Yep. Reaaaaally going to want to start winning some of these games here. A nice little hot stretch starting right now would do wonders for how exciting things could get in September — and it still might not even matter, given the way that some of the teams around them have played of late.

There should be zero belief in anybody’s mind that on talent the Jays truly are, as Megan Robinson notes, the MLB-worst 4-11 team, outscored 81-46, that they’ve been so far in August. But that doesn’t mean they’re due for a good stretch and to find some equilibrium, either.

It might happen, and they sure could use it happening, but most likely they’ll play out the string as the just-above-.500 team that they’ve been all year. Yet that still could keep things exciting: playing merely at the .512 clip they’ve played this year for the final 37 games would give the Jays 19 more wins — they’d finish at 83-79. Not great, but they’d need only to turn a few extra losses into wins to get themselves real close to legitimately being in the conversation.

In other words, not only is someone saying now that it’s over a garbage clown, they’re also simply wrong.


The NL is dumb, so Adam Lind sits tonight, while Juan Francisco is in at third.

A sign that the Jays maybe aren’t full-on desperate-desperate? No Encarnacion or Bautista at third. It’s got to be a temptation, but I completely understand not doing it — and I suspect there are as many aghast that Francisco is playing as there would be at the thought of risking either of those two out of position, which ought to be telling.

Just spitballin’ here, but this series could be Juan Francisco’s last hurrah. I doubt it — they’re so close now to when rosters expand — but Ryan Goins will be eligible to return on the weekend, and you might want to go defence-first with the roster spot. They should probably at least consider it, though Danny Valencia against RHP may be the least bad of all worlds anyway.

Giving JuanFran a chance against the team that released him this spring might just be the spark that gets him going again, thought someone somewhere. Probably.

Today in #GibbyTheBest, Brendan Kennedy tweets that John Gibbons said that Melky Cabrera took it upon himself to bunt in the first inning of Sunday’s loss, adding, “Sometimes when you play for one run, that’s all you get. We might’ve scored those five or six.” (No, he’s not blaming Melky for the loss.)

In case you missed it, those of you in Toronto are all invited to come for a little DJF drink-up tonight at Opera Bob’s — 1112 Dundas St. W (@ Ossington) — as we watch the Jays and Brewers clash in Milwaukee in an 8:10 PM start. And if you follow @OperaBob‘s on Twitter, you already know that there will be ballpark dogs, nachos (or, if you prefer — and I do — ‘chos), as well as $5 pints. Nails much?

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 2:10 PM ET @ Milwaukee

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
LHP J.A. Happ (L)

Milwaukee Brewers

CF Carlos Gomez (R)
1B Jonathan Lucroy (R)
RF Ryan Braun (R)
3B Aramis Ramirez (R)
LF Khris Davis (R)
2B Rickie Weeks (R)
C Martin Maldanado (R)
SS Jean Segura (R)
RHP Mike Fiers (R)


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  1. Not bad

    • Long time reader small time poster but was commenting on other thread – so I thought its time to rant in my garbage clown voice
      Reports say Tampa bay wanted hutch and stroman for 1.5 years of price – are you telling me aa could not offer Tampa hutch goins ( a defensive wizard on turf – controllable for years
      200 hitter but fills zobrist hole at short – Kevin pillar right bat to go with whatever lefty of they throwing out there -contrable for years – and k ows how to play on turf
      I understand quantity does not equal quantity but as could have made a deal

      • Goins hasnt been any good in AAA or MLB, and Pillar has been great in the minors and look completely lost at MLB. Put 3 Ryan Goins together and you may equal Zobrist

        • Zobrist is gone next year but after posting I looked up their outfield pillars not a fit but we coulda found something in the minors

          • That’s the newest rumor.
            Wilner is ademant that Tampa’s ask was Stroman,Sanchez AND Lawrie.
            As bad as SP is this month. The Jays need offence..

