Yeah… I don’t know either.

Anibal Sanchez. Max Scherzer. David Price. Felix Hernandez. Chris Young. Hisashi Iwakuma.

The Jays could run through this sextet of pitchers — with three Cy Young awards (plus surely another one coming this season for King Felix) and three more top-three finishes in the balloting between them — and end up 3-3 for their troubles. Completing the task won’t be easy against Iwakuma tonight, but for a club that was coming off a tough home series loss to the division-leading Orioles, which followed three straight duds against the lowly Astros, that’s pretty not too fucking bad, when you think about it. Especially with a series against the White Sox upcoming, in which the Jays manage to avoid facing Chris Sale.

Then again, the Astros seemed like they shouldn’t offer much trouble either.

Regardless, the Jays just have to keep hanging on — getting Lind back helps, and getting Edwin back on Friday should help — with the understanding that all they have to do is be close and the last two weeks will determine everything. They can make our collective breathing over those last two weeks a little easier by doing more than just “hanging on,” but when they end the season going to Baltimore for three, New York for four, hosting these Mariners for four, then finishing with the Orioles at home for three, anything can happen. They just have to stay in position to let it.

Picking it up in through the rest of this month, with the White Sox, Brewers, Rays, and Red Sox upcoming — and no Sale, no Price, no Lester, with three off-days surrounding the series’ and one more before they finish the month at home against the Yankees — sure will help keep it all possible. And doing so is definitely not impossible.

Starting this next stretch out coming off a win tonight isn’t impossible either.

Go Jays.


Through five innings in Buffalo, Edwin Encarnacion is 0-for-3, but he stung one, apparently! That’s all according to a Mike Harrington tweet. (Update: He singled in the eighth, we’re told, and has looked fine all night moving and making scoops at first).

Gregor Chisholm tweets that, instead of skipping Drew Hutchison in the rotation with the upcoming off-day, the Jays have decided to give all their starters a day off and keep the rotation intact. Stroman, Buehrle, Hutchison will go against the White Sox.

Barry Davis gives us reason to say “Fuck the Mariners grounds crew,” I’m pretty sure. If you’re at the game in Seattle tonight and you toss a bunch of garbage on the field, you definitely didn’t hear me suggest it. Because I didn’t suggest it. Tossing garbage on the field, that is. Wouldn’t hear of it.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets a link to a report saying that in the voting on who will be the next MLB commissioner, the Jays are supporting Red Sox part-owner Tom Werner. Hmmm…

Mike Harrington also tells us that Colt Hynes, claimed today by the Jays and immediately assigned to Buffalo, will be the franchise record 70th player for the Bisons this year. Seventy!

More Bisons stuff, apparently, as the team’s official account tweets that Kevin Pillar got a hit for the 20th straight game tonight. That’s pretty exciting. Less exciting: over the previous nineteen games he’s walked twice in 81 plate appearances, making his walk rate 2.5%.

Shit, one more, why not? From Harrington, Sean Nolin has thrown six shutout innings tonight. Depthly! (Marc Hulet of FanGraphs adds that he thinks the Jays should give him two or three starts while taking the chance to give Drew Hutchison some rest. I don’t know about that… but I’ve heard crazier things).

I know, I know, he’s the O’s manager, but Buck Showalter still might kinda be awesome.

Awesomeness from VICE Sports that I’ll totally forget about if I wait until the next Daily Duce to link to. It’s on John Olerud and his boringness. (Just go with it).

Read this: Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs writes about clutch teams, and how they, y’know, don’t exist.

Speaking of: FanGROFs alert, as Drew joins Carson Cistuli on the FanGraphs podcast.

I’m involved in the next edition of Pitch Talks, which will be taking place a week from Thursday, along with a host of great panelists: Stacey May Fowles, Jenn Smith, Erin Valois, Shi Davidi, Sid Seixeiro and Jeremy Taggart. Get your tickets here. And I forgot this last time, but use the promo code DJF for $5 off! Cool-ass poster here.

I also do believe that a week from tonight, Tuesday, with the Jays in Milwaukee, seems like a good time to have a little DJF shindig over at Opera Bob’s. Watch for more info! Though… that’s pretty much the info. Just come drink and eat hot dogs and watch baseball.

