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August? More like the Ugh-est, amiright?

So the Jays lost again, and continued not doing themselves any favours. They wasted an excellent start from R.A. Dickey (season ERA: 3.95 now), failing again to get any semblance of offence going. They’re now 7.5 games behind the Baltimore Orioles in the AL East, and 3.0 games back of the two teams who now hold the second Wild Card spot, the Seattle Mariners and Detroit Tigers. They’re 3-9 since the calendar flipped to this month. Not a lot of folks would bet on this club being three games better than those two over forty games, or 7.5 better than the Orioles in that span — especially at this rate — and I couldn’t blame them for declining to do so, either. But as we’ve discussed ad nauseam around here of late, it certainly can happen, too.

Edwin coming back should help, and the White Sox and Brewers certainly ought to be better for what ails them than the Mariners were.

The longer they keep failing to get back to winning, though…

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  1. Here’s hoping

  2. But that Tigers series was fun though wasn’t it?

  3. Um…well that wasn’t very encouraging, was it?

  4. Dude, nothing is fucked.

  5. They need to stay healthy and get hot real fast, they will need to win about 28 games out of the last 40 to make it close. This season has been more of a roller coster than any other in a long long time.

    • That’s a .700 win pct.

      And they need to bank on some poor performances from other teams. At this point, it would be pretty unlikely.

      But fuck it. Nothing an 8 game win streak wouldn’t cure

      • the problem is, by dropping so far back, they don’t really control their own destiny…they need a bunch of other teams to go cold, while they get hot, which is a whole lot to hope for. but hey, at least those fucking garbage clowns have been shouted down.

        • You missed the point entirely and continue to do so. Bravo.

          • i don’t think i did. the point was that they can turn things around, and that’s fine, they most certainly can, and have shown that they’re capable of doing so. i don’t debate that at all.

            my counter was that even if they do so, they need other teams (either those with them or ahead of them in the standings) to go on a losing streak, otherwise they aren’t making up any ground.

            people in the anti-garbage-clown brigade seem to be conflating the opinion ‘i don’t believe they can catch up’ with ‘there is no possible way they can catch up.’

            • So what you’re saying is that baseball is yard, right? Brilliant. The same scenario applies to every team in the league, including the division leaders.

    • Even good teams lose — sometimes badly, sometimes in bunches. It’s frustrating as fuck, sure, but they’re still in this thing.

      • haha. sure.

        • No fucking cares that you feel vindicated asshole

          • vindicated? nope. i’ve been hoping and believing all year; even after the offseason when they really didn’t do anything of great substance, i thought they were in pretty good shape and would contend simply via a regression to the mean.

            the only thing that’s really pissed me off is the absolute resistance to deviate from the financial plan while your competitors all made moves to bolster a run for the playoffs. it told me that ownership basically cares far (FARFARFAR) less about putting a winning product on the field than joe-average fan.

            and if you’re still starry-eyed gazing at the return of EE & (maybe) the (eventual) return of maple boner, while they sit 7.5 games out of first, and 3 games out of the SECOND fucking wildcard spot, well, congratulations, you’re a true optimist. i guess i’m not a ‘real’ enough fan, if i dare to remove my lips from stoeten’s arse long enough to realize that barring a legit fucking miracle, the jays are done.


  6. Scored 2.5 runs/game in August…

  7. I think that 10-3 run after the break in July was a bit misleading since 7 of those games were against Boston when they were in free fall/turmoil. 3 others were against Tejas. That’s 8 of those wins right there.

    On the other hand, they also broke the Yankees curse, lets hope that still matters in late September.

    Encouraging to see Lind quickly finding his groove.

    • Well, not “hitting v. pitching” per se — more an examination of prizing hitters over pitchers viz. draft / trade / development strategy, featuring the Cubs as near-standard bearer. Still, quite good.

      • emphasizing the importance of developing hitters in a league that’s trending more & more pitcher-heavy.

    • Great article.

  8. i think it’s obvious that Juan gets DFA’d for Edwin friday

    • I’m kinda hoping that’s the move. Position wise, he has some value, but since he doesn’t play any of those positions well…

    • if he has options he has to go…if not and they try to DFA him and someone picks him up i’d be pissed as they could have atleast got Headley for him who isn’t a liability defensively

    • IF this happens, and IF Fat Juan + scratch tickets was the asking price for Chase Headley, and IF in a parallel universe Chase Headley performs as well for the Jays as he is the Yanks, then… fuck.

