HELLO KEVIN PIL– … wait… huh? He’s not even in the lineup?

Fuck, I don’t know.

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  1. Woop. There it is, home boy.

  2. Pillar totes is in the lineup. Checkmate Atheists.

  3. https://twitter.com/ShiDavidi/status/504393018644774914

    He is now!!! Lots of good news in that tweet.

    • It’s good that Colby is sick? + that Juan Francisco continues to participate in baseball activities? Okay.

      • I would say Bad news that: Colby is sick, Pillar is in the lineup over Colby, and that Juan Fran and Thole move up a spot

  4. 5.5 games back from the wildcard with just under 5 weeks to go. Doesn’t seem so terribly difficult, does it? Maybe it just depends on where you’re standing in the boat?

    By the way, 5.5 games back on August 26 is the best we’ve been for over 10 years.

    I’m heading over to the game and looking forward to it, too.

  5. Life and baseball are mostly a series of random events to which humans try to ascribe cause and meaning in an effort to make order out of chaos.

    Now let us drink.

  6. I cracked open a fine bottle of Rum and getting ready for the big win tonight.

  7. So Jim Callis says that now that Phil Bickford has left school, he is one of the two favorites to go 1st overall in 2015. Not that I’m bitter or anything. And, by the way, Kris Bryant could be solving an awful lot of our problems right now had we signed him, no?

    • So could Mike Trout. Or Tulo.

      On the other hand, the Giants could have drafted Roy Halladay instead of some scrub who made 8 career starts.

      • Um, except the Blue Jays drafted Kris Brtant out of high school and didn’t sign him
        Same with Aaron Nola.

        • (They never drafted Tulo or Trout. So your comparison doesn’t really make sense.)

          • Wasn’t really a direct comparison. Just saying if we’re playing “coulda shoulda” we might as well piss and moan over Romero 6 vs Tulo 7 and Jenkins 20 vs Trout 25.

        • those guys barely count as draft picks since they were, iirc, firm college commits.

          • They’re all “firm college commits”. Money talks, and there was no cap then…..

            • pretty easy to see bryant as a potential star in hindsight. but if you could go ahead and link me to the post(s) where you opined that “the jays need to give this 18th rounder 5 million bux” and i’ll eat my hat.

              • I dunno. There were a lot of people (myself included) that were hoping they’d sign Bryant. Like I said, he was highly regarded at the time relative to where they took him. I have no idea how much it would have taken to sign him.

        • Let’s clarify here a bit here. The Jays drafted him in the 18th round – and he chose not to sign a contract with them. He decided to go to school for 3 years, build up his stock and re-enter the draft. Worked out pretty well for him – going from the 18th round to second overall.

          You made it seem like the Jays looked at him and said “meh, we’ll pass”.

          • No, no. I get it. But they have signed a bunch of those late round, well-above slot picks in the past few years. (Dean, Tellez, Brentz, etc.)

            • BA did have him in their top 100 that year. So it’s not like he was some totally unknown guy back then.

              • that was aa’s first draft, and it looks like the scouts were on fire then.

                they didn’t break their commitment, but we don’t know what their budget was. we do know that they appear to have an increasingly good track record of identifying talent, especially hs pitchers, it would seem under aa.

                if anything it’s testament to the good job aa has been doing, rather than the opposite.

                norris was thought to be committed and fell, and the jays signed him. reid-foley, as others mentioned tellez and brentz.

                anyway – i have better things to do than defend aa.

                • oh, I’m not criticizing AA’s drafting either. I’m just kind of wistfully imagining what could have been. Sigh….

  8. Shi Davidi ‏@ShiDavidi ·23m
    On day #BlueJays promote him, #Bisons name OF Kevin Pillar their team MVP. Bobby Korecky is most valuable pitcher

  9. GTAchick78 getting the scoops on all the other reporters is the best.

  10. Hello from Thailand fellas, made it after a 20 hr flight from YYC, completely jet lagged and wide awake at 6am local time to listen to some ball.. Anyone got a good feed?

  11. Not sure if it’s been posted, but the Rays protest was denied. Fuck you Maddon.

  12. Pedo just rocked one off fatty mcgees gut

  13. It would be nice if I could finish my dinner without the Jays being down by 3.

  14. Kawasaki arm is pathetic holy shit how do u skip it off the mound from the second base

  15. Enter Todd Redmond.

    • Threw 3 yesterday. How about the ghost of brad mills? Also I think thole can pitch

      • Oh shit, I forgot that. Yeah Dickey is out there for the long haul. Although at this rate he’s gonna hit 100 in the 5th.

  16. Man it’s not crazy to think if they lose out on the homestand it’s essentially over

  17. Gotta say I prefer Dickie Betts to Mookie:


  18. Juan needs to learn from ee, he swings with one hand and that’s why he huts so many monster pop ups….If he could keep 2 hands on the bat as he swings thru

    • Actually, didn’t EE learn that* from That DR coach of Robbie Cano, Mercedes?

