So Gose goes so Francisco can sit on the bench while Valencia plays against a right-hander?

Actually, I can deal with that. It means that keeping Francisco is a matter of asset management more than actually wanting to play. Keeping him to see what they’ve got next year or if he can be moved in a deal, in exchange for two weeks without Gose? Ahhh, fine. Fine.

Anywho, at 40 games out it’s still early. Too early, at least, to say the Jays are fucked — and if you’re someone whose sphincter tightens any time someone tells you it’s still early, might I suggest to you that you’re a fucking garbage clown — and too early for there to be “must win” games.

That said, the Jays had better fucking win this game.


EDWIN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:10 PM ET @ Chicago (AL); Sunday, 2:10 PM ET @ Chicago (AL)

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
DH Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Danny Valencia (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Marcus Stroman

Chicago White Sox

LF Alejandro de Aza (L)
SS Alexei Ramirez (R)
1B Jose Abreu (R)
DH Adam Dunn (L)
RF Dayan Viciedo (R)
3B Conor Gillaspie (L)
C Tyler Flowers (R)
CF Jordan Danks (L)
2B Gordon Beckham (R)

RHP Hector Noesi

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  1. The old leadoff base hit. Gotta like it.

  2. Welcome back Eddy!!

  3. So how ’bout those Jays?

  4. gotta sweep

  5. Jays need to go at least 3-2 over the next 5 games

  6. That’s my boy.

  7. Good kitty

  8. Clappity clappity clap clap clap.

  9. Old news to some but did you guys realize that Seattle has the best pitching in baseball this year, as a team? I was listening to old post game wilner and he said that and I thought well that makes a little more sense. I was under the impression wrongly that seattle was bullshit.

  10. In other news, 1-5 with those guys there is a hell of alot scarier now.

  11. Is it just me – or does Buck sound even MORE nasal than usual?
    Jesus, the guy sound like Daffy Duck with a head cold talking from the bottom of a well.

  12. Ah yes, the old leadoff double. Hate it when that happens.

  13. EE and Lind in the lineup.

    Sox have lost 8 of 11.

    Seattle and Detroit are playing each other so one if them is losing.

    Come on Jays. Time to make hay

  14. 3-2 pitch from Stro was a strike before the double

  15. Ouch

  16. Let’s put 10 runs on these fucks.

  17. What up with Ramirez, rolling on the ground like he’s dying? Can’t even take his own glove off, then jogs jauntily to first? Yeesh, I say. And I’ll repeat it, too: Yeesh!

  18. @BNHarrington: Daniel Norris’ first nine IP in Triple-A: No runs, 2 hits, 17 Ks. Yes, 17. Has 7 Ks in 3 perfect IP tonight at LVally. #Bisons #bluejays

  19. Three airs on the seeezin for VissssssssseAYdo

  20. Well fuck.

  21. poor command all over the place from Stroman

  22. Here we go again

  23. Okay, who cursed Stroman by writing an article about him?

  24. Guess the slump isn’t over yet

  25. Crap. Quick 4 runs.

  26. Fuck as much as I hate to say it, this team is giving of awful vibes

    Stro doesn’t look good tonight
    He might not make it through 3 innings

  27. That cock sucking, no good, steaming pile of shit Stoeten blocked me from his Twitter because I told him that the Jays would lose 2/3 or get swept this weekend

  28. jesus fuck… when it’s going bad, it’s going bad

    nice little lead to start the game, then bam – wind out of the sails again. baseball is serious bullshit sometimes.

  29. How exactly did that ball get through?

  30. Welp. Fuck.

  31. Silver linings: no walks?

  32. Well, that was fun. Thanks for coming out, Marcus.
    Good thing is that they’ve got 8 more innings to scratch back.
    Other good thing is that it’s early enough to watch The Hobbit or something.

    • Funny in that he will make more than you will ever make in your life you angry man

      • Lighten up.
        Or, alternatively, fuck off.

        I was being sardonic. Gallows humour.
        Look it up if it’s too hard to figure out immediately.

  33. Looking forward to the Stroshow all day at work. Just get home and now I think I’d like to return to work. I think I hear bagpipes.

  34. At least here’s some good news
    @ThrowinSmoke: whoa. RT @BNHarrington: 1-hitter w/10Ks thru 4 IP for Norris w/#Bisons tonight. 10 AAA innings: 0 runs, 3 hits, 20 Ks. Seriously. #bluejays

    Wonder if he starts for the jays

  35. Disastrous start for Stroman, how will the offense react in the next inning will tell if there is any fight left in the club, but we have to get there in the first place!

