After taking a day and still not quite figuring out what all to say about the weekend’s reports about Alex Anthopoulos maintaining his job security for the foreseeable future, while Paul Beeston — with an expiring contract, a new cast of characters among his high-up peers at Rogers, and his possibly-telling support of failed MLB commissioner candidate Tom Werner (who Beeston’s son works for in Boston), with speculation he may have been angling for a job in the league office had Werner won — may be on his way out, I figured I should at least do a little housekeeping regarding the excellent stuff going on this week (as the Jays season potentially continues to go up in flames around us).

Besides, the Beeston and AA leaving or staying stuff… I mean… it’s not like these are new thoughts. There are sound arguments both for and against keeping either of them. Personally I’d be more inclined to keep the GM — who has done at least as much excellent work as he has questionable, has been badly hamstrung this year (possibly not of his own doing), and who still has the club in position to compete in 2015 and beyond, with still-great contracts for his elite sluggers paying dividends as the fruits of his prep pitching-heavy drafts continue to ripen — and to lose the President — whose technophobia, to me, doesn’t augur well for an organization trying to compete with the best and brightest and most progressive of the league, and whose removal might lend itself to deeper reassessment of what’s working and what isn’t within the organization (including the GM) — but honestly? I’m sure I could be convinced to go either way.

Plus, there will be plenty of time to think about all that, and right now we’ve got games to watch!

Well, there are actually only two games to watch in this two off-day week, which… uh… means only two chances for the Jays to lose, I guess. But also, of course, that they could start putting it together again. And those of you in Toronto are all invited to come for a little DJF drink-up tonight at Opera Bob’s1112 Dundas St. W (@ Ossington) — as we watch the Jays and Brewers clash in Milwaukee in an 8:10 PM start. And if you follow @OperaBob‘s on Twitter, you already know that there will be ballpark dogs, nachos (or, if you prefer — and I do — ‘chos), as well as $5 pints. Nails much?

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  1. Only two chances for the jays to lose?
    Don’t be such a negative suckhole.

  2. beautiful turf

  3. Does Gose remind anyone else of Devo? I’d be all over that, going forward. Devo-like production / defence, I mean.

    • Well they do play the same position….but that’s about where it ends. Devo could hit, Gose can’t. Gose has a rocket for an arm, Devo didn’t. Maybe the only valid comparison is the way the chase down fly balls, in that they go real fast and use their legs.

      • Between ages 24 + 26 — the outset of his career — Devo slashed an average .255 / .295 / .402 in 1860 PAs. Gose? 21 – 23yrs. 547 PAs / .238 / .309 / .336. Not too far off. Devo recorded sixteen assists in a 1987, thirteen of ‘em as a right fielder. Maybe not such a bad arm after all? I meant the post playfully, more than anything. The physical resemblance is almost uncanny — the semi-hunched, loping gate, for instance.

    • Not at all.

    • I think there are a lot a similarities. We remember White in his prime. Coming up he struggled with the bat same as Gose has. If Gose reaches his potential his game and career trajectory will be very similar. Both top of the order lower average some power speedy with great d and cannon arm.

    • He reminds me of Devo the band.

  4. Gose doesn’t show me good baseball instincts. he has physical tools, built around his speed and a great arm, but makes some of the dumbest decisions on the bases and on throws. I’m not convinced he’ll ever be a regular and can see him being packaged in the off season since he still classifies as a prospect. Another year or so he will be a suspect.

  5. We keep seeing the narrative that AA has been “hamstrung” this season.

    Honest question: What do we actually know?

    The brass and AA himself insist that it isn’t the case (of course, what else would they say?). We heard rumblings of passing the hat in the preseason for Santana. But beyond that, what do we know?

    It feels like AA-supporters (and I count myself as one) are all too willing to float this story. Am I missing something here? Do we actually know that it’s true?

    • What are the alternative scenarios?
      I can’t think of anything besides:
      A) something has him hamstrung
      B) he’s deliberately sabotaging the team.

      Since B is dumb, that leaves A… In my mind… I just can’t think of anything else.

      • C) In his opinion the options available did not make the team better.

