HELLO KEVIN PIL– … wait… huh? He’s not even in the lineup?

Fuck, I don’t know.

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  1. Another season wasted. Shame.

    • wow, just woke up after putting my boy to sleep.
      It was tied 4-4 I think
      holy mother of god.
      I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore.

  2. I hate to say it, but this home stand isn’t half over and it has already ended the Jays season. Very, tough, losses.

    • I cant believe they are about to lose their 3rd straight extra inning game AT HOME. Good teams find waya to win those games. Not sure if these guys gave up or werent that good to begin with. Leaning toward the latter.

  3. time to call it a year. Get what you can for Colby and casey. Go jays in 2015!!!

  4. Toronto blue jays. Ending slumps since 1993

  5. Good god santos you are horrible

  6. It really is crazy Sept is playing out the string, again.

    On Aug 1 the Jays were 1.5 out of first, and 3 up on the 2nd WC.

    • Well, they accomplished something nobody thought they could. 5-15 in a month when u play the white sox, red Sox and Astros is pretty fucking hard to do

  7. Lol Mike Napoli hits one to fucking JUPITER

  8. At least Santos is making it obvious for the Jays to not waste anymore time and money on him.

  9. I think it went past Jupiter

  10. And your right I overreacted on janssen I’m just frustrated like everyone else. But he’s been shit the second half and with his comments he said at the deadline what has he done to help the team win since the deadline. At least Bautista was outspoken and has let his bat and play speak for itself. Janssen. He’s been shit for a month

    • Joey’s bat hasn’t been that great either. Sure he gets hits but never clutch ones. Yes I know he tied the game tonight but…..

  11. The napoli- Fransisco trade is a particular doozy

  12. I just heard something thunk onto my roof

  13. Aaaaaaand that’s a wrap.
    Thanks for coming out.
    Will the last one out turn off the lights?

  14. You DO NOT want to listen to Jays Talk tonight. It’s going to be the audio equivalent of the Toronto Sun comments section on there.

  15. They didn’t need a catcher. They had arencebia and thought they were getting a money late inning guy. And napoli was shit before he went in that trade. He only turned it on after

  16. Look on the bright side, friends. People are too ashamed at this point to keep saying, “Suck it Farrell” So that’s good, right? Also, November is almost upon us. I’m confident we’re going to regain our top spot in off-season signings. Chin up!

  17. Man, that’s not good

  18. Santos should try throwing harder and flatter. Major Leaguers hate that shit

  19. And with that, the encephalographs for hysterical fuckwits and the most sober of analysts alike converge, superimpose, become indistinguishable.

    Not one team meeting has been called during the entire month, I note. Oh, but I can almost hear Señor Stoeten crying “Narrative-driven horseshit!” on such gestures. Human beings, Andrew Stoeten. And human beings need to blame (fire) people – even José is attributing things now. So, yes, garbage clowns will prevail this off-season… unless you’d like to admit that they have a point.

  20. But hey, position player pitching so that’s something

  21. Position player pitching alert!! Dont touch that dial folks

  22. How come all 4 of Jansens runs against were unearned?

  23. So much for the Santos era.

    If the Jays do come back to win this, it would be quite the epic comeback.

  24. this inning may never end.

  25. Wooo Tolleson

  26. i love that Tolleson’s pitching.

  27. What exactly is Tolleson nodding to? Are there signals he is getting?

  28. put tolleson in the pen

  29. Tolleson is almost as good a pitcher as JPA

  30. Tolleson! Sweet!

  31. Some depressing piano music to take us to the bottom of the inning…put up an 8 spot jays. Team of Density

  32. Yeah bitch yeah bitch call me Steve-O

  33. Who knows. The way the jays were playing in July and most of June maybe Alex didn’t think they had a shot at a World Series. Playoffs yes but hear me out. Why would you mortgage not necessaely the future but players under team control I’m talking Lind loup Cecil etc guys like that for a player who may or may not help you get to the playoffs and are a rental. The way the jays played leading up to the deadline maybe Alex thought this isn’t the year to really make the run. Save those guys and you never know who’s available in the offseason that you can pick up. Pair that with the great (hopefully) pitchers coming up and maybe in a year or two we are in the real hunt for a World Series not just a playoff appearance. Only time will tell

  34. As if it already wasn’t apparent, this signals the end of the Jays season. Sad but funny. Oh well.

  35. AA took over in October 2009. He inherited Bautista, Encarnacion, Halladay, Lind, Hill, Rolen, Rios, Wells, Scutaro, Janssen, Cecil, and Romero. The team won 85 games in 2010. After that, he started making big moves, and here are the returns:

    2011. 81 wins
    2012. 73 wins
    2013. 74 wins
    2014. ? And a 25th ranked farm system.

    I think it’s time for a new direction.

  36. Honestly, they can’t keep Santos on this team anymore, can they?

  37. We got ‘em right where we want ‘em. Go get ‘em, boys!
    That’s right; one down. Now is the time to unleash fury.

  38. IMO the only way aa doesn’t stay is if they get less wins than last year. Which looks more and more possible every shirty game I sit through. I wonder if someone will pull an oilers fan and throw their jersey on the field and walk away haha.

  39. hey the pitcher is hitting!

  40. 9 more of those and were in business

  41. Holy fuck. 1-17 with risp

  42. Why did we bother watching once we found out Stoeten was there?

  43. Hey! walk-o!!! oh wait we gave up a fucking touchdown in the top of the inning

  44. 2 out rally!!!!

  45. [Dumb].

  46. now they’re down only by 4
    so you’re saying, we have a chance!

  47. y’all seem a little tense tonight


  48. [Dumb].

