Nolan Reimold DFA?


I love this picture so fucking much. But, sadly, this post isn’t about that. It’s about a strange bit of news for a Tuesday morning. You see, last night Jenn Smith (aka @GTAChick78) tweeted that Nolan Reimold had been designated for assignment by the Jays, with Kevin Pillar coming up to take his place on the big league roster.

Jenn has been right on these sorts of roster moves before — including getting Danny Valencia’s name first after rumours started circulating that the Jays had made some sort of a deal with Kansas City back in late July — and this morning MASN’s Orioles beat reporter, Roch Kubatko, strengthened her case, tweeting that Reimold had indeed been designated for assignment last night.

So that’s… weird. If it’s true.

The Jays haven’t made any sort of official announcement for the move yet. Perhaps they’re trying to dream up some kind of a justification for it, because while Reimold has certainly not been good, at the very least he’s an outfield option under team control for next year. That’s slightly important for this club, given the potentialdepartures of both Colby Rasmus and Melky Cabrera via free agency, which would leave the club with only Pillar, Jose Bautista, and Anthony Gose as somewhat-viable everyday outfielders. (Or… well… Bautista’s obviously beyond viable, but Gose has some pretty severe platoon issues, and Pillar has yet to show anything at the big league level and is allergic to walks).

Obviously a Blue Jays team looking to be successful in 2015 isn’t going to have a tonne of use for a guy like Reimold, but he’s still some sort of an asset, and with the way the team has shown a borderline obsession with not simply giving players away — hellooooooooooo Juan Francisco — this would seem to be a really odd move. And especially oddly-timed.

Is it disciplinary? Related to the dropped ball that cost the team on Sunday? Is it a sign that they think they can keep Melky in the fold and won’t need Reimold going forward? Do they want Pillar eligible for their (very hypothetical) playoff roster? Do they want a 40-man spot for Dalton Pompey? Did they promise Reimold a chance to catch on with a playoff team when they… claimed him on waivers?

That last one’s not likely. Maybe none of those are. Maybe this isn’t even a real thing that has happened and I’m just wasting everybody’s time here. Maybe it’s simple desperation and entirely performance based — after all, in 46 plate appearances since he returned from the DL on July 30th he’s hit an abysmal .175/.239/.350 — but with five games to go before rosters expand?

Uh… if they were going to get desperate enough to shed some of their bottom-of-the-roster fodder, wasn’t the time for that maybe something like sixteen or twenty days ago? At least?


Shi Davidi confirms it at Sportsnet, suggesting that Reimold was a DFA candidate because of his recent struggles, and that the club is going to need spots on the 40-man roster to add Daniel Norris and Brandon Morrow (who is getting closer to returning after throwing some live BP in Dunedin over the weekend). Not sure how getting rid of either Colt Hynes or Matt Hague (who both, apparently, exist) wouldn’t have been a better options to clear a 40-man spot. Or Juan Francisco. But… what the hell do I know, I guess. Still think it’s a little weird.

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  1. Wasn’t Reimold coming off the DL 15 or 20 days ago and the theme around here was “Well, mayyyyyybe he’s going to be a nice grab for us”?

    • Yes, as it absolutely should have been. Your point? It ain’t like he’s the only guy at the back end of the roster who hasn’t been getting it done lately.

      • Your last sentence says “wasn’t the time to do this 15-to-20 days ago?” He’s not the only guy at the bottom of the roster worth jettisoning and during your timeframe to make such a move was occurring Reimy was still on the DL and there was hope for him.

        In short, even if they had booted someone else before, I’m certainly not losing sleep over the lost greatness of Brad Hamilton.

  2. This move makes no sense less than a week before rosters expand.

  3. There probably is no spot for him in 2015.
    Valencia is more versatile as a lefty mashing bench player/platoon partner for Lind.
    Izturis is under contract.
    Need a backup catcher (Thole?)
    And the 4th OF should be able to play CF and Reimold can’t.
    A platoon partner for Gose would make more sense, though Pillar may not be the guy.

    • Still doesn’t mean you give him away for nothing when in five days you get to keep him and look to move him for something you maybe can use, or at least to keep a spot warm until you know for sure you have a better option. As I said, he could be the LF next year in a worst case scenario.

      • Is this really an asset to worry over losing? lol… How about this team gets some real talent then we can worry about losing it, aside from Melky, who by the way is already gone.

        • Of course he’s a talent to be worried about losing when you potentially get aboslutely nothing back. I’m confident in stating that Nolan Reimold is better than nothing.

          Also thanks for clearing up the Melky thing. Now we all don’t need to worry about that for the next couple months…

          • No, you’re wrong. He’s not a difference maker at all… Worrying about losing him for nothing is something people do to get their minds off the fact the Jays shit the bed again this year.

            I’m sure you’ll still worry…

            • “No, you’re wrong” is not a counter argument.
              Reimold has value (albeit minimal). No Reimold has no value. It’s that simple.
              Is this causing me to lose sleep? Of course not. But right now it doesn’t make a lot of sense, for the reasons already discussed. I am curious to see how it plays out.

