Another week, another Griff Bag! Aka Richard Griffin’s latest mail bag from over at the Toronto Star! On time and everything!


If there’s a question you’d like me to answer, unless it’s about fucking Ricky Romero and J.P. Arencibia, submit it to Griffin here, and maybe he’ll select it for a future mail bag. Fingers crossed!

Q-Hi Rich Stoet,

The Jays are playing listlessly and ever since the trade deadline came and went without the owners doing anything to improve the team that was performing quite well without some key players like Edwin Encarnacion, Adam Lind and Brett Lawrie – have given up hope and the grit that they had and it is now a case of “Roger, it’s all over and out” (I should make that plural).

I wish that some group or company with the money and the love for the game purchases the team and the ball-park that the current owners got for a song, from them. All the very best to the Blue Jays team that has shown courage and great performance in so many games – thank you guys.

Have a great weekend Rich Stoet.

Tony in Toronto

Thanks, team, for your courage and spirit for all those games before you packed it in like a bunch of spoiled children with two months to go!

What a load. You want to cry about Rogers? Fine. But don’t make shit up. Whatever listlessness you want to pretend you’re seeing is just coincidence. They’ve played poorly. They’re not sulking and letting it show in their play on the field — or if they’re so unprofessional and collectively out of their minds as to be actually doing so, you sure as fuck aren’t able to divine it through your TV.

Come on.



Q-Hi Richard Stoeten:

Could you give me some information on Ricky Romero? I keep going to the Bison’s website and all it reads is that he is on the 7 day DL. But he hasn’t pitched since June 1st. It’s like he has fallen off the planet. I have sent two E-mails to “The Fan” and it’s like they get lost

in cyberspace, no one even mentions his name. I even tried google, nothing.

Thanks Richard Stoeten


Jim Newcastle

In June, Romero had surgery on one of his knees that cost him the rest of his season. Hopefully it helps him.



Q-Hi Richard Stoeten

Big fan of your writing and coverage of the Blue Jays Just wondering why we haven’t heard more about Kendall Graveman who has flown through the system this season as 2013 8th round pick Last start vs Norfolk for Buffalo was outstanding. Overall he is 12-6 1.76 era 1.02 whip 148 ip.

The only thing can see is he is not overpowering judging by strikeout numbers and K/Bob ratio but he obviously throws strikes 1.76 bb/9 IP. I guess his ceiling may not be too high but his numbers in 4 different levels In milb have not flucutuated like some Other prospects do you have any insight


DJ , London

Graveman’s numbers are certainly eye-popping, but they’re probably a little bit deceiving, too. For one, as 23-year-old who was drafted in 2013 as a college senior he was old for the first couple levels he pitched at this year. And while he was an eighth-round pick, he was one of the cheap seniors the Jays took in order to save bonus pool money elsewhere — his bonus of $5,000 pales in comparison to the $150,000 slot level for where he was picked. So he was never really a prospect-prospect, at least by those measures, or the fact that he was taken in the 36th round as a junior. On the other hand, he was the highest drafted pitcher from Mississippi State team that was runner-up in the 2013 College World Series, and he certainly wasn’t too old not to take his numbers at Double- and Triple-A seriously — and they’ve certainly been good.

He’s been posting a terrific groundball rate, and it’s not impossible that he can have some big league success as a low-strikeout groundball pitcher with what’s been termed a “fringe-average fastball,” but… yeah. Let’s maybe not just see the numbers and lose our shit.

I wrote a bit about Graveman here.



Q-Richard Stoeten,

If the Jays are not going to give a Qualifying Offer to Rasmus this offseason, why don’t they put him through waivers and either put him in AAA, release him or trade him? Gose has proven that he is better in the field and that was proven Tuesday night with all those doubles and hits the Brew Crew threw Rasmus’ way. His plays not made vs. the plays that are made by Gose the value to the Jays is in the latters hands at this point. Why in the world is Rasmus still being pushed out there everyday?

Scott Cochrane, Niagara on the Lake

Gose has a wRC+ of 80 and Rasmus has a wRC+ of 100. And two of Colby’s previous four seasons at the plate were better than anything Gose could ever dream of as a hitter. Colby, while bad, is much more playable against left-handed pitching than Gose is, too — though I’ll grant that there may be more value to this particular lineup in Gose’s higher OBP than the wRC+ (which punishes his total lack of power) may be giving him credit for.

