Game Threat: Jays vs. Rays

They’re playing the Rays tonight, right? Well… still working out some kinks in the new computer working procedure and… well… this week has already been so abysmally half-assed around here, I’m kinda thinking… why bust my ass on a right proper Game Threat at this point? In the words of Alex Rios, who gives a fuck?

Back to normal soon, though. Oh, and Jays… win a fucking game!

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  1. win a fucking game is a really good idea.

  2. who gives a fuck around here anyway?

  3. Can’t say it enough:




  4. Really, all we need is a place to yell or speak calmly whichever you prefer. I do not know how hard it would be but if we could get two weekend threats, one for Saturday and one for Sunday that would be nice just as a way of starting a fresh comment section.

  5. GO JAYS!!! KILL! (is that to harsh?)

  6. Happy 5 year anniversary of rios being let go and Bautista running with the job

  7. I’m back, bitches!
    I know, I know – my presence was sorely missed.
    But I’m here for you + for the team so things are definitely on an upswing.

  8. thank god for someone in the booth who actually thinks before they speak

  9. Hey so Reyes is a pretty good hitter

  10. Fuck you Escobar.

  11. Fuck goddamn

  12. I said it the other day and I’ll say it again. August 19th was the low water mark. Tonight, we’re going streaking.

  13. little bit if a gift call on strike three to Myers there, but Stroman located nicely that AB, either hitting the corner or missing just off

  14. That’s a strikeout in the 9th

  15. this strikezone is right out of bizzaro world

  16. Apparently Longorias slump season doesn’t extend to games against the Jays

  17. Buck brings up a good point. Pitchers and catchers have to be on the same page with the infield when they shift. Makes no sense to put the shift on Longoria with 2 strikes and then pitch him hard and away.

    • A smart hitter would take the hint if they shift back, but they still have to “hit it where they ain’t”

    • They play the shift because those hitters tend to pull the ball wherever you pitch it. Pitch inside = hard ground ball pulled. Pitch outside = weaker ground ball pulled. If they go the other way, it’s very rarely hit on the ground.

  18. Horseshit call

    • They never make that call

      • Was just gonna say that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that called.

        • So that fan gets booted, right?

        • Kind of agree with it though. We’d be losing it if that was a Yankees fan at YS and it wasn’t called out. If the home fans are dumb enough to do that, then it should be called. doubt it would’ve been called against the visiting team.

          bit of a grey area though, just because your the home team obviosuly doesn’t mean all the fans are yours. What if that was a Rays fan? Are they still out?

          • It never gets called though. Like ever. Regardless of whether it’s the right call.
            Remember the Jeter/Tarrasco homer?

    • I gotta see this. Make it happen MLB app!

  19. No way that was going to be caught.

  20. I like how Gose is hitting with Pompey around

  21. Cletus makes me sad.

  22. for fuck’s sake Colby

  23. Anyone want a Rasmus jersey?

    Bad timing?

  24. Who do you guys and girls think will be called up in 10 days?

    My guesses are/
    Jiminez if healthy

  25. This time last year everyone was all “Extend Rasmus!”

    • He came off a five war season

      Wouldn’t shock me if he bounces back to a 3 war season next year

  26. so Drew Smyly looks damn good huh?

  27. Da fuq is wit da fog

  28. I just want Ricky Romero to slowly walk out of the fog and save the team

  29. defense…

  30. This inning could have been: great running catch, walk, DP.

    coulda woulda

  31. I blame Tolleson for that error. Funny how 2B has been a black fucking hole all year. Fuck Tolleson, Reimhold and Juan Francisco.

    • it also was a very pick-able ball at 1B. it bounced well in front of him and hit his glove nearly at the apex of the bounce.

      this team’s defense is fairly atrocious all-round

  32. He can’t hit that’s why
    @caRSoN_Stats: And Ryan Goins toils in AAA. Can’t discount defence.

  33. This team hasn’t been helping its pitchers out for a while

    Bautista takes a crappy route to a ball which should have been a flyout

    Valencia bobbles a grounder

    Tolleson throws a bouncer

    And Ee should have had the short hop

    • This was a shitty defensive team on paper going into the season. Shitty is what we’ve gotten. Not much of a surprise.

