Seriously now, try winning a damn game.

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  1. If MLB takes this win away from us….

  2. Wooooow! Colby I love you!

  3. Haha Rasmus interviews the best

    “Just tried to lay that shit down”

    Tabler would approve

  4. That quote alone should earn Cletus a QO.

  5. Colby swore on TV. Get that shit down!

  6. Piss off joe maddon

  7. If we can win this series, we’re still in business.

  8. Richard Griffin ‏@RGriffinStar 6s
    Post game Gibbons on Valencia horrible K in 10th: “..used to play for Twins. Thought he MUST know how to bunt.” #prettyfunny #bluejays

    Gibby da best

  9. Maddons tweeting that he’s sure the protest will work.

    What in the hell will that mean?

    Pick it up from there?

  10. So how long do they have until a decision is made?

    • I though the rule was 24 hours but I would imagine it happens soon one way or another in case they can pick it up tomorrow before both teams hit the road.

  11. They should make every Jays fan who sits in the first few rows watch this before every game.

  12. Shit, I know I’ve posted too much today but this is a great read:

  13. Nope
    @TBTimes_Rays: MLB says it usually is a few business days for #Rays protest to be heard, decided by Joe Torre’s department

  14. Just stop please
    @Sid_Seixeiro: It’s August and the Jays are paying a manager who still doesn’t know the rules regarding when you can challenge a play. IT’S AUGUST!   #jays

    • Bo Porter and four umpires forgot about the rules related to making a pitching change last year. It happens.

  15. I take Sid about as seriously as the celebrity guests Lansberg has on his show. The guy’s a joke.

    • …especially when he is on a “soapbox” topic, like he has been lately with the Jays current situation.

  16. Baltimore’s losing in the 4th

  17. So, this game isn’t going to count is it.

    • Davidson claimed that Gibby came out of the dugout before Escobar got into the box. We’ll see.

      • If Davidson is making the claim, then the protest will not stand because in his judgement, the next play had not started and you can’t argue a judgement call after the game is over.

        Jays win!

  18. If the Tigers keep playing themselves out of a playoff spot, maybe the 4 game series vs Seattle next month might actually mean something. Several other cards have to play out our way of course which makes it highly unlikely, but still. Not quite done yet.

  19. Santos is coming back.

  20. I can’t believe nobody brought up The Triple Play during the broadcast. After seeing Bob Davidson involved in that replay, I kept waiting for Buck to mention it. Tabby would have, if he’d been there.

  21. O’s lose to Cubs. Love it. I wonder if Machado’s loss will be their downfall?

  22. Someone on reddit pointed out that if the MLB upholds this challenge, they would in effect be overturning the umpires overturning their own bad call, because the process by which the umpires correctly reversed the call was itself bad.

    So in other words, baseball would be overturning the correct call and re-instituting the incorrect call, because the way the incorrect call was overturned was incorrect.

  23. As someone mentioned, ONE (1) baseball protest has been upheld in 35 fukin years for an egrecious call. That alone pretty much seals it as no way it’ll be upheld. the fact that the rule, which BUCK keeps forgetting says “the crew chiefs decision on the timliness of the appeal for a review of a play shall be binding on both clubs and CANNOT be questioned” means it’s over.Move on to the next issue.please

    • Oh, and so it goes. More merlot please

    • So tell me fukstik, how come your spelling dramatically improves when you post as kilgore_trout, hmmm?
      I’m glad to see that you’re still rocking the merlot, though.
      Love your poem, by the way:

      When the tupelo
      Goes poop-a-lo
      I’ll come back to youp-a-lo.

      • fukstik is my brother. He is teaching me zen, how to drink wine and to curse like a sailor with dignity and reciting lyrics by The Who to me. he has instructed me to be nice to RADAR and to never debate the pros/cons of monotheism with small potatoes or eat them for that matter. As the LHP side of my RHP brother I operate in a parallel universe with a elliptical route. Nice try, though.
        So it goes

  24. This Maddon protest is some full-on bullshif: Buehrle is the fastest working pitcher in the majors and as Davidson said, Gibby is not exactly a speed merchant

    but I’m looking at Gibbons and he’s coming out and he’s not a speed merchant, and I thought, it’s on time,” Davidson said.

