Here’s an idea: try winning a damn game, maybe. Remember?

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  1. Tonight’s the night!

  2. One tries to be optimistic

  3. No one here tonight? (with apologies to David Eck and the Drunk Wolf)

  4. I just got back from two weeks with the family on our beautiful east coast. No internet, no telly, I’m happy to finally be able to sit down and watch a game.

  5. Skankees won 3-2.
    Need a W tonight to hold 2nd in the Division.
    Lets Go Get ‘Em.

  6. Not to worry.
    Buerhle gonna Buerhle.

  7. A gloved mannequin would be as effectual in the field as Reyes.

  8. Buck really loves Advil Garcia.

  9. Here’s hoping for a Jays win. Taking the night off to drink some wine, beer and watch as many Robin Williams movies/videos as we can.

  10. Cleveland up 4-0 on O’s

  11. Reimold’s got wheels !!

  12. Gibby with the quick hook. Let’s see if it pays off

  13. 6-0 Cleveland

  14. Why is Gibby removing Buerhle after 70 pitches? That seems to be premature.

    • picked up a copy of Joe Girardi’s “Managing Baseball for Dummies” maybe

      • Last night’s rain of singles in the middle of the game maybe made him a bit gun shy … I agree with the quick hook on Dustin with Gillaspie at bat … we do have fresh Sanchez and Drabek in the pen

  15. C’mon Dusty – shut ‘em down.

  16. Crap.

  17. Navarro’s theme should be Great Big Sea’s “When I’m Up (I Can’t Get Down.”)

  18. I’m like Skylar at the end of Breaking Bad. “If I need to hear ‘It’s too early to panic’ one more time from these assholes at DJF……”

  19. Samurai!

  20. Melky is a God.

  21. MUCH better !

    Thank you!

  22. I keep waiting for baltimore to put together a decent string of losses. Maybe it starts now.

    • In Ubaldo we trust !

    • Just remember… we’re on a mission from god.

      • Isn’t Baltimore the 7th Circle of Hell?

        • The city is indeed the 7th circle of hell. I believe the Orioles occupy the 8th circle, depending on your view of their success.

        • I’d like to see the ballpark it looks nice, but I can’t really imagine going on a baseball trip to Baltimore.

          • You certainly wouldn’t be walking miles and miles and miles, I trust.

            • Nope. In Seattle we walked 8-10 miles a day, despite the plethora of aggressive panhandlers. Felt a bit unsafe in some sections of town, but Baltimore? Don’t think so.

          • Baltimore isn’t awful for a baseball trip. The park is obviously awesome. The harbor is really nice. There’s tonnes of nice bars in the “Power Plant” and you’re 100% safe walking to and from all of those places to your hotel day and night. Assuming you’re planning on staying in a decent hotel of course….also liquor is dirt cheap. In 2006 I bought 12 cans of Becks for 7$ and a 60 of grey goose was 40$ish …and if you get bored you can take a train/drive to DC in a little over an hour…I’d go back in a second

          • @Karen – stay in the ‘burbs. That’s what we do on all baseball-related trips. When we saw the Braves we stayed in Buckhead, in Pittsburgh stayed in Cranberry, in Cincinnati stayed in Blue Ash. Still close to the stadiums, and not terrifying (and smoke-free hotels, which you can’t always find in the cities. A trip to see Camden Yards would also put you within relatively short drives of the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Phillies and Nationals. Could make for a great trip.

  23. Worst AB I’ve seen out of Navarro in about 6 weeks.

  24. Very pretty.

  25. Beauty DP !

  26. That drops Sanchez’s WHIP below 0.50, love that kid! #5 starter next year?

    And Norris is destroying AAA in Buffalo, the future is bright!

    • Very potentially #5, but I think you need to pick up Happ’s option. $6 mill for a lefty that throws 93-95 is pretty team-friendly, especially one that is pitching as well as he is capable of pitching. Then, they can stretch Sanchez out to be a long man, with the idea of him becoming a starter in 2016. Happ’s contract would also be tradeable, so at least you get something for him instead of losing him for nothing.