        This seems the most likely. Almost all the trades involved mob talent both ways. Does hutch Stroman for price make the team better? Or hutch Lawrie Pompey for price a good idea? Masterson was gotten for a prospect – he has been worse than any jays starter and jays have better options in the minors.

        Only trades made that maybe made sense for jays were Headley Prado Huston Street. Debatable on all those.

        • Infante at 4 years for 30M wasn’t outlandish and would’ve improved the team

          • Infante’s best hitting year with the Tigers was fuelled by a .333 BABIP. Why would we want to lock ourselves in for the declining years of a career wRC+ 91 batter? We would all like the Jays to be better, but making moves that will hamstring us in the future seems like a poor course of action.

            • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with paying infante 7.5M per for 4 years.

              • If he maintains a WAR of 1.0 each season, sure. I’m skeptical of that outcome, but I am fine with us respectfully disagreeing.

      • D) He is gun shy after the major failed trades with Cleveland, Miami, New York and Texas.

        Dunno if it’s true, but it’s a possibility. And yeah, I don’t think anybody is gonna suggest B.

    • Here’s what we know:

      1. Rogers paid a king’s ransom for the rights for the NHL (and probably killed the CBC in the process).
      2. The wireless business is now a mature industry, though still profitable,
      3. Rogers stock price is suffering
      4. New Rogers CEO has a reputation of being a cost-cutter, his inner circle also come with similar or even worse reputations (see Boulben’s golden touch at BlackBerry)
      5. Rogers slashed hundreds of jobs, budgets across the board are frozen.

      These are the corporate realities the Blue Jays face. As long as the team does well, the corporate overlords are happy. If the team tanks, they have the excuse the need to blow the team up and operate in a Montreal Expos / Florida Marlins / type model. Invest in the farm system to mass-produce young, talented and controllable players, and hope to catch lightening in a bottle at the MLB level. With a 2nd wildcard in the mix, as long as the team hovers around the .500 mark by the all-star break, there’s always a mathematical chance to qualify for the playoffs.

      The days of the $130 million payroll are over the Jays.

      • .If Rogers (rightfully) is willing to invest so much in hockey content they will be willing to invest it in improved baseball content as well. It’s true that if they hover near contention ratings and attendance will be decent and the rays expos model will result in nice stable profit. Toronto market is much bigger though with more potential – if they are more sustained World Series contenders ratings and attendance will be maximized and there will be more profit. Wireless being a mature business strengthens the case to seek higher profits in that business sector and mobile video content delivered over wireless supplements that market.

        Crux of the situation right now is that in recent history this higher profit has been sought after and likely not achieved. Staying the course with lower payroll would have resulted in the team being in a similar position next year likely with similar ratings and attendance but lower payroll. Hopefully the jays didn’t miss the opportunity to build a consistent winner with a high payroll

        • The problem is that in order to get the highly profitable hockey rights, Rogers HAD to pony up all that money. In order to make money on the Jays, and provide content to their TV networks, they don’t need a winning record. They can pay the absolute minimum necessary to put a team on the field, and a certain number of fans will show up. Not a large number mind you, but enough to at least break even, and provide them with TV content when hockey is in the off-season. It’s similar to the Maple Leaf model, put any 6 players on the ice with a Leaf jersey on and people will still pay to see them play, no matter how many years of insufferable losing records the team can string together.

          This is what separates a corporate owner who only has to worry about the bottom line, from an independent owner who takes the win/loss record personally. All that matters is making the stock holders happy, and making fans happy isn’t what keeps stock prices high.

          • Not to say Rogers doesn’t care about the team, or how they perform. I’m sure they would be ecstatic if the team put together some playoff years to increase interest and revenue from the team. I’m just saying it’s not the the number one priority within the entire company.

            They did increase team salary by a significant amount in recent years, we are just stuck in a limbo of what to expect from here on out given the changes at the corporate level within the company.

            • @dankins
              Yes that is a valid distinction. You’re right they care about bottom line. Bottom line can be improved with a consistent contender accompanied by high payroll but comes with more risk. Let’s hope the risk will be taken after in recent past the negative aspect of that risk may have come to fruition

  6. Even if his is hamstrung much more likely he hamstrung himself than the tired rogers is cheap and pulled the rig out from under him argument. Payroll skyrocketed last year with built in significant increases for this year and they won 76 games or whatever but it is ownerships fault they can’t keep adding on without control? If they won last year and no signing maybe argument against ownership.

