That. Is. Amazing.

Huge crotch grab in the direction of @bigmf99 for the screen grab from BlueJays.com, and I hope it’s intentional, but no, this is not a post in which I’m going to join the army of dopes who think they can divine a manager’s ability to imbue his team with “want.” Because that would be stupid. (I am, in the coming weeks, hopefully going to do a series of posts making the case to keep Anthopoulos, to fire him, to rebuild, and to keep going ahead with the current core — all of which are pretty defensible positions — but Gibbons? Nah, he’s good).

Also stupid, probably, is combining the little gag above with a post about Sergio Santo’s latest DFA, but the picture came across my screen as I was searching for something to write about all that, and… um… about that… uh… thing is…

Santos’s miserable season continued last night, as he managed to get just one out, followed by a monstrous Mike Napoli home run, a double, and then yet another dinger, turning the 6-4 deficit Casey Janssen (and some terrible defending) had left him with in the top of the 11th into an 11-4 disaster. And it was indignity piled on indignity this morning, as the club made it official that Santos has been designated for assignment, with Chad Jenkins being recalled.

Santos has a $6-million club option for next season, and even though declining it means costing the club $750K, plus another $1.5-million to buy out his 2016 and 2017 options as well, certainly they’re not going to pick that option up. And putting him through waivers at least gives the club a chance, unlikely as it is, that some team will claim him and they can be off the hook for those buyouts.

It’s pretty much the same story as the last time he was designated, only with Chad Jenkins, not Rob Rasmussen, being the player recalled in his place, and without the possibility that Sergio will go back down to the minors and find himself. He may yet clear waivers and find himself back on the 40-man and back on the roster before all is said and done, but I’d figure that in all likelihood Santos’s time with the Jays is over.

Welp. It was a good try…

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  1. Ah, Sergio, we hardly knew ye!


  3. Lol at where Santos “located” that pitch to Napoli.

  4. God help Wilner if the Jays get swept tonight

    • We should be sending wilner care packages of alcohol and antiacid.

    • I’d like to believe that a genuine disdain for morons leads Wilner to relish each and every phone call. No sedatives requires.

      • I am at the game tonight. Hopefully they come out strong tonight. I had high hopes for the season but now it feels like the season is over.

        Glad to see Surgery Santos gone. He was not a reliable reliever. his career peaked with the white sox.

      • dont know why people like wilner. how exactly is he an authority on baseball? he deserves each and every one of the braying donkeys that call his show. he’s a condescending prick

    • Poor guy has to host all of these. It should be a rotating group who picks up that job.

      Kind of like how in some restaurants, people take turns cleaning up vomit from whenever a customer has too much to drink.

  5. Jesus fuck, AA should not be fired, nor ol’ gibbers. I like this team and I firmly believe they are a few tweaks away from firing on all cylinders. This last month has been depressing as fuck but this is still a good team and should not be blown up because of a lousy season. If After 10 years on the job AA still has not put together a good team then fine, fire his ass. BUT give it time, this is a process. Anybody who thought it was just going to happen is a fucking retard (are we allowed to say that? Fuck it!) GO Jays!

    • LOL 10 years?
      This is the benchmark for success?

    • Agree with everything but the 10 year window… although… he’s been “all-in” for 2 years so let’s give him 3 more.

      And hey if it doesn’t pan out but you trust him to do the rebuild (and I would) why the fuck not keep him around longer.

      GO JAYS

    • “a” lousy season?
      10 years?

      • How long was Gillick on the job? How long is it going to take to undue JP Ricciardis fuck ups? 10 years may be a little long but not by much. You guys do realize he has already been there for 5? 5 more years is really not much.

        • I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I wouldn’t necessarily put 10 years in as a minimum period. I don’t personally think that the main things he’s done were bad decisions or poorly executed (at the time they were done) and I think the team both last year and this year was stronger than the ultimate (or soon to be ultimate) record ultimately shows.

          Of course, if ownership had different expectations and he’s unable to translate the reality on the ground into something that lets him continue to grow or build the team, then he might as well be done. I don’t know where things are at on that level, but I’d say he has my faith so long as he still has some faith from above.

        • Less then 10 years before he took an expansion team to a division championship.

    • People don’t understand how many retards there are out there clamoring for these jobs.

      We’ve got a Manager and GM who are not total morons. As long as they are given stability and some decent amount of resources, they’ll eventually make the playoffs.

      Look at Kansas City, their GM has done ridiculous retarded things over his career – and is probably much worse at his job than AA. And even they are about to break their drought.

      AA has had two seasons now where he’s had league average resources. Give him time, and feel lucky a mouth-breathing moron is not our GM. If he gets fired, there is a high likelihood that would happen.

    • AA won’t be given 10 years unless they get to the playoffs in the next 2.

      The offseason is critical. Losing melky& Casey without any viable replacements will weaken the team

    • Like everyone above me said, 10 years is too long, but I don’t want to see AA fired this offseason. AA gets another year at least in my book.

  6. Regardless that was still an amazing trade by AA.

    • If you are referring to Santos for whoever it was, then yes. It was definitely a gamble worth making.

