Move over bananas, I’ve got a new source of potassium!

Talk about burying the lede. In small subsection of a Saturday piece for the Toronto Sun, Bob Elliott dropped this nugget: “Rogers Communications might prove us wrong about not giving general manager Alex Anthopoulos any cash to add at the deadline and the Jays could add a $10-million contract next week. Might it be a tad too late?” I’ll believe it when I see it. Sure would be fucking nice, though. So… whaddaya think the Mets want for Jon Niese? Because I bet it’s a metric shitload.

“I haven’t had any communication with them, which has been a little frustrating at times because I feel like I’ve ironed some of the things out that I needed to iron out and I’m just waiting for that opportunity to go back out there and hopefully do what I’m doing here.” Those words come from Sergio Santos, who says he was taken aback by the decision to designate him for assignment last month, according to Stephen Whyno of the Canadian Press, via the Globe and Mail. Santos gave up a hit in his first appearance for Buffalo, and hasn’t since. He’s struck out nine in 6.2 innings, but has also walked four. Sounds like he’s close.

More from Whyno, this time in the National Post, as he reports on Edwin Encarnacion’s first rehab game for Buffalo, and how badly the Jays need their slugger back.

The Jays announced this afternoon that they’ve claimed Colt Hynes, a left-handed reliever, from the Dodgers and assigned him to Buffalo. Hynes is 29, with 17 innings of big league experience, all of which came last season for San Diego, and… uh… it did not go well. He had a great year last year in Double- and Triple-A, though. This year he’s pitched to a 4.08 ERA and 4.04 FIP in 42 games in the PCL. Meh.

Great stuff at Sportsnet from Arden Zwelling, who looks at Jose Bautista, who is everything to the Jays — but maybe not enough.

Elsewhere at Sporstnet, Shi Davidi confirms what I wrote about yesterday: that the Jays will indeed play exhibition games in Montreal once again this spring. Sweet!

Back to Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun, as does his best to empower the whiny subset of the Jays’ fan base, writing that the club missed a golden opportunity last night, in what was “supposed to be the easy one” against Seattle. Yeah, and they were supposed to lose to the Tigers’ Cy-calibre starters, right? Funny how baseball sometimes is baseball.

Elsewhere in the Sun, in a notebook post, Elliott notes that Jose Reyes wasn’t thrilled with the decision to have him sit out Monday’s opener of the series in Seattle. “It was an executive decision,” John Gibbons told reporters. Elsewhere in the piece, Elliott notes that Dan Norris had an excellent debut on Sunday with the Buffalo Bisons, striking out ten in six scoreless.

Baseball Prospectus gives some context to Norris’s performance: “Norris has ridden his fastball/slider combination all the way to the upper levels of the minor leagues this season, with Buffalo representing his third stop along the way. He’s missed bats in droves at every stop and showed no sign of slowing down in his first Triple-A start on Sunday. He’s still got a ways to go to become a complete pitcher, including the development of the changeup he’ll need in the majors, but for now he’s able to get by with two potential plus pitches.” Sounds sorta like a guy who could do alright in a big league bullpen in a pinch, doesn’t it?

Norris was the only Jays player to make both authors’ lists in the latest Top 50 Dynasty League Prospects piece from BP’s Ben Carsley and Craig Goldstein, showing up at number 27 and 32. Dalton Pompey was 46 for Goldstein, while Aaron Sanchez was 41 for Carsley.

“You can sometimes question Gibbons’ in-game strategy, but one thing the manager does understand is the human condition and perceptions that can hurt his clubhouse,” writes Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star, respect for the Jays still fully intact. “That’s why he refused to send Chad Jenkins back to Triple-A Buffalo after the reliever worked six shutout innings and earned the win on Sunday, even with his options.” Gibbons tells him: “I never like to send him down, period. But the guy’s got options. After yesterday’s game, if we send him down that could be a morale killer too, what he did for the guys.” Meh, fair enough.

Chris Toman of Gamereax looks at how the Jays are now entering their toughest stretch of the year. *Gulp*

Great stuff from Gideon Turk at Blue Jays Plus, as he wonders whether we can believe in Anthony Gose’s on-base skills, and ultimately concludes that it seems as though we can. It’s maybe tough to believe, but if it means the Jays focussing on re-signing Melky instead of Colby — as Gideon suggests — then hells yes, I can get behind it.