  9. Good thing there’s a second wildcard, eh? Eh? Otherwise we’d be totally screwed.

    3-9 since the calendar flipped, which coincidentally is the same time that the Jays were silent at the deadline (Valencia excepted) while a lot of their direct competitors made significant pickups.

    You’d hope that the Jays, being professional, would be able to shake it off, but I have to admit I wonder if management’s inactivity really did take some of the wind out of the players’ sails. I could imagine that, plus the Santana thing earlier in the year, has them wondering if ownership is behind them. Sure, you can make a lot of rational arguments why they shouldn’t feel that way, but we all know how your motivation can flag when you don’t trust the people you’re working for.

  10. But it was well worth not picking up one of those veteran hitters who cost other teams a C level prospect to acquire since our offense has been so dynamic the last couple weeks.. God forbid we couldn’t do it since it would have added a couple million to the payroll.

    So instead we fell out of the race waiting for injured guys to come back (and no guarantee EE or Lind with hit right away since they are rusty)

    • I know of one switch hitting all star 3B that has a .349 OBP since getting traded while playing elite defense. In fact, he’s been worth 1.1 WAR in 20 games since coming to the AL. I forget his name though.

      And that wouldn’t have cost us any money since his former team would’ve paid his total salary. But that wasn’t a good deal because they wanted Juan . So that was a good no trade by AA.

      • Beat me once more, you son of a bitch, and I’ll report you to PETA.

        • Although to be fair to Rob, those who were saying I was better than Headley were kinda fucked up.

          • WIlner was the biggest idiot who said this…just like how he said Hammels was the same as Cecil or was it Romero at the time when they were serving up meatballs

        • Lol so when I made the comments I had to absorb personal attacks, but once they’re proven right beyond any doubt, I need to shut up about it?

          Sorry friend.

          How many of Stoetens disciples took his lead and didn’t rebut anythibg I said then to call me an idiot?

          • C’mon, Rob: lighten up. We’re just funnin’ around.

          • i kind of enjoy the sycophants.

          • I don’t make any personal attacks whatsoever, just pointed out errors and cherry picked numbers in your original posts. I didn’t even say I disliked headley, but my having headley is definitely not why we are 7.5 games back of the o’s.

            Lawrie being out for the year (probably) was not in ny way expected then either

          • And Headly has made a REAL difference for the Yankees come on bud . He has been ok not a world beater and at time of deal Lawrie was on way back and Kawasaki was hitting 280 playing second. So stop with the I’M SO SMART crap!!!

      • He still isn’t, and never has been, an All star

      • Just because we see a couple anonymous “Francisco reports would had got Headley”, doesn’t mean there was any truth to it.

      • I know of one team that is struggling with injuries to key pieces, who didn’t pull the trigger on filling a void with another injury prone player. But crummy non sign with a month of hindsight, they should’ve factored that future WAR into their discussions at the time.

        • For what it’s worth, Brainojack, I was saying at the time that Headley was the exact kind of lottery ticket player the Jays should take a flyer on. That feeling only increased when the Padres picked up his salary and took a couple of nobodies back.

          If Headley had been traded for, say, Gary Sanchez I’d be fine with it. But when he goes to the Yanks for a hill o’ beans, it grates.

          It’s not really about Headley himself, though…he’s just symbolic about how management/ownership seem unable/unwilling to take even mininal steps to improve a team in the middle of a playoff chase.

          • Forum fail, responding to RobA.
            Even if the monetary cost and prospect cost was minimal they must have factored in the risk of him getting injured. Whatever weights they place on Cost vs Risk didn’t add up and they didn’t get him.

            This deal was headley himself, and every potential deal is the player themselves and i hope every deal is looked at on an individual basis and not how it will be perceived by fans. The WAR wasn’t guaranteed, the possible aggravating of the injury was guaranteed, but i’m sure both were taken into account

            • You mean aggravating the injury wasn’t guaranteed, right, BoJ?

              Absolutely they should never make a deal to satisfy the fans. But what’s the risk in a low commitment, low cost, potential high payoff move? Especially when your incumbent 3B is a walking injury risk?

              Again, I think the frustration is symbolic. It’s not about Headley at all. The Yankees and Jays have ownership with similar reach and resources. One had the remit to go out and see what they could do to improve the team, and added a number of pieces for little cost – some for almost no salary outlay either. When the Jays don’t do any of that, well, it’s just the latest in a long narrative about an ownership that does just enough to keep the team from being awful, but not enough to put the team in the top tier. It’s tougher to take when a team in your same division goes for broke.