    • Defence hasnt sunk this team nearly as much as shitty hitting and bad pitching though.

      • i disagree. this team has scored just fine if you take the entire season as a sample.

        their run prevention sucks, and now that there is legit talent in the rotation, the finger gets pointed in large part at the defense, which right now features a below average fielder at every position.

      • I dare you to either say something complimentary about the Blue Jays, or take the bucket challenge.
        I suspect that you’ll be all wet.

  34. 2 hits so far.
    At home.
    In a WC Race

    Get the sticks going you heart breaking pricks.


  35. Santos has been as filthy as you’d expect in AAA, but he’s still walking the ballpark. Delabar has been even worse. Are we gonna see those guys in Sept?

    • I wouldn’t. Fuck em.
      Bring up the kids Norris, Nolan.
      Maybe even Gravemen.

      But the Jays will bring up Santos and DBear.

      • ya think so? that’s certainly not what they’re indicating by being so aggressive with Graveman and Norris, and moving the latter to the bullpen as of Thursday.

      • Uh… Who’s Graveman? Wow pretty solid numbers. At age 23…This guy jumped 4 levels this year? Why do I not know who this guy is??


        This generation’s Madduz, Smoltz, Glavine???

    • Hey why not, maybe they pitch amazing and are increase trade value?

    • If you look at Santos last 10 outings, he’s had 6 BBs. He had none in the 1st appearance, and 3 BBs came in his 2nd appearance Aug 2nd. Since then – 8 more appearances – he’s had 3 more BBs. All were 1 walk items where he closed out the inning. Additionally, Santos has only given up 2 hits and 0 ERs while getting 14 Ks.

  36. The Jays are only down by 3. Stroman is pitching better than his last game. Defense is weak though. On the pre game broadcast , Zaun said the jays would have to go 25-10 to make the playoffs.

  37. get him out of here Gibby, he’s just not locating shit anymore

  38. *fart noises*

  39. alright this game officially sucks. the Rays are hitting well, but there’s a lot of BABIP bullshit going on along with our team’s shit defense.

    and o yeah, the bats are sucking eggs again

  40. Fuck the Rays and their really smart front office.

    We were able to look forward to Price being gone after next year, and in his place we’ve got fucking Guy Smyley until 2019.

    If we DO fail to make the playoffs and Bautista DOES demand a trade (not talking about the likelihood of that happening or anything, just a hypothetical) that’s a good example that trading a star player doesn’t have to be a rebuild move. TB may very well have gotten better (or at least no worse) immediately.

    • You’re not totally crazy, but let’s not forget that Drew Smyly – his strong performance since the trade notwithstanding – is no David Price, and the Rays know it. they don’t make that trade if they were seriously in the hunt at deadline time.

      with regards to an offseason Bautista trade, I just can’t envision something that would allow the Jays a better chance to compete next year. They have no outfield depth to replace Bautista, and with Melky and Colby’s futures up in the air, I’m sure trading their superstar RF is the last thing on their mind. If they make it to the trade deadline next year and are out of it, absolutely you deal him, and that’s when you can more reliably extract the highest price anyways.

  41. Fucking Longoria. It’s always Longoria.

  42. jesus christ this team

  43. And that’s enough baseball for the night.

    At least this one ended relatively early.

  44. We’ve punctured a major artery.

  45. Just got home from work on the west coast. Two hits? FML.

  46. Jays only down by 7. They came back by 8 against the reds.

  47. Fuck, as I watch this game, it occurs to me that there’s no reason to think the Rays won’t be really good next year. They have a lot of young, really high end talent. Boston (especially if they get Lester) will likely be typical Boston. Baltimore will be good. Only the Yankees look like there’s a reasonable expectation of shittiness.

    • I know. It’s very possible it’s Toronto and New York battling for the basement next year.

      But then again it’s hard to tell. Baseball’s weird.

      • I mean who thought the Orioles would be running away with the division before this season started? Or even in early June?

        • that’s why the projections predicting parity in the ALE couldn’t be taken seriously. in baseball shit always happens that opens up the division – this year it was horrendous underperformance from Boston and Tampa.

          the goal in team-building is really just to get yourself close and then hope for luck.