    For all the hate on Beeston and his policy of max five years truth is almost all these long term deals in the past number of years have been albatrosses and Jays are in great shape because they didn’t do those deals.

    Who was available in the offseason that would have actually helped this team? Jiminez Santana .. Likely not too much. Infante would have been marginal gains. McCan has had poor year. Cano is going to be albatross salary in five years maybe? Cruz would have helped a lot … Fans on this board lined up to call whoever suggested signing him a moron.

    • Exactly. It would have been nice to have landed Ervin Santana, but we all know the situation there was a bit odd.

    • Who does Cruz replace? He’s a corner outfielder, and he hasn’t been better than Bautista or Melky. You could do some shuffling around with the outfielders and 1B/DH, but Cruz hasn’t been better than Lind or Edwin either. You could move Bautista to 3B and Lawrie to 2B, but that was never a realistic option.

      The only places they could fit Cruz in are the positions of greatest strength for the Jays. He simply wasn’t a fit.

      • Lawrie to 2nd Bautista to third is a realistic option and the obvious solution to jays roster construction issues this past offseason

      • Cruz hasn’t been better than lind ?

        Are you stoned?

        Lind is a dh / 1b man who has no power

        Lind is always hurt

        Health is a skill

        • Lind has been better than Cruz offensively this year and he was better last year. Yes, he’s a 1B/DH, but Cruz would be too if he had signed in Toronto because, as I mentioned, he wouldn’t be brought in to replace Bautista or Melky in the outfield. And yes, health is a skill, but were they supposed to spend $5 million and forfeit a draft pick for a backup just in case Lind got hurt?

          Of Cruz, Melky, Lind, Bautista and Encarnacion, guess who has the lowest wRC+ this year?

    • “almost all these long term deals in the past number of years have been albatrosses”

      2010: Romero. No real argument from me on this one. Romero got paid $30.1 million and produced 2.8 fWAR, or 4.6 bWAR. Wait a second, that’s not a huge overpayment. I mean, sure, Romero only gave us one good season out of that, but that was a really good season. And yes, it is an overpayment, and you’d rather avoid those. I still wouldn’t do the Romero deal in retrospect.

      2011: Bautista. AA’s best contract. Five years, $65 million. Four years in, Bautista has been worth 19.2 fWAR and 19.9 bWAR. Bautista has already earned well beyond the value of his contract. Bautista could have a career ending injury tomorrow and the Jays would still come out on well on top.

      2012: Morrow. Again, no real argument from me. Three years, $21 million. So far Morrow has been worth… 2.8 fWAR and 2.4 bWAR. Wait, that’s not much of an overpayment either. Again, like Romero, Morrow had one good season; but that was a really, really good season. I’d probably do the Morrow deal in retrospect, because $21 million isn’t a huge commitment, plus it comes with a team-friendly option.

      2012: Encarnacion. Three years, $27 million. Yet another ridiculously good contract by AA. Edwin has been worth 6.9 fWAR so far (7.4 bWAR), which already covers the cost of the entire contract; and he still has half the contract left, plus a team-friendly option.

      2012: McGowan: Two years, $3 million. Okay, I realize this wasn’t a mega-deal, but this was a contract much criticized at the time. So far, Dustin has been worth 0.3 fWAR, and 0.9 bWAR, and depending on which version of WAR you did, AA either comes out slightly behind or a little bit ahead. At this point you’d have to assume the Jays will pick up McGowan’s $4 million option, unless they’re so cash-strapped that they have to use the money or someone else.

      Point being, I don’t think AA has been that bad at signing mega-contracts. To put it another way, how many teams sign mega-contracts, and end up being happy at the end? The Jays have done better than league average with mega-contracts under Anthopoulos.

      • Extensions aren’t the deals I was talking about.

        The FA long term deals have a whole different dynamic. Fielder Pujols Hamilton from the past Choo Cano Ellsbury Tanaka last off season as examples

        The Grienke one is one that seems to be turning out good so far.

