I… uh…

Yeah… nope. I have no idea right here.

I mean, sure, I suppose that if you want to illustrate the immense speed at which you think the Jays season is hurtling towards the ground, you’re going to need some indication of movement in your drawing. But to do that, and have the maple leaf being displaced by what preeeeeeety clearly looks like the symbol of the military wing of Hitler’s Nazi party? That’s… something. And precisely the editorial cartoon image the Toronto Sun crowed about this morning on Twitter, and presumably published within its pages.

I’m not suggesting it’s intentional or that anything is actually meant by it or anything — mostly because I can’t imagine what any possible suggestion might be. Just weird is all. And probably not imperceptible to the Sun’s target football and porno and books about war demographic, which sort of makes it doubly strange.

I dunno. The Tao of Stieb offers a slightly less horrifying interpretation.

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  1. how did that get through SUN quality control? it’s fairly overt, was the first thing I noticed!

  2. The fact that they used black instead of blue doesn’t help either. Or the fact that I could have drawn a better looking jays logo with my eyes closed. I suppose they have to follow copyright law, but still….

  3. The ship is sinking. But really. I think we can say 2014 is just about done. I wouldn’t mind housecleaning and start getting some of the top prospects back for Ears, EE, Reyes et al. Thoughts?

  4. Wow. That’s way too close to the SS insignia for comfort. And I’m pretty sure that someone like Andy Donato should know better.

  5. Stupid.

  6. Eh, if you look at the Jays logo and remove the maple leaf, that’s what the line looks like.

    I’m not sure if the leaf is supposed to be falling or talons of a bird?

  7. Brett Lawries next tattoo?

  8. As far as Editorial Cartoonists are concerned, Andy Donato is a fucking hack anyways.
    He’s the Tom Wilson Jr. of local newspaper cartoonists. Which probably explains why he works for The Sun.

  9. Can’t a shitty drawing just be a shitty drawing? Damn.

  10. Same newspaper employs steve simmons
    /drops mic

  11. Since this was tagged under “Media” and I haven’t had the chance to go back through the previous posts to see if it’s already been talked about, but did anyone watch the bit on CBC last night about advanced stats in baseball and listen to Yankee’s fans at the end? Talk about being ignorant.

    • i saw it, great bit. It was sad seeing all those people who who most likely loved baseball at some point crunching numbers for 8 hours a day looking nothing but miserable. I’ve been in cubeville and it does nothing for me.

      I just laughed at those fans near the end. whether they like it or not, it is now part of the game

      • I’ll agree with you on the desk jockey bit, I worked in an accounting department last summer and had to pace myself through the work they gave me so I didn’t run out of shift to do. And having to sit through games, constantly rewinding to log things does seem like it would feel redundant after a while.

        And those fans are probably screaming that #shiftsruinthegame . Like fuck off, even that little coach came off as arrogant, because he doesn’t want 8 and 9 year olds to learn baseball that way.

        • to be fair, it must be hard for a father trying to describe how good a player is and the 8year responds “fuck off dad, nobody uses batting average anymore”

          • That’d be tough pill to swallow for sure, but I think it’s more due to a coaching perspective for that age group. 8 and 9 year olds needing to learn how to play the shift, probably not as not too many kids hit that ball stupid far with power at the age anyway. Kids 15+, you might want to consider teaching it, more so at high/elite level ball

        • i was at Yankee stadium this year for a Jays game and i heard a couple of New Yorkers behind me talking about how the shift is ruining the game in a new york accent for about an inning and a

          • Fuck, the few people interviewed were bad enough. I don’t even want to imagine how bad that was

  12. Geesh. It’s only weird if you see “Hitler’s Nazi party” in this picture anyways.

    It’s a pretty damn good cartoon depiction of the Jays season post All-Star break, and that is all.

    • “The military wing of,” that is. As in the SS. As in the thing whose logo is in the picture.

  13. Maybe I’m just blind, but I don’t see a Swastika anywhere in the cartoon.

  14. for the record, i still believe.
    27-10 the rest of the way to make a wildcard spot.

    • I just want to see one more hot streak, whether they actually qualify or not. I just want them to make it interesting. Great season overall so far. My favorite in a long time.

      • ya man. stranger things have happened. if reyes and cabrera keep the bat going, and JB, EE, and Lind can bring the power. who knows right? gotta believe!

  15. Nice Dennis Leary I’m an asshole reference. Definitely the average Sun reader’s mentality.

  16. that pic is shows the downfall of the jays season of course

  17. Not to be too pedantic, but the Algemeine-SS (general SS) was always first and foremost a part of the paramilitary organizational structure of the NSDAP, along with other paramilitary groups such as the SA, NSKK etc.

    It wasn’t until later that the Waffen-SS (armed SS) was incorporated into the organizational structure of the Wehrmacht from its origins as the SS-VT. This was accomplished while simultaneously retaining a stand alone organizational structure that later incorporated the police and state security service apparatus.

    Thus endeth the history lesson…

  18. Really, the Sun should have realised that with the breathtaking amount of ultra PC hipsters in Toronto they were going to face some major backlash.

  19. No sorry, not for me.

  20. Dennis Leary’s “No Cure for Cancer” helped teach me how to swear. Nice reference, Stoeten.

  21. Garbage clown newspaper.

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