  27. just a tidbit for the offseason

    It’s way too early to think about it but
    NYY and LAD are two spots for Reyes if jays need to clear salary

  28. Fucking franscisco

  29. Jeez these smart phones are hard to fucking type on.
    Don’t know how you guys do it.
    Decent game tonight at least

    • Don’t worry about being a letter off. Phone should usually correct it to right word

      • *usually*

        • Does Baltimore have games that they have to make up due to rainouts? We’ve played 124 to their 121…

          • I think 1. Weird schedule. We have a ton of off days this month and had a couple of months early in the year with one day off the entire month.
            So…ya, we have played way more than most other teams you will notice.

  30. Vintage Janssen save.

  31. I feel like Buehrle deserved a win for that effort. Instead, his ERA went up.

  32. Who would’ve thought Kawasaki would become such an important cog.

    Love that bastard.

  33. Shitbirds lose

  34. One win. Hopefully it’s a start…but hard to be a believer at his point. But… They’ve shown the propensity to ring off a big streak. So lts hope

  35. Jays have optioned players 40% more than any other team. Man thats a lot.

    • An Orioles fan asked in some fangraphs chat this week whether the Orioles frequent use of sending players up and down from the minors was a competitive advantage undetectable by advanced stats. Stupid question, but it would seem to indicate that Orioles fans think their team options players more than anyone else.

      Also, whether you’re winning or losing can impact the perception of a strategy.

  36. SUN reports AA is back next year.

  37. More from Steve Simmons:

    “Neither Gibbons nor Anthopoulos have been given any indication personally about their futures in Toronto beyond this season, but the GM’s contract carries into next year while it is assumed that Gibbons’ deal does not.


    The cost to acquire David Price, had the Jays finished negotiations in trade talks with Tampa, was Stroman and Hutchison. And that was without being able to open talks to extend Price’s contract beyond next season … A little truth on the Rogers-Jays-money debate: The Jays never went to Rogers and asked for more money because they were never close enough to a trade that would have required additional funds. They still believe the money was there had they asked for it. You can believe whatever you want … Melky Cabrera wants to remain a Blue Jay. That’s what he is telling people. Whether he and the Jays can agree on a price going forward is the question … Never mind options, I wouldn’t have sent Anthony Gose to the minors. I would have released Juan Francisco or put Steve Tolleson on waivers. I want Gose’s defence and speed any time you need it … There is more than a little George Bell in Jose Bautista and those who know Bell best say that’s not a bad thing … Desperation, thy name is Kyle Drabek.”

    I find it strange that the Jays were never close to any deal that required additional funds. Wa AA afraid to ask Rogers for more money?

    • Simmons is just doing what he does best: spitballing.

      • I wonder if this means that Rogers has seen enough from the team this year that they will be trying to contend next year.
        It wouldn’t make sense to have a full rebuild with aa in charge

        • “There is an appreciation internally for Anthopolis with the way he conducts business”

          In other words, he’s what Trotsky would term a “useful idiot”.

          As long as he toes the party line, doesn’t embarrass ownership, and takes the heat for Rogers, thats what’s important to Rogers. Success on the field, while nice, is a secondary priority.

          Apathetic ownership enabled by apathetic fan base who makes excuse after excuse for lack of performance from the front office.

          • So you wanted him to trade the farm for proce

            • Why do you guys think that the only two options were Price or nothing?

              The job of a GM is to make deals to improve the team. And I’m not just talking about this past deadline. AA has made only 2 significant moves in his entire 5 year tenure, the Dickerson and Marlins trade, and both are looking like net negatives. In other words, this team would likely be better without making them then making them.

              Alvarez, Sybdergaard, Hech, Nicolino, TDA, and Maris nick PLUS $40-$60 million in cap space would surely put this team better off then where we are now.

              To be fair, I like the Marlins trade at the time. And I was wrong. But the buck stops at the top and there needs to be accountability. You perform or you go. Whether that’s “fair” or not is irrelevant.

              AA has more value to Rogers as a loyal soldier then as a shrewd baseball tactician.

              • This isn’t a video game. People used to complain that Gillick wouldn’t make a move. How’d that work out)

                • Agreed the garbage clowns have quieted down

                • Sometimes standing pat is for the best.

                • Sure Gillis stood pat sometimes. But he also made the big moves when the time required it.

                  David Cone, Ricky Henderson, Paul Molitor. All these deals were made when the team was already good, but needed a boost.

                  And if you don’t think this past deadline was a time that required a move, then when?

