Seriously now, try winning a damn game.

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  1. Struck him out twice.

  2. ffs

  3. Oh my fucking Jesus Christ

  4. Rosewood!
    Say it ain’t so!

  5. Well that was…….interesting

  6. Tampa Bay magic rears its fugly head.

  7. This defense has been a farce. The spirit of Corey Patterson is among us

  8. Game. Fuck.

  9. Fuck off Maddon

  10. Beauty throw by Melky btw.

    • What difference does it make if the runner has a path to the plate or not if he’s going to be our by 30 feet ?

      • Unfortunately, it’s the current bullshit rule because pow wittle Buster Posey got his ankle bwoken on a clean collision at the plate. Catchers now must leave a clear path to the plate (which Dinner did…the back of the plate was unblocked before he caught the ball and shifted his foot…jesus, I wish Buck would realize that a “path to the plate” does not refer to the entire plate) before catching the ball.

  11. Melk has a beaut of an arm

  12. Horseshit strike zone, grudge calls, Moldy RF, stupid new plate blocking rules.

    I’m so angry right now.

    • Perhaps team leader Bautista deserves some blame for getting run. ?

      And why can Cecil only pitch to two hitters before you bring in piece of shit santos. !

    • Didn’t Santos used to throw 95/96? So far he’s hit 93.

  13. FUCK



  14. That fuckin rule should be trashed.

    • As a catcher who has been barreled several times, I still wholeheartedly concur.

      • Maybe they should bring back the home plate collision and
        titanium armour for the catcher?

      • I can see this rule in little league or even high schooll, but this is big boy baseball . If you don’t want the risk of getting barreled over than don’t play .

        I’m all for protecting players when an elegant rule that can be easily applied is possible , but With home plate collisions there’s no elegant solution

        The rule seems forced and contradictory

        • Also, there were catchers who , would give half the plate to the runner if they saw a close play coming. It tended to save their careers.

  15. This FO claimed to value defence but then bent over backwards to find spots for anyone that they felt could maybe, possibly hit

    I understand injuries play a role and it’s an imperfect world but I’m fucking ready to try something else here.

    I would welcome some fresh perspective or ideas in the FO.

  16. A very Santos inning here, all manner of calamities, complete absence of quality defense and no timely strike outs.

  17. Frisky Frisco.

  18. gift!

  19. What a gift …. had loney caught that juans out … you can see Juan slow down/hesitate right before picking up speed a few feet before the base

  20. I can’t believe that worked!

  21. The Trenches coming up big!

    Get Sprague up.

  22. Well this is getting interesting.

    Kawasaki did not get the bunt down but is safe anyway.

  23. Japanese witchcraft!

  24. Reyes has to be one of the most brain dead players in MLB

  25. unreal.

  26. Fuck off

  27. Really?

  28. Unreal….lack of fundamentals is mind boggling

  29. Dfa reimold

  30. Jays get a gift and decline it.

    How do you not score just the one run there?

  31. Bahahahahaha!

  32. Fucking terrible.

  33. Well that Bautista ejection was pretty I’ll timed indeed.

  34. …..fuck this team. Seriously.

  35. Sure would be nice if our best player didn’t tell his teammates to fuck off with his selfish act

  36. Never in doubt!

  37. This team doesn’t deserve the playoffs … so many fundamental errors and selfish play

  38. What a fucking bunch of fucking god damn fucking bullshit fucking garbage. Hope that ump enjoys whatever money he won betting on TB. That is to say I hope he gets shanked in the street.

  39. Would have been Bautista up there at the end.

  40. Fuck off gibbons for not having pillar on the team

  41. Ladies and gentlemen – Jose Reyes!

  42. Who cares if it would have been Bautista you can’t count on him for everything! They all just failed at basic baseball, and they get what the deserve.

    Also, I quote my friend when I say “Nolan Reimold needs to be pushed into an open elevator shaft”.

  43. Why is Reyes swinging at the first pitch there? Take a pitch, run, bunt…Hate to be that guy but ugh.

  44. Why do assholes call up Jays Talk and then invoke their experiences coaching kids’ baseball as evidence of baseball acumen?