  2. Looked not too shabby

  3. Haha fuck you yankees

  4. To afdg
    And to add to your point who has the money to buy the team off Rogers.
    Here’s a couple of reasons why that’s not happening
    1. A buyer has to make Rogers a profit in the sale.
    2. No one can do it packers style (owned by the public)
    3. The only other person/company that could afford it would be bell and they’d be similar to rogers in terms of budget constrains

    • Damn those regulations that gives Rogers and Bell a captive market. It totally destroys their ability to turn a profit.

    • Anyone of the charter 1 banks could buy the Jays quite easily.

    • Jim bassille and move them to hamilton

      • Frank stronac and belinda

        • Bronffman family McCain frenchfry people and many others – Christ Conrad black would do a better job than rogers

          • McCain is crazy and Black is a crook, no thanks

            • The Jays won’t be sold.
              1. They were for sale from ’95 onward Nobody had the interest or money.
              2. The lowest valuation I.ve seen 350 million –highest over 700 Million.
              3. The RSN rights on the open market would be over 100 Million per year maybe as high as 175 per year. And that’s with Bell and Rogers bidding. What do you think TSN would pay for a major Canadian sports property after getting shutout on Hockey?

              What would Rogers do to prevent that bidding war?
              Answer — Don’t sell the team.

            • Black is a crook but if you want an arrogant egomaniac ( Ballard – Steinbrenner illitch ) aparantly that works – just don’t know if after all thelawsuits if he has any funds left

              • Ballard was the cheapest of cheap,doesn’t work. So many examples to list ( ask Gord Stellick).
                But you make a valid point about egomaniac billioniares wanting stroke themselves with a championship ( Cuban comes to mind also)

  5. Jesus. What a fucking pathetic stretch of ball. Zero offence. No homeruns. Just ugh.

  6. some numbers on the current season relative to the AL:

    - Jays’ starters currently rank 9th in ERA, 11th in FIP, and 12th in xFIP
    - Jays’ relievers rank 12th in ERA, 12th in FIP, and 14th xFIP
    - Jays rank 8th in UZR/150 and 10 in DRS
    - Jays’ hitters rank 1st in wOBA and 2nd in wRC+

    • I’m sensing a pattern…

    • Aren’t the Jays’ UZR and DRS in minus territory?

      • they are indeed. and i really think that is where this team could improve the most in the offseason.

        pitching-wise i feel ok about them. a couple rotation stalwarts in Buerhle and Dickey, a decent back-end arm in Happ, and some nice young arms in Stroman and Hutch, who will hopefully be able to overcome some of the fatigue/consistency issues they are facing down the stretch this year. not only that but there is legitimately talented depth behind them. the bullpen should also be fine next year as it absorbs some of the starting depth and guys like Santos and Delabar hopefully make it back to the big club.

        Installing Gose as the primary CF would go a long way to helping this team’s run prevention, and given Rasmus’ abysmal season at the plate, the drop off in offense wouldn’t even be that large especially factoring in the substantial baserunning value Gose brings. they need a similar plus defender at 2B next year, and one that can at least hold their own at the plate.

  7. Absolutely fucking pathetic. Period.

  8. Two kids, Two aging but still effective pitchers, and a consistent #4 arm in Happ. I guess it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that when they pitch to the ‘lower’ end of their abilities things can head south quickly. When the offense is blasting away or they are pitching at the ‘upper’ end of their ability the team can be good to great, but the team certainly seems to perform at the low end of the spectrum more often than not…

    Obviously injuries and lack of depth is another big contributing factor.

    Gonna quote this because its disgusting.

    ERA in august

    Dickey: 4.26
    Hutchison: 5.91
    Buehrle: 6.39
    Stroman: 8.53
    Happ: 4.11

  9. Why did I bother watching this game?

  10. Good news
    @DaltonPompey: Heading to Buffalo tomorrow! Extremely excited. So close I can almost taste it. My dream is starting to become a reality!

