Do you get the sense that Jays fans are a little excited about the impending return of slugger Edwin Encarnacion? Because I sure do, and so does my Twitter feed, which exploded tonight when Edwin, in his second at-bat in a rain-delayed rehab start for the Buffalo Bisons, did… well… this:

(Video after the jump).

The parrot walk and everything! It’s been too long!

Uh… so… how fast can he get to Seattle?


Image via @BuffaloBisons.

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  1. I’d be more surprised if he didn’t do that to a Triple A pitcher

  2. Is that a sight for sore everything.

    Legs aren’t quite there yet, but the birdy is!

    • Yeah, thought something looked a little off with the running. All the same, he can’t get back up to the bigs quick enough.

      • Yeah he’s definitely a little gimpy around the bases….. But his swing still looked kind of OK.

        He can DH from now until October if he needs to. That bat is sorely needed for the stretch run .

  3. Meanwhile, Graveman is a ground ball machine

    I wish I could be more confident that he’s the real deal and not just having an outlier season, since this is only his second professional one

  4. Pfft.

    In his SECOND at bat? If it was his first at bat, then maybe it would be impressive.

  5. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Buffalo wings!

  7. Sweet! Also cool (not sure why) to see EE in a Bisons jersey.

  8. Kind of expected more people. Keep hearing about all the suppport the Bison get.

  9. Read the post, there was a rain delay.

  10. Oh my stars! What a hit!

    It’s actually a lovely ballpark. Decent craft beers. Plus, you can sit behind the plate for $12.

  11. Now since he’s in the MiLB was he walking the parrot or the parakeet!?

  12. I love how he’s twice the size of the three guys he batted in. They look like bat boys.

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