Elsewhere at BJP, Greg Wisniewski writes about us fans needing to take a break from the grind of the season as much as players sometimes do. I can relate.

Great stuff, as always, from Nick Ashbourne of Bluebird Banter, as he looks at how Jose Bautista has become a little more like Munenori Kawasaki, and how that’s a good thing.

FanGraphs looks at the most improved players thus far by projected WAR, and one of them is Emilio Bonifacio. Because… of course he is.

Jays Prospects speaks with Anthony Alford, who still remains frustratingly positive about his football career.

Matt Snyder of CBS Sports wonders what might have been if the Expos had won the 1994 World Series.

Lastly, I’m not usually one to go for viral marketing campaign stuff, especially of the heartstring-tugging variety, but this TD thing here was alright, and maybe made me cringe a little bit about how quick I sometimes am to call earnest fans morons on teh internet. I dunno…

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  1. All I wanted to do was to put a smile on the faces of the children down at the dump

  2. Jesus, Elliot.

    Last time I saw a lead buried that deep it was Kent Brockman reporting on the President’s murder arrest.

  3. Kawa being compared to Pikachu in the BBB piece was a nice way to end it. Almost makes me miss Pokemon

  4. Just a correction: that Anthony Alford piece is from JaysProspects.com not Jays Journal

  5. Players, fans enjoy Reddick’s walk-up music: http://youtu.be/UwWBVm5wmL0

  6. Oh Stoeten, ya old softy.
    Seriously, it is nice to see good things happen to decent people. Even if it is just a big advertisement.

  7. I just stopped crying after watching that vid.

    Wayyyyyyyyy too positive for a Garbage Clown like me.

    Why didn’t Jose drop that guy 20 g’s rather than giving him a synthetic leather ball? Jezuz, where is this world going.

  8. Picture Side Show Bob after Krusty dropped his ass..

  9. Since we’ve got a bit of time before first pitch, thought I’d throw this out for conversation:

    What do you remember as your high point and low point moments as a Jays fan?

    I’m sure Joe Carter will feature for a lot of you, but for me the most excited I’ve ever been is when Juan Benquiez hit a walk off, 3-run triple to beat the Tigers 10-9, giving the Jays a 3 1/2 game lead with 7 left to play. Pure joy.

    The lowest moment came seven games later, when Garth Iorg grounded out and the Jays season ended with a 1-0 loss. Still the most crushing collapse in team history. But I’ll always remember Rick Leach scoring that winning run…

    • Alomar’s HR off Eck for the high.

      Upshaw dropping the routine fly that would have clinched the division for the low. Short-lived, though, as I recall they clinched the next day.

    • Don’t think of it as a high point but Going to a scheduled double header at Exhibition Stadium, on a sunshiney day watching Otto Valez hit 4 dingers.
      layin back in the sunshine wondering if they were ever gonna serve beer at ball games.

      • I was there for that… well the first game. I remember listening to the second game on the radio in the car on the way home… don’t remember why my Dad made us leave, but I think it was pretty cold that day?

    • I was 8 when the Jays first won the World Series, so I only vaguely remember the 1992 season. I have a lot of strong memories of 1993, but I don’t remember much outside of the playoffs. Since then, most of my biggest highs have been from individual accomplishments; a lot of things Halladay did, Delgado’s four homer game, Arencibia’s debut, Morrow’s masterpiece… I think that says a lot about the team’s struggles over the years.

      Honestly, the highest TEAM moment I can remember since the World Series years was probably August 10, 2014.

    • Best: John McDonald’s Father’s Day homerun. By a longshot…. that was magical.

      Worst: Watching Happ get hit in the head.

      • And I’ve been around since the Upshaw days, FYI.

      • I agree 100%, perfect choices. I was actually at the game with my Dad in the second deck in left field when Johnny Mac hit that father’s day HR and pointed skyward. My Dad still lives in NB and I was too at the time so we have only been to 4 Blue Jays games together so to be there for that one was really special.

    • Junior Felix at Fenway… Inside the park grand slam!

    • Best: Watching Jimmy Key pitch his last game as a Jay in the ’92 World Series at the dome.

      There is no worst, only less best.

    • High point the Alomar homer.