Sure, Colby’s defence has indeed seemed to be noticeably poorer this year — it’s seemed like too many balls have been hit over his head, though even coming close to what it looks like you’re trying to say with “all those doubles and hits the Brew Crew threw Rasmus’ way” is absolutely preposterous — but don’t kid yourself about how big the gap between he and Gose is, or pretend Gose is going to get to every ball that Colby can’t. And don’t kid yourself about this, either: ZiPS projections for the rest of the season, in very nearly the same number of at-bats, have Rasmus being worth twice as much by fWAR as Gose (though, granted, neither number is particularly impressive).

Factor in money and payroll and all that stuff they’ll have to deal with in the off-season and the equation changes significantly, but believe it or not, right now there’s a lot of reason to believe they’re playing the right guy.



Q-Richard Stoeten,

I’m writing because I have yet to understand why there is not a much louder hue and cry to get rid of John Gibbons. I raised some of these same points last year, yet I don’t see how his (in)action can be defended in any conceivable way. He was handed a good baseball team. When they were largely intact earlier in the season, they excelled. As soon as Gibby has to start doing some juggling due to injuries, they begin to falter.

I think the final straw for me is the comments he made after the recent Brewers game. “You get a good outing from your starting pitcher and you hope you score one more run than the other guy” and the even more grating “It’s a trick-less game” get on my nerves. It’s not a ‘trick-less game’. Good managers make the moves that get that extra run. Perhaps this explains his in game demeanour of being slumped in the corner watching to see what is happening. That’s okay if I’m sitting in front of the tv watching the game with a beer in my hand; I don’t think it is what I would expect of a manger whose head should be fully in the game. Gibby is right that you need one more run than the other guys, but often it can be some smart management that gets you that run. It may be a long season, but if Gibbons had made the right moves, or bothered to make any move, six or seven times and found a way to get that one run, then the Jays are quite handily in the playoff race. Instead his managerial inaction is costing us and if his attitude is that there is nothing you can do about it then it really has to be time for him to go.

Scott Henderson

Holy shit, you actually believe this??!??! You honestly fucking think that the reason the team played worse when key players got hurt was the manager’s inability to juggle a lineup and not — I DON’T FUCKING KNOW — the fact that his team is missing good players?

Good lord. I mean, If you really want to build up Gibbons in your head as some boogeyman for the season, whatever, that’s fine. But FYI, there hasn’t been a louder hue and cry to get rid of him because that would be fucking stupid.



Q-Hi Richard Stoeten,

I can’t seem where to find an area to submit questions for your next mailbox, but here is one: With Colby Rasmus not performing well and becoming a free agent in the offseason, how do you feel about a CF platoon next year of Gose and Pillar? They were sharing CF duties during the (winning) month of May and complement each other very well.



I’m almost sold on the idea of going with Gose as the left side of a platoon in centre — his defence is so good, and his on-base skills have been good this year (an interesting piece from Blue Jays Plus suggests the improvement is sustainable) — but an extended run of poor play in September could still probably change my view. And he certainly has been terrible in the minors this year, so it’s not impossible.

Pillar, though? Everybody is understandably impressed with the big hitting streak and the gaudy numbers in Buffalo, and… I guess you could do worse. But I have concerns there. His defence doesn’t carry a poor bat the way that Gose’s does, his 5% walk rate (just 21 walks in 424 plate appearances) doesn’t bode well at all, the .350 BABIPs he’s been posting in the minors don’t feel like they’ll be sustainable (and haven’t been in his small sample of big league action), and he’s certainly looked overmatched in the times that he’s had to face big league pitching.

That doesn’t mean that he’ll always be overmatched here or that we should read too much into the poor MLB results and overlook his minor league success, but the warning signs are there.

It could work. It could not work. It’s possibly worth a shot because of the cost, depending on how far the Jays want to go down the path of platoons and the whole stars and scrubs thing, but they could do better. If they were really serious about winning in 2015, I think they’d have to try.



