Now that was a fine game of mid-afternoon baseball for a… uh… a… what is this? A Wednesday?

Anyway, that’s more fucking like it, eh Jays? A right proper offensive outburst to distract from the August version of Jays pitching still giving up too many runs, and our learning about the franchise trying to force the Creighton Blue Jays to change their logo, and their history of being frivolously protecting their brand (trying, along with the Rays, to stop a pizza place called Ray Jay’s, and trademark filings against Jay-Z!), and the Enarnacion’s Parrot shirt stuff, and the club’s social media being apparently outsourced to some MLB drone (who accidentally updated the Rangers score on the Jays’ Twitter feed), to that thing some player said to Arash Madani yesterday, which I still haven’t written about, but probably will, even though it’s kinda dumb.

Yep, just a good ol’ solid win to end an abysmal road trip and set up a huge fight for playoff positioning on the upcoming home stand, with opportunities abound, even though it’s the Rays, Red Sox, and Yankees coming in. The Jays then go to Tampa, go to Boston, then host the Cubs and the Rays before beginning their two week push against the teams ahead of them (at Baltimore, at New York, vs. Seattle, vs. Baltimore) as the season comes to a close.

They’re still not licked yet. The names are scary and the teams are maybe better than their records show, but the Jays certainly have seven very winnable series coming up, with the three games against the Yankees being the only ones (barring a strong run from Tampa) in which they’ll see a team with a record above .500. It’s a small consolation, but if back in the spring you had told me this is where they’d be at this point (and… y’know… probably didn’t tell me the specific teams they were about to play, only their records) I would sure as fuck have taken it in a heartbeat.

Four games (the amount behind the Jays currently sit in the Wild Card race) can evaporate fast. Shit, so can the 8.5 they now trail the Orioles by.

Ask the Jays.

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  1. Aug 20 and the games are all huge from here on. Better than I thought in April. Come on boys pull together now.

  2. I’m no lawyer but I think they basically have to make all sorts of trademark claims because if it ends up that they knew about something similar, but didn’t make a trademark claim, they could lose the right to the trademark. Or something. I dunno.

    • I’ve just been told that as well. Makes sense.

    • Pattern seems to be that they withdraw their opposition once the submitter adds “all of the foregoing not relating to professional sports or a sports team.” Doesn’t look too fucked.

  3. “Ask the Jays.”


  4. Elliotte Friedman just asked Shi when they will call up Duane Norris. I rest my case.

    • but I see that as progress

      a few years back Elliotte wouldn’t even know about anyone on the farm

    • If Elliott was clever he could be referring to how Norris would occupy a Duane Ward-like role in our bullpen down the stretch.

      But he’s not, so.

    • Dwayne Norris…a fellow Newfoundlander…scored the winning goal in the World Juniors many moons ago.

    • I’m sure you’re a perfect human being, but I can tell you that my own mother sometimes calls me her dog’s name by accident…or my father’s name. Point being, other than yourself, there is nothing perfect in this world, so your complaint about someone messing up a prospect’s name on live radio is just annoying and pathetic. Same goes for all of the crap many of you throw at announcers. These guys have to talk for hours and hours to themselves about the same baseball team day after day after day and then they get to catch shit from the keyboard army about minor screw ups. Also, those of you that don’t like the commentary need to understand that they aren’t targeting you…They are speaking to thousands of people, including children, that know nothing about the game of baseball. Just fucking enjoy the game and get over yourself.

  5. Fuck the Creighton Jays. That logo and team name are obvious rip-offs. They deserve to be sued.

    Ray Jay’s though? Wow…

  6. It’s starting to feel like the division is the lower hanging fruit then the WC. More games, sure, but only one team to catch.

    If we assume a strong run by the Jays (not that one can just assume that, but let’s just pretend for a second) it’s probably more likely that ONE team falters and loses 8 games then 3-4 teams falter and lose 3+.

    Not to mention the 5 games we play vs. Balt. Seems like we have more control over the division race then the WC race. Any team can have a slump at any time. But it’s just not feasible to expect multiple of the better teams in baseball to all slump at once. but just one? Sure, why not.

    If (and this is a massive if) we took at least 4 of 5 from the remaining games vs. Balt…….things could get interesting again.

    • I get the Yankees are ahead of us, but I think it’s a fair assumption to make that if we play good enough to get ahead of Baltimore, NY won’t be an issue.

