I don’t know why anybody who knows would say it to Steve Simmons, of all people, but according to his report in this morning’s Toronto Sun, Alex Anthoupouls will return as GM of the Blue Jays next season.

To wit:

Anthopoulos has taken tremendous heat from fans, and even from some of his players, for his inability to make a significant deal at the non-waiver trade deadline and, of late, the Jays’ playoff chances are fading.

Ownership, however, looks at it somewhat differently. No matter what happens over the final 38 games, it appears pleased that Anthopoulous has put the club’s future in good pitching hands with a potential rotation down the road that includes Marcus Stroman, Aaron Sanchez, Drew Hutchison and minor-league stalwart Daniel Norris — all of whom are 23 years old or younger.

This is pretty understandable, and quite fine — especially if Simmons is correct when he later, a few sentences before diving full-on into total fucking insufferable lemon-sucking garbage clowndom regard Jose Bautusta, roster construction, and Kyle Drabek, he writes that the money issue is maybe murky as ever, since “the Jays never went to Rogers and asked for more money because they were never close enough to a trade that would have required additional funds.” But obviously it will require elaboration, which I’ll totally provide… y’know… tomorrow.

He also adds that Melky Cabrera is telling people he wants to stay here, if you want to believe more people with knowledge are actually willing to tell Steve Simmons stuff, and that John Gibbons’ status is up in the air — though Shi Davidi clears that up at Sportsnet (as MLBTR makes clear).

Davidi’s piece says that Rogers Media honcho Keith Pelley rubbishes the report, but it’s not like he’s believable either, and let’s be honest, Beeston is still around and AA has been an awful good corporate soldier over the years, so… yeah, I wouldn’t at all be shocked if Simmons is right and Pelley is just deflecting. Who knows, though?

So… there’s that.

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  1. Anyone see where Keith Pelley is saying that no decision has been made, pretty much saying Simmons is full of shit.

    • Because he’s believable.

    • Firing Anthopoulos would be asinine and it won’t happen anyway as long as Beeston’s there. Now how long Beeston will be there, who knows — that depends on (a) what he wants to do with his life; and (b) a bunch of corporate politics that’s out of our view but which basically comes down to how much the powers-that-be like him. As long as he’s relatively happy and not rubbing the Rogers folk the wrong way, he’ll stick around and so will Alex.

  2. If the team doesnt make the playoffs (looking more likely every day) I really think Beeston needs to go though. He is so full of shit. He constantly lies and makes false promises. Preferably, rogers would sell the team to somebody who cares and wants to build a winner. But thats very unlikely to happen unfortunately. Lastly, if KC makes the playoffs and jays dont, guess who has the longest mark of playoff futility? Yep, some changes are going to have to be made in the front office/coaching staff, thats how it is.

    • You don’t have the first fucking clue what you’re taking about, though.

      So… there’s that.

      • What did I say that was so outrageously ridiculous? Its all true.

        • This site has gone from the best Jays blog to, well, what it is now. Comment approval has nothing to do with facts, stats, or any recognition of what being a fan is all about.

          The Jays have been my favourite team since I learned that Major league baseball was a thing in 1985. They will still be my favourite team in 2035, even if they continue to play every season in the shitty to mediocre fashion they’ve done for the last 22 seasons. Does that mean I should ignore reality and pretend that everything is hunky dory, all the time? According to Stoeten, yes it does. Getting frustrated or dare I say pissed off, at two decades of futility is not allowed.

          So, since I’m not really into delusion or sugarcoating, and I’m tired of seeing every comment that doesn’t meet chairman Mao’s

          • …..approval getting ridiculed six ways from Sunday, I’ll be over at BBTF with the adults.

          • “Does that mean I should ignore reality and pretend that everything is hunky dory, all the time? According to Stoeten, yes it does. Getting frustrated or dare I say pissed off, at two decades of futility is not allowed.”

            Ahahahahaha, someone who clearly doesnt read the blog, or specifically this post. Carry on, though, keyboard warrior!

            • Agreed
              Sad that we can’t vent without told we are being too negative after 21 years of this endless cycle of mediocrity

          • If that’s what you really think things are like, Mulliniks, good riddance.

        • Problem is afdg, who had the money to buy the jays from Rogers and make them a profit in the sale? Bell would be very similar to Rogers IMO. Unless you do it packers style Rogers are the owners

        • @ afdg

          You’re ranting because you’re a frustrated fan,like most of us and are looking to hold somebody accountable.Fair enough.
          What you’re claiming about Beeston is not true. It’s false. That’s why you’re getting called out.
          “He constantly lies and makes false promises”
          Such as?
          When he said he’d get all the Jays games televised?
          When he said the money would be there then raised it from 80 mil to 130 mil?
          When he moved the AAA team out of the hellhole Las Vegas to Buffalo?
          Yeah the rug got pulled, with the switch from Nadir to Guy and plans needed to be changed.
          But he’s also the one to triple the number of scouts.game the system to aquire all those draft picks to be developed or used as trade bait.Remember Olivio? Made MLB change the rules for draft pick aquistions.
          Think about that ,Beeston and AA did shit that pissed off MLB so much THEY CHANGED THE FUCKING RULES to stop it from happening again.
          I could go on, but ponder this.
          As of the newest CBA the Jays are no longer classified as a “small market team” and are no longer entitled to the 30 MILLION per year they recieved from MLB.That’s 30 mil that subsidized the 80 million payroll.Rogers was really only spending 50 mil per year on Jays payroll.. Now without that ,payroll has been bumped to 130 mil.A difference of 80 million per year squeezed out of Rogers BY BEESTON.I shudder to think what somebody else in the position would do.( Fold like a suitcase,I suspect)
          There’s more examples but this is too long already.
          If you want I can rip the rest of your comment to shreds at a later time.
          Stoeten’s right this time.He’s just never been known for his tactful responses.

        • It doesn’t matter! All you need to know is that you’ve displeased Stoeten, undisputed King of Condescension and Lord of the Run-On Sentence!

      • Because fat Andrew Stoeten DOES know what he is talking about?

        Give us a break. You are a third-rate blogger making a Few hundred dollars each week.

        And you have the lamest beard ever.

        Talk about trying too hard.

        • Who did you post as yesterday Sam? You post shit about Stoeten being ‘fat’ and what are you? Some clown who spends his time insulting some blogger.

        • Jeesh Sam. Feel better now. That’s it big guy, let out that hate and vent away.I hate to see you like this when you’re off your meds.Ritalin withdrawl?
          I don’t think they’ll need to hold a telethon to help support Stoeten.Hell I paid for his condo just from my pageviews.
          Good for you though,not producing a counterpoint to anything that was said.Why let common sense get in the way of a good rant?
          But let’s leave the man’s beard out it.That’s a low blow.