Q-Sir: I am really disappointed not only in the Jays collapse, but also your reluctance to print what is becoming increasingly obvious. The Jays season is done and it is also time to lay blame. The manager must go. He has wasted an incredible amount of talent to the point that players are mentally hurting their game. While I am a Canadian, I have lived extensively in the U.S., and have seen the sports press take on management and, sometimes too aggressively, call for changes. Not once have I read, “Gibbons, time to go”. He was sacked once before and I can not fathom why he was rehired. Are you afraid of the front office? While I am elderly, I am not senile and am familiar with the game having not only played at low levels, but as a kid worked at Cap Stadium when Vancouver was but a Class B team and I have a real love affair with the game. I also take offense at your (Kennedy) story lead, “Stroman’s Worst Start Buries Jays”. Wait a minute. He gave up five runs. Jays scored five runs. Who in hell gave up six more? The batboy? Do you not wonder what you do to Stroman’s head with a lead like that?

Most fans would not see it my way as they are more interested in Day-O or the wave, and are not even aware of the infield fly rule. Your job – educate them. Watch Zahn explain the subtleties of the game.

Zen Burianyk. Toronto

That you can, with conviction, say something as thoroughly baseless as “he has wasted an incredible amount of talent to the point that players are mentally hurting their game” is absolutely mind-boggling. How do you possibly think you’ve seen a shred of evidence to back up such a claim?


Comments (103)

  1. “Zahn”

  2. wow, Scott Henderson, you win dumbass of the show award. win, show and place. GOBBOB,wave your magic wand of managerial strategy skills and wins us an extra 7 games!!!!

    the fact is, pitching and defense on this team sucked last year and they also suck this year. the injuries, in both years, have been significant factors.

  3. It’s a dead horse, but I read this article at and I thought I’d beat the corpse a bit more:

    Yeah, I know. Prado’s contract and all that. I’m just grumpy because the Jays have sucked their way out of a playoff spot, and I’m looking across at the other teams in the mix and looking at the neat new toys they got to play with, at minimum cost, other than money – something that our ownership should be able to afford.


    • Likely blowing the opportunity to re-sign Melky by picking up a Prado, who still has a tonne of warts despite some success at the plate (despite a .297 OBP) as a Yankee, remains not a great idea.

      McCarthy was a smart pickup, but he’d have needed a rotation spot, so it was going to come at the expense of who?

      • It’s a bit of a non argument, the Melky stuff though, isn’t it? If we understand that the Jays ownership is incredibly rich, and owns the stadium AND the television stations AND the radio stations that broadcast the games, isn’t it a bit of a pisser that it becomes a choice between having Melky and Prado? That you have to choose between helpful pieces because ownership that has all these revenue streams doesn’t want to reinvest, it gets frustrating. Especially when you look into the next yard and the Yankees, who are in much the same situation, go all out, cost be damned. And this is a team that has rewarded its fanbase with an extended run of playoff appearances.

        I just feel saying “if we took Prado we couldn’t get Melky” is letting Rogers off the hook. It really shouldn’t be an either/or proposition.

        And as for who McCarthy would replace, yeah, it would be a tough call that would ruffle feathers. But it’s not as if that’s the same issue that both Detroit and Oakland had to deal with when they made their big deadline trades. You can easily argue that both of those teams had a stronger rotation than the Jays do now.

        • And I guess I should elaborate that I really don’t care about Prado specifically. It’s the general squeeze when incremental help – a player that could help the Jays get a win or two – isn’t forthcoming when those wins really matter for the first time in 20 years.

          Especially when so many useful pieces changed hands for a scrub and some payroll. Or, in the case of some players, just a scrub.

        • Ummm…especially considering there is no chance they are going to offer the kind of contract required to resign Melky.

          • And you know this how?

            • Hmm…good question. What evidence could there possibly be of how this will turn out?

              If only there were ways to quantify the type of free agent contract that Melky will likely sign based on his career performance and if only there were years of data on the current management and ownership group to estimate the likelihood of them closing such deals, I supposed we could compare those and come up with an opinion as to how things might go.

              Yeah, that just might be crazy enough to work!!

              Or I guess we could ignore all methods of research and deductive reasoning and just throw our hands in the air and say we don’t know so we can chastise anyone who tries to formulate an opinion on the subject so that we can try to win favour with the acolytes of this blog.

              Seriously dude, people just like you held back science for centuries.

              • You’re an idiot.

                • Enlightening…great counterpoint. I think it’s obvious which one of us is the idiot.

                  • It sure is.

                  • Mark, what evidence do you have that the Jays won’t re-sign Melky? Melky has seemingly expressed a desire to stay here. He might cost money, but Rogers has historically shown a willingness to offer money when it comes to re-signing their own players, even in the era when they were total cheapasses.