              • The fact that Reimold is continuously DFA’d and few times bother claiming him on waivers is all you need to know about his “value” either on the field or in trade talks. i.e. He has no value.

          • $20 is peanuts compared to $2,000, so let’s burn a couple of $20 bills by throwing them into a firepit.

            • @ KL: I think pennies, rather than $20 bills is the analogy here…

              Reimold is like an old stove. If you try to sell it, chances are nobody is going to offer you anything for it. But if you put it on the curb, you can bet somebody at some point will take it for free. But that doesn’t mean that you could have gotten anything from the person who took it.

        • Huh… I could have sworn Melky played LF last night. That’s so weird.

          • He’s disappearing before your eyes. Enjoy the last month of Melky’s Jays career.

            • You realize you’re just kind of acting like a dick when you post stuff like this?

              • Some people on here don’t like it when others have conviction in their arguments.

                I will say it again so we can put it to bed Reimold is a china doll below average bench player that has no value to any other team. Losing him means nothing…. Asset management is a glorious thing, when you have assets worth managing.

                • You’re not making an argument about Melky. You’re stating an opinion.

                • But this isn’t really the greatest venue to seek respect for spouting stupid shit though is it, Kreskin?

                • Batsbird, surely you remember the team turning Brad Lincoln into Erik Kratz, and Kratz and Liam Hendriks into Danny Valencia. Hardly big moves, obviously, but yes, even bad players have some sort of value to other clubs. The opposition isn’t about you having conviction in your tone, it’s that you’re being dumb.

                  His value is very, very minimal, yes. But go look at Kubatko’s timeline — immediately there was a conversation about the Orioles picking him back up because they didn’t want to lose him in the first place, he was just the victim of a numbers game with their roster. So… is that value so minimal that five games of Kevin Pillar is worth potentially getting none of it back? It certainly seems odd, or at least debatable. Either way, whatever you’re saying, trying to shut down any notion of talking about it, is ridiculous.

                  Thanks for playing, though.

      • I guess they decided it wasn’t worth tendering him a contract for next year. I couldn’t even begin to guess what he’d make in arbitration, though.

        • I saw him as a good athlete with average skills and injury issues. Let’s not forget he had better numbers against lefties. The Jays have been adding OFs (Mesa, Gillespie, Chambers) to their minor league teams (not to mention 1Bs) I’m guessing for backup in the eventuality (likelihood?) that they’re left without Colby and Melky.

  4. Considering Pillar can also play the infield, why the fuck wpuld you DFA Reimold while Fatcisco is still taking up a roster spot?

    • Pillar can play the infield now?

    • Rob, these are the kinds of statements that make people struggle to take you seriously. Pillar was drafted as an outfielder and has 394 minor league games and 62 major league games in which he hasn’t played a single inning on the infield. Where do you get the idea that he “can also play the infield”?

      • I thought he was a utility guy.

        Forgive me, please, for not knowing the career details of every irrelevant player in the entire organzaton.

        I’m curious tho, as to what other comments “like this” make it hard to take me seriously?

        The one where AA should have traded Francisco for Headley? (he should have). The one where standing pat at the deadline was dumb because this team as its constructed isn’t good enough? (it’s not). The one where there’s a decent chance Bautista could demand a trade if they falter down the stretch? (This is becoming a pretty widely held idea).

        These are, by far, the most widely criticized of my opinions of the past while. While some are debatable, none are in any way “wrong” yet, and certainly not so laughably wrong that the postd can’t be “taken seriously”.

        If you can’t “take seriously ” a reasonable opinion that may differ from yours, the problem is probably .ore with you then me.

          • Too bad he won’t be posting here again. I would like his opinion on Reimold…. As well as Pillar’s ability to pitch.

          • Yeah I remember.

            What’s your point exactly? The overweight overlord got under my skin, I admit, and I was annoyed. But I need an outlet for baseball talk and none of my friends give a shit, so here I am.

            I wasn’t aware we were posting under oath here.

            • No point, really.

              Was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen written on DJF and I like to remember it once in a while. (daily)

              • Glad I could help out.

              • I’m with you, Kyle – that is probably the funniest thing that’s been on here all year.
                “Deep sea diver”! “29 year old who takes care of my body”! Woohoo!
                You can’t make that shit up. It’s gold, I say, pure gold!

            • I sense a lot of anger in your life.

            • friends don’t give a shit

              laughingstock of website

              –> Everyone else’s fault.

              • *gasp* sweet lord, the laughingstock of DEF? !?!?

                Would t someone please think of the children?!?!?!

                Lol. Keyboard warrior ism such as what your doing now is kind of what I was going on about. Admittedly, I prob got caught up and didn’t express myself properly.

                My whole point is saying g what I do for a living was in direct response to Stoeten saying I needed to “get a life” “get laid” and “get help”.

                I served in the military for 6 years, deploying to Haiti in 2004 in a peacekeeping mission and Afghanistan in a war 2007. After I got out in 2008 I went to dive school and now I work all over the world, 2 months on, 2 months off installing oil pipelines on the ocean floor. I don’t think this makes me special or better then anyone.

