Ugh. Win one already.

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  1. August 19th, 2014. The 2014 Blue Jays’ low water mark before the hot streak that carried them into the playoffs on the way to their third World Series title.

  2. Ugh. Win one already.

    On this we can agree

  3. Griff is saying trade Burl in offseason, use the money to add another vet alongside Dickey and the younglings. Seems kinda counter-productive though. Hard to imagine Jays eating some salary (lets say 5 mil) and freeing up 14 mil and finding another veteran pitcher of similar ilk

    • I think if you left Buerhle on non-revocable waivers, a couple of teams would pick him up.

      • Doesn’t that mean that the team claiming him would pay the entire salary, in addition to not sending any players back? You’d get salary relief only. I think I’d be afraid Rogers would pare down the team payroll by 19 million after that.

        • Yeah, I’d be scared it would be a salary dump…and the space created wouldn’t be used to pick up other players.

    • Yes, one million times. Although I think the Jays would have to eat at least 5 million, Norris could fill in?

  4. Fun fact: Dickey has now made the most starts in the majors.

  5. Love that it’s Valencia-Thole-Kawasaki working the pitch count.

  6. So while we wait for the inevitable huge win streak to get the Jays back in it, who are your pet FA that you hope the Jays go after?

    I’m in the Jorge De La Rosa camp. Good pitcher, might do better out of Coors Field, wouldn’t be ridiculously expensive.

  7. C’mon Dickey! Double right here!

  8. Its crazy but I’d put Muni lower in the lineup. He battles every single at bat and wears the pitcher down.

    He’s seeing the most pitches per plate appearance on the team – 4.14 – which would have him tied for 10th overall in the AL. He’s been above the MLB avg for his career as well.

    • Hes the only player on the team that has consistently good ABs

    • do you mean higher in the order?

      • yea thats what i meant

        he did well when he was in the 2 spot but small sample size – 21 games: .299/.357

        I just think if he’s taking that many pitches he’d be perfect higher in the order, comes to bat more often, get the started out of the game

        I think I’d have Reyes leadoff then Kawa – perfect set up esp if Kawa can bunt Reyes over

        • If they each got 5 plate appearances, Kawasaki would face on average two more pitches than Melky. I love Kawasaki’s approach at the plate, but that’s just not worth it for the massive decrease in offense you take by moving Kawasaki up.

    • Fuck his defence has been suspect lately….?

  9. Someone official looking providing the replacement beer for the fan whose previous one got splashed would never happen at the Rogers Centre.

  10. I don’t know if Scooter Gennett is a good player, but that’s a great baseball name

  11. yeesh I didnt realize we were 2 games away from reaching .500. Losing streaks suck.

  12. Can we stop with the midweek day games already? I’m tired of having to suffer through work instead of watching baseball.

    • Plus side…it’s a nice distraction from an otherwise dull Wednesday afternoon.

      I can type reams on here and make it sound like I’m working!

      (I kid, I kid)

  13. I think the Parrot is itching for a walk

  14. Also Melky and Reyes are seeing some of the fewest pitches on the team which also explains why it seems there’s often a lot of quick first innings for the opposing pitchers. Those 2 are definitely are swing-happy players.

    This is why I think I would put Kawa in between those 2 in the lineup.

    Lind, EE and Bau and Rasmus surprisingly are the other major players in the top for pitches seen on the Jays.

    • and not surprisingly Reyes and Melky lead the team in ball in play %

    • Bautista has the highest OBP in baseball.
      Stanton’s second.
      Melky’s 3rd.

      So, no.

      • I agree with the argument that Kawasaki should not be near the top just to coax an extra pitch or two out of the other team, but…

        Bautista is 2nd, Stanton is 3rd, Melky is 26th. I’m not sure where your numbers are coming from.

        • @ Philbert

          GROF tweeted 4 or 5 days ago.
          I was too lazy to look up the updated #’s.
          Point still stands.

          Although i do agree, Love Muni’s AB’s.

      • yea i am well aware of that, just spitballing ideas to get the offense going, since they seem to be struggling scoring runs without the HR

        based on OBP alone Reyes, Melk, Bau, EE, Lind, Navarro would be the way to go

    • I wonder if Rasmus takes more pitches because pitchers don’t bother throwing him stuff in the zone, leading to the ump calling more balls in his at-bats.

      • For example, this at-bat. Rasmus has been thrown seven pitches. Not a single pitch has been in the zone yet.