  4. As for Gibby, I really hope he stays. I think he’s done a terrific job with the lineups he’s had to field.

    • I’m far too dumb to know exactly where things are wrong and need change on the Jays, but this is a team that has had two winning months in their past eleven. There isn’t a soul on the roster, in the dugout or in the front office who has “done a terrific job” with this club in that span regardless of circumstance.

      • You should’ve stopped at, “I’m far too dumb…”

      • Yeah, Edwin’s just kinda been OK.

      • “But this is a Jays team that has had two winning months in the past eleven.”

        By stating eleven months, I assume you mean to exclude the entirety of last season, meaning we’re only talking about this season.

        There have been a grand total of four complete months this season, thus far. So what you’re really saying is that this Jays team has had a winning record in half of the months of this season.

  5. Quick comment on those who are quick to say Bautista is a selfish piece of shit for being ejected…..not that it’s related, but—->my daughter was picked as part of Jr Jays starting lineup, you know when little kids get to stand next to the players during the anthems. Well she got to stand next to Jose….and he engaged her and talked to her the entire time, while the other players showed little interest in the kids they stood next to, or so it seemed. He didn’t have to talk to her, but he was genuine and clearly cared about her experience. Maybe it’s nothing, but maybe not. All I’m saying is we’re awfully quick to judge when it’s something negative happening, but overlook some of the more important positive things. Let’s not forget Jose took EE under his wing and helped him (how much? who fucking knows) become the player he is today…..

    • Nice story.

      Anybody who has ever played ball, including many of us, argued with an umpire somewhere along the line. These guys play 162 games a year, half of them on the road. Much ado about absolutely fucking nothing.

      • I left that thought unfinished; these guys play competitive sports every single day. It’s incredible that they argue as little as they do with the umps. Jose is getting a little too much shit for this, in my opinion.

    • Thanks for sharing that. Love that guy, despite getting ejected yesterday.

      • Bautista sometimes is his worst enemy. But he’s easily in the top 10 players in Jays history, he likes playing here, and he always plays his balls off.

        People shitting on him or calling to trade him? I want to box ‘em around the ears.

        • Bautista really is one of the premiere hitters in the league right now. I mean the ejection was unfortunate, but that should not damper on what he brings and brought to the lineup, offensive and defense.

        • Bautista’s certainly passionate about the game but sometimes he goes over the line and gets his heart too much into the game and it ends up costing the team. Perhaps Bautista’s absence cost the Jays the game yesterday, but there have been many, many more wins that Bautista is responsible for, so I am going to cut the dude some slack.

          He’s frustrated and the team’s frustrated, but once again, the blame rests clearly in the mirror.

    • Interesting.

      That actually IS a cool story bro.

    • +1 on the story and comments. Nice to have some perspective, and yeah, it would be nice if Jose had known when to quit, but it happens. If he didn’t get fired up people would ask if he even cared and get after him for that.

      He’s been awfully awesome.

  6. A couple of those questions are among the most asinine I’ve ever read in Griff’s Mailbag, and that’s saying something.

  7. “Good managers make the moves that get that extra run.”

    Now pinch-hitting for Toronto, Johan Fyregobbrinz.

    Scott Henderson, this Bud’s for you.


      Article on manager’s and who makes the most actions. Hint: it’s John Gibbons. It’s just plain ignorant to say he just sits around and does nothing when he actually makes more in game moves than anyone lol

  8. Making up lost time.
    Must be digging the new ‘puter.
    Give it a workout.

  9. I like Gibby. So there.

  10. “Is Gibby the problem?” is like item number 4,567,453,435,559 on the list of things that the Jays should be worried about this offseason.

  11. FWIW

    Gideon Turk ‏@gideonturk ·16 hrs
    The Jays are 5.5 games back of a wild card spot, and 5.5 games ahead of a protected pick.

  12. Zen can certainly disprove his own claim of not being senile. He insults all fans who actually understand that Gibby isn’t a boat anchor, and then claims we should all be listening to Zaun Cherry.

    My head hurts from face-palming to many times.

  13. My sentiments exactly, the morons that blame this all on Gibbons are so misguided, I don’t get it, they have a mediocre at best starting rotation, a bullpen that has under performed a wack of injuries to key players and somehow that is the managers fault. We don’t deserve Gibby’s, we should be stuck with somebody like Bobby Valentine, then people would know what a bad manager is.