      • Garbage clowns after twenty plus years of putrid results makes MUCH MORE sense than a bunch of ass-kissing SUNSHINE SLUTS! Yet by all means, dig those heads deeper, just the way Stoet’s press credentials like it.


        How dare anyone not think exactly the same thing, much less not be thrilled with it all. Fire nobody, change nothing outside of anything obvious and this is still early…got it. Ignore how many years now?

        SunshineSlutJayFans.com … Time for a name change bc insinuating crazy drunk Jay fans isn’t even close for years now…unless a pms’ing beard counts as drunk these days.

        • Freedom of speech does guarantee your right to be a moron.

          • Ah, the sunshine slut & white knight combo…tough to pull off such idiocy Otto, but you did it!

            • misogynistic comments, well you must feel proud you small person

              • only to be trumped by a pc fuckwad, bc he surely nailed it…to the fucking cross.


                • By the way, everyone, I didn’t even read what adfg wrote in the comment I responded to. I responded based on his recent history of being aggressively wrong on just about everything (which, FYI, he’s obviously allowed to do, though yes, it sometimes means I’m probably going to be a prick about his constant wrongness). You want to call me out for being shitty in that regard? Sure, I’ll fully accept that and probably shouldn’t be such an aggressive shit with nothing of substance to offer back (that it’s exasperating sometimes to have to live within the whole conversation that goes on about this team isn’t a very good excuse). But it’s pretty hilarious how some are taking the opportunity to invent this whole other universe of what they want to believe is going on here, precious little victims that they want so badly to believe they are. Poor babies.

                  (Yes, yes, it’s mostly just one idiot. Anywho, let’s move on.)

        • stoetenwinks, this sure would be some biting criticism if what you think I think had the faintest relationship with reality. Sadly, you’re a failure in this regard, as well as many more in life, I’m sure.

          • sure thing champ
            canned bullshit insult response about life, failure…blah blah blah. translation, you have nothing.

            • No, I have the fact that trolling a baseball blog is something an epic fucking loser would do.

    • Not too sure what replacing Beeston would accomplish. Most FOs are full of shit anyway.

    • Beeston was never the problem

      • @ Bluejaysfan.

        Write out a list of credentials you want in a president for your ballclub.Beeston fits the bill.
        And for everyone who suggests he’s a dinosaur who doesn’t even have an email address,let alone understand the metrics used in today’s baseball world.That’s what AA’s forte is.
        When the front office and internal scouting staff were expanded most of them were under the age of 35 and very tech and sabermtrically savy.

        • Re: the last two sentences, not really, no. That’s become the reputation here, but this is a scout-heavy organization, and while being a scout isn’t mutually exclusive of being aware of new modes of thinking, from the people on the inside I’ve talked to, the idea that there is a lot of sabermetric or cutting edge stuff going on in the front office is just wrong. And it’s a problem. The fact that they backed away from defensive shifts when Butterfield left (and had been having him doing it manually previously) makes that pretty blindingly obvious, I think. They’ve since corrected it, but it shows, I think, that they’re behind the curve, not ahead of it.

          And the fact that the organization is headed by someone who clearly doesn’t value this stuff at all? Yeah, it’s a problem.

          • Your Butterfield example is a very good point.Like you said though,it’s since been corrected.I assume you mean with the hiring of the dude from Cleveland.
            I’ll take your word on the conversations with people on the inside.
            I’m just not sure whether Beeston is stats advanced or not is a problem.Those decisions and reccomendations are made farther down the food chain. I don’t expect him to know.Other people are paid to know.

    • Sure you’re frustrated from the current turbulent season and lack of meaningful baseball (for the last 20 years), but rant with fact rather than conjuncture! It does not take long to find references for your points…google is right at your finger tips!

  3. Maybe they fire Steve Buscemi?

    I don’t think that’d be very fair though

  4. Changes with some players is more likely to happen and Jose Reyes is a world class athlete and one of the best in the game but he is not a real good baseball player so I could see him moved in a deal because of the errors. I could see Dickey moved as homers don’t play well in the dome and a bigger home park would benefit him. I guess the question would be with salary relief from these two what could you get on market or in trade?

    • Lol not a very good baseball player, give your head a shake

      • Ok not a very smart baseball player ………….he is a great athlete and makes some great plays as a result but makes a lot of stupid mistakes and for that reason not a great baseball player.

    • You can get a hole at SS and an inexperienced starter in the opening day rotation next year

    • Reyes is a top lead off batter in baseball which certainly qualifies him as a good baseball player. Dickey is an above average starter making below market salary. Not a great idea to get rid of two of your best players if the intention is win.

    • Jose Reyes is not a good baseball player…mmmmmmkay? stupidest post of the year.

      • I’d dump Reyes in a heartbeat to get rid of his salary. No way I’m dumping Dickey though, 200 innings usually costs a lot more than what the Jays are paying.

  5. Cue the clown music…


  6. “Clown college? You can’t eat that!”

  7. Totally fine with this, if true. Anthopolous certainly hasn’t batted 1.000 with his transactions as GM, however, he certainly has built a foundation with which to grow. Plus, it’s a little unfair to criticize him when all of the other GM’s at the deadline that were willing to sell wanted controllable, MLB talent in return…or were named Reuben Amaro.

  8. re. the conversation ’round here, sometimes:

    “Same as it ever was / Same as it ever was / Same as it ever was…”


  9. Good.
    I like him.
    Happier with the team then when he wasn’t here.

    I’ll give him a few more years.

  10. Riccardi got 8 years
    AA has done 4 2/3 so far
    He should get at least 6

  11. Attendance is up. TV ratings are stronger than ever. Rogers is making money. Why would AA be fired?

    • Only was I see him being canned is if the jays have another awful 6 weeks down the stretch, end up with 75 wins or so and Bautista asks for a trade.

    • Attendance is down by 150k. The steepest decline in baseball.

      • that’s wrong. the Phillies have by far the worst drop in attendance this year vs 2013. they’ve lost a staggering half a million fans. and the Braves, Twins, and Rangers also have steeper drops than the Jays.

        true, Jays attendance is down in 2014 over 2013 but has been gradually getting closer to 2013′s numbers as the Jays continue to stay playoff relevant. i’d bet the Jays have a another strong run in them and 2014′s numbers get pretty close to 2013′s.

        and the point stands. in terms of attendance and TV ratings today vs 2009 (before AA took over), the Blue Jays are miles ahead of where they were.