      Ironically the low point by far is when they acquired Alomar. When they traded my all time favorite player Fernandez for him this disgruntled eight year old at the time lost his shit. After a chair through a door, a year filled running away from home, and a brief stint as the ultimate padres fan I became pleasantly surprised with Alomar and became Jays fan #1 again shortly after although even the home run didn’t put Alomar close to as high regard as Fernandez – simply a distant second.

      • Tear filled

        Also was at game number 2 in the dome was pretty awesome – first time they closed the roof. Sky high anyone?

    • Awesome question, Teddy.

    • Dave Stieb’s near-perfect game, I had great seats over the 3B dugout, I was keeping score in my programme (I still did this at 17), I was the first to clock he was perfect after about 4 innings. When Roberto Kelly got his hit I was pretty crushed.
      Just looked at the game on BR – Stieb only threw 90 pitches for the CG.

      George Bell making the catch to win the AL East in 1985 is a real high point. Moving to the UK and missing both WS wins is probably the low. Although Alfredo Griffin used to make me really mad.

  10. Bob Elliott is a tool. Moreover, Toronto Sun is a horrible, sensational, waste of paper. However, I do the the value in exploring Niese trade if a guy like Sean Nolin makes it happen. Niese is definitely serviceable, gives up too many walks, and hasn’t tossed more than 140 innings at the Bigs yet is locked up for $7-8M/yr with club-friendly options until 2018 (I believe). Definitely a depth option knowing Buehrle, Happ, Dickey, et al relative inconsistencies.
    Santos shouldn’t be concern for his demotion, rather that not a single team picked him up. I hope he stabilizes, but definitely not holding my breath a la Drabek/McGuire.
    Games in Montreal is great news, but coming alongside are the remarks from Selig about possible expansion to Europe. They could be part of the same motion, however the exhibitions at the O might also be a simple cash grab.

    • You see the cover those garbage clowns put the day after robin Williams passed?

      It said sad clown

    • Expansion to…..Europe?

      I can’t possibly imagine how that could work. I can see it for, say, NFL because they play so few games only 8 home, so you can see a scenario where a London team does two big road trips of 4 games each.

      But baseball? The jet lag would be ridiculous.

    • No way Nolin even comes close to getting Niese. Probably at least triple his value to start the conversation

  11. Re the Elliot piece

    Jays could swindle the phillies and Ruben the idiot gm for Burnett no?

    • I know he’s a 5 and 10 guy but sweet sweet Utley, get me Utley in that deal.

      • I doubt Utley gets past the Yankees on waivers, if only to block him from coming to Toronto, or even Baltimore.

    • Has he cleared waivers? Because I highly doubt he gets past the Pirates on waivers, and a couple other NL teams. Dont think the Jays would ever get a chance to put a claim on him.

    • Burnett has been way worse than any Jays starter over the past month so this makes no sense. Nolin and Redmond are much better bets at this juncture.

      Papelbon on the other hand makes all the sense in the world if payroll is there. Replace struggling Jansen to close out games for stretch run and next year especially if not resigining Jansen. Has been totally lights out all year and with high salary may not take much to get & phillies may bite on low minors guy since they should be in for long rebuild process although Amaro may not think do

  12. Get Norris up to get his carrot wet in the Pen.
    Like now.
    If he keeps on this meteoric rise then he could even make some big starts down the stretch.

  13. [Troll Garbage]

  14. Orilols suck go Jays

  15. Jays playing another pseudo-home game tonight at SAFECO? Dickey’s pitching? Isn’t that stadium fucking huge? Should be fun.

  16. Bautista is a god.

    People blew his trade deadline disappoint comments way out of proportion; anyone who read his full comments know this.

    His stats since 2010 show he is one of the best in the game.

    I want the Jays to make the playoffs mainly so I can watch Jose participate in Oct baseball. And so Arden can write an article about just how enough Jose is to the Bluejays

    • Great point, Bautista in October would be really great to watch.

      Makes you wonder who on the team could be the unlikely postseason hero.

  17. Bonifacio is only on that list because they projected him for -0.2 WAR.

    He’s been worth 1.8 so far this year, but only because of his defence. He’s got a 87 wRC+, so not sure I’d want him here anyways.

  18. That Blue Jays Plus article isn’t linking for me, FYI

    • But with diligence, and maybe a little elbow grease, I was able to find my way to it eventually.

  19. Come on Dickey

  20. Fuck

  21. When is EE going to be back any word?

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