So here’s the news that a lot of Jays fans weren’t hoping to here, but should probably have been expecting: according to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet, Anthony Gose is headed to Buffalo for a couple of weeks, in order to make room for Edwin Encarnacion.

This won’t sit well with those who are ready to run Colby Rasmus out of town — or even those who still like the promise Colby holds, and think he can do better than we’ve seen so far, but have also noticed that Gose has been worth nearly a win more to this team in 2014 in over a hundred fewer plate appearances.

And it definitely won’t sit well with those who are ready to stop watching Juan fucking Francisco tumble deeper into the goddamn abyss.

Francisco has been awful basically since the start of June — a .184/.240/.380 and a 67 wRC+ in 171 plate appearances — and somehow even more fucking terrible than that over his last month. His defence isn’t good, which is why he’s mostly been at DH or first base of late. But, unlike Gose, he’s out of options, and hey, at least when the other team needs a key strikeout, Big Juan’s a guy they can totally count on.


Bitterness aside, the decision seems to be based on the fact that the club currently doesn’t have anyone other than Munenori Kawasaki who can hit right-handers at all. Steve Tolleson and Danny Valencia can’t. Problem is, um… Francisco can?

As much as we love a good, old fashioned platoon, they become a bit unwieldy with respect to the finite number of spots on the roster, and the Jays are in a bit of a pickle with this one. But, as is usually the case with these matters, it’s not necessarily as completely fucking stupid as it seems — though that maybe depends on how big a risk to their seasons you think moving Bautista or Encarnacion to third against right-handers until Lawrie is back would be. Francisco has to have a short leash here. Ryan Goins can come back after the mini-series with Milwaukee, and while he gives absolutely nothing with the bat to this offence-starved club either, at least he does fucking something well. And it’s not like Francisco can’t heat up, either — plus, the power is a very nice asset, and given the career turnarounds of Encarnacion and Adam Lind in recent years, you can sort of understand not wanting to expose him to other clubs… sort of — it’s just… are they really so desperate that that’s what they feel they need to hold out hope for at this point?

Maybe they are. Yeesh.

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  1. Re: Gose’s WAR – it’s worth pointing out he’s kind of been in the same boat as Francisco in that regard. I don’t have exact info, but for the most part he, like Francisco, got off to a really hot start, put up more than 1 WAR in a month, and has been hovering around replacement level ever since.

    • I don’t think that’s true. Offensively he was good (for him) in May and July and poor in June. August so far has been poor but that’s only been 23 PAs for him.

      Defensively… well… I think he’ll be just fine :)

      • Yeah. And in a close game, the ability to play great defense or steal a base are important tools.

        I’ll let you guess which one out of Juan and Tony Bunts has those arrows in the quiver.

  2. I haven no problem plunking Francisco in the 9-spot for a couple weeks and hoping he lucks into a couple bombs. Come September he might be a decent pinch hitting option?

    Who knows, it’s not the worst thing in the world.

  3. If there’s a bright side EDWINS BACK!

  4. damn it
    If Lawrie stayed healthy until now after he came back, Juan would’ve been gone right?

  5. This is a pretty nerve wracking part of the season given the exponential impact that a winning/losing streak could have on the team’s decisions at the trade deadline (I could be proven wrong of course). I’m scared, but not pessimistic.

  6. Completely understandable that they don’t want to risk losing Francisco’s cheap power to somebody else (especially with no other decent option at 3B against RHP). He may yet be in the plans next year. Losing Gose’s baserunning/defense off the bench for 2 weeks isn’t much of a price to pay in that regard either.

    • Thing is, it’s not like a power bat with a ton of strikeouts combined with shitty defence is a premium skill set. I think top outfield defense and speed are more valuable. Players like Francisco can be easily replaced.

    • I don’t see where he fits in next though unless you’re playing Lawrie at 2B vs. Righties.

    • Agree. Reimold is fine as a 4th OF, and if Francisco goes we’ll see a lot more Valencia vs RHP. Gose’ll be back in two weeks or sooner if there’s an injury.

  7. I was among those who thought Francisco should have been the odd man out, but it’s not like it’s a huge difference either way, especially for two weeks.

    It’s not like they can play both Colby and Gose in the same game either, so it’s pretty much either or there.

    At least the lineup is a lot deeper with EE and Lind in there. Although then I guess you could make a case to go with the better D and play Valencia…I dunno, tough call either way.

    • For what it’s worth, the Jays have 3 off-days and 14 games left until the rosters expand. 9 of those games are at the Dome, where playing in a huge, vacuous outfield with lots of fucked up nooks and crannies isn’t an issue. So, while your best defensive outfielder is nice to have, he’s not as much of a must as he would be if they were playing in a place liked Oakland. Or, I could be totally wrong.

  8. Hope Edwin’s fully healthy. Although those who say “who cares, it’s not like he runs a lot anyway” I think are forgetting how important the legs are for generating power on a swing.

    Anyways, hope it’s all just paranoia on my part and he proceeds to massacre AL pitching through October.

    • well he did hit 2 homers in his first rehab game, so i don’t think power is the issue

      • Sure, but the fact is, even if he’s not legging out triples, he’s gonna be using his lower body a lot. I hope the chance for a reaggravation is small.