                But for a fat, greasy hipster who writes about fucking baseball for a living to try to smugly put down someone who has done and ( continues to do) the fucking badass things ive done in life? I had to point out the hilariousity of that.

                And at least I’m not hiding behind the internet. I’ve told ppl my real name, what I do for a living etc. Anybody can look me up on FB to see what I look like. It’s easy to be a tough gup on the Internet hiding behind anonymity.

                • lmao and again, i sense a lot of anger in your life, do you really have nowhere else to take it out than the internet? Actually, i guess it’s probably your healthiest option…

                  • it’s also easy to not really care what you do with your life when i’m perfectly happy with my own, but keep desperately comparing yourself to people you don’t even know to feel important

                • “But for a fat, greasy hipster who writes about fucking baseball for a living to try to smugly put down someone who has done and ( continues to do) the fucking badass things ive done in life? I had to point out the hilariousity of that.”

                  I mean… good on you for all the stuff you’ve done, but you realize being someone “who writes about fucking baseball for a living” is something pretty much every single person reading this blog would absolutely love to do, right? It’s not much of a put down to point out that he has most of our dream jobs.

                  • It might be your dream job pal but it ain’t mine. Neither is building a pipeline or fighting in Afghanistan in that stupid, senseless war. I think you for your service though RobA. I also agree with and share RobA’s contempt for Stoughten’s smug and uncalled for putdowns of anyone who disagrees with him and his little band of fans. The guy is a dick, plain and simple and I have no respect for a man like that. I come here for the fan comments, the whole spectrum of them and enjoy the arguments but can do without Stoughten and his “articles” and his putdowns and his band of followers who are always willing and eager to put down anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

                • Stay humble.

                • @RobA
                  Not to beat a dead horse, but I do recall it being said that those comments weren’t directed at you. As for your years of service, I have many friends in the military (who have served in Bosnia and Afghanistan) and appreciate everything done by those who serve, but to continually have it thrown out there is a bit self serving. No offense meant as I do enjoy reading your take on baseball.

                  • And sorry, but continually throwing out those comments about being a fat greasy hipster is uncalled for.

            • “The overweight overlord got under my skin.”

              Aaaaaand here’s where ol’ shit for brains RobA dumbly forgot whose sandbox he’s being an insufferable, aggressively wrong whiner in.

          • tee hee

        • Well regarding Bautista, who gives a shit if he demands a trade. He has another year of a nice friendly contract followed by another friendly team option. He can demand all he wants but he really has no say in that matter. He can not try or refuse to play but how would that help him get what he wants anyway.

          • Have you ever heard of astar player publically demanding a trade and NOT getting g traded?

            I get the reasoning behind what you’re saying. It’s just in practice, when a player demands a trade, they’re almost always traded. GM’s don’t want that arundel the clubhouse.

            • A perfect example is Halladay. He demanded a trade and so was traded. He was under contract. The Jays didn’t HAVE to trade. But when a player wants out, they usually get out.

              Jays even accepted a very subpar return.

              • Halladay didn’t so much demand a trade as he did politely and quietly ask for one.

                Also this: “Jays even accepted a very subpar return.” is hindsight. At the time it was considered a pretty good return given the circumstances.

                • No, it wasn’t.

                  It was considered the best he could get, but nobody (even at the time) thought that that was a good haul for what Doc brought to the table.

                  And “demand” /”ask” what have you…’s all semantics. If a player says they want a trade, they almost always get one, leverage or not.

                  • At the time the Jays were faced with either trading Halladay or letting him play out his contract. There was never any doubt Roy would play his best until the end of the contract, but he wanted to contend so badly that he quietly asked for a trade and AA got 3 1st round picks in return (4 if you count Brett Wallace). Most people at the time thought it was pretty good for a GM who was rebuilding.

              • Can you explain to me when did Bautista ever demand a trade, or even hint at one? So far he’s commited to org, but he’s just letting out some steam.

                And yeah you’ve got your opinion, I just think people take issue with you insisting trading Francisco for headley was a no brainer at the time (it wasnt), AA is an idiot for not doing something significant at the deadline (not at those prices no).

                • Headley for Francisco was a no brainer, yes.

                  Perrenial all star having a down year vs. A perrenial DFA candidate having a great year.

                  And considering the positional need, the need for defense, the need for a RHB etc

                  Would Headley have put them over the top? Highly unlikely. UT that’s not the point. The point is, it’s the GM’s job to improve the team. If your criteria for making an improvement is “does this one move get us into the playoffs?” Then your not going to make ANY moves.

                • And Bautista hasn’t demanded a trade. And I didn’t say he has, or even will.

                  I said a few weeks ago that “given the comments by Bautista at the deadline, we need to brace ourselves for the possibility that he demands a trade. There’s a decent chance”

                  That could end up being wrong. That’s not my point, I do t mind being wrong, I am frequently (like everybody else).

                  But when I said that, it was roundly attacked and dismissed as “stupid” and of course personally attacked by Stoeten. I’m just pointing out now that that opinion is no longer considered “stupid”.