      • Yeah, you never know, lots of things happen.

        Just saying, 2014 started out looking like a weak ALE would be a trend for the next couple years at least. Now it looks like it could be an anomoly.


    • To be blunt, when was the last time a team looked bad against the Jays? Fenway?

    • @Roba

      Very good points. AA would have a tough time putting together a playoff team next year.

      Perhaps he will convince management that a rebuild is necessary unless he gets Roger approval to increase payroll to 150 M

  48. When you can’t pitch it, can’t hit it and can’t catch it,
    winning becomes a bit of a challenge.

  49. It’s Lawrie’s absence. Save us, Canadian Jesus!

  50. Here comes The Future.

  51. Hope circa 2012 on to pitch now

  52. AA can’t do a rebuild. If he throws the towel In on that he’s gone along with the coaching staff and this past 5 years of him were useless. He’s got some good talent coming up. Rogers and the jays need to see where next year goes. If it sinks like this one is then they start the rebuild but AA should get to see what his drafting has produced at the big league level IMO

    • This was how I felt in January. One year can be an anomaly.

      This choke has been excruciating, though. It’s so…Blue Jays. I don’t know that there’s a quick fix in any direction, though.

    • For any other GM, probably.

      I could be very wrong, but I feel like the teams success on the field is probably only a minor factor with regards to if AA keeps his job or not.

      I feel like Rogers cares far more about a GM that is a good soldier, toes the party line, and won’t embarrass them.

      I feel like Rogers is absolutely thrilled with AA so far.

      • To be honest the thing I hate most about Jays fans, and this blog, is all the speculation and assumption about Rogers.

        • Sure.

          But the speculation for the msot part are based on a preponderance of the evidence. They’re not just out of left field.

      • It is why Lieweke stepped down IMO

        • Leiweke bolted because the Bon Jovi Bills package is falling apart.

          • A) They never had the money to buy the Bills and the NFL is pissed with Toronto. Was never going to happen and Toronto does not deserve a NFL team

            B) Lieweke has great vision and is an amazing sports exec, who measures his success on his teams building towards championships. Bell and Rogers are about bull shit. Why would anyone of Lieweke’s talents waste anymore time with these two moronic companies fighting in the board room.

            C) His wife hated Toronto

            It is sad to see a guy like this go, but really Toronto does not deserve this guy.

  53. I like the 2015 Jays. Only major issues would be 2B (again!) and CF. Great pitching depth. Buerhle, Dickey, Hutch, Stroman and Sanchez/Norris… No room for Happ.

    • Assuming they resign Melky and let Colby walk.

    • I like the 2015 Jays too. Always seems one team every year comes out of nowhere to be good, and it’s usually due to a youth movement at key positions. Wouldn’t be crazy to think that was the Jays.

      I hate the 2015 ALE though.

      That’s a big part of the equation. If we had the 2010, 2008, or 2006 Jays this year, all 3 would have probably won the division.

      Sometimes it’s not enough to be good.

    • Bullpen might be an issue without Janssen

      But I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone turned into shutdown guys for a season. I don’t expect anything from relievers.

    • You’ve got to keep Happ around with that option price. He’s too valuable to let walk.

      And that’s a really young rotation. There’s a really, really good chance that at least one out of Hutch, Stroman, Sanchez and Norris either: a) runs out of gas or b) sucks.

      You just can’t project guys that young with any accuracy. How great did our rotation of the future look wehn it was Drabek, Romero, Morrow et al?

      Guys flame out, or get hurt, or hit a wall in their develoipment all the time. Sometimes after intial success, they regress. Sometimes they figure it out, sometimes they don’t.

      but you need to keep happ around. At least we know what he is, and he’s affordable.

      • I think Sanchez and Norris start in Buffalo next year barring an injury or a combination of impressive performance and Stroman, Hutch, or maybe Happ’s poor performance

      • So Buerhle and Dickey ain’t going nowheres. Hutch gets arbitration and a pay raise from 500k. Stroman is locked in. Morrow walks. I think Happ also walks, for 5+ MM. So you got 2 top prospects gunning for #5 spot. Sanchez and Norris. Let them duke it out. I think advantage Sanchez, although Norris has been destroying AAA. Where does Happ fit in exactly??