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Next game(s): Friday, 8:10 PM ET @ Chicago (AL)

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
DH Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
C Josh Thole (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Seattle Mariners

CF Austin Jackson (R)
LF Dustin Ackley (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
3B Kyle Seager (L)
RF Chris Denorfia (R)
1B Logan Morrison (L)
C Mike Zunino (R)
SS Brad Miller (L)

RHP Hisashi Iwakuma

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  1. Off topic
    But what the fuck is going on in ferguson Missouri? It sounds like the cops are having a war against the citizens

  2. Go jays go

  3. With Norris Nolin Santos Dalabar?? (and maybe even this Graveman character?!) the Jays have better options in Buffallo than any of these names being mentioned in media methinks.

    Except no mention on interwebs of Papelbon – seems like perfect fit to me if Jays are in position to take on salary. And Rios could be pretty alright too. These guys can be gotten for B prospects it seems. What is the holdup pretty hard to argue they don’t improve the club quite a bit.

  4. Why is everyone so excited about the thought of a play in game? really that’s what it’s boiled down to. 1 game where anything can happen and you have no control over who pitches, then even ifyou win you get your ass kicked in next series.

  5. Ho man. Just liked DJF on facebook and saw the header pic. So awesome. DFA the best, DJF the best.

  6. That Olerud piece was awesome.

  7. OK, I guess that answers my question from earlier today re: the MLB commissioner candidate who might bring Beeston on board.

  8. #gojaysyouassholes


  9. Yankees orioles. Not 8th. 2 outs. 2-2 count. Tied 2 to 2.
    Here comes the wave!

  10. Fucking Baltimore. I hate you so much.

  11. Remember when wilner said baltimore was horrible, then he said they’re not that good, now he said they’re going to lose 5 in a row soon. Didn’t baltimore lose machado? So how are they winning? I thought injures were an excuse to lose.

  12. Poon Goblin, I like the cut of your jib. Aaaarrrrr mateys, let’s recite the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner and try not to be overwhelmed by seamen.

  13. Hi guys slightly off topic but…..

    Stoeten, I’m calling you out on being a Sportsnet/Rogers reach around cock jerker.

    You don’t even have the balls anymore to call a spade a fuckin spade, thus you have created a culture here where no one should dare say anything against the club or Sportsnet. You support Wilner for crissakes! Speaks volumes.

    You piss on your supporters and commenters like they’re trash. Well fuck you!

    Try changing those panties and making a post with some ballsiness and not this wishy washy neutral horseshit. Try treating your commenters with some respect. I know why you hate Greg Zaun, because he swings a pair of balls and you wish you had testicles not a labia minora.

    I’m done with this website. See you folks!


    Garbage Clown #1

  14. Scoreboard watch

    Baltimore wins
    Yankees lose
    Cleveland wins
    Detroit up by 4 going into the 9th
    KC up by 3 and yet to bat in the 8th

    In other news, Delabar gives up the tying and winning runs in the bottom of the 9th on wild pitches.

  15. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless something has changed since yesterday, the White Sox are going to bring back Sale on regular rest (off day tomorrow) and have him start on Sunday against the Jays. Sucks for us.

  16. Baltimore wins, Detroit and KC look like wins. Pretty much need this game. It’s slip-sliding away….

    • God only knows, God makes his plan
      The information’s unavailable to the mortal man.

      Let’s just play it out.

    • 41 games left…but another team winning before the jays even start their game, truly the end of the season

  17. Fuck

  18. Crap on a cracker

  19. balls

  20. The thing I am finding so confounding is this is a Seattle team that hasn’t been able to score all year.

  21. fuck off kyle seager

  22. as mike wilner says…when EE Lawrie and Lind come back…it’s like we made a trade lol…fucking rogers b.s.

  23. Ugh

  24. well it was fun while it lasted. Silly me for thinking we were playoff bound when we were 10+ games above .500. Should’ve known all along we have no chance with this starting staff.

  25. Even the outs getting smoked.


  27. Its insane that stoeten’s article only strengthened the resolve of GB’s. I guess they got the audience they were looking for

  28. I was hoping for just a few more replays of the Miller play.

  29. People need to relax. It’s baseball; a long season and we’re close.
    I seriously doubt we’ll make the playoffs but the season has been very interesting. I get the passion and the controversy and we all have in our right to discuss the positives as well as tHeshortcomings but the broken recordness of it all is annoying the fuck out of me.

    I am an avid Leaf fan but I will never opine about them at a bar or on the net. Not because of complacency, but more due to repeated and regurgitated statements from know nothings and know it alls. I just accept what is and cheer for my team. There is nothing else to do.

    If you guys really demanded nothing but playoffs every year in a league in which it’s hard as all hell to make it there, you’d have killed yourselves a long time ago.
    Let’s ride this boat. Here is an idea – realize that the meaningful baseball season has begun and let’s enjoy it.
    Rip into ‘em, praise them, but no more talk of the non-waiver deadline, for the love of the game! We have the old blue and white jerseys back and the American media talk about us a whole lot.

