Ugh. Win one already.

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  1. who would you rather face in WC playoff – A’s, Angels, M’s or Tigers?

  2. Frankenfonzie.

  3. Sanchez WHIP 0.53, batters hitting .125 against him

  4. LHP?

    Danny likey.

  5. Hmm

  6. One lefty remaining in the pen for Milleh Walkeh

  7. So everyone is agreed that Sanchez was rushed to the big leagues, and won’t be able to contribute to the big league club, right? I mean, his control is horrible, right?

    • He’s a bum! Fire AA! Burn the Rogers Centre! Pluck the chickens!

    • this kind of command is more what was advertised

      he has been great, but we’re still in small sample size territory

      • He’s had, like, 14 appearances. Out of the bullpen, that isn’t that small. Besides, whenever I hear people say “small sample size”, it makes me feel like a dickhead just for being here.

        • > hugs pete <

        • it’s good, but 14 innings translates to like 2 starts. not to mention he’s not really using a third pitch.

          things will change once he starts.

          • I would argue that 14 appearances translates to MORE than 2 starts. 14 innings translates to two very GOOD starts. But it’s not the same. There’s a lot more advanced scouting that’s gone on, from a lot more teams. But whatever. Objectively, he has been fucking awesome so far. Of course, starting is different. But a lot of people here were saying how he should never be here, the Jays don’t know what they’re doing, and all we’re doing is fucking him up by bringing him here. But fact is fact. In his first three weeks, he’s been fucking awesome. So….

    • A wink or two wouldn’t have been amiss.

    • … and it makes perfect sense that somehow it’s better against major leaguers then minor leaguers? C’mon now… big difference getting out guys that have no real book on you that you see once a game then getting guys out after they’ve had some looks at you.

      I’m happy that Sanchez is having some early success but let’s hold on the sarcasm until he does it as a starter… unless you envision him as a mid-relief guy going forward.

      • Seriously? Coooome on and be happy about how good he’s looked. It’s not that hard to feel good it.

        • Sure, but no need to shit on anyone for being skeptical about promoting a guy with a milb BB/9 at 6+. Those people aren’t wrong yet, if he could do that as a starter then by all means breakout the snark machine but doing after 10ish innings as a middle reliever? Premature.

  8. Sounds like I’ve missed a fun game because, you know, work.

    Lots going on?

  9. Jeffress spotting!!!!

  10. I don’t understand why gibbons didn’t do a double switch … Thole made the last out of last inning

    Sanchez is done

    Put Cecil in tholes spot and Navarro in the 9th spot

    Christ he now only gets Navarro for one AB

    And for some reason sent up Tolleson instead of Kawasaki vs a righty ?

    WTF is he doing ?

  11. so how is it as soon as jeffress leaves he becomes a dominant pitcher?

  12. Crap. The old leadoff walk. Hate that.

  13. Lead off walk oh my here we go.

  14. Pretty play.

  15. I do NOT care for Carlos Gomez. Not one bit.

  16. C’mon Dusty.

  17. Beauty.

  18. Just what the doctor ordered.

  19. So, McGowan for closer next year?

  20. Will Smith?!

  21. In West Philadelphia, born and raised..

  22. Na na na na na na na nana!

    Na na na na nana!

    Gettin’ Eddie wit it!

  23. Oh my!

  24. Signed, sealed and delivered by Cletus.

  25. Wow there’s some fuckin insurance… Janssen still get the ball in the bottom?

  26. i think that it is time to start touting jays as the most pitching rich organization in the majors. regardless of what happens in the next few weeks, nobody can rival the depth of very possibly elite starters who are knocking on the door of the major league club. norris, osuna, sanchez, tirado, nolin, even drabek, sanchez, stroman, hutchinson, etc.. they just need to stick to their guns and not deal away these guys for stop gap solutions and “savy” veterans. re-sign melky. add another hitter or two and let the pitching take care of itself.

    • Osuna is 19 and at least 2 -3 years away. I agree with your statement but so soon to tell with this kid.