  12. I still think it’s not a lock he’s back next year as the next 6 weeks could play a huge role into it. Does he make a waiver trade in the next 13 days? And does this year convince Rogers to spend this offseason with AA. If not and they want a rebuild aa won’t be around for that.

    I don’t think we would know anything for another month at least

  13. The ridiculous statements from later in the piece make it really hard to take the AA stuff seriously. I want them to keep him around, and I think they will, but I don’t really believe Simmons has any kind of insight into the situation.

    • Nothing from rosenthal makes me insecure

    • Simmons is giving his opinion….Bob Elliott and Richard Griffin have been saying that AA
      told other scouts or organizations that Rogers told him that no trades can be made….
      Rogers laid out 130 employees since November….They keep moving up the date that fans have to purchase flex packs….This year only 45% of 2013 ticket sales occurred….That is a loss of 400,000+ from the previous year. The moves that AA has made have not worked out….Dickey pitching in an open dome/Rogers deal with Cleveland/letting Sierra go for nothing have been disasters….AA is not qualified to be General Manager….Watch for huge big time drop off in attendance in September and throughout next year….

      • Letting Moises Sierra go for nothing was a huge disaster? WTF?

      • That part about the Sierra trade being a disaster was a joke right? I think being left with nothing but Gose 4-5 years after trading the best pitcher in baseball is a little bit closer to a disaster than letting Sierra not get on base for another team.

      • Whether attendance is up or down, the volume of irrational comments on this blog has never been greater than it has been in 2014. It’s been an absolute banner year for that.

  14. I really hope that Jose “Based Loaded No Outs DOUBLE PLAY” Bautista comes out and asked for a trade this winter.

    Anybody who says “We’re not good enough; We needed to get players at the trade deadline” isn’t a leader.

    A leader would say ” I like the guys who have gotten us this far. I believe in this TEAM!”

  15. AA has been the good corporate soldier.
    TV numbers are reportedly strong.
    In stadium attendance seems to have been pretty good.
    Lots of 20′s & 30′s at the park, drinking beer and buying merchandise.

    And as a bonus, (& with Rogers it IS a bonus)
    The team is chugging along above .500 in Aug.
    and still has (a bit of a long) shot a playoff spot.

    And as a further bonus, looks like some of the young
    draft picks are going to turn out ok….and this might let
    the team stay competitive without the need for more $.

    From the Rogers point of view, all is super well.
    Keep on truckin’ AA.

  16. I’m 100% confident that AA is going to take the Blue Jays to the World Series at least 10,024 times out of the next 10,027 years!!!

    Also, get ready fans! Next year the Blue Jays plan on unveiling an AA & a Paul Beeston statue outside of the Rogers Center next to the glorious giant gold turd statue of Ted Rogers!!!! Your Welcome! Go Jays!!!

  17. Rogers has no clue how to run a sport franchise….Corporations and sports do not work.
    Blue Jays are used as a cover by Rogers to sell their techno gadgets……TV ratings are good but that is because many older fans can t afford to go to games and others can t be bothered with the issues of the subways and road closers..

    One can t help but notice after the 7th inning, the number of fans who leave games….Many are not watching the games but yacking away to each other or playing with their 1 phones….

    • Pull the other one, Steve Manure, it’s got bells on.

    • Steve, seriously, older fans can’t afford tickets? This isn’t hockey. The tickets are relatively cheap.
      As for “fans” chatting, texting, and leaving early, that happens everywhere. Everywhere.

    • Those $14 tix sure are running me into the poor house.

  18. Seems like AA and Ricciardi have followed a similar career arc so far.

    Both started out with teams on a low budget, for various reasons–Ricciardi claimed he could win cheap, AA said he needed to rebuild.

    After a few years, both requested and received a major boost to payroll, bringing the team up to the middle tier of payroll in the league.

    The players both GMs acquired were enough to get them close, but not far enough, to the playoffs. (Time will tell if that remains true this season.)

    Then for Ricciardi, payroll was not permitted to rise any further, and the team was eventually blown up.

    Ricciardi chose to go down fighting in the media with a number of strange interviews, while leaving a barren farm. AA differs in that respect, so far–the farm is doing fairly well.

    • The farm has a few guys, but no, farm is generally empty.. AA fucked it up

      • Disagree. I’ll grant you there’s more pitchers than position players, but thats the way they’ve drafted. It is by no means empty.
        Moreover, I believe that AA drafted more pitchers with a view to trading the surplus for position players, and in so doing assuring a higher quality of position player once he arrives.

  19. AA probably sold his own case to Rogers based on process rather than immediate results. I assume some combination of proprietary metrics measured against dollars and contract control all sorted in an Excel spreadsheet. I mean how else can a GM deal with a corporate behemoth?

    The logo rebrand, Bautista, EE, lip service to a “commitment to winning”, and the Canadianosity of Lawrie are just bonuses to get bums in seats while the process gains momentum.

    I see AA will be around for a while.

    I’ve been thinking Rogers views their Jays as gravy. If they win, great. But why spend millions when injuries can throw a wrench into the season? How far do you trust scouting when prospects are essentially lottery tickets? Or when your opening day starter gets figured out by the league and can’t adjust, yet remains on the books. Rogers is probably looking at all this, plus seeing Boston go from the WS to last; and they’re clutching their purses tighter.

    That said, the core of the team is fun to watch. I think they have it in ‘em. In spite of the ownership. You can’t predict baseball, etc. Fuck! In AA’s heart he’s saying fuck Rogers too! I dunno!

  20. I see it in two ways. In a perfect world I want him fired because of the teams failure in a win now situation and his reactive approach to making decisions for this ball team. But in the grand scheme of things, I think he has his hands tied with “payroll parameters”, that he can’t add when he needs to and does not having the scouting to keep the farm system strong (this takes cash to do).

    The other way is who else is out there to do the job and want to come here to GM? No one! At least no one with any clout (they all have jobs)

    As for the argument of we have this young pitching coming up that looks good, OK, but we have only seen a small sample size of what they can do. Who is going to hit the ball going forward? I can tell you now things are not sitting well with the players on how this is playing out this season.

    This week could get very ugly for this team

    • I hope its not sitting well with the players, as they are the ones that can actually do something about it.

      • actually think the players played to their ability this year and did something about it. Ownership and the GM have a lot of explaining to do, but you will never get a straight answer

        • But seriously, theres games left…the players really can do something about it….future tense

          • we will see in Oct

            • No, we’ll see from now til the end of september

            • “….and does not having the scouting to keep the farm system strong (this takes cash to do).”