      • exactly right. I like having a guy who can be relied on for a 4.00-4.50 FIP at the back end of the rotation, especially when Sanchez and Norris are total wildcards. Don’t rush those guys any more than they already have been. Let them earn their way through AAA.

    • there is reason to hope. i like that Stroman, Hutch, Sanchez and probably Norris will all have gotten their feet wet this year.

      the bullpen will need some outside help, regardless of whether or not Janssen is back. I assume they will not have the luxury of using guys like Sanchez and Norris in the pen next season, at least in the first half. Loup, Cecil, McGowan have roles secured, but then it gets very murky.

      Gose replacing Rasmus will help the run prevention, as would finding a nice glove for 2B (someone who can hit better than Goins hopefully).

    • So does that mean you like the 2014 Jays? Me too.

  54. Hate the Rays and losing to the Rays.

  55. Watch Drabek implode.

  56. Jays need to 7-2 in this stretch … I expected at least one of those losses to be at the hands of the Rays so tonight fucking sucks but I can chalk that up as one of the losses

  57. Will Stoten take the ice bucket challenge…

  58. Who do I have to fuck to get some hits around here?

    Not Radar I hope.

    • I’m listening…

    • I know someone who thinks you a handsome brute.

    • I refuse to entertain any thoughts until I am properly wined and dined.
      And i want chocolates and flowers.
      And of course a period of courtship must ensue.
      Jewelry would be a nice touch.
      You have to introduce me to your family,then meet my family and state your intentions.
      Even after all, that the answer will still be no,as I am playing hard to get.
      Gotta think of my reputation.

  59. Jesus, did the Rays fleece somebody again?

    Smyly is fucking killing it, and only has 2 years service time. Why do people let them do this all the goddamn time?

  60. Remember when Bautista said at the deadline about players not coming back next year? I wonder how many of the fa to be at the end of the season made their mind up right at the deadline when aa did nothing about not coming back. I’m guessing Jansen for sure based on his comments that day as well but I wonder about milky

  61. I wonder if they’re tired

    They’ve only had 3 off days in the last week

  62. Rays working on 20 scoreless since the VMart slam.

  63. What’s the arithmetic now?

  64. 2 hits. Going out with a whimper.

  65. Sweet Jesus the Jays are making other teams SP look amazing these days!

  66. This fucking team is done. Fucking quitters.

  67. Run differential down to 0.

  68. It took me a while to concede that they are a .500 team. But they are a .500 team.
    I prefered the 2013 version because this version has been one huge tease.

    If by some baseball miracle (because it’s never over until it’s over) the Jays get into the playoffs, I’ll by every one of you (GTA) assholes a beer.


  69. It’s early

  70. At a certain point blind positivity becomes willful ignorance.

    There are good things coming in the future, but this season is gone, please just accept that.

  71. Pathetic baseball team. Elite offense my ass.

  72. God this team is such pathetic dogshit. Fuck off the lot of you.

  73. I’ll be rooting for our 20-year+ drought brethren this postseason if the Royals make it.

    Alex Gordon is having a borderline mvp year totally under the radar.

    • Jays will have the longest postseason drought in mlb if royals make it and i have to say its well deserved thanks to incompetent/apathetic ownership

    • I’ll root for the Mariners to make it in if the Jays won’t… I also like to root for the teams that haven’t won in a while like the Royals if they get in

      The wild card isn’t exactly out of reach, at least like the division is, but the Jays aren’t showing signs of breaking free of average/ mediocre performance as a team

  74. Holy fuck jays talk caller
    “Bautista took a hometown discount in 2010″

  75. Question: does a majority of this team come back next year, or does it depend on the next 5 1/2 weeks? I mean maybe this year convinced Rogers to spend (hahaha) this offseason. It makes sense that next year would be a contract year for AA too, and almost every deal except for bautista’s 2016 option and Reyes are FA after 2015

  76. Yabbut what about Small Potatoes? I’m pretty sure he took a home town discount, and no one seems to give a shit about that. This is an outrage.