                  • Those were better teams, top to bottom. You don’t really think, say, David Price wins the 2014 Jays the World Series, do ya? ‘Cause that’s bonkers.

                  • I’m aware of the moves he made. My point was more that the time is not yet right. Trading for Price would have set us back instead of moving us forward.

                    • Again, there are more options then Price.

                    • We’ll have to agree to disagree. I just don’t see the 2014 Jays as close enough to a championship to merit trading away key future pieces such as Stroman, Sanchez or Hutch for a Price, Samardzija, Hamels or what have you. They are more than one impact player away from wining it all. I do think they are capable of a playoff spot a la the Jays of the late ’80s, and I would rather see them compete for a decade than fuck it up going for it too early. Again, it’s just my opinion among many.

            • You’re assuming what’s coming out of the front office isn’t bullshit.

            • Hutch and Stroman for price ?

              That is something as a jays fan I would reacily pull the trigger on

              Price >>>> Stroman

              Hutch is the next coming of Gavin Floyd

              • Yeah, but does Price sign an extension?

                Because while Price may be one of the best pitchers in the league, one year of Price is not better than six years of Stroman.

                LIkewise, what does losing two starters and replacing them with one do to your rotation? Price may be the best pitcher in that bunch… but is Price and, say… Jenkins? better than Stroman and Hutch?

      • More like shitballing.

    • Google “Gibbons rolling option blue jays” for an explanation of why Simmons is full of shit on Gibby’s contract.

      Basically, unless Gibbons is specifically fired, his contract automatically renews.

    • Nice summary.

      Hutch and Stroman for 2 months of Price? That would’ve been the worst trade ever. Stroman is gonna be an ace, and Drew can be a #2/3 guy for years.

      Pending free agents always say they wanna stay with their current team, but in this case I kinda believe Melky…He seems to have a lot of fun with his Dominican brethren.

      Gose hasn’t done enough to warrant losing Juan Francisco, sadly.

      Curious to see Drabek, I always liked that kid, altho his AAA numbers were rather pedestrian…67K and 28BB over 96 innings? How underwhelming.

      • This is why no one should ever take anything Simmons says seriously. Those numbers are definitely underwhelming, but look what he’s done since moving to the bullpen: 5.54 K/9, 1.73 BB/9, 2.77 ERA, 3.32 FIP in 26 innings. The K’s have actually decreased, but the walks have plummeted (3.2 K/BB ratio in the pen vs. 2.2 as a starter) and the ERA and FIP are both vastly improved.

        This doesn’t look like a desperation move in any way; it’s a move to get a fresh arm in the pen and reward a pitcher who seems to be figuring it out.

        Actually… is there ever a situation in which you can consider switching out the 7th man in the bullpen a “desperation move”?

      • Focusing on the potential Price trade is kinda missing the point. What a division rival said it would take to part with a top starter is a typical AA smokescreen. That people are still buying the shit that he sells when he got caught with his pants down (see: Santana) is surprising.

        The question should be why just about every other team in contention was able to improve at the deadline and the Jays did nothing, in an historically crappy year for the AL East.

        AA and Beast will be there next year partly because Rogers sees them as good company stooges. I don’t think that AA is a bad GM, but I don’t trust a word he says, and he has the media eating out of his hand. He should run for public office.

        • Leading up to the deadline:

          Baltimore added a LOOGY. Kansas City did nothing. Cleveland traded away their starting shortstop and opening day starter. The Angles did nothing. Atlanta did nothing. Milwaukee added a fourth outfielder. Pittsburgh did nothing. The Dodgers added the equivalent of Ryan Goins.

          The idea that most teams improved while the Jays stood pat is completely made up. None of these teams did anything much more significant than the Jays adding Valencia.

    • But, but, but… MARTY YORK!!!!!

  38. The comment section here today is fucked. Maybe it’s my ipad?

  39. Getting Price on a long term deal would make it worth while.

  40. The Blue Jays have not demonstrated any inclination or ability to outbid the market on a marquee free agent in a long time, and David Price will be as marquee as they come.

    Accordingly, and to a much lesser extent, what happens with Melky Cabrera will be a very good test case on the willingness of this team to play in the free agent arena.

    Again, to a lesser extent, it reminds me of the Kyle Lowry situation with the Raptors this summer. He knows the team, the team knows him, there is definitely a need on the part of the team, and there will be interest from other suitors. The Raptors got it done quickly at what was at worst a modest overpay – here’s hoping the Jays can do the same with Melky this off-season.