  14. Hi, my real name is Tony and I’m from Waterloo (originally Toronto). I neither endorse, support or approve of, nor did I author, such a pantload of #2, as that first letter. Courage? Great performance? This obviously fake “Tony” must live in an alternate universe. Either that, or he has had the 1993 World Series vhs tape stuck on pause for too long.

  15. I think Stoeten is trying to take over from Wilner to be the new Rogers shill.

    Cheap fucks at the ownership level
    A president that spews horseshit every time he opens his mouth
    A GM that is in over his head and has no clue where to go
    And the best player is a malcontent that trashes the team, subtlely, each year

    Go jays

    • Ok yes rogers sucks for being unflexible.

      But AA actually knows what he’s doing, he specifically didnt trade the ridiculous prices in prospects for top grade deadline help, or even bullpen (ie Miller).

      And without Bautista, our team would be complete garbage, so yeah, keep spewing your nonsense.

      • No argument from me on your last point. My point is his attitude.

        AA doesn’t know what he’s doing… He’s been here 5 years and the team has not moved up. The only reason they are even relevant is due to EE and Bautista which you can thank Riccardi for.

        He dumped the Wells salary…. Whoopdifuckingdo

        • Stoeten is a Rogers shill
          Yes because he always defends them
          Wilner is a company man because he’s getting paid by that same company

        • You’re forgeting our farm system is leaps and bounds better than Riccardi’s system.

          He did sign Melky to that fantastic contract, and he extended bautista and EE at incredibly team friendly contracts as well.

          • Yes AA isn’t a ninja gm who is incredible,
            But he miles better than JPR who refused to draft high school players l, and had the worst farm system in mlb for his whole tenure

          • All good moves, but there are also bad moves in there (Romero, Morrow etc).

            At some point, a GM needs to not be judged on any nidividual moves, but on the overall performance of the team. 5 years is pretty long to have had nothing to show for it.

            And at some point, “injuries” and “underperformance” cease to be valid excuses.

            • In baseball terms though it’s not that long; if you consider the fact that Aaron Sanchez was his first draft pick ever, saying he’s failed after 5 years is saying he’s failed before any of his draft results are even realized

              • Kieth law said that you can’t judge mlb drafts until at least 5 years after the fact

              • This is not stressed enough. To get an idea of the development time in baseball, Sanchez was drafted five years ago in AA’s first draft and is currently the youngest pitcher in the majors… or the AL… or at least he was when he first got called up. I’m trying to confirm it… but the point is he’s still extremely young and it’s impossible to judge the results of AA’s drafts right now.

            • AA (and the Jays) have been in ‘win mode’ or whatever you want to call it for less than 2 full seasons. Stop spewing nonsense.

            • Hindsight is 20-20. How could AA know that Morrow was going to be so injury prone, and what indication was there that Romero’s success was tied to the blowjobs he was getting from the former Miss USA????

  16. Re: Gibbons making moves.

    Wasn’t there recently an article that says Gibbons makes more moves than almost every other manager in the league?

    • probably because they are forced because of arm shittiness.

      Gibby is a good manager, he doesn’t over manage, he has dropped alot of the old school stupidity that a lot of managers still have.

      There is a lot wrong with this jays team, its manager isn’t one of them.

      The reality is that the jays have an offense that is capable of making the playoffs when healthy but has a rotation that can’t and that reality is not going to change for next year either. stroman, sanchez, norris all look like bonafide starters, but are they going to mature and produce quick enough for bautista and Ee to still be elite?

      you have 2 choices, #1, move your position players for future position players along the same timeline as your young starters.

      or move your young starters for pitchers that can produce now.


  17. Nope
    @Ken_Rosenthal: Why baseball needs to uphold a protest for the second time in a week….

    He forgets to mention that Davidson said gibbons came out within the time before it was consisted tarsy

    • He also fails to mention the last part of the rule that says “ultimately the umpires discretion” which considering Buerhle works so fast and navarro’s head was turned towards the dugout the whole time could be considered in his judgement of timely as well

  18. I’ve never been one of the detractors of Colby but I think I’m sold on a platoon out in CF as well. Strictly from a money saving perspective – if the Jays can use the cash saved from Gose and (Pillar?) out in CF to upgrade at 2B or pitcher then I pretty much say they have to do it.

    • Though I’ll be pissed if they just do that as a way to save and don’t add anywhere else.