  77. EE has an option for 2016 and I believe Dickey does as well. Lawrie and the young pitchers will still be doing the arb thing.
    Buerhle has one year left, 2015, but I would dump him and free up whatever cash I can. His left handed version of Josh Towers is being exposed, even if he does eat 200 innings. If it is difficult to impossible to move him, then dump Dickey (and Thole). We don’t need 2 old farts averaging 6 innings or so.
    Wiyh Gose in CF next year we will have speed and defence and an equivalent to better OPA than Rasmus. Sign Melky or ELSE! ( you’re fucked).
    Another option to ponder is put LAwrie on 2b, Bautista on 3b ( Dumping FRancisco, Tolleson, and Valencia to boot) and get another OF as they are easier to find at least in relation to 2bs they are. Again, better D results from this.
    Reyes probably stays at SS unless AA is fired and the sell off begins, however, if anyone gets dumped if this shit show continues, right or wrong, it will be Gibbons-this team is still bad at FUNDEMENTAL baseball


    now that most of the season has passed, interesting to see how clairvoyant this article was – just a few examples below but almost all of them shake out

    Red Sox – negative 16 WAR – first to worst, nuff said

    Tigers – negative 14 WAR – last year their pythag had them pegged for 99 wins (93 actual wins) and they had a cumulative WAR of 54, this year they are on pace for around 85-88 wins and currently have a team WAR of 32

    Rays – negative 8 WAR – 2013 team WAR was 40, right now they have 30 WAR so the massive winning tear they’ve been on since June shouldnt have been a big surprise – they had pythag last yr of 87 wins, finished with 92, right now they look like they could finish with 83-85 wins, so that seems about dead on

    Royals – negative 6 WAR – 2013 team WAR was 39, current WAR 31 – their reign atop the division could be shortlived, last year they played exactly to their pythag while this year they are a few games over where they should be

    Obviously these dont take into account any trades, major injuries, luck, minor league call-ups, breakout years, etc. The WAR to win ratio also shouldn’t be taken for gospel based on that article either but for the most part the projected increase/decrease in WAR is very close to what it should be. Some teams obviously outplaying their WAR in terms of the win columns but at the very least the WAR #s themselves match up well with the projections in the article.

    So for Jays they have a team WAR right now of 29, last year they had 30, so for them to match up they need to put up 9 WAR from this point forward (+8) . . . thats quite a bit but considering all the injuries, not completely impossible. If they do so, that would suggest a decent amount of winning ahead. That would also give them 38 WAR which would put them in the same WAR range as KC (33), SEA (34), OAK (35), NYY (38) and DET (40) which is kind of how the wildcard race is right now.

    SEA and OAK are obviously outpacing those WAR #’s thanks to a lot of extra WAR from players who werent supposed to be this good (Chris Young for example) and both teams made very big trades to improve as well. NYY is underperforming their WAR by quite a bit (currently 23) but also had their entire pitching staff gutted by injuries which is impossible to predict.

    Once again, don’t take as gospel, more of a fun thought experiment and maybe some of the more neutral teams (in terms of injuries/trade acquisitions) will come close to those WAR #’s specifically KC and TOR, which would definitely make for one interesting September

    • So considering where teams stand right now WAR-wise, where they are projected, I think it will end up being a 3 way fight between Oakland, Seattle and LAA for those 2 wild cards, with either LAA or Oakland taking the division.

      Detroit takes the central with KC falling just short again.

  79. what’s really disgusting is how elite the rays defense was and how cowardly pathetic the jays was. rasmus lolly gagging it, slopoke bautista in right, tolleson soft toss at 2nd, reyes jogging out for a floater, edwin can’t pick a low throw. this is typical blue jays baseball.

  80. Alright, I’m done with this team… Catch you guys next year…

  81. Can I be a garbage clown now? It looks like more fun than pretending we still have a shot at the playoffs.

    On that note it’s my first live game of the season (living in Calgary)….do any DJFer’s wanna meet up for a drink before / during / after to tall ball with me and the ol man? Sometimes I need help trying to explain UZR and WRC+.