  36. He should have stayed out of Pike Place Market.

  37. Cletus hasn’t given up.

  38. Good start Colbs

  39. Jays down by 4 runs after 1 inning. Stroman out. Very disappointing start.

    Kawasaki comes through with a bloop single!!

  40. On the plus side, Noesi has shitballer capability.

  41. MELKY!

  42. Thank god the White Sox are trash

  43. Atta boy Melkman!

  44. see, what’d I tell you?
    Lots of time left.

  45. Melky comes through!

    I hope the Jays resign him!

  46. What would be Hector Noesi’s ERA back in the steroid era? 7.50?

  47. New ball game! I was worried I was going to have to smoke a bowl to pass the night.

  48. I like this ballpark but location-wise, it’s marginally better than Oakland. It’s like getting on the subway downtown Toronto and taking a subway to Scarborough.
    People can complain about RC all they want, but you cant beat the location.

    • We haven’t been to Chi-town. Been thinking about it, but maybe we should go Cubs instead of Sox?

      • Did both over a long weekend in Chicago last year. As you’d probably guess, pretty much everything about the Wrigley experience was better than US Cellular. But if the option is available, definitely worth checking them both out!

      • Not sure. The fan experience at US Cellular was fine. I hear that Cubs fans are not fan-friendly and their stadium sucks. So I don’t know. I really like Chicago, much more than Seattle, it’s just the stadium is a long haul from downtown. You take the train, go to the game, and get back on the train.

        • I didn’t run into any problems with cubs fans, but I wouldn’t blame them if they’re a bit grumpy (after all, they’ve sucked for about a century). Wrigley as a fan, I think, is actually pretty fantastic. And there are tonne’s of great bars/pubs all around the park. I’d highly recommend the Goose Island Brew Pub about a block from the park.

    • I found the Mariners org a bit mean-spirited, considering how much $ they brought in from Jays fans this last series. They’ve jumped up my list of teams I don’t like.

      Overall Seattle (the city) was a bit of a disappointment. Not sure I’d go back.

      • @Karen. Wow, sorry to hear you didn’t like Seattle. I love Seattle, but have never seen a ball game there. That being said, I can’t really blame Mariners fans for getting a bit pissy when the home stadium fills up with the visitors’ fans. I know I’m not so keen when the RC fills up with BlowSox fans.

        • @#8, I found Seattle kind of grungy. And the amount of people aggressively asking/manipulating for money on every street corner ALL DAY started to wear on me. I did a quick search and found that this is an issue in Seattle. I like San Fran so much more. And do taxi drivers in Seattle all agree to be as unfriendly as possible? Maybe my experience in Tofino and Victoria spoiled me, but I wasn’t so impressed.

          As far as the game, it wasn’t the mariners fans, it was the org. itself. I agree, as Jays fans we likely wear out our welcome. But the Mariners org did their best to ignore our presence, while raking in the money. Maybe they’re between a rock and a hard place.

  49. Whenever we’re on pace for an 18-27 ballgame, it seems like the runs stop coming after a while.

  50. All this sets up another 3 run inning to get back the lead

  51. I have never seen an ownership sabotage a team and a season like this ownership has sabotaged the Jays. However, that is just part of the story. Beeston, AA and Gibbons all must go. They are completely incompetent and we will never win with them

    • Completely incompetent? You mean the GM under whose watch rebuilt the farm system such that we produced Stroman and Sanchez this year, and have Norris et al incoming?

      • Yes, you are correct. He is great with the farm but clueless how to put together a winning team at the Major League Level. I’m referring to Roster Management, crazy moves

      • He’s right Canard. We will never win with those guys at the helm. The Jays might. We, most definitely won’t….unless you’re secretly Edwin Encarnacion, in which case, get back to the game!

    • You’re right! They’re purposely trying to alienate fans and lose money.

  52. Sploosh
    @BNHarrington: Norris pushes K total to 12 through 5 innings. Has 3-1 lead. #Bisons #Bluejays

  53. Did you know that Tabby had a .282 BA over 12 years in the bigs? Me neither. Before now.

  54. This season is likely over this team needs at least two top three starters and a starting secondbase men and likely a centre fielder and left fielder

    • If Rogers is not committed to field an actual competitive mlb caliber team then the Jays should just blow it up and rebuild

      • How the Fuck are they losing to the fucking white sox and six earned runs against the fucking Whitesox are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!? #Fucking Scrubs

        • Yeah who the hell was that useless scrub that started the game? He was awful! He had better get released tomorrow… if he pitches again for the Jays this season they’re obviously throwing in the towel!

