Yeah… I don’t know either.

Anibal Sanchez. Max Scherzer. David Price. Felix Hernandez. Chris Young. Hisashi Iwakuma.

The Jays could run through this sextet of pitchers — with three Cy Young awards (plus surely another one coming this season for King Felix) and three more top-three finishes in the balloting between them — and end up 3-3 for their troubles. Completing the task won’t be easy against Iwakuma tonight, but for a club that was coming off a tough home series loss to the division-leading Orioles, which followed three straight duds against the lowly Astros, that’s pretty not too fucking bad, when you think about it. Especially with a series against the White Sox upcoming, in which the Jays manage to avoid facing Chris Sale.

Then again, the Astros seemed like they shouldn’t offer much trouble either.

Regardless, the Jays just have to keep hanging on — getting Lind back helps, and getting Edwin back on Friday should help — with the understanding that all they have to do is be close and the last two weeks will determine everything. They can make our collective breathing over those last two weeks a little easier by doing more than just “hanging on,” but when they end the season going to Baltimore for three, New York for four, hosting these Mariners for four, then finishing with the Orioles at home for three, anything can happen. They just have to stay in position to let it.

Picking it up in through the rest of this month, with the White Sox, Brewers, Rays, and Red Sox upcoming — and no Sale, no Price, no Lester, with three off-days surrounding the series’ and one more before they finish the month at home against the Yankees — sure will help keep it all possible. And doing so is definitely not impossible.

Starting this next stretch out coming off a win tonight isn’t impossible either.

Go Jays.


Through five innings in Buffalo, Edwin Encarnacion is 0-for-3, but he stung one, apparently! That’s all according to a Mike Harrington tweet. (Update: He singled in the eighth, we’re told, and has looked fine all night moving and making scoops at first).

Gregor Chisholm tweets that, instead of skipping Drew Hutchison in the rotation with the upcoming off-day, the Jays have decided to give all their starters a day off and keep the rotation intact. Stroman, Buehrle, Hutchison will go against the White Sox.

Barry Davis gives us reason to say “Fuck the Mariners grounds crew,” I’m pretty sure. If you’re at the game in Seattle tonight and you toss a bunch of garbage on the field, you definitely didn’t hear me suggest it. Because I didn’t suggest it. Tossing garbage on the field, that is. Wouldn’t hear of it.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets a link to a report saying that in the voting on who will be the next MLB commissioner, the Jays are supporting Red Sox part-owner Tom Werner. Hmmm…

Mike Harrington also tells us that Colt Hynes, claimed today by the Jays and immediately assigned to Buffalo, will be the franchise record 70th player for the Bisons this year. Seventy!

More Bisons stuff, apparently, as the team’s official account tweets that Kevin Pillar got a hit for the 20th straight game tonight. That’s pretty exciting. Less exciting: over the previous nineteen games he’s walked twice in 81 plate appearances, making his walk rate 2.5%.

Shit, one more, why not? From Harrington, Sean Nolin has thrown six shutout innings tonight. Depthly! (Marc Hulet of FanGraphs adds that he thinks the Jays should give him two or three starts while taking the chance to give Drew Hutchison some rest. I don’t know about that… but I’ve heard crazier things).

I know, I know, he’s the O’s manager, but Buck Showalter still might kinda be awesome.

Awesomeness from VICE Sports that I’ll totally forget about if I wait until the next Daily Duce to link to. It’s on John Olerud and his boringness. (Just go with it).

Read this: Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs writes about clutch teams, and how they, y’know, don’t exist.

Speaking of: FanGROFs alert, as Drew joins Carson Cistuli on the FanGraphs podcast.

I’m involved in the next edition of Pitch Talks, which will be taking place a week from Thursday, along with a host of great panelists: Stacey May Fowles, Jenn Smith, Erin Valois, Shi Davidi, Sid Seixeiro and Jeremy Taggart. Get your tickets here. And I forgot this last time, but use the promo code DJF for $5 off! Cool-ass poster here.

I also do believe that a week from tonight, Tuesday, with the Jays in Milwaukee, seems like a good time to have a little DJF shindig over at Opera Bob’s. Watch for more info! Though… that’s pretty much the info. Just come drink and eat hot dogs and watch baseball.

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Next game(s): Friday, 8:10 PM ET @ Chicago (AL)

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
DH Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
C Josh Thole (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Seattle Mariners

CF Austin Jackson (R)
LF Dustin Ackley (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
3B Kyle Seager (L)
RF Chris Denorfia (R)
1B Logan Morrison (L)
C Mike Zunino (R)
SS Brad Miller (L)

RHP Hisashi Iwakuma

Comments (306)

  1. Lord Farquaad in to pitch for Seattle

  2. Can we leave Valencia in at 3rd please?

  3. shocking jays can’t with risp AGAAAAAAAIN.