              When AA was hired his core idea was to rebuild the farm. To that end he hired (sorry don’t have an exact number) so many scouts that people were saying he had the most scouts in MLB. IMO his entire 5 years to this point has been as much about the farm as the MLB team. Not that he’s ignored the MLB team but to the extent that he didn’t want to trade any of his prime prospects this trade deadline (or in the offseason) he’s taken a lot of fire and showed some promising results (Stroman and Sanchez).
              He’s let a few scouts go, but have a look at the ones who are still left. ( I got to 50 and stopped counting):

              (middle of page)

              • @Karl, I see a lot of names on a page who could be a good judge of talent or not. These names mean nothing to me. I might be talking out of my ass and I am impressed with the young pitchers, but were are my stud bats from the minors? Are we developing any international players from Latin America? These are things to investigate I guess.

                • I’m just responding to your statement. The scouting staff looks pretty healthy to me.
                  ps Note the International category.

  21. I’m pretty sure if you look up the definition of garbage clown you will see a picture of Simmons.

  22. There has been an issue with the Jays’ inability to identify, acquire and develop position players since the Riccardi regime. There are some promising pitchers, no question. But decent position prospects have either flamed out or were used in trades to acquire MLB talent in trades.

    Pompey and AJ Jiminez might be the only prospects in the high levels of the Jays’ minor league system who have a shot.

    Baseball is hard though. And developing impact players is easier said than done. It’s not like the team has been run into the doldrums like the Leafs have through the years. What is Simmons’ view on that one wonders?

    I like that there is a good crop of young arms ready to form part of the core group of the rotation for years to come hopefully. And with Norris still to come, providing he can develop a decent change or something.

    AA has made some very shrewd moves and other moves didn’t pan out. Most if not all GM’s have seen some of their decisions crash and burn. Assuming AA is here for another 2 years? He would leave with a farm in much better shape than it was when he started. For.a GM trying to build a winner, with risky moves and a hazy relationship with ownership, that is easier said than done

  23. Though on the other hand this past year proved he’s incompetent at some things

    • He hamstrung the team within payroll restraints with those two trades that gutted the farm

      • Yep that plus the fact the team hasn’t won after that is the negative side of AAs record.
        Hamstrung the team is correct accessment not rogers is cheap.

  24. geez folks … it’s the AL east and we’re sitting with the Yankees and ahead of the Red Sox … both of them have proved that spending money does not necessarily buy winning endings … it’s WAY more complicated than the GC comments in here imply … and what is being missed the most is that THIS YEAR #thisisteam has been WAY more fun to watch and follow … they look at more pitches than almost all opponents, this will lead to good results … they have not panicked and thrown away the farm for this year … on and on … winning, in a simplistic binary sense, is one of the worst measures in baseball, yet the GC contingent argues as if that is the ONLY measure …

    • sure it’s more fun to win than to lose … the argument in here is whether a fan comes from the Heart and enjoys/endures the ride win or lose … OR … whether it is acceptable for the momentary disappointments to become the grounds for developing Divorce narratives every other nanosecond like the GC gang … lots of us disagree with AS about things like chemistry and momentum that can’t be quantified, but we don’t fight about it … both views can cheer for the same team

    • Winning is definitely not the worst measure in baseball by any stretch of the imagination. You ridicule those that consider it the only measure while at the same time saying it is the worst measure which is more ridiculous. It is one very meaningful measure along with others

  25. http://ow.ly/Ar6AU
    Tl dr
    Beeston may leave after this year

    • I don’t blame him. The guy said that if the team is there, which they were a week ago, then ownership will step forward. Ownership made him look bad. I also heard Beeston does not like the new Commissioner

  26. I would love to see Beeston leave and then come clean about Rogers fucking them over.

  27. If AA is back and he has some money to spend,
    signing Rusney Castillo and extending Melky would be a good start.

    • I would be very happy with those moves (for the right price of course).
      Can we get Scherzer too though? :)

      • Scherzer would be a STATEMENT, yes? One of the few I would even want. I really wanted Fister to go with our announcers, but got over it without turning into a GC.

      • Somebody will give Scherzer about 7yr and $180m
        But it won’t be the Blue Jays.

        A trade for Jon Niese might not be too far fetched
        or the worst idea ever.

  28. Well it’s time to get my resume up to date and apply to Rogers for the president position. I’ll still make sure to visit DJF and get everyone’s advice on trades and which free agents to sign.

  29. stoetenwinks is a moron

    • agreed but moroff lesson

      • It’s early days, but we have to have some standards for GC and stoetenwinks fails to make the criteria and ends up being Troll … ya just can’t run into the room screaming and get to be a GC; after all we have the standards of RobA and adfg (A Damn Fine Gal) to live up to, no?

  30. I hope the reports are correct, and that AA does return. For the most part, I think he’s been excellent.

  31. Maybe it’s just me, but I think calling people Garbage Clowns that disagree with the majority here is reductive.

    This place can get a bit echo chamber-y at times and it’s good to have some people here that have a different POV.

    Fuck the trolls, however. Although I do enjoy me some “It’s All Over” and OriLOLs on occasion, I have to admit…

    • That’s not exactly why people are getting called garbage clowns, though, of course.

      As I explained: http://blogs.thescore.com/djf/2014/08/13/on-garbage-clowns-and-the-conversation/

      • The term is used rather loosely by some in this comment space.

        Also, you can’t really blame some people for getting pissy and whiny when their teams lose. That’s kinda the point, no? (along with the highs of winning, something that’s happening a little less frequently these days.)

    • I think there’s a big difference between disagreeing with the majority but doing so rationally and screaming like a slobbering lunatic/acting like a self-entitled fuckwad…. and that’s really the issue here.
      RADAR is probably a good example. He often disagrees (and is, like, super wrong sometimes), but rarely ventures into Garbage Clown territory.

      • Because I back up most things with a logical counterpoint.
        You can disagree or agree becuase there’s more than one way to look at an issue, a different angle or perspective.
        That’s why I’m precieved as “super wrong sometimes”, In some cases it’s an unwillingness to see the other side and compromise that the other person may have a valid argument.

        But back to baseball.

        • poem like radar

        • That’s why you were my example. You always at least have a reason for your views. Whereas ‘Garbage Clowns’ are just spiteful babies.

          • @ IMW

            Yeah,love talkin baseball.Don’t let anyone know but I’ve actually changed my position on some issues based upon the counterpoints made.
            Shit maybe tomorrow I’ll be perfect.But until then I’ll have to live with my flaws.
            I’m so ashamed, I’m just trying to get the perfection level of the other commenters here.