        • yea thats what I think as well – plus I think Colby sits on certain pitches, probably just fastball or poorly thrown change ups

          Colby rarely intentionally tries to hit one opposite field, bunts, etc – he comes up to crush a pitch down the right field line

          the times he has hit opposite field, you can tell he’s not looking there as his head is still facing center-right

    • I’d rather not give our shit hitters more ABs thanks

  15. Dickey should aim a knuckleball at Braun’s nose. That’s old time baseball.

  16. This game is a good example of sequencing luck.

    The Jays have had four baserunners; the Brewers have had three. Counting walks as a base (and I don’t know why baseball doesn’t), both teams have had five total bases.

    And yet the Brewers have one run and the Jays don’t.

  17. Juan has lowest productive out % on the team – there’s a shocker right there

    • thats my main argument with why he should be buried at the bottom of the lineup – HR power be damned, the man doesn’t know how to generate sac flies – no point in having him up higher in the order when multiple men are on base and all he does is pop up or strike out

      id much rather have a light hitting hitter in his place and run the numbers on the odds of a dribbler up the middle or an error on an infield play

  18. Hey look, Cletus caught the elevate-the-pitch-count bug!

  19. O! Valencia!

  20. Am I asking too much to want to be the one chasing a pitcher in the 5th for a change?

  21. yes buck you can’t give away outs by bunting, a dp was much better

    this is why we lose, DUMB baseball, shitty hitters should always bunt!

    • Eh, you bunt and then you have Kawa and Dickey up to bat.

      Under NL rules, I think that was the right call.

    • not sure i follow – Thole bunts, then they walk Kawasaki intentionally to get to Dickey.

      The result sucked, but I’d rather let Thole and Kawasaki swing the bat with a chance to do damage than Dickey

      • That was exactly my point…sorry if I didn’t explain it clearly. I don’t see a bunt in that situation making any sense.

      • you dont know they walk muni and there’s still 1 out, all dickey has to do is hit a ground ball, even if he k’s there’s 2 out and leadoff hitter come up, so yes bunting is better

        • if Dickey hits a grounder it’s a guaranteed double play and the inning still ends with no run scoring

  22. Come on, spirit animal!

  23. Just realized why this pitcher probably doesn’t care about walking Kawa–we’re in the NL, so Dickey is up next.

  24. that’s typical blue jays baseball. 1st 2 runners on and nobody scores!!

  25. what the fuck

  26. So…does Dickey lead off the next inning?

    I’d guess so, as you’d probably care more about him eating innings than the leadoff hit.

  27. The only thing holding this team back from a win streak is attitude. I’m tired of hearing the player and fan complaints about lack of a major move at the trade deadline. Last time I checked the A’s, Tiger’s and Yankees where not exactly kicking the shit out of anyone after the moves they made at the deadline. Look at the last 10 game by those clubs. The Tigers and Yankees have one more win than the Jays and the A’s have the same record as Toronto. WTF? So if the Jays had David Price starting today, the offense would still have to score runs.
    The Jays were playing so much better after the break when they were focused on getting on base, advancing the runner, and working the counts. Bring back Gose as his speed on the base path is really missed. Stop playing for individual stats and play for team wins instead. For some reason they went into Houston and started trying to hit home runs again. The HRs will come, but manufacturing some runs takes the pressure off the starting pitching and puts the pressure on the opposing starter. That’s when the mistake pitches come and Edwin gets a hanging breaking ball to go balls deep on.
    The Jays have one of the better lineups of any team contending for a wildcard. But they don’t go up to the plate with the right attitude. The Jays get two men on base and then try going for the 3 run homer. This is their achilles heel. Yes, the starters need to step up but when you are not scoring runs, the pitchers starting trying to be perfect and don’t just pitch. We saw that with Hutch in his last start. When he settled down and focused on just pitching, he turned it around.

    The reason so many, like myself, hold out hope is because there is enough talent on this team to win and put together a strong finish. The attitude has to change and they need to start having fun and playing the game with heart and smarts. Bitching and moaning won’t put wins up and is making them irrelevant. I was pissed about no action at the trade deadline too, but that lasted a few days. I’m over it and watching them still with hope. I have pride as a fan in the team I’ve held allegiance to for over 3 decades. Have some pride Jays! There is no reason the team can’t turn this around. It nothing else, make it miserable on the Whorioles for the next few weeks.