              I’m just bummed today. Nothing a great weekend of baseball couldn’t cure.

              • Right, there was always the possibility that he remained healthy and played well…which is what’s happening right now.

                For as well as he’s doing though its on par to what Lawrie was doing first half, minus being a switch hitter.

                By the way, Lawrie’s second half OPS and OPS+ are destroying Headley’s

    • I don’t think the Jays are trying very hard. I also think that management is bad. And why isn’t Mike Trout a Blue Jay by know anyway? This proves that Gibbons should be fired.

  11. I for one still feel good about seeing the Jays holding onto prospects who are near MLB ready or current members of the big league roster in exchange for a “rental”. The Jays, thanks to a litany of injuries, are limping along each week and so far are only losing ground.

    Doubtful that a Price or a Lester would change things.

    There is still some hope that they can catch lightning in a bottle and reel off a winning streak with what they have. If they do, then September baseball should be fun to watch. We haven’t had that in 20 fucking years.

    And if they fall short, we can dream about next year. Dickey, Buerhle, Stroman, Hutch and Sanchez the starting 5 rotation? Pretty good and economical. Hopefully, this would free up some cash to fill some holes at 2B and LF (Melky please) and a couple of BP arms. I can live with Gose at CF if we upgrade in other areas.

    For the time being, let’s not fucking panic and enjoy the rest of this roller coaster season. Go Jays

    • I don’t think you can pencil Sanchez in for anything as a SP at this point. All the same concerns exist for him now that existed 2 months ago. A few relief appearances don’t change that.

      Hutchison worries me too, and Stroman could very likely face some regression, bumps in the road, whatever you want to call it.

      That leaves Dickey and Buerhle who are solid enough I guess, though certainly not great.

      It’s an ok rotation.

    • I would sooner have Happ starting than Sanchez. Give the kid some more reps in the bullpen. Happ has been great as a 4/5 this year and has gotten no respect for the job he has done. Did I mention the Jays have a $6.7MM club option for next year?

  12. After the sweep in Seattle you may have need of this photo for a future post

    Your welcome

  13. I’m not concerned about the wildcard race at this point. Like was discussed yesterday, a three game deficit can change so fast.

    Catching up to Baltimore is starting to look like a pipe-dream though, which is too bad.

  14. It’s still early.

    • That’s right. “It’s still early.” “Nothing to be worried about.” “That’s just baseball.” “Still plenty of games to play.” “Anything can happen.”

  15. The bottom half of the lineup is killing us – no matter who they plug into the lineup.
    I’d hate to know how many base runners the combination of Francisco, Kawasaki & Thole have left stranded. And even if they play Tolleson, Reimold or Vallencia – they also exhibit the suckosity with the bat. I left Gose off that list – because as bad as he can be with the bat, I choose to think that he MIGHT be improving.
    We could absorb one or two of those offensive black holes in the line-up on occasion – but if fully half your lineup is comprised of these guys, playing game after game for weeks on end – well, it cannot sustain a winning streak.

  16. March 0-1
    April 12-14
    May 21-9
    June 12-15
    July 15-11
    August 3-9

    It kills me to say it, but if Edwin doesn’t play out of his mind in May, this team is tied at the bottom of the standings with Red Sox. It isn’t a playoff team and Rogers hates baseball. This should definitely spark some good insults!

    • Went to the Dome for the Argos game on Tuesday, and that Ted Rogers statue gets me madder and madder each time I look at it. You’ve been a shitty and apathetic owner for 14 years with possibly one exception, and that gets you a statue? That I’ve gotta look at while “budget restrictions” imposed by a uncompetitive oligopoly that provides shitty service to its customers prevented the Jays from adding at the deadline, harming the team’s best chance to make the playoffs in twenty years?

      Fuck. That. Statue.

    • > shakes fist at Riggs <

    • I think that the “Take away their best player and this team would be worse” argument probably applies to all 30 ML teams…

      • That wasn’t the argument. The argument is that while EE is an incredible player, he is not what he was in May, no player is. It was an outlier of a record book hot stretch that helped the team go on an insane run. Not trolling, talking about what I see.

        • I guess I just don’t see the point of such statements. It’s too glass half empty for my liking.

          • I can see that too I guess. I just don’t like the fact that they are only in a position to be close to the playoffs because of one good month.