  4. Next inning. Gonna break it wide open.

  5. Canada is too weak to field a winning team.

    In America, we take what we want. That is how we win.

  6. That was a great at bat by Reyes in a key spot

  7. Quite the game thread.
    Let us recap the excitement
    KGBS calls out Stoeten.
    Find out Tulo gets hurt and JPA pitches a 123 with his knuckleball?
    Some commenters enjoy reading comments from people freaking out about people freaking out.
    Some commenters will decide who are garbage clowns and who are okay.
    Buck is supposedly racist and like to gobble Jeter’s knob.
    Safeco garlic fries can alledgedly make you barf.
    But other than that everybody’s in a great mood and stand solidly behind the Jays in their effort to make the playin game.

  8. I kinda miss Mark DeRosa.

  9. Good inning goggles

  10. Melky HR and then nothing.
    If I were to put a few bucks on it.

  11. Fuck, we have stretches where we have trouble cobbling together hits, but geez, our power has just fucking completely dried up.

  12. jays get lots of hits when nobodys on base, then pee their pants with risp

  13. Im a big part of the reason your team can’t win. I prevent many free agents from coming to your shores.

    I take your current players and grind them down to mere skeletons of what they were when the season began.

  14. Buck and Tabby not helping the mood.

  15. 2 out rally. Go!

  16. Another great at bat by the Bautista

  17. for those of you who want the play in game, this is what you’d be facing in a 5 game series, nasty pitchers every game, while we throw out a 40 year knuckler and a 35 year old soft tossing lefty.

    • Why even play the games right? Tell us more oh wise one. Water is wet? Sky is blue?

    • your statements makes no sense, first you disparage a play in game, then you describe the perils of a five game series.

      correct me if Im wrong, but a play in game leads to a 5 game series if you win
      and a division title leads to a five game series if you win.

    • Wasnt this the sentiment going into the detroit series prior to the jays taking 2 of 3

      • and the jays barely took 2/3 mostly due to detroit’s awful bullpen, not beating up on their starters and the overturned call in the 9th. leaving 42 men on base is not exactly a badge of honor.

        • You missed the part wher the Jays BP held Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez et al to 0 runs for 14 innings.

  18. I’m not certain the turf wears players out. I think it more a concern for players with preexisting injuries.

    • dude, you haven’t played on me. every player in a long season like baseball is injured to ta degree. I take them to that next level.

      just look at how melkey was running in spring training and now look at him. every step looks like he is in pain, even on grass , due to what i did to him

      • I’ll take your word for it but even tennis players are making it to their thirties these days.
        Then again, Nadal hates hard court and has been lobbying against having so many tournaments on it.

  19. Zaun: *reflects on everything said throughout broadcasting career* “wait…no, the opposite”

  20. with these games this week on the west coast I’ve been watching some of the earlier games.

    I have to say I’ve enjoyed watching them a lot more than the Jays games. No anger, no frustration – just the beautiful game.

    I should have turned the TV off at 10. I get so pissed off I can’t sleep for 3 hours after the Jays game.

  21. The margin is so razor thin. Their fat slugger with the .262 OBP got in to one and the Jays haven’t hit crap. So slender a difference between winning and losing.

  22. Dont forget the true hero of this series: Brad fucking Mills

  23. Alright boys. Ugly lights are about to come on. Last chance for romance.

  24. those dudes were hilarious. Good for them

    • that wouldn’t have been allowed in rc, ushers would have put a stop to that, then arrested them for throwing stuff on field.

  25. When will someone finally beat the fuck out of Rodney after he does that stupid shooting arrow schtick?

  26. Right splits or not I’d rather have Valencia here.

  27. Redeem Juan

  28. Sigh. Juan is by far the most frustrating Jay to watch.

  29. And that arrow shit sends me to bed

  30. I feel like the jays are babies and rodney just took candy from them.

  31. To the liquor! What a fuckin abyssmal series

  32. I hate nobody more than Rodney

  33. Hoping the Jays ass pound them on their visit east.

  34. Exactly zero wind in the sails after that series. Holy fuck.

  35. The ABs were abysmal and inexucusable. So many 3 pitch k’s. Francisco should have been dfa’d a month ago.

  36. non-existent offense this series. credit to M’s run prevention, which is the best of the best, but no Edwin and absolutely no luck in the way of sequencing is partly to blame too. its just the way things are going. o, and the pitching was far from stellar in the first two games.

    there’s still time to turn it around, and time for teams like the O’s to fall off their high horse, but shit they need to start soon.

  37. o and credit to Buck and Pat for making me hate yet another perfectly likable player. like Sal Perez before him, Kyle Seager is now on my bad list thanks to the slobbery praise of our broadcast crew.

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