    • is this sarcastic?

      • Performance art!

      • It’s opinion based on observation.

        • I’m not sure why I’m going to play along, but here goes:
          Please tell me more about these things you’ve managed to “observe” through your TV set.
          1. “they were focused on getting on base”? Clearly they don’t want to get on base any more….
          2. They are “playing for individual stats”? Yes. I’m sure none of them want to win games any more
          3. “they don’t go up to the plate with the right attitude”? Do you have smell-o-vision or something? Because my TV doesn’t tell me shit about what a player is thinking.

          Jeez. Whatever narrative makes you happy, I guess. Maybe next year “heart and smarts” will be the new “hustle and heart”

          • That’s funny shit right there. Smell-o-vision.

          • The one thing a lot of people don’t realize is that in virtually every conceivable scenario, playing for individual stats will help the team win in baseball.

          • My fault, I didn’t realize that one couldn’t express an opinion on a fan message board without giving detailed facts. I guess that wouldn’t make me a very good columnist.
            When I read comments from players expressing complaints about the roster, I question the attitude and heart of the team. I think that’s fair to be concerned about. Plenty of others have referenced to call into question attitude of players and a perceived lack of leadership.
            I don’t see a lot of patience at the plate at times. That’s where I question if a player is swinging for home runs vs working the count and trying to focus on just getting on base. They play great when they were advancing runners, getting walks, and stealing bases. That’s what I observed them doing right after the break. Stealing bases, bunting guys into scoring position and working to drive in a run at a time. Maybe you saw something different. When they go back to swing for the fences when they get runners on, that’s when I feel it hurts the offense at times.

            If you have all the facts to invalidate my observations, please feel free to give me an education. I’m just a fan sharing an opinion and appreciate that you and others may see it different.

            • Look – I hear your opinion. I just think these are narratives that we attach to what we see in order to make sense of it. But I don’t think we in any way shape or form can actually evaluate the things that you are talking about. And lots of players say shit and still play well, and vice versa. So I don’t link the two.

            • And I disagree that before they were bunting guys in etc. They were mashing dingers and hitting doubles. We have never bunted very much, and i hope we never do.

            • Welcome to the djf comment board. Anyone who disagrees with the all knowing sabernerds is just wrong. Accept it and move on.

  28. Dickey saved their asses there . . . deserves a Gold Glove, not the first time Ive seen him do something like that this year either

  29. I’m not watching, anyone know if that triple was a solid hit or a Rasmus misplay?

  30. Another…fucking…double.

  31. Holy fuck Melky hang onto that beach!

  32. Segura has a .232. I’d have challenged him with a runner on 2nd.

    • might have pitched around him with the pitcher on deck, but the knuckleball is tough to nibble with. at the end of the day there’s not much you can do to defend perfectly placed bloop doubles

  33. John Cleese from Clockwise:

    “It’s not the despair. I can handle the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand!”

  34. I am starting to question whether ‘it’s still early.’

  35. Doubles for everyone!

  36. Wait…isn’t Reyes supposed to suck?

    Dude his hitting out of his mind these days. I can trade mediocre defense for that kind of stick.

  37. I’m as tired of Nelson the pitcher as I was of Nelson the band.

    • Drive this fucker out of the game.


    • That hair, those names, their fuckin’ good looks — I just wanted to punch ‘em.

      • Where are they now?

        “Matthew and Gunnar Nelson

        The 80’s iconic identical Nelson twins, of the band Nelson, achieved initial success with their debut album “After The Rain” in 1990. With their killer blond hair and singing and songwriting talent, the brothers–who are the sons of American teen idol Ricky Nelson and actress Kristin Harmon– make a strong genetically identical two-person act.

        More recently, in 2005, Gunnar Nelson became a cast member of “Celebrity Fit Club 3,” after actor Jeff Conaway left due to drug related problems. Both twins have hosted and appeared on several VH1 television programs, and Gunnar is also a co-host of a nationally syndicated radio morning show. Gunnar and Matthew also reportedly perform periodically on cruise ships together for tourists and fans.”

      • I wonder if mutiny is upset they didn’t bunt

    • indeed. he’s not hitting his spots very often, but regardless his ball is finding corners

  38. That was a BS called strike on Bautista. (The first one, that is.)

  39. umpire changes Bautista’s AB completely with that 1st strike call

  40. Offensive explosion!

  41. It’s good to have Edwin back.

  42. What the hell is Edwin doing? I thought players were supposed to go to 2nd base when they got a hit.

  43. Day drunk in the Calgary suburbs (Airdrie) with a big Jays to win, under 8.5 runs Pro-line, off to Thailand Monday… Go Jays Go!

