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I’m sort of at a loss for words following yesterday’s epic 19-inning win — and all three of the games in an incredible series with the Tigers that, realistically, both teams could have swept if not for a few inches here or there — so let’s do one of these. It’s been a while!

Barry Davis tweets that the Jays will not have Adam Lind in the lineup tonight, despite what many people were expecting. Fair enough, given that they’re being cautious with his back. Edwin Encarnacion is playing another rehab game tonight in Florida, we’re also told.

More roster stuff: the Jays, ICYMI, optioned Ryan Goins down to Buffalo following the game, bringing up a fresh arm in the form of Brad Mills, and preserving Richard Griffin’s respect for the team, at least temporarily, by not sending out Chad Jenkins, who was fantastic for way too many innings on Sunday. I saw a lot of consternation about why Mills and not literally anybody else, but here’s the thing: whoever got this call wasn’t going to be up for long — they’re not going to keep carrying an eight-man bullpen when Adam Lind and Edwin Encarnacion return this week — and ideally would be Jenkins-like in his ability to provide multiple innings of relief. Mills, then, I think makes perfect sense. Could have been Sean Nolin, I suppose, and I know Delabar has gone a couple innings at times, and Kyle Drabek has some tasty looking numbers since going to the bullpen in Buffalo, but they were just looking for fodder to mop up a few innings if need be. Now, if Mills is the first guy out of the ‘pen tonight in a tight game, I take it all back.

One move it’s seeming more and more like the Jays should have made before yesterday (not that any one game — even one in which a player got on base eight times — changes anything) is signing Melky Cabrera. I can see them — assuming they even have the money to play around with — waiting, making the qualifying offer, and hoping either he takes it and comes back on one-year ~$15-million deal, or that he declines and ends up in such limbo because of the draft pick compensation that they can sign him back at a reasonable rate. But it’s not like he’s necessarily going to command crazy dollars anyway. Case in point: Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star polled a number of agents on what they think the market for Melky will be this winter, with answers ranging from Shane Victorino on the low end (three year, $39-million), and Curtis Granderson on the high end (four years, $60-million). Just do it!

Here’s another thing the Jays should look into doing: quitting the kind of horseshit described in this tweet (assuming we’re getting the whole story here). To wit: @coreyrutledge says, “18th inning, Rogers Centre staff still making me sit in correct seats, kicking higher level people out of 100s.” To be fair, over the years I have had far, far, far more leniency when it comes to being in unoccupied seats than problems, but if true, that’s not a real good look.

“Between the big series against the Orioles and the big series against the Tigers, someone had ordered a machine that makes fog and flashes strobe lights, and Sunday evening was the perfect occasion for the Toronto Blue Jays to plug it in and rev it up,” reveals John Lott of the National Post. Colby Rasmus explains: “Everybody was excited, pumped for the win, and I think we were trying to make the environment [about] everybody being happy that we won, not just coming into the locker room and just sitting there. Everybody came in having a good time. And I think that’s going to push us to want to win and want to do things right, and just have fun. At the end of the day, fun is winning and winning is fun.” Testify, Colb-eh!

The Blue Jay Hunter breaks down yesterday’s action, but more importantly, gives us a GIF of R.A. Dickey kissing Jose Bautista.

More from yesterday? At Sportsnet, Mike Wilner has 19 things you need to know about the 19-inning battle, and his colleague Michael Grange looks at the scary-fun ride we all were taken on over the course of the game, and how the fun is just getting started, as they try to keep pace in some tight races with less than two months remaining in the season.

The Toronto Sun noticed — well, they noticed that the TV broadcast noticed — that Ryan Goins and Nick Castellanos played rock, paper, scissors from opposite dugouts during the 17th inning of the marathon.

As you’d expect, it’s awesomeness at GROF, where the Zubes checks in with The Player Haters Guide To The Second AL Wild Card Spot. Don’t just sit there, read it already!

Back to the Star, where Josh Rubin relays more of the story of Jays fan Rob Ouelette, who tried to pay tribute to his stepbrother by scattering his ashes on the field at Rogers Centre this weekend, but was caught in the act, and dealt with rather seriously by the authorities. Brendan Kennedy reported about the incident for Saturday’s paper, leading to this gem of a quote from Colby Rasmus: “I wouldn’t doubt it in this place. Strange people. But he or she is gonna be with us (Saturday) and we gonna be rockin’.”

A couple slightly stale minor league injury notes from Shi Davidi, as he tells us that Dalton Pompey has had a recurrence of tightness in his right quadriceps muscle, and that the team is unsure if he’ll play again before the minor league season finishes up at the end of this month. AFL him! Meanwhile, Neil Wagner was pulled from a game late last week with elbow pain, and Davidi says there is concern he may be done for the year. So… there’s that.

Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs looks at the hard-charging Kansas City Royals, who now hold the second Wild Card spot, and are not unserious contenders to unseat the Tigers in the AL Central. Just what we needed, another team playing well.

Interesting stuff from Charlie Caskey of Your Van C’s, as he gives us a minor review of the Jays’ top prospects, and how they’ve fared this season in terms of their prospect stock.