  49. Hat tip to Dickey, Muni, and Tolleson

  50. It blows my mind that there are still people that think it still might happen this season. Get a fucking clue.

    Even Daniel Norris shit the bed tonight.

    It’s over, and this team needs a major facelift.

    • Not just a facelift, a heart transplant is due too.

      • Yeah. There’s zero good players signed for next year. We’re basically an expansion team right? RIGHT?!

    • Don’t be dumb.

      Yes, it’s a bit rich at this point to hold out hope, but that’s what fans do. Yes, Dan Norris wasn’t good, but that happens — using the word “even” to tie it back to some psychic failing of this organization and the utterly fucking nonsense statement “it’s over, and this team needs a major facelift” is sad. It really doesn’t. Step back from your frustration.

      Reyes-Cabrera-Bautista-Lind-Encarnacion-Lawrie is a pretty good start, positionally (though it would be better with Reyes at 2B or 3B and a better fielding SS), and the catcher isn’t terrible, nor is the possibility of a Gose/Pillar platoon in CF. Needs health and depth, yes, and maybe isn’t good enough anyway, but it’s a damn good start. And so are Stroman-Hutch-Dickey-Buehrle-Happ-Norris-Sanchez as rotation possibilites. It absolutely might not work, but needs a major facelift?

      • Preach!

        • This is a bad team. The proof is the losing.

          Get rid of Reyes and Burhele.

          Get back at least a mid-rotation starter, go with dickey, hutch, stro, guy you traded Reyes for, some kid/happ/vet coming of an injury.
          Sign Melky with the cash you save by moving Reyes and Burhele and hopefully have some left over to get another solid hitter.
          Sign Janssen if he’s willing to go cheap, tack on an extra year to balance it out.
          Or you can trade them all.
          No other options make any sense because this team is a fucking garbage troll.

      • I think the team might need a facelift, yes. This will be the second season this team has finished well below expectations. Right now, the team isn’t doing any one thing well. We’re not pitching well, we’re not hitting, our relief hasn’t been as strong. And next season we might be without Melky, Rasmus and Jansen. So we’ll have to decide who plays two positions in the outfield, plus closer, plus second base, and decide if Reyes can still play shortstop. We also have a n injury prone third baseman, a DH who can’t hit lefties, and a catcher who “isn’t terrible”. That doesn’t inspire much confidence for next season. And that’s not including how inconsistent our rotation has been. I just wonder if there are too many holes to plug for next season for the Blue Jays to realistically be a contending team? I hate to think where this time might be if Melky decides not to re-sign, or if Bautista decides he’s not too hot on playing for the Jays after all.

        • What Bautista decides is irrelevant. Yes, if Melky isn’t re-signed it will be a very, very bad thing for this team. Presuming he won’t and then shitting on them is a bit weird, though. Lots to like here. Deep breaths and steps back.

          • @Stoeten, this is the second year in a row with this group and they under performed. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. They have talent but can’t put it together.

  51. JaysTalk = There Will Be Blood 2

  52. I will only stop watching if Marlena gets possessed by the devil.

  53. There is no reason that this group of players should be this bad for this long.Thats why I have hope that they will come out it and start winning.( paraphrased)
    —Mike Wilner
    Only 6 games out of a wildcard and 10 behind the division leader with 30 to play.
    –Mike Wilner.

  54. [Dumb].

  55. Sergio Santos = Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, minus 100 lbs of muscle and bereft of any talent.

  56. These kind of games just confirm my belief as I opined last week, that at least 10 out of the normal 25 man roster will be shaken out this year, or 40%. Santos, of course, is not going to have that6.5 m option executed, and I guess Janssen walks as has been speculated numerous times. Hard to believe his ERA was 1.23 at the ASG and is now almost 4.0 with a corresponding spike in his WHIP.Santos is just plain dogshit-the pound doesn’t even want to see him.
    I’ve been in November mode since the Chisox series so another shit loss is not bothering me too much anymore as I amuse myself trying to think up how the team may improve which leads to some positivity as I really beieve they just need to make a couple of key moves in the offseason and they can be right there ( I know hard to conjure based on the way they are playing. These two will save the Jays 12m or so
    FWIW, at the moment, in addition to the 2 above, I see the door slamming for good on fukstik Rasmus ( save another 10m or so), Morrow ( 10m or so), Francisco, Tolleson, Kawassaki ( 2m or so),possibly LInd ( no D, No speed, No power, only good with RHP) for a net of 6.0m ( tough call) and a couple who will be traded, and I am suggesting one of Buerhle or Dickey + Thole ( save around 12m or so minimum). SAvings here come to
    50m or so, more than enuf to sign Melky and get a decent infielder ( either 3B or 2B, perhaps even SS and we can worry who plays where later). Some kind of deal for ONE SP and we are talking. Rotation becomes Stroman, Player X, Buerhle ( IF Dickey moved), Hutchison ( I guess) and one of Happ or Sanchez.
    Our playing of meaningful games ended around Aug 6 FFS, at least for me. Next year, hopefully we can, for the first time in 22 years, actually give a shit and scoreboard watch in Fukin september with just some decent moves. But, moves must be made as the time for mollycoddling of this bunch has passed. They have good players but are not a good team.
    Oh well, we are only 4 games away from drafting 10th next year so…thers’ that.
    So it goes.

  57. August Jays stats…

    Runs scored: 30th in MLB
    HR’s: 30th in MLB
    OPS: 29th in MLB
    RBIs: 30th in MLB
    ERA: 27th in MLB
    WHIP: 27th in MLB

    They’re basically the worst team in baseball right now.

  58. [Garbage]

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