  44. Wait: Milwaukee has a better baseball stadium than TO? There is no God.

  45. o shit… HBP and then shitty grounder hit with Eddie holding the runner on. here we go again.

  46. and the collapse begins…

  47. Miss you Brett

  48. That would’ve been nice one at-bat ago.

    • I could be bitter and point out that had Dickey pitched to Segura, and gotten Segura out, that Valencia could’ve been going for an inning-ending double play on Braun and we might have escaped with no runs. But I guess there’s no way of knowing if Segura may have hit that regardless.

  49. Oh noes!

  50. Parra owns Dickey. Hitting him was probably a good plan.

  51. heh umpire was just a liiittle late on that call

  52. jays are really good at getting hits when nobody is on base

    • mutiny, you used to be such a top notch troll. Now look at you. You’re a better troll than this! Pick up yer boots!

    • So what you’re saying is they’re really good at getting guys on base?

  53. Those is the best #3 catcher in baseball.

  54. Double your pleasure, double your fun!

    It’s like we’re watching the 1980′s Cardinals.

  55. Do you hit for Dickey?


    My guess is they might pull a lefty from the pen in response.

  56. Boo-ya!

  57. Spirit Animal of the Pacific!!!!

  58. Uhh why not PH here???

  59. Really, sixth inning, winning run on 2nd, and you send you Dickey to bat? Really? Dickey has maybe one more inning and the bullpen is off tomorrow. Really?

  60. Sorry, not winning, go-ahead

  61. Come on Papelbon!

  62. What a slide!!!!!!!!

  63. Hoo-weee!

  64. nice slide by Kawasaki.

    Spirit Animal getting it done!


  66. Lucroy was blockin’ the plate. MLB needs to sort this out.

  67. Melky with 2 hits… This is not a repeat broadcast. #signmelkynow

  68. The Duke of Hazzard.

  69. time for Bats the Destroyer to deal the death blow here

  70. Jays’ offence emerging from hibernation!

  71. How does one say “FUCK YEAH” in Japanese?

  72. Bautista with RISP, 2 outs: .111 (4 for 36) with 13 walks.

  73. Kintzler?

    I just met her.

  74. Gonzo!

  75. BOOM!!

  76. There be some fight in these boys!

  77. *5 for 37

  78. Holy shit I wish I was watching this

  79. Shit,we needed that!!!!


  81. Perfect buck highlight sound bite.

    “Jose has a chance to knock in two…”
    *pause for effect
    “….make that three!”

  82. Rough inning for Lucroy.

    Can’t tag the runner at home cuz the ball hit your nuts.

    Can’t throw out the runner at second on a double steal.

    The pitch you call for to hopefully strike the batter out to end the inning ends up in the seats for a 3 run homer.

  83. Gotta say I’m against the double steal when there’s two out and JB’s at the dish. I’m glad it worked out but it’s too risky for my taste buds.

  84. Bautista’s career with runners on 1st and 2nd – .751 OPS
    Bautista’s career with runners on 2nd and 3rd – 1.044 OPS

    Best double steal ever. Gibby for Manager of the Year!

  85. It’s good to stomp on a jugular once in a while. I mean that in a sports metaphor way only.

  86. Jays gonna go 7-2 in their 9 game homestand and get back in this shit

  87. holy shit, Mr. Dickey is a crazy athlete for nearly 40 years old

  88. Seattle lost today.

  89. Overbay sighting!

  90. There goes my under 8.5

    • The bright side? You’re going to Thailand. I can barely spell it, pal, so, ya know…there’s that.

  91. OK, who is going to catch fire down the stretch?



  92. ARGH!!

  93. Welp, the 4 run lead was fun for 2/3 of an inning.

  94. Might be time to go to the bullpen.

  95. Four batters until Sanchez. Assuming two of them get hits/walks, do you let Sanchez bat? Sanchez would only have pitched 1/3rd of an inning.

  96. Drrrrrrrrrty Sanchez

  97. Andrew Stoeten ‏@AndrewStoeten ·2m
    Jose would have hit that into the third deck if the Jays had made an addition at the trade deadline.

    Stoeten trolling twitter.

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