    • Goes back to stoeten responding to a griff bag member like this:” coach bantam hockey FFS

  45. Two so called best players cost us that game Bautista for stupidity the ump gave him a warning to walk away and Reyes for a terrible at bat all he needed at that point was put ball in play didnt need the big swing

  46. Goes back to what I posted a couple days ago about melky and Reyes leading the team in fewest pitches seen. They hack at everything and hack early. They are great hitters no doubt but there’s a reason teams with lesser talented players make the playoffs when it comes to executing in tight playoff like games like that. You have to approach each at bat differently

    There was zero reason to swing on the first pitch. Boxberger was rattled and you now have a decent runner on third, a well timed sac fly and you play to tie

    This team is in bottom 3 in sac flies and that’s a big reason why they lose so many 1 run games

    • Because the name of the game is to hit the ball (hopefully extra bases) and advance runners. So when you see a good pitch – regardless of the situation – some players say you might as well swing. Face it, a lot of times the batter is guessing, too. The guy’s thrown a lot of balls and has been pitching from behind…he might want to throw a first-pitch, get-ahead strike.
      How many more hits would Lind have – except for the fact that he RARELY EVER swings at the first pitch?

    • For the record, Reyes is hitting .508/.500/.754 on the first pitch this season.

  47. The season isn’t over
    But they need to have a hot streak starting tomorrow

  48. Can’t wait until this guys show gets cancelled
    @Sid_Seixeiro: Getting thrown out of a game you have to win. True leadership. #jays #bautista

    • How the fuck is this guy employed? All he does is troll
      @Sid_Seixeiro: If losing were an art form the Jays would be Pacasso. #jays

    • Pretty sure his show is extremely popular. It’s not going to get cancelled.

      Plus, about this particular tweet, he’s right.

      • He’s right, but I meant to post the leadership tweet with that, I mean his show has zero actual thought provoking discussion, he just says stuff to get a rise out of his audience, it’s the buzzfeed of sports radio IMO

        • Your back is against the wall in a must win game today. He is their best player and the leader. Keep your fucking mouth shut Jose! Shit like this pisses me off

  49. Season isn’t over but there’s going to be a lot more of these tight 1 run games and the team has yet to show an overall sense of resolve. They continue to waste good pitching, don’t capitalize on easy run scoring opps and make bone headed defensive plays. Gibby did all the right things in this gane and still gets punished with a loss because the individual member comprising this club can’t eexecute team plays

  50. This sucks.

    Runner on first & third with no one out yet they can’t get anyone home..

  51. Fan 590 now
    Should’ve thrown Edwin out too
    Fuck off

  52. Holy shit Brett Wallace… 3 home runs including a walk off grand slam in the 12th.

    Gose is 6-14 with 6 RBI’s in 3 games since Pompey showed up in Buffalo

  53. Yes . This was that episode

  54. Today’s game felt like a microcosm of the season, didn’t it?

    +Surprisingly awesome performance by our young pitchers (Hutchison, in this case)
    +Unexpectedly good performance by some on our offense (Francisco had a good game today)
    +Other team stumbles to give us a real chance late
    +Our pitchers get screwed by bad umpires/pitch framing
    +Failure to execute at the end of the game leads to a loss

  55. Dalton Pompey across 3 levels this year is hitting .316 / .394 / .473 with 40 steals.

    Currently hitting .429 at AAA.

    Only 21 years old.

    Needed something positive after this shit ballgame.

    • Wouldn’t suprise me if he’s here around June 2015 in the bigs

      • I don’t know how many times I have to say it, if Pompey is up next year in Toronto this team is in last place going no where.

    • He was drafted in 2010 (signed in June)
      so this is his 5th year of pro ball.
      He’ll have to go on the 40 man prior to the Rule 5 draft
      and they’ll have to use his first option
      to start him in AAA next year.
      So yeah, if he has a decent start, look for him
      some time before the all star game next year.

  56. Is Riemold DFA’d yet? Fucking joke!

  57. It’s playoff baseball!

    In Buffalo… the race is on.

    And I wonder if this Hague guy will be anything.

  58. Looks like they have to get both younger and better.
    I’d be testing the waters by putting just about everybody on revocable waivers
    and seeing just who is interested in whom.