      • Jays need to gain a game a week on them for the next 5 weeks (including this week) and have a bad o’s stretch, they’d be 1-3 games out with 10 games to play
        It’s not close to over, but they need to have a 6-3 home stand

  7. Jays are 65-62 with 35 games left

    They have to go a minimum of 20-15 to have a chance at the last wild card.

    A hot streak in the next 3 1/2 weeks assures the jays of those last 10 games being really meaning ful

  8. Do they have a run in them? I hope

  9. That Zubes thing is pretty messed up too.
    What started out as fun gif at DJF, turns popular and gets appropriated by a conglomerate.
    Ya think they could at least acknowledge it, by sending Zubes a case of beer or an all expenses paid trip to Bora Bora.

    • It’s disgusting actually. Fucking Rogers (and all corporate behemoths) jealously protect their intellectual property (and probably rightly so).

      And yet they not only steal zubes stuff, they actually try to steal the rights to the concept as well. I get asking “blue jays” removed from the Jersey, but To send out cease and desist letters ordering people to stop referencing “walking the parrot”?

      fuck off. Zubes should send cease and desist letters to them.

      It’s not like they can’t afford to send him $20,000 or some pocket change to him.

    • Man it is so hard to like this management sometimes, they appear to be mirthless blowhards and part of what is so incomprehensible and one note about the team’s business aspect. Perhaps Zubes made some money off the T-shirt but I guess that all they saw was part of the ‘novelty team player t-shirt’ bottom line petering out.

      • please understand the following

        SHAREHOLDERS run rogers

        not the management

        • um…..what?

          Shareholders are the ultimate owners, but they absolutely do not “run” the business. That’s exactly the definition of what a management team is in a publically traded company. They run the company for the shareholders.

          The shareholders have the ultimate say, and if they don’t like management, they can mount proxy battles at AGM’s and attempt to sway enough other shareholders to replace the slate of directors…….but that almost never happens as a rule.

          shareholders have zero say in the day to day operations of any publically trade company.

          • I think Captain Obvious was just alluding to the fact that several important decisions are made with shareholders in mind, as opposed to, say, Mike Illitch burning through his coiffures to ensure one last moment of glory before the dirt nap. I don’t think it was meant literally.

        • No management runs the company on behalf of the shareholders.

      • Shareholders run the team like the Queens runs Canada…..about the same relevance.

  10. In Bangor ME. Watched the Jays bats come alive against Brewers on my iPad. While drinking Miller light! How fitting. Lol Now I’m off to watch Arcade Fire next door….life is good.

  11. Just heard Drew Fairservice on TSN 1050 : loving it!

  12. Richards for angles just left on stretcher. Tough loss for them.

  13. I bought the Encarnacion parrot shirt last year. It’s great !. I don’t see why Rogers is chasing after Zubes!. It’s good publicity for the team

    • Because they’re an evil empire and if anyone is making anything off of the Jays that’s not them, they’ll steamroll over the little guy in a second.

      • They have a legal team that just concentrates on finding this shit. Source: The way my imagination thinks evil corporations work.

    • They’ll have to pry my original edition Encarnacion’s Parrot shirt off my cold, dead body.

  14. i think everone should relax and think of how good the jays’ pitching will be in 2015-2016. studly.

  15. Gose with 4 K’s again . . . he really doesnt want to be in AAA

    • I guess not, he just ended the game with a walk off hit

      • And Santos looks to be getting the feel back. He should join the troops in September.

        Santos + Morrow could be nice reinforcements.

        I said “could”.

  16. See this Kenny Rosenthal tweets?
    “#BlueJays disappointing, but young pitching keeps coming. LH Daniel Norris could be next, RH Kendall Graveman rocketing through system.”

    “Graveman, an 8th-round pick in ’13, is 12-6, 1.68 at four levels. Up to 94 with big sink, good cutter/slider. 14 straight scoreless at AAA.”

    Never even heard of Graveman


    • groundball inducing machine, might become a really nice 4/5 pitcher.

    • Stoeten had a post about him, but I mentioned him a few days before when I saw he was making his first Buffalo start. So I call dibs.

      • You and Stoets should fight over him — like Brandy and Monica! Eh? That’d be fun.