          • Can’t be that fucking good if you give up five fucking runs to the fucking Whitesox in the first inning!!!!! Also their only player is Abreu so yeah…….

      • Yes have years of 50 million dollar payrolls, declining attendance and apathy, the team may be sold or moved to Portland

      • I think the Blue Jays should disband. They are bad and do not like to play baseball. Fyre Gahbons!!!

    • Because melky is THE WORST left fielder in baseball. Right? Right?

    • Two top three starters:
      Buehrle, for the start of this season; and his overall numbers still represent a #2

      No argument on the second baseman.

    • meh… the rotation should be fine. it’s pretty ok right now (i mean as long as we don’t go crazy over this last shitty go through), and there are now legit prospect talents in the upper minors as depth.

      obviously they need to resign Melky, and I’d be pretty ok with letting Colby go – bring in a decent veteran compliment for Gose (RH bat with some defense). I’m pretty ok with letting Gose get the lion’s share of ABs out of CF next year.

      2B has actually not been so much of a problem this year, mostly cause the cast of Goins, Lawrie, Izturis, Kawasaki, Tolleson and Getz has actually played stellar defense as per UZR. that said, i wouldn’t bet on that kind of scenario again. I’m pretty sure none of those guys apart from Goins are actually true talent elite defenders at 2B. They’ll need to find an outside option for sure.

      • If they resign Melky AND find a more permanent solution at 2B, I’m fine with a Gose-Somebody platoon in centre. It gets scary if they’re looking for surprise production at both spots.

  55. Nice shot of Edwin’s walk the parrot shirt. Hopefully we would get to see him break it out a couple times this game

  56. Valencia vs righties ?

    Scratches head

    Ponders other mysteries such as the origins of man and the universe

    Goes back to sleep

    • something something… Noesi reverse splits… something something…. Francisco sucks at everything right now…

  57. jays really know how to turn a decent season into a terrible one quick..

  58. Rookie walk meet Marcus

    Marcus meet rookie wall

  59. Good Lord did Tabler just call Ventura Robin Williams? !!

  60. Tabby for sure just called Robin Ventura Robin Williams

  61. It’s dead Jim.

  62. This is getting out of control

  63. Man this team feels like a sinking ship

  64. On to tomorrow.

  65. Redmond playing russian roulette with all these hangers. he’s been quite decent this year, but i’m afraid it’s all a mirage. he has absolutely the wrong skillset to maintain a 0.28 HR/9

  66. Off to the bar, have a good night folks.

    • If you’re actually trapped in a couch, how do you get to go to the bar? Does the couch go, too?

      • I think he’s drifting below the cushions, to that bar that always drives you nuts when you try to sleep on a couch.

      • I guess it’s the female me, but that name makes him so unappealing.
        Not that I’m looking for a partner on this blog ffs, but, you know.

        • IIRC Fart trapped is female. Could be wrong tho.

          • I’m a married guy, well-educated with a decent job.
            I’d thought a puerile mindset wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb here.
            But I don’t want to offend any ladies so I will change the name next time.

          • ah kinda like I think a fem here is actually a woeful guy.
            On the internet, you can be anybody you want to be.
            Even a fart.

            • I mean no disrespect- but frankly I don’t know how a woman copes with the Cro-Magnons who dwell on this site.
              Granted it used to be much worse in the past.
              This place was like Darwin’s waiting room at one time.

              • yeah, see the previous shit about “sara”.
                I’m torn between free speech and censoring bullying behaviour.

                • Not to worry karen.Even though i know you can handle yourself, that stuff wouldn’t fly in this version of DJF.
                  That’s why I encouraged you to keep on posting when you said you a bit tenative at the beginning.
                  A lot of us have your back.
                  Unless you start going off about Headley,LOL

  67. holy fuck the white sox look invincible

    • even their shit players look good

      connor gillespie, gordon beckham, dayan fucking viciedo. just kill me now.

      fuck this infuriating sport

  68. Well, that’s enough baseball for me tonight.

    Fuck everything.

  69. Maybe we’ll see Tolleson pitch tonight? If only we had JPA.

  70. You can score a shitload of runs with enough singles in a row.

  71. Holy crap, Todd. For the record, that was really bad.

  72. Brad Mills is looking good right about now.

  73. Remove him from twitter please
    @MartyYork: When will the brainwashing end? Maybe when u stop buying the bull. Romero, Drabek, McGowan, Hutchison, Morrow. On and on. #busts #overrated

  74. I think it’s looking like pistols at dawn for Stoeten and one of his many challengers.

  75. Fuck dudes we all love the same team – settle down

  76. So there’s a decent chance a postion player pitches right?
    Dustin can only go until the end of the 6th max, and don’t want to use janssen/loup/Cecil right?

