacks by the time we’re through this season if this is what it’s going to be like, but if we can step back and enjoy the baseball for what it is? Holy awesome! And as much as it hurts that the Jays didn’t sweep a series they could have swept, or that it took so achingly long to win a game when they needed to get to Seattle to get set for some more tough pitching matchups… um… holy fucking shitting fucking awesome! I might have had to leave the house before the end of it — watched it, though, amidst a big trivia win, FYI — but I couldn’t let myself not acknowledge on here what a game we all just took in.

Maybe it will ultimately fade into memory and become nothing more than a footnote, but it’s not crazy to think that it could go down in Jays lore, either — the time over two weekend days that, on the way to their first playoff berth in two decades, they kept the dream alive, despite all of Juan Francisco’s ineptitude, largely on the backs of Marcus Stroman and Chad Jenkins, and demonstrated that the big-rotation playoff contenders they may run into if they do make it aren’t nearly as unassailable as they may look on paper.

We can only be hopeful of all that for now, but this series sure could have gone a way where “hopeful” wouldn’t have had much of a place in our vocabulary. That it didn’t — that they clawed back a game from the Orioles and Yankees this evening, and showed that they can play with the Tigers if given the chance — is as fantastic as it is a reminder of how frayed our nerves will get when things really start to have meaning.

That maybe sounds painful and exhausting and every other emotion we’re fraught with, but it also sounds another thing: fucking awesome.

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  1. The real loser of this series was my hairline! That, or Joe Nathan. LOL

  2. It also shows that Detroit is 100% going to lose in the playoffs again thanks to their godawful bullpen. Heck, maybe they’ll lose even sooner than that if the Royals stay hot.

    I really hope that old wives’ tale/rumour about the Jays turning down the opportunity to move to the AL Central years ago is indeed just bullshit, since if it was true, that was the single worst decision in franchise history. The Jays would’ve had several playoff appearances over the last 20 years had they been in that sorry division.

  3. This is so much fun. Guys, it is August 11, we are going to have a lot of fun of ahead of us. Make the playoffs or not (they will) it’s going to be a fun fucking ride. I am excited about today and am excited for tomoorrow. Go Jays!

  4. What was truly amazing wasn’t just that the game went 19 , it was how every extra inning had big time action and scoring chances for one or both teams . It was crazy . Usually when you get these really deep extra inning games there are long droughts where neither team does much offensively .

    Not these guys . Detroit had base runners in 9 of the 10 innings . The jays were leaving men everywhere .

    The teams combined for 43 lob

    Compare that to the sox angels 19 inning affair…where they only had 21!

    Crazy I tell you .. Crazy !!

  5. Great time. Great post. Hope they can keep it going out west.

  6. Fransico, and everyone in the ball park for that fact, knows that a curveball is coming and he still can’t put wood on it.

  7. Listened to the whole thing on the radio while driving. Wife and I were high fiving. Friggin awesome stuff. Is EE back tonight?

  8. There is nothing as good as baseball

  9. My god I don’t recall ever seeing anything as exciting/nerve-wracking as this.

    And the most unlikely finish, the Tigers walking the bases loaded to get to Bautista? Who knew? So good!

    And here comes the new bullpen savior… Braaad Mills!

  10. I spent the better part of the DAY either cursing at my TV, or trying to crawl into it.
    But isn’t that what makes sport great….the chance for the viewer/fan to live vicariously through it for a while? The opportunity to wear your heart on your sleeve and live and die with your team of choice?
    This team could be on the cusp of being great…with a lineup that included EE, Lind and Lawrie. The kid pitchers are doing well, Sanchez and Stroman are awesome and will play big parts in the next few years.

  11. I feel like they could have won that game earlier on when Colby led off the inning with a double. rif he ran out of the box instead of thinking he got a walk off he would have been on 3rd base with none out and Kawasaki wouldn’t have bunted.

  12. Todd Redmond’s ERA is UNDER 2, and to this point, he is the Jays unsung hero. Good for him.

    • agreed, the Jenk is close behind in ERA

    • Since his pick up he’s been great for 3 or 4 innings. It’s the third time through the lineup that he gives up hits. Hopefully Morrow comes back for added pen help.

    • Might not be unsung for long. He might get placed into more high leverage spots soon if this keeps up.