  41. Since when is steve simmons ken rosenthal? I dont think the guy knows anything to be honest. Not that i hate AA, but i think rogers is the villain here. I hope rogers isnt returning next season and the team is sold to someone who cares and wants to build a winner.

  42. All the talk re. AA / Rogers and honesty / accountability is kinda nutty, innit?

    I mean, what does management / ownership really owe the fans, except product? How does it not behoove the Jays top to bottom to field a good team? Failure to bring aboard tasty free agents might have more to do with the spectre (real or imagined) of Toronto / Canada / Rogers Centre than money, don’t forget.

    All teams / organizations are flawed, some more than others. The Jays are still in it AND look good going forward. I’ll take that.

    • I think you need more backslashes.

    • I’m sure the thought of playing on concrete has put Toronto on many no trade lists narrowing AA’s choices somewhat.

      Of course, renewing the Argos lease and not making it a top priority to get grass in there doesn’t help things for the future, either.

  43. I dont think its crazy to assume they asked for Stro and Hutch – fits the MO of Rays trying to acquire MLB ready players

    I’m definitely glad AA didn’t do that deal and I dont think Price would agree to go long term, there’s really no reason Price would do an extension


    Pretty solid piece on Gose. I think a big part of Gose’s inability to make consistent contact is he has a late swing. I notice he fouls off a lot of pitches behind the backstop. I think his timing is off just a tad and if he can correct that on pitches in the zone, he can put them in a play which greatly increases his chances of reaching base with his speed

  45. Wilners hate on a Headly caller last night (Roba?) using swinging rate % was hilarious

  46. Groot!!

  47. ~~~~~~~~~~~game thread Aug 17~~~~~~~~~

  48. I never like hashtags until #ThisIsTeam. The transformation was complete with #GoJaysYouAssholes.

  49. Throwback Sox! Suh-weetums!!

  50. The ole leadoff double. Gotta like it.

  51. He was blockin’ the plate.

  52. Good call

  53. See that M+M’s jacket behind the plate? Crazy.

  54. anyone have a stream by any chance? the one is playing some weird german thing for some reason

  55. Is that white sox uniform from the 80′s?

  56. I want to see Kawasaki in a playoff game.

    Make it happen GIbby

  57. [moron]

  58. For fuck sake

  59. well…ugh

  60. Man, I just turned it on for this batter.

  61. Fudge.

  62. Least you walked 2 to really make it count

  63. argh!! goddammit Hutch

  64. I sighed.

    long and deep

  65. i know the white sox pitcher is garbage, but did we have to spot them 4 runs right off the bat Hutch?

  66. Awesome. Excellent. Love it.

  67. Oh no.

  68. 4 isn’t enough of a challenge. Give them mooooaaaarrr!

  69. Isn’t it time to skip hutch’s start?

  70. Hurch is telling me not to watch baseball today.

  71. Are you fuckig serious hutch.

  72. It’s still really early

  73. Does he have options? Not that we really have anyone in the minors to make a spot start?

  74. can’t command shit. sox hitters just sitting fastball and waiting for the inevitable meatball.

  75. First game I’ve been able to watch in a week. I’m thinking Cincinnati thoughts right now.

  76. Hutch might need a 15 day vacation for general soreness.

  77. Getting harder and harder to watch this garbage

  78. this team is practically done, which means hutch should be shut down

  79. For those interested, Little League is on ABC.

  80. What the fuck Hutch.

    It’s gotta be time to start looking at alternatives.

  81. If he has options why not throw him in the minors for 10 days bring up Rasmussen for the bullpen and get Sanchez to make a spot start that can be piggy backed with say Redmond because he’s not fully stretched out

  82. Good thing we stood pat at the deadline.

    Not a surprise really. Go with a mediocre team, and you cant expect much more then mediocre results.

    Last year the mediocre Jays team had an impressive 11 game winning streak. No different then this year except our big out performance came in May so we were fooled into thinking this team was better. It’s not.

    • I don’t believe simmons who says AA’s job is safe
      It shouldn’t and should ride on the next 6 weeks

  83. By the way it’s tiresome that wait till next year is acceptable with this ownership group after 10 years of this garbage

  84. Someone’s gonna tear their ACL with all this knee-jerking going on

    • Is it really a knee jerk reaction if they’ve been pretty shitty for about 3 months now?