    I also might have an extra ticket kickin around for Sun/Mon (100 level, Corp tix so should be okay seats) for trade for any other game between now and the 28th.

  82. Interesting, if kinda infuriating, article on why the Orioles have done so well. Also: O’s fans are touchy.

  83. I’m staying on the boat…but I’m starting to think that the boat’s name is Titanic.

  84. Sad. Just sad. Let’s go Raptors

  85. When do the raptors play?

  86. From Cathal Kelly in the Globe & Mail

    Non-waiver trade deadline day. July 31st. Everybody who matters in the American League did something. The Jays did nothing. By his own downbeat standards, Jose Bautista blew his stack. He was the only one in the clubhouse really speaking truth to power that day.

    We all shrugged and tried to persuade ourselves it didn’t mean anything. After all, who exactly were they supposed to trade? Everything was going to be fine. Then the Jays lay down and died.

    On the last day of July, Toronto was comfortably in the second Wild Card spot, leading Seattle by three games. They were only 1.5 games behind the Orioles in the East. Over the next three weeks, they posted the second-worst record in baseball.

    Believing the Jays still have a chance is to believe that Detroit and Seattle, with all that pitching, are going to get lapped by Drew Hutchison and friends. That would be a powerful act of faith. If you can manage it, I’d like to ask you to say a few words at my funeral. I could use the endorsement.

    You don’t want to call this a failure. The team will think of it that way – every team that doesn’t win should – but it wasn’t for all the rest of us. By recent standards, it’s been an awful lot of fun to watch.

    Some time in June, you started thinking what they had going for them was sustainable. The Jays have been intermittently in and out of it over the years, but it’s been a long, long while since it felt that way.

    All the usual culprits were to blame here – too little experience, too many miles, injuries, depth and the lack thereof.

    We’ll spend the last six weeks coming to grips with it. Somewhere in there, you’re going to feel angry. Don’t bother. A just-above .500 team is what we thought we’d get, and it’s about where we’re ending up. Nobody got cheated this yea

  87. I wonder if the team continues to collapse, that Rogers would be forced to take action to save face or could they try & reduce expectations, saying that at least they were competitive at the trade deadline?

    • You know the answer to that.

      • @King.
        Below 81 wins & someone gets fired.

        • Maybe. Maybe not. I wouldn’t be surprised by a salary dump, though. Rogers is pretty short-sighted given the merchandise that could be sold if the team was heading to the playoffs.

          • If the team plays 500 ball and ends up with 82-84 wins no one gets fired only players will change

            If they tank ROS gibbons gets fired.
            Aa gets one more chance in 2015, and if he fails, a ton of contracts end after next year. Then a new gm would be rebuilding
            JPR got 8 years
            This is AA’s 5th
            One more year and we should start to see the fruits of theb2010!and 11 drafts

            • Notwithstanding what I wrote, I still think that AA and Gibbons should stay next year because it was a three year window and AA clearly stated that when he made those splashes in the 2012 off-season. Once that window officially closes and the team has accomplished nothing at the end of the 2015 season, then perhaps the case can be made to clean house. IMO, I’d still keep the two around anyway.

          • Can they just do a payroll dump without changing MGMT?

  88. Remember 2013? We started 10-21 and the calls for Gibbons head and others reigned supreme. They then had a hot streak, meandered around and won 75 games.
    This year , they had the hot streak real early, meandered , and now, since AUG 1 ( arbitrary start point, yes) they have the 2nd worst record in MLB, with no power, whatsoever and pitchers fucking up like last APRIL. they have merely substituted April 2013 with Aug 2014. Rinse/repeat.
    They have gone from 6 games up on Balt to 9 games back in 2 months FFS! and fading towards what I predict will now be a 4th place finish and about 78 wins or so. September, again, will be all about being spoilers (Big FUK) and playing some raw kids and selling the hopey changey thing.(who cares?)
    Gibbons seems to just be a caretaker, to me. The team plays poor fundamental baseball ( we do a hit and run about once a month FFS), they are apathetic or stink on defence, take your pick ( see rasmus and Tolleson gaffes last night) and if we do slide to 4th I would expect Gibbons, as a minimum will be given the royal boot.
    Finally, off of their main 25 man roster( Santos and Lawrie on it, Drabek and Kawa off it), I expect about a 40% turnover this winter, or 10 players, by by which includes options not being picked up on Santos 6.5m, Morrow 10.5m, and letting Rasmus go saving a further 10m or so. On top of that I think Fat Juan is waived, Tolleson, Kawa, ans Valencia s/b scrapped, likely Janssen walks, plus a couple more. They better find away to sign Melky or our offense will be non-existent they way the are going>
    other than that, enjoy the exhibition games from now to the end. Sorry for being a garbage clown, but, not really