    So, figure it out Mad-on, with a standard pitcher Gibby has no problem “beating the clock” on his protest. BTW, is MLB going to be reviewing tape of where Gibby’s feet were as Escobar steps into the box (in split-screen slow-motion no less to determine whether he was “on time” or not). FUCK RIGHT OFF!!!

    And, who’d-a-thunk Balkin Bob would be a Blue Jays saviour? I still remember this Davidson garbage-clown call vs the Angels, also involving Yunel (I am on-board with Garbage Clown)

  25. Everyone on this fucken website should be fucken embarrassed. A group of Blowjob Artists. That is the nicest thing I can say about this group. Who gives a fuck about the protest? The Jays have 2 chances to make it this year and Slim has left town. None and Nil. What has happened this year is a fucken crime. On June 6, we were 6 games up. If ownership wasn’t a bunch of cheap cocksuckers and AA wouldn’t be so fucken incompetent which ended causing this fucken ownership to be so cheap, then we won’t be in this fucken mess.

    I have to make something very clear. The Jays are finished this year. Anyone who thinks otherwise suffers from Brain Damage. Until Beeston, AA and Gibbons get terminated, we are completely fucked. Even if they get terminated, which I don’t think they will, we are still fucked for at least the next 2-3 years. Boston, NY will go nuts this offseason since they were both shit this year so prepare for 95 win seasons out of both of them. TB is already a 95 win team if not for all the injuries. The Jays have tons of holes, no money and Incompetent Management that ownership doesn’t trust.

    So in summation, we are fucked now and for at least the next 2-3 years. So why has everyone become Mike Wilner and stating that everything is great

  26. The funny thing is anyone who knows me knows I’m an optimist. I’m never trashed the Jays until this month. I’ve been following them since 1977 and have spent over $16,000 on Season Tickets the last 2 seasons. I am just thoroughly disgusted and repulsed at what has happened this year and how accepting the fans are of this debacle. If ever this was a year that we had a shot, it was this year. A very weak AL East with a 6 game lead in June. Unforgivable how they fucked this up and trust me they will not get as good a shot as this year, in a long time. Yes, the young starting pitching looks great but AA is incompetent. He is clueless in regards to putting together a Championship Team. Just look at the last 2 years. The Jays are unwatchable. No fundamentals, horrible defense, players playing out of position every game, non stop crazy roster moves. It just doesn’t work with AA. He’s a nice guy but he is not competent

    Just like EE and JB has wasted their careers here, Stroman, Sanchez, Norris etc will waste their careers as AA fumbles and changes his game plan on an hourly basis.

    I hope I am wrong. I am a huge Jays Fan but I can not stomach this year anymore and I truly believe that until this Front Office is cleaned out, they have no hope

    • You may want to check the dictionary for the definition of optimist.

    • Big Guy: I don;t think it is quite that bad but I share some of your directional sentiment in that they still play poor fundamental baseball,and that their defence is poor, and, at times, apathetic ( or stinky if you prefer). I am also already in November mode so I too am looking for better things. I think AA will be back and Gibbons goes if we don’t play 500 ( 80 wins or less).
      We have good players ( many), but not a good team in my view, but I also think with some judicious moves it can quickly become so-just like Baltimore did this year.
      We have EE,JB, Reyes,Lawrie, hopefully Melky. ( Solid 5). Navarro is decent and maybe Lnnd. Personally, like my brother the RHP, I prefer Gose and his speed in CF to Rasmus and think it will be an improvement leaving 2b ( or 3B if you move Lawrie to 2B) as a hole to be plugged by trade ,hopefully ( Yeah, fuk izturiz too buh bye).
      If AA or somebody can follow thru and actually act and get a GOOD SP somehow I thnk we can reshape it fast, I really do.
      Stroman, Hutchison, Happ and X and Y could be our starters next year. Dickey AND Buerhle as X and Y? fukin hope not. Could be Sanchez and Norris or Norris and SP via a trade. or Norris and Buerhle with Dickey traded. They have a good chance to make it better, I believe.
      I really do think they can be strong next year, but I am expecting upwards of a 40% turnover in players this offseason from the normal 25 man group, so with change, comes hope. Hopey Changey,baby.
      So , it goes

    • Look guy, we’re disappointed too.

