Hey! Look! It’s that Aaron Cibia guy!

So… here’s something that happened. Down in Texas, with the Rangers down 10-1 to the Tampa Bay Rays, someone needed to be called on to pitch the ninth for the home team. And someone answered the bell.

As you can see (barely — at least until I get a better screengrab), was J.P. Arencibia.

Pretty sure it’s already been a looooooong year for the Rangers. He did OK, though — throwing knuckleballs! (Better than he can catch them, said a million internet jokesters at once). A clean inning!

Keith Law provides a scouting report:

Also, this tweet might be perfect:

We now do have the video! But first, what in its absence would have been the next best thing: a GIF (via @CorkGaines) of Sean Rodriguez appearing to call ol’ JPA an asshole before meekly flying out. Or… y’know… he might just be saying “let’s go.” Decide for yourself, and see the full video after the jump!


Yes, Arencibia is still enough of a thing around here that this is worth a post. Top image also via @CorkGaines.

Comments (19)

  1. I think you secretly like Aaron Cibia…

  2. I don’t think I care for that arm angle

  3. What a delightful video.

  4. yay jp

  5. Well… Texas need to get *something* for the money they’re paying JPA.

  6. Man Andrus has got a gun.

  7. This is the single greatest thing to happen this season.

    I especially enjoy his smug smile/look of relief when he got the pop up and realized he didn’t completely ruin everything.


  8. He’s definitely saying ass hole. Nice

  9. His delivery is too upright. He’s headed for arm issues.

  10. My very poorly honed lip reading skills tell me he’s saying “let’s go”.

  11. Has anyone made the “he hits as well as a pitcher” joke yet?

  12. I’m sure Gregg Zaun will find something to criticize.

  13. Good for JP. It’s something to brag about when he’s living as a career minor leaguer.

  14. He said they were not knucklers, just really slow pitches that had to drop.

  15. I bet Yan Gomes could pitch better

  16. I kinda like how he’s not even trying to throw hard

  17. First Travis Snider pitches for the Pirates, and now this. Which one of our busts will do so next?

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