    • You mean find enjoyment in 162 games rather than place it all in the possible extra 20? This is a novel idea that will be quickly refuted by:

      20 years !!!!!!!!111111 argh

      • Are you seriously suggesting that we just marvel at the athletic prowess of a meaningless season?
        That’s loser talk bud.

        • I didnt really add much to the thought, so perhaps its best to reread thewaronhugs post. Dont miss out on enjoying the games currently going on by constantly fretting about games you wont be playing in the fall.

    • Exactly – a leaf fan

  30. holy Fuck…just tuned in and it’s only 2-0… some of the comments on here made me think the score was a lot worse. Some people need to get a fucking grip.

  31. Damn, now Tulowitzki. Great players are falling like dominoes.

    • That blows. Was putting together a monster season, Coors Field asterixed or not. Interested to see if anybody puts together a trade offer for him… I heard he wants out. The Yankees have a spot opening up for a hurtbag shortstop, I hear…

  32. In other news, JP Arencibia is pitching the ninth in Texas.

  33. Holy crap – This ump will call a pitch out a strike.

  34. This ump is a shitshow

  35. Melky have a hot date tonight? 2 ABs. 2 pitches. 2 outs.

  36. Gameday shows JPA with all knuckleballs. That can’t be right, can it? Do they just call pitches between 65-75 mph knuckleballs?

  37. I think I enjoy reading comments from people freaking out more than I enjoy reading comments from people freaking out about people freaking out.

  38. I know they Jays have been on a run of better than average starters, but the suckitude of the offense is getting to me.

  39. Can’t wait ’till the Expos are back.

  40. I don’t care what he does but Meh fuck jpa for being a total baby last year with his spat with the media

  41. Fucking cameraman and director gotta be drunk.

  42. Anyone here think Juan gets sent down/waived for EE Friday?

  43. can we move fucking reyes to 2nd holy fuck he can’t throw for shiet

    • Totes agree. Inevitable, I figure. Just a matter of how many 20 million dollar seasons he gets paid for before it happens.

      • Then again the Yanks trotted Jeter out there until he was 40. Though Jeter and the Yanks, Reyes and the Jays are not.

  44. iwakuma only at 36 pitches in 3 innings..sigh

  45. Eat it, Kyle Seager.

  46. Kittenface! Woooo!

  47. Cletus dinger

  48. C’mon boys

  49. Spirit animal dinger?

  50. Heard McCowan say the Jays were in for $93 million in payroll next year. Didn’t bother to verify, but if that is true, and if they are indeed held to a similar payroll, be interesting to see what AA can do with $30-$40 million.

  51. 3B ump strike call seemed a little forced.

  52. Shitty

  53. We’ll get him next inning

  54. Getting even a run seems like a monumental task at the moment

  55. That’s my boy.

  56. Atta boy linda

  57. I really wanted to see Stewart’s and Colbert’s takes on the Ferguson stuff but either they’re on vacation or Comedy Network doesn’t carry them anymore.

  58. hey blue jays score some runs

  59. I think fat Juan should try to swing at strikes

  60. fuck try to bunt the ball then if u can’t hit a fuckin ball

  61. This has not been a fun series to watch.

  62. Francisco is so useless. I can do what he does at the plate.

  63. Reyes creates his own luck when he wants to.

  64. C’mon Melky

  65. If Fat Juan got traded to the yankees he would hit 300 lol

  66. Next inning for sure! Baseball!

  67. if the jays drop out of contention…if i am jose i ask to be dealt..and if im melky i’d go to a winner

    • Melky will go after the money, winner or not. And that’s what he should do.

    • Here’s hoping that they have minds of their own.

      • Imagine that?! Or even if Melky liked it here/appreciated the Jays giving him a contract when no one else would? Nah. That’d be foolish.

        • I don’t doubt that he does like it here and has some positive feelings re Jays and Jays management. The thing is that his next contract will be his chance to catch up with the big boys. IMO though, if Jays can get close on the bidding he may stay. I think also that the way they’re importing what seems to be so many young fielders they may be hedging their bet.

  68. So has dickey gotten his 7th inning out of the way in the 1st?

  69. Seems like I pitch just well enough to lose

  70. Here comes a two run bomb from Cano

  71. Buck just said Kawasaki doesn’t have great range on that ball that barely escaped him. Perhaps he is correct.

    However, Reyes has been doing that shit all year, displaying a Jeteresque lack of range, and Buck has never said a damn thing about it.