      *2 hands on the bat.

  19. What the duck was that?

  20. Then again could just dfa this no glove sack of shut instead . Fml

  21. Fransisco validating aa’s confidence in him

  22. i watch cause i’m a baseball junkie, but honestly this just isn’t fun anymore. they are worse than the worst team in the league right now. Every single one of their warts are on display daily.

  23. Man if aa has the same offseason activity as last year…. Fans should be rioting

    • when you’ve got no money to use there’s really nothing to be done, which is the tail of the last 2 years. Navarro – he was signed dirt cheap with money earmarked for JPA. other than that the list of meaningful acquisitions is nil.

      and it’s not going to get any better, they could free up payroll by passing on Lind and Happ’s options, but then you lose two productive and relatively cheap players. Ditto on trading Bautista or Edwin, or letting Melky go.

      It’s hard to envision this team being better next season if AA doesn’t have the ability to add salary.

    • Someone posted a G&M article a while ago re the Jays decreasing budget and quoted rogers insiders saying that since the NHL deal, every department was expected to get by with less $.
      I’m thinking since it’s a 12 year deal it may be a while.

      • My fear is that then the jays may move to Portland after years of last place finishes

        • So you keep saying.
          Do you actually live in Portlandia?
          Hoping for a self-fulfilling prophecy?

        • Portland is a pocket city. Nice place, but there is a reason that it only has one major franchise.

      • it’s not that there’s a problem with having a $130mill payroll – that should be plenty to build a championship team – the issue is having your flexibility stripped away by ownership after the fact, which is the feeling we’re all getting.

        • There’s a worse fear than that Kevin. It’s that they’ll lower the budget after Reyes and Buehrle are gone.

  24. Dfa Juan please

  25. Norris got hit hard… at least Gose and Pompey are playing pretty well

  26. Body language on the Jays is terrible right now.

  27. I feel sorry for gibby who might have to wear the suckiness of the last month or so

  28. Kawasaki gunna Kawasak

  29. Thank you Melky.

  30. de la Rosa’s fastball reminds me of Garrett Richards, but his breaking stuff looks very unpolished and his command generally poor

  31. This team was within 1.5 games of the Orioles in the AL East and 3 games up in the 2nd wildcard on August 1st. AUGUST 1ST!

  32. Kawasaki…
    Let the good times roll.

  33. Kawasaki really is the best isn’t he? if you’re talking about guys making the absolute most out of their skillset

  34. #signkawasaki

  35. Ok, you, John Farrel, Pedroia, Steve Simmons and Yunel Escobar are trapped in a magic room of zero consequence.

    You have a gun in your hand but only one bullet.
    Who ends up breathing out of their forehead?

  36. Taken from bbb
    Should you fire a GM who appears to have the correct process but doesn’t get results?

    • no, because process eventually wins out, but (not knowing the full details of his budget) i’m not sure Alex is totally above reproach here.

      that said, he still has my confidence, it’s just a matter of whether he has the resources to retool this team on the fly.

      • I agree in that process should > results at times but after x amount of years the equation turns the opposite

        • well sometimes what appears to be the right process, is in fact not the right one.

          the other thing you have to keep in mind is that the Marlins and Mets trades constituted a total 180 from the process we had come to expect from AA, which may turn out to be his downfall. everything he did with regards to scouting, drafting, developing, acquiring undervalued assets, etc. was more or less great. if the org needs to go that route again, he’d be my guy.

          • i’d love them to go that route again — a team comprised of strong development system pieces and smart pick-ups. i was thrilled AA appeared headed down that road out of the gate and disappointed later when he (sorta) went all-in.

  37. Jose Abreu: first rookie with 30 doubles & 30 HR since Albert Pujols in 2001.

    Making 7 million this year and next.


  38. Hah, Dickey acting like his knuckleball’s gonna do something to that big melon atop Mike Napoli.

  39. Atta hold em R A

  40. The Man from Muncie.

  41. Check this shit out.


  42. Eddie being Eddie.

  43. baserunning fail by Lind. costs them a runner in scoring position.

  44. That kind of base running mistake by lind (which was not even referenced by the announcers) is how you lose close games

    We used to hit homers and this type of shit wouldn’t matter

    No so much anymore

  45. Fat Juan? Infield Single? Ay caramba!

  46. #ThisIsTeam!

  47. C’mon T-hole.

  48. Lol Craig is spaced the fuck out tonight

  49. How do you bunch 10 base runners into 5 innings and only score 3 ?

  50. Layne knows what Edwin is getting for Christmas. He felt his presence. (presents)?

  51. Pompey’s presence really seems to be having an impact on Gose.

  52. Jesus Muni

  53. Kawasakiiii CHOP!

  54. Dude, this guy kills it. I just remembered I have bananas.

  55. It feels like the Jays should be up by 4 or 5.

  56. If McGowan was going to come into the game, why didn’t they pinch-hit for Thole last at bat with two out. It was lefty on lefty. What the fuck?