  32. I’m a die hard baseball fan, Jays #1 and Tigers a close #1b and I have to say as frustrated as I am with the season’s progression I won’t stop cheering on the Jays. If you don’t want to cheer them on, then fuck the fuck off. We don’t need you. Ya, their blowing it. Ya, their pissing me off. But I will show up and cheer and hope that somehow they find a way to string enough wins together to limp into the playoffs. And if they don’t I will still support my team. For all you little fuck wads that don’t, get lost.

  33. i think all the talk about ‘garbage clowns’ just breeds more ‘garbage clowns’
    they are multiplying at an alarming rate around here. manifesting themselves…

  34. One piece of good news when it comes to the offseason is the Yankees are a bit hamstrung as it relates to the cap (let alone the upper tiers of the luxury tax). This thanks to a few more years of one Rodriguez, Alex.

    They may not have such free-spending ways this offseason.

    • I generally agree however note that That is exactly what was said last offseason

      • That payroll is pretty stacked for 2015 at $188M right now. That’s without any changes or additions being made (besides ARod, who makes up $27M of that).

        My understanding is unless they end this year under $189M, their luxury tax rate next year will be 50%. Ouch.

  35. Anybody read BAs report on Norris’ 13 K start? Three fly balls and a caught stealing. First baseman never touched a ball while he was pitching.

    • Yes he is tearing it up and seems primed to help the Jays this year. Do September call ups have to go on 40 man roster?

      Graveman has been lighting it up too. He must have a devastating sinker

  36. In an ideal world I would like to see EE, Joey Bats, Reyes, Melky, beuherle and Dickey traded off after the season. Ship them off for a nice haul 5-6 of younger bats that will reshape our offence. We’re looking at a couple years (maybe three) away from our young pitchers really developing into where they need to be. At that point, JB and EE have much less value.

    I’d be more than happy to trade all those guys for a core roster of talented 25 year olds. (ala Raptors). Then we’d potentially be looking at 8-10 year window of playoff contention. Plugging the odd hole here and there.

    I’m not being a party pooper about this, but we’re done this year. I’ve accepted it. If we’re only good enough to fight for a one and one playoff chance, we’re not good enough to win a WS. And no, I wouldn’t want to trade all our prospects for a chance at just one shot. I’d rather have 8-10 shots.

    • My gut reaction was to just dismiss you but instead I’ll make a few counter points for you to consider;
      - The return you’d get for EE and JB, although significant would likely not be enough to make you happy. They are awesome and their contracts are solid, but teams don’t just trade away young stars very often. Especially not for guys who are a few years into their 30s.
      - Melky is a FA. You can’t trade him
      - The return for Reyes and Buerhle would be inconsequential due to their contracts.
      - The return on Dickey wouldn’t be much either. A lottery ticket prospect or a backend starter.

      Taking the approach you propose would enrage a huge number of fans. Even more fans would become enraged when the team is terrible for a couple of years (you know this is true. It’s Toronto after all)

      • I agree on all points. Reyes, Buehrle and Dickey simply have more value to the Jays than they would in a trade. In any trade scenario, they would be almost exclusively salary dumps with no return of consequence. For all the ridiculous bitching people do about him, let’s keep in mind Jose Reyes is currently at 2.9 fWAR this year, which puts him behind only Tulowitzki and Peralta for third among Major League shortstops. He’s an awesome player.

        • He really is.

          • I just checked his bWAR because I assumed they would disagree on his defense, and they have him at 3.0 bWAR. He was solid for the first part of the season, but he’s been playing out of his mind for two months now: a 134 wRC+ wince June 24. Shortstops just don’t do that.

            Have the Jays ever had a player as under-appreciated as Reyes?

      • here is another thing about Reyes … he is ENTERTAINING … financially his cost is probably met or exceeded just in tickets, merch and beverages (due to excitement/depression) …

      • @imw

        I don’t agree that trading them will help.

    • Try to resign Melky and Jansen and give it another shot next year Id say.

      Then if not in a playoff spot comfortably at deadline trade them. Problem there is they are bound to be close at deadline regardless so would take real balls to trade off everyone when in contention so seems like fantasy.

      Assuming similar performance and no big injuries Reyes Buehrle and Dickey will all be valuable and bring back good returns next July. EE and Bautusta would bring in very big returns at deadline. Lind Cabrera Jansen and Navarro could be valuable pieces for a contender.

      I agree with the young pitching a fire sale retiring close to MLB talent in mostly position players could set the Jays up big time for sustained success. Assuming they don’t win this year nor next Jays could go young then compliment young improving core with expensive FA before 2016

  37. I keep saying it, it’s only Year 2 of Rogers behaving like they’re real owners.

    AA has enough evidence of competence that it’s fair to label him an above average GM. If you act patient with him, and allow him to command a top-10 MLB payroll for a certain amount of time, he will end the playoff drought.

    If they open up a revolving door of JPR types, or revert to the miserly ways of old, then I’ll probably just stop watching again. But as long as they behave like a real team, people need to be patient and behave like real fans, too.

  38. Listen to Sid right now people, he is going off on the Jays

    • I’m not listening so I obviously have no idea what he’s saying… but I bet it’s something stupid!

    • I heard the rant.
      Was screaming at the radio countering all his bullshit ( it’s what us old guys do).
      His speculation doesn’t stand up under scrutiny.
      It really reminds me of a radio equivalent of a troll.
      Looking to stir up the pot,get a reaction, hopefully more listeners.
      Just enough facts to divert away from the real truth.

    • He’s the reason I’m skipping Pitch Talks this week

    • I will not listen to Sid because he’s stupid.

  39. In Daniel Norris’s first two starts in AAA, he has 17.74 K/9 and 0.77 BB/9, good for a 23.00 K/BB, an ERA of 0.77 and a FIP of -0.34. Yes, that’s NEGATIVE 0.34.

  40. It’s annual clean-up time … the clowns who are unfunny have piled up … time to put in garbage

  41. I’m feeling much less drunk, and much more level headed today. Sorry to those that had to read my blathering yesterday before Stoeten rightfully silenced me.

    That being said, I’m still not sure about AA. As a front office guy he is probably exactly what Beeston wants. Beeston himself is a dedicated ball man, and you’ll have a tough time finding someone to better manage the Toronto Blue Jays as an entire entity. I really hated the Dickey trade — from day one — and I feel he jumped the gun just a little bit, perhaps tried to rush the path to success a little. Can we imagine a rotation in the coming years with Syndergaard, Stroman, Sanchez, Norris, and then whomever, maybe Nolin if he develops further? I just came a little in my pants. The loss of D’Arnaud I don’t feel is as hurtful, as I see him being an oft-injured fellow at a tough position.