  17. The wild card is still very much in play, forget about the division though at this point. The season has unfolded in a massively disappointing fashion considering where they were in june.

    • Having Edwin the past 6 weeks would’ve helped a ton

    • Well, exactly two weeks ago the Jays were 1.5 games back. Things could easily swing the other way and they could be 1.5 games back again two weeks from now.

      Nothing is over yet. Crazier things have happened. Just look at your 2011 World Series champs and where they were in the Wild Card race at the end of August. They were 3 games further back than the Blue Jays are in the division two weeks later in the season.

  18. I’m still hopeful of the wild card. The Jays can totally get there.

    But I think we should stop with the “Baltimore isn’t that good/they’re getting lucky/it’s the toughest part of their schedule” talk. At this point, they look like a team that’s got it all goin’ on, and it would take a truly epic collapse for them to lose the division at this point. It’s possible, but bloody unlikely.

    And good for them. Baltimore fans are like Jays fans…they’ve been sitting on the outside while the Yankees and Red Sox had their arms race, and Tampa found some low budget juju. They’ve got solid fans there and they deserve some quality baseball.

    If the Jays somehow don’t make it, that’s the team I’ll be cheering for in the playoffs.

  19. My interest in this team has slowly waned into the “I don’t really care anymore” end of the fan spectrum, and my patience with ownership is gone.

    This team is fucked.

    Anthopoulos deserves some blame, but he shouldn’t be fired. Though he likely will be, which is fuckkng stupid. Gibbons will likely be gone too – also kinda stupid.

    • It actually isnt, we still have quite a few games left against both the Yanks and the Orioles.

      Of course the past couple of games havent helped the Jays any but EE coming back will help the anemic offense.

      • Why are we suddenly going to do anything better than split with these teams ?

        Do people understand that if you have ten games left vs Baltimore , you’d have to go 8-2 to erase the lead ?

        Not going to happen

        • Right we cant do EXACTLY what Baltimore has done against us. Baltimore won’t suffer any more injuries, and their offense wont cool down and their pitching won’t break down.

          • When Baltimore suffers injuries they keep winning

            We haven’t shown this ability

            At best we tread water

      • Again, one player on a team of 25. Edwin won’t make the kind of lofty contributions that people are expecting. Obviously he’s a very good hitter, but the other 8 need to do something – many of which aren’t.

    • Some blame ?

      His adding massive dollars in backloaded contract AND major league caliber cheap ready prospects ultimately for a shortstop in name only has seriously hamstrung this organization

      Buehrle is replacement level

      Josh Johnson . Ummm ok let’s move along

      Reyes : good stick but sucks at a prime defensive position and misses significant time each year . Move him to 2nd and that 20 mill backload looks like shit

      Vs .. Henderson Alvarez , heccheveria , and boatloads of payroll flexibility

      I’ll sign up for the latter two

      • I don’t think you understand what replacement level means. Replacement level means a scrub at AAA can replace Buerhle’s production and that is obviously not the case.

        He’s obviously above average, and your recency bias is clouding your judgement.

        And for all your bemoanings of Reyes being a defensive liability, he still has neutral fielding contribution because his arm is so strong.

        • Buehrles current year total stats are worse than league average and indeed replacement level . That’s not an opinion

          • until Grantland put the jinx on him, he was one of the better pitchers in the L; he’s been bad pretty much since the AS game (if not before), but his true ‘value’ as a SP is obviously not on either end of the extreme, but somewhere in the middle, which would mean he’s…aw, fuck, pretty average, or just above.

          • He’s accumulated 2.3 WAR so far with more games to go, in what world is that replacement level?

          • It’s a wrong opinion, Buehrle has 2.3 WAR right now.

      • i never understand the Reyes hate these days. the guy has been a reliable over worked SS this year with a good bat. he is still one of the best around. to say Hechavarria would be comparable, is just stupid.

    • Classic bandwagon attitude Parrot, if the Jays win 5 in a row you are NOT allowed to hop back on!

      • Not really a bandwagon attitude at all man. The season is winding down and the Jays look to be winding down with it, it’s a pretty normal for interest to ween (spelling ?) as the outcome becomes more clear.

      • @Morgan

        Yeah, I know. But this late in the season and with the way the team is performing, I just don’t see a resurgence being possible. They’ve had one great month and not much else.

        Maybe I should be more of an optimist, but 14-years of this crap since Rogers bought the team has given me no reason to be anything but a pessimist.