  57. That guitaring in that Monster Truck commercial has been driving me crazy lately. I don’t know who they are but I can’t wait for them to blow up, buy better clothes, cut their hair, then get abandoned by everyone.

  58. Dickey falls behind 2-0 after the second batter and throws up one of the best outings of the season.

  59. holy good fuck i hate the Red Sox.

  60. has Encarnacion’s swing changed – two handed follow through to one?

    • i heard said earlier this season he is a one-handed follow-through convert. sooo…he has re-converted? is that a word? it oughta be.

  61. Has Reyes knocked down a ball to save a run this entire year?His jump are ground balls is terrible.

  62. Nice job, Goggles.

  63. Cecil B. De-Nil

  64. Cecil’s curve is just a dirty pitch. batters whiff even if they know it’s coming.

  65. Bautista is the fucking man

  66. There ya go, Joey!

  67. Leaderishness much.

  68. Bats-man!

  69. Bautista finally caught one just right, seems like he’s been just missing lately.

  70. Just burned my hand removing pizza from the oven. AGAIN. I’m listed as day-to-day.

    [also I'm an idiot.]

  71. Fuck Juan Francisco.

  72. I would love to see an analysis of the number of games that Dustin McCowan has cost this team this year.

    • he really hasn’t been great, despite the amazing stuff Zaun always drools over.

      i mean, he decent and everything, but he’s no shutdown guy.

      • Take his starts out of his numbers and he’s been pretty good.

        • Not including tonight, here are McGowan’s stats since he went to the bullpen:

          35.2 IP, 2.78 ERA, 1.01 WHIP, 30 K, 13 BB

          • ERA is kind of a useless stat for relievers though. 7.6 K/9 and 13 walks in 35 IP isn’t great.

            • Dusty has let 7 inherited runners score in 35.2 IP. Still not horrible.

              Cecil 10 in 41.2.

              Loup 10 in 58.2.

              Redmond, 8 in 70.1.

              • i’m a fan of McGowan – don’t get me wrong – but aren’t Cecil and Loup’s numbers skewed by a couple of very bad outings in Minnesota?

                • Yeah, Loup had 1 or 2 bad outings during that cold road trip.

                  For McGowan is not shutdown, but also not horrible. I’ll take him over Santos.

              • Yeah, most of his advanced stats suggest he has been a very average reliever this year too.

  73. Fransisco. Fuck off already

  74. someone gave him the greenlight on 3-0?

  75. Zaun is totally rock right now

  76. Oh fuck. Argos cheerleaders. Bunch of chardonnayed skanks.

    • Ah, so that’s who they are. I had a threesome with a former sundance girl. That’s all i’ve got.

      • go on…

      • I trust there were no animals harmed?

        • Heh.

        • The truth is, I barely remember it. She is sort of a friend, and the other girl was her best friend. From what I do remember, it was pretty vanilla.
          The great thing is that we all pretend it never happened. And the best friend is head chef at one of the best, most expensive restaurants in Toronto and I’ve gotten some great service there. In return for mine, I’m assuming.

          • It is most difficult to get good service these days…

            • She used to work at another restaurant and I went there with my mom once. Chef came out and hooked it up for us to the point of doggy bag overload. My mom asked how I knew her. I said we went to school together.

              • I’m in Toronto. I like foods. + good service. Don’t hold out on me.

                • Wait a minute, what are we talking about regarding good service? Because I tweaked my back last night and am day to day. And you burned your hand. Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t be able to save our…”service”.

            • A good man is hard to find?

          • You better come on
            in my kitchen
            babe it’s goin’ to be rainin’ outdoors.

  77. Who were all those girls by Jamie and Zaun? Looked like some vapid bachelorette wannabes.

  78. 150 million for this garbage? – garbage clown posse

  79. Semi clown message
    Thought AA had money for August eh bob Elliot?

  80. Good news, Mujica is coming in!!!

  81. oh, Juan.

  82. uggggghhhh Sanchez. I could watch him pitch forever.

  83. Oh Ken Reid, you’re so funny..

  84. good kitty

  85. The Man from Muncie again.

  86. Mookie made a dookie.

  87. Well the good news is Francisco is out of the game.

  88. Um hasn’t Casey pitched in 4 straight games?

  89. My god that strike zone

  90. Pillar!

  91. atta boy, KP.

  92. nice AB from Pillar there. didn’t chase early, swung at a nice pitch and crushed it.

  93. I have to go to bed soon, as I have to get up a six am tomorrow
    End this shit now please

  94. Guy with a beard in the crowd
    Must be Stoeten.

    • Stoeten is there. Photographic proof + everything. Plus he’s complaining about the wave + enthusiastic Kawasaki fans on Twitter.

  95. So it’s Redmond and santos left?

  96. Fuckin Jansen

  97. Ahh janssen. Making it easy to see you go

  98. Did he not watch moneyball. Get the sure out at first fuck sakes

  99. fuck goddamn

  100. What a useless c u next tuesday

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