Oh, hello. Apologize for the inactivity over the last day or so, but I got just a little bit robbed the other night and am currently a touch low on computers on which to… y’know… work. Things will be back to normal soon, though, so don’t fret.

In the meantime, I want to thank everybody who came out to last night’s Pitch Talks event, which may entirely have been my favourite yet — and not just for the continued spread of the term “garbage clown.” From Shi Davidi outlining J.P. Ricciardi’s terrible drafts as the reason the Jays seem perpetually thin in terms of depth, to Sid Seixeiro lamenting that the one-shot, payroll-increasing, can’t-say-no Marlins trade came around at the wrong moment for this organization and its GM, to Jeremy Taggart slaying the crowd and hilariously telling of his tryout with the Atlanta Braves (!), to Stacey May Fowles, Jenn Smith, and Erin Valois debating the merits of baseball’s replay challenge system, it was a night full of great baseball talk, and… y’know… beer (from the outstanding Left Field Brewery). And it was great putting faces to names and meeting people I’d only known through the internet, like David Shemie and Slappy Shalom — but not RADAR, even though he was apparently there!!

I’d add everyone’s Twitter handle to all that, but I’m writing this on my phone and… well… do you have any idea what a pain in the ass that would be?

What I will add, however, is what the title of this post refers to: my spot yesterday morning on TSN Radio 1050 here in Toronto.

Have a listen!

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  1. I was there too, but didn’t introduce myself because you were talking to Taggart all night and I’d have turned into a big babbling goofball around him…. Kind of one of my drumming idols after all.

  2. Well sexeiro is a garbage clown

  3. TSN radio. sweet!!

  4. I missed the introductions — who hosted that radio piece?

  5. I do think the Jays rotation needs to be better than it has been the last 2 seasons (including this one)….. The lineup isn’t going to be healthy and running hot every game and you need more good starts (and less crappitude from the pen) to steal some games. Also, when you face top pitchers on other teams you can’t always count on scoring lots of runs….

  6. Condolences on the robbery. That sucks.

    • Ditto.

      I’ve been robbed twice (!) — both B ‘n Es, for what it’s worth. It hurts, man, in more than material cost. I was left feeling…violated? Something like that.

      • I think violated is the right word.

      • I woke up to a guy trying to break into my house once. Thought he was a robber. It was the weirdest feeling ever. Turns out it was just the neighbour’s teenage kid who got absolutely trashed and was trying to go into the wrong unit.

  7. I wasn’t a big fan of Seixeiro before last night but he won me over. I didn’t agree with everything he said but he was definitely entertaining.

    • Definitely passionate in his beliefs.
      Curious that neither he nor Shi used injuries as a reason for the Jays lack of success.

      • Probably because everyone has them?

        Pitching wins, primarily, but depth isn’t far behind.

        • Intereting. I have a theory that with EE back. JB will start to take off now. (Ala the 3 run dinger in Wisconsin.)

      • To me it seems like many of the Sportsnet guys are there to play a role. It seems very conscious.

        See: Sid, Greg Zaun, Hayhurst last year, etc. It’s for ratings, I guess.

        • They all seem to be very cautious.Considering what Hayhurst said about his time.Certainly seems a posibility.

  8. Was the Pitch Talks thing recorded for slackers to view at a later date?

  9. I would have loved to have been there for this installment Pitch Talks – damn geography!

    I’m a fan of the work of all the speakers Seixeiro can play the role of Garbage Clown on the radio from time to time but I do find him entertaining and would have been interested to hear what he had to say in a forum like Pitch Talks.

  10. You got to talk to JIM TATTI!

  11. Castillo is probably going to the Red Sux yay…..

    • Getting more money than abreu and not even close in terms of talent

      • 6/$72M?


      • Abreu is worth much more than his contract. Castillo might be worth much more too.

        • it’s been a consensus abreu’s numbers were rather ridiculous in cuba. Castillo, not so much.

          His value is more in his legs.

          • Yeah your numbers don’t need to be nearly as good if you play CF

            • If it turns out he can’t hit, it could be that the Red Sox just went out and got themselves an older, much more expensive version of Jackie Bradley Jr.

              • That’s why these Cuban/ International free agents are such a risk. It would be hilarious to see the Sox throw good money at a guy to have him be terrible. who is he replacing? Jack Bradley Jr just got sent down and Mookie Betts is still a player, not to mention Cespedes and Victorino are still around. Are they going with an all speed no power outfield? Next year they are going to have a shit tonne of all speed all glove outfielders with questionable bats except Cespedes…

  12. Imagine if Roba and stoeten were at pitch talks……

  13. For all you complaining about Dinner’s “framing”, here’s something to gnaw on:


    • Much ado about nothing, imo. We knew what we were getting with Dinner when he signed for basically the same as our old, shitty, arb-eligible catcher. That is, not too much.

      And what’s the point of pointing out how terrible he’s (probably) been at framing? Of all the catchers who changed teams in the offseason, he definitely hurts his team the least. Salty got overpaid and is not hitting all that well, McCann got WAY overpaid and not even Yankee Bandbox can save his power stroke when he gets shifted on, and Pierzynski got realeased by the Red Sox. I think the Jays won that offseason with regard to catchers.

      • And I forgot that Hanigan cannot hit at all. Even a catcher should be able to hit at least a little.

      • Maybe it’s just a rebound effect, but i like catchers who add the odd hit now and again

      • There is not mention in this article about Navarro being a back-up catcher since 2010.