  13. PIllar with another HR last night, he now has a 17 game hit streak. In the last month he’s hit 5 HR, 11 doubles, stole 11 bases, and has an OPS over 1.000 . Also remember he’s a RHB. Why the hell isn’t he up instead of Gose? he’s a way better platoon for colby

    • Something something Gibbon’s doghouse something something

    • can he play SS, 3B, 2B? no? so swap him for Gose? i could live with that, actually…

    • Pillar’s numbers were great before his promotions and he looked lost in the bigs. I’d take Gose’s speed and defense over Pillar at this point.

      How quickly people forget about that crucial steal by Gose in the 9th

      • And that instant replay actually is helpful

      • Good point. Sometimes AAA numbers don’t translate to MLB numbers, and leaving aside the numbers, Pillar seems to forget his approach when he gets called up.

        • Exactly. Just look at Brad Mills’ numbers in AAA. But his promotion was necessary due to the tired bullpen. Gose is doing everything that’s being asked, while Pillar sulks for being taken out as a pitch hitter.

        • So the fact that he has raked at every level, and failed briefly in the majors’s means that he will never figure it out? Gose has never figured it out with far more opportunities. I like his chances given his history – after Gibbon’s lets him escape from the doghouse.

  14. Craptastic! i was in the pool with the kids because Price started, then I heard he had a 5-0 lead so stayed outside boycotting the game. Came in during the bottom-7th and watched until 10th to take my son to powerskating. Augh, wish I watched the remainder. Too bad Janssen bombed game 1 cause it would’a been sweep time.

    • Complete role reversal. Before this series I trusted Janssen more than the entire bullpen (Cecil possibly excepted). Now I trust Sanchez’s dancing 98mph fastball, Cecil’s breaking ball, and Jenkins… wow, Jenkins. Well done, sir.

  15. As much as it was exhausting at times, the ability to wake up hungover from the night before, turn on the game, then drive home from London to Burlington listening in the car, to then being able to watch over 9 more innings of baseball is a fantastic way to spend a Sunday.

  16. Imagine playoff baseball

  17. The astounding thing is the Jays didn’t use a SP to come out of the bullpen. Jenkins is the hero of the game.

    • The whole fucking bullpen were the MVPs. Win this serious in Seattle boys!

    • With you, Parrot. Jenkins was the TSN motherfucking turning point!

    • Great set of comments from Jenkins in the National Post:

      “For all fans that sat through all of it, thank you. That was awesome,” said an exhausted Chad Jenkins, who pitched the final six innings for Toronto. “It’s really exciting to look up and see it’s seven thirty” – here he smiled, incredulous – “and there’s still people here cheering, going crazy, going nuts. It just made it so much better.”
      - – -
      Dioner Navarro’s two-run homer off David Price in the sixth inning had started the long, slow comeback. Jenkins mentioned Navarro’s home run as he wearily reviewed the proceedings afterward.

      “That was so long ago,” he said.
      - – -
      As the bullpen parade unfolded, Jenkins had a good idea what was in store for him.

      “Once we tied the game, I was sitting there going, ‘Aw, I’m the last one, I know I am,’ ” he said.
      - – -
      “I don’t know if you saw my reaction when Cabrera smoked that ball,” Jenkins said, “but I literally put my head down and went, ‘crap,’ because I thought it was way gone. That was an unbelievable play. The liner, even better. Colby saved me twice today.”

      The last batter he faced was Andrew Romine. How was Jenkins feeling? “Gassed,” he said.

      The count went to two balls, one strike.

      “I got about two pitches left,” Jenkins said to himself. “Hopefully he misses one of them.”

      Romine took strike two, ticked the next pitch into Josh Thole’s glove and slammed his bat and helmet to the ground.
      - – -

      • I thought Gibby did alright too. Did his usual NL-level mixing-and-matching until things got nutty and he ran out of players.

  18. Happy Birthday MELKY

  19. So Kawa has some yips in extra innings, the game goes long, which leads to Goins being sent down for pitching reinforcements.

    His main 2B competitor is now stuck at Buffalo for 10 games. Muni is an evil genius.

  20. I DO think that this is a game Jays fans will remember for years, no matter what happens for the rest of the season. It was as insane in its own way as the 10 homer game against Baltimore. There was so much drama, and I’m sure a lot of people were watching/listening from a poolside, deck or cottage on a beautiful summer day in disbelief that they were still playing. Baseball rules.