    Kawasaki pitching the 8th would be hilarious

  77. Dusty’s flying low coming back to the dugout. Just sayin.

  78. Actual question
    Depending on how bad the rest of the season may go, would AA get fired? He’s only picked up Navarro and Valencia as major acquisitions the last calendar year

    • I assume that’s not his choice. Pretty clear Rogers has not allowed him to add any payroll.

    • Probably. Though the only thing that should be in the same sentence as “fire” would be that albatross Ted Rogers statue.

      *reaches for the matches and gasoline*

      • Don’t think so. The same guys who’re cutting off the $$ are the ones who would be firing him. Not to mention the fact that his gameplan is just now coming to fruition.
        Just tonite Daniel Norris K’d how many? Sanchez and Stroman look great (not counting tonight). And there’s a lot more to come. AA’s plan was not to compete for just 1 year but for a number of years. Trading the farm now may have compromised that. The future looks good. And one last thing: JPR had 8 years to fuck up the farm system. AA will have only had 5 in November to fix that.

    • When you look at the upside of AA’s recent draft choices:
      Sanchez, Stroman, Norris, Hoffman, Pompey and so on
      it would probably be the wrong baseball move to fire AA.

      That said, Rogers has a new CEO,
      the major league team has not won,
      and they may have already decided to clean house
      and put a new regime in place.

      If we start to hear about Beeston retiring,
      or joining the new Commissioner at MLB
      that will likely signal the end for AA.

      None of the above outcomes would surprise me.

      • How the fuck are you including Hoffman as a score for AA? What the fuck has he done on the pro level ?

        In fact counting Sanchez as a successful pick is quite premature

        • Before the 2014 and 2013 drafts, AA had picked mostly 18 year old high-schoolers in the draft; hard to judge some of those picks because they’re still so young. To early to say that AA has been bad in the draft. I hope he gets another year

        • I realize “upside” has more than four letters,
          so you may not comprehend its meaning.
          Try looking it up.

        • Hoffman was a brilliant pick for a GM who had 2 of the 1st 11 pics in the 1st round. And exactly who would get all the horseshit that would follow if Hoffman turns out to be a bust? Of course you give credit to AA.

      • I hope not. If JP Ricciardi got eight years and never once sniffed a playoff race, I feel like AA deserves that long.

        I suppose there’s a chance it might happen. The argument could be made that AA spent lots of Rogers’ dollars and didn’t get to the playoffs, but don’t forget there’s more national TV contract dollars flowing the Blue Jays way as well, so it’s probably about what Ricciardi got. (Indeed so it is: Ricciardi’s highest payroll ever was 6th in the AL; Anthopoulos’s highest payroll so far was 6th in the AL.)

        With that said, failing to make the playoffs the year Ricciardi spent big didn’t get Ricciardi fired; it was only the following season when the Jays went 75-87 and Halladay demanded a trade that Ricciardi finally got sent packing. So, to equivocate, if the Jays started off horribly next April, and Bautista demands a trade, then AA might get fired the next October. If Rogers decides to treat both GMs the same, that is.

        Baseball GMs seem to have a ton of longevity these days, way more than fans would expect. See Ruben Amaro Jr., for example–what on earth has he done lately? How on earth does he still have a job?

        • I think it’ll be hard for AA to successfully argue that the big team is anywhere near close to contention.
          He took his shot, Rogers gave him the dough. He stuck his neck out to hire Gibby and the results look like they’ll fall short of the goal.
          He has no cover, it’s on him. 5 years is a long time, just because JPR got 8 doesn’t mean AA will.
          They’ll fire him. A new guy will come in and tear this fucker down. JB and Reyes will be moved, maybe Burhele too if they can find someone to take his contract.
          I’m just guessing obviously but, I don’t see Rogers doubling down here what with the team inconsistency, attendance drop and negative media (this is T.O. after all). No playoffs=bye bye Beeston, AA, Gibby.

    • He’s fired if the jays don’t at least challenge for a playoff spot. By that I mean stay in contention until the last series or two.
      You can argue if that’s the right move or not but you don’t get forever to succeed and there’s no way Rogers can afford to look complacent on building a winner, even if they actually are.