  9. How big is Juan Francisco? Juan Francisco is so big that the Blue Jays were worried he couldn’t slip through waivers.

  10. Sure seems like Norris is coming up

  11. Sweet! I still can get my mitts on that sweet major league postgame spread!

  12. At this point the move makes sense in my opinion. Between Gose and Francisco you had two guys that weren’t going to see a whole lot of playing time between now and September. Francisco isn’t great but provides the chance to be an impact bat, Gose provides the elite defense but would have been a late inning defensive replacement at best.

    So why risk losing Fransisco on waivers when you could send Gose down for two weeks and then starting Sept 1 have them both up on the roster. The only reason they’d need Gose is if someone got hurt, and if that happens he can be brought back up anyway.

    Similar results with much less risk, seems like a good smart decision in my books.

    Gose will have plenty of opportunity to be in a Jays uniform next year when he’s our starting CF anyway.

  13. Maybe Colby will hit better with Gose’s eyes not drilling a hole through the back of his helmet, and into his meathead, from the dugout…#thisisteam

  14. Not to be the spelling police, but “…Blue Jays fans were hoping to hear” not “…hoping to here”

  15. Juan lives another day


  16. Prefacing: This isn’t a decision that makes the difference between the Jays going 8-2 or 2-8 over their next 10 games.

    BUT. What a fucking joke. C’mon man, it’s August. Make roster decisions based on winning today, not whether or not you may lose a guy who can’t hit anyways. AA should have addressed this infield situation in spring training, then had the chance to in July and still didn’t.

    • Sending Gose’s .230 average down for 2 weeks means we’re not trying to win today??

      • It does when you’re keeping a shittier player on the roster in his stead.

      • Yes because he has more value as a pinch runner and late inning defensive replacement than Francisco’s terrible current bat.
        That said I’m optimistic that Francisco could heat up again and be a big contributor going forward like he was earlier this year

      • I think Gose gives us great defense and a speed threat off the bench that the Jays can really use as they head down the stretch.

        So I think it sucks they are optioning him because they are worried about losing Francisco, or…better still…incapable of finding a decent infield stopgap via trade for the playoff run.

    • I’m totally fine with it. Gose shouldn’t be playing much in the next couple of weeks anyway and Juan gives a decent pinch hitter option. Juan needs to get the bad juju out of the bat, but Gose isn’t a difference maker

  17. Makes you wonder if those “major league pieces” that teams wanted at the trade deadline included the likes of Francisco. I wonder if they see something in him like what they saw in Jose.

  18. The decision isn’t a surprising one. It’s a tough call to make though… ultimately, Gose will be back with the club again in two weeks, and that was likely the determining factor. The problem, of course, is that will the lack of Gose and the presence of Francisco end up hurting the Jays to the point where they continue to fall out of contention. Tough one indeed.

  19. Ok someone check my logic here. Is it possible that AA didn’t just suspect that FatJuan would get claimed but KNEW he would?
    If hey earlier put FatJuan on revocable waivers (as one does with most of ones roster in August) and someone made a claim, which caused AA to pull Juan back, then he could conclude that trying to DFA him now would result in the same claim being made…

    Someone check me on this if I’m missing something?

    • I’ll buy it

      • Makes sense. But like I said, it’s not like guys with no glove who strike out a lot between hitting an occassional home run are precious commodities.

        • Probably a team like Oakland would claim him to be a bench bat who could crush a righty fastball from time to time

    • Id say he is making the minimum and at this point I doubt any team would actually trade something of value for him. So if they would want him off irrevocable waivers they wouldn’t claim him off irrevocable waivers and tip their hand as they would suspect he would be sent down when injured players return.

  20. Parrots up, geese down.

    Go Blue Jays.


  21. I hope Chase Headly gets placed on waivers and The Jays pick him up.

    Just so RobA comes back.

  22. 15 more days for aa to make or trade or else this team won’t make the playoffs unless they go on a huge hot streak

  23. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gose

    Gose deserves a toast with Gose.

  24. Its the right move….sept 1 is 16 days away, when rosters expand. Juan Fran can be a useful piece — this is asset management.

    Besides, if Gose’s WAR is largely driven by a small sample defensive component, its borderline meaningless.

    • I suppose Juan CAN be a useful piece. But he hasn’t been for months now. I think a lot of Jays fans are seriously overrating his contributions. Like I’ve said, no glove strikeout machines with power ain’t exactly a hard thing to find on the waiver wire.

    • I think the larger component is being missed here. Neither Gose or Francisco are everyday players at this point, and Gose is the better bench option given what they already have there.

      This falls on AA’s inability to find a bat. At this point it doesn’t even have to be an infielder, because EE = Francisco defensively at 3rd base. It could be ANY OLD BAT that could DH regularly.

  25. They’re talking about Sanchez or Norris as a starter on TSN right now. My thought is: what about Jenkins or Redmond? Obviously you don’t get the upside, but both have earned it.

    • Dickey, Buerhle, Stroman. So two spots and if Jenkins and Redmond give you replacement level pitching, which is likely, the team isn’t improved.

      I think you need the upside.

  26. Gibby blew the game wide open in the first…after the balk, men on 2nd and 3rd, and 2/2 count to Abreau, he had the option to throw him to border line pitches, either strike out ( best case ), or walk. At worst, walk, then bases loaded, and try and pitch to the next batter Dunn, for force out at home, or double play, cashing in the run, clearing the bases…we choose to pitch to him, 2 runs in, flood gates open, stroman out of the game, run through the bullpen also.Bases loaded in the 7th?, and ol”Gibby leaves Valencia in to face another righty, with Francisco on the bench, if yer gonna keep him up, might as well plug him in. bullshit managing.

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