It’s my friend Kevin’s birthday, so I’m already at the bar, and about to head to the game, and so all I’ve got for you tonight is this half-assed Game Threat… which, honestly, is pretty much all this damn season deserves at this point anyway, eh? I’ll come back around, it’s just right now it’s a little tough to get amped about the grind. I know you know this too!

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  1. Guys, I’m going to be in the big city this Sunday with a full day to myself. I’m trying to make my mind up about going to the game or doing this Opera Bob’s thing. Give me some advise.

  2. interesting
    tl:dr if jays option hutch + stro to AA ball they get two players for this weekend (probably goins)

    new hampshire’s season ends monday and players have 72 hours to report to the team
    if jays option them down today, they wouldn’t have to report until monday, and then the season is over and can be called back up for tuesday in tampa

    • Interesting, but, given that the Jays are already out of it, is it really worth cutting Stroman and Hutchison’s pay for those four days? Is it really worth pissing off Buffalo by stealing two of their better players while Buffalo is desperately trying to make the playoffs?

      Don’t get me wrong, the needs of the MLB team come before the needs of the AAA team every time, but the Jays are already done for the year, so this would really be an exercise in futility.

  3. last link for today
    shi davidi:User Actions

    Shi DavidiVerified account
    Brandon Morrow slated to pitch for triple-A Buffalo tomorrow. #BlueJays

    He’s up by the end of next week probably

  4. @LottOnBaseball: Gibbons said Morrow’s future may be in bullpen: “You look at his stuff. That might be an ideal role for him.”

  5. Apropos of nothing specific to this post . . . but I’m watching the Primetime panel on the Fan at the moment. Jesus Fucking Christ! These guys are supposed to be professional sports journalists? They’ve all spent the last 20 or so minutes talking nothing but the most uninformed, brain-dead, unmitigated fucking fucking SHIT about the Blue Jays. You could walk into a sports bar full of drunk asshats and hear more intelligent conversation than what I’ve just heard. They make even the idiot callers into Wilner’s program sound like Ted Fucking Williams.

  6. Jeff Blair leading a panel of five old-timey journos who don’t cover baseball = tripey.

  7. Is it September yet?

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