      • Osuna is apparently very mature for his age, having pitched in the mexican league against hitters who are much older. And he has a tommy john under his belt. He probably never gets carded anywhere. Ever since Norris turned the corner, I have a renewed faith in AA. Remember, they have Smoral and Hoffman as well. Lots and lots of nasty arms. I honestly can’t believe that people are talking about whether AA should be back or not. he has been great (apart from the brain fart which was the Dickey deal- no offence to Dickey who I like). Of course, he should be back.

        • I think one of the main reasons we don’t hear how great the system is is because most of the high end guys are in the low minors. That leaves a whole lot of time for things to go wrong, so even though a lot of these guys have sky high ceilings, the bust potential is way up there too.

          I love the strategy, but it makes sense that people are skeptical.

        • Really? You literally can’t believe it? C’mon… nothing Anthopoulis has done has produced an actual winner thus far and criticism of AA should absolutely be fair game until he does.

    • Although I agree (to an extent), I think you’re being a bit too optimistic with your list of pitchers. Regardless, I totally agree with the sentiments of what you’re saying.

  27. Cletus!

  28. Jose Reyes – today 3 for 4, 2 runs, now batting .294 for the season, 2.7 WAR..but i continue to read the ass clowns saying they should trade him. lol top 5 SS in the MLB.

    • If he could only catch. There’s some pretty ugly plays recently that have extended innings.

      • i trade that bat for ‘not bad’ fielding any day. if the team was in a position to give him a day off more often, his fielding would be better i think..

    • 3.9 oWAR, 2nd most on the Jays to Bau

  29. Bats, man.
    They are awake.

  30. Yes, motherfuckers, go home and polish your statues of Kessel. Good fanbase. The Tampa of the north.

  31. Just got home from work, what’d I miss?

  32. 9 to 5. What a way to make a living!

    • Barely gettin’ by — it’s all taking and no giving…

    • After working 15+ years of 11pm – 7am , 8 day stretches, weekends, Christmas, etc etc I’m so grateful for mon-fri 8-4. Its the best!

  33. Sweetums!

  34. No more games out of the time zone now for the Jays. Now let’s do an 8-1 homestand and get back into this thing.

  35. Rasmus has actually been hitting decent in August – .250/.323 with 6 doubles, 2 HRs and 4 ribbies

    And to once again bring up the lineup construction horse I’ve been beating today, Rasmus is a career .261/.344 hitter in the 5 spot, and yet he’s only played 10 games in the 5 spot this year where he’s hit .244/.324

    Seems that the 5 spot is his ideal place but he’s spent most of 2014 in the 6,7 and 8 spots where he’s hit a combined .233/.285 . . . so i dunno, what gives? Navarro factor?

    I’m going to guess playing the splits has factored into him being all over the lineup, since it seems they have faced a lot of lefties of late or it could be his overall suckiness this year has pushed him down past the likes of Reimold, Juan, Valencia. Navarro been raking and EE and Lind back too

    • lefty righty lefty thing that Gibby likes also plays a big factor i would imagine, forgot to add that

  36. Navarro seems to like the middle of the lineup – he’s crushed in the 3-5 spots in his career, although chunk of that comes this year

  37. Norris being moved to the pen after tomorrow starts

    Bullpen for the jays in two weeks?

    • I think he’s close to his innings limit, so that’s probably priority #1, keep his innings down so he can keep pitching period, then come Sept Jays gotta decide if he comes up or not since he’ll be close to his innings limit

  38. Fucking garbage clown should be fired with his shitty analysis btw

    @Sid_Seixeiro: Jays improve to 5-12 this month. Look out American League. #jays

  39. Good win, the bats looked great. A nice 5 game streak would hit the spot.

  40. Good and a pivotal win that the team can use to build upon and get the momentum going for the last bit stretch. But it seems whenever I watch the Jays, they lose. Probably just having all manner of nerves gnawing and getting in the way of me supporting the team, but if they keep winning without my viewership then I should from now tune in to Orioles or Mariners feeds more often.

  41. Finally! Someting positive to build on! They still have a lot of work to do. A sweep of the rays and red sux would help

  42. Norris 5.0IP 1H 9K

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