  21. Even if the Jays lose tonight, it won’t bother me too much.

    It’s like the day after an epic night out and you’re hungover as hell but you couldn’t care less.

  22. was at the game and this post did the experience justice. just could not handle watching Jenkins come out to face the 3-4 hitters again and again. and yet he kept doing it. amazing outcome.

    • Yep, that to me was the most nervewracking part of the game. Watching jenkins is not easy

      • I thought that flyout by cabrera to the warning track was def gone. Great d by rasmus too in extras

        • it was a game where almost everyone’s flaws were covered by later glory. to me that’s what made it great. that and the shitload of little things – bottom of the order keeping it moving, Jenkins’ brilliance, steals, etc.

  23. With recent developments, it looks as though KC has a legit shot to win the Central. If that’s the case, it’s possible the Jays could be duking it out with Detroit for a playoff spot. Dare I evoke memories of the past and ask, “sound familiar?”.

    Based on this weekend, and this article in (gasp) ESPN, I like the Jays’ chances in that battle:

  24. That leverage index looks crazy. Melky was on base 8 timea that game!

  25. Do we know who was called up to replace Goins?

    • Brace yourself, RB…BRAD MILLS!

    • Brad Mills, long reliever at your service.

      Don’t know who Lind will replace though.

      • I would like to think Big Frisco gets the axe next. It just doesn’t strike me as a smart idea to ditch Valencia or Tolleson as the only right-handed hitting infield options, and both of them are capable of playing third, where as Lind is anchored to 1B/DH

        • Yep. RHB are at a premium. Francisco is made redundant by a healthy Lind, considering Lind does everything Francisco does, only better.

    • Mills, Brad

  26. And kudos to every bat that fouled off so many pitches from Price. Although Valencia’s line drive may have had something to do with the homer that followed, over a hundred pitches by the 6th surely didn’t help. As an aside, perhaps it’s just the games that I’ve been to, but I can’t recall a time when Joba Chamberalin wasn’t lit up at the RC.

  27. Tigers are calling up 3 relievers from AAA. Haha man that sucks.

  28. Any word on Lind coming up?

    He’s got great career #s at Safeco. I’m sure the players will be happy to see a bench bat come back as they must be tired as hell from yesterday’s game.

  29. Sounds like an amazing game. I wish I’d seen it!

    • Depending which time zone you’re in right now, it might still be going on.

    • I suspect Jenkins will get sent down for now as he is unavaulable til Friday anyway. Hell, even Buerhle gets the next 5 days off and he only pitched 3.3 innings.
      Hopefully Mills never sees the light of day or we can get a 18-1 lead and then he can go fuk around. Otherwise, just watch the game, Brad

  30. I would have liked to see Dickey pick-up a vulture win by going one inning…but Jenkins definitely deserved it.

  31. Injury updates
    According to John Lott
    Lind will join jays today in Seattle

    Edwin expected back for the white sox series
    (Back Friday)

    • So Mills probably goes down for EE?

      But who’s going down for Lind today? Or will Francisco get the DFA?

    • that is good news, let’s hope they last longer than lawrie, which is guess is nearly impossible not to

    • They should bring back EE now. Fuck the rehab assignment, he is a superstar MLB player, so he shouldn’t have any issue playing at a MLB level right away. The team needs his bat asap.

      • Yup.

        EE with shitty timing is still a lot better then anything we could have in there instead.

        • Yup. Rehab schmehab. If he is running at full speed and says he feels ok, you get him into the fucking cleanup spot behind Jose where he belongs.

  32. Stoeten actually lets his fan side of the game out in the post. Riding the wave of excitement/disappointment ,foregoing the deep analysis and enjoying the minute by minute drama, that is baseball.
    The anticipation of each pitch, each play,each out,each inning made for a game that we all love and enjoy.
    Pure escapism,almost carnal-like, in it’s adrenaline rush.

  33. As frustrating as Juan has been (particularly yesterday), I continue to believe that the combo of his power (sizable) and his salary (small) will not make it through waivers.

    From the Jays perspective, why give up an asset (I know, I know, but 16 HRs in half a season is nothing to sneeze at) for free. And, as we saw with Lawrie, just because Lind and EE are coming back, that’s no guarantee they will stay healthy.