        It’s no coincidence it’s all big market teams that can absorb the risk signing these deals. The Jays could easily screw themselves signing these types of deals like they did pre Beeston (although wells and rios were extensions and they managed to get out of contracts easily enough, Ryan deal hamstrung the jays a bit)

    • Just playing the devil’s advocate, but some teams hamstrung by these deals ended up with Napoli, Kinsler, de la Rosa, etc. Not a likely escape hatch, but not a death knell, necessarily.

      FWIW I actually tend to agree with you.

  7. Dat turf doe…..

    Seriously, that turf in an embarrassment.

    • Dat turf toe

    • Moneyball III out-of-the-box idea

      Make the turf an asset somehow until it’s gone. Bias towards defenders who are able to field it. Batters practice using the difficult areas as targets. Rockies have 500 record at home because they know how to use their home-field advantage.

      Before you laugh or attack, tell me. Do you think deep analysis has been done on the flow of the games where Goins played and a database built up of the difference stellar defence makes. This should help in terms of what priorities team has in assigning 2B going forward.

      At the level of entertainment, can Kawa do cartwheels while catching balls at 2nd. SACRILEGIOUS for sure, but probably would increase attention on #Thisisteam. Afterall Adam Jones makes a thing of blowing a gum bubble on his way to catching flies

      I also love the way Kawa distracts opposing pitchers when on first. He doesn’t really steal much, but creates a bit of chaos. Others could learn to do this. Opponents have no defense against this kind of thing.

      Baseball is changing really fast through stats and video, so that Santos who could throw a filthy slider after 2 strikes now gets that taken. There are a LOT of examples of how this kind of information makes the success of certain players short-lived if they can’t adapt when the league learns their tricks. My point is that this learning is very rapid now.

      Organizations which can learn quickly and change rapidly are going to have more success going forward. What Maddon is famous for. Jays have shown some signs of improvement along these lines this year. Seitzer should have at least 2 more years to work with hitters before judgement made. When new pitcher enters game he walks right over to batter with the updated info needed. He has the team as a whole seeing more pitches and Jose has become a more complete hitter. I want to see the line tested between batters getting Jeter hits in 2 strike counts vs trying for BIG hits. Melky and Dinner can already do this and it seems effective.

      • I’m hoping it’s only caffeine.

      • shit, I forgot and became “disrespectful of baseball” … when I wanted to go much further and propose a team of Crazy Canucks who have a lot of fun playing and do crazy shit that is, my bad, disrespectful of baseball. We have the characters. Turn them loose. Get fans making noises that distract opposing players instead of stupid waves or tomahawk chops. Make the fan experience so much fun that it is always sold-out regardless of results. The electricity in the Dome in the late 80′s early 90′s was a huge part of the success.

      • Thing with the home field advantage in the dome is the stadium effects are at large with each other. More home runs but harder to play defence. typically home run hitters are poor defenders. And want ground ball pitchers. So best as is is slugging of and catcher and good defensive inf that also hit homers (hard to find). Jays over the years have capitalized on the home run effect having lots of sluggers. Ideally the dome would have slow grass to maximize the ability to have home field advantage due to park effects and roster construction.

      • I had already laughed by the time you said before you laugh

  8. Well, at least they didn’t lose last night….not that everyone around us didn’t win, fuck…

  9. That turf is so fucking embarrassing man. Visiting teams must just laugh when they come here.

  10. Stoeten and Sid Seixeiro talking baseball on the same stage could be interesting

  11. Is there an audio stream of the panel for us foreign baseball nerds out here?

  12. Why did Roba show up if he said hebwasnt commenting here again?

  13. I hate to say it – being a Jays fan since 1979…. but the Jays as a franchise can not be taken seriously at this time.

    Between playing on a garbage surface that no one wants to be on, complaints about not being able to spend any money & the fact that our major league roster is determined ONLY by keeping replacement level guys who have run out of options instead of guys that can contribute.

    So frustrating watching game after game where the Jays didn’t have a single bat on their bench of any value or having 4 straight lefties in the line-up with only lefties on the bench.

    Yes – we still are alive in the playoff chase, but we really missed the boat this year with the Yankees and Red Sux both only a shell of their normal self.