    For me, AA deserves the chance to continue the development of this organization into a winner, but I am really going to to be watching closely to see how he handles Melky and Colby. Melky is a no-brainer to me — he has proven himself and should be paid. Colby….well that is also a no-brainer to me: he walks. Let someone else pay him. He has too much baggage, too much interference from his family, and he doesn’t seem to be capable of change. We need more production out of a CF than what he has given us.

    • To be clear, I’m talking about AA with the Dickey deal it seems unclear. Head is still recovering.

    • @moseby


      keeping Melky is a key offseason move.

    • Gun was jumped with the Marlins trade and the Dickey one made sense because of that.

      Your hypothetical rotation could include Alvarez as the number one. Jays would be looking really good right now if they had decided against those deals and to trade vets at deadline last year for young position players (Escobar Lind Jansen Morrow Rasmus Happ Davis Oliver) and build around that young core keeping EE and Bautista in the middle of the order.

      Alvarez Hutch Stroman Sanchez Norris Nolin
      Cecil Loup Jenkins Redmond Drabek Nichilino

      Darnaud Gomes EE Hecavaria Lawrie Goins Bautista Gose Marisnick Pillar

      Plus whatever cheap controllable players returned from deadline deals. Add in hopefully trading for some value whatever vets were signed on short term deals to fill out 2013 roster too.

      For all of what 50M tops?? 58 with Romeros salary?

      80M in free agents this offseason added to that group sure looks like a winner

      • Yeah you sum if up pretty nicely. I forgot about Alvarez, and Hechevarria is going to be a solid SS. He hits light, but his defense is worth it at that position.

        Good old hindsight.

        • Hechavarria has shown nothing to suggest he’ll be much of a player in the majors. His defense rates as a negative by both DRS and UZR (over 2400 innings at SS) and his hitting hasn’t been pretty (81 wRC+ despite a .326 BABIP).

          He’s 25, so he can certainly still figure some things out, but so far he’s been pretty miserable.

          • Yeah it’s true they be better off financially but having 2 easy outs (goins/Hech) in the everyday lineup is tough to swallow.
            Other than 2nd/short that roster is good and cheap

            • Point is they could have the same payroll by signing FA to plug whatever holes. Sign or trade low minors guys for 2inf have Hecavaria bench and goins in minors and ditto for OF

      • Oh good old hindsight, things certainly look better in the back mirror don’t they

        • Hindsight is 20/20 true.

          But it’s not like this suggests radical moves. Just suggests staying the course and keeping what was being developed already. If the course was stayed maybe Rasmus would have been extended early and Gomes could still have been traded for Rogers with some of the vets not traded as well

  42. I see we’re all addressing the news about Anthopoulos staying, and disregarding the news about Melky wanting to resign.

    I don’t want to get all racist here, but it makes sense given the reports of the Latino clubhouse, that Melky would want to stay in Toronto, despite the ups and downs of this season. You want your good players to want to stay here as opposed to leave, and if a positive clubhouse environment helps that, then great. It’s hard enough to get any one player to choose your city as a free agent; here we have someone who is 25th in MLB in wRC+ who wants to re-sign. Sign Melky!

    • I think we’re all agreed to re-sign Melky. And yeah, it’s great to be around people you feel comfortable with, but MONEY, by far, talks.
      That’s it,

      • One thing about statements like Melky’s is that they ALWAYS say they want to stay. In fact I believe him. But as I’ve said a few times, this will be his big payday and he’s going to want to go for the $$ big time. So don’t be surprised if even the Yankees are in on him.

  43. Zaun making a lot of sense on T&S.

    • Sometimes even explosive diarrhea lands in the bowl, doesn’t mean i have to like it.
      I kid. What’s he talking about today?

    • he’s kinda been on the Jays sympathy train lately, but i feel like it’s just leading up to one obnoxious “i told you so” at the end of the season if the Jays can’t turn it around. He didn’t think they were very good from the beginning.

  44. The callers on Prime Time are crazy….(Billy from Markham)

    • Listening to PTS when they talk baseball is about the worst thing you can do with your time. Note to Elliotte Friedman: Next time you want to talk about baseball, just don’t.

  45. Wendel Clark ruined the Toronto fan base. Its like if you don’t play like Clark you are nothing

  46. Seems weird they play a day game on Wednsday unless Milwaukee has to to fly somewhere for Thursday

  47. Jays claim Matt Hague off waivers from the Pirates.

    28 years old 1b, hit .292/.367 in the minors, most time spent in the Eastern League so those aren’t JPA inflated #’s

    Has barely seen any playing time but in 14 games, small sample, but has hit close to .300 off lefties

    Arb eligible 2017, could be in the running for platoon 1b/DH next year if he does well in spring training – I dont see Lind coming back next year

    • Depth

    • I doubt they will trade Lind he bats in the middle of the order for good reason. Well worth the 6.5M it costs next year and they have him 2016 too. Lind EE Bautista Reyes Lawrie are the core of the position players all around till at least 2016 unless they blow it up

      • forgot Lind had 2 option years . . . thought he was same as Happ, only one

        yea its tough . . . I’m not fond of paying DH’s a bunch of money unless they can play in the field and Lind plays a mediocre 1b . . . you’re really just paying that 7 or 8 mil for a platoon bat

        depends how cash strapped the Jays will be . . . in an ideal world I’d keep him of course

  48. People act as if they have, somehow, been betrayed. AA would have LOVED to be able to add to the team but the word add is now very complex. Did Billy Beane add to Oakland? If so, it looks like it is failing. Did DD add to Detroit? Results are not promising so far, even though the players obtained are playing as advertised. Maybe because pitchers only have an effect every 5 – 6 days and everyday players were traded away. Did Boston get worse from trading away a bunch of relatively good players? Results are contrary. Most teams in MLB are pretty close to 500 results and the difference is more luck than sense. Oakland is at the furition of a 20 year project which on paper should be a slam dunk but still could fail. The Dodgers have spent tons of money and it also looks good on paper. Parade route on hold.

    Hutch had what the sports writers call a bad game. Was it? He got squeezed a bit in the 1st inning, did not adapt quick enough … a slam has to be a shock to the best hurler; BUT he then pitched a gem of a game. What more can you ask from a 23 yr old? But people have sold his stock down lately and especially the last 24 … in the comments above he is left out in favour of guys who have yet to throw an MLB pitch but he could end up being the ace.