        • The Jays’ drafting / development record over those fourteen years hasn’t helped matters; and as much as I think I like AA, he has laid more than a few eggs viz. trades, etc. All this to say, it’s hardly fair to lay (all) blame at the feet of Rogers.

        • Here’s a handy little breakdown of the season into good and bad stretches from the Jays:


          Decent, awful, amazing, awful, amazing, awful. If you genuinely “don’t see a resurgence being possible” then I have to question how much of this season you’ve been watching.

          • again, it isn’t that a resurgence isn’t possible, but at this stage of the season, and with this many teams either with them or ahead of them, they need an awful lot to break just right for them (and just wrong for pretty much everyone else) that the likelihood of it happening is pretty nil. it’s not like we aren’t cheering/wanting/hoping for it to happen, just acknowledging that it’s pretty unlikely.

            • Being pessimistic about the Jays’ chances is a reasonable, realistic stance. I was responding to a comment that literally said “I just don’t see a resurgence being possible”. Of COURSE it’s possible. The Jays have a lot of talent on the roster and they’ve proven a number of times THIS SEASON that they’re capable of playing as well as or better than any team in baseball. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again or that it’s going to happen enough to get them back into a playoff spot… but again, they’ve had runs of 24-7 and 11-2 this year, the latter of which ended just two weeks ago, and they’re adding two of the best hitters in baseball into their lineup.

              It doesn’t take a huge optimist to see how the Jays COULD pull it off.

              • You rang?

                It’s getting hard to stay optimistic, but the second wild card is still well within reach. If they don’t make it, it’s been a hell of a ride. The two extra inning wins against Detroit, in August, versus the meaningless AAAA games last year have made the season palatable.

          • 10-8 doesn’t really compare to the other streaks listed

            • Well they’ve had stretches of baseball where they’ve looked like a mediocre team, too. It hasn’t always been an awful/awesome dichotomy.

          • Because a 24-7 run in September, while possible, is highly unlikely.

            • It’s also not necessary. If they went on another 24-7 run, they would blow right past everyone in the Wild Card and likely be right on the Orioles heels for the last 10 or so games. We’re just talking about them getting “back in the race”, not beating the crap out of everyone.


    • Then become a Yankee fan you moron

      • Congratulations on bringing nothing new to the discussion, other than the fact that we now know you suffer from superiority complex.

        1/10 on troll-o-meter. Would not read again.

        • I think you’re the bigger dick to be honest. All “I’ve had enough of this team” in the year they’re actually competitive. Maybe not competitive enough, but still very much in the hunt if they only start performing to their ability again.

          If you’ve had enough, why do I always see more comments from you than anyone else? Have the courage of your convictions and fuck off.

        • Also if you want evidence of someone making assumptions based on nothing but lame assumptions, look for the phrase “I just don’t see …” It gets used ALL the time, and it means “given two possible outcomes, I am guessing one way based on no evidence”.

          To predict the team’s failure is utterly pointless. Most teams fail. This Jays team will probably fail. So what – failure is what happens most of the time in baseball. The reason for following the sport at all (and a team like the Jays in particular) is the thrill of possibility that they might overcome the odds. What’s the point of saying “odds are this team will lose so why watch”? Of course the odds are that way – that’s completely not the point. The Jays are in a playoff hunt. They might recover, they might not. Giving up because they probably won’t succeed is just an indication of your own failure to enjoy sport for what it is – a massive game of chance with the odds stacked massively against you.

  20. Ad nauseam is the term I was looking for!

  21. Offence didn’t get rolling during this series. Nothing to see here.

  22. Give it the weekend when we have EE and Lind both in the lineup before you throw in the towel.

    EE was a house on fire when he went down, he could very well be the spark needed to rip off a bunch of dubbyahs.

    • Hopefully. If we come out of the weekend, say, 5.5 back I’ll be able to dream again.

      And worst case, at least if they lose I’ll be able to get a full night’s sleep.

      • Regardless, no more west coast trips. Thank god.

        No matter what happens, they are going to finish the season. I hope they make the playoffs, but they might not. One thing I will say is this year has been more fun than any other in recent memory. Has it been maddening too? Sure. But when isn’t baseball maddening?


  23. Seattle is the best in the league when it comes to shutting down offenses…

    Houston is not though. So it’s hard to say if they’ll find it offensively or not. Slumps like this are just impossible to find an easy answer to. This game, man.