        • I dug up articles on him and everything then the comments fucked it up…

          Sure hope he can keep this up though

          I recommend the MiLB app for those who like to check in on the farm

          • I generally check the boxscores for the Jays MiLB affiliates each night and I admit to overlooking Graveman all year. He would have good start after good start and I kept ignoring it because he was 23 and pitching at Lansing/Dunedin. Then he got promoted to AA/AAA and kept pitching well. I didn’t really think anything of him until the DJF article the other day.

            I love the aggressive promotion thing they’ve been doing this year.

        • “The boy is miiiine!”

    • That’s how deep the Jays minors are in pitchers–even the guys you haven’t even heard of are good!

  17. Watching the yankees game, they’re down 5-2 to Astros after 7. And what happened? Fans leaving in droves. The announcers said the masses headed for the exits, and you can hear a pin drop. I saw the same thing when I was there, in a game where they were losing 2-3 to Rays.
    And people crap on jays fans all the time.

  18. Scoreboard watching is getting ridiculous.

    Have to keep an eye on:

    Baltimore, NYY, Detroit, KC, Cleveland and Seattle

    Hopefully the Jays have a good week and that number becomes 4 teams.

  19. Jays can do this

    last year on this date 3 teams went 25-12, one went 24-12, and another 23-11

    any of those would keep the jays in contention for a WC spot

    the shitty thing is that other than the Yankees and that final series against the M’s, none of the teams they play impact the WC standings, so yea, a lot of scoreboard watching

    its going to be a huge uphill battle but the fact they are only 4 back is really important

  20. Fucking Orioles win another 1 run game.

  21. Stole the parrot. That’s rough. Fuck I hate me.

  22. Maybe they were just now suing over the use of the older logo.

    Canadians are known for being slow, eh….

    Perhaps a joint complaint from the Reds would help?

  23. In case anyone was wondering…Arcade Fire was awesome in Bangor

  24. Toronto Blue Jays – Top 5 Position Players of All-time (One Man’s View After a Couple of Scotches)

    1. Roberto Alomar 2. Jose Bautista 3. Carlos Delgado 4. George Bell 5. Tony Fernandez

    Honourable Mentions – Paul Molitor, Jose Reyes, Edwin Encarnacion, Fred McGriff, Shawn Green, John Olerud

    Anything I am doing incredibly wrong here? (Joe Carter, Vernon Wells, Jesse Barfield, and Willie Upshaw were not forgotten oversights, by the way).

    • Without looking at the numbers or spending more than 12 secondary thinking about it, I would say Bautista will need a few more good seasons to catch Delgado.

      • Likewise. Delgado was incredible. When Bautista has a four HR game, he can talk.

        • Yeah, Delgado was so good for so long. I’d almost put him in the convo for #1, at least, I could see people arguing that way.

          • If we’re talking about #1 Jay of all time, Delgado should get the nod. He played in Toronto for over 10 years, and put up huge numbers surrounded by a far less talented core than Alomar had around him.

            What I admire about Delgado more than anything was his character. He openly voiced his opposed to the invasion of Iraq, and refused to take the field when God Bless America was played. He probably lost alot of endorsement deals as a result of his beliefs, which deserves mention.

    • I’m tempted to move Shawn Green up, but I would have to take another look at his numbers before pulling the trigger.

  25. So…. Yankees grounds crew fucks up and can’t get tarp on field during storm . Field unplayable . Game calked

    Cubs grounds crew fucks up tarp .. Field unplayable . Game suspended and finished ..

    Yeah ok

    • Difference is that the Cubs crew butchered it up themselves as they didn’t spool it up correctly the previous time it was used) and the field later became soaked and unplayable due to their Keystone Kops ineptitude.

      By contrast, the weather was already a monsoon with high winds when the Yankees crew were called to come out, and the field was already a mess. The Yankees crew didn’t cause the mess – the weather did.

      There’s also something in the rules that if it was caused by something “under the control of the home team” then the game should be ruled as suspended. Bad tarp spooling from previous game = Cubs’ control. The gods were angry and didn’t allow the crew to do their job = out of the Yankees’ control.

      • “The gods were angry…”?

        No. Let me revise that.

        “The sky was angry, my friends, like old Steinbrenner trying to fire Billy in the office. So I started to walk out onto the tarp. I won’t lie to you, boys, I was terrified. But I pressed on, and as I made my way past third base, a strange calm came over me. I don’t know if it was divine intervention or the kinship of all fans hating the Yankees, but I tell you, Stoeten, at that moment I was a grounds crew member.”