        How has the physical wear-and-tear of this year impacted his play behind the plate in general?

        • I’ve been a little perplexed by Navarro’s overuse this year. For a team that spent most of the season rostering three catchers, he’s caught a fuckload of games. Thole is no-one’s idea of a masher, but his OBP would play occasionally at the bottom of the order.

  14. I got mentioned in a DJF blog article. !!!!!!!

    A great night, great venue. Andrew was incredibly gracious, Shi insightful, Sid was witty, Jeremy passionate, Stacey thoughtful, Jenn irreverent in the best way, & Erin clever. Worth the 2 days off work & the drive to TO, night in the hotel. See you in September !

  15. It’s insane that jpa had a 227 obp last year

  16. What are the details of the robbery? Hope the laptop wasn’t stolen out of a tote bag whilst drinking at Opera Bob’s.

  17. Regarding Dinner – the reason he’s been given a free pass is because he’s been such a clutch hitter for the Jays. To the casual observer, they see him coming up and hitting well with RISP and it then appears that he’s doing really good and because we had grown accustom to JPA doing the exact opposite at the plate. JPA set the bar so low offensively, acted poorly in the public eye, and mixed with a really struggling pitching staff, anything marginally better would look like a massive success to the average fan.

    Jays catching is still one of their big weak spots and while I love what Navarro has brought this year, I realize they still above barely league average talent at that position, and I’d an improvement in a heart beat. That the Jays need to carry a personal knuckleball catcher also hurts them. But at the end of the day, you’re going to have some weak spots and I’m fine with catching being one of them if they can improve all other positions on the field.

    • I agree with this in regard to Dinner, he boxes up a shit ton of good pitches that are potential strikes, I really think it has something to with the fact that he sets a fairly high target so he’s constantly going down to get the ball.

  18. If you’re looking for something to do, the Cubs are trying to beat up on the Orioles right now.

    Afternoon baseball!

  19. Seixeiro really knows how to work a crowd/room. Very entertaining.

  20. Needs more GROF.

  21. Too bad Reimold wasn’t at Pitch Talks last night. A snapshot of him with Taggart would have been priceless.

    Rosewood and Taggart!

  22. So how ’bout a Game Thread? I’m sitting in the stands watching BP and all there is on DJF is your gig on the radio. T -103 to game time. Just sayin’.

    • Huit did you notice his computer got stolen? He posted this with a phone.

      • @ Karl. Thanks man. Replied 2 minutes ago but it got misplaced in the interweb. You are absolutely correct – I just assumed that since Mr Stoeten was able to post about it, he actually was able to access the interweb.
        I’m just very happy to have games back at the RC. TV is ok when they’re away, but home at the RC is much better.

  23. Cracked me up to hear your interviewer say, “our guest today is Andrew Stoeten, from [in a serious voice articulating each syllable] DRUNK.JAYS.FANS.DOT.COM.”
    Great interview!

  24. Shall we do a Half-Assed GAME THREAT for Stoeten, given his technical limitations?

    RAYS (62-65) at JAYS (65-62)

    Smyly vs Stroman




    • No Scuttlebutt?

      • MLBTR has a report that Buck Showalter has been caught frolicking naked with farm animals during Baltimore’s last road trip. The Orioles are offering denials, but we all know what we’d rather believe. WILL THIS PROVE TO BE A DISTRACTION?

    • For some reason, #gojaysyouassholes makes me think of Spaceballs when Rick Moranis tells the crew on his ship to “keep firing, Assholes!”. Spaceballs…possibly the greatest ‘dumb’ funny movie of all time, imho.

  25. Yep. Bummer. Did you notice he was able to access the interweb to tell us? I truly am not trying to be a demanding dick, i’m just very pumped abou finally getting to go to a game. I’m a season ticket holder and go to every game so i’m quite happy that the boys are back in town. Plus there’s that small matter of how much I may have had to drink today. It’s still Friday, right?

  26. Norris on top of Baseball America’s hot sheet, also Kendall Graveman got the “helium watch”. Urena got mention for a cold week.


    • That was Lugo, not Urena. Lugo (less so after the slump), Nay, and Dean have had decent but underwhelming seasons offensively for Lansing. Yet Nay finds himself in Dunedin now. Urena moved up to Vancouver. Two very young but exciting shortstops there in him and Barreto.

  27. article by Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs finds that the Jays have been hurt by pitch framing more than any other team in baseball – to the tune of 280 strikes this season. That’s both at the plate and on the mound.

    • It’s so inexact.

      When they attempt to compile lists like that they have no way of taking into account error by the umpire or any other factor.

      As it is, if an ump get’s fooled by a pitch that was clearly a strike for whatever reason it goes in the column as poorly framed. We’ve all seen a pitch that comes right over the heart, gets called a ball and we’re baffled by. That get’s added into the poorly framed column even though it’s clearly not.

      It’s a flawed stat.

      • sure, but the idea is that the umpires rotate around the league fairly regularly to eliminate that kind of persistent bias.

        Jeff pointed out that the Jays bottom-dwelling ways in that category are a combination of the poor quality of their own receivers, as well as the strength of the rest of the division (McCann, Molina, Hanigan, Vazquez, Ross, etc.)

        • what i mean is that, sure the numbers are not exact (like UZR, or WAR or practically any statistic to varying degrees), but there shouldn’t be a persistent bias, and thus the rankings should be pretty accurate.

  28. Machado done for the year

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