                  • Ok, headley isn’t just a good player with a down year. He’s also a player with a bad back and declining power who would have been coming to a stadium with turf. Somehow the defense doesn’t seem to suffer that much, but his hitting was still compromised, with plenty of uncertainty it would not return this season (it still hasn’t), and witha potential that his back would get even worse on constant turf. That isn’t a slam dunk guarantee that you continue to beat the drum on that would have been an upgrade.

                    Honestly if you continue to be a negative nancy, you are just begging to be picked on because pessimism always breeds negativity.

                    • Also… is Chase Headley the only perennial All-Star who’s never played in an All-Star game?

                    • Yet we traded for Reyes knowing the turf issue would be problematic. But that’s ok right, because it fits your argument?

            • I get what you are saying with Halladay but the Blue Jays are in a better position to win now then when they traded Halladay, so getting something for him was essential even if it turned out to be subpar.

            • If it means anything RobA, I tend to agree with you and I’m usually right about everything.

        • It’s not a “reasonable opinion” when the basis of your argument is completely wrong. That’s the issue here. You’re mad about a decision the Jays made, which is perfectly fair, but you’re mad based on incorrect information.

          As we’ve discussed before, the issue with things like the Francisco-Headley situation isn’t so much with your overall point (while I still disagree, it’s fair to think that trade would have been good for the team.) The issue is when you make ridiculous arguments using completely irrelevant details to make your point. Headley having 20 career WAR says nothing about his current value, his massive outlier, MVP calibre season in 2012 shouldn’t factor into a discussion in any way. Giving up low level prospects in a potential deal isn’t “nothing” because we don’t know who they are. Etc., etc., etc….

          • See, I disagree, but at least your arguing against my comment, and not just dumbly following Stoeten in ad hominem attacks, so i appreciate that.

            I think his career WAR absolutely has relevence in that it says that he’s a good player. And he’s not old, he’s on the good side of 30. There’s no reason to think that his down half season was anything but that.

            And DJF being a pretty advanced collection of baseball minds, I would think that most people would have recognized that 70 games does not a player make. Lots of baseball is just randomness.

            At the end of the day, all you can do as a GM is have the msot talented players you can. And we can debate the finer points all day, the indisputable fact remains, that Headley is a far more talented baseball player then Francisco. then when you factor in the specific needs of the team (defense, RHB etc) it was yes, a no brainer.

            • See I would totally, totally agree with you, IF HE DIDNT HAVE A HERNIATED DISK AND IS STILL PLAYING THROUGH IT. Otherwise yeah, no question i would take a flier on him abnd trade francisco

              Herniated disks are a bitch to walk around, let alone play baseball 162 games in 6 months in.

            • We could also debate the merits of signing Bobby Abreu to a free agent contract based on his 58 career WAR, and while that’s a much more extreme example, it illustrates the same point: when you look at what someone has done over his career, it brings in a lot of extraneous information that no longer has any relevance to the player we’re analyzing. You can’t just overlook injuries and aging and obvious signs of decline.

        • Rob, for the umpteenth time, he should not have traded Francisco plus two prospects for a guy with the exact kind of injury that is exacerbated by the Rogers Centre turf.

          FYI, you’d probably be less hilariously wrong about so much shit if you’d just take a moment to notice how hilariously wrong your are about so much shit.

        • It’s kinda hard to take someone who has literally no clue what position(s) our guys play seriously.

    • I saw Fatcisco and thought: “Fat Cisqo.”

  5. Longneck, we hardly knew ye.

    2 hr debut on the heels of incendiary comments made at the trade deadline

    The walk off against Detroit, followed by a….

    5K game

    Then you missed a ball in right and K’d to all but seal our playoff fate.

    It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.

    Goodnight sweet Longneck

  6. Norris coming up should be fun too watch

  7. Surprised they made this move now. It weakens Buffalo’s playoff chances and is not really a clear improvement for Toronto. Pillar is a better defender than Reimold but a bigger question mark offensively. If defense is the concern, why not call up Gose?

    I have to figure it has to do with that 40 man spot. With Izturis and Morrow lurking out there on the 60 man.

    • Gose may provide defense, but he also can’t hit lefties. Pillar kind of fills both needs.

    • Morrow wants to pitch cause he’s most likely a FA in 5 weeks

    • Just a side note on part of your comment. I have read before that the playoff chances of MiLB receives zero consideration in such MLB team moves, and really, it makes sense. Besides, does Kevin Pillar wish he was playing in Buffalo so he might get to go to the AAA playoffs, or does he prefer to play in Toronto?

  8. I really don’t understand this move either. “If” (and it’s a big if granted), Reimold could stay healthy he’d be a great candidate for a big bounce back year. He’s been out a long time this year but has shown some signs of the skill that got him drafted so highly.

    In a week there’s room for the entire AAA roster.
    This is nuts.

    Kind of have to assume there is something else going on. Did he drink Jobu’s rum out of Fransisco’s locker?

  9. *Bounce back year would be next year*

    In this dream sequence.