      I disagree, however, on whether AA could actually have done anything.

      Consider the price paid for Lester. Or for Shark. Did we have an Addison Russell to give away? Did we have a Cespedes to give away? The only way we could have beaten the Cespedes offer was to offer Bautista or Encarnacion, and that would have been stupid. Giving away Cespedes may very well have been stupid, on the A’s behalf.

      Consider the price paid for Price. We would’ve had to give up Lawrie, Hutchison, and one of Pompey or Gose to trump Detroit’s offer. There are those here who would’ve been happy to give that up. But while I hate to say it, Lawrie sells tickets; and there are certainly baseball reasons for being cautious on such a trade.

      Given the prices that the A’s and the Tigers paid, I fully believe AA if he says the right deal wasn’t there. Those prices sucked.

      If you want to blame Rogers for the Ervin Santana mess, though, go right ahead.

    • Predictions eh? Where do you get your crystal balls?

      It’s a streaky and injury prone team. They brought in established players who are streaky and/or injury prone (except Buehrle) to compliment Jose and Edwin, one of which is streaky and injury prone. Tons of talents and ability, but not much reliability. If you expected them to be something other than that, you went in with false expectations. Of course you’re mad.

      Instead of making the Miami and Dickey deals, they could have sold Jose and Edwin for prospects to go with what they had. Instead, they loaded up because the roster cycles that teams go through have the ALE as less than the powerhouse it once was. So it is what it is, a giant gamble. It’s exciting and incredibly risky, so ride it out.

      What I like about this club is how many good players they brought in as buy-low options. Jose, Edwin, Colby, Lawrie, Morrow, Happ are all good examples. It hasn’t been perfect, but I think it says something for the player scouting and coaching/development, and that reflects really well on AA. It’s easy to criticize when things aren’t perfect, and not easy to remember what’s good, so buck up honey, it’s only baseball.

      • and for the record, I’m not mad about Headley or McCarthy, but I am mad that we didn’t get Prado, who is versatile and destroys lefties, and I’m mad that they all went to the Yankees. They can take on payroll and deal with it later.

        I think the answer is to trade Reyes and his contract for youth in the offseason, although I doubt Melky would resign without him. Reyes still has some value, even with the contract, but he adds a lot to the injury risk and his defense gets worse every year. Get him off the turf. Whoever offers the best individual young infielder gets Reyes and the contract.

    • You’re not entirely wrong.

      Def feel like the weak ALE this year was the exception not the rule. If ever there was a year to spend money, it was this year. Preferably in the offseason, but if not at least at the deadline.

      And I also agree this years collapse (if it comes to that, we’re not licked yet) is a failure at the top, and not just “something that happened”.

      Still a bit of ball left though. They’re at the point though where pretty much every game feels like must win.

    • It sucks that the Jays came crashing down in August. Truth is that the same thing happened two years ago when the Jays were at the end of July four games back with a bunch of injuries and playing good enough ball to keep even. Then Snider was traded away and the Jays just blew chunks in Seattle and the rest of the August.

      Edwin, Lind, and Lawrie were hurt through July yet they managed to put themselves back into a playoff spot after the all-star game thanks to contributions up and down the lineup and mostly through great pitching.

      The issues with this team weren’t solved in the offseason with the streakiness of this lineup. (Rasmus, Lind, Edwin, Bautista are very streaky). And pitching was always a concern with a suboptimal rotation that AA didnt fix in the offseason and didn’t fix at the trade deadline. That’s on him and on Rogers. One more #3 starter in a Santana might have stabilized the pitching with Hutch due to fall apart again any day now.

      I haven’t finished giving up on this team, but if they are still 4 games back of a WC by this weekend, it will take a gargantuan effort to get them to the 89 games that they need to get to the WC. Or maybe Baltimore will implode and they squeak ahead of the Yankees. There’s still a chance.