      • I was referring mostly to the Hutch stuff. But when the last three months include extended periods without Lawrie EE and Lind, it kind of is. I realize the games matter more and more as time passes but it’s not over till it’s over. Oh and you were reacting to one inning. One.

  85. Glad BPL started up again. I can cheer for any other team and this one is hard to stomach some nights

  86. Ya and who do you trade away and who do you pick up? Are you gonna give up potentially 2 of your starters for next year for who? Brunette?

  87. I love huge comeback wins

  88. From an emotionally stand point of a long time fan tired of seeing the team not contending for WS title, I wanted to see the Jay’s make a big move at the trade deadline. My hope was for AA to strengthen the top of the rotation in an effort to improve the teams ability to compete this year. From a logical standpoint, I think we just may look back on AA’s decision not trade away a young arm with respect at least by this time next season if not the following year.
    The Jays are in a division that looks like it will be wide open the next 2-3 years. The two usual suspects: Boston is rebuilding and NY is aging and depleting their farm system. Tampa still has a quality young rotation and when healthy is solid team. Baltimore can go in the toilet as quickly as they can rise to the top.
    The Jays a building the foundation of a potentially quality rotation with Stroman, Hutchinson, Sanchez, and Norris in the mix. If I look at from this angle, then I eases the frustration as the trade deadline passed. While I would have loved to have Price, in hindsight, I doubt Tampa was going to give him up within the division for the kind of deal they agreed to with Detroit. I still don’t get why Tampa moved Price at all.

    And now Hutch is playing home run derby with the Sox and all that I just typed may be for shit. But hey, time to crack open a cold one.

    • Not at all convinced the weakness is in the ALE is anything but a momentary blip.

      If Boston signs Lester (which is likely) they’re going to be quite good. Baltimore will be good. TB could very easily be good.

      New York will probably suck.

      • “To me, the most important thing this study shows is that virtually all of the underpaid players are under 30 and virtually all of the overpaid players are over 30,’’ Henry told the Bloomberg Businessweek in the springtime. “Yet teams continue to extravagantly overpay for players above the age of 30.’’

        Maybe it’s game-playing, but time will tell.

        • This would make sense as you usually dont have to over pay young players as they are not free agents yet and you dont get a chance to “over pay” a player until they do become free agents. This will never change until the free agency rules change, which probably wont happen very soon.

          I just dont know how a team goes about clamoring to over pay young players to change this statement. Long term deals buying out arb and FA years (which is a trend happening a lot now with top young players) or how you can go about under paying free agents beyond the new draft pick compensation (which applies to the top FA’s)

          Guess it has already started in some sense but stating it doesnt mean theres some real insight on his part. But interesting

    • I agree

  89. The ole leadoff walk. Gotta like it.

  90. People need to remember hutch is basically a rook still. And coming off tommy John surgery. It may be time to shut him down he looks out of sorts but then who do you start in his place? Your not gonna add Norris to your 40 man Ike you did nolin last year for one start and have to keep him on the 40 man now

  91. Fuck off fat Juan

  92. Carroll isn’t that great, so the jays could come back. Jays should consider skipping hutch’s next start. Losing to the white sox is depressing

  93. BP for the sox today

  94. Fucking useless Francisco

    • I have to wonder what kind of coaching Francisco is getting because I don’t see any improvement in his approach to the plate. If he isn’t listening, then he shouldn’t be in the lineup. I swear he goes after that down and in breaking ball like a fat kid in a cupcake store. He has zero patience at the plate and is liability to the line up and in the field. It’s not like he is hitting the ball hard and is just unlucky. He’s lucky when he makes contact. I don’t know why Goss gets sent down and this pumpkin stays on the roster so long after the clock struck midnight on any magical moments he was going to provide the team.

  95. [moron]

  96. Get rid of that fuck

  97. Oh fat Juan. You are my favorite blue jay ever. I’m getting your face tattooed on my chest.

  98. Hurray for Hutch!

  99. Would you put Juan on wavers and risk him getting picked up?

    • If another team wants him, let him be a dead spot in their line up. When the Jays face him, toss him three down and in breaking balls and take the free out.

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