    If – God forbid – one of them go down again, I’d rather have Juan around to help out at 1B/DH than not. I think Jays will play the “options” game and try to keep all these guys around until rosters expand on Sept 1st.

    • I would agree with that. The time to dump Juan is in the offseason

      • Fat Juan can still help this team. Just can’t be getting this many ABs.

        • Thats it right there, we need him as a bench player, not someone who comes up with the bases loaded a zillion times to win the game and cant get a piece of it…

        • I can see value as a bench bat. As you say, he isn’t a full time player and shouldn’t be used as such.

          And he should never ever see a LHP. Ever.

          I think his OPS+ is 6 against them.

    • Francisco has already burned an option by playing in Buffalo this year.

      Once an option is used in a year, it’s valid that whole season. He can be sent down without having to go through waivers.

      • wrong! same situation as Rogers, and Mills for that matter. Has to be DFA’d before he can be sent down-geezus

      • With all due respect Rob, you are incorrect on this one. The Jays acquired Juan when the Brewers tried to send him down. It is analogous to when the Jays tried to send down Moises Sierra earlier this year and the White Sox claimed him.

        For all of Juan’s warts, I don’t think he will sneak through. If it was my call I would send down Jenkins for Lind, and then probably Gose for EE later this week, so that Juan and Valencia can handle 3B in the interim.

        The obvious proviso here is that everybody – Gose, Goins, Pillar, Dan Johnson – is back in the fold on Sept 1st. It’s just asset management, as imperfect as some of those ‘assets’ may be.

        • I could see Sammy’s scenario, it would keep Juan in the mix for future emergencies.

        • Ah.

          I just assumed that if a guy is in AAA he’s burned an option.

          I guess that’s not relevant if the player has no options t begin with. My mistake.

      • Can’t let Fat Juan go this year. He didn’t even have a bad game yesterday, his line should be 1/5 with a walk. He had a fielders choice to RIGHT.

        You can see him working hard to figure out how to avoid getting owned by breaking pitches. If he does manage to figure it out even somewhat, he’ll be a lethal LH weapon. There has to be some patience there.

        I don’t even think you let him walk in the offseason, unless a proven 2B starter appears.

        • He was charged with a FC9, then he clearly doesn’t run fast enough for the scorekeeper to consider that a hit. Let’s not forget that he shit the bed twice with the bases loaded.

          • You obviously don’t understand how to correctly score a baseball game … a lead runner was put out on the play by a force. So, no matter what it can’t be scored as a hit for the batter. Doesn’t matter who the batter is or how fas they can run.

            • Well the fact the he was charged with an FC to right would imply a defensive indifference as to who was thrown out on the play. They could have thrown out Francisco and it would have been recorded that Kawa and Melky both advanced on the FC

              • It’s scored a fielder’s choice because the lead runner was thrown out on the play. Not because they could have thrown out Juan at first base.

              • Maybe you should just watch the play Lawrie. It was a total hit and total bad luck and you are totally making. yourself look dumb. With all due respect…

                • I did, and between what Snarf is saying and what I’m trying to dig up on google about the ruling, Snarf is right, but there is also some judgement that comes into play with the scorekeeper. So with all due respect sons, screw off.

                  • No, there is no judgement at all on a play like that. Clear cut fielder’s choice that would have otherwise been a single had the lead runner advanced to the next base.

                    • I’m saying in general, it’s a scorekeeper’s judgement that may determine a fielder’s choice on some plays, not necessarily for all of them.

                  • FFS, it’s irrelevant where the fielder was. It was force-out. End of story. Bad luck and all but it goes as a oh for 1. It was the same as if he hit a ground ball to the 2B and they got the lead runner. In this case , it was just a “harder” one hop ground ball to the guy called the “RF” who forced out a runner at 2B.FFS, Lawrie stop being dumb and learn the rules-geezus

                    • Dude, you are making it sound like I’m arguing against the decision of being a FC. Hint: I’M NOT.

                  • Reall Lawrie, quit doubling down. He hit it very well. Melky hesitated 2 seconds in case it was going to be caught. It was hit so well Melky had no chance. It’s an FC. No judgment involved.

                • Yep, the play was scored correct, fielder’s choice. There is no room for interpretation if the lead runner is thrown out.