  79. Should we start a rant about Sportsnet’s pretentious commercials about “Award winning scribes” and Canada’s “deepest roster” of sportswriters? Does anyone refer to their writers as a roster? Really?

  80. And what have you guys done to the Bean Weasel and Spuds?

  81. Faaaack me what a brutal start from Stro; he hasn’t done this often so I’ll just chalk it up to BASEBALL. Might be time to give Delabar and Santos another look

  82. On the bright side, Aaron Sanchez is the fucking man

  83. Decided to combine my two fortes of deep saw diving and scoring chicks into one activity .. Marathon cunnilingus

  84. 3 in the 8th and 4 in the 9th and were golden

  85. Just ugly and not accpetable for a team thats serious about the playoffs to fall flat on thier face like this.

    • When you’re right, you’re right, afdg.
      Let me be the first to congratulate you.

      • Hey man im pissed off, i still have tickets left for several games and was reaaallllyyy hoping i would watch some meaningful baseball. Now, im not sure. Im sure tons of other fans are pissed too and rightfully so.

        • This clubhouse is on the verge of exploding. This team will collapse in such a manner, it will shock everyone. I told Stoeten that they would lose 2/3 or get swept this weekend. I also told him, they would win only 78 games. They may not even win that many games

        • Worried, sure.
          Upset, probably.
          Pissed, hopefully not.
          Dial your outrage down a bit.

    • A fucken disgrace and only afdg has the balls to say it like it is. Toronto is the 4th largest fucken city in North America and there fucken ownership won’t spend anything. A fucken disgrace. AA is a fucken amateur and all the media including the fucker that runs this site is so busy sucking cock and so scared to be critical of this shitty ownership and team. Very shameful

      • Except criticism has been levelled towards ownership by Stoeten.

        • “…and only afdg has the balls to say it like it is.”
          Dude have you ever noticed that he never shows up when they win?
          Now that would take balls.
          ps They’ve got a winning record last time I checked.
          pps Aug 15 2013 56-65, 15 GBL
          Aug 15 2012 52- 62, 15 GBL

      • Why is it AA’s problem that ownership won’t let him spend?

        And why do you seem to think the season is over?

        If the Jays do get swept, then yes, we have a problem. Until then, we’re four games out of a wild card spot. Do you know how long it’s been since the Jays were four games out of a wild card spot in the middle of August? Many Jays teams of recent years have pushed in all the chips with a larger deficit in the wild card standings. (And ended up with nothing to show for it.)

        This has been the most exciting Blue Jays team since 1993. That’s a sad statement. However, we also have to give credit to AA for assembling it. One step at a time.

  86. Once KC makes the postseason the jays are going to be the only team in SPORTS(the 4 major ones) to have a 20 year postseason drought that is currently running. I know its easier in the nba and nhl to make it but still, it says a lot when youre about to be the only one left, and by a landslide.

    • I’m sure the sun will still rise if that happens.

    • This, the Jays are arguably the most painful team to watch in North American major league sports. The first season I can remember following is 1997, I’ve been disappointed 18 years in a row. It hurts like hell to follow this team.

    • Imagine being a Cubs fan.

      • They’ve made the playoffs four times since the Jays have. They had an exciting year in 2003. I would take the Cubs last 20 years over the Jays last 20 years every day of the week.

    • To be fair, given how 50% of the teams make it to the post-season in Hockey and Basketball, compared to 27% in baseball (33% if you include the second wild card), it would be nearly impossible to miss the playoffs 20 years in a row in two of the major sports leagues; whereas in baseball, 20-year droughts are fairly common. (See: Montreal Expos)

  87. Why is Wilner saying Price for Lawrie, Sanchez and Stro? Was something like this even confirmed to be true?

    I feel like he will continue to get dumb callers when he says stupid shit like that in response

    • Even then I’d do the deal

      I star is better than three average players

    • It’s the comparable package to what the Rays got. Young, MLB ready controllable starter, young controllable IF with upside and the best prospect in the org. Might not be an exact fit, but something like this might have been close.

      I for one also would not make such a deal.

    • He claims to know this as fact,His source also tells him that he “believes” the ask for Lester was Bautista.