    Interesting that the Red Sox put Mookie Betts on waivers.
    With Pedroia at 2nd, Cespedas, Castillo, Victorino, Holt and Nava for OF,
    they don’t really have a place to play him.

    Would you offer Sanchez or Norris in a one for one swap for Betts?

  59. More inadequate defense (missed play from Francisco at 3B early in the game, weak arm from Kawasaki on the double play that let the first run in, Rasmus caught napping once again on the tag up from 1st, Reimold totally whiffing on an easy catch in the 10th). It’s hard to watch a team that continually beats itself on a nightly basis.

    the pitching in this game was superb – Hutch, Cecil, McGowan, even Santos all pitched through some pressure cooker situations and came out aces. Archer was obviously great on Tampa’s end. Neither offense could cash in this game – 1/11 RISP for the Rays, 1/10 for the Jays.

    every time they play the Rays, it stands out to me that they are better prepared, more fundamentally sound, and continually looking for tiny advantages to win ball games. Their pitching and defense continually embarrasses ours, and sure – they can’t hit HR’s like the Jays can – but we’re also paying an extra $60mill dollars for that privilege and a model of winning that looks less sustainable and has been close to an outright failure in the last 2 years.

    no system is perfect, and the Rays have felt the wrath of the baseball gods as much as anyone has this season, but then despite all that, there they are right behind the Jays on the fringes of playoff contention.

    • Seems so, eh? I’d love this team to be better — or, appear to be better. Not sure they’re not the same thing.

      Familiarity breeds contempt, after all.

  60. Was at the game. Good crowd but the jays shit the bed yet again. What a stupid move by jbats getting thrown out. If he doesnt get thrown out, he is up in 10th instead of reimold and who knows what happens. Also, have to say, reyes and melky had horrible ABs in the 10th. Like come on guys, you are supposed to be leaders on the team. Way too overanxious. Take a pitch or 2. They let boxfucker off the hook big time. Its been a recurring theme all year with them. They are much better at tablesetting then driving people in.

    • meh… Reyes had the game winning hit the other night on the first pitch. Both he and Melky are aggressive hitters at heart – that’s just who they are. would it have felt any better had they harmlessly flown out on pitch 5 as opposed to pitch 2?

      agreed it was a really dumb move by Bautista. What does arguing accomplish at this stage? It’s just a reactionary, ultimately selfish move that simply cannot happen given the dire circumstances of the current season. I don’t think Bautista is a bad guy at all, but have some self-control!

      • Easy to say, but if you get shit calls enough times, you’d explode too.

        • It’s easy to forget that just last year Bautista’s favorite hobby was barking at the umps. He seemed to finally shed the habit this year.

        • Looked like a strike to me.

        • Just say a few words and head back to the dugout. No need to get into it with the ump and get thrown out. Maybe it was frustration because of all the losing this team has been doing the last 2 months.

  61. From Richard Griffin:

    In the wake of the Blue Jays’ devastating-to-their-hopes 2-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays in 10 innings on Sunday, manager John Gibbons backed up the bus on right fielder Jose Bautista and parked it.

    And it wasn’t even a travel day.

    The skipper clearly was frustrated at losing two of three to the Rays.

    The Jays slugger was ejected in the sixth inning for arguing a called third strike. So, as often happens when it comes down to crunch time, the ball found replacement Nolan Reimold. The hard-hitting right fielder, who returned from the disabled list on July 28, dropped a fly ball toward the line in right field, setting up the winning run. He then struck out to end the game with two men aboard.

    Those are spots Bautista should have been there to handle.

    “The bottom line is we needed him in the game,” Gibbons said of Bautista. “Say your piece and get the hell out of there. We’re trying to get in the playoffs, we need you on the field. He’s a marked man in this game. (Plate ump) Bill Welke? I thought he had a pretty good (strike) zone today. It was steady, he was calling strikes. He was looking to call strikes. But we need you in the game.”

    Could there be a rift between Gibby & Bautista?

    • Heard that too Oakville. I have to agree with Gibby with what he said. Bautista was in the wrong and it put this team in a deeper hole

      • @bluejays

        I agree that Gibby was right about Bautista but could the rift encourage Bautista to dmand a trade? It’s more than just today. I think Bautista is very upset about AA’s lack of moves.

        AA & Gibby are better at following Roger orders without complaints.

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