    • I’d love to catch a ball as much as the next guy, but when you see grown men coming together like a group of teenage girls near the Beatles (er…Justin Beiber? Backstreet Boys? One Direction? That last one, I think that’s the one right there), it’s just sad.

    • Griffin is trollin for pageviews

    • It’ll never compare with the collapse of 1987 – 3.5 up with 7 to go. If the Jays were up by 6 in September and blew it, then it’d be the biggest collapse, but no, the honour still goes to the ’87 crew.

      The players need to post a cut-out of Griffin in the clubhouse and peel off a piece with each win as motivation, a la Major League. Altho, Griff is ugly…

      • I cried that day. Still do, from time-to-time.

      • Yeah, I can’t see any way that this year will hurt more than 1987 did. After that Beniquez triple it looked like the division was secure. A midseason collapse you can deal with. One in the last seven games? I can still see Madlock taking out Fernandez. I can still see Iorg grounding out to first…

      • They could peel it off to reveal the drunk homeless Griffin.

    • Weren’t we in first place for like 30 games? we lost it fairly early in the season too.

      I don’t really think that’s an epic collapse.

      And the season is still not over damn

  26. Yesterday’s game came through so fragrant on my Smell-o-vision (tm Gil). It smelled like…victory.

  27. Garrett Richards looks like he may have a serious injury.

    How much will that hurt the Angels?

    I could foresee a scenario where they are battling it out for the division up until the end. This would mean they wouldn’t have the luxury of lining up the rotation for a wild card play-in game. Maybe the second wild card team (read: Toronto) catches a break and plays Richards’ replacement when the Angels lose the division in the last week.

    • It hurts them a ton, their top 3 pitchers a month ago were Skaggs, Richards and weaver
      Skaggs had tj
      Richards is probably done for the year

      Their pitching now is comparable to the jays

  28. “It’s a small consolation, but if back in the spring you had told me this is where they’d be at this point (and… y’know… probably didn’t tell me the specific teams they were about to play, only their records)”

    I wouldnt. They were 20-ish% to make the playoffs March 30th and they’re 10-ish% now and barely above .500. It’s not a disaster given all the injuries, but I would have been disappointed in that result. Jays probably need to play .800 ball to pass the O’s.

    Glimmer of hope though, which is nice.

    • If the Jays play .800 ball from now on (28-7), they finish with 93 wins. To get to 93 wins, Baltimore needs to play .540 ball the rest of the way.

      If the Jays go, say, 23-12, Baltimore would have to struggle to 15-22 for the division to end in a tie. Considering they face each other six more times, a Toronto sweep of the remaining games leaves Toronto needing 17-12 to Baltimore’s 15-16 outside of those games.A lot has to go right for the Jays and wrong for Baltimore, but it wouldn’t be the craziest thing that’s ever happened.

      • It’s possible, a jays type team slump cast over the orioles would do nicely.

      • There’s a reason why MLB puts the Jays probability at 3.9%. It’s damned unlikely that the Jays make the playoffs unless they outplay two teams (Seattle AND Detroit/KC by 4 games). For that to happen, a 21-14 run won’t do; they’ll need at least a 25-10 run because Seattle / Detroit are both easily capable of 21-14 or 20-15.

        The probabilities get smaller with each loss, but an 8-1 home stand would be a good start, and without any aces in Boston, the Yanks, and Tampa san Lester and Price, there’s a good chance with some good pitching management to win most of those games. And the Jays have done it before this year.

        Time for a run. 8-1 and they’re back in this thing.

  29. One Win and the garbage clowns disappear. What does that tell ya?

  30. True Fan: Can’t watch anymore, but heartfelt prayers still rising.

    Garbage Clown: Runs in screaming that darkest doubts are true and making an insane argument for being right about that. (the oxygen leaves the room)

    True Clown: the artist formerly known as “It’s All Over” who makes us all laugh

  31. Hey, Stoeten? Is it true, what Rusty Kuntz said? Do you hate us and think we’re morons? It’s killin’ me, man: I couldn’t sleep last night.

  32. Marc Hulet at Fangraphs has an Impact CF Prospect Ranking up.
    Pomepy is 5th on his list, behind Buxton, Pederson, Dahl and Almora.