  88. Yep, getting Lind and EE back will have us go on a 9 game streak-NOT!
    The Rays won tonite and are now just 2 behind us. The series next week end is to decide, perhaps 4th place by then, never mind first place-fuk that.
    I have a hard time saying how disappointed I have become of this outfit, especially after that heroic 19 inning win which seems far in the distance now. I guess starting about 3 AAA players every day or more is starting to wear us down,
    Yeah, yeah, it’s only one (more) loss There still in it, bla bla bla-sure not playing like it. Pretty soon it will be, again, well if they win 8 in a row and Kc loses 2x to Detroit followed by long losing streaks for Seattle and NYY and Tampa and cleveland well maybe they’ll have a chance. Well, so much for my 45$ at 45-1 WS bet.
    And, Morgan, an 82 or more win season to make your 1k is starting to look precarious to me. Good luck though.
    It was better than last year, and yeah they still have some minor chance this year, but if this slow and now accerlerating path to the shit-house at 78 wins or so continues, then yes, someone more than the hitting coach gets canned this year, I think.
    Almost at end of rant…Said last winter that Rogers w/n be dumb enuf to not continue the postive momo of high ratings, great attendance and support, Jays nation at away games everywhere, and would make positivve additions/changes to the club. Fuk ..was I ever wrong about that. Took them 6 months to piss a lot of it away by doing Nothing!
    Forward ””ah fuk it.

    Frankly, at this stage, adding more is a dumb startegy, IMO.
    If it were me, and of course it’s not (Yahoo!), I would be lloking to dump ONE of Dickey ( and his sidekick Thole) or Buerhle to any contender out there which would free up at least 15m toward next year. Santos at 6.5, morrow at 10.5 brings another 17m to play with and by not resigning Rasmus you can add another 8m or so for a total right there of 15+17+8 or 40m! That’s more than enuf to resign Melky and do something about 2b. Some serious changes will be coming to this club, and rightfully so if they continue to stink up the yard. Going to cry in my beer now

  89. Norris with 5.2 innings 1 earned run and 13 fucking strikeouts tonight for Buffalo

  90. sober level headed analysis suggests that the Jays have something like a 10% chance of appearing in the wild card playoff game. So they have a 10% chance of flipping a coin to see if they make the playoffs. it sucks :(

  91. I might not always agree with him, but if it’s RobA, welcome back big guy.

  92. I thought it would be a struggle,and was concerned but I didn’t think it would get to a 3-10 in August,so far.
    It’s not just the losses but they are ugly looking losses.Just butt ugly.

  93. Seriously though. How can we explain the lack of addition to this team. Glaring, fixable holes, particularly pitching. No moves in a year and a half. Join the garbage dump of hate

    • It’s easy to explain, allow me. The cost of adding pieces, either in terms of a trade or FA signing was not worth it for what was being added. And in the cases it was worth it, the player or the other team didn’t agree to the terms.

      You’ll probably be happy in a few years when the jays are still competing rather than being out of money/prospects and with nothing to show for it. Just because they would have added doesn’t guarantee that the jays would be in a better position now (look at the Tigers for an example of this).

      • I was happy a few years ago when I was told that the Jays would be competing, year after year, and making the playoffs with regularity.

        The problem is, nothing is guaranteed. It’s easy to say they’ll be in it in the future. But what gives you that confidence?

  94. I just don’t know how you can spin it that this team has a chance.

    • Non-zero probability of making the playoffs. You don’t have to spin anything. Elimination number for both wild card and division is around 38. Until that is 0, they have a chance.

  95. I think the icing on the cake will be not signing Melky in the off season. If that happens, this ownership group should be ashamed of themselves.

    • I truly feel the jays will continually be in a dearth spirall by Rogers are they are going to cut the payroll by tens of millions due to this years failure so far.
      I don’t see how it gets better unless they either spend more money or sell the team to a group of people who want to win

    • I don’t expect Melky to be back.

  96. Bautista asks for a trade this winter if this team continues its dive into the septic tank. I’d bet on it.

    • Then the team spends years of meh with declining fan interest and a decaying stadium

      It’s not impossible to say that in 10 years the jays may be one of the teams re locating

      • My god, did it ever get depressing in here.
        Less than a week ago we were all pumped up that we took two of three against the scherzer, price, etc and now we are talking about players asking for trades, our team relocating, players not resigning, ten years of failure ahead!
        Fuck me! They go on a four game winning streak and they will be winning the world series? No, then it will be because they faced shitty pitchers or got lucky likely.
        It’s not looking great right now, I get it but we have forty games ahead and lots of time. Enjoy your Saturdays and stay on the boat!

        • Actually when you have put yourself in a position where the Jay’s are in the middle of August there is not lots of time. It’s not a simple we win, they lose, gain a game situation anymore. Too many teams allowed into the mix.

    • Would it be such a bad thing if they got a decent return for him? I would love the Jays to make the playoffs this year or next, but I’d be ok with perennial contention as per the Rays.