    • Agreed.

    • So that’s racism.


      • Nevermind. I get it now, you’re a trolling shitbag.

        • Well, there is an element to bias in his comment. Racist = dominican ss = must have great range, looks like an athlete.

          Kawaswaki= japanese= scared of godzilla…= lack of range.

          • Or he could have a bias because of all the press clippings he’s seen about how good Reyes is. For anyone to come to a conclusion that egregious without a complete examination of all the possibilities is just as bad as being a racist.

  72. Seager reminds me of that yellow bastard from sin city

  73. Nicely done, boys.

  74. Way to hustle, defense!

  75. Wooooooooah…..what a play by both lind and the elder

  76. No way that slug Juan makes that play at first.

  77. sad part is the jays are built for future in terms of pitching..hitting..we don’t have nothing in our system that screams impact offensive player

  78. so iwakuma cost seattle only 7 mil but we give up huge prospects to get dickey and pay him 12mil. This is why we have an idiot gm.

    • what did bud norris cost the O’s? He’s performing at Dickey’s level

    • Good luck ever seeing a pitcher take a lesser deal to pitch in Toronto again (assuming it has happened at least once before). It’s not going to happen.

      • What pitcher wants to pitch in a stadium with a cement infield in which balls rocket through the infield and into the gaps ..and the ball flies over the walls when airborne.

        AND the division is full of big payroll teams and teams like BMORE with huge power.

  79. We make moves at the deadline based on seasons of data.

    Your GM made no moves at the deadline because a little hot streak had you idiots believing a team fielding regulars like tolleson, kawasaki, goins, and francisco was so dang solid it would be hard to improve.

    then he lied and said other teams were asking for their best players. LMFAO.

    They also promoted Sanchez just so he could say “hey they want players on our big league roster”

    Well the fucker wasn’t on the roster a few days before.

    Fact is its not that he didn’t make moves because there were no moves to be made or even money to make moves with, its because he’s a dead man walking and rogers told him he cannot make ANY major moves because they don’t trust an outgoing GM with making decisions that are in the long term interests of the organization.

    • probably…jays don’t make playoffs i can’t see him coming back..then again why the fuck is beeston still around?

  80. what a depressing series, in front of a great road jays crowd too

  81. Ok definitely next inning.

  82. Fuck this is painful to watch

  83. At this rate the Jays will only win ten more games this year…..sigh

    • If they don’t come back and win tonight, they’ll be on pace to go 0-43 to end the season based on a statistical analysis of their last three games.

      Such a pathetic bunch of losers.

      • Not a pretty picture Philbert, but I can’t fault your reasoning.

        • The writing is on the wall. This is the defining game of the season. If they can’t beat the Mariners the season is over… this is a fact. Griffey isn’t even in the lineup tonight. What a blown opportunity. Winning teams don’t lose games like this.

  84. Bring out Ken Huckaby to deck Jeter as his parting gift.

  85. Jesus why the fuck are Buck and Tabby gobbling Jeters balls again during a fucking Mariners game?

  86. Lets give RA some runs guys!!

  87. I didn’t expect to turn on the TV and hear Buck and Pat slobbering all over Jeter’s knob.

  88. SAFECO garlic fries made me barf one time. True story.

  89. Begs the question as to how bad the Seattle crowds would be without the Jays fans in attendance..

  90. If you ever go down to a game in Seattle, the best place to not get laid is called Sluggers, just down the alley from SAFECO. There’s a half dozen other sports bars within puking distance of the stadium that you probably won’t get laid at either.

    I’m here to help.

  91. I can’t wait to see what AA and beeston have to say when the jays miss the playoffs again and they come back with the exact same lineup next year minus melky, rasmus and casey.

  92. Unlucky Cletus

  93. buck “colby’s hitting a hot bat with nothing to show for it”

    isn’t that what we’ve heard all year?

  94. wtf, when we crush the ball, its right to them.

  95. Dinger and it’s tied

  96. Buck ‘baseball has become such an international sport’

    First world series: 1903

  97. Thats just TERRIBLE, allowing a fucking interpreter to the mound!.

    This is the fucking AMERICAN LEAGUE, learn ENGLISH or don’t play!

  98. JuanFran, ‘having trouble making contact tonight’

    Yeah, just tonight eh?

    Iwakamooka is pretty deadly though.

  99. I thought when lind came back we would automatically start winning. Isn’t that wilner logic?

  100. Dinger for the lead

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