Here’s an idea: try winning a damn game, maybe. Remember?

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  1. Lmao wilner

  2. [not trolling but still an idiot]

  3. [stupid]

  4. August.: the antidote for May.

  5. [dumb]

  6. [not trolling but still an idiot]

    • Haha you’re mad cause they will make more money this hear than you will in your whole life lmao

    • But Lind is hitting well over .300 and Dinner has been a breath of fresh air at catcher this year?

      I agree about Juan and Cletus though.

    • Toronto has scored the 4th most runs in MLB. The teams above them are the two best teams in baseball–the As and Angels–as well as Colorado, which is playing in Coors.

      Sometimes good offenses fail. Yeah, there are people that suck in our lineup, but there’s people that suck in every lineup.

  7. [not trolling but still an idiot]

  8. Oh Princess you threw those toys out of the stroller like a terrrrrist. Well done!

  9. [Idiot].

  10. I fully support holding on to meaningful prospects rather than making a trade for a pitcher at this point.

    However, I could be swayed if that pitcher is more than a rental.

    Otherwise, just ride it out.

  11. What happened to the guy who was rob a but didn’t say so on his name?
    Some of rhe comments have been replaced with generalities

  12. 2 weeks till the second trade deadline…._than another 2 weeks from 2weeks till a meaningful game in october in 2 decades!!! congrats AA this def deserves an extra year!!

  13. Graveman dealt it again. 7 innings of shutout ball with 12 groundouts, 83 pitches.

    Korecky is struggling hard though. Gave up 4 runs all season before giving up 10 in August now. ERA has almost quadrupled. Not that I really was a believer…

    Nolin goes tomorrow FWIW

    • Man, what is that guy’s deal? I really hope it’s not an apparition.

      Santos came in to hold the 8th, only 1 walk this time. But no hits, runs or wild pitches, that’s how I spell progress.

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