  24. I still think it’s more likely that Gose gets sent down to make room for EE tomorrow as opposed to a Juan DFA. Besides the obvious options angle (ie, Gose has one and Juan doesn’t), Tony was getting most of his ABs when they DH’d any of Colby, Bau, or Melky, or when Bau played 1B. These aren’t really options anymore with Lind and EE back.

    Secondly, if you DFA Juan, are we handing 3B over full-time to Valencia? I guess in a couple of weeks you could call Goins back up and platoon Goins/Tolly at 2B and Kawa/DV at 3B, but I don’t really think that’s better than just letting Juan and DV split 3B.

    • Yeah, everyone pining for his DFA forgot about #PLATOONS

      • 1985 – Whitt / Martinez, Mulliniks / Iorg, Johnson / Oliver

        2014 – Lind / Reimold, Kawasaki / Tolleson, Francisco / Valencia


        • You’re probably right. But that said, it’s depressing when you have to keep around a player as shitty as Juan because he’s the best option you’ve got.



          • He’s in the midst of a slump. He’s been shit in August and June but was serviceable or better in April, May, and July.

            When EE gets back, you’re talking about this guy hitting 7th or 8th. You could do worse vs RHP

            • Isn’t it more likely that the months he was good were him playing above himself, considering he’s never really been good?

              Anybody can over perform at times. But theres nothing in his career aggregate numbers that suggests he’s anything other then a quad A, fringy major leaguer.

              • Well he sure as fuck isn’t the .135 hitter he’s been in June and August combined. He’s not the .284 guy from May either.

                I’m as tired of the streaky hitters and the need for platoons as the next guy, but he’s better than Valencia or Tolleson against righties.

                • If he was just a shitty batter, I could take it. But he’s such a shitty fielder as well.

                  • Well guess what, the starting 3B is hurt again and the 1B had been out for a while. He’s the best they’ve got against righties. If Lawrie was still around and EE was coming back, he’d be expendable. But right now, he’s not.

                    • Oh, I understand that, AJ. It’s just a big fucking downer that he IS the best we’ve got right now, you know?

                      And I’m with Bill. As a kid, I loved Mullinorg.

                    • I’m sure fans of a lot of teams aren’t always too happy with their injury replacements

                      It sucks, but it might suck more if he got hurt too, no? Well, at least offensively…

        • Ah, Garth Iorg: my first crush. That batting stance, man. Grrr!

    • Fuck Juan Francisco. Notice how much Zaun and Campbell have been shitting on him lately? Kinda funny to see.

  25. Well shit. A couple of weeks ago it was a good thing the Jays have a bunch of games left against the Os, but now the Os are out of reach and we’re fighting for a wild card spot instead, so the games against the Os are just games against a good baseball team that I’d rather be against a different opponent.

    Stil hopeful about a wild card though.

    • how’s the herpes treatment going?

    • On June 6, the Jays had a six game lead on the Orioles. On July 3, 25 games later, the Orioles had tied it. Baseball is a crazy, unpredictable game. The Jays are fully capable of going on a tear. The Orioles are fully capable of collapsing.

  26. Where was afdg saying season was over?

  27. Here’s a nice article about how dumb Rogers probably was to pay the NHL several freighter loads of $$$, and indirectly why it is probably barring the Jays from adding payroll:

    • $5.2 billion over 12 years an overpay? Naaah.

      “Cost-cutting is the management mantra…”.

    • I don’t remember either reading or hearing much about the Olympics not turning a profit for Rogers. That makes me wonder who makes those decisions (buying the rights) and how much suppression there is of negative reports.
      It makes all kinds of sense that the billion dollar deal for the NHL is negatively affecting other operations in their empire. It also stands to reason it may last a while.

  28. The M’s must have been on drugs to think they could sweep the Jays, right? ;)

  29. Sid Seixeiro declared the Jays done. This is a Rogers employee.

    • Tim is tolerable, Sid is not. There’s a certain timbre and cadence to his voice when he gets into one of his faked up show rants that is just awful to listen to.

      • Sexeiro is a fucking asshat clown who trolls on twitter for talk show reaction
        He’s the worst radio host in Canada by far

        • Wilner was as patient with Seixeiro as he is with one of his fucktard callers each night.

    • Tim and Sid are awesome

  30. lots of games left.. and dont forget the Orioles have just as much history shitting the bed as the Jays do.. maybe an injury slows them down? who knows? just be a good fan and quit bitchin..go Jays! rah!

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