  27. My apologies that the grammar and spelling is so poor. I am typing very quickly on my phone and the Jays aren’t worth my time to correct the errors

    • Please provide the replacement gm and manager that you would like in. You say we are screwed with them. Who are you asking for that is better? Please share your wisdom.

      • I feel sorry for you on two fronts:
        1) you can’t just sit back and enjoy some baseball. It’s a sport, a pastime, not a way of life or a job for you. It’s supposed to be a way to relax and enhance the quality of your life. If it’s not, stop watching for your own sake.
        2) if you aren’t enjoying watching, why are you on a blog about it? If you are that in love with baseball, maybe choose a different team to cheer for? Maybe the new team will treat you better.
        Dude, you sound like you are about to jump off a cliff. It’s freaking baseball. Man, maybe it’s time to get a different hobby.

        • “My apologies that the grammar and spelling is so poor. I am typing very quickly on my phone and the Jays aren’t worth my time to correct the errors”

          But they are worth the time to post three giant posts in a short period of time, all using your phone?

  28. I also heard Davidson say Gibby gave him the thumbs up to signify he was going to challenge prior to Yunel coming in the box. So that also doesn’t bode well for Maddon getting any sort of re-do on this game.

    Could also be Davidson covering his own ass because as mentioned, MLB overturning this would basically be MLB agreeing that its replay is wrong and prove all the critics of it right.

    • I don’t see how this would support critics of replay much, one way or another. With Davidson’s statement that Gibbons had already appealed, the protest stands no chance of success. Plus, if the protest were to be upheld, MLB would be knowingly going with the wrong call at first base and Myers would be ruled safe when the replay showed he was out. Aint going to happen.

      • I was looking at it from the perspective that regardless of the timimg of the challenge, the call would have been the same, so they will not rule in Rays favour. But your comment made me realize that I was looking at it wrong.

        Your assessment makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

  29. Bisons had quite the day today, won 15-2, lest we forget they are also in a playoff race. 1 GB of a wildcard spot and the team they are chasing they beat tonight.

    Graveman continues to destroy – went 7 innings today, only 2 ER given up.

    Pillar also destroying, hit another bomb, racked up 5 RBI

    Goins had 3 doubles. Gose was absent from the lineup, not sure why.

    Delabar had 3 k’s but 2 walks in one inning pitched. Probably wont be seeing him up until September, seems to be progressing slower than Santos.

    • and FWIW aside from his K/9 ratio Graveman has put up eerily similar #’s to David Price in the same amount of games played (in all minor league levels)

      I dont know anytrhing about this kid, so I dont know if he needs more peppering in the minors to develop more pitches or if he’s basically MLB ready since he really hasnt much left to prove

      • He’s also only walked 3 in 33IP in Buffalo

      • He’s a groundball pitcher (and from the looks of it, a good one) so whatever more he needs shouldn’t be much.

      • Guys like Graveman and Norris are not on the 40 man roster.
        If they are put on so they can be Sept. call-ups,
        they then need to occupy a spot on the 40 man all winter
        and then use up an option if they are to open next year in the minors.

        Neither guy has to be put on the 40 man before the minor league draft,
        so I think the Jays will be very careful moving up these kinds of guys,
        until there is a need or until they are likely up to stay.

        • yea I dont think either are necessarily coming up in September, more so optimistically musing about the potential of both being factors in the rotation next year

          Graveman especially, seems like he doesnt have much more to prove so if he finishes the year strong and does well in spring training could be in line for a spot in 2015

  30. Any word on who’s getting sent down for Santos?

  31. Drabek down to Buffalo to make room for Santos.

  32. I’m in Cincy this weekend and had the pleasure of watching a game at Great America last night. Reds pitching is good but their hitting this year is so weak. Game started two hours late.

    Love the stadium, sightlines, and the grass. There were plenty of food options if you knew where to go (just like Rogers) but certainly it was heavy on the hot dog. I would absolutely love the dome with grass.It kind of feels like I’m playing a video game in the dome. Beer prices are similar to Toronto and they have a craft beer area where you can grab a 24oz beer for $13.