  10. If Morrow isn’t going to be part of this team next year why in the hell would they bring him up again this year. Its time to see the kids, not the soon to be FA’s

    • Agreed.

    • Maybe they want to see what he can do out the the bullpen. This team will need arms back there given the pumpkin status of Delabar and Santos, the potential departure of Janssen and the strong likelihood of Sanchez and Norris being unavailable out of the pen next year.

      • What did I miss? Was there some announcement he wasn’t going to be part of the team next year?
        The team has an option on him for 10 MM and they’d like to make sure they don’t throw away a valuable asset. In fact this will probably be their last chance to see how he’s doing. I think I remember AA saying he would never get caught again NOT doing his due diligence on a player after he lost out on Chapman.

      • It could be test to see how his arm and attitude plays out of the pen, but no doubt Jays buyout at $1M then offer 1 yr pen job at $1-2M pillow contract with possibility of starting if he does well.

  11. Does Gose’s required 10 days in the minors after an option start on the Day of the option or the day he reports?

    We’re at day 11 since the option.

  12. I now envision Reimold hitting a game winning 2 run homer off of Jon Lester in the play-in game for the Yankees.

    He’ll go there – platoon with Ichiro and become amazingly productive

  13. Farewell #ReimoldEra.

    I know it’s arbitrary, but that game in Tampa where he pulled up lame (I had big hopes he would be a good piece while the big lumber got healthy) was the moment when I thought “uh oh” about the Jays season.

  14. is this not the same team that optioned Gose a few days before rosters expanded burning one of his options??
    Does not make sense to me!

    • Options don’t get burned every time a player gets sent down. Gose had burned one already. Once burned for a year, the player can be sent up or down as many times as you like.

      • Gose’s contract was purchased July 17th, 2012. He was optioned August 24th, 2012 before being recalled on September 4th with expanded rosters. thus burning an option for 10 days worth of AAA

        • If I recall correctly, that was to make room for Bautista coming off the DL.
          At the time, it did not make sense to me because it was during a lost season
          and giving Bautista another week to recover would have been a better plan.

          Gose was drafted in ’08, so ’12 would have been his 5th pro season.
          As such, they would not have had to use an option prior to the one being discussed.
          (Or at least so I think.)

  15. I wonder what’s going to happen with Morrow anyways.

    I presume that his option isn’t going to get picked up but I wonder if he’d be amiable to having his option refused and then signing for less. I mean if we can get him back for 4Mish I wouldn’t object to moving him to the bullpen (since he can’t seem to stay healthy enough as a starter) and with Casey perhaps getting offered the Closer premium in the offseason there’d be a spot for him.

    • 4M for Morrow? Are you kidding? He has yet to demonstrate any sustained value. The only way it would make sense for a mid-market (at least acting like a mid-market) team to bring him back would be a small value one yr deal to see if (big IF) he can be healthy and effective for a full season.

      • 4M isn’t huge… it’s half of what he’s making now. It’d basically be replacing Janssen with Morrow. Morrow with a lighter workload probably stays healthy, move him to the pen and he probably gets a couple of ticks on his fastball and he can just drop his least effective offering.

        I dunno, seems like a reasonable proposition to me. Get the type of closer that ol’ timey baseball people love so much and shed 8M in payroll to be reallocated elsewhere.

        • I’d be willing to give him a try in the pen at 1.5/2 – 4M is alot of money to pay for a untested guy to throw maybe 50ip for you, though.

          I think it unlikely Morrow takes the deal (or any deal to be a bullpen guy) unless there are no other options on the table for him, though.

      • Morrow was the closer for the Mariners for a year. They kept flip-flopping him as a starter and reliever until he arrived to the Jays. He’s had success as a closer.

    • cut him loose. get a pitcher that ya know…can pitch more than half a season.

    • I really wish the Jays would not stick to his silly,
      “We don’t do contracts with incentives” policy.
      Morrow would be the perfect candidate for a
      base salary with increases for IP or appearances.

  16. This is so incredibly stupid. Terrible asset management. Reimold is a great platoon/4th OF type. Instead, they hang onto incompentent francisco who does nothing, and i mean NOTHING, but have terrible ABs. With roster decisions like this, its no wonder this team doesnt win.

  17. Seems like a desperation move to me, just doing something for the sake of it, trying to light a spark.

    If this is up to date, Neil Wagner still hasn’t been placed on the 60 day?

  18. This moves makes zero sense to me.

    In all likelihood, Reimold will never become the player he once promised and the injuries have basically capped him as a 4th outfielder, but there’s still a remote chance and (potentially) losing him for nothing a couple of days before rosters expand seems silly (especially when there is no pressing need)

    It also seems like a slap in the face to Buffalo – while the big league team is the boss, even if we don’t presume the Jays are done (dubious), it’s virtually certain Pillar isn’t going to be difference maker – but he is an absolute difference maker with the Herd who, unlike the Jays, are in the heat of a pennant race.

  19. pretty much an inconsequential move in an increasingly inconsequential season. 4th OF types with bad defence, questionable bats and brutal health records are not going to move the needle on this or any other season and are in no way going to affect decision making regarding Colby and Melky.