    With this much uncertainty how do people get themselves so angry when it appears to be less than they would like? Is this a character flaw in the fans? The players dare not react in this manner or they would be less than useless. Note the blank stare from most managers in the indeterminate part of the games. They HAVE to Just Watch; what they’re paid for. Notice how little the managers people think are really good – Maddon and Showalter for example actually Do during a game. I would argue that by not doing too much they improve the chances of their teams. As fans, if we could learn to “not do” the same it might help. This insane out-of-proportion reacting cannot possibly help anything/one and especially not #Thisisteam.

    • Ummm, well yeah Billy Beane added two top 3 starting pitchers…so there’s that. They are the best team in the majors too….

      • I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the Angels are better.

      • of course it’s too soon to tell, but BB might have jumped the Shark (don’t pardon the pun) giving his best prospect … and maybe giving his key bat. They’re no longer averaging 5 runs per game and that “key” has jump started Red Sox offense. Give him props for going “all in” but it may have been a couple of moves more than necessary. They WERE the best team in baseball, in 10 weeks time we will see how it goes. My point, though, is that this is not a jigsaw puzzle like someone above has hindsighted where we might be without the 2012 trades … I would have rather have played it out with what we had at that time, but have not said a word until now and am not holding a grudge about it either. Most people loved it at the time. Looked great on paper and a lot of paper pundits agreed. Way back in the good ol’ days our GM was not all that affectionately known as “Stand Pat” until he wasn’t and a lot of us were freaked completely about that BIG TRADE … it could have gone either way. I hope we stay with the slow, steady build from here; if Rogers wants to up the ante and buy a Scherzer, of course … there are just not too many buys that have a chance of working long term.

        • I think the big problem has been media management and I refer to Paul’s 5 year prediction/plan specifically.

          • We’re coasting to the end of year three on that plan now, right? When Norris, Sanchez and Stro each win 30 games next year with sub-2 eras, the Beest will have the last laugh.

          • Totally agree .. teams need to think of themselves as Entertainment businesses … create their own narratives and learn how to manage/shift re-invent when the outcomes slip … include players. They are paid like other media stars and could be asked to help deliver the team’s message. There is probably some of all of this already, but it seems awkward and ad hoc.

  49. stroman, sanchez, norris, hutchinson, osuna, castro, tirado and hoffman. syndergaard and d’arnaud should have been around to add to that list but…water under the bridge. i think that osuna and tirado will surprise. they just need to maintain some semblance of an offence over the next couple of seasons and this could be a truly exciting team.

  50. Man, everybody seemed to have been on this thread pretty early this morning. Long Sunday night/slow Monday morning?

  51. From BA

    International League • AAA

    Daniel Norris (Photo by Cliff Welch).Daniel Norris, lhp, Buffalo (Blue Jays): How do you follow up an 11-strikeout performance in your Triple-A debut? If you’re Daniel Norris, you whiff 13 your next time out. After a surprising and stunning opening act with the Bisons, Norris fanned 13 Lehigh Valley IronPigs in his second start. If you’re counting, that means 13 of the 17 outs he recorded on Friday were via strikeout. His defense must have been very bored. In fact, while Norris was in the game, just three defenders touched the ball: Right fielder Cole Gillespie, center fielder Kevin Pillar and second baseman Ryan Goins (on a caught stealing). The only time the first baseman touched the ball was to complete a strikeout.

  52. The fact of the matter, and the reason everyone cares so much right now, is that this Blue Jays team is close–real close. Anthopoulous deserves a lot of credit for that.

    He’s had a few misfires and misread the market on a few fronts, but he’s made a lot of savvy moves and had a few sneaky pickups as well. Add to that the fact our farm system seems to trending way upward a year and a half after he supposedly “gutted it,” and it’s hard to argue with keeping him. He’s a smart guy and he’s done a lot of good things–I’d bet that if he gets let go now, we’re all arguing in ten years that it was one of the franchise’s great losses, because he’ll have gone somewhere else and succeeded.

    • @guitar,

      We have to wait & see how the prospects fare after 1 full season. A few years ago, Morrow, Romero & JPA looked good as well. Cecil was a starter who won 15 games.

  53. I Just Shit Myself!

  54. I hate to say, “let’s build toward 2016-17, but honestly, that’s exactly what’s going to happen, and that’s exactly what we should do. Not because I hate the job AA has done. Nothing to do with him. We took our shot at the big trade for Dickey, Beurhle, etc, and it just didn’t work out. I would hate to see this team hold onto 2 more years of JB and EE just to take two more shots at it.

    It’s time to cut bait on JB, EE, Lind, Reyes, etc. It’s time to stop building around JB and the offense and refocus on building around the young arms. And that’s not because I think JB is shitty, it’s precisely because he’s awesome. Same with EE. They should be moved now and we should focus on getting young promising bats that match the same development stage as Stroman, Hutch and Sanchez.

    Both will net a top 25 hitting prospect. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t pay attention to the prices these type of players fetch for teams with real playoff hopes. Reyes will fetch a top 50 type talent as well.

    Are we really going to hold onto this aging talent for an outside shot at maybe 2 more chances. We’re a mediocre team. Let’s be honest. We’re more than one player away from a legit WS shot. And to get the talent we’ll need that will mean moving our young prospects. Why do that? Why when we could build a great core that would stretch 8-10 years.

    Marcus Stroman looks like a great young pitcher. But to place bets on the fact he doesn’t experience a couple shaky years before he really gets it, is making a poor bet. Same with Sanchez, same with Hutchinson – not to mention the nice young arms on the farm who are still 3-4 years away. Those arms we’re so excited about are 2-3-4 years away from being really solid, dependable arms. Well 3-4 years down the road isn’t happening for JB or EE, or Adam, or Reyes, or Melky.

    I would hate to see a mini rebuild right now, but it’s the direction we should go. And anyone crying about how difficult that would be to go through isn’t looking at the bigger potential of this team. And holding on to that type of thinking we have now is exactly what will keep us in mediocrity.

    I don’t want 1-2 shots at a one and done playoff spot. I want 8-10 shots in a row.

    • You hear this kind of stuff a lot. It’s kind of insane.

      • I’m not a doom and gloom guy. I’m not creating this idea on the fact I think everyone is garbage. I think it’s the smartest thing to do. I would like to hear why you believe it’s insane to think like this.

        • I would disagree with your plan because it basically gets rid of every good player on the team, in the hopes that down the road some ‘prospects’ will provide similar production. Unless a situation is obvious (ie whole team of old men unlikely to re-sign) for a rebuilt, I would rather try and continue to improve the team we have by adding to (not replacing) the talent we have.