    I got to yell at Emilio for his shitty play last year in Toronto, but the fans seemed very polite and I actually felt bad for yelling at him. There was not much in the way in rowdiness, certainly nothing close to what you see in the 500 sections which really surprised me. Maybe they were lulled into silence by the team’s suckage, the two hour rain delayed start, and the lack of action on the field (5 hits total until the 8th inning).

    The area next the stadium along the riverfront was filled with bars and restaurants which the area near the Dome is kind of missing. And it felt safe in downtown Cincinnati walking back from the game to the hotel at 11:30 at night, which was a surprise.

    • I’ve had a chance to go to Cincy as well. For some reason, the stadium registered as just ‘ok’…at least relative to other new parks like Pittsburgh (PNC has really spoiled me…get there for sure if you get the chance), Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Detroit. My thought is that the design of the ballpark could have incorporated the riverfront better than it did (again, PNC is the gold standard in this regard, imho).

      There are a lot of nice features to GAB though. Good sightlines, nice concourse area, and I really loved the team museum that (iirc) is located near the main entrance behind home plate. My wife really loved the chicken fingers.

      Another nice feature that we stumbled upon is a shuttle service that links several hotels in Covington, KY (right across the river from the stadium) to the ballpark. It ran at good intervals, was relatively quick and (I think) was free or very low cost. A great way to get to the park safely and inexpensively. Hopefully, it still runs these days.

      • Also, if you’ve got kids (or you yourself just happen to like aquatic creatures), Covington has a great aquarium that is part of a nice waterfront re-development.

  33. @Tim

    Thanks for the report. I always wanted to go to that park.i think they are known for chili dogs @ that park

  34. Here is another aspect of that crazy protest shit.
    Suppose for a second, they granted the protest and everything went back to the 4th fukin inning!
    That would mean, in effect , that no official game was ever completed at all which means at least 4.5 innings ( if home team winning). No official game , to me , would then open up the Pandora’s box of every single fan who was there being entitled to a refund or rainchek. Who would pay for that fukin mess?

  35. Qualls on waivers – under contract for next 2 yrs for 6.5 mil total, last yr is a team option – putting up some good numbers this year, could slot in as a potential closer alongside Janssen and Santos should CJ continue to struggle

    Also gives Jays a cheap-ish option for closer next yr along with Santos and internal options, should CJ not come back which is looking very likely

  36. #GoJaysYouAssholes

  37. Don’t woory about Santos. The jays will not be picking up his 6.5m option when they only paid Casey 4 to do the same job. Casey likely to be gone also as he is a FA, but if they can get him at5m or so for 2, they may bring him back. The jays are not going to pay a ton for relievers who may pitch 40 innings or so.
    So it goes

  38. Longo’s ball is a double play with Goins at 2B
    Not so with Kawasaki’s noodle arm.

  39. What is the over/under on Hutch’s innings today?

  40. 5. Remember, how when Hutch first came up, they said he had command of the fastball?
    For most of this year, he has thrown a lot of pitches and walked far too many guys-it does seem to be alarming to me

  41. Pitching and defense is what propels teams to the playoffs late in the year, its why the O’s and M’s are surging while the Tigers and Jays are not. Jays need their offense to be consistent though, otherwise hard to justify Goins up just for his D.

  42. oh crap…Buck is talking about “the will to win” again. Joe Siddall is doing a good job as an analyst (I liked his talk today about Navarro calling breaking balls as a way to hopefully re-set Hutch’s release point on his fastball), but it hurts when he agrees with Buck.

  43. For Fuck’s Sake, Colby…get your lazy ass in gear!! Enjoy playing somewhere else next year.

  44. Buck is upset at Colby for not throwing the ball to 2B . Colby’s defense has dropped this year. I wonder why?

  45. It’s really unfortunate that Hutch puts his pitch grip substance on his crotch. The brown stain that has developed on the front of his pants looks like he has a seriously bad STD.

    • Actually it’s a pretty good idea if it’s true. What umpire wants to inspect Hutch’s crotch?