    Hulet’s ETA for Pompey is 2015. He notes Gose will likely
    fill the position until Pompey is ready.

    Pompey some time after the Super Two deadline if Gose craps out?

  33. Sounds like Stoeten’s computer type blog typing thing got stolen.

    • Griff’s Gose theory is pretty Garbage Clown-level quality. Granted, some of us used the same reasoning to support wanting to keep Kawasaki up last year, so maybe he’s not too far out there.

      See, if Griff wanted to point out that the Jays currently have a 3.9% chance at the playoffs, he wouldn’t be wrong. But he didn’t.

  34. One thing that suggests to me the Jays can maybe pull it off is who they are playing for the rest of the year – the AL East

    aside from 3 against the Cubs, which should be an easy sweep, and the last series against the M’s, at which point we will have 99.9% idea of whether either team is making postseason, the Jays play all remaining games against the AL East, the only division they have had better than average success against

    the Jays dont have winning records against the West or Central, just the East, and also a positive run differential, with a substantially larger amount of runs scored – the Jays couldnt score for their life against the vast majority of the AL West – sub .260 avg against all teams aside from Texas

    now if it’s coincidence, then Jays will be fucked, but if they are truly finding most of their success playing in-division, then they could be in for some serious winning ahead

    plus 22 of their 36 remaining games are at home where they also hit better

    they have crushed at Fenway this year and put up decent enough #’s in Camden and NY . . . really only the Trop is where I’d be worried about scoring runs

    and the pitchers have also held their own against the AL east too, with Hutch being the only guy who has really struggled against them this year

    crazy to think it but the AL east could the Jays saviour this year

    • plus this will be an AL East that no longer features Lackey, Lester, Price and Tanaka (hopefully) during this stretch so that already increases the odds of Jays winning

      Jays went .580-ish ball against AL east, if they maintain that they finish 21-15 in their last 36 that gets them to 86 wins with at least a shot, although still going to be tough

      • It’s not who they play , it’s how they are playing. .

        They’ve been outclassed by some shitty teams and some shitty starters recently.

        Play up to their talent level and they can roll anyone .

        Play half assed and that’s how you Lose 5 out of. 7 to the white sox

        • The 19 inning win at home kind of set them up for a terrible road trip. Start with King Felix, and then hit Seattle on a hot streak. You’d figure with the days off in Chicago though that they might have put up a good fight. They had a chance to win another game there. Still the best I’d expect of that road trip is 4-4 given their opponents and the fact they got to their Seattle Hotel at something like 4am Eastern.

          Still, yeah, the Jays have to perform. Enjoy the day off, and let’s have some meaningful September ball. 7-2 at home (TPA/BOS/NYY), 3-3 on the road (Tampa/Boston), 5-1 at home (CHC, BAL), 4-3 on the road (BAL/NYY), and then 5-2 (SEA/BAL) at home puts them at 24-11 to end the season and 89 wins, should be enough.

          Still, if the Jays get that far, it might be very meaningful ball that last week in September.

  35. Brandon McCarthy pitched a CG shutout today.

    That was a very good move by Cashman.

    • Diamonbacks are a dumb team

      • Not gonna disagree, but how come no one else was able to fleece them like that? Say AA for instance?

        • Exactly. Low cost pickup, potential high reward.

          There are a number of useful pieces that were traded for pennies on the dollar. It’s annoying the Jays weren’t able to pull the trigger on any of ‘em. McCarthy would have been great.

    • Not to down what was a pretty good achievement by McCarthy there, not to mention I would have enjoyed seeing McCarthy in a Jays uniform; but this is the Houston Astros we’re talking about here.

      • In other news, David Price just pitched 9 innings, gave up 1 hit, 0 earned runs and fanned 9. He (and the Tigers) lost 1-0 (no extras).

        Pain for Detroit. But always good to see a wild card competitor lose.

      • Ah, the Houston Astros. Who took 3 out of 4 games from the Jays.

        (angry face)

  36. From laws chat today
    Joe (Toronto)
    Thoughts on Daniel Norris’ promotion to Triple A?
    Klaw 1:07 PM ET
    They’re rushing prospects to AAA for reasons I don’t fully understand (or that I do understand and with which I disagree). Letting a guy go around a league twice has real value. Neither Norris nor Pompey got that in New Hampshire.