  89. If Melky and Janssen walk – they are SOOOOO fucked.
    Yeah, Tolleson, Valencia, Fat Juan and Kawa are decent fill-in players….if someone needs a break or goes down for 2 weeks or so. But any team that has to rely on pretty much ALL of them in the lineup just to keep a MLB starting roster going is in serious trouble. And the Jays have been cursed with concurrent injuries to key personnel for 2 years now. You can’t just plug in a guy to replace EE, Lind, Lawrie and Reyes on a long term basis and hope to be competitive. AA must be pulling his hair out.
    I can live with Rasmus going – between Melky, Bautista, Gose, and Pillar (and whoever else) there’s enough there to keep a competitive outfield (defensively). But Melky walking would be a giant hit to the jooblies. Same with Janssen – there’s no one that even comes close to a closer in that pen.

    • Pretty much agree with you there too. Jannsen has done all that /cb expected really. He rarely walks people, which to me is a critical component of any starter , but especially a reliever pitching in close games ( why do u think uhehara is so effective? He NEVER walks anyone). So he has to be hit to be beat which Detroit did to him and this will happen from time to tile. Guys like Delabar,Santos and McGowan who walk a few then give up, even just a double, do you in. I hope they can resign Casey, but , as a reliever he will not get 25m/3 from the Jays, nor will they pay Santos 6.5m to be a piss ass-buh bye!
      Melky is a key cog in whatever offense we have left=Replacing with a Pillar or Reimhold = Fuckin ugly, man.
      If I’m that Morgan guy, with 1k riding on them getting 81 wins, I think I might be perspiring a little bit, now. Going to go drink some of my brother’s merlot FFS.
      So, it goes

    • While I mostly agree with you, I feel that it’s necessary to point out that the Jays are #4 in baseball in runs scored, and #23 in baseball in runs allowed.

      If there’s anywhere the Jays can survive a hit, it’s to their offense; but the Jays can’t survive a hit to their defense.

      Now, granted, the Jays can’t survive a hit to anything, because baseball is all about scoring more runs than your opponent; the worst pitching team in the league can still have the best run differential in the league if their offense is that amazing. If the Jays lose anything on offense, then their pitching has to get that much better just to get back to where they were.

      But offense is not the problem for Toronto right now. The offense is easily playoff caliber.

    • @fastball

      We need a reliable closer. keep casey.

      We need Melky too

  90. So Rusney Castillo signed with the Red Sox.

    Yep. I hope he sucks.

  91. Did anyone see the new pre game show segment “Wilner’s wise calls”?

    Wilner complained about fans who were upset about no moves at the trade deadline.

    Wilner spoke to Navarro who said the pitching was fine.

  92. Jamie Campbell said the players haven’t quit on Gibby because they still show up to the stadium.

    That’s ridiculous. The players would get suspended if they didn’t show up to te stadium.

  93. Exactly. Campbell is a fool and barely , even now, understands baseball after spending years with Zaun. He never played it. I got a reasonable distance and quitting is much more subtle than that. It’s swinging at any old pitch that’s close, cadillacing in the field ( see rasmus yesterday) and so on. Managers like Showwalter w/h bencheddColby after that. There have been numerous examples like that this year which is why I an not a big Gibbons fan, like my brother, despite Gibbons interesting post game explanations

  94. I’m wondering if all their penny pinching this year was in part so they could make decent runs for Melky and/or Rasmus and Janssen in the off season. I think the
    QO part of the off season should tell us a lot. And last year that was in Nov.

  95. Woulda been a sweet catch.

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