                  That said, I get the point that it sucks that he didn’t get credit for what would have been, 9/10, a hit

  34. Jenkins will go down for Lind, only thing that makes the most sense

    Then they send Mills back down for EE on Friday

    This all assumes the pitchers dont implode but that would be the most the logical set of moves.

    I doubt they bring back Dan Johnson before September 1st either.

    So should they need another bullpen arm between EE’s call up and Sept 1. my guess is they will send Kawasaki down and use Tolleson exclusively at 2b until Sept 1 when Kawa would be back anyway

    • First of all, they aren’t sending two pitchers down for two hitters, since that would bring their bullpen down to 6, which is not going to happen.

      Second, I don’t think they are going to send Kawasaki down, and then only have RH options at 2B. Not to mention Kawasaki can be plucked on waivers by another team.

      Third, the most logical guy to go, in my opinion is Francisco. He is redundant with Lind and EE back, and you don’t want him starting at 3B regularly. Lind and Francisco are both LH, and Francisco plays exactly zero defensive positions at major league quality. And it wouldn’t be a huge loss if he were taken on waivers.

      I think Francisco and Mills go down when Lind and EE come back, barring injuries, but I could see a few other scenarios playing out too.

      • Kawasaki has options so he can be sent to Buffalo without fear of losing him. Even with that however, I don’t think it will happen. Jays had to chose between him and Goins as the near-term lefty bat in the 2B platoon, and they went with Kawa (correct choice in my view).

        So in the interim – ie, August – we most likely see Kawa/Tolly at 2B and Francisco/Valencia at 3B. I think the 2B tandem will be more of a strict platoon than the 3B pairing.

        • I’m hoping that the platoon at third is as strict as second, if not more so. I like Kawa’s chance on his against his split better than any of those other guys. Valencia’s likely second in that regard.

        • this sounds pretty alright

          • Yes, the “August scenario” I’m thinking about has EE and Lind both back by the White Sox series at the latest. Then you can run with three quasi-platoons – Lind/Reimold at DH, Kawa/Tolly at 2B, and Juan/Valencia at 3B.

            Given that from tonight through Sept 1st Jays play 16 games and have 6 (!) days off, I would think they could run with their core 3 OF’s and EE at 1B everyday once he’s back.

            My comment on 3B likely being less of strict platoon is due to my sense that Juan has chewed through a lot of the rope (not a fat joke) he has been given and as such Gibby will not hand him ~75% of the ABs at 3B. He’s previously indicated they want to see what they have with Valencia, and as such I would expect him to get some of starts vs. righty pitching (including likely tonight if Juan’s game yesterday annoyed Gibby as much as it did most of us).

            • Four off days, not six. Still a lot for the Jays, and it’ll be good to give Buehrle, Hutch and Stroman some extra days in between starts to top up their fuel tanks for the stretch drive.

              • We are both wrong my friend – it’s 5 days off if we start from today and run through Sept 1st inclusive. Aug 14th, 18th, 21st, 28th, and Sept 1st. But our mutual point stands – a lot more rest time for the team than they have had in quite some time – certainly doesn’t hurt at this point in the season.

                • Yes, my bad… I was looking at August alone, and indeed, there’s a day off on September 1, only other day off after that is on 9/11.

                  The schedule is going to be insane for the Jays to close out the season with the full assumption these teams are still going to be battling the Jays for a playoff spot – starting on Sept 15th, we have: 3 in BAL, 4 in NYY, 4 vs SEA and 3 vs BAL. Can’t get any more pressure-packed than that!

  35. So, Pablo Sandoval…

  36. The need for Juan may be slightly obviated by a healthy Dan Johnson (whom you get the feeling is basically stashed on the DL for as long as possible because he wouldn’t make it through waivers). Bye, Juan.

  37. I just sat down and looked this up. It made me shake my head a little.

    Lawrie went down June 22. Edwin on July 6. Lind on July 8.

    Since then the team is 15-12. Without three of its top 6 hitters.

    Not even David Price compares with getting even 2 of those three back, which we will this week.

  38. Juan Francisco is hitting .172 post All-Star, he must go. He looked fucking terrible yesterday, and that no hustle play running to first was just the worst.

    Will he clear waivers? Tough to say. Maybe not. Is he worth keeping? Maybe. He definitely seems to get along with his Dominican teammates… Fuck if Lawrie was healthy would we even be having this discussion???

