Edwin Encarnacion will leadoff and DH for the Buffalo Bisons tonight (if the weather allows them to get the game in — which apparently could be an issue, though the Bisons are holding firm as of 5:20 PM ET that the game will be played), with the plan being to have him join the Jays in Chicago on Friday, where they take on the White Sox for a three-game weekend set, followed by an off-day and two in Milwaukee against the Brewers.

According to a tweet from Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News, the Bisons have moved their batting practice indoors this afternoon. More interestingly, he’s posted some video of Edwin taking a couple swings.

Check it out after the jump…


Looks ready enough for me!

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  1. Poor White Sox…at least they get to see Buehrle

  2. Can’t wait

  3. Batting leadoff? Edwin?

  4. Let those parrots free!!

    It’s strange to see people still using Vine, I guess it’s for embedding purposes?

  5. Holy shit he’s snakebit

    • An admirable argument for why retractable roofs are pretty much necessities this far north… ahem… Target Field.

      Strange to think that proper temperatures for those games in April might make the difference between a playoff berth and just missing.

  6. Even the weather conspires against the Jays.

    • Yeahhhh, I’m not sure I agree with you there, that’s the common feeling you get from Jays Talk callers but not sure it’s true. The Yankees lost all 5 of their starters at one point and they’re still hanging around, imagine where the Jays would be if that had happened to them. Every team in this division has had injury and adversity.

      • Depends on how much stock you put into playoff odds and whether you consider an outside shot at a play-in game to be “hanging around.”

        • I don’t put too much into playoff odds, but the Yankees are 0.5 games back of the Blue Jays who I am inclined to believe still have a strong chance at the playoffs depending on how they play in the coming weeks.

  7. Ah, man….watching EE swing, it’s a beautiful thing. (I call copyrights…I own that line now)

  8. Man how I missed watching that swing…

    For what it is worth, Edwin, you can walk to first for the rest of the year if you need…

  9. When he returns he’ll still be leading the Jays in homers and probably only an RBI or 2 back of Joey in that category.

    Food for thought on his value this year.

  10. FUCK. YES.

  11. Bisons promoting EE’s participation.
    Can’t say as I blame ‘em.

  12. He’s been out around 5 weeks and he’s still 4th in the majors for home runs

    If he didn’t get hurt it’s not crazy to think be could’ve gotten between 45-50 homers this year

  13. When the Jays get to Chicago, they will have 40 games remaining.
    Get LInd and EE back in the lineup, grab a W in Seattle and go from there.
    Tigers are hurtin’. O’s have Hardy and Machado both getting MRI’s today.

    Jays will probably have to go on a run, but with most of their 40 games
    vs the teams they have to beat, their fate is pretty much in their own hands.

    • Yup
      7 vs the yanks (4A, 3H)
      6 vs the o s (3 A 3H)
      6 vs the mariners (2 A , 4H)

      Jays have to go at least 22-20 at the minimum to have any chance of a play in game (or even the play in for the play in like the rays last year) that’s 85 wins which might be enough to be in the mix

      Close to a playoff lock is them going 27-15 which is 90 wins and should be enough for 2nd wild card.

      I think the jays current lace is around 87.5 which is a good chance of being in the play in game

      Tl dr version

      Jays have to play at least their current winning % ROS to have a good chance at making the playoffs

    • Hey, I’m ecstatic Eddie and Adam ( I can only hit RHP) are coming back. ON most nights that will remove 2 lesser lites. The pitching from the SP has to continue strong and that means Buehrle has to get his mojo back. However, one caveat guys. We had these 2 and Larie, all healthy in JUne and we couldn’t score for shit for weeks beginning with the Cards series when we got SO twice in early June. Meaning we cannot go back to just relying on Dr. Longball. Just getting Phat Juan out of the lineup should help a lot I think

  14. Just a thought, but why only play in actual games to get your timing back? Why isn’t it possible for teams to put their players out in the field a few hours before a game and have guys like EE bat once every 15-20 minutes? In between ABs, players could do their usual batting practice and/or fielding exercises. This would help to speed up the recovery by giving them extra ABs in close to an actual game experience with a pitcher trying to get EE out.

    • I think they do do that. They have minor leaguers throw simulated at bats to them

    • Wait. Who’s pitching?

      • Has to be a coach
        Why would a roster pitcher waste 30 pitches

        • Wouldn’t a young prospect-y pitcher relish the chance to go up against a huge star such as Encarnacion? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind using his side-throwing day to throw 8 warm ups and an EE at bat three or four times.

          Just haven’t heard of what teams do for rehab other than to have players play in actual games in MiLB.

    • I don’t remember it exactly but it might have to do something with roster spots, and can’t be on a big league field or something g like that

  15. If you’re looking for something to do before the game out west…

    Graveman starts for Buffalo


    Hoping I dont jinx him, knocking on wood as I type

  16. Get that guy back in the line up

  17. Boom! His swing looks just fine … grand slam for EE in the 2nd inning.

  18. time for colby to go on his annual sistafuckin crazy monster streak he’s fuckin due.. 7hrs 20rbis next 11games..

    speaking of monsters EDWIN is ready!

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