    Aa trying to save his job?

    • more like we’re desperate for lghtning in a bottle

    • Law’s word isn’t his name. That second-time round thing is a bit of self-fulfilling prophecy. If a guy struggles first year in, say AA, then tears it up 2nd year, we’ll say “Ok, looks like he needed that 2nd year.” If that guy then struggles in AAA, we’ll say, “See why he needed a 2nd year?” If that guy tears is up at AAA first time round, we’ll say “See why he needed a 2nd year?”

      But here’s the thing: how valuable is it really to reward a fantastic performance in AA with… another season at AA? What does that say? Does it say: “sorry, but you can’t be this good so young, so you have to prove it again”? Norris and Pompey are both highly-regarded, have performed well, and straight-up earned their promotions. With very talented guys like them, repeating a level doesn’t force them to reach their highest level of performance, because they don’t have to in AA.

      Law is a good talent evaluator, but he’s wrong here.

    • Part of AA’s thing for the last little while has been letting prospects sit in the minors for a while and promoting them very deliberately (aka slowly). This recent change could simply mean that AA is rethinking that philosophy.

      • And that could be a response not only to how well certain prospects have performed, but to the general changing trend in valuing star players’ trade value: prospects are no longer good enough to get it done. Young talent that has already arrived, gone through the gauntlet is what’s going to get those deals done.

        So if they’ve got, bring em up.

      • This is the kind of thing I like to see. The Jays have been very conservative with their prospects in recent years, and the way they’ve treated Pompey, Norris and Sanchez shows a willingness to change their philosophy when they aren’t getting results.

    • Michael Wacha pitched a total of 21 innings across three levels before making it to AAA, then he was called up to the Cards after 15 starts. This year they moved top prospect Marco Gonzales from A+ to AA to AAA to the MLB with less than 40 IP at each level.

      The Jays haven’t been particularly aggressive with their pitching prospects in recent years, and people have blasted their player development. Meanwhile, the Cards are considered (rightfully) a model organization. It can’t hurt to emulate something they’ve been doing very well.

      I like the move to a different approach where they’re challenging pitchers to show what they can do.

  37. McCarthy complete game shutout 8 K’s. Was a big fan of obtaining his services, as his peripherals showed he was much better than had looked in AZ.

  38. While the thread seems to be trending Yankees, I’d like to mention this:

    Jacoby Ellsbury, in the first year of a 7/153 deal, has produced an OPS of 741. Only time he’s ever recorded a full-season OPS above 800 is his crazy outlier 2011.

    This is just one example of why the Yankees deserve the slow decline they entered into midway through last season. Fuck them and their ridiculous spending, fuck their bullshit bandbox of a baseball field, and most of all, fuck them for outplaying their run differential by 5+ wins for the second straight year.

    • Not to mention Mccann is incredibly underwhelming compared to that contract.

      • It seems like it’s pretty common for a player to underperform the first year of a big deal with a new team though.

        • Makes you wonder how much the shifts have affected that. Otoh, Yankee stadium should give a good left handed batter a decent boost.

          • Fangraphs did a good article on that, Mccann has some success trying to beat the shift, it’s just the power has been zapped as a result. Only one home run he made at yankee stadium would have left the park in any other. kinda sad.

            • The main reason the Yanks are sliding is because they’ve stopped developing impact big leaguers. Yeah, they can spend, but the scary thing to remember is when they were winning all those World Series it was on the backs of guys who came up through their minor league system, plus some key vets like O’Neill and Brosius. Since they’ve gone the “sign the big ticket guys” route of player development, they’ve one only once, for all those billions spent.

  39. who would Mccarthy have replaced at that time? Stoman? Hutchinson? Happ Dickie and Bruerhle were going nowhere based on contracts and Stroman and hutch had done nothing to lose their jobs at that time

    • I guess the thinking was that he would go to the pen, then be swapped with Hutch when he started to run out of gas.

      But the team’s just been playing shitty, and no amount of middle-tier pitching fixes a flat offence.

      • well said noopi and revolo think about it MaCarthys starts were all Hyde you can look at numbers and they are what they are but no way i sit Hutch for him at that point

        • but a smart analyst would have looked at his abnormally high HR/FB rate and figured it was most probably an anomaly and taken a flier on a couple of starts.