Some great GIFfery from Blue Jays Plus, who show us what it looked like when, in the first inning of his Triple-A debut, Dan Norris struck out the rehabbing Wil Myers. Nails much?

Lastly, for those of you out west, a friendly reminder that a year ago, Dave Burrows wrote an excellent piece for us, explaining that the best place to watch a Jays game is Safeco Field. Playoff atmosphere, please!

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  1. I understand the Mills callup, but when listing all the possible Bullpen call up options, why no mention of Korecky?

    • Because he is a 38 yr old, 81MPH fastball guy, who is a shitballer,plain and simple.
      Saw him pitch against the Twins in June-it was BP for the twins.
      They brought up Mills to watch the games on TV in the bullpen, don’t need anymore stiffs

      • 34 year old, and its not like anyone cares about age if its to help the club this year. I haven’t seen him in person, but he has to have something this year to put up numbers like he has.

        • Liam Hendriks could tell you all about having super numbers down on the farm (10-1, 2.50 combined in AAA) and being clobbered in the majors (6.08 ERA and 6.21 FIP — plus the walls are still recovering from the rocket blasts Hendriks had given up and being slammed into by charging outfielders).

          • 3 games started, I still think he could be a redmond at least. He pitched a CG 1ER game a couple years ago, and while he got blown up one game, and hit hard another, he still had one good game. Anyway, if people made up their mind based on the first few years and few starts, Happ wouldn’t be here right now, and he looks pretty good right now

  2. Alford is saying aa came to him with a 5 year offer to quit footy. That’s what they call football here, right?

  3. How can you not LOVE Colby when he says shit like this: “I wouldn’t doubt it in this place. Strange people. But he or she is gonna be with us (Saturday) and we gonna be rockin’.”

  4. Don’t know why but I was strangely confident all throughout yesterday’s game.
    What an awesome series. Its going to be a fun 6 weeks

    Also – Colby the best

    • I don’t know what the numbers are but as these marathons go I imagine the home team comes out at a much higher win percentage than not?

    • I felt the same. Maybe it’s just retroactive confirmation bias, but I never really felt like we were gonna lose.

      Probably helped that Jenkins never really gave them a chance to threaten.

    • He must really like foosball. There is no way he has an NFL career ahead of him so why not take the money and go? Its not like he cant go back to college.

      • I had dreams of being a professional foosball player. And with one crippling index finger injury, all those dreams turned to dust. DUST!

  5. I share season tickets in 224, and have to say that virtually every game I’m at, the ushers bring people in to fill seats that have been vacated in late innings. I’m always impressed by it. Usually people with kids, but not always.

    PS. Fucking sign Melky. If we let him walk I’ll barf. And cry. And cry in my barf.

  6. @SNBarryDavis: Adam Lind won’t be with the #bluejays tonight in Seattle. Encarnacion is expected to play another rehab game tonight in Fla.


  7. Colby Rasmus: “I wouldn’t doubt it in this place. Strange people. But he or she is gonna be with us (Saturday) and we gonna be rockin’.”

    Colby, that is outstanding. Well done sir.

    • The fan that lives in my head thinks that Colby has been horrible this year, but the fan that lives in my heart still loves him unreservedly and hopes, somehow, he comes back on a cheap deal.

  8. As a matter of fact, I WAS super badass. And I fully support the Maritimers threatening to rip off your ears – you obviously don’t know how to use ‘em.

  9. The strikeout by Norris was fun… but I can’t help but notice he totally missed his spot. Call for an inside pitch and threw an outside heater. Had both Wil and the catcher (Jimenez?) confused.

  10. GROF is back?!! Sweet!

  11. *great* Colby quote on the ashes.

  12. I know this is off topic but who else can’t stand to listen to Bob Ryan when he is on PTS..holy hell .. SLOW.THE.FUCK.DOWN

  13. Zauny is coming on soon…i can’t wait lol

  14. Dude is absolutely right about Safeco being the best place to see a Jays game. I made the trip last year, that was 10 times the experience of any Rogers Centre game I saw back when I lived in Ontario.

    I went with my dad, best part was this drunk dude offer to take a picture of us. He took it, and he was like ‘this’ll be the best pic in the album’. We looked at the pictures later, and he took a picture of our stomachs, and it was blurry as fuck.

    Jays gear all over downtown, you get to invade a US city basically. Idk what’s not to like here.

    • So close to making the trip down. Live in Calgary this year. I decided to book the 9 game homestand in late August thinking there might be playoff implications (bos, to, nyy)..

      Turns out this series in Seattle might mean more (save maybe the Yanks, and ok, ok….every game is important from here on).

      Excited for a regular 8pm start tonight.

  15. Off-topic, but I guess with the changes at TheScore, there aren’t going to be any more DJF podcasts, right? :(

  16. PB says many nice things about Jacob Brentz in the 10 pack today. Raw but developing quickly.

  17. Nice content blitz today Stoeten, thank you.

    And I totally agree that Mills makes the most sense.

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