    • If the team wasn’t in contention id say to keep him and see if he can improve

      In a race .. You need to field your best roster now . So Juan gone

      • Yep. Keeping assets and all that is a good strategy in general.

        But when your in a pennant race, you can’t hobble the big league team for fear of losing a player who might (or might not) figure it out. That’s a luxury contending teams don’t have

  39. So what to do with the lineup till EE comes back ?

    I prefer keeping Jose third and batting lind 4th with Dinner time 5th

    I bet gibbons moves Jose to 4 though and bats lind 3rd

    As for 3b vs the righties ?

    Do they run fat Juan out there or play Valencia ?

    Or do they play Kawasaki there and Tolleson at 2nd ….even though tolly is horrid vs same side pitching

    • I would think the lineup vs RHP:


      against LHP:


      • I’m asking about before EE comes back

        • right well then:

          vs RHP:


          against LHP:

          Kawa/Valencia/thole ( I don’t know)

  40. Anyone else notice that with Valencia, Moldy and Tolleson, we have a lot of the 2012 Orioles? which I guess isn’t a bad thing, they did win their wild card game…….

    • And unfortunately, neither of those 3 played that game

      • I’m sure they were great for locker room atmosphere and chemistry and that shit

        • I give “that shit” a little more credit than most due around here, but I think you can sum it up to a few simple ideas:

          Locker room atmosphere is good while winning, and shitty while losing.

          Chemistry as players being able to execute a set play together with efficiency. Probably easier to notice this on the defensive side of things compared to the offence, seeing as how little it tends to happen in some games.

  41. If they intend to get some relief innings out of Norris in September, do they need to clear space from the 40 man ?

  42. Saw Melky drive in a run in the 9th in an Applebys I Batavia, NY. Had to leave with Bautista at the dish. It was still kinda sweet and unexpected to see.

    • It was Reyes who got the hit to tie the game in the 9th, not Melky.

      • Ya. I didn’t see the tying run come in. Might have been the eighth? Was 5-4 tigers with runners on and Bautista at the plate when I had to take the kids back to the roller coasters. Regular ESPN in NY had switched over to the Rogers feed.

    • Melky at 4/55 plus an option for 5th, then Sandoval at 3/42 with vesting options for years 4-5. Lawrie moves to 2nd. I know range becomes an issue on the left side, but that lineup is pretty ridiculous.

      Obviously Sandoval is not coming here and definitely not coming here for that money, but I can dream.


    Tigers had to promote THREE relievers from AAA today to make up for yesterday.


  44. Bit of a rant, if you’ll indulge me for a moment. I’m seeing posters on the other thread going all Chicken Little over Mark Buehrle’s recent performance.

    If you mix up all of his starts this year into a different order and just look at his stats: 11-8, 3.31 ERA, 1.41 WHIP, 3.92 FIP, 122 ERA+, 3.1 bWAR… you’d think he’s turned in a pretty nice season.

    The record is about what we expected, the ERA is his best since 2005 when he went to the Series, ERA+ hasn’t been topped since 2007, and yes his WHIP is higher than usual. But overall, he’s had his usual 5 stinkers that he’s had every single season and 7 or so terrific starts, with the other 12 starts being his usual Buehrle-y ones where he does just enough to go 6-7 innings with 3-4 runs and keeps his team in the game.

    Perspective, folks. I’d wager that now that he’s had his run of stinky starts (4 out of the last 5), he’ll start to go back to being the usual Buehrle. If we can get that for the final 9 starts of the season, the Jays will be in the thick of things to the very end.

    He isn’t the most dependable pitcher in MLB for over a decade for no reason.

  45. Did anybody else see the end of game interview with JB on Sportsnet with that new piece of turd they have subbing for Barry Davis once in a awhile? The idiot interviews Jose and congrats him for hitting a walk off grand slam home run! I started laughing wondering where they could find such a doofus and many guys would have crucified the asshole. JB to his credit, ignored the idiocy and rambled on about the usual “terrific win” etc. Fuck can’t they find people who know the game and the rules to do ? It makes the whole station appear pretty juvenile in my view. Get Barry back in there

    • I saw that and was thinking about it today. It struck me as an entertainment reporter with no clue about sports believing he was talking shop.

      I’m pretty sure I heard that clip is in the MLB highlights bin right now.

  46. Half of us should be blind today after all this ROSTERBATION!


    srsly tho fuck Fat Juan

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