          But apparently everyone passed on him when he was placed early on waivers so what do I know.

          • I like McCARTHY and agree with what your saying it was just wrong time for AA to take that flyer. I’m sure in hindsite AA would say I should have but if Hutch , Stroman and Happ all pitched like they were noone on here would be saying we should have picked him up

            • I think there was a sense among everyone that Hutch and Stroman would not last the season and that surplus/depth was going to be necessary.

              • I agree but McCarthy had not shown any signs of being better than stretching Todd Redmond for a start or two would be. Its easy to look back and say why didn’t they do this or that after a guy has a couple good games. For me at 8 mill I would have signed Cruz before the O’s and had Lind on bench or moved in trade. Its easy to look back but i thought that was AA’s biggest error and it looks like money was not there to do that.

    • Hutch was doing his Jerkyle Hyde starts along with Happ. Hutch could have been shut down early to provide depth.

  40. Gordon Beckham to the Angels.

    He would’ve looked good in a Jays uniform. Fuck rogers.

    • The Jays really good use a no-bat, mediocre defensive second baseman, couldn’t they?

      At his best, he’s Munenori Kawasaki. This year, he’s been Ryan Goins without the defense.

    • Why in the world would you want Gordon Beckham?

      • Beckham’s ceiling is far higher than Kawasaki. He has more power, and plays much better defence. Beckham is a career 300+OBP. At worst he’s a younger, more athletic version of Steve Tolleson. At best, he’s the same guy who won Rookie of the Year hitting .270 with 14 hr 63RBIs.

        At 900k left on the contract, why not take a shot with a guy like Beckham? If he flames out, it didn’t cost the jays very much other than money.

        Oh, yah, that’s the problem. They have none to spend.

  41. Anyone know where to watch the Buffalo Bisons online ?

    • I think you just get in your car and head south.

      Don’t know if there’s free streaming anywhere. Only know there’s MiLB.TV.

  42. so no new djf posts for a while?

    • I really miss the podcasts. I know you are likely very busy so this isn’t a jab, Stoeten, just sayin’..

  43. Minor League Roundup:

    5 innings, 1 hit, 1 run, 3 walks, 9 K’s for Norris

    Pompey with a hit and 2 K’s in his Buffalo debut

    Gose with 2 hits and 4 steals (maybe Pompey’s presence puts more pressure on him to perform)

    Pillar hasn’t played in a bit. Small injury perhaps?

    Osuna with 4 shutout innings, 3 hits, no walks, 5 K’s for Dunedin… He’s been struggling a bit so this is good

    Mitch Nay is in Dunedin now, 0 for 6 in 2 games

    Rowdy Tellez has moved up to Lansing

    Richard Urena up to Vancouver

    • Oh wow, so I guess we’ll see Osuna in New Hampshire next week?

      • Lol I doubt it. Despite this start he still has a 7.47 ERA. Perhaps “struggling a bit” was an understatement. Everyone who has been rocketing through the system has been doing well at every stop on the way

    • Read Pillar has a “minor” injury and will be back soon. His feelings can’t still be hurt about not getting called up yet?

      Looking forward to watching Rowdy’s progression. Great name.

    • This is awesome, thanks.

  44. Crazy Stat of the day. David Price didn’t get to 3 balls on any batter he faced his entire day, let alone walk a guy. One hit, no walks, not one batter gets past 2 balls and the poor guy takes the loss?

  45. Seemed to be a lot of DJFer’s at PitchTalks tonight.Lots of laughs when Garbage Clown was mentioned.
    Highly recommend it for anyone wishing to go.
    Although I didn’t know beforehand that pizza and beer were available for purchase.
    Nice surprise.

    • It was a good time for sure.
      Shi Davidi is a smart dude.

      • Davidi knows his stuff and explained his points well.
        Sid was entertaining and comedic,thought his point about AA’s timing was a valid slant.
        Taggert, I didn’t know much about but really enjoyed his take.
        Stoeten is getting really good at this stuff.Amazed that most of the crowd were aware of the GC reference.
        Would,ve liked to have seen the ladies discuss more about the game but they did open my eyes to MLB’s pandering to them.Would have loved to get Isabellareyes,karen or bean weasel’s take on what they said.
        Of course,there were parts where I disagreed with each presenter,but I learned something new from every one of them.
        A good time for sure.

  46. Heey very interesting blog!

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