    • You know what sucks, next years best arguable 2nd baseman on teh free agent market is freakin Boneface. Talk about a dry market

    • Could also take advantage of Colby’s poor year and sign him to 3/33. Probably be a great signing for us. And he would avoid the QO noose and have another crack at a big contract in 3 years.

      • Colby would just be a seat-warmer for Pompey though. Would you really want Colby to sit on the bench for the last two years and $22 million of that deal?

    • Two words: Rajai fucking Davis (okay 3). He’s a FA, can run, and can slay LHP.

      • Against LHP: Cabrera – Bautista – Davis.
        Against RHP: Cabrera – Gose – Bautista.

        Davis bats 1st against LHP.
        Gose bats 9th against RHP.

        Options for speed and pinch hitting late in the game abound. Oh shit, though, he’s with Detroit in 2015.

        Urban race horses?

        Never mind.

  19. Scott Henderson’s name needs to be sent to Wilner’s call screener…one less jimbrone to rant like a lunatic after a Jays loss

  20. 2 thoughts unrelated to Griff bag:

    1) AL West is likely gonna get even tougher in the coming years. Texas is having a down year and Astros are getting better.

    2) Buchholz tonight!!

  21. So what do we think the Jays will offer Melky, and what do we think he’ll ultimately get?

    My wild guess:

    Jays Offer: 3yrs – $42 Million (plus $14 mil option!)
    Signs: 5 years – $60 million

    • He will get Reyes numbers for sure. I’m going 3 year, 60 million to keep him here, but I would lock him up now. You know that Melky’s contract will be a monster.

    • I think your numbers are the floor and the Shin Soo-Choo deal is the ceiling. Either way, it’s much more than in both years and dollars than AA has been willing to give anyone. Melky is gone.

  22. C’mon aa
    @Ken_Rosenthal: Sources: Both #Mets’ Colon and #Astros’ Feldman cleared waivers. Eligible to be traded to any team.

    • why the fuck would you pay Feldman 18 mil over the next 2 years when he’s worse than Happ and paid thrice as much?

      and while Colon could be useful, as many have pointed out where exactly does he fit in the rotation at this point? who gets bumped out? he is making 11 mil next year and is pretty old . . . take away his beast year last year, he’s averaged about 2 WAR per season so it’s not exactly the kind of contract you pick up that easily . . . Mets would probably be eternally grateful if he was claimed so theres good cause for why he wasnt

  23. Next year the Jays will probably be minus Lind, Morrow, Janssen, Santos and maybe McGowan

    Can’t see many scenarios where Happ’s option is not picked up, so he’ll be back. If better SP options come internally (Nolin, Norris, Graveman, Sanchez) then at that price Happ could also be a useful trade chip should he be pitching well enough at any point during the season.

    This frees the Jays up to toss a ton of coin at Melky. I’d love to envision a scenario where this also means they can shove boatloads of cash at Sandoval but I imagine he’ll be in even higher demand.

    The combination of Sandoval, Gose/Pillar platoon in CF and the likes of Juan (if still here), Valencia and Reimold should be more than plenty to fill the voids of Lind and Rasmus, plus those are upgrades in defense.

    • plus with guys like Hague and Wallace in the minors you have some way cheaper platoon options at DH and 1b

      I personally could care less about paying a lot of money to a DH unless they can field an actual position well or league average . . . Ortiz is probably the only DH I’d pay good money to, maybe Butler but he’s declined a bit

  24. Look nobody’s suggesting that any of these questions were intelligent, not by any stretch of the imagination, but if the last two seasons aren’t enough to get a manager fired, I’m not sure what are.
    To me there are 3 possibilities..
    1) a manager has a huge effect on his team’s performance (i.e. “motivation” and “leadership” and the like), in which case he deserves to be fired for obvious reasons..
    2) A manager has an effect on his team only with the moves he makes during the game. I’d say there have been a pretty large number of highly questionable moves this year and last, and if anybody REALLY wants to dispute this, I’ll go over my twitter account and find a bunch.
    3) With the exception of a few managers (Joe Maddon, Buck Showalter, Bobby Valentine, etc), a manager has very little effect on a team, in which case…Wouldn’t it make better sense to look for the next great manager, rather than languish with a manager who isn’t making the team better?

    Can anybody REALLY offer up a better reason to keep Gibbons other than saying “I kind of like him” or “his interviews are fun”???

  25. I don’t know which fire Gibbons question was the stupidest! At least I had a good laugh reading these!

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