  20. Another way to look at it is Pillar is being called up to platoon with Rasmus, as a final audition for the same role, platooning with Gose, for next year.

  21. Weird. Must be drama induced.

  22. I have yet to see a logical reasonable argument for why this makes sense … hoping someone like shi clarifies it soon

  23. Agreed with other commenters that there must be more to the story than his play of late. AA doesn’t cut bait too easily.

  24. No chance this signals some sort of trade does it?

    Otherwise, the door to the Reimold Era has been slammed shut with a deafening thud.

  25. Stilson, Pompey, and Andy Burns are not on 40-man roster (protected) yet eligible for Rule 5 in Dec 2014, however with FA and buyouts there should be room to add them to 40-man.

    • Isn’t Stilson the one Farrell said had the, “best stuff in the organization”?

      • Sam Dyson! Hahahahah

        • Well it ended in -son, I got that part right.

          Regardless, that was a “hilarious moment in Blue Jays history”.

          • Here’s a fun fact:

            “On May 7, 2014, it was reported that Dyson had been involved in a fight with Chris Hatcher, a teammate with the New Orleans Zephyrs, at a Miami bar on April 27. Dyson’s jaw was broken by Hatcher, who was later suspended 5 games by the Zephyrs for conduct detrimental to the team.”

            That and the fact he’s pitched in 19 games for Miami this year with a 2.00 ERA. Not so hilarious.

  26. Maybe part of the reason it’s Reimold and not Francisco is that Juan is tight with Edwin?

    You’d hope all decisions are purely baseball related, but I’m sure a good GM would take personality issues into account as well. If Reimold is only slightly better, but hadn’t built any real friendships in the clubhouse, I could see that being a deciding factor.

  27. Part of the problem with the Jays is key hits.
    Too many times,runners 1st and 3rd,2nd and 3rd or bases loaded and a hit or a sac fly scores.
    Opposition brings in a lefty and it’s over.
    With no trade possiblities and no waiver claims the next best thing for a RH bat is Pillar.
    The jays aren’t scoring enough to win.
    AA has tried to help Buffalo with their playoff run with the additions of Norris and Pompey but the big club needs offensive help, of any kind.
    If the Jays had won a few more games in the last 10 days,I doubt this move would be made until Sept.
    But desperate times call for desperate measures.
    Lose 4 of the next 6 and there will be blood.

  28. The Jays don’t seem to be content enough with ruining their own playoff chances that they have to ruin the Bisons push for a wild card spot.

    For all frustrating play over the last month that we’ve had to endure, the Bisons have put together one hell of a run and have been great to watch. I get that the AAA team is there to serve the big league club, but this move simply makes no sense.

    • True.
      But the Jays have added Norris,Pompey and Graveman, at the risk of being criticized for “rushing” them, for the playoff run..Also added Wallace ( one game 3 dingers including a walk off slam).
      Buchholz was pitching a 2 hitter after shitting the bed in his previous 4 starts.
      Obviously AA figured he couldn’t wait 6 more days.
      The move was made to add offence. that’s the only reason.

  29. Loved the music he used… it was “Wolf Pack” by NWO and a nice change of pace from Drake and other various latin music.

  30. We do not have enough information to know if it makes sense or not …. from what we have/can see, it doesn’t …. yet and may never … BUT, the way people are griping here, it sounds as if they imagine that AA is actually going to do things that make no sense. Really? He gets us this morning and says to himself. I want to do something today that makes no sense; oh, yeah – DFA Nolin, that will do it.


    • If the Jays are going to hell, I want them to take Tampa, New York and Boston there with us.

  32. I mean, I dont really know.

    We dont know the agreement between player and the gm. Maybe AA said look we’ll give you a look for a month and go from there.

    I agree that its really weird timing. but if you decided that you dont want/need him around, it doesn’t really matter to give him extended AB’s in September.

    Maybe this is Pillar’s final chance to show he can stick in the bigs so they know what they have next year.

  33. Perhaps Reimold wrote something to the effect of “This ship is sinking” or “Play for yourself” on the chalk board following the loss on Sunday…….

  34. Jays are 9 games out in ALE.
    5.5 in the WC with 5 teams ahead of them for the second spot.
    Only 31 games left to play with a 1.8% probabaility of making the postseason.

    I’m the biggest Jays fan you’ll find but I think it’s time to sell.

    Had high hopes of taking in a playoff game at the Rog-Mahal.

    • I flicked the switch after last night’s game. I let Keith Pelley know how I feel.

      • It’s funny how it affects a guy.

        I’m sad.

        • Fyre ANTHROPOD?

          • What I’d love we’ll never get, and that’s both Pelly and Beeston to sit down in front of a reporter and honestly answer questions about this years payroll, Ervin Santana, IFA’s all that shit. So we can give an honest opinion over who we believe actualy fucked up.

            • I would just like to know that there’s a clear sense of direction going forward. We have some great young pieces going forward, so I can wait a couple of years. If they want to go for it now, that’s fine too, but they need to spend money, not prospects.