      • Eh it was a trade where both sides lost
        Jays for negative war out of santos
        Molina has repeated AAA ball for 3 straight years and hasn’t been in the bigs

        • Maybe a bigger loss for the Jays given how money has become an issue and Santos isn’t cheap + will cost money to buy out.

        • Santos earned the Jays a total of 0.2 fWAR across three seasons.

          The player the White Sox got hasn’t touched the bigs.


  7. AA looks like he’s aged about 20 years over the past couple seasons.

  8. Ot
    What deal does morrow get this offseason?
    No teams giving him more than 8 million

  9. Dp Norris/Pompey have to go on the 40 man this year or next year to protect from rule 5 draft?

    • Nope. But they’ll both be on the 40 soon becauaw they’re awesome. (They were both taken out of high school, so they get two more years before they need to be 40′d.)

      • http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/minorleagues/rule_5.jsp?mc=faq

        Essentially that’s right-ish, but it goes by the age of the player when he signs. If the player signs at 19 years old or older, he gets 4 years of minor league ball. If the player signs at age 18 , (which both Pompey and Norris did) he gets 5 years of minor league ball.
        Pompey signed in 2010 at age 18, Norris signed in 2011 at age 18.

  10. The worst part of this coming off season is going to be the “someone has to answer for this” trope.

    I still think Gibby is a pretty good manager. I still support what AA has done. I fucking love the pieces coming up through the minors. I just wish they could be cashing in on the studs in the middle of the lineup before its too late. Not every team gets a pair like Bautista and Encarnacion.

    • It’ll probably be a coach or two who get canned like every year

    • Yup, the “someone’s gotta be held accountable” trolls will be out in full force.
      Gobbons for not instilling the desire to win in them. For not endlessly drilling Little League basics into the group of grown men that somehow made it all the way to the majors, only to lose all their baseball fundamentals on Opening Day
      AA for not somehow divining that Santos and Romero would turn to dogshit. Not using his Harry Potter Magic Hat to know that Reimold and Valencia and Francisco would have a few great games, and then poop the bed. For not being able to trade for the likes of Shields, Price, Santana, Ubaldo, Headley and whoever else for a handful of magic beans.

      Fuck those guys.

    • Career record under .500 – with the same org
      Not a good coach.

      • If you call a “manager” a “coach” in baseball, any and every opinion you have on the subject is immediately rendered bullshit.

      • @Batsbird I read the comment thread just for the stupid shit you say.

        • LOL… yeah managers that have a career record under .500 are good huh?

          • …so, it’s the car’s fault it runs outta gas?

          • Tell me more about how a “good” manager sprinkles magic winner dust on a bad team and they become unbeatable. It’s adorable.

            • well, y’see, ya goes to Canadian Tire and buys yerself some Magic Winner Dust — and it’s not a sprinkling ya need, but a good ol’ soaking, so ya put ‘er in the Gatorade…

          • meh, depends on the teams they have. Joe Torre started off crap with the record as well. Joe Maddon too. Maybe all Joes.

            • Joe…John…meh…close enough. Extend Gibbons just for his ability to have a largely +.500 team with shit shows at 2nd, CF, RHP bullpen, and 3rd…with bad defence almost everywhere!

          • if you were given Steve fucking Tolleson, Anthony Gose, Kevin Pillar and Mune Kawasaki and found a way to make them useful pieces albeit platoon pieces I’d say you’re doing a pretty good fucking job managing. The team hung around and are still only 6.5 games back of a wild card spot without Lind,Lawrie or EE for large portions of the season.

          • Name Wins Losses Pct.
            Connie Mack 3,731 3,948 .486

            • + 1.21 “jig-a-watts”

            • Also…

              John Gibbons after his first 904 games as a manager – 445 W, 459 L
              Bobby Cox after his first 904 games as a manager – 427 W, 477 L
              Joe Torre after his first 904 games as a manager – 397 W, 507 L

              So… stop saying stupid things, maybe?

          • you know Torre’s record before the Yanks, right? And Francona before the Sox? (also, take a look at this photo of Joe Torre.)

    • @Ernie Whitt I totally agree with you. I think trading Dickey for a Major league Second Baseman is the way to go. Sure you may lose the innings and dependability but the lineup gets deeper and it plugs a hole and Sanchez potentially fills in the hole in the rotation. I’m excited for the CF situation for the next couple years with Gose and Pompey and even shitty awesome Pillar. The low minors are stacked with talent as well.

  11. In this scenario: Though if the team is best served to rebuild, wouldn’t AA not be around to do it?

    • Rebuild probably means GM has to go. It’s about management philosophy: who has “responsibility” for W’s and L’s. That is different from who is, in practice, responsible for wins and losses. It comes from the basic idea that managers need to be responsible for the performance of those they “delegate” to and all those they supervise more generally. Without that, it can be rather hard to supervise supervisors… something monster-sized corporations require.