      If JBats requests a trade, I would rather they dump him than hold onto a malcontent.

      • No absolutely. Hell the Jay’s might just go ahead and trade him if they can get a good return. I just think Jose might be coming near the end of his rope judging by his reaction after the deadline. Plus it’s becoming the Jay’s way.

        • I have to admit, when Janssen and JBats came out publicly criticizing the lack of moves, I shuddered. I can hardly blame them for being upset at the lack of moves, particularly if AA promised moves would be made if the team was in contention. The fact that no moves were made must have felt like a kick in balls after the team held up their end of the bargain. I would not be surprised if dramatic moves are made in the offseason. I would also not be surprised if Melky does not get resigned. I hope I’m wrong.

          I remain hopeful that the team snags the last wildcard, but it’s going to be hard to reverse course.

        • Plus EE is a FA after 2015 and jays need to lock him up

    • @Tom.

      If Bautista requests a trade & Melky is not resigned, the Jays will be in big trouble. I don’t see how they compete for a playoff spot in 2015 without them.

  97. At this point I am cheering for 80.5 + wins…

  98. I don’t think it is as dire as 10 years of shit baseball if they fuck this up this year as I think they will be lucky to play 500 ball or approx 81 wins give or take.
    As I had mentinoed earlier they can easily come up with 40 or more million to apply to some of the holes if they so desire. One scenario would have Sanchez, Stroman, Happ, one of Dickey or Buerhle to get 200 innings and player X via trade or FA..but forget the big FA pitchers like Shields et all as they ain’t comin to this shitshow. I suspect AA will be given the reins to try to fix this but that is not a certainty. Maybe they fire an assistant GMinstead.
    Now, personally, I would keep both EE and Bautista ( at least until trade deadline next July). They can demand trades all they want, but the Jays control them thru 2016 so to just trade them becausethey ask for it would be stupid Could they move one?
    Sure, if we get returns like Oscar Tavaras +, otherwise forget it. Bautista has an OBP of 400+ FFS, ain’t many of those around not named Tulo. and he makes 2/3 of Tulo.

    The Jays have some good players but they are not a good team as constructed. Resigning Melky with some of that cash, getting a decent 2b somehow ( not fukin Ituris either-give him away) and we are on our way. Navarro has his flaws but infinitely better than JPA overall and Lawrie gives you solid 3B ( when healthy) and Gose will be taking over in CF IMO. Assuming we resign Melky, and EE plays first, that leaves SS.
    this is a tough call as Reyes is great offensively and at best avg defensively and cost them 66m over the next 3 years- what to do what to do?

    I think , behind closed doors, this may require lots of discusssion. Is the answer to look for another SS and Reyes to move to 3B and put Lawrie on 2b, freeing more cash for pitching help? I don’t think Reyes would be any better at 2b than SS as his range is dwindling. Would they consider trading him + 20m or so to get someone else?
    Trading Reyes is not likely as it would be the final admission by AA that the entire Marlins deal is fucked so he won’t trade him I don’t think AA does it but if Rogers changes GM I think Reyes gets moved, no question about it.
    Personally, I expect about a 25% turnover in personnel this winter, perhaps more ( 6+ players off the 25 roster). Time will soon be telling

    • Have we all concluded that Morrow is history or at best pen material?

      • I could see him getting a shot as closer, assuming Janssen doesn’t come back.

        • His option is $10MM for next year, so I suspect they’ll give him a shot at the rotation first.

        • I wonder if Morrow could accept that kind of role.? No matter I also believe that this team is going to look a whole lot different next year whether they can sneak into the one game crap shoot or not.

          • Yeah, I agree. I don’t expect Melky back. There is no way Colby is back. Janssen is probably gone. Who knows what happens to Bats. There will, hopefully, be a new decent 2B. Starting rotation looks like Buehrle, Dickey, Happ, Stroman, and Hutch, assuming no major trades.

            There’s a good core to contend next year if Melky and Bats stay. Who the fuck knows at this point?

            • If they just would have went shopping for some god damn Cubans these type of discussions would be unnecessary.

      • This is where refusing to issue incentive laden contracts hurts them.
        No way I’d pick up a $10m option on Morrow.

        A $2m contact with incentives that could get him to $10m
        based on innings pitched or appearances, sure.
        But the prevent themselves from doing things like that.

    • Whoever the GM is, they will have a difficult job trying to figure out why this team despite its talent seems unable to reliably win games.

      While the loss of Lawrie/Encarnacion/Lind hurt it ignores that the team barely tread water in April with them, and sucked in June with them.