  46. Goins just got pinch hit for in Buffalo… hopefully nothing serious

    Big series going on there right now

    If you want to follow

  47. I’ve gotten so used to watching Hutch this season I forget that he’s essentially a rookie and just turned 24.

  48. Fuck the rays
    They employed a rapist for two years

  49. Hutch done real good.

  50. That was such a “fuck you” moment from Hutch.

  51. Big Frisco found an acorn.

  52. Catcher speed.

    Don’t blame us

  53. Fuck

  54. Point in the game where you need a real professional AB, muni pulls that swing happy shit. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

    • Twas surprising that it was the first pitch but he was trying to get the job done by pulling to the right side and bring Navarro in.Anywhere 10 to 100 feet more to the left and he scores.

  55. Lol
    @Ken_Rosenthal: Sources: #Athletics win claim to #Rays SS Yunel Escobar on revocable waivers. Teams have until 1 p.m. Tuesday to work out a trade.

  56. Escobar is such a douche.

    • He’d be a good pickup for Oakland though.
      Just a waste of hair follicles.

      Too short a time period to fuck up the good vibes Oakland has going.

  57. Potential good news for the Jays on the injury front…Cano pulled himself from the game against the BoSux in the 3rd inning. May (?) have been a muscle pull of some sort. Better news…BoSux are winning! (though I still feel dirty saying that, and being having to be happy about that).

  58. Oh Really Buck?

    The Rays have locked up a young, controllable, star pitcher?


  59. Wilner claims the Goins hbp was intentional … payback from a sox hbp yesterday

  60. Who did Buck just compare to Ricky Ro?

  61. You could feel that coming…

  62. Jose has been upset lately

  63. That was incredibly accurate.

  64. American umpires are more corrupt than fucking Latin banana republics.

  65. He dislocated his head?

  66. C’mon we can score one run against this prick. Can’t we?

  67. C’mon Colby…at least have a dead cat bounce to end your time with the Jays.

  68. Ay ay ay…last person you want to see here.

  69. Great game in Buffalo right now… Bisons get 2, Sox answer back then get 3 more, then Gose hits a 3 run bomb to tie it. Pillar just hit his 39th double with 2 outs

  70. Jesus, I wish ole Buck was better at gauging home runs.

  71. Lmao
    @ChrisCotillo: This also means #Tigers and #BlueJays both passed on Gordon Beckham and Yunel Escobar.

  72. Anyone else want Carlos Beltran to shove that 5 Hour Energy bottle up his ass?

  73. I like this approach of just beating Longoria with 95 MPH heat up and in. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

  74. Have I only seen the good days or is Dusty pitching much better lately?

  75. Any update on the protest?

  76. Janssen complete canine feces again.

  77. Great pull by Gibby. Something is wrong with Jansen but he’s still “the guy”. It would’ve been too easy to leave him in there, but we all know that run was coming in if he stayed out there.

    If your not gonna bring in your lefty killer now, why is he warming?

  78. Nail biter time.

  79. Janssen used to be untouchable. Now putting him in you pretty much give the game away.

  80. Jansen looks like he spent time in the Dallas Buyers club

  81. Great pitch, Goggles.

  82. Yeeeahhh Goggles

    • Devastating…kinda like Rivera’s cutter: Everyone knew it was coming, but they couldn’t do a thing about it.

  83. Wow. Could argue those were the two most important at bats of the season so far.

  84. Siddal knows his shit.

  85. Fuck yeah!!! Dinner and Siddall nail it.

  86. FUCK YES CECIL You makin my buzz so worth

  87. We’ve got this.

  88. Time for a dinger

  89. Let’s walk the Parrot, Eddie!!

  90. I remember I watched Cecil throw well and still somehow get torched for like six runs at the end of ST last year and was worried the Jays were going to cut him.

    Since that day he’s been absolute money.

  91. Jeter grounds into DP to send ChiSox/Yanks to extras. The Captain!

  92. Fasten your seatbelts, Surgery “Gasoline on the Fire” Santos strides into the game.

  93. Just tuned into the game and fucking Santos greets me.

  94. You can’t spell Sergio without BB.

  95. Start where you left off, Santos.

  96. Yeesh

  97. Why in the fuck would you trust Santos to throw a 3-2 slider anywhere close to the zone?

  98. Fuck off. 2 strike 3s so far.

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