    Wonder if he comes up in may next year

  11. I used to be ok with the Jays being out of it in August because each year they were getting better and I always had great hopes for the next season.
    Now that this season is lost, I don’t even see anything to look forward to for next year.
    Its going to be more of the same $$ constraints from Rogers and good old 500 ball.
    Just enough to keep the TV ratings resonable.

  12. Well at least they won the May baseball championship. I truly believe the lack of action at the deadline has had at least partial role in this August shit show.

  13. On an up note, my relationship with my wife has been much better since the Jays went in the shitter. Guy Laurence must moonlight as a marriage counsellor.

    • Ha ha! Same here except for immediately after a Jays game. The wife asked if I needed to borrow some tampons after tonight’s game.

  14. Thomas from Toronto called in to jays talk

    Saying it ms not a coincidence all jays pitchers are sucking at once
    Wilner hung up on him

  15. Jays need pitchers again this offseason
    Hopefully “I sit on my hands often” AA does something instead of the usual bs

  16. Well, if this is what “meaningful” games in August is like – I think I’d rather go back to 02 – 09 cause at least I’d get to watch Halladay pitch every 5th day…

  17. I’m all for giving Gose the majority of the time in CF for the remainder of the season. Colby just hasn’t performed in any aspect of the game this year, and he certainly won’t be back. Gose is probably the better current and future option.

  18. 36 games left
    Jays have to go 22-14 at very worst to have a chance at the playoffs

  19. Team stopped playing after the trade deadline.
    Enjoy Bautista, he is gone after this year.

    Where is Shea to write on the white board?
    This ship is not just sinking, it has sunk.

    • Winning a 19 inning game against the Tigers (who made trades at the deadline) doesn’t seem like something a team that gave up would do

  20. y’all seem a little tense


  21. I know there were no moves that AA and the Jays could make but let me tell you these guys came out of the deadline like champions.

  22. Glad the guys banked those wins in May to them through the rough patches.
    It’s getting close to the time to start padding those stats.

  23. We’re starting to delve into the same fucking quagmire we were during Ricciardi’s tenure. Sure Anthopolous hasn’t run the team in the ground. He’s certainly done some good things, and built up the farm system enough to bring good players here.

    Unfortunately, injuries have…..fuckin… *hiccup* sort of complicated shit. It’s unfair to blame AA for those calamaties. Ricciardi had the same sort of thing, he built good teams but the fuckin Skankees and Red Sox were god damn…fuckin…100 win teams almost. Just god damn juggernauts in those days. Fuckin juggernauts, Rick.

    He’ll get another couple drinks to finish the job….er….couple years.
    Bottom line is, neither guy had enough luck but thats the fuckin way she goes. (aggresively wrist tips beer to take a drink and grunts as liquid goes down throat)

  24. I dunno if Stoeten’s gonna post an after game post but until then for those who are “glass half full” guys -The Jays are only 4.5 games out of a wild card playin game.

    For those of you who are “glass half empty” guys and if my calculations are correct( feel free to correct me), the Jays are only 5.5 games away from a protected draft pick.

    Who’d a thunk it.?

  25. Good news for all the Norris hopefuls I guess… Nolin had a bad outing tonight

    I hear Pompey is going up to Buffalo? Alrighty then

  26. Them Jays be slumping.

    They don’t have much longer to turn the ship around before the season is lost.

  27. What’s really annoying about the loss is, that the Brewers were the much better team in every aspect of the game. Their lineup is hitting like hell … and Colby is catching near to nothing … at least 2 double catches he should have made in the first 2 innings …

  28. You know the funny thing is. And I’m calling the kettle black here because I complain too but does anyone on here actually think anyone in the jays organization especially the owners think what anyone actually says on here. We can bitch moan complain until were blue in the face about Alex Gibby and beeston but the truth is they don’t care what we think. If they like where the jays are headed not this year but next then they’re gonna keep those guys

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