      The May of winning was also not entirely on their backs – everybody was hitting, getting on base, and driving in runs.

      We have now had 2 mangers, and numerous different coaches (3 hitting coaches in 3 years!). The best course of action here is to keep everyone and stay the course and provide some stability for the team given the other changes that will be necessary.

      As for the team, difficult decisions.

      My likely incorrect opinions:

      The first is to consider trading/letting go Lind and Lawrie. Yes, they have a lot of talent, and the numbers to back it up. But they are injury prone and players that spend a significant amount of time on the DL every year don’t help the team.

      Rasmus you let go. Frustrating player, lots of talent and promise they never seems to arrive consistently, not worth $$ currently being paid and likely to be paid next year.

      Reyes – defense seems to be getting worse, and doesn’t seem to have been the base stealing disturber that was promised. Given the significant salary increase next year try to replace him.

      Francisco – no real trade value, keep him and let him try out next spring. Try and get him to work with the hitting guru in the Dominican they they keep talking about in the hope that he can figure things out, but don’t count on him being in the line up.

      Melky – interesting problem. Don’t want to give up his consistency with the bat, but question his defense over a 4 or so year contract. He may not like the idea, but would be an ideal DH to replace Lind. Given the other issues to deal with I would say role the dice and try and resign him.

      So outfield – Cabrera/Gose/Bautista

      Infield – ?/?/Goins/Encarnacion – Goins has lots of haters, but given the other issues that need to be dealt with he will do – it will be enough work to get at SS and 3B.

      DH -? – you hope maybe Francisco, but really need to try and sign someone.

      Pitching – this is where it gets difficult because opinion doesn’t necessarily match with stats. Despite what it seems like Dickey is doing reasonably well this year and suffers (as to others) with a far to frequent absence of offence. He is fine, but not as the #1.

      Happ is a pleasant surprise, has done well, and hopefully next year will be a repeat. Hutchison shows a great deal of promise and should be even better next year, same hopefully with Stroman.

      The big question is Buehrle. Yes, he gets you 200 innings regularly, but does seem to struggle with the AL East (particularly the Yankees) and so you really need someone who can win against the East. Despite that, I think you keep him. He is a good veteran pitcher to help mentor all the young pitchers the Jays have/will have and provide some stability to the starting rotation.

      Which leaves the bullpen, and its many question marks. At times brilliant, too many other times brutal. Needs some changes, whether it be the return of Hentgen as the coach or changes in the staff. Need to try and keep Janssen and McGowan, but others needs evaluating.

      Overall I think the biggest issue is one involving ownership. They need to make a decision by early September as to who will be the GM for the next several years (and I have no problems with it being AA, because as with the staff I think stability will help the team more over the long run than a revolving door.

      Whoever the GM is, they need a plan in place by the end of the season so they can talk to the key players on the team and say this is what we are going to do, and sell them on it.

  99. Considering Morrow pitched like shit this year, then got hurt, considering he pitched like shit last year then got hurt, and got hurt the year before that, considering his velocity is declining along with his peripherals, I think there is close to zero chance they pick up that 10m option. As for closer, someone else will do it for a lot less than 10m for 4o inning or so, plus the high risk of injury with him. They can better use the cash elsewhere IMO

    • True enough. I had such high hopes….. Story of a Jays fan.

      • I wonder how many people will jump ship this year after being a fan for too long
        Jays are most embarrassing team in mlb now

        • I’ve been clinging to the raft since 1977.
          Been through expansion, the glory days,
          the dark days of Interbrew and the
          mediocrity of the Rogers era.
          Not likely to let go now…at least not voluntarily.
          That said, the Rogers era may be the most frustrating era,
          because the rhetoric is never matched by the actions,

        • I’ve got too much time invested. Been a fan since the day they first took the field.

        • There are a lot of other teams in just as bad shape or worse than the Jays. As with Tom W, I’ve been a fan since ’77. I don’t plan to jump ship anytime soon.

          I was actually okay with the Jays standing pat at the deadline. If they get to the playoffs, great, but I don’t think they’re ready I challenge for a title yet. I like what AA has done in general with the team. There are a lot of good arms waiting in the wings. I wonder if the Jays would have won in ’92 and ’93 if they had pulled the trigger on trades too soon. Anyhow, it’s been a great season so far, in spite of the ups and downs. Who expected to be 4 games out of a playoff spot in mid-August.

          #thisisteam #gojaysyouassholes #deepseadiving

    • Morrow still retains that Cy Young candidate mystique, IMO, watch him walk and win 20 games next year, FFS.

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