              • Agreed. I’m still very excited over some of the young arms and I wholeheartedly believe that pitching is what will get us to the PS.

                I just wish that there was some transparency in the Jays Org.

                Being owned by Rogers creates an impersonal void between fans and the team.
                Wouldn’t it be nice to have a passionate fan as an owner like Mike Illitch?
                Not some media-whore cable company who seem like they don’t give a fuck about anything other then a few asses in the seats.

                • I think AA can get the job done if Rogers sticks to a plan. I don’t even care if Rogers communicates with the fans as long as Beeston or AA actually speak for the team.

            • Who fucked up? The Jays fucked up. It’s the people who made up the roster who screwed up from Jose Reyes all the way down to Kawasaki, to Gibby too.

              Getting a guy at the deadline doesn’t prevent Bautista from getting kicked out for balls and strikes. it doesn’t prevent Navarro and Sanchez from letting two bases be stolen in the top of the 10th. It doesn’t prevent you from scoring a tying run with 1st and 3rd with nobody out. It doesn’t prevent Buehrle from his downhill slide, doesn’t prevent Hutchison from his Jeckyll and Hyde pitching performances, doesn’t prevent the shitty defense that is Jose Reyes and I don’t know who is on third. It doesn’t prevent Janssen’s blown saves. It doesn’t prevent Francisco’s Tolleson’s Reimold’s, Goins’, Gose’s, Pillar,’s or Cletus’ suckage. It doesn’t prevent Dickey from giving up home runs. It doesn’t prevent Lawrie, Lind, Bautista, or Edwin from his injuries.

              Tell me how acquiring one dude changes any of that. Even Gibbons doesn’t have the power to change any of that. We want to sit here and blame AA for not hiring one person in a 2nd baseman, CF, or pitcher who, at best, might have won one, two, maybe at best, three extra games for the Jays for the balance of the season.

              The Jays suck because the Jays suck.

  35. The real problem in moving forward is that you have a team with similar holes from the previous offseason, an offseason where you didn’t have the prospect depth or cash flow to fill the holes.

    What i truly worry about is that because AA simply has no flexibility, he may fill holes by creating others.

    Like dumping Buerhle or Reyes in an effort to free up financial flexibility. The reality is both those contracts, while big, the money saved isn’t going to get you anything better 3 years later.

  36. Tigers claimed Qualls. Really surprised AA didn’t place a claim.

    I still don’t trust the whole adding 10 mil salary rumour. A week before Aug deadline and no salary been added short of 2 mlb minimum salaries.

  37. [Dumb].

  38. [Dumb].

  39. [Dumb].

  40. Playoffs? is doing a weak job of trolling. I could do better than that at 4am with a head cold.

  41. I wish people would just spell Beurhle’s name correctly.

  42. [Dumb].

  43. [Dumb].

  44. [Dumb].

  45. [Dumb].

  46. I think we are all running out of excuses of why this team fails.

  47. [Dumb].

    • How do you know, right now, that he got fleeced in the Dickey trade? Dickey hasn’t been the problem, and those prospects he gave up have barely played in the majors (Thor has yet to even make a major league start). Don’t be dumb.

  48. OK, finish out the season 16-15 and they’re above .500 for the year (82-80).

    I really hope that’s not too much to ask.

  49. [Dumb].

  50. I’d like to DFA this entire comments thread. Sweet Jesus.

  51. I hope Pillar starts and gets pinch hit for by Thole.

  52. [Dumb].

  53. [Dumb].

    • are you on crack?

      most of that list wouldn’t sign with the jays under any circumstances.

      You can’t just say oh you didn’t sign tim hudson you suck. tim hudson has a say in the matter you tool

  54. At this point why even bring up Norris ?

    Why start the clock

    • September call up won’t affect his time to arbitration or free agency. He has to be called much earlier for that to occur.

  55. [Dumb].

  56. Was told on twitter that Smith jr, Pompey and Berti will be the Jays reps at the AFL.

    Not sure how reputable the hint was though.

  57. [Dumb].

  58. What Playoffs? is lacking in troll quality, he’s more than making up for with OCD/mom’s basement levels of volume. Huzzah!

  59. [Dumb].

    • You are and idiot
      Where are dickey Burehle, hutch, Sanchez and stroman?

    • Jesus fucking Christ, we get it. You’re disgruntled.

      Now please fuck off and go do whatever you do (provided that posting the same shit over and over and over on a baseball blog isn’t what you do).

    • Welcome to sports chats! Where we talk sports talk. and do some predicting the future by looking in the past. Today’s host is Playoffs? He s a bona fide expert in sportsing.

      To kick off the program Playoffs? is going to remember names from 2011 and rank them in order of nicknames that he invented! Great! How will they compete in the east? Perhaps it’s time for Toronto to move to the west? What will they do with Sky’s Dome? Will it make the trip or stay behind in the greener pastures.

      Stay tuned and find out

  60. Lmao
    @TNT_Mariners: #Mariners announce multi-year contract extension for GM Jack Zduriencik. No specific length of extension cited.