    • I am with you, brotha.

    • I’m sick of this idea that we somehow missed to boat on a year that was there for the taking just because the Yankees and sox are down .

      Orioles are going to win 95 games .

      Was that ever in the cards. ? Is that a down year for a division. ?

      • It’s better then 4 other teams looking to win 85-95 wins this season.

      • What’s depressing is this idea (oft stated here and elsewhere…) that we can only complete in those rare instances of the perfect storm: when the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays all have a bad year.

        As said above, what happens when the perfect storm is even more perfect for the likes of the Baltimores of this world, who are riding a couple of years of good fortune, talent and pixie dust to a unlikely AL pennant?

        If this is the zenith of our aspirations, to sneak in every decade or so only because everyone else is scuffling, we are being led down the wrong path.

      • Isn’t it easier to get to 90 wins in a division with only the Orioles being really good than most years when Yankees & Red Sox are in an arms race & Rays / Orioles putting solid teams who seem to overachieve (maybe manager, luck or actual chemistry?)

  14. Was having a discussion with someone last night who was clearly not making any sense, and I blurted out, “Stop being a garbage clown”. Hey Andrew, thanks for the new piece of vocabulary.

  15. Hey. Stroman and Sanchez look alright so far, no? Sanchez has only walked two of the 51 big leaguers he’s faced so far, averaging 97.1 mph on his fastball (3rd in MLB). Hasn’t given up a hit on his curve yet apparently.

    • It’s an exciting future rotation, that’s for sure. The next few years for the Blue Jays’ pitching should be an interesting opportunity.

    • Yeah good so far. but a couple things to keep in mind.

      1) Small sample size
      2) Stuff from the bull pen will be different from the stuff he throws from the rotation, the avg fastball velocity for one.

    • Hey I love what Sanchez has done thus far but people act as if this just continues when he moves to the rotation. . That is far from a given

      Starting is not just a different task than relieving , it’s essentially a different sport .


    If the royals make the playoffs the jays would be the laughing stock of the whole league, with their awful owners, awful stadium and longest playoff drought

  17. With all the arms coming, anyone think they try to trade Buerhle this winter? Big contract, but reliable production. And the cost of pitching doesn’t seem to be dropping on the free agent market.

    • Maybe at the deadline when the 6M left on contract won’t look so bad or jays could even eat it maybe? Value maybe not much in offseason with FA pitchers available and teams hoping on internal options. Could also stash Norris in minors until then and save his service clock which saves money in long run too.

      Problem is if he does have value would be a PR nightmare to trade him if the jays are in contention

    • I’d be trying to deal Buehrle AND Dickey this offseason.

      • That’s 400 MLB innings that you need to replace next season. Are you sure you don’t want those guys (and Happ) around to smooth out the growing pains that Stroman, Hutch, Sanchez, Norris, etc are inevitably going to have?

        • It would involve chasing a guy like Hammel or another comparable FA 3-4 starter. But Buehrle will be in his last year, and it’s not like Dickey has been anything even remotely special. If you package them together, you might be able to get something useful. As is, Happ, Sanchez, Stroman, Norris, Hutch isn’t a bad top 5, and then you have Redmond/Jenkins/FA as secondary starters. That’s not terrible, and that’s also not accounting for the lower ceiling guys like Graveman or Nolin.

          I’d even consider dealing Reyes and his $66 million, but he’s WAY tougher to replace.

        • Happ is back next year

          • He has a $6.7m team option on his contract, which yes, I think they should definitely pick up. For that matter the Lind option at $7.5m should also be exercised, in my view. But I’d say “no thanks” to the options on Morrow, Santos, and McGowan.

        • The 400 innings don’t have to be eaten up by just two pitchers. .

  18. Article about the Royals and how May 29th might have been the turning point in their season

    also might have been the Jays turning point. I know they went like 5-1 after that game, but still felt like throwing away that winning streak like that was not only frustrating, but possibly that it was only downhill from there

    • an apparently I’m 50 min behind the times

      • still, great article with an amazing gif of centre fielder making catch and doing a back-flip afterwards …

    • The image of Reyes flubbing that throw to end the game with Janssen on the mound is forever etched in my brain. At the time I remember it feeling like more than just the end of the streak.