          Rebuilds also have a lot of tangential effects when it comes to free agents, fan interest, player morale, and the team might still suck or be just as mediocre as it was in the first place, except you wasted a few years.

          IMO the risk-reward is not worth it. This jays team was achingly close to the playoffs, and who knows maybe they can make a run of it. Just let AA do his thing and add to the team.

          • Can we please stop pretending the Jays were achingly close to the playoffs this year. Did you ever hear the saying that cream rises to the top?

            The jays were in first place, then the cream rose to the top. They are not achingly close to the playoffs in any sense of the word. Please. Please, let’s start being honest with ourselves.

            Again. I strongly want to emphasize I’m not a downer. I’m a realist. It’s not working. Are they 3-4 pieces away from it working? Sure, but so are half of the other teams in MLB.

            • Well I’d rather support a team fighting and struggling to make the playoffs, than endure X many years MORE of guaranteed suckitude for a team based around Stroman, Hutch and Sanchez (all basically unproven) and a array of mystery prospects that may or may not be any good.

              If the team goes the route of drastic rebuild and the Miami-style fire sale you advocate I would expect attendance and team interest to plummet. Say hello to a bottom 5 payroll, and good luck getting the new guy running things over at Rogers to boost it up. Also getting FA’s or a player to waive a no trade to a crappy team playing in front of an empty stadium with a 25+ year playoff drought might be problematic.

          • I’m for trading JB and EE. Just not for top 25 prospects. You give me you 3 best prospects for each one though and I’ll think about it (you have to take Romero though)

      • Do you not see how such a move could translate into a more consistent playoff run? Of greater length then just 1-3 years? And if you could possibly see how it might happen, wouldn’t you prefer that over taking two more shots with this team, and then have assets that no longer hold the value they once had?

        • The American League East does not allow teams like the Jays, Orioles and Rays to build for 8 years in a row. You are up against the Yankees and Red Sox and those teams will out buy you out 9 times out of 10. If you have a chance to win a division when those two teams are weak, you go all in. At this point I would love a playoff series every five years.. 20 years is killing me

    • Godzilla, I hate to break it to you, but if they follow your line of thinking no one would go to the ballpark. The fans are already pissed at this as it is

      • Here’s something I hope never to hear from my teams GM – “Hey, before we do this trade, let’s check what the fans think.”

        Who gives a shit what the fans think (me being a fan). Management doesn’t. Winning puts bums in the seats. Yes, the fans would cry for a year or two, but winning would bring them all back again. Don’t forget that. It’s all about winning and nothing else.

  55. That’s insanity. Bautista will put up 3-4 WAR per year for the next several years easily. He can play RF, 1b and probably 3b if he was given enough time to physically prepare for that role. He has now shown that since his breakout year he’s capable of hitting 40 plus HR’s twice and hitting for close to .300 twice. Even as he declines, Bau will produce.

    Theres no way they need to cut bait on Bau, but he doesnt have to put up 7 WAR for the team to compete. It’s clear the Jays could be on the cusp of a windfall in pitching. They can have a more defensive minded and pitching focused club with declining offense and still win piles of games, maybe more than they ever did in their more offensive years.

    • Insane? When you consider the timeline the pitching is on, how in the world could you consider that insane? Bautista is 34 next year. If the pitchers are 3 years away, now when they are ready to pound, you have a 37 year old Bautista??

      Or you could trade him now for a 22 year old potential all star. Sorry, but I’ll take the potential all-star (under these conditions) every time. Bautista has played exactly 3 full seasons in his career. You think that will improve has he gets older?

      Move him now while his value remains high.

  56. So jays get beat 2/3 in Chicago and didn’t have to face Sale.

    Orioles roll into town, having to face him , and what do they do? Complain about being tired and the bad luck of having to face this guy the jays luckily avoided ?

    Nope . They just keep winning

    That’s what good teams do

    Without machado ..without weiters

    Meanwhile the jays have 49 excuses handy for losing to scrubs

    Oh .. And Norris is dominating again

    What did they give up for him relative to what the jays gave up for dickey ?

    • @roba

      The orioles are a good team. No excuses necessary

    • They need to call up Norris if he dominates again in Buffalo

    • Yeah, what kind of pathetic team goes up against a mediocre AL Central team in August and loses two of three? Not a Winning Team, that’s for sure!

    • Enough of this bullshit already. You are pissed off at the the Jays. I get it. Holy fuck it makes me wonder if you are a fucking stalker. A bit obsessive don’t you think?

  57. http://www.si.com/mlb/2014/08/18/athletics-tigers-trades-yoenis-cespedes-austin-jackson

    Man, how dare AA stand pat at the trade deadline. Just look at those Tigers and those A’s. Those were teams that went for it! They showed their fanbases respect by declaring they were “all in” for this year. Ever since the trade deadline the Tigers have gone 8-9 and the A’s have gone 7-10. Just think of where the Jays would be if they had out-bid those two teams for a starter!

    • And the Jays have gone 4-11

      Those records still make a valid point that miracle trades aren’t handed out outside the stadium.

      Lester and Price were in division… They just didn’t make enough sense. They could’ve dealt for those guys and still end up fucked in the end, then you’re down a couple good young controllable players for years.

      I read a lot of bitching about the Dickey and Marlins trades, yay for going for it, eh?

  58. Fuck the orioles!

  59. I used to think the Orioles would endure a slide sometime in late August/early September based on having essentially no rest days.

    Now I’m not so sure.

    • You gotta give it to the Orioles. They’ve succeeded and played great ball while the Jays fell apart. Looking at the rosters I would have said the Jays were the better club before the season, but you can’t deny the results.

  60. O’s taking care of business unlike the Jays. They’ve been here before and they’re showing it. Shouldnt take long until the Rays take over the jays too. Amazing since they were 18 games under at one point, but they’ve built a winning culture for the last 6 seasons so they know whats it takes.

  61. But we have Kawasaki , Tolleson , reimold , and Valencia .. We are solid … Solid

    Not to mention great 220 hitter in cf who some feel we should QO

  62. Anyone remember

  63. Anyone remember that orioles troll who predicted we’d fall 10 games back when we had a 6 game lead? At the time we were 86% chance of making the playoffs and thought how stupid a prediction that was. Unbelievable

  64. Whatever happened to morrow ?

    I remember he had that throwing session like a month ago and everything went well

    After that .. Crickets

  65. Kratz with two dingers tonight??!!!!

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