  12. It’s sad because santos legitimately had amazing stuff.

    Look at the at bat vs cespedes. Santos overmatched him and made him look silly, then goes in to napoli’s wheelhouse on an 0-2 pitch.

    • “Stuff” is 90% mental and 50% physical – where is Yogi when you need a good quote?

      • Or 10% Physical. Just ask Ricky.

        • Up till this latest appearance, I’ve probably been Santos’ biggest fan. But his FB has dropped since he came over in the trade, probably due to the labrum surgery. It was 95.5 (avg) when he was with the Sox, now it’s 93.8. He could use some pixie dust.

  13. Fire Rogers.

  14. Sergio Santos what a joke , how can the toronto blue jays disgrace what was left of its fan base yesterday and make them watch Sergio bag of trash santos pitch in extra innings.

    • oh great, look who’s back

      • Up all night hacking the mainframe trying to post some more garbage whilst giggling.

        “Mom! Mom! MOM!!!!! Look what I did, I said something stupid and now all the internets have to read it!”

        “Yes dear. Thats very nice dear”


  16. I wish this comment section could be with disqus again

  17. please move the Blue Jays to a city that wants them.

  18. I should learn not to post comments with my phone. They never end up in the right place…

  19. If either AA or Gibbons gets fired it will be because of the pound of flesh, bullshit Leaf Fan shit mongers who don’t know anything about baseball. There is a TEAM being built here. A very serious team, in fact.

    • + Billions Pete. If anyone doesn’t get that after watching Sanchez and Stroman, they never will.

  20. I never post on here, but just wanted to say to the garbage clown Stoeten, man is he dumb as fuck and knows nothing about the jays. How did you get this job? Go work at Tim Hortons Bud. Clearly they need to clean house, common sense. Fire Gibbons (Worst manager in the big leagues..why else has nobody given him a job? He is USELESS! Fire the hitting coach, fire the pitching coach, fire bullpen coach, fire the useless GM and bring in people who have a good history of baseball knowledge and trades. Orioles did not become good until they hired a baseball lifer Buck Showalter. This is what the jays need- a GM people respect, coaches who have won before. Common sense, if you disagree- your stupid. I would have this team a playoff team in 3 years guaranteed if I were in charge. Guaranteed!



  22. Once again. In what way has Gibbons been doing a good job?!? Why do you like him?!? If coaching doesn’t have an effect on a team, then why do the Blue Jays, at great expense, employ a manager, a bench coach, a pitching coach, a hitting coach, a third base coach, a first base coach, a strength and conditioning coach AND a bullpen coach for?!?

    But I digress. I want to know in what way Gibbons has been good.

    • As for ways he’s good. The players like him (Dan Johnson for example compared him favourably to Joe Maddon. He manages the bullpen well (has been recognized for this many times), he manages the media well, he doesn’t get too high or too low depending on how the team is going

      I want to know in what way you think he’s been bad. Because the only argument I’ve ever heard against him is “team lost so fyre Gobbobs” which makes no sense.

      Firing Gibbons and wasting time finding a new manager should NOT be anywhere close to a top priority this off season.

      • Gibbons does nothing to improve the team. He starts Francisco at 3rd even though fattie can’t hit or field. No hit and run. No lineup tweaks. He’s tried nothing and he’s all out of ideas man!
        Sure you could do worse. Maybe you could do better?
        Why not give it a shot, and see if you can do better instead of doing nothing?
        I’m sure there’s a ton of qualified candidates who’d give their left nut for a shot.

      • He gets credit for managing the bullpen well, yet the bullpen has been terrible this year. People say “well that’s because they’re tired”, or “they’re just hurting right now”. Well whose fault is that?!? Maybe the guy who’s been overusing them. Maybe you can explain why Casey Janssen started a second inning the other day (in spite of the fact that a) he’s not been very good in the second half, and b) he’s had pain more or less all year).

        The other reason is that, despite the fact that they’ve had a SECOND year with a very talented roster, they’re still losers.

        -The players like him…Dan Johnson, a journeyman without a real position, who is trying to stick with whatever organization will employ him, compares JOHN GIBBONS to JOE MADDON. Come on! I like my mother. In fact I love my mother. But I don’t want her managing a baseball team. Whatever one may like about him, the team is still losing. The Gibbons/AA apologists are getting ridiculous.

        • Fact is you and I haven’t got the first fucking clue whether he’s a good manager or not. Because generally speaking there’s no good way for fans to measure a managers performance. The team losing is NOT a good measurement because there are too many other variables.
          I’ve given some reasons that I have heard/read that suggest he might be a good manager. You’ve given some that suggest he might not be. But really, we don’t know. The only one’s who can truly evaluate that are the players and his bosses.

          My point is that there doesn’t seem to be much actual evidence against him. At least not enough to outweigh the seemingly positive evidence. AND my second point was that wasting him finding a new manager should not be the top priority right now.

  23. If it wasn’t for the Gobbins thing, I would hope this article would have been entitled “AA Sayyyysss….he’s done with Sergio”

  24. true or false : Sergio Santos is a bag of trash that Stoeten and Wilner keep defending ………………………. TRUE

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