      The fact they open the article with that moment is a bummer.

      Still, a good article and hard not to be happy for the Royals. I’d be completely OK with the Tigers slipping out of postseason contention (not an impossibility by any stretch).

  19. They should skip Hutch next start.
    Norris time.

    The odds are allready stacked against the Jays, why not try to catch lightning in a bottle? Norris has been not just succeeding of late, he’s been dominating.

    Hutch? Well he sure was gritty after giving up that 6 spot.

    • 3 times he was one strike away from allowing zero runs in that first inning. What a different tune everyone would be singing if Dunn hadn’t caught a piece of the ball on that first 3-2 pitch

      • Hey Whaddya got ta lose??
        The kid sounds like he has some poise to go along with that amazing stuff.
        (LOVE the FB/Curve differential sounds like he is the REAL thing)

        Free Daniel Norris !
        (and his Mini Van)

  20. Holy crap, get a load of this boob on TSN…not that I tend to read the TSN boards, but it is usually quite funny any time a Jay’s article comes out:

    Rickets – I am amazed that some fans still are dreaming about the Jays making any kind of a positive move toward the play-offs. Can you guys not see what we trot out to the mound each game and who they have to play against? Please AA as your final acts of valor, make some deals and get rid of the hefty silly contracts for some prospects. Oh by the way, our top hitting prospect, Kevin Pillar, is still sitting in triple a because our ace manager has fits of petulance. What a sad commentary.

    • TOP Hitting Prospect Kevin Pillar! HA!

      • It’s… debatable I guess

        Pompey is the only real competition for that title, and he was hitting sub-Mendoza before he went on a fucking tear and got it up near .300

      • The jays don’t really have any ‘hitting prospects’ so Pillar might in fact be the top

        • If you still count Pillar as a prospect, he’s definitely a hitting prospect. It’s obvious he can hit the ball, it looks like he’s just lacking the discipline that leads to walks and less bad strikeouts

      • To be fair pillar is the top hitting prospect for anyone close to mlb. Otherwise Pompey is kind of close and others are not

        This is actually about middle of the pack for reasonable comments when you look at tsn and sportsnet boards!!

        • Not that it has anything to do with this argument but IMO this time next year it will be Barreto that everyone will be drooling over as our next great hitter.

          He’s miles away level wise but he has just about everyone in an agreement that he has the tools to be a great hitter.

          • He’s really been lighting up the Northwest League. If you look at all the top hitters in the league, most of them are 21-22 (Barreto is the youngest player in the league at 18) and most of them are corner outfield/infield types. I think Barreto is going to start finding his name on top prospect lists pretty soon.

            It’s too bad the big bats at Lansing haven’t been living up to all our hopes and dreams this year.

            • Keep your eye on Rowdy “Roddy” Tellez down there. He’s turned it around after a horrid start and is only 19.

              He could be fun to watch in 2016.

            • if he holds his own in lansing next year, he could easily find himself on the top 100 lists

  21. btw Staff ace Yu Darvish, Adrian Beltre, Shin-Soo Choo and Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers cleared waivers on Monday, according to a source.

    if that is the case why didn’t the Jays make a claim on any of them…or atleast i hope that they are going to try now…i’d like to have darvish and beltre easily

    • Seriously? No one claimed Darvish? I have a hard time believing that. Maybe no one believed Texas would trade Darvish even if they made a claim.

    • I thought the same thing at first, but it’s explained pretty clearly on MLBTR: the Rangers are obviously not going to let Beltre or Darvish go for free, and claiming team would have had two days to make a deal. By letting them go through waivers they now have no specific timeframe to work with if they want to acquire one of those players.

    • Darvish is on the DL with elbow inflammation.

    • Because Texas will want 3015 mlb talent back for them that improves their team after losing the traded player (minus Choo who has negative value)

      they want to compete in 2015

    • That’s why they’re called REVOCABLE waivers.Over 70 % of MLB players go on them.On the big players, inquiries are already made and teams pass on the claim based on what is asked for in return.
      The Jays didn’t miss out on anything.

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