    • whats so funny? 90 million dollar payroll and looking good to get in to the playoffs,

      • He’s a gm who traded adam jones for nothing, have cano an awful deal, and has managed to waste most of Felix’s prime which is similar to how halladay’ time went

        • There’s a reason it takes a decade to begin to evaluate a GM’s performance. He’s not even the one who made the horrendous Bedard trade. There have been a lot of bad things said about him, sure, but his team is finally performing and he’s built one of the best pitching staffs in the league.

  61. [Dumb].

    • Welcome back to sports chats. Have the have the blue jays taken to farming players> Our correspondent is here to let you know the legal ramifications!

      “Is this where all the money has gone, AA? PLAYER FARMS?”

      The fan base is understandably outraged. If there was a farm at all, it should be for championships.

    • Yes the farm is empty jays have zero prospects, all affiliates only have 25 Ricky Romero type players on the roster
      Fuck off

  62. [Dumb].

  63. So this account exists
    @FireAnthopoulos: Only a team run by Alex Anthopoulos could screw-up this badly. #BlueJays #FireAA #FireAnthopoulos

    People are fucking idiots

  64. Re: Moron: [Dumb].

    There is plenty to criticize Alex Anthopoulos for when looking at his track record with this team. But if you’re going to do it like a shitstain trolling piece of shit? No thanks, you can fuck off.

    • The thing was that he put the 2015 jays rotation including one rotation member who hasn’t been on the big league team for almost two years

  65. Who fucked up? The Jays fucked up. It’s the people who made up the roster who screwed up from Jose Reyes all the way down to Kawasaki, to Gibby too.

    Getting a guy at the deadline doesn’t prevent Bautista from getting kicked out for balls and strikes. it doesn’t prevent Navarro and Sanchez from letting two bases be stolen in the top of the 10th. It doesn’t prevent you from scoring a tying run with 1st and 3rd with nobody out. It doesn’t prevent Buehrle from his downhill slide, doesn’t prevent Hutchison from his Jeckyll and Hyde pitching performances, doesn’t prevent the shitty defense that is Jose Reyes and I don’t know who is on third. It doesn’t prevent Janssen’s blown saves. It doesn’t prevent Francisco’s Tolleson’s Reimold’s, Goins’, Gose’s, Pillar,’s or Cletus’ suckage. It doesn’t prevent Dickey from giving up home runs. It doesn’t prevent Lawrie, Lind, Bautista, or Edwin from his injuries.

    Tell me how acquiring one dude changes any of that. Even Gibbons doesn’t have the power to change any of that. We want to sit here and blame AA for not hiring one person in a 2nd baseman, CF, or pitcher who, at best, might have won one, two, maybe at best, three extra games for the Jays for the balance of the season.

    The Jays suck because the Jays suck.

  66. But they’ve won more games than they’re lost this year. Why don’t you remember any good things that they did in some of the games they won?

    Because you’re an ass clown garbage dick that doesn’t recognize that Bautista’s been kicked out of 1 (ONE) game this year. Or that Navarro is way better than JP was. Or that Sanchez has been their best reliever for the past month. Or that Buehrle is doing this year what he has done every other year since the dawn of time.Or that Hutch is 24 and has huge upside. Or that Reyes is great with the bat.

    The Jays don’t suck, you suck. You suck donkey cock.

    • Oops, that was for Timinthefalls. Who sucks

    • I do? Why thank you? I was wondering why I was tasting a little cocky these days and why there’s a smiling donkey outside my hotel room.

      But you don’t get my point do you, ass-wipe? The only people to blame for the Jays 6-15 record in August (worst in baseball) are the Jays themselves. It has nothing to do with AA unable to pick up a 3B/2B or a pitcher.

      The Jays have lost the last few games precisely because Navarro/Sanchez didn’t throw out a runner, because Bautista got thrown out and is 0-17 since his Milwaukee homer. We can talk about Francisco’s .346 OPS in August, or the fact that Tolleson is 2-19, Reimold’s .391 OPS, Gose hitting .174. Cletus is hitting .241, all in August.

      The Jays are sucking now. They have sucked their way out of a playoff spot. Adding a pitcher or a 3B/2B may have added one win to the Jays record over the past 21 games. We sit here and blame AA for not adding players when the team just sucks right now. they didn’t suck in May. They didn’t even suck in July. Right now, they suck.

      You must be some ass-wipe Astros fans who thinks they’ll be world-series contenders next year, you’re so delusional.

      Now bend over and lick my anus. Thank you.

      • I think this analysis assumes a lot and over-looks the human element of the game. The Jays were contenders before the trade deadline and were weathering the storm of injuries nicely. The players obviously felt they needed some help to keep things rolling in addition to getting healthy. After years of being told that money would be there when the time was right, ownership/management failed to deliver on their promise. It’s clear to me that the lack of activity at the deadline demoralized the troops and ended the season.

  67. I think we can safely say this season’s over at this point.

    Lack of activity or no, the players on the field are big boys getting paid a collective 140M+ to win games. Buck up and win games.

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